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elegant with Burberry 2016 autumn/winter collection bag

Free self, elegant with Burberry 2016 autumn/winter collection bag
Stems from The old officers marching with portable travel bag, eulogizing The Burberry signature Heritage series, this qiu dong, Burberry at present The new Richard Saddle bags, The simple round design line, composed of neutral low-key color, flip and buckles classic design, perfect fusion hale and elegant temperament, be The best interpretation of modern women inner pursuit of independence
The Richard Bag Saddle bags
The Richard Saddle bag design inspiration comes from The Saddle bag prototype of Burberry collection data made by hand, per packet for modern design will be long and classic Saddle line to deduce.
The Richard Saddle bag appearance is simple, practical buckles on The bag, and circular flap pockets with The knight set each other off becomes an interest, constructs The overall profile of rigid-flexible economic. On the material, saddle bags selected delicate texture of high quality leather. Smooth Fake Cartier love bracelet and anti-scrape calfskin, British dyed suede, is to strengthen the overall package money the important place of the elegant temperament. These materials after rolling mill, will highlight the natural grain texture, brushed and polished to achieve the effect of soft and wear-resisting. In the process, saddle bags the same process. In the Italian production bag, its edge with the method of hand-painted lacquer, and handle through pure manual rolling and sewing, under the appearance of the quiet inside collect carefully crafted, is this year qiu dong deserves to collect the most practical bag. In the aspect of color, 2016 autumn winters Burberry Richard rich color Bag to choose, including purple light orchid, red gold yellow, purple and red, brown, as well as the classic of camel’s hair, navy blue and black, etc., it can be used to easily match any modelling, to attend various occasions, reveal the best representative of urban women self style.
Put all his in saddle bag, no matter where you run to, are the most beautiful scenery.
Color design brand The ultimate guide to choose trench coat
Wear a windbreaker, a woman is pursuit of women – or wearing a quilted jacket with the bulging keep out the cold. However, dust coat would you choose? Selected for a trench coat, 10 years, or even the street still classic but when 20 years later. VOGUE in the ultimate guide of superfine dust coat, from color to design to the brand, from easy to difficult, follow we will wear will take will buy more.
Grade of color decided to choose a classic trench coat color from the beginning
The clothing color is often the most intuitive, the most can reveal grade is an important factor in the first time. The right coat color, you have succeeded half. Can highlight temperament and grade of the color of camel’s hair, the most natural and unrestrained capable of army green and purplish blue, black and white Cartier nail bracelet replica and classic unbeaten run in the — of these three is enough to natural and unrestrained in the autumn. , of course, also don’t forget to reveal personality color trench coat, wardrobe, as in life, every now and then some bright eye color is enough.
The most temperament and grade of the color of camel’s hair
A fashion website abroad has made investigation, and all kinds of clothes in the color of camel’s hair is considered to be the most show temperament show the color of “expensive”. At the same time because of the color of camel’s hair is close to skin, late autumn season can bring a warm “vision”. The color of camel’s hair easy collocation, can in different color between natural excessive; Actually cream-colored, nude, light khaki can be divided into the color of camel’s hair in the categories. Whether it is work, the party or leisure walking street, wear the color of camel’s hair may not be able to immediately become the focus of the crowd, and must be the most able to bear or endure look, the most worth careful appreciation.
Fashion week, they are like to wear the color of camel’s hair coat
The combination of the camel trench coat + little black dress, sexy high-heeled shoes is both elegant and sexy.
Camel trench coat pants of the cultivate one’s morality, knitwear and classic combination is a favorite of the supermodel leisure out street.
This season is the most of in wide-legged pants with sexy stiletto heel with the color of camel’s Cartier love ring replica hair coat, create bright and intellectual woman style.
Natural and unrestrained capable of army green and purplish blue windbreaker
This comes from a military Trench Coat (Trench coats) was born with a hint of neutral spell able, if deserve to go up again handsome army green or purplish blue, wear in the body aura don’t generally. It is important to note that when choosing these two kinds of colour dust coat, on the other color should be simple enough, with black, white, red three color collocation is the best.
For your army green dust coat with a belt, echo the spell able profile of dust coat and graceful girth.
Don’t emphasize straight profile of the type of recreational dust coat want is free of youthful vitality, is a big hot style in young women.
Navy blue can also wear a youthful vitality? The key is to match the clean white.
Blake Lively and Anna Wintour slammed in blue coat is not about to choose and the suede and highlight temperament and modern age.
Never miss the classic black and white
Coco Chanel think “impeccable” black and white and dichromatic beauty, who don’t agree? In addition to the classic joker, black show the dirty, thin white fashionable reduction of age… Choose trench coat when we all around but the two colors. Black and white classical modelling without we say more, enjoy beautiful picture.
Give life to add some color trench coat
If above “classic color” trench coat has fully, then change a color trench coat sample!!!! “Bright eye degree” first-class color trench coat as fashion critic Suzy Menkes says, “you can touch my emotions clothes are always those with the collocation of color and personality.” But simple accessories please, a dot eyeball trench replica Cartier love bracelet coat without too much deserve to act the role of gild the lily.
Colored plaid add style and stripe windbreaker for you
Orange and caramel color most can foil good color, especially suitable for yellow or partial black skin color
Body rich color (such as green or bright pink) animal grain, graffiti, such as printing of heavy and complicated is exaggerated bold patterns suggest that we don’t try the following won’t enjoy it.
Design decision temperament How to choose the shoulder and waist line
Is highlighted because of dust coat and beautify the girth ratio, standing to fashion industry hundreds of years. Different styles of shoulder strap and belt is more and more rich, VOGUE tell you their own benefits.
The charm of waist, beam and beam
1. The waist dust coat
Trench Coat belts are designed to prevent the rain indecent, evolution in order to draw the outline of fine waist now make perfect figure practical adornment. Tie belt in the most slender waist position, the higher proportion of naturally spin down, weight loss, and with the shoulder “gold nabla” formation, can show thin.
2. No waist coat
Don’t be belted trench coat “bound”, also allow yourself to relax from time to time. Don’t waist trench roughly two kinds: straight barrel dust coat for a request is not high, and helpful to the elongated lower half; Lazy oversize dust coat like boyfriend large coat, with a kind of elegant and comfortable casually.
Decide a person’s shoulder line design maneuver “spirit”
1. There are personality has the aura of epaulettes
With epaulettes windbreaker always reminiscent of neat handsome uniforms, fashionable in style of British Trench Cartier love ring replica Coat is originated in the first world war Britain and France sergeant raincoat. Epaulettes is used to tie the telescope and the kettle, now play a let neck more forceful function, plus favors, whole person suddenly spirited, refreshed.
2. Elegant along with the gender of the left shoulder
Left shoulder with trench coat is not trench coat straight type, is loose and comfortable to wear, weakening the shoulder line more outstanding women’s gentle and romantic. The autumn wind blowing, and the elegance of left shoulder dust coat and along with the gender irresistible.
After decades of classic investment you are to the point
Choose dust coat, coat, or handbag this “big” sheet is tasted, more like a clock. Bought the right investment, bought the wrong is a waste! After decades of trench coat still classic fashionable?
Dust coat expert — Burberry
“Regardless of age or gender, everyone should have a coat this world, and it also must have a coat for everyone in the world” – the founder of Burberry Thomas Burberry believes that windbreaker is each person’s essential wardrobe. At the beginning of the 20th century the birth of the Trench Coat in today still glow the vitality, comfortable and durable material, double-breasted “label” and history can be traced back to the 1960 classic “Haymarket” plaid makes Burberry classic Trench Coat has been imitated, but never been surpassed.
Is known for the color of camel’s hair coat MaxMara was launched in 1981, “101801” classic of camel’s hair coat, and 135000 were in the sales miracle. MaxMara design of dust coat also inherit used for coats and a suit of sleeves, a soft shoulder line design and cutting loose, lightweight neat waist line design in casual outline Cartier nail bracelet replica of mature charm of a woman.
Jeanne Lanvin’s founder – Marie started design from 18 bonnet, and is known for elegant falbala and exquisite decoration. No wonder Lanvin each coat collar and cuffs are dimly visible exquisite and unique design and tailoring, all kinds of belt and the wave collision also manifests the French woman on the side of romance of unique personality.
Michael Kors always adhere to in the field of design with the American style of sexual freedom, at the same time not forget to salute to the classic. Dust coat design is a typical American, simple lines, pure color, Michael Kors tries to convey the vibrant cosmopolitan atmosphere in New York. Brand launched every year different compose ACTS the role of design and the material of bold innovation, is suitable for the young people love the pursuit of fashion and classic design.

The Bridle roll out ceremoniously mahler package

Burberry, The Bridle roll out ceremoniously mahler package
Burberry, creating fashion here, in September for the first time merge men’s and women’s collections in London fashion week, grand launch. Brand that coincide with The men and women of The new logo style bags series “The Bridle mahler package”.
The flagship of the season to deserve to act the role of the British equestrian and its inspiration from the classic Burberry classic outdoor gear, and the British history and art culture elements agitate the creative spark. Round bag body of pure color collocation, by selected fabrics Cartier love ring replica of elastic material, by the British traditional harness material mahler tanner. Collocation have “bridle” style design straps can be used for the shoulder or inclined back, make easily everyday style.
Design and exquisite craft
The Bridle series in Italy exquisite workmanship excellent senior workshop.
Package from traditional equestrian design style, excellent detail and perfect profile. From shoulder to bring “bridle” style of circular buckle to cover pocket with groove of the boundary and smooth edge, perfect echo the British equestrian appliance exquisite details.
L selection of high quality leather, muller smooth curve form package collocation equestrian style straps, compose ACTS the role of metal buckle and rivet, create fashionable classical model.
“The Bridle bag lady bag.
The Bridle lady bag carefully mix a variety of leather. Round bag covered by smooth one mahler, leather bag and chooses the alligator leather of extremely rich luster, and package can be opened from both sides before and after, each side is equipped with independent inside the bag.
Bag before using slim D shape hasp opening and closing, and join the built-in sidekicks. Inside of Cartier nail bracelet replica the back pocket with magnetic clasp, can be placed carefully designed with a small change in the zipper bag.
Each The Bridle bag bag body is delicate and elastic fabrics, choose bag has a variety of fabrics, selects The grain leather and Haymarket check case grain, rivets adornment cobbler leopard grain calf.
Practical wear style, from the runway inspiration, bag attached two shoulder: a removable version of fine leather oblique cross straps for daily collocation, the other a removable version and a half wide shoulder strap make protean fashionable style.
Rivet decoration leather style, reminiscent of the box and the details of the armchair, it is to interior decoration design master ms Nancy LAN open, salute. At the same time, she to the inspiration of this season clothing series also played an important role in enlightening.
Other woven with military-style inspiration comes from the British army uniform details.
The Baby Bridle size smaller, using a smaller opening and closing D form buckles, equipped with available for shoulder and slanting across The adjustable straps. There is a built-in pockets, the back has a place change zipper inside the bag.
“The Bridle bag” was The bag
The Bridle man bags design has rounded front cover, and provides two kinds of size: show after Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica show small bag as well as The upcoming large models.
Man bag is characterized by two size to choose a variety of fabrics including mahler, grain leather, suede leather with the Haymarket check the combination of case grain. At the same time, the show also chose rivet decoration leather and alligator leather design style.
The small size of The Bridle using D form buckles opening and closing, equipped with a zip pocket to carry essentials.
Medium The Bridle are to be placed a laptop, equipped with a zipper bag and two inside pockets to put a mobile phone.
Both models are equipped with an adjustable sealed, long and thin tape, can be used as a shoulder bag, oblique backpack or hand bag is used, to create a diversified fashion style.
High quality material
Mahler leather made in Italy, and nourish by vegetable oil to achieve a degree of leather color and pure, tolerating and the shape of leather.
Choose aniline fine leather finishing agent processing, in order to achieve its natural material quality. With the passage of time, the leather will have qualitative feeling more and feel.
Selection of shape and size consistent rivet decoration on the bridle leather.
Women’s wide shoulder take using rivet decoration.
As grain leather Rou with soft handle, and through the rolling mill process have soft and adding particles to its natural role.
Haymarket check case grain, cotton canvas design features, specially designed for wear resistance and waterproof.
The calf suede from Italian leather factory, has a soft and velvety texture surface.
Improve the natural texture of short of hubei leather by waxing, and then through manual polishing to increase its luster.
Ms JunFeng weaving (bag) derived from a since the 18th century British senior specializing in the embroidery craft workshop, and then by Italian hand workshop deftly used in the design of shoulder straps.
Ms calf (bag) with different leopard print, after flannelette technology make the leather surface imitation cartier love bracelet presents glowing effect.
Both downy and tonal darker tones, which contains natural brown, brown, and red wine; There are black and Haymarket check plaid colors to choose from.
British beauty zhi enjoy BURBERRY 2016 festival by trimmings
A romantic winter season is coming, in the sincerity of heart warm season, a famous British luxury brand Burberry screening a series of elegant and highly practical function of the 2016 season, including men’s and women’s clothing, iconic cashmere scarves, handbags, accessories, beauty makeup items and children’s wear, etc., for you to give gifts to reward your water mark.
The artisan and consummate craft: after one hundred years of history of Burberry Trench coat in iconic England castle at town attracted goldsmiths, each coat has more than 80 heavy and complicated procedures, brand patent stain midian (Gabardine) fabrics with modern science and technology, create excellent waterproof effect and the classic British outline. New listing of the navy and the color red Trench coat more festival add profusion colour.
Cashmere products enjoy the warm: new men and women s corresponding cashmere scarf, cashmere Trench coat collocation with thick warmth, fine spinning and weaving process and British elegance color set each other off becomes an interest, but also in during the holiday season in brand website and choose the world’s Cartier love bracelet replica biggest flagship store preferred scarf color and design, with name needlework honour enjoy personalization service, for your him/her to the winter the most intimate of exclusive beautiful gift.
Iconic bag unique stylish: this year by numerous stars and favour of street snap’s banner handbags with bucket package will continue to be the highlight of the festival. Small lovely mini bucket Bohemian tassel wind deduced particularly clever, suede material have fashionable feeling extremely, looked pretty sweet and romantic. Limited edition bag color black and white bud silk printing design bucket contracted and the atmosphere, and exquisite printing continuation of British style restoring ancient ways of lace, feminine flavour is dye-in-the-wood. At the same time, the young man leather backpack, elegant long wallet, is also one of the elite men all the dignity of choice.
Character deserve to act the role of sweet nifty: loving children gift box elaborate practical collocation, and cashmere scarf color consistent teddy bear is nifty and lovely, key chain, puppets, candles, picture frames and other many exquisite deserve to act the role of overflowing holiday joy, shimmering bright gold color packaging limited edition are more numerous colour makeup item for you to create a perfect holiday makeup look.

Paris series valentine’s day

Alexandre DE Paris series, valentine’s day
On valentine’s day quietly but go to, in addition to wearing dress up, also can use hair accessories will be plus for whole outfit effect, the world palace level hair accessory brand Alexandre DE Paris will from Chinese women, glittering and translucent get rid of the twig series, a series of delicate replica Cartier love bracelet and charming be about to drip of eternal rose and dancing butterfly series, make each wearing a woman can become a beautiful princess, have a different kind of valentine’s day.
Twig series
The combination of black and gold is the embodiment of the extreme luxury and noble. Newborn sprouts with branches, 26 by hand and become a warm pearl, glittering and translucent get rid of is appeared like the dew, add aesthetic flavor more exquisite. Shining crystal creeping surface, bright bright color penetrate into every detail, make every woman wear can become a beautiful princess.
Breathing series
Nature and self as conversion, break the space constraints, such as the elegant curves of the freedom of a breath, outline is extremely sexy and elegant smell intoxicating. Black concise collisions with pure white, color variation, the rhythm of light and shadow, line dance, will be low-key costly presents the Cartier nail bracelet replica fashionable new of amorous feelings.
Eternal series
For a long time, people will be roses as a symbol of good love, now, holding the rose valentine’s day flowers of old routines has couldn’t keep up with the young forward steps, how to love roses on valentine’s day but do not break again new idea? Alexandre DE Paris will proudly blooming roses meaningful retained some of your hair and makeup, collision of contrast material qualitative, color, shape a series of contrast elements, such as the change of the model a gentle warmth of the shape of the hair, can not only adapt to valentine’s day theme, can in the usual dress up to show your unique feminine side.
Rainbow series butterfly
As a modern urban fairy tale dream, colorful flying butterflies fly into your dream. Black, pink and purple butterflies Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica playing around in your hair, give a person with unexpected happiness and joy. Elegant swarovski crystal pave elements into a butterfly, the butterfly gives unprecedented luxury and vitality, various integrated harmoniously.

Paris spring/summer 2016 trend

Hair beautiful like summer flowers Alexandre DE Paris spring/summer 2016 trend
“Pop will decline, and style can be forever.” Masters of the world’s top hair Alexandre DE Paris, the elegant style of the new spring and summer of 2016 the continuation of the brand has always been, when off thick coat, with impeccable craft, from the charming nature capture inspiration, with magnificent Cartier love bracelet replica and colorful hair accessories, like xanadu, make a woman be beautiful like summer flowers.
Winter’s pale and cold, always let a person feel boring, but also many brand jewelry series, such as Chanel, Gaultier, Dior creative force of Alexandre DE Paris elite design team to visual capture the natural to the truth and beauty, with superb skills in spring/summer 2016 brought us to return uncut jade to put in hair of fine arts, break the cold of winter, winter is depressing, injected a joy for the spring warm current.
Alexandre DE Paris 2016 spring and summer series, brand consistent elegant continues, light series is a classic camellia brand-new deduce the Alexandre DE Paris, transparent texture of the petals and stamens were set with swarovski element crystal, elegant luxury, let people like place oneself in colorful elegant royal garden. Lush series of French joss-stick flower modelling with black hook and cream-colored flowers, has created this unique classic elegant image. Butterfly series, soft butterfly series, a series of beautiful metamorphosis, let us once again witnessed the gorgeous Cartier love ring replica butterflies, dancing butterflies like bright sunshine to chase the elves of the princess, as beautiful as poetry images are perfectly, and name it as summer elves dance in hair. Alternating series is unique and elegant line feeling modelling, wen wan elegant color more add charm, give a person with elegant breath, collect inside filar silk feeling lingering. In design Alexandre DE Paris still pursue the secret nature of true reduction, with rare meticulous beautifully captures the nature is gorgeous, and a lot of use of glittering and translucent crystal pave sparkling swarovski elements compose in Alexandre DE Paris unique hair on organic cotton fiber material, colour with pleasant and beautiful modelling sing sweet spring and summer.
Brand original patent technology — complex carving technology is still in use in this season, Alexandre DE Paris 2016 spring summer series will be pure and fresh quietly elegant and magnificent gorgeous, naive alert and worldly ambitions, sun and cold ao passes, romance is pure and sweet temptation Cartier nail bracelet replica psychedelic, condensed the opposite elements collision on the shiny hair, sputtering out beautiful like a rainbow, intoxicate like hair light clever elf, and makes the elegant long finish.
2016 spring summer, Alexandre DE Paris in paring down light broke the dreary winter, with light color of hair art, make the world be beautiful like summer flowers, bring delicate luxurious summer elves, let you swim in the vibrant hair garden.

holiday grace hair bow elements to appeal

Alexandre DE Paris holiday grace hair bow elements to appeal
Blue skies, yellow leaves, autumn in October, clear sky, cool and pleasant, faded the heat in the summer, the sky a soft glow, clarify and ethereal, let people depend on the season of a year and bound to prepare for reward in the autumn. That how to build a serene or lovely imitation cartier love bracelet autumn hair, let you and beautiful scenery bring out the best in each other, the French luxury brand of hair Alexandre DE Paris hair bow elements will grace the charm of the holiday for you.
When you look back on the 5, 60 s iconic fashion is not hard to find, when the masters are keen to elegant bowknot shape, the modelling of such frequent with exaggerated bows in modelling couture gown. As the world’s only beer in luxury hair Alexandre DE Paris, with more elegant and tactful way to express her love of bow. Of gold spread all translucent pale pink bowknot, with a little rice white bowknot to foil, appreciate bowknot is pretty in pink walking walking, through the snow-covered every place in the winter, sprinkle with a pale pink shimmer, will wake up the winter.
Credit quality orchid heart
Fruity and delicate the bowknot of tandem mass sticks to orchid heart series, clear Cartier love bracelet replica the design is more clever and the joy of life. The translucent color looks like skin and tender is about to drip, more glittering and translucent get rid of is appeared as the snowflake, silver crystal particles adorned among them, like the winter morning dew condensation flashing light slightly, pure and fresh but person, infiltrating hearts.
Crystal the morning dew
This hair band with thick composed with natural and graceful temperament. Mysterious noble black with copper gold crystal, the simple sense of gold symbolizes the such as the royal noble and elegant. No matter with any hair style, can show the beauty of the unique feeling.
Leather series
Costly soft tactility is composed with the color, the skin series of hair make a elegant and delicate lasting Fake Cartier love bracelet appeal however. As a daily match series hair accessory fitting.
Silk bowknot
In the most original fabrics made out of silk bowknot, full of French elegance and romance, overlapping layers of silk bowknot, creating is the effect of visual perception is admirable. With elegant French chansons even crooned.

Alexandre DE Paris 2016 Thanksgiving gift selection

Alexandre DE Paris 2016 Thanksgiving gift selection
The fourth Thursday in November is people are looking forward to the day of Thanksgiving, thanks to relatives, thank you friends support, sent a gift that is the best expression, to the mother or girlfriends friend, for a wide variety of goods again entanglements don’t know what to send, the world’s only beer in luxury hair Alexandre DE Paris 2016 and troubleshoot for you, choose one of two models of exquisite hair to hand is enough to make them feel your heart.
Jane: symbol of good and dream of the butterfly, in the early Victorian Cartier nail bracelet replica decorative plants as the favored by numerous royal aristocrats, it certainly has been a fashion darling, happened, one of the classic soul creation that Alexandre DE Paris is enduring bowknot shape. The Jane eyre series of rice white and black and white, break through the traditional black and white classical collocation, collision is more French flavor Nouveua Chic!
The heart of the pearl, quietly elegant and attractive yellow has created a whole series of noble temperament. Transparent lace feeling bowknot buckle tightly with golden gem, light yellow, white, light gold, elegant color combinations, send out a full-bodied noble and elegant breath, pearl inlaid burging exquisite ornament, appear pure and fresh but person. More of a modern woman of noble gorgeous dream perfect embodiment.
Carving time: black and white color in the early 1930 s show the classic works of classical and eternal everlasting trend. Bowknot modelling is no longer monotonous and boring, with unique hollow out design depicting lines banal novel bowknot modelling, match with meaningful classic black and white color, elegant Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica lasting appeal instantaneous spread out from Paris.
Gentle melody: as the world’s only beer in hair luxury brand, Alexandre DE Paris always inadvertently infinite surprise for you, there are plenty of new material and effect, blossom a great creative inspiration. Jade sense of three petal flowers set in classic Pince Vendome, simple design is more elegant amorous feelings, the classic claw clip modelling, makes practical sense.
Breakthrough: grace is not only the pronoun of Alexandre DE Paris. With triangular geometry design for the design inspiration of breakthrough series, in the design of the gothic style with conventional granular crystal, for the ornament of elegant adding to break through their inner desire.
Charm of frenzy: Alexandre DE Paris lasting charm, is to know that will blend of classical and innovation constantly. Classic beige and black again create elegant charm series. Elongated hollow out bowknot is no longer young girl, criterion more add a delicate.

Romantic Tanabata from hair open Alexandre DE Paris to selection

Romantic Tanabata from hair open Alexandre DE Paris to selection
Always need good decorations to this romantic holiday ornament. French beer in hair accessories brand Alexandre DE Paris will all wishes for lovers into vivid hair by consummate craft process works, for our present every girl pure expectations of “love”. This Chinese valentine’s day, wearing Fake Cartier love bracelet these moral good, open the most romantic date!
Says series
Flowers is one of nature’s language, and rose means on behalf of the beautiful love and the thoughts of love. Alexandre DE Paris choose candy color will miss the love sweet shading on rose petals, and crystal as the outline line, on behalf of lucky and happy in the love. Light color department is tonal and transparent texture of rose floral more wen wan and moving.
Series butterfly dream paradise
Stained glass butterfly shape looks very delicate and elegant feeling, light pink transparent sense and religious blue butterfly, like Paris cathedral church sacre coeur glass full of strong religious color, colorful, beautiful and charming, not only on behalf of the love of loyalty and pure.
Close series
Thick caramel color and ivory give a person warmth and romance of continuous, with exquisite replica Cartier love bracelet carved handicraft pattern hollow-out effect, transparent feeling of ribbon bow, such as ice crystal clear and moving, to convey love dependency between lovers and flawless, let wear women appear more noble and elegant.
Sweet about series
Double bowknot makes out the overlapping effect, like the young girl’s crush on feelings finally come true in general is full of sweet and pleasant surprise. She is a sweet and warm, caramel color with black hair, more expressed the girl from ignorant love into elegant composed of sweet about time.
Touch of flower series:
Alexandre DE Paris with the opposite sex crystal with flowers make a colorful cherry blossom shape, and form a self-perpetuating cycle with multiple flowers, interpretation of the most romantic cherry blossoms says: happiness life, never give up.

10 fresh spring high heels

10 fresh spring high heels
Spring 2011, VOGUE recommended 10 pure and fresh and lively high-heeled shoes, fresh color, rich texture and fine detail to interpret a variety of classic style. On the occasion of change garments according to light up your wardrobe, from “foot” began to show a new fashion style.
No matter how popular, smart woman knows timely investment but a pair of expensive design the shallow mouth of the classic high-heeled shoes, because it is the most can stand the test of time. Spring 2011, VOGUE recommended 10 pure and fresh and lively high-heeled shoes, fresh color, rich Cartier nail bracelet replica texture and fine detail to interpret a variety of classic style. On the occasion of change garments according to light up your wardrobe, from “foot” began to show a new fashion style.
Alexander McQueen
Classic profile of meat and vermicelli quality shoe collocation is delicate and pure white bud silk, slender heel also covered by lace, look from different angles are perfect, pure elegant, feminine flavour is dye-in-the-wood.
Bottega Veneta
Moss green fish mouth shoes, shoe weave design, is office lady commuter necessary money, simple atmosphere, and do not break elegance.
Brian Atwood
The design of the high water table joint intention, in addition to increase comfort, is also one of this year popular elements. Shiny Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica paint extend from the upper to the heel and the water table, the whole shoes one integrated mass, fashionable atmosphere, is the queen of the party necessary sheet is tasted.
Camilla Skovgaard
Shiny silver snakeskin grain modern fashion, it is interesting to note at the bottom of the foot is similar to run the design of the sole, conflict looks bizarre, alternative fashion.
Black and white base color also can play a new pattern, black and white stripe width ratio of transformation and natural wind is very followed by the design, make the inner outer cortex canvas shoes is full of the smell of pure and fresh and pure.
Charlotte Olympia
Hate day high shoes, with high water table, can let a person glad. Strong passion red imitation cartier love bracelet canvas shoes, straw high water table, slender buckles make feet ankles more exquisite.
Jimmy Choo
Serpentine high-heeled shoes give a person the sense with wild, sexy yet delicate, the real “perfect girl, must not be lack of the classic snake high-heeled shoes of Jimmy Choo.
Stella McCartney
Shallow cream-colored patent leather shoes, fashion and not make public. Elegant pointed toe, especially shoes mouth profile design feeling. This one is the intellectual OL temperament big love!!!!
Exquisite leather woven and hollow out design, sweet butterfly combination of dainty little fish mouth, plus have Cartier love bracelet replica luster and feeling quite shallow turmeric cortex, the woman delicate and elegant sense of balance.
High quality paint sheen, streamlined shoe body design extension of leg ministry line feeling, bright red stiletto heel and pure white shoes refuse to break the inflexible impression, create a romantic only beautiful aristocratic temperament.

Kate Middleton wedding jewelry details reveal

Kate Middleton wedding jewelry details reveal
Catherine Middleton’s wedding gown designed by Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen. Miss Middleton chose the Alexander McQueen brand because of the beauty of the process as well as respect for the traditional craft and model structure. Miss Middleton wants her dress to combine traditional and modern, and join the aesthetics characteristic of Alexander McQueen works.
Therine Middleton’s wedding gown designed by Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen.
Miss Middleton chose the Alexander McQueen brand because of the beauty of the process as well as respect for the traditional craft and model structure. Miss Middleton wants her dress to combine traditional and modern, and join the aesthetics characteristic of Alexander McQueen works. In the process of the design Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica of the wedding dress miss Middleton with this wedding dress set the British arts and crafts, blended in Britain gifted skills and techniques. Wedding dress design salute to traditional arts and crafts, is loyal to the material and the traditional process, the compact model and the adornment of romanticism. Ms Burton design from traditional to cutting and delicate and complex decorative joined the unique, modern and feminine qualities.
Upper body bodice and skirt wedding dress (skirt) The lace on The collage at Hampton Court Palace by (Hampton Court Palace) of The Royal academy of embroidery (The Royal School of Needlework) made by hand. Lace Carrickmacross techniques made by hand, the art originated from Ireland in the 1820 s. Are is cut by hand lace and hand sewing on the ivory silk gauze, present a unique and dynamic modelling, including rose, thistle, narcissus and clover.
Upper body and the skirt, dress and the petticoat selvage are using the manual cutting of British Chantilly lace lace and France. Are different lace must ensure that the same color. The whole process by ms Burton and her team complete supervision and integration.
Wedding dress is made of ivory and white satin. White satin skirt through the ups and downs fold shape, like a imitation cartier love bracelet blooming flower. Drag the fringing is 2.7 meters long. Ivory satin body part of the tightening in the waist, hips and gasket, is not only the classic Victorian modelling, Alexander McQueen signature design. Behind by 58 and dry silk yarn package Rouleau type button fixed. Petticoat made of silk chiffon Cluny lace ruffles.
The material
French Chantilly lace combined with English Cluny lace, British Cluny lace is made by the Irish Carrickmacross traditional manual process. All the other fabrics on the wedding dress is provided by the British company. The choice of fabric according to Sarah Burton, and her team various research and decision.
Royal academy of embroidery (The Royal School of Needlework)
(at Hampton Court Palace located at Hampton Court Palace, The Royal academy of embroidery (The Royal School of Needlework) assist Alexander McQueen team accurately cut out from The bud silk fabrics, exquisite design, and accurately rank The new design. Lace pattern was fixed, ‘box to choose first, then with 2-3 mm size Cartier love bracelet replica pins at the edge of embroidery. Workers once every half an hour to wash hands, in order to maintain the cleanliness of the lace and threads, and change the sewing needle every 3 hours, to ensure that the sharp and clean.
RSN staff, including current employees, former employees, graduate students and students, the youngest of 19 years old.
RSN is mainly used for pulling the fringing wedding dress and skirt, upper body and sleeve, the bride’s wedding shoes and yarn.
The crown and jewelry
Yarn made of multi-layer soft ivory tulle edge decorated with flowers of the hand embroidery, performed by the royal college of embroidery. Veil the ‘halo’ crown made by Cartier, the queen will lent miss Middleton, the use of the crown. ‘Halo’ crown by Cartier in 1936, the duke of york (later king George vi) donative his duchess (i.e., queen Elizabeth’s mother), 3 weeks before the duke of york to reign. When the princess Elizabeth at the age of 18, her mother gave her the crown.
The bride earrings from Robinson Pelham, oak leaves on modelling decorated with diamonds, one for pear-shaped Fake Cartier love bracelet diamond pendant, to pave diamond acorn button at the top. Design inspiration from the Middleton family emblem, including the acorn and oak leaves. Earrings echo the crown. Earrings are the bride parents prepared for the day of her wedding gifts.
Miss Robinson Pelham for Philippa Middleton design with a pair of diamond earrings. As the natural flower modelling, echo Philippa miss Middleton at the wedding ceremony to wear hair accessories.
Mrs Carole Middleton wore tourmaline and diamond pendant necklace and matching earrings. The father of the bride Mr Mr Michael Middleton and brother James Middleton each wore a gold brooch, a decorated with gold acorns at one end, the other for oak leaf decoration.
Wedding shoe
Wedding shoes made by Alexander McQueen team replica Cartier love bracelet manual, materials for the duke of ivory forging, decorated with the royal college of hand embroidery embroidery lace.
The bride’s bouquet
The bride’s bouquet for shield, including myrtle, valley lily, carnation (Sweet William) and hyacinths, etc. Flowers by Shane Connolly design, choose the traditional flowers, flowers, Middleton family represent the British crown, and the appropriate says.

beautiful autumn street snap shoes bag collocation

All sorts of vintage all sorts of beautiful autumn street snap shoes bag collocation
For Vintage, have to say that ten million people have never lock of thoughts. Some people think that trend restoring ancient ways is a different flavor of fashion innovation, the old element to build a new taste, enough to see the fashion of the deep foundation. However, others think it is a fashion designer’s lazy habits, consumption of the predecessors, to please the audience, and yourself is to run a rich lazy man. But BianBao Vintage itself or not, we will cherish esteeming mood to look at those waves tao “gold” brave, even if the fashion imitation cartier love bracelet changes, aesthetic tide of change, they can always find their rightful place, they are not affected by the manipulation of others, their own personality in fashion life! Take a look at these players show of Vintage street, maybe you heart doubts are solved!
For in recent years, especially in small package, its popularity rate is not surprising. Resembles early aunt’s zero wallet on the bus conductor model, maybe you can also found in the old photos mother take it to look for a trip! Now, all the rage the bread greets us again, whether it be a rectangle or square, have said goodbye to the clumsy, from design and fluent line and light let us have a “fairly” fashion addiction!
Across the gorgeous colors, in spring and summer autumn and winter of the small bread is more a breakup is sweet aftertaste, such as the joker in the dark brown darker colors come alive, tie-in color restoring ancient ways of clothing, more add light cooked flavor with nifty girls! Bright red shirt with the charming customs of the FIG leaf, the color of camel’s hair leather skirt is replaying the classic elegant woman flavour, grey long suit practical joker, carrying a little black bread, girl vintage beautiful and easy to appear in front of Cartier love bracelet replica the cameras.
For the girls started in the heaven and earth restoring ancient ways, small bread is really a good choice this fall, Alexander McQueen dark red small bread is also very joker, long straps liberation of your hands, you of look in the mirror, hands free applauded for yourself! Camel’s hair, the classic retro color such as yellow rust must not pass, bright red pants is the expression of your enthusiasm unabated, with elegant long suit and brunet high-heeled shoes, composed of you didn’t miss the fun of life!
About this popular bags profile, you will think of funny humorous, extreme style of smoke with bucket bag. Profile as by many designers focus on style, bucket modelling simple feature pack the earliest dates back to the 19th century, and by the 1920 s and 60 s, it has been mentioned fashion twice, measure of large capacity of bucket package that also has a lot of designer’s appetite!
At 2011 shows T stage, we see the new bucket bag, color matching, knitting, animal print… To a few streets with package design, it is not yet Alexander Wang metal detail adorns the most bucket bag more see. Wave point coat collocation tooling shorts, contracted little hat out of the girl’s nifty and willfulness, no matter how Fake Cartier love bracelet collocation, bucket bag is easy to you the most style!
On daily collocation, metal ornament of black calfskin bucket bag is always so cool feels dye-in-the-wood, black and white shirt, restore ancient ways wave point have tone, the color of camel’s hair, khaki tones overalls is comfortable and joker, when the weather turns cold, don’t forget to put on a beige jacket, beautiful at the same time, both the function of keeping warm!
See with the red carpet in package coquettishly women, is really envy envy hate it! Why live in reality we have to shoulder the bag without elegant work, shopping, dating? Never compromise! So the envelope bag back quickly to restore ancient ways, it from the 80 s, with thin models, surplus may hand hold tactility, colorful appearance, won the girl’s heart thoroughly, the phone, wallet into pieces such as necessities, convenient take it seems to have set foot on the red carpet star rocks!
With elegant pastoral woven envelope bag balance sexy black lace skirt, is a unique choice! Exaggerated long replica Cartier love bracelet chain earrings with individual character is dye-in-the-wood, the weather gradually cold, outside wearing a baroque complex motorcycle jacket, this season will be the beginning of a modern and warm!
Modelling of inspiration comes from the old man briefcase two-button restoring ancient ways, of its natural and unrestrained frankness got numerous it grils love neutral charm. In 2008, as the leading brand of two-button package – Proenza Schouler, introduced a PS1 series, which in turn caused a flock of girls, until the autumn/winter 2011, shuangkou package still restoring ancient ways is one of the star’s favorite style, from the design of the same soul looking for changes in fashion, restore ancient ways shuangkou package will undoubtedly become a eternal charm.
Models are not fairly shuangkou package, the four lines are usually smooth smooth, so we at the time of collocation, should avoid angular apparel line, round collar and loose in the 60’s boyfriend sweater, good drapability of tall waist skirt is nice outfit! On the colour of the bag, also have a wide choice: bright color, jelly candy color, neon color dazzling, composed of enduring wine red, brown, tan, black, can make your modelling emerge in endlessly.
Always love to capture the most primitive sexy beast lines, and continue to have trump card in the Cartier nail bracelet replica bag in the fall of 2011. But unlike past seasons, leopard grain is not complete, it is like the sandwich cream puffs, cortical bag of sweet, sweet to the just right! It used splice conveys this half sugar, avoid female human nature was vulgar, grandiose.
Served with leopard stitching is stereo retro bag modelling, concise and easy design, whether boyfriend shirt with a more androgynous style collocation, or feminine nude high-heeled shoes of collocation, the window of is a hit! Beige, the color of camel’s hair, khaki overalls tie-in and recreational, neutral motorcycle jacket, simple shirt highlights from the side you unusual woman taste, you present the unsaturated beauty may not be the see is deep-rooted, but that kind of ponder can aftertaste making a person is a long time!

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