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With the improvement of consumption level

With the improvement of consumption level, more and more people are keen to buy gold, jewelry and other collections at home and abroad or for personal use. But the problem also comes: high prices to buy back the jewelry, is true or false? Industry experts to give a few views.
Attractions and more fakes, purchase treasure to be cautious
The very fact that the public travel, spent more than 30,000 to buy a A goods jade bracelet. In order to confirm the texture of the bracelet, go home after the very fact that GTC to detect, but was told to tell the bracelet after bleaching, filling treatment, is the B goods jade. Industry experts said that more and more unscrupulous businessmen in order to seek profiteering, through the color or into the glue to make fake looks more like A goods, plus many people buy jade is to buy a good heart, relatively less rational, more easily fooled Deceived. From their data, the public sent to the detection of fake goods in the most species is the emerald. He suggested that the public to buy jewelry is best to go to large shopping malls and department Replica Cartier love bracelet stores in the jewelry store, to the business for jewelry identification certificates and invoices, try not to buy travel time to shop specialty jewelry. Identification from the test center several times the results can be seen, most of the tourism bought back to fake and inferior goods. Among them, the phenomenon of Thailand is particularly serious, a lot of tourists to Thailand will pick gemstones and other fine jewelry to return home, later identified mostly synthetic or processed goods of these precious stones and the actual value of a far cry.
Identification of authenticity, do not believe folk remedies
Folk has always been a lot of identification of true and false jewelry recipe. In this regard, industry experts say, these folk remedies is in fact the sales skills of businessmen. Such as “salt water test”, in fact, not only natural amber, some resin, and even light plastic can float. So, the public at the time of purchase can identify the authenticity of what methods? First, we can see its lines. In the purchase of jade bracelets and other jade jewelry, the public can bring their own a white flashlight to test its good or bad, with a flashlight from the inside out around the circle of jade bracelets, natural items will inevitably be flawed, too flawless jewelry , You need to doubt its authenticity; Second, if the feeling of jade surface was oil luster, base whitening, permeability is too good, or colorless colorless root, was dotted distribution, which requires doubt whether bleached And filling, and even dyeing. There are some professional methods are more complex, the public are interested, then you can go to a professional training school for jewelry learning. Most jewelry alone is difficult to distinguish the authenticity of the naked eye, and sometimes even the experts are not distinguish, the public if the quality of jade jewelry doubt, it is recommended to the local quality inspection agencies for testing.
A treasure a card, look at the purchase
“For those who do not have specialized in jewelry identification of the general public, the most reliable way is to look at the identification certificate.Every jewelry will have the corresponding identification certificate.If there are businesses that can not provide the certificate, the people have to be careful. Industry experts said that the general formal businessmen will produce a professional, authoritative qualification testing organizations identification certificate. He suggested that the public in view of identification certificate, you can look at the certificate of the code, because the code can be authenticated through the Internet. At present, GTC’s inspection certificate and label can provide two-dimensional code scanning service, which greatly facilitates the consumer’s authenticity of the query. Second, verify the identification of jade jewelry on the basic information, such as pictures, colors, shapes, size, weight and so on. In particular, to check the clear physical and certificate of the photo is the same, because the unscrupulous businesses tend to make an issue in this regard.
Everyone loves gorgeous diamond necklaces, expensive metal bracelets or elaborate work rings. In the anniversaries, birthdays and Valentine ‘s Day such a day, choose jewelry as a gift to the lover will be a good choice. However, the choice of jewelry that is not easy to easily difficult to say that is not difficult, because it is related to wear and taste of the wearer.
Below, is tips on how to choose jewelry that he or she would like to be willing to wear.
1, to consider the wearer’s style, rather than your preferences
In the choice of jewelry in the process put aside your personal preferences which is the most difficult. You choose a gift may not like their own, but the gift of people like it. “The most important thing is that this piece of jewelry to reflect the wearer’s taste and personality,” Tiffany & Co. “You have to take into account her usual Cartier love ring replica dress to choose jewelry that can match,” says Jeffrey Bennett, a New York-based vice president. “There are some questions that will help you sort out the idea: Will she wear gold or silver? Does she like gemstones or diamonds or does she prefer metal? Does she have a necklace, earring, ring, watch or bracelet?
If you do not grasp, you can ask her good friends or relatives, and then bad to follow your instincts to go. “Intuition can often lead to unexpected gains,” said Tawnya Warren, owner of the Zoe Fine jewelry store. “Pick an object that represents one of her qualities – that is, when you think about which qualities she will laugh, then you are likely to find.”
2, doing homework
Jewelry shop clerk is to help you pick, but you still want to be good in advance of some of the rigid requirements. “Quality and craftsmanship should also be taken into account,” Bennett said. “If you want to pick a gem or diamonds inlaid, then it’s c’s four (cut, color, clarity and carat number), these are the need to be considered in advance.”
On the 411 rules refer to: diamond cut, which will affect the overall aesthetic. Cut here refers to the diamond is not cut into diamond is good, but depends on the overall proportion and symmetry; diamonds reflect the more the better. (Where “excellent” is the highest level.) Sharpness refers to the number of impurities inside the diamond, impurity is the less the better. Color refers to the diamond light yellow color, the more colorless the better. (Where D, E, F three levels are referring to the “colorless” level.) Carat is the needs of each person is different from the decision. (Of course not the bigger the better.) These four points will affect the price of each point. You need to determine some basic hard requirements, and then on this basis, compared to other factors.
3, multi-function is king
If you still do not know which one to choose, then choose the classic style, classic color and classic shape that section – round or square diamond, gold or silver material, peach heart shape, strip, chain, etc. Style – these will never become obsolete. Nowadays, jewelry can be mashup for the wearer is also very important, so that she can easily work with. Such as The Amulette de Cartiersautoir series of necklaces and bracelets can simultaneously meet the multi-layer wear and wear a single paragraph in two ways.
Bennett says Tiffany’s T-Series is the most practical one that can be worn on any occasion. “I would advise buyers to pick T smile series 18k gold or rose gold pendants, a pendant suitable for any age of women,” he said. “For men, I would recommend the T Series 18k square gold bracelet, because wearing a bracelet Cartier love ring replica at the same time with a watch or bracelet will make men look more refined.
4, to avoid trendy objects
For the jewelry style, the new jewelry will always be introduced, if the pursuit of new often will soon fall behind. “You want to avoid falling into the tide of the trap” Bennett said that the purchase of gifts, she suggested, or based on the following two principles. “The first is that it is able to reflect the wearer’s personality, and the second is that it can stand the test of time.” Heart-shaped jewelry can make people feel very elegant, if you want to buy a representative Love the jewelry or to choose a gift for the anniversary or Valentine’s Day, then the peach heart is a good choice. Bennett said the peach heart is also “a popular design style.” If she likes gemstones, then the birthstone is also a good choice.
For the jewelry style, you can ask yourself: I have seen similar? If you have seen in her home similar style of jewelry, then it! Because Warren said, “Many generations of objects are often the most cherished.” “Think of her earrings, earrings, bracelets, and bracelets.” If you have considered these words, the carving text in the jewelry is optional, in the special position of the jewelry engraved with a “I love you” will make the wearer has to read your good. “

The abnormal relationship between men and diamonds

The abnormal relationship between men and diamonds
When all around the woman intoxicated with the elegance of diamonds, the man really can refuse the fashion charm of diamonds? Wrong, the correct answer is that diamonds are quietly captured the hearts of men! In particular, this year’s fashion wave of your son, more “shine” the men fueled. Diamonds for women, is the ultimate love of love life treasures, but for men, may be more like an indispensable road to success identification password, more like an investment, wearing a diamond is a The Silent Expression of Personal Tastes and Styles.

Diamond man

Diamonds, the legend of the stars falling from the sky fragments of the Earth. Far in the medieval Europe, diamonds have become a symbol of honor. For thousands of years, the diamond dominate the history of it is shining in the appearance of the illusion of a mysterious, noble legend.

Green is the symbol of mystery, in the legend of Allah’s people wearing a green diamond ring magic Replica Cartier love bracelet boundless; red is synonymous with the right and wealth; white represents the purity and nobility, it is Eros Venus gave the world’s sacred objects, the church new people exchange white diamond ring, entrusted with the happiness and loyalty to life.

As early as a woman’s favorite before the diamond and the man has an inseparable relationship. Men use history to create history, men also write history with diamonds. In ancient times, the courage of men, from the hard diamond; early in the Egyptian Pharaoh era, the emperor and the prince is the diamond earrings of special supplies. Until the 15th century, they are men’s patents. English Diamond Diamond, from the Greek Adamas, meaning “can not be conquered.” Because every stronger, the man found from the diamonds were killed, strong and resolute masculine beauty; because bright, a man from the diamond in the world to receive the monarch, distinguished incomparable top appeal; Napoleon set in the hilt, he I believe that diamonds will bring him no less than the power of war.

Modern men’s diamond consumption concept, more tend to reason. The survey shows that more than 60% of men believe that the purchase of diamonds can be preserved, compared to the general consumer to buy diamonds is more like an investment, and wear diamonds is “a personal taste and style of the specific expression.

Modern men pay more attention to the success of diamond ornaments on different occasions. Diamond ring folder to give you at the negotiating table endless smart; diamond cuffs can give you stand on the podium to add some refined; and diamond bracelet can give the diamond bracelet to give you a lot of solemn; Participate in the Friends of the show you show all handsome. No matter where you are wearing the kind of diamond ornaments, diamonds will never let you down, it will always be the highlight of your achievements.

Compared with the design of ladies’ diamonds, the design of men’s diamonds is less fancy, more frosted and smooth to form a contrast effect, to highlight the diamond shine light. Style plain design, to the fashion sense, even simple lines, but also very popular with men welcome. Accessories categories, mainly in the ring-based, there are also tie clip and bracelet style. There are many men to buy a single diamond, set into a single earrings to wear.

The abnormal relationship between men and diamonds

Young and stylish: young yuppie who like simplicity, smooth lines of diamonds, is completely fashionable flavor, and wealth, status has nothing to do. May wish to learn about girls in the birthday or a special day, when a reward to their own diamond it, do not care it is a small diamond pendant or a cool diamond earrings.

Mature aristocratic type: With age, income, the identity of the change, you need a large number of diamonds Cartier love ring replica Pei Chen and highlight your detached style. Choose a mature style, shape Founder a little, big diamond it, do not need to cover up success, diamond ornaments will help you do silent expression.

Emotional Ritual: Marrying? Then your hands should also, like his wife, with a ring to symbolize the eternal emotions. At this time, the most important thing is to choose pairs of lovers on the ring between the two design sense of tacit, not the size of diamonds, but diamonds to give you the emotional meaning.

Decorative earrings, cufflinks, necklaces

Young, fashionable boys always like to be different, Beckham single-handedly with diamond earrings trend in some young fashion people is very popular. Simple and romantic, simple lines, generous shape is the main style of men’s diamond earrings, and more with a hard stripes, rhombus abstract three-dimensional pattern, the location of the diamond is very prominent or even simply a single diamond, giving an absolute masculine beauty. Now, if you are a cool boys, or even direct purchase of single-grain diamonds, their own design style or jewelry designer to help you tailor-made, set into a single earring or earrings to wear, to ensure that do not hit “nails “.

Luxury gang rings, glasses, tie clip

Diamond Ring give you the chic shopping malls add dash of solemn, diamond lapel to the negotiating table to bring you endless smart, diamond cufflinks can help office where you show a sub-refined. Compared with the women’s diamond, men’s jewelry is relatively concentrated in these types of jewelry, the design of the fancy is also much less, most of the matte and glossy contrast effect, to highlight the diamond shine light. In fact, the design is more realistic to give people the feeling of fashion, even simple lines, but also very popular with men welcome. In particular, the design of the diamond ring, the general ring face is relatively large, there was a square, it is said that the intention of the “Granville Town Quartet”, the big side of the meaning of “winds and waves”, really kind of deep, steady feeling.

Elegant life watches

Active, hard-working men should never be the lack of a watch, and a dancing your son less than a diamond-studded, sparkling diamond watch. Now the whole trend of the men’s community will fall into the upper-class society to wear a formal dress in the strong support of big-name designers, shining diamonds, jewelry has become an indispensable highlight of T-male model body. Want to put this fashion trend? Very simple, ready to be a diamond-studded watch on it. Men’s table in the usual tough style, but also to describe with radiance, many big names are in response to the diamond trend, in all kinds of models to join more or less diamonds, and even bold use of the brand has not Counting the popular black diamond, diamond is also inlaid enough to have new ideas.

Square drill is flair

According to industry sources, is now 57 bright cut round diamond is no longer dominate, handsome hardcore square diamond ornaments is the most beloved men’s style. The reason why square diamond drill in the men occupy an increasingly important position, handsome hardcore style contributed to elegance Cartier love ring replica with platinum, coupled with the use of modern sandblasting process, even more fashion taste. If there are pieces of diamond embellishment, the performance of caring and considerate of another charm. Dedicated, open-minded man is the best successful diamond wearer, not only represents the achievements, but also fully demonstrated the calm content.

Popular reason for drill

A. square diamond is a traditional shaped diamond, simple and stable appearance represents the calm generosity of the temperament, with a natural sense of trust. Therefore, the diamond on behalf of rigorous, self-discipline, sense of responsibility, assertive and leadership of the moral, is ideal for successful men to wear.

B. square drill and is equipped with a very appropriate, and “senior gray” family feeling coincide.

C. diamond drill more fine processing, this year’s men’s diamond ornaments pay more attention to the details of the perfect, polished carefully, polished fine, smooth stripes, fully embodies the diamond crystal clear, added to the men a bit dignified and refined.

Find your style for your wedding ring

Find your style for your wedding ring
For a woman about to enter the marriage hall, the importance of the wedding ring has long been beyond doubt. Pure wedding ring represents a lifetime of vows, it is the way that romantic and sweet colors, tightly to the new people’s happiness emotions involved together, into a period of immortal legend.

80 after the bride to become the mainstream crowd, the quasi-new people to resist the monotony of the style, the pursuit of personalized expression, which shares the new wave of wedding to the jewelry business thrown a new topic, how to meet this demand? Reporters after the visit observed that the local jewelry stores and shopping malls in the well-known jewelry brands have already made a positive response to the most characteristic, personality, full of theme implied style and wedding sets pocketed the consumer’s eye, get The quasi-new sought after.

Gold: fashion fit Chinese traditional culture

Small ring both sets in love at the fingertips, is the declaration of love and witness. Gold Replica Cartier love bracelet fashion trend in recent years, as a traditional wedding on the luxury jewelry, with the word fortune, Fulu and other elements of the meaning of the style has become more popular. Visual, yellow is warm, and pure white wedding with, can become a visual highlight. At present, popular gold ornaments on the market, most of the fashion design concept, into the dragon and phoenix, peony, clouds, candles and other Chinese elements, “the most common dragon and phoenix pattern bracelet, Xi Fu paired pendant, inheritance of traditional Chinese Wedding culture, the symbolic meaning of a happy marriage, coupled with the full sense of fashion design, it is in line with the small young aesthetic. “Provincial gold and silver jewelry City Planning Manager Zhang Junyu said.
For the crowd: to hedge, like the quality of Chinese elements of newcomers

Diamond Ring: popular personalized custom

Nowadays, diamonds have become the first choice for new people to marry keepsake, is the lovers to express love, the new marriage essential jewelry. Reporters found during the visit, in Changchun City, several major jewelry store custom wedding ring is very large, like the purchase of bare diamond and the wall of different materials to mix and match, personalized custom wedding ring, are very fond of the pursuit of unique fashion quasi-standard The new people are happy. Personalized custom wedding ring, do not have to buy the same paragraph is the same business, the buyer will be in accordance with the requirements of the wedding ring in their choice, marked exclusively on the couple’s unique brand, such as the lettering on the ring Cartier love ring replica care, Write down the oath, carved birthday or name, this style is very special. Qiao Qiang, deputy general manager of MediaTek jewelry that young people like a unique, you want unique, unusual characteristics, custom wedding ring can indeed meet such a consumer, is a major feature of the wedding ring industry.

Find your style for your wedding ring
For the crowd: a personality, do not like to copy the new fashion

Gold: exclusive to 18k of different temperament

In the designer’s whim, the prize money to become the most personalized fashion jewelry. To changeable shape, moderate prices by the fashion people’s favorite. It is not like luxury diamonds, expensive gold, precious jewelry, put on the prize money, more or less a little show off the feeling, because of their unique Italian technology, is part of youth fashion people. Beautiful rose gold will not have too much expression, it is quite high-profile, multi-color combination and exquisite craft design, so that the material of the ring Cartier love ring replica style is very spiritual. “Lottery gold high hardness can be made into a variety of styles, a lot of young prospective couples will choose some of the diamond material diamond ring, because it can be easily processed into gold, silver and other precious metals difficult to achieve geometry Shape, for the traditional jewelry to add new ideas, greatly enriched the product style. “HICANO | meta-floor jewelry store manager Han Tianzhu said.

Find your style for your wedding ring
For the crowd: lively, like the trend of newcomers

Wedding targeting the most dazzling 4 diamond ring

Wedding targeting the most dazzling 4 diamond ring
Inlaid with diamonds

In the platinum ring covered with a small piece of broken diamond, so do not see the metal ring, this section diamond ring mosaic process is very high, so very quality, but also very elegant and stylish but no weird. Broken diamond drilling this year, once again popular embedded wedding ring, whether gold or platinum, are worth buying.

2. Retro style
This season is more and more popular, these retro style wedding ring looks very delicate, is the ancient European cutting process, but you can also see the gorgeous Ascher (Asscher) cutting process. What is truly amazing is that the exquisite fancy carvings, the finely grained diamond inserts and the filigree on the edge of the ring are crafted to perfection.

3. Choi Po and diamond wedding ring
Yellow diamond, blue and pink gemstones and even rare pink diamonds will be hot this season. Style selection can choose the tension inlaid diamond ring, because the diamond hanging in the ring ring style is always the trend of the most preferred; and claw mosaic style is classic; with gold and silver is retro. Whether you choose your favorite color or birthday stone, diamond and color treasure will be the most fashionable expression of this season.

4 sets of ring (stacked ring)
Two, three or more ring stack, bringing a very cool fashion impact. Whether it is groove inlay or pavé, or you choose only pure platinum ring, you’d better choose fashion and has a classic pop style. Whether you decide to use it as your engagement ring, you can also make it the anniversary anniversary of love.
Since the Chanel, decorative jewelry shine, bold design eye-catching, with clothing more than real jewelry more flexible, prompting the public have shot the famous brand-name Yan.

Decorative jewelry, create personal charm

The jewelry as a portable accessories, every day, “wear” upper body. 60 years by Co Co lady-led fake real jewelry Costume Jewelry, recently re-ignited in many clothing brand Jingyan wave. This between the high jewelry and accessories between the ornaments, the value is not valuable, but in the design, or by wearing and clothing between the echo, to establish a unique style of personal. Colored semi-precious stones, brass, leather, crystal glass, ceramics, glazed imitation beads, plastic and even wood, bamboo leaves, linen, shells Cartier love bracelet replica and pig iron can be turned into eye-catching and beautiful clothing accessories.

Baroque brooch, 60 years Chanel lady had launched this emphasis on the design sense is greater than the value of the gem with their own style

Chanel trend, gorgeous Pei decorated the wind

Chanel’s simple little black dress is irreplaceable classic, but her accessories are designed to the concept of luxury Baroque style. For Ms. Chanel, the accessories is to show women elegant charm, rather than the precious jewelry locked in the safe, might as well choose the eye-catching style and clothing complement each other’s accessories.
Costume Jewelry usually stunning color and exaggerated form, and clothing with, to create or gorgeous complex, or simple and elegant effect. Will be more string of long necklace and bracelet to wear overlapping, necklace and brooch staggered show, rings and earrings stack performance, is to add charm for the overall shape.

LV short T on the flower-shaped jewelry brooch, and shorts hem-shaped decorative echo each other
Eurasian classical style, is to be beautiful

Romantic Lanvin Lanvin designer Alber in the hands of every quarter is a brilliant for. Hermes Hermes India enamel material in response to India, narrow version of the hand ring printed on the tribal figure of the nation, while the pure sign of pure silk pearl satin refining this spring, such as kaleidoscope exaggerated jewelry, fully express the French classical gorgeous; Silver hand refining is ding ding pound to string together style. LV more pure white gold or pink gold to create accessories, occasionally add sparkling diamonds or colored replica Cartier love bracelet gemstones, a symbol of the brand from the clothing into the senior jewelry design surprises.
Gorgeous feathers and eye-catching ornaments, Lanvin French style this spring and summer is an important Look

“Flower” accessories, in the fingers, in the neck, in the ear

Floral vivid gestures and colors, has been a number of Costume Jewelry creative theme. As early as the 18th century in Europe that is popular flower-shaped jewelry, 30’s Victorian and swept the high society at that time. The flower-shaped necklace, earrings, rings and brooches, combined with clothing, as if the magic of the garden, charming flower-shaped necklace stretch on the collar; wide bracelet to add a unique personality; pairs of wearing a large ring, Akira Falling earrings to wear more to bring fresh luster.

Add charm charm ring fashion color

Add charm charm ring fashion color
Into the new millennium, the jewelry designers are avant-garde fashion trends in the design work is also injected into the avant-garde novel design concept. With the nineties has no decorative minimalist style is very different from the new century, a more diversified fashion aesthetics, aesthetic principles also broke the geographical divide, bringing together the concept of cultural creation in one. Gold jewelry design also injected new blood and vitality, showing a more charming charm.

Gold jewelry gives the feeling, always inseparable from the monotony of the gold necklace, can not be separated from the traditional ring ring, in people’s minds always appear thin style, so the fashion of gold jewelry in people’s hearts greatly reduced . But the Italian jewelry designers to give a new design concept of gold jewelry, from the design process to give people a new look and feel, and guide the current trend of the latest gold.

Exquisite craftsmanship is the characteristics of today’s fashion, so gold jewelry is also focused on delicate and meticulous process. Or the use of the overall polishing technology, or blasting, hollow combination, or in the smooth surface of chisel engraved texture, or engraved with smooth lines, thereby enhancing Cartier nail bracelet replica the three-dimensional sense of jewelry and level of space sense, no matter from which angle Look have a different effect, just like a miniature modern sculpture. Round ring, full of arc is polished soft as veil-like smooth, the surface layer of light sandblasting effect, highlighting the sexy seductive ring design; natural elegance of the curved ring surface engraved with the same distance Of the ruled lines or curved lines, in the light irradiation, the convex and concave produced a strong contrast between light and shade, a strong sense of luster and three-dimensional; pull the wire into gold, can be woven as transparent thin wire-like Soft jewelry, design and craft a unique creation, breaking the traditional style of gold.

Gold jewelry from the design theme, on the one hand by the modern painting, sculpture, architecture, industrial product design, modeling in the use of a variety of abstract geometric shapes and irregular shape to pass creative and fun. A metal wire can be wound into a conical shape of the ring; the use of metal sheet irregular lines knocked into the texture effect, to design a bold and unique style, highlighting the strong artistic atmosphere. Geometric graphics can be used to design a conceptual modeling, the combination of music and straight, just and soft contrast, full of sharp and perceptual creativity.

On the other hand, in the hustle and bustle of modern time and space, people desire a comfortable, quiet, natural atmosphere to heal the spirit of tension. Therefore, ‘Fanpuguizhen’, ‘return to nature’ is still the main theme of the design. From the nature of the plants and plants to get inspiration to daisy flower-shaped pattern, polished petals and blasting the stamens in sharp contrast, or daisy flower tied side by side, or flower as the design element, sandblasting and polishing texture Contrast, constitute a unique aesthetic style with layers. It can be said that all creatures between heaven and earth can be integrated into the design concept.

Clothing can not be separated from the development of jewelry and clothing with, if the costume for the painting of the dragon, jewelry is the finishing touch. Today’s Bohemian wind blowing fashion, colorful national embroidery and avant-garde cutting embellished the romantic fashion, with a unique pattern carved jewelry, more of a strong national style. Polished soft and smooth jewelry, is the best soft clothing accessories. Spring and summer clothing in 2002, the fashion arena, there has been a long absence of the folds, large and small fold enhance the three-dimensional clothing, accompanied by a very expressive gold ring, in stark contrast. Stripe is also the most widely used pattern in fashion design. Simple and stylish stripes, so tired of the Replica Cartier jewelry hustle and bustle of the people, in the natural and relaxed attire, the body and soul have been extremely relaxed. Striped clothing with engraved with a straight line or curve of gold, but also the most simple character, the interpretation of the most fashionable classic. Gold jewelry and avant-garde decoration with a blend of ethnic culture around the dress, showing the unfettered fashion trends. Gold jewelry with its bold avant-garde design and noble and beautiful temperament, to return to the fashion arena. From the golden trend of the season, we can see that today’s jewelry design and fashion trend of the increasingly close. With the endless stream of modern jewelry processing technology, designers more innovative ideas, the interpretation of a broader space, jewelry and fashion is evolving into an interactive relationship, fashion jewelry and jewelry fashion for the pursuit of the trend of people added to the More attractive charm!
I wonder if you have tried a novel way of wearing jewelry? That is, the role of different jewelry deliberately upside down, in order to change the style of accessories, and in the “dislocation” shows you the charm of fashion and personality.

Miss Office if you do not want to always wear a rigid professional package, you can spend some clever accessories. For example, one end of the slender necklace not in the shirt collar, the other end with the charm of the bracelet is connected to the classic, do not suit the collar, very chic.

Small pins are fine and elegant, but not eye-catching. Such as used in a good plate inserted in the imitation cartier love bracelet hair, the hair against the background will be much more dazzling. Own hand-made or bought gloves, such as looks a bit monotonous, may wish to not on the small pin.

The most annoying is the beloved earrings will always be inadvertently lost one. Spend a little thought together them, and then clip a few pieces of colored glass beads, so that it becomes a distinctive new bracelet. Hot days, worn on the ankle, dangling also charming.

I do not know if you have noticed, false diamond card is used for brooch, collar, in the body of the cashmere sweater crystal sparkling, is the latest wave of “dislocation” method.

Diamond: style is the eternal pursuit

Diamond: style is the eternal pursuit
Can be expected, due to the proportion of secondary consumption increased this year, large diamond pendants, earrings, bracelets than in the past hot, consumers demand higher quality of diamonds.

Six years ago, buying diamonds required high clarity; three years ago, consumers not only required high clarity, but also the color enough “white.” Last year, the beginning of the cut has aspirations; the next two years, consumers will increasingly recognize the cut diamond “fire color” importance, will force the diamond business in the cut have more input, Thus possible
After all, the so-called visible defects in the SI level is 10 times the microscope under the “visible”, the pursuit of non-“flaw” is also a relative concept, but it is also a concept of “flaws” , A little trick.

Just rely on the “diamond” the charm of the word and TDC promotion, it is difficult to make the diamond jewelry market to pick up, the traditional brand based on various factors will not cut prices, emerging brands have little room for much lower prices, businesses will inevitably want to Some ideas, to find some Cartier love ring replica new tricks to attract the attention of consumers. So this year’s fancy varieties will be more choices, but also to meet the needs of different tastes, there may be some unexpected new services. The price is still an important factor, but more emphasis on high-end price; cut began to be valued, after-sales service requirements, such as cleaning, maintenance, repair and maintenance of high-end products, such as the packaging of high-grade, Renovation, facelift and so on.

Of course, the style is the eternal pursuit.

Diamond jewelry stores generally do not attach importance to young people “seduce”, the lack of training the younger generation like diamond jewelry and gold jewelry interest, let alone the system “seduce” to advance. We only pay attention to eat ready-made “cake”, Hao Bai Diamong Guojing Li said that Haibo Diamonds last year tried to spend effort in this area, but with little success, but this may be re-considered this year – this is certainly a system Project, it is impossible to immediate, to be successful to see the business vision and perseverance.

In fact, innovation is the new brand development path, although they are not as mature as the traditional brand and sound, but less burden, you can more creative, more exploration, let us have more choices.
Women really can not refuse jewelry Jewelry brought by the fashion charm it? When filled with bright noble values, wearing a dazzling high fashion jewelry has become the performance of the taste of the scene. Indeed, diamonds, precious stones, gold, platinum and other magic has long been teaching people can not refuse, if coupled with fashion design, exquisite handmade, the structure of a series of bright erosion erosion of luxury, then they exudes charm even more stunning Difficult to arrive! Today’s fashion jewelry interpretation of a new simple life, not difficult to find the simplicity of modeling but exudes aura of extravagance, smooth lines and soft to create a neat simple happiness message; whether it is intended to dress plan, or with the imitation Cartier love bracelet bright, In the dazzling decoration can always taste superior. Do not have to find another reason to pamper yourself, do not have to find another way to dazzling light, let these recommended by the fashion jewelry brand entry section, easily teach you step into the gorgeous jewelry world.

GUCCI “G” Ring GUCCI for the first time to change the image of the design, the introduction of the square G logo ring. With the most fashionable “G” logo, set exquisite pieces of diamond, and white K gold combination, combined with the usual GUCCI simple handsome charm, is to enter the GUCCI fashion jewelry the first choice.

Christian Dior’s top jewelry collection “Little Ladybug Diamond Pendant”

Remember the stunning Dior jewelry series the year before last? Re-debut in December last year, all produced in Paris, the quality, only to accept the charm of the order, but even more mysterious value. Abundant creative design, is a favorite fashion jewelry choice, “small ladybug diamond pendant” is the first step in the fascination with Dior jewelry!

BVLGARI Astrea “White Gold and Diamond Ring”

Spiral design as the main shape of the Astrea series, the performance is simple and elegant and elegant unique Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica image. Its most prominent feature is the use of white gold K spiral shape with oval diamond design, the most brilliant diamond can play the ultimate. This recommended entry section, elegant jewelry and white gold with a combination of K basic creative feminine introverted luxury, but also show Bvlgari sensitivity to contemporary style.

CHANEL Opal / Black Onyx Camellia Earrings Known as the world famous Chanel flower flag – camellia, jewelry craftsmen in the clever point of the subtle embodiment of the delicate jewelry into earrings. Black agate, white opal, pure K gold, will be in full bloom in the interpretation of the Camellia is amazing endless stunning style! In addition to the recommended entry section, it is a collection of value of the collection.

Swatch jewelry jewelry series

Swatch jewelry jewelry series
Time and nature is undoubtedly the most ingenious combination of the world, a large number of precious stones and precious metals is precisely this combination created by the greatest wealth. Swatch Bijoux series of clever design and interpretation of the concept of fashion jewelry, has become the best catalyst for consumers to open the door leading the trend of the trend. Creative ideas and craftsmanship, has always been the soul of Bijoux series of jewelry, the use of the most simple elements, to create the most unique jewelry, Bijoux with its unique fashion position to go in the trend of cutting-edge.
In this case,
The dome of the dome
As its name implies, the dark aura is inspired by the telescope to observe the universe Replica Cartier love bracelet, as if into a dimension of the twisted space, where the conventional completely abandoned. The application of transparent material, so that the spherical jewelry for your fingers and neck to add luster. Completely wear out your own fun.
In this case,
Lit love fire
In the wide stainless steel ring surface neatly dotted with a string of artificial resin made of “tears”, very charming. There are two colors to choose from: black and white and translucent blue.
In this case,
Dazzling late autumn
Will be elegant into the classic look and feel, so that the dazzling autumn series of the mainstream of this fall fall into focus. In the new season, the autumn colors carefully blend into the traditional materials of SWATCH, including stainless steel, leather and white cube, to convey the most intimate perception.
Fashion in the identification of various types of symbols, jewelry and fashion access to the same position, as an indispensable element. Jewelry in the fashion people who every trace of the changes, with the current trend of changes in clothing go hand in hand. The major fashion brand jewelry also sing the seasonal movement, and the pattern of the summer season intertwined with a soft landscape.

Color gems are the focus of this spring and summer. Europe billion jewelry gem row of gemstones can highlight the bright luster, or large gemstones as the design focus, and with other precious stones, diamonds, gold and other match, pay attention to multi-color sense. With the spring and summer dress with a charming, with pink, orange and green luster of the most eye-catching gems. In addition, the classic sapphire trace can be found everywhere. In the shape, the gem is multi-faceted cutting, to create a more dazzling light. In addition, the color gemstones most suitable for the design of free combination, whether with diamonds or pearls, gold, silver with, will create a different effect, so that designers do not know. Because the popularity of color Cartier love ring replica gems, large stars, inlaid with precious stones ring of the hot index is still high.

Rings can play pairs of stone pairs, but also by a few rings group string into a large ring, modeling sculpture three-dimensional sense, is also very abstract, absolutely attract the attention of others in the fingers linger. Necklaces have been accustomed to various shapes: a simple circle, entangled volume, knotted, as well as natural stretching in the neck flow and personal. Necklace more popular this time the length, together with a big, or fringed items like license, or wire-like entanglement, set with diamonds, gold, colored stones. The most out of place is simply become a “mobile collar”, set in the neck. Necklace popular entangled design, decorated with precious stones. Flowers, butterflies, dragonflies, the sea, water droplets … … the beauty of the natural world things have become the main pattern of jewelry design. Flower power is more powerful, has become the most beloved color gem design.

At the same time, pearls are also out of the classic image, and color gems, diamonds match, modeling more beautiful and rich. Whether it is a long necklace, swaying bracelet, or a three-dimensional sense of the ring, have repeatedly proved that: Pearl is not only old-fashioned, and very fashionable. Pearl color not only white and black, as well as pink, silver, green and brown, deep color and luster, so that more layered pearl design. Pearl to catch the color stone ride, so that the classic pearl fashion. Jewelry design to wear more freedom Cartier love ring replica and flexibility.

Leading the trend of design, such as: bracelet side is gold to build, turn over the other side is platinum, combo, with the clothing match. Some bracelets fall down into a necklace, very creative. Even with a necklace, but also change the three wearing method. Ring it can also be a pendant, wearing a very young law. Two-in-one, triple, multi-functional jewelry, has become the general direction of design.

Earrings Necklace New recipe

Earrings Necklace New recipe
Earrings and necklaces and people because the “face” closest, therefore, in addition to the “overall shape” direct points, but also affect the feeling of the face.

In general, most girls want to look Xiuxiu gas, so thin silver chain, a small pearl chain and pearl earrings, a small dressed in gold and silver earrings, these are you pretty up Of the “effective tool.”

Clothing modeling can not be too cool, too cute. Since the hope that the performance is the feeling of beauty ladies, relatively soft fabric, slightly shiny, simple style, can let you enjoy the attention of the happy Oh!

Freshness, not necessarily limited to the “chain”, a rope or a few lines can be a great shape, but the premise is that you wear as usual, may make the rope just a rope only.

Whether you are a good girl or a pop, in fact, like those incredibly incredible Cartier love ring replica earrings, necklaces, can be assured that boldly “use” because they are not only in the price you can afford, and will not let you look Old, will not let you lose fresh feeling.

Short necklace, although has been popular for several years, however, looking through magazines, you will find that it is still popular, or with a good partner of clothes na. Do not forget to put several chains together, is very fun to wear the law Oh, try!
A few years ago, when the popularity of platinum jewelry when the streets, small and exquisite platinum rings, pendants, necklaces do not know how many women captured the heart. However, the fashion wind vane in the wind this year, turn the road, modeling large and exaggerated, luxurious gorgeous platinum jewelry has become the most eye-catching bright spot on the market. Many large department stores in Taiyuan, I see a lot of personality publicity of large jewelry by many consumers are very concerned about, in particular, some exquisite design, exaggerated form platinum bracelet, ring, although expensive, but still create A decent sales.

Shanxi Guodu Century Shopping Center, a manager told reporters that this summer, for the publicity and expression of personality seems to have an unprecedented strong, launched by the World Gold Council weight of 40 grams or more of gold jewelry, the price is higher than the market price, the current 118 yuan / gram, while the price of platinum are 215 yuan / gram price fluctuation. Although they are expensive, but still welcomed by many customers.

According to reports, this time a large piece of platinum jewelry sales rose more than 10%. In the past, both the imitation Cartier love bracelet main body of the wedding or platinum used in daily life for the majority of Asian women are more in love with small and exquisite shape, with the platinum jewelry design and production level of improvement, large pieces of accessories from modeling to work are goodbye The clumsy sense of the past, with a strong decorative ornaments to give people more large vent and expression of space.

Platinum’s rare, pure, tough and natural elegance is the reason people love it. In a sale in the movie star Maggie Cheung interpretation of this platinum temperament gives pure and flawless light, combined with the tenacity and elegance of platinum, it is logical to express the people in the inner world of extraordinary times.

Analysis of the industry, when a serious threat to people when the crisis, publicity personality, the performance of self-more and more people’s pursuit of exaggerated ornaments become catharsis depressed power, then exaggerated style platinum bracelet and other accessories also Has become a fashion trend.

To “9.11” fashion trends after, for example, several heavyweight brands such as CalvinKlein, MarcJacobs design are gradually emphasizing simplicity, will style, strongly advocating personality. Some people say that the world in the “9.11”, the values will be reorganized, the direction of consumption will change, luxury wind Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica will come back. Because when the life is threatened, the power of money is greatly weakened, people will pursue the real works of art and really make them move things. In the city nowadays, people are experiencing a “very period”, suppressed in the hearts of tension, in the exaggerated large jewelry has been released, which is perhaps today’s large-scale jewelry is welcomed deep-seated reasons.

Imitation diamond ornaments perform magic

Imitation diamond ornaments perform magic
Diamond does have a magical magic, ladies will be unconsciously fascinated by its light. But diamonds expensive, not easily owned. In fact, in addition to diamonds, in recent years made of high-tech imitation diamond jewelry, also has a flashing light, coupled with the fashion design, so that ladies shine charming temperament.

Color stone diamond ring wins heart

In addition to imitation white diamond jewelry, the imitation color diamond is also no shortage of young ladies sought after, although the emblem can not emit and traditional white diamond-like noble temperament, but these charming colors, but can increase the sense of the times, into a shirt good helper. Especially in the ring design, this year will be more popular exaggerated, emphasizing the aesthetic lines of the design, as a simple contrast with the daytime fashion, the effect is even more outstanding personality.

Dimensional design more attractive

In this case,
Diamond earrings has always been biased towards a simple design, so the Replica Cartier love bracelet style has not changed much, and Carat season on the use of three-dimensional design, with more distinctive lines, bringing a new type of cell feeling. For the election of stone, mostly gravel-based, although there is no shock of light, but the charming meticulous lines, but showed an elegant beauty, it is comfortable to see.

The more the sparkling ornaments, the more attracted everyone’s attention, so Carat imitation diamonds used to cut the special methods, skilled craftsmen masters to hand mosaic, with high-quality yellow, platinum and other materials, bringing an unprecedented Flicker level. Especially in this spring and summer launch of the latest models to join a variety of fresh and three-dimensional design, so shiny jewelry become more contemporary.
Said the fashion men armed to the teeth is not alarmist, the former stage of fashionable teeth in the diamond, it is said that some beauty-loving men rush, a few days before the color pattern of various male false nails officially available, young people still enthusiastic. These are, of course, more extreme examples, then, wearing earrings man, tied embroidered scarf man, hanging necklace of the men is not it seems relatively modest and much more? I appreciate the latter, in my opinion, the real mature men not only know the need to use accessories to highlight the charm of personality, more know what is really worth pondering and cherish the choice, and then just right to reflect their own demeanor and conservation.

Earrings “peacock-like gorgeous” This alone

Last year, soccer star David Beckham to the left ear wearing more than one carat diamond earrings appearance, won the global girls and the pursuit of milk. According to foreign popular information display, after a simple fashion, minimalism, “peacock-like gorgeous man back”, so in the street to encounter dazzling eyeliner, bright color eye shadow man, do not open mouth to do panic Like, not to mention since ancient times, men have earrings.

Guangzhou found: men’s earrings are mostly small earrings, simple and revealing the art of heavy style, abstract and yet strong individual notes.

Tips: Guangzhou fashion to ask the cool brother on the left ear wearing or wearing the right to wear the question, the answer is: “Which side of the ear pierced much wear which side, fear of misunderstanding on both sides are worn.

Glasses: cover is to show more

The traditional big-rimmed plastic-rimmed glasses always prevail in the popular place, because it is Cartier love ring replica part of the pursuit of classical temperament men’s favorite. And in the past is immediately associated with the image of lonely old lady image of the half-piece type of eyes, with a new color coupled with the classic tortoiseshell and metal material of the new shape, so that men look wise and gentle. Sunglasses design is more bold avant-garde, the full performance of the designer’s creative talent.

Guangzhou found: Reporters found in the Park Plaza, CD and GUCCI sunglasses more eye-catching, style and more nostalgic taste, mirror larger, frame smooth soft, Futie face, and often accompanied by crystal relief.

Tips: Some of the new glasses are “pick”, so although it is very special but not necessarily suitable for everyone.

Necklace: not coarse and soft and soft

After the men ‘s “rock style”, “straight wind”, “tough wind”, showing a wide range of trends, delicate curves of the United States, with a variety of color mix, men’ s necklace began to become refined subtle, Not vulgar.

Guangzhou found: once in a fashion reception to see a fashionable man, with a leather rope tied to a large Tahitian black pearl pendant decorated with items, it is amazing: smart as he, under the guise of a woman’s performance Delicate bones.

Tips: This two-year high-end men’s fashion all kinds of cardigan, deep V-neck and sweater, for the pendant opened up a broad utility, is expected in the length of the chain with slightly larger three-dimensional pendant combination is still 2004 Of the popular focus.

Scarf: the name of a comprehensive invasion under the banner of culture

I remember a certain fashion show in the brand, men’s sweater and casual pants down nothing surprises, Jiaoren never forget, but is free to tie in the neck of the printed scarf shows the man’s handsome and elegant.

Singing newcomer Edison Chen, a simple triangular folded into a wrinkled hemp roll, around the neck to play two flat knots, the same bright spots.

Guangzhou found: the famous French scarf brand Hermes will soon be settled in La Perle Square, its sophisticated hand and humanistic implication of the design patterns are full of a luxurious atmosphere.

Tips: Hear DiorHomme extremely chic Scarf play: in the neck loosely around a circle, the natural hanging on both sides of the scarf through the belt, and then drag to the knee around.

Brooch: gorgeous exquisite manufacturing Masterpieces surprised

Some years ago there are women wearing a suit and tie tie tie clip heroic. Men are not idle, and quickly borrow the charm of a beautiful woman’s brooch from the tie, the suit pleated collar pleasing achievements of the results of the brooch. Italian designer DOLCE & GABBANA in the previous year to design a set of classic nostalgia for the theme of the male flower brooch, smooth and delicate lines, gorgeous and exquisite shape, a variety of diamond beads sparkling.

Guangzhou found: According to report, Guangzhou has not a men’s brand counters for sale brooch.

Tips: Only the material of the beautiful fashion to match with the men’s brooch.

Purse: classic charm in the taste of the details

In the eternal pursuit of creativity, in the classic taste details, is the essence of male Cartier love ring replica leather accessories.

Guangzhou found: in the WTO, the friendship of the major brand-name counters to go around and found that these brands changed in the past solemn, tough, fortitude of the image, the style of the bag is absolutely complete Quartet correct total leisure, fancy elements dotted , BOBO feeling there is a popular trend of leather goods.

Tips: For the majority of men relish the GUCCI leather large satchel, the atmosphere both fine, leisure show aristocratic, showing a kind of urban life of the natural publicity. The young and charismatic DSquared calfskin backpack, deliberately dyed leather surface has a similar imprint of the font, lasted last year’s popular non-income side cutting sewing, revealing the original color of leather. CostumeNational last fall and winter a backpack, Zeyi leather sewn up and down a zipper instead of the traditional cover. You should know these trends information.

Cufflinks: implicit in the publicity distinguished fashion

Cufflinks as an important part of Western-style dress is a symbol of the success of high-grade men, the main men’s brands and jewelers every year to launch the latest cufflinks design. In addition to the classic black, white, gray color, in recent years, more prominent gorgeous fashion sense of fire red, crystal transparent color.

Guangzhou found: According to reporters in Guangzhou, the major shopping malls see, dunhill, Montb lanc, Cartier and other brands of cufflinks have some spiritual charm.

Tips: Cartier online search to a computer keyboard platinum cufflinks, it should be very suitable for I T upstart aesthetic taste.

Pens: Writing immortal art classics

Exquisite craftsmanship, the appearance of style, writing fluent Bifeng, has witnessed an important moment in history, these are the necessary quality of the pen, and pure gold light, precious stones charm, crystal bright and turn the name of the evolution of a pen Glorious works of art. A set of excellent quality and perfect design in a name pen, virtually to the crowd declared: you are elegant long-lasting boutique chase, you are focusing on the quality of life of men.

Guangzhou found: the name of the pen in Guangzhou, the first choice to buy Times Square, several top brands are equipped with counters.

Tips: Many famous pen is limited edition, if you have a collection of interest or want to get a unique model, you can ask its sales staff to keep in touch with you in order to provide you with more distinguished services.

Men ‘s jewelry pretending to cool this fall

Men ‘s jewelry pretending to cool this fall
When men generally began to focus on packaging their own image, the original was the women as a favorite of all kinds of jewelry has become their portable pretending to cool accessories. Men’s jewelry, is not that some of the models than female jewelry thicker, larger, or some of the simple style jewelry it? actually not. At present, although the number of men’s jewelry still can not compete with women’s jewelry, but with its unique design of hardness and softness in the jewelry industry is different.

Nowadays, many men want to wear jewelry, but is always unjustifiable, a large part of the reason is that they do not understand the type of men’s jewelry. In fact, the types of men’s jewelry jewelry is more abundant than women, in general, women’s jewelry has necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, anklet these types of categories, and men’s jewelry in addition to the above traditional types, Cufflinks, belt buckle and other men’s exclusive accessories to join the family of men’s jewelry, a special part of the men’s ornaments.

Silver steel necklace thick rough

Necklaces and bracelets are men’s jewelry that can be worn on many occasions. Men’s necklaces Replica Cartier love bracelet and bracelets are generally rugged and heavy in quality. Their shapes and patterns are relatively simple. They are made of simple square, round and triangular geometries. Men’s necklaces and bracelets are made of silver, steel and other materials, while the previous thick gold necklace has gradually withdrew from the fashion arena.

The ring is carried as a seal

Men wear a thick ring, ring face and ring ring diameter is relatively large. Although the style of men’s rings is simple, but the design always seems alternative and creative. Simple ring-shaped men’s rings, because the ring face wide, so you can make a lot of beautiful shape to. Such as the ring surface cast blessing, longevity, auspicious, wishful and so on, containing a good blessing. The ring surface can also carve animals, names and other patterns, personalized full, name ring can also be used as a seal to carry.

Diamond stud earrings MAN full flavor

Star is the star flavor, but there are male stars to use shiny diamonds to decorate their own. These were once a woman beloved diamonds are now also become the trend of men chasing jewelry. Large diamond stud earrings Beckham has almost become one of the classic LOGO, the shook the stadium super football star is simply a “diamond man” the best demonstration, frequently wearing diamond earrings appearance, he not only has not been accused of There are sissy, but also look MAN full flavor. Chen Kun recent public Cartier love ring replica appearances, always the same is the sinking flashing bright diamond earrings. And like Yu Wen, Pan Weibo and many other new generation idol male stars seem to be all diamond earrings fans.

Jade tie clip dress change

Many business men need to wear a shirt to wear a tie, monotonous dress inevitably boring. Tie clip is a good accessory, was included in the men’s jewelry category tie clip can help the office of male colleagues to transform the fashion dress. Today there are many different colors and costly tie clip, fine workmanship, but also the use of different materials to produce, so rich in a variety of colors. Such as red tie with a ruby tie clip, green tie can be used with jade or tourmaline tie clip. The black agate tie clip is now popular, black and many colors tie with, with the wild effect of Variety.

Exquisite cufflinks gleaming

Cufflinks can reveal a man in the dress spent thinking. Cufflinks in a variety of shapes, the more sophisticated materials and workmanship. Like LV, Armani and other big brands men’s cufflinks accessories are introduced every season, showing the role of cufflinks in the decoration of the large. Cufflinks are square, round, diamond, petal-shaped and other traditional shapes, in addition, some brands also introduced some zodiac or animal modeling special edition cufflinks. A small cufflinks may be sold for more than a thousand dollars, because many big Cartier love ring replica brands are used to create gold cufflinks K, and in which embellishment gem, the classic brand Logo will be shining in the cufflinks between the glow.

Belt buckle lion tiger image

Belt buckle can be used as a belt buckle, can also appear alone, as a casual pants on the decorations. Belt buckle and jeans with a more appropriate, like some buckle face carved lion, tiger, snake and other animal images, with the waist in the jeans on the chic look interesting.

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