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Woman wearing diamond jewelry elegant

Woman, wearing diamond jewelry elegant
Pure and transparent, stare brilliance, a combination of diamonds and women, beautiful people heart. Once upon a time, no longer interested in fancy complex jewelry, began to be fascinated by a simple pure diamond.
one. Sophie Marceau and the “Millennium Star”

Fell in love with Sophie Marceau, or the classic “first kiss”. “De Beers Millennium Star” weight is 203.04 karats, the color level is D, clarity level for the no-class level, and the proportion of the line is the most beautiful drop-shaped, 4C conditions are the best it And by the “France’s most beautiful Replica Cartier jewelry woman” to deduce, how can not star brilliant, shining flow it
two. Taylor Burton Drill

This diamond is the representative of all the dreams of a woman, huh, huh. When the diamond and love are closely linked together, always very envious of the Austrian. The name of the diamond is the history of silver screen in the most famous pair of beauty named: Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. Is Burton gave his wife a gift Austrian, drilling rough weight 240.8 karats, excavated in 1966 in South Africa, then was cut into 69.42 karats pear drill.
three. Century diamonds
The most beautiful of a diamond, light rose, very rare color it. Is the master with three years of pondering, there are 75 surface, the bottom of the 89 surface, the waist has 83 faces, a total of 247 face, lofty light also take it for granted
First, the number of less as well. When necessary, you can not wear jewelry. If you want to wear a variety of jewelry at the same time, it is best not to more than three. If there are no special requirements, the general can be a single variety of rings, or the ring and necklaces, rings and brooches, rings and earrings two combined together. If you both wear a ring, necklace, and wear a brooch, earrings, and even with a pair of bracelets and anklets, they are not well coordinated between each other, but gives a tedious, messy and tacky feeling.

Second is the same color the best. If you wear two or more pieces of jewelry at the same time, require color consistent.

Three is the same texture. Such as wearing inlaid jewelry, to make the mosaic material consistent, the bracket should also strive to be consistent. This allows them to be coordinated on the whole. Also note that high-end ornaments, especially jewelery, apply to the grand social occasions, if at work, casual wear, it becomes too publicity.

Four is in line with identity. Choose jewelry, not only to take care of personal hobbies, but should obey their own identity, and their own gender, age, occupation, working environment to maintain the same line, and not too much difference.

Five is for the body to avoid weaknesses. When choosing jewelry, should be fully face up to their own physical characteristics, and strive to make jewelry wear for their own strengths and weaknesses. To avoid short is one of the key, will be timely and timely.

Six coincides with the season. Season is different, wearing jewelry should be different. Gold, dark Cartier love ring replica jewelry suitable for cold season wear, silver, color jewelry for warm season to wear.

Seven is and dress coordination. Wearing jewelry, clothing is a whole part of the link. To take into account the same time wearing clothing texture, color, style, and strive to make it in the mix, style and match each other.

Eight is to comply with customs. Different regions, different nationalities, the habit of wearing jewelry is also different, to understand and respect.

Flaming rose pendant symbolic hot sweet love

Flaming rose pendant symbolic hot sweet love
Love has always been the most lifeful topic in literature, as a symbol of love heart and roses how can not be sought after, can be intangible and flowers after all, but also hide the dying day, when we found that jewelry designers with inspiration Invisible for the formation of a full love of lovers love flowers often open the beautiful vow.
This just gold flaming rose pendant to symbolize the heart of love and roses for the design inspiration, thousands of gold to create a hollow heart shaped in a flower flower rose, roses with a bright red Austrian crystal grain embellishment , The love of love, love sweet.
Very puzzle design, work is also very delicate, as the heart of the control of her face this pendant is naturally no resistance, beautiful pendant, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.

Women and butterflies, born is a beautiful embodiment of the incarnation and style, whether it is the transformation of the cocoon or the transformation of colorful life after the people are very impressed and envy, their beauty is also sometimes publicity and sometimes Tolerance, so some people say butterfly is a woman Another soul.

This Chow Tai Fook’s butterfly pendant exquisite work depicts a side Cartier nail bracelet replica of the butterfly, retro and elegant style and mellow contours gorgeous and noble, delicate posture interpretation of the butterfly rest when the demeanor and wings of the beauty, hollow Design is not only more chic also enhanced the three-dimensional, filling the light Smart beauty.
Very unique butterfly pendant, worn in the neck like a beautiful butterfly stopped to rest, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.
She has always felt that the bracelet is the most feminine things, she not only like its gentle witty temperament, but also like it cool feeling, like a Wang Qingquan quietly flowing in the wrist, which she has been looking for a bracelet , Not luxury, not publicity, but has a low-key gorgeous and unique personality, like most of her own.

This bracelet is not like our common bracelet is round, its bracelet body is square, clear, angular, very type, because a bit like a square chopstick look, so called “chopsticks bracelet “, Simple and generous shape so that the elegance of urban women and literary and artistic knowledge of women in them.
Very beautiful and stylish gold bracelet, get started is also very beautiful, recommend to imitation Cartier love bracelet everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.
About every woman has a diamond complex! Can not need much, do not have more luxury, but must have a their own, it is delicate in the slender jade fingers, inadvertently revealed the feminine feminine pretentious, so that women instantly increased charm.

This diamond ring is a common six-jaw round head style, round diamonds, only the package which, the perfect cut in the sun flashing charming light, simple shape showing a clean and neat style, simple and stable appearance Revealing the calm and generous temperament, giving an invisible sense of security.
The most common six-jaw round head, but it is her favorite, she has always felt more simple things more beautiful, very beautiful diamond ring, delicate and a little big fan, recommended to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.
Every woman has a deep heart on the dream of love, and diamonds is an indispensable part of them, it seems that only the pure texture of diamonds and bright light can really interpret their hearts the most beautiful love.
This diamond ring is not only noble and generous, but also very bright Fake Cartier love bracelet diamonds, round diamonds, accompanied by heart-shaped four claws, but also complement each other, hardness and softness, the side is also two hollow carefully, a symbol of heart Matched, but also adds a romantic atmosphere, it is elegant temperament, interpretation of your most unique demure.
Very beautiful ring, worn on her slender hand is magnificent, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.

Buy gold small Raiders

Buy gold small Raiders
If you buy gold, you know how to distinguish color, then this will bring us great convenience. As the saying goes, gold is “seven green, eight yellow, nine purple, ten red”. What is the meaning of this sentence in the end?

Some experts believe that: if the gold content of gold into the Qi Cheng will be yellow with blue, gold over eight percent will be yellow, over Jiucheng is yellow through the purple, gold content will reach 10% will be red.

In addition, there are gold “nine five red, forty-six does not show gold,” said. The so-called nine five red, refers to the gold gold content of 95% when the overall color of gold was red. And forty-six does not show gold, refers to the gold content of less than 60% of the time has not shown the true nature of gold. Gold content of less than 60% of the gold is yellowish white color, and gold content of 40% in the following gold is completely white.
Gold is an extremely precious metal, its luster lasting. Gold texture is softer, can be made into a variety of shapes.

Golden jewelry fineness refers to the amount of gold in jewelry, in general, people Cartier nail bracelet replica with gold content of the thousands of points. According to the National Bureau of Standards issued by the “precious metal jewelry purity naming method” (GB11887-89), if a gold jewelry to be called “enough gold”, then it requires its content can not be less than 990; Thousands of gold “, you need the gold content of the percentage of not less than 999. “K” is another measure of the amount of gold. People in theory, the gold content of 100% gold as 24K, then the percentage of 1K is 1/24 × 100, about 4.17. So 23K is equivalent to thousands of points 958, 22K is equivalent to thousands of points 916. Blunt gold, refers to 24K or 999.9 gold.

K gold is different in pure gold. The gold jewelery, which is common on the market, is yellow, due to the fact that the proportion of copper in the alloy is kept within the range of 2: 1 to 1: 2. If you reduce the silver content, increase the copper content on the basis of the further traverse more than 185 nickel and the amount of zinc, then the gold jewelry can be pure white. This white gold is called “K White Gold”. K gold fineness calculation method and ordinary gold calculation method, how much gold K, called it a few K platinum. If the alloy composition in the addition of more copper, a certain amount of zinc on the basis of the same time to adjust the silver content to 5 below, then jewelry materials will become red or pink, in addition to the use of special formula can also be prepared out of the green material. That is, if the gold (Au) mixed with copper (Cu), silver (Ag) or palladium, etc., will produce different colors and hardness of the material. In general, if the copper composition of the alloy is higher, then its color is more red; and the higher the proportion of silver, then the color of the alloy is more green. As the alloy is hard compared to gold, so inlaid diamonds and precious stones jewelry must use K gold.

The market is generally marked on the gold jewelry on the actual content of the imprint, such as “gold 585” (that is, including 58.5 gold), “gold 750” or “18K” (that is, including 75 gold) and so on. In order to meet the customer’s psychological obsession with gold, the market also appeared in gold (Gold) and Gold (GOLD Plat-ed) jewelry. In the production of gold or gold-plated jewelry, if the gold foil is 18K, must be marked on the jewelry 18KF or 18GF mark. Gold plating is a layer of gold film that is plated on shaped jewelery. The thickness of the gold film is only ten microns (1 micron = 0.001 mm). Gold-plated jewelry in the cost of gold jewelry than the low to many. If a jewelry is made of gold and gold-clad process, then they are decorated jewelry, can not call gold jewelry. We should pay attention to the difference between the identification of the difference between the two.

Different fineness of gold processing performance is not the same. 24K gold toughness and ductility are very good, so it can not only be used to do gold ring, gold necklace, but also made of gold cards, gold cards and other special monuments. While the low-quality gold material is relatively high hardness and bright colors compared to long. 22K gold is often used to make gold, 18K gold and 14K gold are used to make inlaid jewelry, and 9K gold is mainly used to do the gold badge and pin.
As early as the Roman period, unmarried men and women will be a symbol of life and eternal ring as a public declaration of marriage covenant. Since it has been decided to combine with each other, then it should be looking for two wedding ring as your love keepsake, gold is the most representative of the Chinese wedding accessories, so the gold wedding ring can be described as the most classic and men and women are suitable for the choice. But how can we pick out their own thousands of gold ring, so that they wear outstanding, to get rid of vulgar suspects?

Thousands of gold ring to buy a skill: pay attention to the selection of gold fineness
Gold content of thousands of not less than 999 known as thousands of gold, jewelry is the imitation Cartier love bracelet highest value in the naming of color. Thousands of gold jewelry will have a unique mark on behalf of the manufacturer code, materials and purity, such as X gold 999, the letter X represents a manufacturer’s code, gold refers to the jewelry material, 999 refers to the purity of the metal. Choose the fineness of the thousands of gold ring, people commonly used formulas are: Dian weight, see color, audition rhyme, folding soft and hard, with acid point. Thousands of gold is its unique golden yellow luster, pure gold placed in a strong light will flash a dazzling light, which is other metals, including copper, not available.

Thousands of gold ring to buy skills Second: pay attention to observe the appearance of the ring
A jewelry if only modeling attractive, but no fine craft to build it, it will not highlight the charm of this piece of jewelry. So the selection of any jewelry, we should check the appearance of jewelry, pick those who work exquisite delicate, no obvious defects in jewelry. Select the thousands of gold ring is no exception, the general should Benedict the principle is: jewelry surface should be smooth, no file, scraping, hammer and other processing traces, no burr, trachoma, pores, cracks and inclusions and other obvious defects; Stable, no Weld, Lu welding and obvious scar; design reasonable, such as accessories should be no small hook with heavy chain or big hook with thin chain and other incorrect match.

Thousands of gold women’s ring to buy skills three: according to personal style selection style
When you choose the ring to be based on individual age factors for the choice of style, young Fake Cartier love bracelet women can choose a strong style of fashion design, chic and slightly interesting shape can reflect the woman’s personality taste; and for older Women, the classic style of gold ring is definitely the best choice. In addition, in the very popular retro style of the thousands of gold ring, peach heart, leaves, roses and other elements of the sweet style, can instantly bring elegant temperament for women; and flower patterns for the design elements of the style, but Can add a bit of feminine for the wearer; retro style thousands of gold ring slightly neutral, suitable for finger slender girls to wear, fingers thick or fingers too thin women are not suitable.

If you want your own thousands of gold ring out of the ordinary, it is necessary to spend some more mind to pick the ring shape, style, etc., so the beauty of the girls who have a lot to understand the thousands of gold ring selection skills Oh!

The price of platinum jewelry

The price of platinum jewelry
In all the common metal, the price of platinum can be said to be the most expensive, do not say K gold, silver, even gold, the price has long been platinum pressure in the body.
Platinum as a rare gold than precious metals, its refining and jewelry production are very cumbersome, and finally made the amount of platinum jewelry is also less. Therefore, the price of platinum jewelry in general are higher than other precious metal jewelry.
In mainland China, platinum jewelry market price between 450-700, the price of gold jewelry in the 300 to 400 yuan / g, K gold jewelry price of about 180 to 270 yuan / g, silver jewelry, not to mention, Jewelry prices in more than ten yuan. It can be seen that the price of platinum jewelry in the price of other precious metal jewelry above, and the price of platinum jewelry prices than other precious metal jewelry.
Now the society, economic development is up, but the thief, little touch, but a lot of Cartier nail bracelet replica small liar up. Like some platinum jewelry, but also by some bad traders with simulated jewelry for counterfeiting, to cheat some of the knowledge of platinum is not enough understanding of consumers.

In order to prevent deceived, we need a little understanding of platinum knowledge.

In this knowledge, the sale of platinum jewelry is the most important point is to see the platinum jewelry mark. All kinds of jewelry will have some mark, and by looking at the mark can simply distinguish the type of jewelry. For example, the mark of platinum is PT, platinum jewelry should have the two letters PT. Under normal circumstances, if not, you can confirm that this jewelry is not platinum.
Why is platinum the only metal that is best for diamonds? There are many metals also have not inferior to the properties of platinum, why platinum is the only one?
In fact, in the diamond with the most with the metal, platinum has six advantages:
1, rare. Platinum and diamonds are rare species. This determines the preciousness of platinum.
2, purity is high enough. Hinted at the purity of love.
3, gloss and good ductility. Decided the diversity of jewelry.
4, high melting point, high quality. Decided the noble gold jewelry.
5, high stability. Meaning love will be so stable, successful.
6, there is no harm. Wearing platinum will not appear any allergic phenomenon, and the old weak pregnant Jack wear.
Combined with so many advantages, platinum has become the most suitable with imitation Cartier love bracelet diamonds, suitable for love metal is also a matter of course!
Just a few days ago, the International Platinum Association released a 2013 platinum jewelry overall trend, Baroque style seems to leap them.

In fact, as early as the 17th century, the Baroque style has been popular around the world. Compared with the art of decoration before, Baroque style is a complicated and exaggerated artistic style. One of the most representative forms of this complex style is lace. The use of Baroque style made of platinum jewelry, not only has a more multi-color, three-dimensional features, but also has a broader design space, better reflect the high-end platinum jewelry in the exquisite design process.

As the Baroque style is characterized by complexity, so jewelry in the maintenance of the time to be more trouble. And in the process of using platinum inlaid this process will avoid a lot of problems.
Just a few days ago, the International Platinum Association released a 2013 platinum jewelry overall trend, decorative arts as if leapt to them.
Decorative art is characterized by elegance as well as practical. Among them, the hollow is a decorative art in a representative form. Hollow form exists in our lives everywhere, it can be said that our life has never been lack of hollow. The emergence of this form of hollow, both to meet the pursuit of fashion, as well as the art of decorative standards: simple and practical. Will be a piece of jewelry in the form of hollow out, not only can reduce the weight and price of jewelry, but also make jewelry more sophisticated. And platinum Fake Cartier love bracelet has a good flexibility, but not a lack of some hardness, so he is more suitable for this form of hollow.
There is a proverb “mouth with a golden spoon was born”, that is, the origin of the noble, with the envy of others and family background.
Now there is a company called Matt Case in the true sense of the interpretation of this sentence. The company showed a pacifier at the British Baby Show, and the pacifier was made of platinum! The pacifier can be said to be the most expensive one in the world, and its total value reached £ 54,000.

K gold market and the reasons consumers are like

K gold market and the reasons consumers are like
With the development of society, gold, platinum and so on have become ordinary families can afford jewelry material. However, after a long period of use, some people began to not satisfied, gold and platinum colors are very simple, no longer able to meet their hearts. Just, in order to make up the soft gold hardness of the characteristics of K gold appeared. And in the production of K gold, even appeared a variety of different colors, this moment to attract a lot of people’s eyes. At present, this color K gold-based, color diamond, colored gemstone jewelry in the gold market around the singing of the “protagonist”, by the beauty of ladies of all ages.
According to the introduction, K gold itself is made of gold and other metal made of an alloy. Its hardness is higher than pure gold, it can be said to make up for the soft yellow metal defects. K gold color a lot, which is more common in the market rose, white, light blue, red, pink. Compared with the traditional gold, platinum, K gold not only in the bright colors, dazzling, more likely to attract the attention of consumers, and dynamic. In a lot of gold shop, K gold are occupied by the most prominent position of the various jewelry counters. K gold jewelry can also be several colors of K gold with each other, such as K platinum, K gold and rose gold gold and three pendants made of pendants, rings are very many, this three-color Cartier nail bracelet replica ring connected, Or three-color chain is wrapped in the most common in the market. Rose gold two-color small earrings, earrings half is 18K white gold, the other half is rose gold, his price is very good, much lower than the price of gold. K gold jewelry with skin color is more suitable for young women.
At present, K gold jewelry has occupied a gold market in a space. And the longest this situation is the most important reason is the price of K gold. At present, the price of gold and platinum has been very high, although the recent reduction in the price of gold, but still a low figure. Another reason is that gold and platinum color is relatively simple, people’s aesthetics in the constantly changing, whether it is gold or platinum people are tired, began to love and K gold.
With the fashion trend of rolling forward, the style is relatively simple gold jewelry has long been unable to meet people’s needs, and even platinum, silver jewelry is also some people with some tired, after all, their color is always so single. At this point, a material appears in the people’s eyes – gold or gold is gold. K gold hardness is not a problem, so he can make a variety of styles, and can be called gold, he certainly has a lot of different colors. Therefore, K gold with the problem is not a problem, whether it is a professional dress or evening dress, can be found with the match with the show can show elegant temperament. And K gold jewelry and other precious metals compared to the light weight, the price is slightly lower, exquisite craftsmanship, fashionable features, so by the vast number of consumers love. In this case, wearing K gold jewelry on how to clean, maintenance problems.
K gold because of the composition of the hardness of the soft gold, so riding in the time to wear attention should not make it too large. The next thing is to clean up. A container and water, a bottle of jewelry cleaner is essential equipment. First, K gold and detergent into the water, soak for 8 minutes or so, and then remove the K gold, direct use of clean flannel to dry, so that the most simple cleaning process is over. How, from time to time feel simple to burst it?
In fact, there are many K gold cleaning methods. Here is not one by one statement, only to say a few strokes relatively simple cleaning method. The first is to use a device called ultrasonic cleaning equipment, this instrument is not uncommon, there are some optical shops. Directly put the K gold into the switch can be. The second is more convenient, usually home brushing toothpaste with it. After wiping with water to clean, and then dry on it.
The above three methods can be said that K gold cleaning the most effective and easy way.
“18K gold price in the end is how much?”, This thing must have a lot of consumers want to understand, after all, 18K gold is also a diamond and take the material. If you want to mosaic of diamonds, then 18K gold and platinum is definitely the preferred ring quit. However, the same quality, after all, 18K gold imitation Cartier love bracelet is much lower than the price of platinum, so the purchase of 18K gold as a diamond ring is definitely a few people. However, in the era of popular 18K gold, consumers are still on the 18K gold thing to understand enough.

In fact, K is a measure of the proportion of gold containing the proportion of units. In the commonly known, 24K is that people say pure gold, so 18K gold contains 75% of gold and 25% of other metals. Although the content of gold is set, but the rest of the 25% metal there is no fixed requirements. And the production of 18K gold master after a long time after the attempt, with their own with a variety of metal, so that the 18K gold produced with a different color. This is also a later 18K gold recruit a favorite factor.

As for the price of 18K gold, in fact, 18K gold ring itself is not expensive, his unit price than gold to a slightly lower. However, the official as 18K gold is one of the best materials inlaid diamonds, so most of the K gold ring are diamond ring. Therefore, the main reference value of these diamond ring or the value of diamonds
Now the jewelry market, gold and platinum is still a giant general presence. But it is people used to see the gold, platinum, a single tone, want to change the pattern for a little, so, compared to colorful, colorful gold began to enter the people’s attention. So what is the material of the gold medal?
In fact, the essence of gold is a gold, it is mostly gold and other metal mixed products, are a synthetic precious metals. He and platinum are also somewhat different: platinum is white, and the color is color. Now in the market to see the gold jewelry is often a single rose gold, but there are some or two or three color integration. These different colors of the color are determined by the characteristics of the metal with gold. Now, these gold jewelry has also been vaguely formed a small trend. In addition, because the main component of gold is still gold, so its price is still to the impact of gold prices.
In the K gold, due to the types of elements contained in different, resulting in some K gold began to become the other colors, so some people will these colorful K gold collectively referred to as the prize money. In these gold, some are very common colors, such as:

Red K gold: gold and silver can be made with red and light red gold K gold, gold imitation Cartier love bracelet and aluminum can be made into bright red K gold.

Green K gold: gold and silver alloy in the addition of a small amount of cadmium, can be formulated into a green K gold.

Blue K Gold: gold and iron alloy on the surface plus cobalt derived.

White K Gold: gold and copper alloy added to the formation of nickel or palladium.

Black K gold: gold and the formation of high concentrations of iron and the formation of a black 14K gold ratio of about 58% of gold 42%

Gray K Gold: Gray K Gold Gray is usually from the appropriate concentration of iron.

In addition, the market used to say white 18K gold as “18K white gold”. This is a kind of easy to confuse with the platinum jewelry called, for this caused by a lot of misunderstanding and disputes. Therefore, according to national standards, this name is not allowed.

Also note that some color K gold is the surface of the color method, not made of smelting. The color of this surface is very easy to wear color. The market on the white 18K gold some surface nickel or rhodium, palladium into the wear after the jewelry yellowed, showing the true color of 18K gold.

How to choose their own platinum necklace

How to choose their own platinum necklace
As the urban women love the baby and young people favorite accessories, platinum necklace always gives a beautiful luxury, magnificent feeling, how do we choose a suitable for their platinum necklace?

Select the necklace in general should pay attention to the following aspects:

1, consider the face of the factors

Long face type should choose short or double sets, three sets of style, if the choice of long necklace wear will make the face more elongated, it is necessary to consciously choose the medium length of the necklace, accompanied by appropriate clothing, so that the face “shortened ” Round face Cartier nail bracelet replica women do not choose the card neck necklace, it will make the round face more exaggerated, and therefore appropriate to make face “elongated”, the best choice for chain with pendant necklace.

2, according to the characteristics of the neck

The choice of the necklace to wear should be caused by Shen Shen error to make up for the lack of neck. Such as: neck long people to choose large and short necklace, so that it occupies a certain position in the neck, in the visual can reduce the length of the neck; short neck will have to choose small particles and long necklaces.

3, consider the length of the purchase necklace

The length of the necklace generally depends on the thickness of each neck, neck thick, necklace specifications to be longer; the other is shorter. But also according to their own preferences to choose the length of. Necklace specifications are mainly forty-five centimeters, forty-eight centimeters, fifty centimeters three. In addition, there is a kit necklace, such as pearl three sets of chains, ivory two sets of chain, it is composed of a number of necklaces, the length between them is inconsistent, like this necklace specifications is very difficult to set.

4, depending on the economic situation, see decorative effect

Generally believed that: on the older people to use the texture of fine, fine craft necklace as well; middle-aged to strong technology, texture mid-range is appropriate; and young people to choose the texture of good color, fashionable style is better.

5, check the necklace quality

In the purchase of the necklace, the first try to wear, check the chain of the arc is natural, such as the link between the twists and turns, wear will feel uncomfortable.

Second, straighten the necklace, pick up one hand with one hand, gently shaking, and then use the other hand to lift the other end of the chain, waiting for it in the air no longer shake to see if it was twist twisted up, whether or not A conspicuous knot, such as a necklace that is in a straight state. Finally, gently imitation Cartier love bracelet touch the nail with the nail, the beginning of the check whether the elasticity is good.
Palladium is pure, precious, eternal symbol, because of its physical properties and platinum similar to the original platinum jewelry as an additive element, until recently it was only as the main elements of the production of jewelry, palladium jewelry made not only With platinum-like natural Tiancheng charming glory, and withstand the tempered years, as long as new.

Palladium is relatively stable, can acid corrosion. Palladium is almost no impurities, high purity. Palladium pure is also very suitable for the skin, because with other metals containing impurities, the palladium will not cause skin allergies, the international jewelry industry began processing palladium platinum, as jewelry and decorative works of art, and gradually form a fashion trend.

Palladium has excellent physical and chemical properties, high temperature, corrosion resistance, wear resistance and has a strong stretch, in purity, degree of durability and durability, can be replaced with platinum, regardless of whether the production of jewelry alone or Inlaid precious stones, called the ideal material. Palladium jewelry is beautiful, from the ancient Greeks rich romantic fashion temperament and classical living mood, so that people get the beauty of the enjoyment.
Palladium jewelry maintenance

1, the first best to wear alone, so as not to wear each other.

2, jewelry items should be prevented from pulling, squeezing, collision, friction, do not wear should be a single item collection.

3, regular cleaning of palladium jewelry. This ensures that the jewelry exhibits the best Fake Cartier love bracelet luster and is more durable.

4, all precious metals are likely to leave scratches, palladium is no exception, if there are visible scratches, please palladium jewelry to repair qualified qualified jewelry store for polishing.

5, should try to avoid contact with bleach or irritating chemicals.

Rose Diamond Pendant Abstract design makes people full of reverie

Rose Diamond Pendant Abstract design makes people full of reverie
Rose has always been regarded as the flower of love, although the Valentine’s Day price boom makes people feel that it blasphemes pure love, perhaps it was a little vulgar, but there are still many women can not refuse its temptation Like roses unrelated to other, just like, no reason, because like, so she has almost all the material of the rose.

This gold supreme rose diamond pendant, with beautiful roses for the design inspiration, the middle of a main drill as a flower, around the floss with a smooth line out of the roses in full bloom the whole picture, diamonds bright light like a rose to Human feeling, in addition, the abstract design gave not only did not reduce the beauty of the rose, but also gave us more reverie.

Very beautiful rose pendant, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.
I do not know from when, she began to obsessed with gold, like the golden sun that dazzling Cartier nail bracelet replica color and luxury texture, first bought a ring and bracelet, can always feel less a bracelet, because do not like bracelet chain, just like flat Pull, selected for a long time finally bought this, with her words, although the style of a little soil, but the bracelet is not very wide, the feeling is still very delicate.
This dragon and phoenix bracelet is not as we usually see so generous, it is a small design, exquisite workmanship show the beautiful form of dragon and phoenix, the scene of the dragon and phoenix scenes depicting the lifelike, classical atmosphere in the noble, Pull the design can automatically adjust the size of the shape of the bar so that it is more appropriate with the wrist, oval shape to wear very comfortable.
This is her first bracelet, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like, do not know the same gold like your first bracelet is what kind of it?
Perhaps to see more jade, gold bracelet, she often think about when there is not a jade ring of jade, to catch a little piece of gold that the more beautiful, so when they saw a favorite bracelet Must be set to like a piece of gold, until one day inadvertently see someone wearing a bracelet, even the kind of feeling she wanted the gold.

Not long before she had this bracelet, black rattan bracelet is full of mysterious colors, inlaid with a piece of gold, this low-key luxury suddenly make it unique charm, coupled with thin gold with bracelets The rotation suddenly flickering, so that the bracelet suddenly have vitality.

Simple and low-key bracelet, a collection of all the bracelets of the United States, but the convergence of the metal itself publicity texture, very charm, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.
Jewelry for women is like a window of clothes, always less one, not because of the lack of but because the total is always in the pursuit of a “most” word, the latest, most luxurious, the most beautiful … … for them So that they can change the beauty of things, have no more than for too much.

This is a few days before finishing the box when you find an old bracelet, or more than a decade ago to buy in Taiwan, the belt package of gold, very stylish craft, black background gives a mature and stable feeling , The shape of thousands of gold flowers wrapped in the belt, as if naturally generated, the middle of the shape of the golden hair with a free and easy, natural beauty.
Very taste of the bracelet, gorgeous and introverted, although after so long there is no old-fashioned, outdated feeling, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.
Purple is always difficult to pondering and capture the feeling that it is like a sweet lie, beautiful people imitation Cartier love bracelet addictive, it is not only mysterious and noble also romantic as the wind, and gold dazzling texture let it look extravagant, when they are together When the noble and luxurious collision will rub what kind of spark?
This pendant with gold and crystal as the design elements, bright gold to hollow heart-shaped package of crystal clear amethyst, not only restore the whole picture of the crystal, but also enhance the quality of a low-key luxury and style, purple mysterious atmosphere And the perfect combination of gold luxury texture, showing a noble beauty, the overall fresh temperament distribution of this charming atmosphere.
Beautiful pendant, gorgeous but not publicity, noble and elegant, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.
Many flowers and plants have been given a good meaning, clover is no exception, it is the flower language is happy, the legend of it always implies the introduction of reverie poetic and mysterious, most of which is that it can bring good for people Yun, she recently did not feel good, stroll to Chow Tai Fook, a fancy to the ring, two-piece clover, two lucky.

This ring to the clover design inspiration, to convey the mood of happiness, two clover is a solid one is hollow, hollow design Fake Cartier love bracelet highlights the sense of layering clover, solid it makes it look more real, not too gorgeous design , Simple modeling classic and not boring.

Very delicate clover ring, she hopes it can bring her double lucky happy! Recommend to everyone to enjoy, but also everyone lucky with happiness often accompanied by

Unusual, american novelty ring

Unusual, american novelty ring
The ring is the beauty of jewelry jewelry box an indispensable jewelry, but you are not already enough of the monotony of the ring style, small series for the novelty you received a lot of creative novelty ring, look down, Novelty constantly.
A cup of hot coffee ring
Designer design inspiration capture ability is really better than ordinary people, good at observing life, record life. This ring is the best description, a cup of hot coffee moment is designed to be the style of the ring, beautiful with a bit of fun.
Creative letter ring
The ring consists of four rows of letters composed of letters, each circle has a designer carefully designed letters, you can rotate to get English words, to express different meanings.
Miniature projection ring
A miniature projection ring exclusively made by Luke Jerram that Replica Cartier jewelry illuminates the image by lighting the above image through the convex lens on the other side, thereby projecting the above effects onto the wall and recalling the sweet memories of the two The

Frame ring
A miniature photo frame is designed on the ring, put the sweetest picture on it, feel the joy at any time.

Kiss the ring
Designed by designers Nicholas Hoare and Chloe McCormick’s sweet rings, the sense of happiness looks super.

A ring with a bottle opener function
Can see this is a pragmatist designer design of the ring, the ring in addition to decorating our lives, we can think of it can do? Yes, you can see this ring can also open the bottle.
Spent the engagement ring
Can an engagement ring be four? Here there is a 4 diamond ring connected to the state, the ring into the squid of some elements.
Dollar folded into a ring
Why spend money to go to the store to buy a ring, and money can become a ring, you believe it? Anyway, I believe it.

Cup ring
Life is an endless tea party, which is a stunning miniature cup ring.
Nut and bolt ring
A creative ring, respectively, for the nuts and bolts, with them as a design element, I think the biggest feature is that it is easy to combine it, tightly connected.

Handcuffs ring
Designer Natalie Hirsh designed the handcuff ring to tighten your two fingers together.
The secret in the ring
This ring is 100% special custom, each can be engraved with a phone number or other password numbers, only anti-printed out to know one of the secret.
A guillotine ring
The guillotine is on the finger.

Accessories open golden journey

Accessories open golden journey
The annual Chinese New Year and the New Year are on schedule, and the traditional Chinese Lunar New Year is also exciting. Tiffany & Co., accompanied by romance and dream, presents a series of gifts to the throne of this season. Light. From the colorful gemstones to the unique design of pure silver gifts, and then to the diamond sparkling luxury goods, Tiffany will be your extraordinary mind into a worthy of a permanent collection of the symbol of things. Each sweet gift is carried by the Tiffany Blue Box®, which is a symbol of the excellent quality of Tiffany and the guarantee of an unforgettable holiday.
Tiffany Keys series exquisite presents a series of different materials, different sizes and different patterns of the key.
In the winter filled with joyful atmosphere, Tiffany carefully selected a series of highly styled and symbolic Tiffany Keys key pendant, brilliant opening your holiday dream. Tiffany Keys pendants always bring you the most intimate festivals, whether you are sharing your holiday joy with your loved one, or with your loved ones.
The source of inspiration is the key to having opened country Cartier nail bracelet replica houses, salons, diaries and jewelery boxes.
Tiffany Keys series of inspiration from the Tiffany company treasures in the “key”. The collection of “keys” by some experienced goldsmiths and silversmiths hand-refined, exquisite chic and no classical charm, mainly for jewelry boxes, souvenir boxes, albums, diaries and suitcases, and even as a private club and village The key to the manor door. Other collection keys are more inlaid with precious stones, designed as brooms or jackets, and have been used as a gift for a shield or a gift.
When you wear elegant and beautiful platinum jewelry, do you think of how to carefully care of your beloved platinum jewelry, it has been bright as new to accompany you? Here Xiaobian teach you simple platinum maintenance common sense:

1. Store the platinum jewelry in a separate jewel box or suede to prevent scratches on other jewelery.

2. Store the expensive food in a safe place and buy enough insurance. If you do not understand your jewelry value, please bring your local jeweler to the valuation.

3. Regular cleaning of platinum jewelry. This ensures that the jewelry exhibits the best luster and is more durable.

4. Clean the platinum jewelry and other precious jewelry the same way: the use of commercially available jewelry cleaning agent, or it soaked in soap and warm water solution, and then gently wipe with a soft cloth.

5. Regularly clean your platinum jewelry. For platinum jewelry inlaid precious stones, need to clean every six months.

6. Adjusted by qualified jewelers for jewelry, size correction, grinding and cleaning. Make sure that the jeweler has a trained platinum fitter.

7. If there are visible scratches, please bring the platinum jewelry to the qualified jeweler for grinding. All precious metals are likely to leave scratches, platinum is no exception. However, the scratch on the platinum will only move the material, its volume will not be reduced If there are visible scratches, please platinum jewelry to the qualified jeweler there to polish. All precious metals are likely to leave scratches, platinum is no exception. However, the scratches on platinum will only move the material, its volume will not be reduced.

8. Please note that with the passage of time, platinum surface will appear natural oxide layer, so many people may prefer just polished surface. If this happens, bring your platinum jewelry to a qualified jeweler and let them re-polish it for an extremely bright effect.

9. Do not wear platinum jewelry when doing household chores, gardening, and other types of heavy or physical activity.

10. Do not touch bleach or irritating chemicals when wearing platinum jewelry. Although they do not cause damage to platinum, chemicals may cause discoloration of diamonds or gemstones.
Compared with the manual mosaic, in advance in the wax film on the metal casting a lot of imitation Cartier love bracelet advantages, therefore, now with precious stones poured in jewelry production has become a common technology.

What is the benefit of this technology? The most obvious advantage is that according to the difficulty of mosaic and mold design and cutting quality is good or bad, gem inlaid labor costs can save 50% to 90%. For example, a ring with 20 princess square cut diamonds, hand mosaic takes about 4 hours, and in the wax 20 minutes is enough. In addition, because in the cooling process around the precious metal casting a slight contraction, metal care evenly pressed on the gem, so inlaid very solid. The gem set in the wax on the main methods are the following two:

1 Place the gem in the rubber mold, and the injected wax flows around the gem. When the wax burns out of the mold, the gem has been set.
2 directly in the gem in the wax type. This method is suitable for all types of cut, but also for all types of mosaic

Suitable for pre-cast gems are:
Diamonds, very important point is that the color of the diamond must be natural color, untreated, clarity not less than s2;
Ruby, good quality, without any treatment; sapphire, notes and ruby with the same.

To get good results, almost all steps in the casting process need to be adjusted;
The correct preparation of the original mold is essential. The operation must be carried out by the master of the cast gems with the experience of the master;
2 Proper selection of rubber and proper rubber cutting methods are important for the final result;
3 only certain types of injection wax used in this process;
4 must use the correct tools to accurately set the gem in the wax;
5 When calculating the weight of the metal to be cast, the stone weight must be excluded from the weight of the whole wax tree;
6 in the preparation of mold, the ratio of casting powder and water to make some adjustments. Need to add to the gem for this casting technology developed a protective liquid: pt-d;
7 burnout temperature should be slightly lower to prevent damage to precious stones; but the use of protective technology: specifically for the development of pt-s alloy is more secure;
8 for the best access to the best results, need to equip with high precision light thermometer Fake Cartier love bracelet therm induction melting and casting equipment;
9 After pouring, the tray should be cooled to room temperature before removing the casting powder model;
10 As a substitute for toxic and hazardous hydrofluoric acid which has been used so far, it is now possible to use a solution of potassium hydroxide (koh) which removes residual powder from the casting tree;
11 In order to obtain the best quality products, but also for special finishing and polishing operations.

In Asia and the United States, reducing the need for diamond-studded platinum jewelry and stealth mosaic production costs are high, and this technology is promising

This year’s popular what necklace earrings fashion fine essential bonus jewelry

This year’s popular what necklace earrings fashion fine essential bonus jewelry
What is the popular jewelry? 2016 popular necklace style is what? This year what popular earrings earrings? A suitable popular jewelry can definitely make your overall LOOK extra points! As the saying goes kind of grass to plant a full set, eat soil to eat Thoroughly, come take a look at what necklace earrings popular this year, the details of the more spend a little thought, to make you more fashionable!

Top 1: Choker Collars
What is the popular necklace this year? What is the popular necklace this year? 2016 The most popular necklace TOP 1 is choker! Chic fashion items such as a single, all the fashion people will never let it. Net red supermodel Gigi, Kim Xiaomei Ken beans kendall and ladies Olivia Palermo are her loyal fans. Fashion line of the old driver Song Jia also Choker put it down, enough to see the hot spot Choker it! Such a trendy single product not start you out!
Top 2: Hierarchy Necklace
2016 popular necklace style is what? Not only to wear the United States, the details Cartier love bracelet replica have to keep up, multi-level necklace can increase the gas field, to express the aesthetic and life attitude. Layered necklace accessories is definitely the finishing touch of the overall shape, enough avant-garde modern full. Necklace with a super-suction eye, but also make the overall shape more extra points.
Top 3: Exaggerated earrings
What is the popular earrings this year, what is popular earrings this year? Are still wearing a mini-earrings you out! The earrings the more fashionable! Retro style exaggerated earrings are favored by the designers, the major show are Has its shadow, with elegant romantic dress is simply the United States turned. If with a dress or hand bag with a decent, but also can give retro jewelry a new sense of modern fashion.
Top 4: Brooch
This two years of a variety of fashionable brooch re-swept the fashion circle, Valentino and Gucci show on the interesting brooch to Xiao Bian on the brooch single product big change! A variety of interesting tricks can be played. With a stylus for their own shape, really make you add a lot of points.
Jewelry for women, like shoes, will never be too much, wearing different shapes of jewelry, not tight enough to make the overall shape more complete, but also through the jewelry you choose to show a unique personality The
German brand Saskia Diez started with jewelry, simple and generous structure, but because of different design and cutting, or with a gem, showing a rough sexy and delicate feminine temperament, which is Saskia Diez jewelry jewelry included Concept and spirit.

Designer Saskia Diez that jewelry is a very intimate symbol, it is directly with our skin and physical contact, follow our body movements and show a different image, the woman is not just a beautiful tool, but also a Kind of companion, an emotional presentation.

Therefore, in the design, Saskia Diaz hope to be women independent, strong, soft, full of love of the inherent characteristics, from the jewelry presented, the use of simple and meticulous lines with gemstones, or a little masculine carved sense of the design , In response to the needs of different types of women, so that Cartier love ring replica they can through the jewelry to tell their own personality and story.
Although there is a long time, but I believe we in the first half or there will be many opportunities to participate in Party, followed by the Lunar New Year there may be a family dinner, tail, etc., ready to wear a dress is already An overhead, the following will introduce three kinds of petty bourgeoisie will be able to complete the fashion hairstyle skills, and even the general out of the occasion are very applicable, quickly note it!
1. hairpin can also make great contributions
In general, we think of the function of hair clips only fixed bangs, so that hair stickers and other “finishing” the role, but in fact hairpin can also make our hair more stylish and more fashion it! Will be a lock of hair rotation after the head around the front or back, and then fixed with a hairpin can change a variety of patterns. Use a variety of hairpin design can also easily help you achieve a variety of styles!

2. Small hairpin
Small hairpin (hairpin) may give a too monotonous impression, but when combing the head after the use of several Cartier nail bracelet replica small hairpin, there will be an unexpected dream effect, like the stars staggered in the hair, and if you want Play a little tricks of the girl, you can also try to use hairpin spell out the English alphabet!

3. Ribbons instead of hair bands
Like a simple low-key dress up the girl can try to tie a low horsetail, but instead use a rich texture of the ribbon to replace the hair ring, so that the rear of the hair to add a little bright spot is not it?

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