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The spring wedding peak Choose get married diamond ring has exquisite

The spring wedding peak Choose get married diamond ring has exquisite
Is concentrated in the New Year’s day and Spring Festival in January this year, began to enter the New Year’s wedding around the peak. “Diamonds are forever, a forever”, a beautiful and fashionable wedding diamond ring is the good carrier of many new vision romantic married life.
Citizens Hu Zhixian said: “the end of the wedding day, the exchange diamond ring Cartier nail bracelet replica at the wedding is important one annulus, but when my girlfriend and I are going to buy, it suddenly found that we all know nothing about the knowledge of the diamond.”
How under the wheel turns bombing of merchants preferential promotion, choose to suit oneself, a real diamond ring? Chengdu university of technology professional jewelry and jade article, professor Zhao Che will provide the basic knowledge of a few choose and buy a diamond ring, provide the reference for the newcomers.
Zhao, diamond grades by “weight, color, clarity and cut” of four parts, is a comprehensive evaluation of this four parts to determine the value of the diamond.
Circular diamond is a standard cutting ratio, when reached the proportion, diamond can fully reflected light light, and in the naked eye to watch, give a person the sense with glittering. Conversely cannot very good reflect light and dark, so cut relates to whether the diamond bright is dazzing, so is the first cut.
Most diamonds are containing defects, these defects can be seen under the magnifying glass of the jeweler. Really clear diamond is very rare, and therefore all diamonds according to the different level of bright and clean degree can be divided into the following different: F1, perfect; IF, surface imitation Cartier love bracelet defective, but internal intact; VVS1 and VVS2: very small flaws; SI1 and SI2 level: tiny flaws; I1, I2, and I3, has certain defects.
The weight of the diamond is usually measured in “carat”. A carat is divided into 100 points, 10 points of diamond, one over ten of its weight to one carat, a 50 diamond, half a carats, can be calculated in turn.
Before the classic 6 ungual imperial crown is a strong Mosaic method, also can be reduced to four claws, three claws, 3 points fixed is relatively strong, 2 claw inlay diamond is easy to fall off.
Up material with 18 k platinum,, PT950 PT900. 18 k platinum prices are cheap and hardness, the largest and the most strong, the disadvantage is that 18 k platinum would wear 1 year after slightly yellow. PT950 PT900 and platinum on the part of the content of 95% and 90%, but 100% of the most pure metal is very soft, so is a platinum, so 90% PT900 platinum content for the best diamond inlaid with metal, namely strong hardness, and ensure a large diamond particles to the firm.
The diamond ring is the key to the bride adorn article, but not every bride has a pair of perfect hand to wear Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica the ring. But need not nervous, as long as know their status, refer to the following principles to choose and buy, ok.
Slender hands beautiful: any style and cut in the shape of a diamond can perfect collocation, if rings, deserve to go up big diamond, full and without; If it’s fine ring, in order to beautiful beauty of single grain drill, fair breath all show the fingers.
Stubby hand: concise and long single grain olive tip diamond can visually show the fingers slender, smooth add a comely.
Thin type hand: square, rectangular and circular diamond can increase its stocky feeling, if the Lord set with some bright little auger drill, can make the fingers.

Understand the 4 c out of diamond

Understand the 4 c out of diamond
At present domestic diamond consumer market there is a misunderstanding, consumers in the understanding of the 4 c level (i.e., cut, and carat weight, color and clarity), the blind pursuit of clarity, and color level is higher and higher. No matter the size of the diamond for high-level, ignore the cutters, and to some extent hindered the update of the diamond model. Consumer’s budget is limited, but must S level of VS even more clarity.
Excessive pursuit of high level will miss out on these beloved diamond, therefore, the reporter visited the DE beers diamond promotion center, ask professional personage to 4 c gives a more profound explanation.
Cutters, diamond cut is the only 4 C directly affected by man-made factors ignored by Cartier love ring replica most consumers a c. cut diamond is beautiful second birth, can be said to be the diamond of second life. Only good cutting, diamond color luster, fire can be fully displayed. Judge a diamond cutters, the simplest way is to put it together with other diamond, if it is that one of the brightest stars, is the best cut.
Carat weight, is the most obvious a C, but ignored by many consumers. Carat weight, the greater the diamond, the more rare, statistics show that more than four thousand years history of human mined diamonds, only found a weigh more than 1000 carats of diamonds; Every one hundred years all over the world to find a weigh more than 100 carats of diamonds. In addition, the number of carat diamond, the more the greater the hard cutting and processing. For consumers, carat is easy to draw attention to the greater the number of diamonds.
Level of color: is too much emphasis on the Chinese mainland consumers a c. natural diamond can have all sorts of color, such as rare color diamond and a rare completely colorless diamond. But most of the diamonds will be a little color, different level completely colorless is only one over ten thousand.
To accurately reflect the value of each diamond, specialized lighting conditions, the people in the Cartier nail bracelet replica lab by the professionals of each diamond color grading. Expert points out, it’s hard to say the color level for the I diamond will than for J diamond more bright color, also look at the rest of the 3 C. Actually the personality of consumers prefer to buy with color and carat more worth of diamonds. Natural color, because it is a diamond in the normal lighting conditions, others are difficult to see, this is the colour and lustre of master heart.
Clarity: this is one of the most vulnerable to consumers misunderstanding c. many consumer think, there are inclusions in diamonds, suggests that the diamond quality is bad, not pure, even think not worth buying. Almost all the diamonds will be different degree of inclusions, they are diamonds which are retained in the process of forming natural mark, record the process of diamond to form long and wonderful, it is the indispensable characteristic each natural diamond. Most has cut diamond grinding are Cartier nail bracelet replica offered “naked eye” (SI) of diamond, its contents will not affect the durability of diamond, and can make the diamond more features. Because each diamond color, size, quantity and location of the inclusions is different, it is a diamond “birthmark”.
Someone says, the choose and buy diamond and selected object, there is no best, only the most appropriate. Economic budget according to you, you look in that one is often the one most suitable for you. Buy a diamond is also speak the fate.

Diamond maintenance method

Diamond maintenance method
In this era for overall modelling, the diamond is no longer a distant night sky of stars, it is against women like fashion, cosmetics, is not the necessities of life, are indispensable to fashion is woman.
But for modern women, diamond has the role of the treasures from a jewelry has entered a role of fashion accessories, no matter in any place place, supplement any of the clothing styles, diamonds can let they send out attractive self-confident elegant demeanor. If you want to keep this confidence, we must pay attention to the maintenance of the diamond.
Here are a few Suggestions, ladies can reference: (1) the diamond to be kept. Do not put them with the other act the role ofing is tasted, avoid friction or oxidative damage caused by the nature of the diamond. Best buy a few more small box cheng fang diamond to separate collection. (2) must be absolutely good Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica makeup, spray after good perfume to wear diamond. Because the diamond has oil absorption, grease or dust will stick to the surface of diamond so bleak. Suggest you available alkaline cleaner water soak 1 ~ 3 minutes, then wipe clean, wash with water. (3) as far as possible to wear a sweater or knit garments of time attention by wearing the diamond Is being a torn, after all, the diamond is not a bargain.
The diamond quality related to the origin?
At the time of testing consulting, is one of the most problems, customers take diamond jewelry appraisal, will ask: “I buy a diamond drill is South Africa”.
Indeed, some jewelers use ordinary consumers on the market at present on the misunderstandings of the diamond, claim to diamonds are authentic “diamond” in South Africa, the quality is much better than other origin of diamonds. On the basis of general deliberately pushing up prices, entrap consumer. Over time, in the mind also formed such a mindset, some consumers purchase diamond jewelry in the South African diamond “” do not buy, certificate of origin, etc., of merchants and required to produce diamond to diamond imitation Cartier love bracelet normal consumption brings many negative impacts.
We know that the diamonds are pure elemental elements carbon, its chemical composition is not stable, rarely contain other impurities element. So whether it’s produced in South Africa, or from Russia, Australia, boz ravana, namibia, even China wafangdian, its structure is the same, so the quality is no big difference. South African diamond is famous, is that it is a large diamond found the earliest primary ore country in modern times, and many of the world is one such as cullinan “, “star of South Africa”, etc. Come here. But that doesn’t mean the South African diamond “superior”. Our diamond when the choose and buy, should focus on the diamond on the “4 c” quality classification of diamond to find contentment. As to its origin, there is no need to dig in.
Diamond is known as the “king of the gem”?
Diamond is made of a single carbon (C) elements under the special environment of crystallization crystal mineral, is also the only product consists of a single element of the gem. Gem grade diamond (diamond) is not only high hardness (mohs hardness (10), has a very high anti-wear ability and chemical stability; Strong luster, after processing is not easy to wear, can persistently shine adamantine luster; And because of its refractive index (2.42) and strong dispersion (0.044, was the strongest in natural color gem), as the Replica Cartier jewelry diamond is figured into dozens of small face, into the white light of the diamond, in the process of refraction is dispersed into monochromatic light, show seven color neon light, bright and crystal optical effect of fire, the strong dispersion phenomenon, is the most precious diamond features, is any other treasure, jade. So, it is known as the “king of the gem”.
Belgian Antwerp, tel aviv, New York, mumbai, India, and called the world four big diamond processing center.
The city of Antwerp, referred to as the “diamond”, 80% of the city residents are engaged in diamond and related industries. Antwerp diamond cut grinding, treatment is excellent, exquisite, so “Antwerp cut” is also known as “standard diamond cut” highly prized. Tel aviv has a long history of diamond processing history, is also one of the most famous diamond cutting grinding to contemporary, especially famous for fancy cut. Is the world financial and trade center in New York, many well-known jeweler that are within, due to the New York human resources is expensive, general is given priority to with machining big 3 carat diamond. Mumbai, India is emerging in recent years, diamond processing center, but the grinding of diamond cutting more about 0.20 carat diamond, quality is poorer, cutting grinding process more generally.

The chemical and physical properties of diamond and inclusions

The chemical and physical properties of diamond and inclusions
Diamond and diamond belong to the same material and some differences. Diamond is the name of the mineral, diamond is gemological name, both the physical and chemical properties are the same, diamond, as a kind of decoration and increased cut factor and standard content, in the process of diamond, diamond jewelry testing will be according to these characteristics of the corresponding method.
4.1 chemical and physical properties of diamond
(1) chemical composition: C. Often containing Cr, Mn, Mg, Ti, Al, Ca, Si, N, B, etc.
(2) color: common to pale yellow, pale yellow brown, yellow, green, brown, colorless (light yellow, white, white), rosy, pink, shallow blue, green, black, dark brown is very rare.
(3) the transparency: colorless and light color diamond into a transparent, white, white in the colorless diamond determination through rate of more than 95%, dark diamond and the transparency of frosted glass erosion as less transparent, increased when the content of inclusions in diamond also affect Cartier nail bracelet replica transparency.
(4) : hardness mohs hardness 10, 15, new mohs hardness 10000 kg/was microhardness and microhardness is higher than quartz 1000 times, 150 times higher than the corundum. Directional diamond hardness of octahedral crystal hardness is greater than a dodecahedron diamond crystal hardness, dodecahedron diamond crystal hardness than the hexahedral crystal.
(5) : density is closely related to the density of diamond and diamond crystals in the inclusions, colorless transparent qualitative pure diamond density of 3.52 g/cm3, when has the inclusions density is 3.44 ~ 3.53 g/cm3.
Polarization (6) : the vast majority of diamond under the polarized light show heterogeneity, diamond cubic system mineral, the theory should be uniformity, but the diamond formed in pressure change of geological body, due to stress the diamond crystals within the structure of local identity, and thus shows uneven heterogeneity, performance on the extinction of inconsistencies, interference color low level gray, few can also be measured one axis crystal interference image.
(7) refractive index (N) : 2.4493 (lambda 436 microns), 2.4354 (lambda 486 microns), 2.4237 (lambda 546 microns), 2.4176 (lambda 589 microns), 2.4103 (lambda 656 microns).
(8) reflectance (R) : under the oil immersion, 5.308% 17.29% in the air.
Oil hydrophobic (9) : diamond is a kind of oil-wet hydrophobic minerals, on the crystal surface wipe oily after visible demitint, drops of oil on the crystal bead immediately spread, and drops of water droplets on non-proliferation, therefore in the use of oil in the ore dressing diamond can be separated.
(10) electric magnetic: diamond part for the non-magnetic minerals (p > 2.9), therefore cannot be Cartier nail bracelet replica used in mineral processing electric magnetic separation, weak magnetism in () method.
Conductivity (11) : the vast majority of the diamond is the dielectric, resistivity, 5 x 104 Ω. Cm, Ⅰ type and Ⅱ type (Ⅱ a) diamond for insulation, resistance than > 1016 Ω. Cm, type I (H b) diamond as the p-type semiconductor, resistivity 10 ~ 103 Ω. Cm, temperature up to 600 ℃ or down to – 150 ℃, the increase in resistance.
(12) stiffness and strength: diamond to its elastic modulus is one of nature’s highest grinding materials, elastic modulus of 90000 kg/mm. Friction coefficient is small, has the extremely high anti-wear ability, so use this feature in the diamond dressing, ball mill, conical grinding machine is used to separate the diamond. But diamond extremely fragile, unable to bear positive impact force.
(13) melting point: diamond melting point of 4000 ℃, the air in the combustion temperature is 850 ~ 1000 ℃, 720 ~ 800 ℃ in the pure oxygen combustion, diamond light blue flame, translate into carbon dioxide.
(14) luminance: diamond sky blue, light green under X-ray fluorescence, in the long wave and short wave ultraviolet light yellow, sky blue fluorescence, but there are quite a number of light. Some exposure in the sun after a light blue phosphor. Blue, green fluorescence cathode rays.
(15) luster: belonging to standard adamantine luster, due to the corrosion effect and frosted glass corrosion such as oily luster or shine, there may be diminished.
(16) dispersion: diamond dispersion of 0.044. Under the irradiation of natural light, have a certain incident Angle on the diamond surface color spectrum decomposition, commonly known as fire color (diamond fire colour strength also with body color, clarity, facet Angle and so on).
(17) thermal conductivity, good thermal conductivity of diamond, the thermal conductivity imitation Cartier love bracelet is as high as 669.89 ~ 2009.66 W/(m ℃), including Ⅱ type diamond Ⅱ (a) thermal conductivity is wonderful, at liquid nitrogen temperature is 2.5 times that of copper or copper at room temperature for 5 times.
(18) thermal expansion, thermal expansion coefficient is small.
Cleavage (19) : 111 | | medium, | 110 | not completely.
(20) fracture: see shell.
(21) chemical stability: chemical properties is very stable, does not decompose in the acid, alkali, dissolved in molten sodium nitrate, potassium nitrate, sodium carbonate.
4.2 inclusion in the diamond crystal
Diamond crystal inclusions in solid mineral phase within the output, composition of inclusions is given priority to with graphite, and has the pyrope, chrome diopside, forsterite, ilmenite. Gaseous, liquid inclusions found.

Pearl and dress collocation technique

Pearl and dress collocation technique
Appearance is fruity and shining pearl, is an integral part of wedding jewelry accessories, how to dress and pearl accessories to do the most perfect collocation?
The first style of pearl jewelry is divided into: rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, brooches, pearls… Etc., can match various styles of wedding dresses. Pearls chain, for example, is very suitable for collocation, a word spaghetti straps, shoulder and cup type of wedding dresses, with pearls chain ornament, can highlight the bride of the neck and line, not only can add dress more elegant temperament.
Long strings in wear backless dress, have make the finishing point of the effect. When the bride wearing a backless dress, can make many changes to wear long strings, such as long strings to wear to wear scarf type method; Or beads will wear the dress in the form of layered rear, to the effect of pearl, hang down naturally, make the curve on the back of the ornament more beautiful bride.
As for the wedding dress and pearl jewelry collocation skill, the first thing to determine replica Cartier love bracelet deserve to act the role of the main points of vice and dress, if the bride to wear simple style of pearl jewelry, you can choose style fancy dress; If the bride choose accessories relatively luxurious style, the style of the dress is with simple but elegant is advisable.
In addition, pearl also can be directly applied to the design of dress, such as in the neckline, cuffs and waist of the dress, make the key type in pearl ornament, and the crown part with pearl do adornment also is very beautiful! As long as grasp the characteristics of pearl play, pearl but dress best partner!
Precious first act the role ofing is tasted the choose and buy, especially when diamond ornaments of choose and buy, consumer is the biggest confusion is the value of the commodities, the primary reason is that the price of this commodity is very intuitive and comparability is not obvious, consumer cannot choose its value, another reason is that the value of this commodity evaluation factors more, diamond jewelry, its direct evaluation parameters with a total of four (i.e., often said that the 4 c), there will be more indirect parameters. So that consumers come into contact with a diamond quality how, and how to secure quality is a must clear the problems in the process of consumption.
Along with our country people’s consumption level unceasing enhancement, the vast number of consumers of the product quality inspection and prove that class information must also be able to meet the demand, so now most of the first act the role ofing is tasted, high-grade diamond, in particular, are attached to the product quality inspection certificate. However, we found that in the market of diamond jewelry appraisal certificate there is a different brand with different appraisal organs of different types of appraisal Cartier love bracelet replica certificate, since consumers do not understand the concerned knowledge of appraisal certificate, when the choose and buy, often produces a lot of doubt, now to introduce certificate related content.
First to see whether the inspection institutions, some big well-known brand are using state-level detection unit certificate issued by national jewelry gem quality supervision and inspection center, and insists in the nationwide unified use, because the country jewelry jade quality supervision and inspection center is authorized by the state bureau of quality and technical supervision, in accordance with the national professional jewelry jade quality inspection institutions, is the domestic jewelry jade inspection authority.
Second is to see whether the test content, including jewelry name, level of diamond quality, shape, color, clarity, total quality programs. According to service personnel, large institutions such as the inspection center, the inspection is very strict.
Again to contrast pictures on physical certificates, inspection physical products. Brand-name products are testing on the certificate of real images, because the inspection certificate issued by the diamond is in one-to-one correspondence with the product, is the only identity document for each product, so the physical control will also help consumers choose and buy rest assured with the products.
In addition, diamond products inspection certificate authority or not, also said in the certificate mark Fake Cartier love bracelet certification, authorized department, as we saw on the certificate of the determination of diamond products of the state bureau of quality and technical supervision measurement certification logo (CMA typeface design), the state bureau of quality and technical supervision product quality supervision and inspection agencies authorized certification marks (CAL typeface design), laboratory accreditation council for experiment center of China laboratory accreditation committee letter marks and so on four marks. This also from the heavily used by justifying the merchants appraisal certificate authority and the guarantee of product quality.
Small hidden wealth of knowledge in the certificate, the consumer can start from the certificate, through careful selection, can choose to fit their requirements of products.

Colorful attractive rare crystal species

Colorful attractive rare crystal species
At the mention of the crystal, everyone will think of that pure, transparent and pure white crystal (it is colorless crystal); Or send out attractive purple, contains the romantic love amethyst; Of or containing rutile inclusions, slightly showily and development; And has a soft color, give a person with warm clear ice crystal powder. In fact, in addition to the several common member in the family of crystal, crystal and some rare species.
Red crystal crystal industry with red, red hill. Its acura can be from colorless transparent to the white, from light red to full red. Some local due to deep red, translucent, only a little bit similar dyed red agate. But dyed red agate color uniform, colorless belt or color piece, so easy to distinguish. Red crystal scarce raw materials, made of a necklace or bracelet, larger blocks can be made into carvings. If meet the material perfect with red hair red hair crystal, that must be kept, because it is a rare thing in the world, in the crystal family can not make perfect.
The cat’s eye with green hair crystal containing hair filamentous green tourmalines inclusions, caused by the dense hair thin, so the cat’s eye effect is obvious. Generally a grey green to dark green, not transparent. Bead bracelet made of well-chosen, under the light and sings like a cat’s eyes, close and close, is like concealed, this kind of bead in the crystal is rare in the market.
The titanium crystal, this is one of the development, it contains titanium Cartier love bracelet replica dioxide inclusions. Its shape is not go, but the effect is free and varied, and sometimes only the hair of the different orientation of composition and thickness, it can be made to counter the combination of the design. This kind of development of gourmet made of pendant for rutile hair full of beauty, the beginning only fate. In the gem series, titanium crystal is emerging, especially suitable for enthusiasm is bold and unrestrained, youthful ladies wear, more show its vitality and romantic.
Green ghost crystal. Such prosperous inclusions for pale to light green to dark green water of chlorite inclusions, due to the transparent crystal crystal with moss body of opaque often produce attractive between light and shadow, thus its name. Inclusion shape, usually some penglai town, some like the pyramids of ancient Egypt, some with the beauty of the image, more some unforeseen a charm.
Crystal family phyletic and various, like the purple topaz, golden topaz, ice crystal powder, etc are also fine materials, made into a bracelet or necklace carved surface are popular, in short supply.
The green on the jade jewelry in general is not live, also can’t wear the longer, the greater the longer the green, but under special circumstances, the green will be a bit larger. Hard jade jade, also called, is the name of the gem jade, its mineralogical name called sodium pyroxene. In the study of artificial jade, confirmed that the pure sodium pyroxene is colorless, only after joining chromium chemical reagent can appear green. So, natural emerald green, with or without see jade have formed inside “with” chromium, and the more “into” chromium, emerald green. But for the jade from mines or creek processed into ring surface or other jewelry what its internal containing chromium has been fixed. So on the emerald green can’t be alive.
But the jade of chromium in some cases, can produce chemical reaction, so that the replica Cartier love bracelet chromium has a small amount of diffusion effect, this is the reason why people think green “long”. Produce green “long” jade mainly emerald necklace, emerald bracelets and jade brand closely contact with the skin, such as jade.
The reason is that the human body has a certain temperature, but also easy to sweat, sweat in acid or alkaline components, these components can be from the jade into the internal microcracks, some of the components may produce green and chromium ion to produce chemical reaction or dissolve the chromium ion in the emerald has consolidation and migration, it is green, “long” big. In fact, the content of chromium in emerald green didn’t have any change, just trace chromium diffusion or migration.
Why gems into different shapes?
You can visit to jewelry stores, or visit the jewelry fair, will find many gems, their shape differences, oval, pear-shaped, heart, diamond and so on. Someone will ask: why gems into different shapes? For that matter, from two aspects to answer.
First gem design into different shapes, it is to meet the needs of the decorations. Because of different times, different locations, different people demand is different, the monotony of gem shape is difficult to accepted by consumers. Gem shape changing like jewelry styles changing point, also reflect people’s psychology of pursuing new and change of things. As decoration, rich style, fashion changes, is the goal of the people forever.
Another gem design into different shapes, it is in order to adapt to the different characteristics of the gem Cartier love bracelet replica materials. Different gem materials, and its crystal structure and optical effect is difference, if not according to its own characteristic, the gem into the shape of the inappropriate design, not only can’t do gem inherent beauty, but also may affect the gem materials complete, even destroy gem, caused heavy losses. Diamond shape design, for example, according to the first of the original stone cleavage, quality, weight, weight should be maximally keep the original stone, to the best state to anatomical structure of original rock; Using the optimal method to deal with the original stone defects, so as to design the best diamond shape. For example, some have the cat’s eye effect, star effect of gems, how to make them fully show its special effect is very important.
See fit to choose jewelry
Diamond jewelry thought since ancient times is the women love. But how to wear jewelry has grade high vulgar elegant, especially with their own bodily form feature is more exquisite.
Fueling: stubby, bloated shape, neck is relatively short. Not weaken their sides when wearing jewelry. Therefore, earrings, rings, bracelets and other appropriate choice color dim, modelling concise. But the necklace hung sculpt appropriate chooses long, thin, big, beautiful, this kind of jewellery bright and attractive, easy to attract the eye of others, make the person to the wearer’s body is less attention. If the wrong choice thick and short necklace, will make people feel the wearer’s interest more stubby neck. Fat people inevitably compare CuFei, arm and wrist bracelet or armband appropriate chooses wide and broad, if wearing a thin and small, will be highlighted the arm more bulky. Fat people hand generally short fingers and flat, so the appropriate chooses with narrow side of the ring.
Thin type: this body is thin, emaciated, slender neck. So choose jewelry is the principle Cartier love bracelet replica of light ACTS the role of the central and light on both sides. To make the neck is long and short, hang necklace with pendant appropriate chooses small and simple, and should not be too long. Earrings, rings, bracelets and so on, should be selected for some gorgeous. Such as larger ears wearing a pendant on swinging rings, wrist wear a bit thick bracelet, can make the eyes and ears, arms and hands to deprive a person makes a person feel is not too thin.
Partial short type: the size of the principle of selecting the jewelry and soft, tender feeling, dilute car-scrapping. Slender necklace to be concise, it is better to hang with quietly elegant pearl pendant suitable, as for the earrings, rings should be properly, the thickness is too thick feel you dumpy, had detailed rules and bears no relation to the coarser fingers.
Type high: the characteristics of this kind of bodily form is a tall, well-built. This size on the choice of jewelry like thin type, on both sides should be bright, weaken the central. But that should be paid attention to is necklace should be thick and long, hanging drop modelling to big and rich, inlaid in the ring and earrings jewelry should choose to have primary and secondary collocation, it would have been more dignified and easy.

Ten kinds of gem general appraisal method

Ten kinds of gem general appraisal method
Fake jewelry mainly in the aspect of material fraud to pretend to be genuine and inferior material, in among the high-end jewelry. Now will introduce some appraisal and the method of jigan respectively as follows.
Diamond appraisal
Diamonds are the hardest substance in the natural substances, can score any other gem diamonds, but any other precious stones are indented diamonds. Can also use “standard hardness tester” score, hardness is less than 9 degrees, is a fake diamond. Diamond has lipophilicity, such as to pen to draw a line in the surface of diamond, then into a continuous line, and other precious stones are intermittent disconnection between. The above method in identifying the diamond has certain reference value. Can be controlled by 10 times the magnifying glass observation, under the 10 times the magnifying glass, most of the diamonds visible chardonnay, with the growth of the triangle, the surface of diamond such as “red, orange, blue” color “fire” of the light. Radiant. The most accurate and reliable method is to use “thermal conductivity meter”, measured data of thermal conductivity to distinguish true and false diamonds, but “thermal conductivity Replica Cartier jewelry meter” price is more expensive.
As the diamond is luxurious and noble first act the role ofing is tasted, currently on the market with cheap gems, synthetic gems, and even the glass to replace or arrogate diamond, common for a variety of fake diamond has the following kinds:
(1) zircon: with diamond, diamond is the best substitute. Identification method is, zircon with polarized light and large birefringence, with 10 times the magnifying glass observation processed zircon edge surface, from the top to look down, it can be seen at the bottom of the ridge has obvious double, and diamond one like shadow phenomenon.
(2) : glass refractive index is low, there is no diamond the flickering lights; Especially submerged in the water, the glass luster, immediately trail.
(3) the Soviet drill: namely cubic zirconia, first developed by the Soviet union, so the name. Soviet drill are synthetic compounds, but in terms of the dispersion and refractive index with natural diamond is very close to, also have “fire” shining with attractive appearance. But its hardness is low (8.5), can be carved with diamond cross each other. And thermal conductivity is far lower than the diamond, can “thermal conductivity meter” identification, accurate to distinguish it.
(4) crystal: crystal is natural mineral transparent crystal, after processing the diamond, but the lack of diamond color light.
Ruby identification
Natural stone “ten red nine crack”, none of the flaw and crack a rare natural ruby. And synthetic ruby color is consistent, the internal defects or less crystalline inclusions, clean, block is bigger. As a precious gem, more than 3 carat natural ruby on the market is very rare, if encounter a large body of ruby, must pay attention, because natural ruby one thousand times higher than synthetic ruby value, a little a negligence, will be “medicine”.
Natural ruby strong dichroism, so-called dichroism, namely from different direction have two color imitation cartier love bracelet red and orange red, such as only one color, may be spinel and garnet red or red glass, etc.
Red spinel and natural ruby is very similar, both the most confusing, so must be very careful.
Identification of sapphire
The color of natural sapphire is often not uniform, the growth of most with straight lines. Synthetic sapphire color is consistent, the growth lines for arc belt, often with a visible bread crumbs or beaded bubbles.
Natural sapphire also has obvious dichroism, from one direction to blue, look from another direction is blue-green. Other stones color and natural sapphire is different, can be divided accordingly.
In addition, the easiest way available hardness measurement, natural sapphire can score on topaz traces, and the other blue gem on the topaz carves out the trace, so buy jewelry, such as side no instruments, as long as there is a piece of topaz, sometimes also can solve some problems.
Based on the identification of emerald
Similar in nature, and emerald green transparent gem species, is one of the more common jade, tourmaline, fluorite, olivine, garnet, zircon, etc., which look like emerald and easy to confuse the tourmaline, fluorite and jade. To the naked eye observation, green jade translucent shape, generally tend to have woven fiber porphyritic structure, and high quality emeralds transparent crystal. 7.5 8 hardness, emerald and fluorite hardness is low, just 4. Emerald proportion is small, and the proportion of fluorite, tourmaline, jade is larger. Zircon is strong dispersion and has obvious double.
In addition, there are similar to natural emerald artificial emerald, green glass, etc., the biggest difference between them is the most natural emerald defective or inclusion, and visible dichroism. Of course, we will strictly correct to distinguish the best instrument were determined by refractometer, polarizer, and so on.
The cat’s eye identification
In recent years, there is a glass fiber on the market the cat’s eye ring face sales, set in gold or silver Cartier love bracelet replica ring, true or not. The identification method is that, when the rotating ring surface, off the top of the arc of the cat’s eye can appear several band at the same time, but really the cat’s eye is only one. Fake cat’s eye line is inflexible, and really the cat’s eye liner and flexible. Really the cat’s eye color mostly brown yellow or pale green, fake cat’s eye, color diversity, there are red, blue, green wait for color.
Based on the identification of opal
Opal, according to the color of it can be divided into black opal yellow, white opal, opal, etc., among them with black opal highest prices. In order to make the price lower white or yellow opal improve class, someone is using artificial method to make the color change, become a “black opal”, in order to seek usury. The main method is to use sugar boiled or injection plastic, opal change white to black. Identification method is, after sugar boiled or injection of opal proportion are obviously different, in the water test, the proportion of the value lighter. Can also be used to heat needle test after injection opal, into the natural opal hot needle, and injection opal can into, and will produce a plastic Yang after smell.
Based on the identification of tourmaline
Tourmaline is a kind of intermediate gem, but because of the hot pink and bright blue tourmaline is valuable, so there are replicas appear. Common risk replicas has two kinds, one is to colorless tourmaline artificial additive; One is in red glass processing and into. Identification method is, true tourmaline often has obvious dichroism, visible double; Visible in the body tube package or cotton, crystal cross-sectional curve triangle. These features are replicas do not have, workers dyeing tourmaline, due to the color lag, lack of natural tourmaline “bao guang”, so it is not difficult to identify.
Identification of the crystal
Natural crystal clear transparent, often containing flocculent cloud-like, star point or gas-liquid inclusions, and often have micro cracks. In addition, the natural crystal with polarized light, visible twin phenomenon, such as the crystal sphere, looking down from the top, with double phenomenon. Synthetic crystal or glass replica Cartier love bracelet products, uniform clean, no crack, internal tend to have small bubbles. Sphere looked down on by, see the following line double. Use touch recognition, can feel synthetic crystal is greater than the proportion of natural crystal; Natural crystal has the feeling of cold, and the glass has a warm feeling.
Peridot identification
Olivine is a green belt in yellow, medium similar to olive gem, the most common of which are on the market made of colored glass peridot knockoffs. Is the difference between the two main, olivine has obvious “double”, and the glass is not; Peridot is often visible within the crystalline inclusions, only contains air bubbles in the glass; The proportion of olivine 3.5, hardness of 7, than the proportion of glass (2.6) and hardness (6).
The identification of the pearl
Natural pearls or cultured pearls, pearl cultured pearls and seawater pearl and freshwater pearl. Natural pearl yield less, the price is expensive; And cultured pearls can be mass production, so prices are much lower. The main difference is that no nuclear natural pearls and cultured pearls. Natural pearls of the kernel is often just a few sand or parasites such as object, don’t even have a nucleus. Kernel and cultured pearls are made of artificial larger round bead, so the outside of the parcel layer thinner. Performance on the body surface, natural pearl because of its growing environment is random, nuclear foreign body in the little scroll, the roundness error. After cultured pearl kernel rolling, so the bead roundness is better. Natural pearls with the growing time is long, fine texture, after therefore bead bead layer thick, smooth skin, there are few “convex bubble”, and more transparent. Cultured pearls are due to the bead time is short, so thin nacre, quality of a material is coarser, burnish belt “wax”, and the surface often have some “small bubble” of concave and convex, transparency is poor. If pearls, have been perforated with a magnifying glass observation hole carefully, so cultured pearls, generally can see the pearl is a brown line, this is in the kernel and then grow the dividing line between pearl layer.
Current, also often appear on the market imitation pearls, generally with glass Cartier love bracelet replica beads coated with scales powder or silver powder, its gloss and pearls are obviously different, the weight is different also, slightly experience can be identified. Any nails or knife scraping immediately after the show.
Identification of pearls, jewelry industry has some experience, introduce as above:
(1), a string of pearls, the color, size, shape, luster, such as the same, is the artificial pearls. Because true pearl couldn’t consistent.
(2) the true pearl luster like rainbow, colorful, very beautiful. Is imitation pearl because of its surface coating, the luster drab, no colours of the rainbow colour.
(3) face light perspective, pearls good transparency, imitation pearl transparency is poor.
(4) through the handle, pearls have smooth cool feeling, while false pearl temperature usually greasy.
(5) with 10 times the magnifying glass to observe, to see its true pearl surface growth texture, imitation pearl no growth texture, only coating.

From the Angle of the processing technology of choose and buy jewelry

From the Angle of the processing technology of choose and buy jewelry
From the perspective of process with treasure of choose and buy jewelry
Average consumer with treasure of choose and buy jewelry mainly from the quality of stones, jewelry design and price into consideration, such as process quality is often neglected. Therefore, some jewelry didn’t wear long, deputy stone inlaid gems around or missing; Some like to wear a weapon, pin do not pay attention to it, and it hurt or filar socks, sweaters and other hook; Some even fracture, etc. Jewelry process quality is when the choose and buy of blind spots. Jewelry process includes of two kinds of processing Cartier nail bracelet replica technology and embedded technology, the embedded technology is the key to eventually become act the role ofing is tasted, here from the Angle of the Mosaic process about how to choose and buy jewelry treasure.
Check the Mosaic quality from five aspects
1) whether the gem with tight. Around with forceps or light steel needle dial the gems and group of set pair of stone, to see if it will be moved, but for the pearl of the check can only dial with handle gently, otherwise will hurt pearl.
2) gems is a right. When viewed from the side hand jewelry stone mesa (the top one flat surface stone) or gem waist line, whether it is parallel to the level of the jewelry, precious stones are skewed.
3) gem is damaged because of Mosaic. Gems, often due to improper hard to broken stone cracked pressure. In concentrated hand in the tube, check whether gem embedded parts of the fractures, a magnifying glass to observe if necessary.
4) jewelry metal in the presence of sand holes. Currently on the market of jewelry metal part is casting molding of more, because there are air bubbles in casting process, and make the jewelry in sand holes, causing jewelry surface depressions, affect the smoothness of jewelry jewelry, severe cases can make jewelry fracture. Metal surfaces should be carefully observed, therefore, is that miss have pits, or holes, especially pay attention to the metal on the back of the sand holes. Due to the surface is in the process of machining, polishing and electroplating will cover, and often preserved on the back of the sand holes.
5) jewelry of grinding and polishing process. Of grinding and polishing technology is a very important link in the process of jewelry making, it is about jewelry the flatness and roughness of the metal. Of grinding and polishing is good, bright as a mirror surface, hand jewelry close observation, can clearly see his imitation Cartier love bracelet reflected image, jewelry, metal surface gloss is dim, the reflected image is blurred, as the jewelry as serious deformation of the rotation of the image is like a distorting mirror.
Look from the different design process
Different Mosaic style because of the different production process requirement, when the choose and buy must also be different.
Tooth set style:
1) the proportion of the length of the metal insert to gem should be consistent. Insert is too long, can make the whole tooth pressure on the gem, blocking the part into treasure
Light stone, gem fire color and beautiful; Insert is too short to set tight gems, easy cause stones fall off.
2) insert only need bending in the claw inlay, vertical observation, from the top of the jewelry can only see tooth, should not see the whole tooth.
3) insert should be close to the gem, there is no gap between the two, if you have space, is easy to fall off, also make the insert form a barb pierced, easy to scratch the skin or clothing to wear.
4) tooth should be tactful handling, touch stingless hand feeling. Circular tooth set process at the end of the procedure will be suck bead tooth, and make a few bright metal tooth look like small round pearl, not only increased the tooth beautiful sex, also make tooth becomes smooth, prevent tooth hurts.
Bag with design:
1) metal package edge with jewels embedded close, leave a gap, the gem is not loose.
2) package side shall be the same thickness, height consistent, level off is smooth, no sag, no gap. Package with Mosaic mainly used to knock chisel oppression with tight stones, metal knock if chisel uneven force, easily left dent mark on the edge of the metal package or gap. Group set style: group set is more than Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica one pair of stone Mosaic, when the choose and buy should pay attention to the overall: vice stone should be lined up each other: each pair of stone mesa should level off, can’t appear skewed; Inlaid stone solid firm; Consisting of design aesthetic, adornment sex is strong.
Different Mosaic method should be paid attention to the following aspects:
Groove set: metal set tank level off is smooth, no sag, no gap; Deputy stone Mosaic not overlap each other, also do not have space.
Nail set: the carved metal nail upright and full, same size, and the suction bead circle, a round bead shape small nail: carve nail layout is reasonable, and distance is consistent, constitute a pattern of neat, clean the metal trim around; Line straight, smooth and fluent.
Nail tooth set: insert shoulds not be too long. For main is fine stone Mosaic, insert is too long, make too much pressure in the vice on the stone, deputy stone luster cannot show, insert a presumptuous guest usurps the host’s role, have the effect that is less than group set; Should be subject to absorb beads round tooth, tooth in the face of a little round bead light.
Aperture framed: metal rings clear, bright; Tooth aperture of each metal small tooth size, same spacing is consistent.
Plug set style: plug is for pearl inlay process, mainly check whether pearl set up when the choose and buy imitation Cartier love bracelet, whether is loose. Plug with some pearl jewelry, pearl and unused, and only with glue tightly, hold in strength, the pearl will fall off, when the choose and buy should be careful.
Jewelry inlaid process of high technical requirements, process complex, rich in content, and with the continuous improvement of technology, a new embedded technology has been launched.
As consumers, understand the jewelry inlaid design characteristics of the main, framed treasure the choose and buy jewelry, not blindly. Each inlaid jewelry type is not exist in isolation, often in a piece of jewelry is a blend of a variety of embedded technology, when the choose and buy should be comprehensive, integrated consideration.

How to choose a wedding diamond ring

How to choose a wedding diamond ring
A beautiful diamond ring to confirm the sweet love. Since the diamond ring is pledge of choice for the groom to the bride, then send what kind of diamond ring is appropriate?
Tell commonly, choose diamond ring to suit under 50 points, to love and to be accepted by the general income people, three or four very diamond single beautiful diamond ring is usually choose white-collar class. Set some broken glass into a ring, because of its sophisticated design has also been a people like. If economic conditions permit, to choose more than 50 points of diamond is better, because the diamond already have more than 50 points was value maintained and appreciation ability, have certain investment value.
Call your attention to is that you pay attention to the diamond weight at the same time, must pay attention to the color, clarity, cut diamond, namely considering “4 c” standard. Weight, good cut (has a bright light), pure flaw less good, colour and lustre is white diamond is diamond. Buy more than 40 points Cartier love ring replica of diamond jewelry, don’t forget to require companies to produce a certain national testing department appraisal certificate. Additionally, advice when buying a diamond ring, will be able to best and matching earrings, pendants and buy, lest leave regret the bride’s jewelry collocation is improper.
Also, the bride and groom gave a diamond ring as a pledge, is also very appropriate. Generally, with inlaid gems platinum element type diamond circle advisable, concise and easy, both beauty and not make public, properly how good quality of owners. In addition, choose a beautifully crafted piece of diamond watches, gave the husband is also very good, is noble and practical.
Tourmaline, topaz, opal selection method
For common diamond and red, sapphire, pearl, etc., we all know more or less a bit, after screening for many years, the market is relatively specification, coloured, tourmaline, topaz, opal stones are rare, I introduce you to some relevant knowledge here, when you pick it is better to have a heart end.
Scientific name is called “tourmaline”, people think it can be “evil”, so named tourmaline. Tourmaline with a kaleidoscope of colors, of which red tourmaline, tourmaline, double color blue watermelon tourmaline is preferred, such as baby face good red tourmaline crystal jiao, “child”, “double peach” laudatory name. It a birth stone and opal as October.
TOPAZ is November birthday stone, also known as TOPAZ stone (TOPAZ), the meaning is said to be “hard to find. Actually topaz is not necessarily the yellow, the high quality of brown topaz color as “sherry”, also have golden; Light blue topaz is also called “Ceylon sapphires”, is quite valuable; And colorless, topaz, the past was called “slave” diamonds, dispersion and brightness are not so good, limited value; Purple, pink color is very rare, is valuable.
As the gem topaz, color must be gorgeous. Huang Yuyou more fully understand, toughness Cartier nail bracelet replica is poor, so don’t knock or drop it, topaz ring surface generally cannot do, only with package line, most precious topaz have a spot defects, crack, etc., can’t choose topaz with selected diamonds, or as clean as possible, of course, to feel soft and smooth texture, on this basis, the tone of the deeper the more brilliant the more valuable. Experts say, purple, pink Huang Yuyou value of fine, “sherry” also called “monarch topaz”, are the treasures, and then is blue and yellow.
Also called the “macau”, most of the production in Australia, the colour of this gem like flame, andrey is very unique, referred to as the “the fire of ruby, amethyst, light purple, emerald green sea”. Its chemical composition is sio2, but it is not crystal, also contains a lot of water. Gem grade opal, white opal, black opal, fire opal, etc. Several interesting opal is very valuable, such as the peacock opal, appearance change color like the peacock feather; Lewd opal, with a green color; And the cat’s eye star opal, opal and characteristics are obvious.
Evaluate the value of opal general from three aspects: color intensity, color distribution, the number of colors and relative abundance. Change the color is very important, if it is only some texture and patches of white opal.
Talk about diamond cutters
Beautiful cut diamond more bright
Newspapers reported that a Shanghai woman are very picky about shopping and thousands of thousands of selecting, almost all over Shanghai, only selected a diamond weighs 31 points in the diamond ring. In the case of the same size the same clarity, she bought the cheapest diamond. Home after compared with the relatives and friends of the diamond one, find someone else’s diamond radiant, and their own, by contrast, fainter. Then make a phone call to the technical supervision departments complaints, said he bought a piece of glass. In fact, the lady buy is real diamonds, the factory in order to keep weight, cut badly, make the light leakage after into diamonds, which caused the dispute. Cut cut of the diamond grinding level, is mainly refers to whether the style will show its beauty, Angle and proportion relationship is correct and wondered if fine. Discriminant method of the performance of diamond cut: pick up the diamond gaze fixed on the top of the Cartier nail bracelet replica diamond light, Turner exquisite brilliant dazzling diamonds, color 4 excessive, fire will not CLS were wrapped by Mosaic or design is different.
Standard type round diamond cutters
The diamond cut on market are generally of the standard round diamond type. The cut with a total of 58 little face. At the top of the plane are called mesa, diameter of the largest parts of waist circumference, waist circumference above for the crown, below the waist for booth. 1919 Antwerp cut division (Marcel Tolkowsky) through optical computing, draw out a round diamond cut wear style, can well reflect the fire color, luster, this cutting grinding including mesa, waist and lower small face, little star, 58 facets, bottom tip to small drill under 25 points, no sharp bottom, total in 57 facets, which laid the foundation of type standard round diamond cut. But a four point the original stone, according to this rate cut, loss of weight the most. So this only as a reference. : test, cutting rates to the average waist diameter: mesa of 100% : 53.0% crown height: 16.2% 16.2% pavilion height crown Angle: 34 degrees 30 pavilion of Angle: 40 degrees 45 this laid the foundation of ideal cut diamond cutting ratio. The cutting rate is different in different areas. Joe coughlin, cut cut is also called the United States, other are cut cut in Germany and Europe, etc.
Diamond cutting a trilogy
To turn a drill embryo 58 bright cut below the standard round diamond type, go through three steps. The first is processing (blocking). Processing mesa and pavilion and the eight side of crown and make preliminary formed. However, when less than 0.5 carat diamond, the grinding of the eight operating a merger with the second step. Processing is coarse grinding with diamond and diamond grinding, grinding out outline.
The second step of a cross cut or cross cutting grinding working (cross). Work out pavilion and crown of the eight main small face and perfect the mesa. The third step is cut surface grinding (brilliandeering). Work out on the crown of the 16 lumbar facet and 8 star facet and pavilion 16 down and small face. Generally more than 25 points of drill grinding out the bottom tip, then it’s off to 58 surface.

The most practical jewelry sales skills

The most practical jewelry sales skills
Jewelry sales is an art, assistant plays an important role in the whole sales. Have a jewelry company, after a lot of advertising in the media manager to the shop assistant said: “my job is to customer, please, the rest of the things will come on to you.” That is to say, for jewelry products, the role of advertising is mainly attract more customers, but customers can buy jewelry with the key is to see the assistant work.
1, by the good mental state preparation for the arrival of the customer
Sell jewelry, relative to other goods traffic is less, jewelry shop assistant often in a very boring to wait. If it is a speciality store should give s a good environment and atmosphere, such as put on some soft music and some professional magazines. In the customer, not in the store does not need to stand straight over a long period of time. When customers enter or ready to enter the store immediately stood up politely, and smiling eyes to meet customers, also can give some greetings, such as “hello”! “Welcome”. If it is a Replica Cartier jewelry comprehensive shopping mall, the assistant should be ready to receive customers, when customers walk in jewelry technology department as much as possible to take measures to attract the attention of the customer for your counter, such as take a magnifying glass to observe the action of diamond, come up with something try to wear, and so on, so it could make the customers have interest in your counter, is actually a small advertising.
2, timely reception customers
When customers to your counter, you should be looked at the customer with a smile, also can say hello, but unfavorable prematurely close to the customer, should as far as possible to the customer to build a relaxed shopping environment. When customers to stay in a certain section and pay attention to go to the counter the ornaments, you should step close to customers, suggest that don’t stand in front of the customer, the best location is the customer’s side of the side, both may result in reduced the face to face the pressure, also facilitate customer talk, because side face talk than when customers look up to you face to face talk more energy, but also respect for the customer. In addition, the clerk can advise customers try, this request to the customer a don’t wear is difficult to choose the right jewelry information, while also reassure customers afraid try not to buy may blank stares, to let you take out the jewelry with no problem.
3, full display jewelry
Because the majority of customers for jewelry, a lack of understanding of knowledge, therefore, the assistant of jewelry display is very important. Many assistant when customers take a piece of jewelry, will automatically open the counter, pulled out after submitting a customer, individual boast a style. In fact, when you start imitation cartier love bracelet out with diamonds, should first describe the diamond cutters, and should keep swinging diamond with the hand, hand to utter also move, describes the basic finish in handed it to the customer, so that customers are likely to imitate your actions to observe diamonds, and ask what is a “Belgium cut”, what is “fire”… The clerk can answer. Such a question and answer, is the assistant show jewelry techniques, not only limited in the description of their own, so prone to dry mixed feelings. In customers choose style carry presbyopia, the assistant should timely recommend two pattern contrast is bigger, and the customers choose watch accessories for a longer time, should be to describe the two design is represented by the style. So easy to lock and narrow style and scope of the customer choice.
4, the challenges from the use of customer, grasp the opportunity to introduce the jewelry knowledge as much as possible
Customers know jewelry knowledge, the more the feeling will get more satisfied after buy. When a woman wearing a new buy a diamond ring to go to work, always want to attract the attention of colleagues. When others see the diamond ring, she will know about diamond knowledge gush to say again, fully has a diamond in the spirit of enjoyment, at the same time she also in advertising for you. As the saying goes. “Satisfied customer is the best advertising”, “the strongest influence of advertising is the people around us”. But if you regardless of whether or not willing to listen to customers, regardless of the timing of interpretation of the jewelry knowledge, also can attract customers. So the timing is very important, seize the opportunity in the whole process of sales, especially when questioned by the customer.
5, and guide consumers through buy error, foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses skillfully explain the diamond quality
Due to some misleading marketing units, and many consumers when buying a diamond demand origin is South Africa, and clarity is on the order of VVS, evaluation is very good, and so on. Encountered such a problem s neither simply said no, and should not be not responsible for that. When asked whether South Africa Cartier love bracelet replica diamond by the customer, for example, we can definitely say first (otherwise the customer may twist a head to go), then tell the consumer, in fact, the stand or fall of diamond is measured by 4 c standard, large output in South Africa, not all diamonds are good, and most of the world’s diamonds are forward by DE beers, rather, we are from DE beers diamond. For diamond grade, s when get customer certificate, should first grasp the initiative, namely in front of the customer have a look at the first, and according to the grade of diamond must first foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses, this is their, assuming that the studs are as figure, whiteness as looks for customers to recommend, combined with the diamond grading principles and conditions and price to convince customers.
6, promote clinch a deal
Due to jewelry value is relative taller, for the customer is a big spending, as a result, often pressure before the final clinch a deal, depression, not even temporarily placed, a “look around” and may never return. This would require the assistant to distraction method can reduce the pressure for the customer, such as to their colleagues and customers of the talk about jewelry popular words, also can come up with several class jewelry box to make the customer choose.
7 and after sales service
When customers decide to purchase and payment s work is not over, the first thing to fill in after to detail wear and maintenance of knowledge, and at the same time in disseminating the knowledge of some new jewelry, such as: “if you don’t wear, please place the piece alone, not with other jewelry piled up replica Cartier love bracelet together.” He immediately noticed by customer: “why?” “Very hard, this is because the hardness is harder than red sapphire, 140 times, 1000 times larger than crystal hard (again, this is probably the topic of her office), if the stacked together would damage other gem”. …… Finally had some blessing words instead of the commonly used “welcome to you next time,” such as “may this diamond to bring you a better future”, “” this diamond will bring you happiness, life, etc., to speak” love “the word into sales.
8, summarizes the sales process and experience
To analysis customer classification, timely reflect upward to the special problem. Communicate with colleagues, to find, help each other, improve together.
Finally, talking about the professional ethics, that is to be honest, it is forbidden to fraud, true, shoddy, bad menstruation. To treat customers as their loved ones, only in this way can treat customers in good faith. Followed by the members do not make unfair competition, mutual slander, some assistant by belittling others business, but is in belittle yourself. First, you may also have many peers, secondly may also belittled by customers. So to speak, the good faith is helpful to others, is more advantageous to ourselves.

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