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Returnees new fashion: collection COACH bag

Returnees new fashion: collection COACH bag
Fans from Hong Kong up to people
Karen from Hong Kong is an outrageous COACH. Love the fashion she will be the home of the cloakroom arranged into a Pandora’s box-like “secret garden”, handbags are neatly placed in the most prominent position. She admitted that the collection of all the bags in the most heart of their non-COACH none other. “Reason, it is simple, COACH push new fast, so enough to tide.” Karen said that she is in the COACH Chinese official website every month next month’s latest product developments. So that she is proud of their own collection of COACH bags since 2009, all listed in the Mainland of the new.
Because of her work came to Shanghai, she said that her favorite is Madison (Madison) and Popper (Poppy) series. “When I go to work, I like to carry classic and elegant Madison handbags, because it is very suitable for meetings with the customer’s formal occasions after get off work with friends Cartier nail bracelet replica when I will choose a little playful, full of romantic style Bobi series, it colorful The design made me feel happy and relaxed.
Collection COACH also friendship
Karen said that there is a bag in Shanghai, most of the members are back to the young white-collar workers and her like Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan young people, we will engage in a monthly networking activities to show their latest bags. “Before we talk about more than LV, GUCCI this brand, this year we talk about the most is COACH.” Karen told reporters, collection COACH bag a lot of activities, in their circle there are a group of enthusiastic partners. Every month they will buy from around the world limited edition COACH bag, and so on after the shelves, they come out again sun. It is said that many limited edition bags will be affixed to the favorite experience. “Now a lot of high – end office white – collar workers have been added to the people circle, so COACH market is gradually expanding.
Recommend new ones
So familiar
According to Karen said that she is COACH up to the people, she introduced from the COACH bag is also more professional than the staff.
In the upcoming Christmas, Karen recommended to reporters several new winter. “Recently, the most let me shine is the Madison series of folding leather Sophia handbag. This classic series after re-interpretation of the appearance of women can reflect the soft style, the details are also better reflect the characteristics of the season, is the pursuit of Fashion beautiful MM are a very good choice.This package is very special point is that ingenuity to the leather shrinkage, the formation of simple soft folds, making the bag looks very popular. Moreover, the new launch of the ivory Color, and very able to show the romantic atmosphere of winter, regardless of any occasion can show the women will be both elegant and lively temperament, is definitely the most dazzling wild single product.
“This year’s winter COACH also launched a skiing rabbit (Hobo) series, its design inspiration from the” skiing “, allowing young women in the winter sketched out the lively and pretty shape because of the use of nylon material, making this bag light and easy In addition, the holiday series of black velvet late bag is definitely the first choice for party dinner.
Karen holding COACH Bibi series ski rabbit limited edition Bella handbag with a smile and said with satisfaction: “This is a white furry ‘Bella rabbit’ is too cute, too special, and feel very warm, carrying it to attend the Christmas party, will certainly Become the focus of the audience!
COACH was born in New York in 1941, known for its unique craftsmanship and leather durability, and has been regarded as a high-quality, high-end brand. COACH launched “at your fingertips,” the brand positioning, is the “luxury” the vocabulary of the new interpretation of the luxury market has become the mainstay.
Over the years, COACH although experienced a tremendous change, but its essence is enduring. COACH products not only embodies the contemporary American free and open life concept, while stressing the balance between product design and function, from the style to the details everywhere embodies the skills of skilled craftsmen, and the greatest degree of application, comfort and irresistible Fashion sense, in order to give customers always bring infinite surprise.
Dior Dior Premium Jewelry is inseparable from the name of a designer – Victoire de Castellane. She grew up in the Parisian aristocracy, the descendants of the Count of Provence, the history of this family can be traced back to the ninth century. Sylvia Hennessy and grandmother’s royal friend Barbara Hutton are very good at using shiny jewelery with Chinese clothing, inspired by the Victoire has a strong interest in jewelry, at the age of five she has a striking creation Talent, can be folded into a delicate bracelet earrings. At the age of twelve, she smashed the holy chapter and re-made her first ring.
“I like colored gems, they are like candy-like to attract me, almost want to swallow.” Victoire hard gem (onyx and coral) and satin, velvet and other soft fashion clothing together, her bravery and Guts make the world wonder. Victoire’s works are extremely extreme, not extremely small, and she loves to use colored gems (such as tourmaline, beryl, olivine, amethyst, citrine, sapphire and garnet, etc.) All kinds of magnificent jewelry, through each series tell a different moving story.
As Dior Dior’s first ever high-level jewelry designer, Victoire Dior Dior design works, has a wealth of uniqueness, full of vitality and imagination. Rich colors, exquisite works of the series, complete show Victoire strong original force and creativity. Victoire has successfully created an unprecedented sales record for the advanced jewelry industry for Dior Dior. Victoire like a lighthouse to lead the same Dior jewelry waves of the secret is actually very simple: age and experience can not be changed, every woman’s souls are living in the fairy tale.
Expensive materials and exquisite craft is important, but full of women lovely nature of the imitation Cartier love bracelet design, is the most you should value, make you happy focus. From the play grandmother’s jewelry grew up Victoire, designed jewelry reveals a childlike and aura, interesting and full of vitality. She said: “Nature, the children of the world, Hollywood dance movies, women in the street to see, or myths and so on, etc., can be my source of inspiration.” I believe that also because of this, Dior Dior Of the jewelry is always with unlimited affinity and can impress people’s hearts.
For Victoire, jewelry is always funny. Following the Milly-la-Forêt garden series, Dior Joaillerie’s high-quality jewelry designer, Victoire de Castellane, is here to offer you the inspiration from nature, so that colorful flowers are placed on your wrist and fingertips and will be fresh and happy Of the elements into the new design, so that you shines. Each ring, each pair of earrings completely hand-painted, hand mosaic, manual combination. Diorette series showing a changing personality and color: yellow crystal, amethyst, aquamarine, Morgan stone, with gold or platinum, different combinations show their unique temperament. Diorette series of delicate style revealing childish naughty and lovely, 89 kinds of gorgeous colors such as a bunch of withered flowers, different stones with gold or platinum, different combinations show their unique temperament.
Victoire loves fun jewelry, exaggerated, colorful, novelty, charming, and even pure design can easily win her favor. But on the other hand, her jewelry quality and workshop selection requirements are particularly rigorous. As well as talented high-level uniforms, Dior Dior senior jewelry series also by the birth of France, and the most exquisite use of the Paris process.
Diorette new series of jewelry by the Paris jewelry workshop to hand painting, mosaic and assembly, which has joined a variety of valuable materials such as yellow crystal, aquamarine, pink beryl, amethyst, platinum or gold, etc. Pieces of finished products are spent more than thirty hours of production. The entire series includes full of innocence of small ornaments, and larger luxury accessories, fully embodies the brand superb jewelry craft.
1. Design process:
Diorette series to ring, for example, its research and development is divided into three steps: design sketch, contour design and gum color design. The design will be submitted to the best jewelry factory in Paris, according to its technical level of the workshop and the degree of grasp of the charm of jewelry to choose whether to make it. There are two kinds of jewelry production methods, respectively, is the first production of prototype reproduction and real mold production.
2. Painting process:
The use of color paint for the high-level jewelry industry is Victoire’s initiative, from the Diorette series to the Belladone Island series and the Milly Carnivora series, this step requires the artist to be very faithful to the designer’s original. Each petal of the flower on the ring must be painted separately, and the butterfly’s Fake Cartier love bracelet wings part takes about 15 minutes to paint, and the whole ring takes about 3 hours.
3. Manual assembly:
All parts of the fine jewelry are made by hand. Artisans will drill holes in the position of each element to pre-install, to Diorette series, for example, they want to ring on the various elements of the adhesion, firmly fixed, to ensure that no loosening, and then finalize the ring. After the finalization, the craftsmen will use the file to trim the whole work, the details of the further cleaning.
4. Gem inlaid:
Mosaic technology in the production of advanced jewelry is a broad and profound knowledge, according to the different shapes of stone and design using different mosaic process. Diorette series of bouquet elements with three claw mosaic, the central gem with four claw mosaic. All involved in the mosaic of the central gem, the craftsmen will first mark on the central gem, as much as possible to keep the gem in order to accurately wrapped the jaw feet on the gem.

Stars diamonds diamonds

Stars diamonds diamonds, the embodiment of rare and beautiful jewelry
Diamonds Zhen Cai diamonds, cohesion of the designer’s genius idea and the limits of human technology, the embodiment of rare and beautiful high-level jewelry, from Shuo Shi to the treasures of the luxury of the United States evolution. And natural inspiration just as stone Cartier nail bracelet replica into the gold wand, so that the beauty of jewelry natural and natural. BAZAAR Jewelry this period to show you the most shocking transformation of the United States.

Uncompromising attention to the main stone,

Such as the golden sun as gentle,

So that the sound of natural creation buried in the top of the decibel.


18K white gold inlaid sapphire, diamond ring

Boucheron Froufrou

18K gold inlaid amethyst, diamond ring
Exquisite engraved engraved

Simulation of natural native structure,

Walk between gold gems,

Recently the real impact of the most powerful.


Tradition series 18K gold mosaic emerald,

Ruby, pearl and diamond bird’s nest brooch

Solid color against

In this reality fairy tale transformation,

Gorgeous Choi Po become the most imitation Cartier love bracelet eye-catching protagonist,

With the natural beauty of the battle.

Tiffany & Co.

Gift box model emerald cut

Aquamarine Platinum Inlaid Diamond Brooch

Harry Winston

Suspension series of dense conglomerate ring,

Red tourmaline ring
The new difference is that the case of flip design, the use of materials can be described as unique. PVD with brown processing technology, to provide large size and small size Twirl series of two sizes is to add the existing product line of a force, multi-functional design everywhere showing the city atmosphere.

Bright and wearable PVD material with Guccissima decorative patterns, so that the overall beauty more perfect. Warm bronze tones and all the external colors side by side, and highlight the polishing process for the product added to a modern woman’s soft temperament. Can be turned around the case clearly visible screws is one of the characteristics of this new metal watch design, showing a more distinctive modern. Dial part of the use of Gucci brown matte process, the texture and 6 o’clock position of the Gucci name pavilions. Will flip the case, you can hide the surface and show the back cover on the GG logo: the watch turned into a unique eye-catching jewelry.
Large size Twirl new brown leather material, the same for this series into the elegant Fake Cartier love bracelet elements. The series bracelet wrapped by Guccissima embossed leather, bracelet edge supplemented by steel material, and brown matte surface with complement each other. Stainless steel screws and luxury embossed leather in stark contrast, a variety of materials harmonious blend, giving a new look. And the GG logo after the cover closed, you can let the watch turned into a distinctive large bracelet.

Gucci logo details of the elements, such as the strap inside the interlocking GG logo and the crown on the first letter “G”, but also for these unique charm of the watch added the finishing touch.

Chinese elements into the European and American jewelry design

Chinese elements into the European and American jewelry design
With the oriental style in the rise of the international fashion industry, and now, more and more European and American jewelry big also put the Chinese elements into their jewelry design. Of course, there are many excellent Chinese jewelry designers to bring us a visual feast. After experiencing the Western-style high-profile luxury, China has a long civilization, ancient mythology, deep cultural heritage have become the source of inspiration for jewelry designers, boarded the jewelry design trend stage.

Wendy Yue “macro” “micro” both high jewelry

Wendy Yue’s new jewelry series in Hong Kong is called “macro” and “micro” both, macro – without Cartier nail bracelet replica losing the atmosphere and tolerance of jewelry, and micro – is full of Chinese elements of spirituality, such works It is subversive.

Theo Fennell Chinese Secret Garden Ring

Theo Fennell’s “Masterworks” series is not just a simple ring, more like a miniature sculpture. They use superb technology, clever design made. Those who are familiar with Theo Fennell know that the Chinese Secret Garden is a classic. Through the micro-gold door, show in front of you is a beautiful and beautiful Chinese garden picture.

Van Cleef & Arpels China limited exclusive jewelry

Since 1968, female customers have been deeply obsessed with Van Cleef & Arpels [microblogging] Alhambra jewelry design of this charming shape. Alhambra series is condensed sweet sweet classic jewelry works, with four-leaf pattern of special meaning for the creation of inspiration. Four leaflets contain profound meaning, representing true love, wealth, luck and health. Van Cleef & Arpels Van Cleef & Arpels, especially from the famous Alhambra series of design inspiration, launched a special edition jewelry, only Van Cleef & Arpels Van Cleef & Arpels Chinese boutique sale.

Qeelin gourd lock jewelry

Qeelin jewelry by the Chinese designer Dennis Chan Mr. Chen Ruilin and French entrepreneur Guillaume Brochard together to create. Wulu series is Qeelin jewelry’s first series, is Qeelin brand symbol. Inspired by the traditional Chinese mascot gourd 8 characters.

Cartier Chinese Dragon

This Chinese dragon bracelet perfect show Cartier [microblogging] exquisite craft, reproduction of the legendary style of the dragon. Longan for the two purple round sapphire, leading dragon tail of each other embraced the unique water dragon bracelet. Dragon tail inlaid 74.88 karats of the sea sapphire, known as the “brave stone”, as a beautiful expectation of the cultural precipitation, a symbol of calm, brave and smart, more bracelet shine extremely bright light.

Million baby Chinese wind jewelry

In contrast, the million baby made the most beautiful Chinese charm jewelry, as she signs the poetic style has always been serious high-level jewelry into a life is full of small emotions interesting. Forbidden City, pavilions, dinette, bottle, brush is the usual inspiration elements of the baby, with her own words: “I just put the imitation Cartier love bracelet traditional Chinese cultural symbols made of fashionable small jewels, so that more people exposed to Chinese culture.”
The most mysterious in the ocean may be buried in the deep sea of the pearl, but the expensive natural pear is also due to the high price and can not be handed down, when the breeding of pearls, all problems solved, pearl aesthetics is redefined – artificial, perhaps One of the greatest virtues.

Pearl drives the prosperity of the Renaissance

Pearl as a fashion field of fine, its history than the fashion industry godmother Coco Chanel much longer, about 2000 years, and the earliest pearl craft is from the Neolithic Middle East.

Romans love arrogance, tyrant Kaligula not only in the shoes, but also in the horse body luxury inlaid pearls. According to the Roman historian Siwei Du Niya, there is a general called Wei Te Liusi only with his mother’s earrings on a pearl funding to armed a battle.

The best quality pearls are found in the Persian Gulf waters, but before they are mined, the best jewels come from the “new world”. Columbus to India, the pocket filled with sponsors of the Spanish King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella wrote a full purchase order, pearl impressively in the first place. When he made his third trip west, he found the oyster seabed in the island of Kougua and Margaret, which sparked a pearl craze that caused the old world safe to be filled with treasures and even some It drives the prosperity of the European Renaissance. It is estimated that in those 30 years, people in the waters of the Americas harvested 120 million pearls.

As a result of the global royal nobles, as well as high-level jewelry workshop on the pearl’s eager demand, seeing the fishermen over the fishing pearl oysters, can produce the best pearl Akoya oysters sharply reduced, almost endangered edge. In order to make the pearl become a historical trail, the Japanese Kokichi Mikimoto (Kokichi Mikimoto) after ten years of hard study repeated trial, and finally in 1893, Mie County Ojima Island successfully cultivated the first hemispherical breed pearl The
In 1906, the woody pearls are located in the new main street store

The spherical pearl produced in 1905

Delicate and unique pearl inlay process
So that Edison also admire the artificial aesthetics of the wind

Following the success of Japan’s Akoya pearl’s unprecedented research and development, Mikimoto Kiyoshi began to develop new varieties of pearls. He also sent a research force at all, deep into the South Pacific Palau (Palau). With their firm will, perseverance to study the cultivation of black pearl pearls and silver pearl pearl approach, and ultimately also achieved unprecedented success. In 1914, Mr. Miyamoto opened the first farm of pear-colored pearls in Ishigaki, Okinawa. At that time the black pearl pearls are very rare, even if they exist or not make people feel dubious. Looking at the existing record can be proved, despite the then the typhoon and other natural forces of destruction, Mr. Miyamoto still in 1931 to breed a diameter of 10 mm black pearl pearl.

Interestingly, in 1927, when Mr. Miyamoto traveled Europe and the United States, met the famous invention of the king Thomas Edison, Edison on the Royal Wooden invented the artificial breeding pearl praise: “My laboratory only two items are made not Out of them, they are diamonds and pearls, and you can cultivate pearls, which is undoubtedly one of the world miracle, because this is biologically difficult to achieve. “Royal wood pearl overnight fame. Since then, the modern breeding pearl began to “take over” pearl jewelry “rudder” status, especially to promote the protection of ecological balance, committed to environmental protection today, cultured pearls to win the majority of market share. Some people say that if only x-ray can distinguish Fake Cartier love bracelet the difference between natural and cultured pearls, why do we have to sacrifice the life of an oyster in exchange for the moment of the neck gorgeous?

Pearl knowledge hall

From the nature of the ocean or lake slowly raised, each pearl also contains a unique appearance and characteristics. Elegant luster and marvelous color and shape, depending on which pearl shell they are brewed. Each pearl origin, not only in accordance with its pearl shellfish shells may also need to cooperate with the growth of pearl shell environment, such as weather, water temperature and other factors. Ocean and pearls, weaving precious unique stories.

Cultured pearls

Collected from the Japanese offshore growth of Akoya mother, its charm from the subtle pink color and beautiful luster. Colors are pink, silvery white, creamy. According to the volume of pearl shell, most of the pearl diameter of 5 to 7 mm. 8 mm or more, it is quite precious.

White / Kingdee Cultured Pearl

Among the many pearl species, white / Kingdee pearls are also known as “Nanyang pearls”, belonging to large pearls, most of them in diameter more than 10 mm, generally from farming in Australia and Indonesia between the coastal waters of the white / Kingdee pearl. In addition to the general round pearls, some forms were drop-like. The most common colors are silver and white, and in the same Kingdee pearl shell, you can find the rare golden pearl

Black butterfly pearl

Black butterfly pearl pearl is also known as the “black Nanyang pearl”, these pearls generally in Japan Okinawa Prefecture in the Ishigaki Island waters and Tahiti off the waters of the black butterfly pearl shellfish. They have a variety of colors, from soft brown to black. The so-called “peacock green” pearl, refers to its unique color and luster, in the basic black glow color green tone. They are rare and unique and unique mysterious glossy, dumping beings.

Freshwater cultured pearls and semicircular cultured pearls

Freshwater cultured pearls, mostly produced in China’s lakes and rivers raised by the triangular clam. The shape is usually in the form of rice or oval. Semi-circular breeding pearls, semi-circular breeding pearls are mostly from the “horse nose” shellfish farming, it is also often referred to as “Ma nose pearl.” Their breeding is through the colonization of hemispherical pearl nuclei, adhesion in the shellfish shell growth and thus was semi-circular shape.

Conch natural pearls

Collected from the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico produced by the large cones in the pink natural pearls, also known as “Conch Pearl.” On the surface, like a flame burning like a unique beautiful texture is the biggest feature.

The tourbillon comparable to diamond

The tourbillon comparable to diamond The rotation of the mysterious art
The same table, the tourbillon device, you immediately out of ten times! So, the tourbillon with diamonds, absolutely.
From another perspective, watch the tourbillon and diamond on the dial, more like a kind of luxury decoration. Previously, the tourbillon only applied on the pocket watch vertically, gravity for wrist watch is not crucial, however, the real master of tabulation are willing to use “the tourbillon” to highlight brand strength, and the owner of the wrist watch, are willing to use this delicate and expensive machinery status and taste. Especially men, the complex machine is mysterious attractive to them. Perhaps that is the reason why the tourbillon become hot.
About the tourbillon, will certainly involve a lot of mechanical knowledge, if you don’t catch a cold, mechanical must read like chewing wax. So, this article for you prepared the novice version of the text, as the conversation can pretend to be experts.
With Helwig tuo flywheel gear case he’s wrist watch
DANIEL ROTH tourbillon wristwatch, are outstanding in the tourbillon, although to Cartier nail bracelet replica jewelry as a decoration, but can not cover up their own advanced technology, power reserve function ensures the tourbillon eight days long time running of the organization.
Founder “China and clock laboratory”, Beijing collector association, deputy director of the professional committee of camera clock co-founder camera watches and clocks, clocks and watches columnist, author of book collection knowledge about 30 clock.
Tourbillon represent the meaning of “rotation” in French, also means that the Tourbillon device. Three kinds of the tourbillon, if look from the appearance, is the rotation of the different dynamic.
The initial shape of Breguet the tourbillon tourbillon
In 1801, tabulating the wizards Breguet a patent of the tourbillon. This great invention has a rotating frame, which contains hairspring balance wheel (movement of the heart) and escapements artifacts. When in evenly rotating flywheel framework, the balance wheel and escapements are own movement at the same time is constantly changing, so maximum offset the effect of gravity (especially table is the placement of vertical effect is more obvious). From one in the early 19th century of Breguet watch were built for the Turkish market, we can find that when the tourbillon is like.
Breguet the tourbillon by “spinning frame” and “anchor” two parts of basic components. “Balance cock” subsidiary in the rotating frame, with the flywheel rotation.
Helwig suspended flights fly tuo tuo tuo framework
In 1927, professor Alfred Helwig clock made in Germany “flying the tourbillon” model, the reason will appear the “flying” 2 words, because in this kind of structure did not have the fixed bracket component, from the appearance, cancel the bracket on the transverse structure of the flywheel, the spinning frame is suspended, improved the flywheel table mystique and dynamic in the operation of artistic beauty, the nature, manufacturing process and more superior.
The tourbillon mysterious rotating art in China
Don’t think the tourbillon is Swiss watch master’s patent, in 1993, the Chinese kiu tai yu “day instrument porch” clock studio in Hong Kong, invent and make success with their own hands “magic the tourbillon”, a ground-breaking invention sensation international horologe industry Cartier nail bracelet replica rapidly, so it is also called “JiaoShi magic the tourbillon” or “the tourbillon of China”. Why is called “magic”? There are two reasons: first, the traditional flywheel rotating frame “and” fixed bracket “does not exist; At least half of the flywheel weight reduction, improve the precision and stability of the walking, at the same time enhance the shockproof performance. Second, use transparent glass to replace the originally made of metal balance cock, and this piece of plywood with no longer flywheel rotating together. This kind of structure in operation appears to be more mysterious, greatly improving the flywheel table dynamic art.
What is the Tourbillon Tourbillon
“Tourbillon” (Tourbillon), refers to the mechanical clocks and watches the “capture longitudinal rotation speed regulation institution”, the characteristics of the device is a balance wheel and tackled the vertical organization together in the work itself, at the same time also can rotate 360 degrees, so minimizing the effects of gravity, to improve the accuracy as well. It represents a high level of mechanical watch manufacturing process, because of its unique operation mode, has the clock movement plays to the highest artistic beauty, so assembly table with the tourbillon devices tend to value sum. What is the specific? More than 300000 yuan.
Table from different angles by inner heart is different, can cause slight error, the tourbillon is to overcome the error precision of the device, make table flat vertical go as accurate. Its weight is less than 0.3 grams, consists of more than seventy fine components, mostly made by hand, this is the reason why it is expensive.
The tourbillon looks very beautiful
In the era of pocket watch, the tourbillon table tend to be the tourbillon device hidden within the crust, and now, the tourbillon device can be clear at a glance through the window on the dial, the secrets of the let people enjoy it. Precision machinery itself has a kind of visual aesthetic feeling, not to mention so expensive, must for all to see!
Launched in 1867, Constant Girard, “three golden bridge” the tourbillon watch, not only won a golden medal at the world expo in Paris, and became the most classic in the history of clocks and watches, the machine is mainly composed of three bridge made of gold materials plywood, shows the tourbillon movement of imitation Cartier love bracelet the overall visual aesthetic feeling.
Bao Po flight the tourbillon watches, the perspective of the dial, set a variety of devices take in everything in a glance, especially the tourbillon flying scale located at 12 o ‘clock position device seems to be a swan, spreading its wings.
HARRY WINSTON tourbillon watches, is a product of cooperation hand-in-hand with Peter Speake – Marin, adopted the hybrid storage mechanism on the movement, is undoubtedly a great innovation of table.
St bollywood limited launched dress the tourbillon mechanical watch, show the love of complex mechanical watch is no longer the man’s patent, the tourbillon technology also can introduce a woman in love time domain, in 18 k rose gold watch case assembly manual mechanical movement, and which are the marks of st bollywood SH acronym as rotating frame designs, kill two birds with one stone of it.
Women also love the tourbillon
In 2006, the world watch altar to present a strong trend, functional more ladies’ watches. In addition to the beauty and fashion modelling ornament, women claim to the wrist watch is becoming more and more masculine, or not really interested in mechanical, at least, the position of equality with men to show that.
Launched in 1997, girard-perregaux table factory couture “three golden bridge” the tourbillon watches, not only will the Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica tourbillon table into the world of women, and the continuation of the “Mona Lisa” in the table, three for fixed parts of gold support parallel arranged under the dial. In recent years the design of the “Cat” s Eye Tourbillon “table, in the case of modelling, colour collocation, etc under sufficient time, will the Tourbillon table look more enchanting.
True when the first ladies the tourbillon table – Starissime, one of the biggest luminescent spot lies in the design of the function and the ingenious combination, except in the case and the place such as the dial set with 230 weigh 9.8 carat diamond, let a person directly associated with this is the table by women love, at the same time, the tourbillon fixed stent was designed as a star, it also adopted the ELPrimero movement, is the world’s only a combination of ultra high frequency movement of the timing and the tourbillon mechanism.

Colorful attractive rare crystal species

Colorful attractive rare crystal species
At the mention of the crystal, everyone will think of that pure, transparent and pure white crystal (it is colorless crystal); Or send out attractive purple, contains the romantic love amethyst; Of or containing rutile inclusions, slightly showily and development; And has a soft color, give a person with warm clear ice crystal powder. In fact, in addition to the several common member in the family of crystal, crystal and some rare species.
Red crystal crystal industry with red, red hill. Its acura can be from colorless transparent to the white, from light red to full red. Some local due to deep red, translucent, only a little bit similar dyed red agate. But dyed red agate color uniform, colorless belt or color piece, so easy to distinguish. Red crystal scarce raw materials, made of a necklace or bracelet, larger blocks can be made into carvings. If meet the material perfect with red hair red hair crystal, that must be kept, because it is a rare thing in the world, in the crystal family can not make perfect.
The cat’s eye with green hair crystal containing hair filamentous green tourmalines inclusions, caused by the dense hair thin, so the cat’s eye effect is obvious. Generally a grey green to dark green, not transparent. Bead bracelet made of well-chosen, under the light and sings like a cat’s eyes, close and close, is like concealed, this kind of bead in the crystal is rare in the market.
The titanium crystal, this is one of the development, it contains titanium Cartier love bracelet replica dioxide inclusions. Its shape is not go, but the effect is free and varied, and sometimes only the hair of the different orientation of composition and thickness, it can be made to counter the combination of the design. This kind of development of gourmet made of pendant for rutile hair full of beauty, the beginning only fate. In the gem series, titanium crystal is emerging, especially suitable for enthusiasm is bold and unrestrained, youthful ladies wear, more show its vitality and romantic.
Green ghost crystal. Such prosperous inclusions for pale to light green to dark green water of chlorite inclusions, due to the transparent crystal crystal with moss body of opaque often produce attractive between light and shadow, thus its name. Inclusion shape, usually some penglai town, some like the pyramids of ancient Egypt, some with the beauty of the image, more some unforeseen a charm.
Crystal family phyletic and various, like the purple topaz, golden topaz, ice crystal powder, etc are also fine materials, made into a bracelet or necklace carved surface are popular, in short supply.
The green on the jade jewelry in general is not live, also can’t wear the longer, the greater the longer the green, but under special circumstances, the green will be a bit larger. Hard jade jade, also called, is the name of the gem jade, its mineralogical name called sodium pyroxene. In the study of artificial jade, confirmed that the pure sodium pyroxene is colorless, only after joining chromium chemical reagent can appear green. So, natural emerald green, with or without see jade have formed inside “with” chromium, and the more “into” chromium, emerald green. But for the jade from mines or creek processed into ring surface or other jewelry what its internal containing chromium has been fixed. So on the emerald green can’t be alive.
But the jade of chromium in some cases, can produce chemical reaction, so that the replica Cartier love bracelet chromium has a small amount of diffusion effect, this is the reason why people think green “long”. Produce green “long” jade mainly emerald necklace, emerald bracelets and jade brand closely contact with the skin, such as jade.
The reason is that the human body has a certain temperature, but also easy to sweat, sweat in acid or alkaline components, these components can be from the jade into the internal microcracks, some of the components may produce green and chromium ion to produce chemical reaction or dissolve the chromium ion in the emerald has consolidation and migration, it is green, “long” big. In fact, the content of chromium in emerald green didn’t have any change, just trace chromium diffusion or migration.
Why gems into different shapes?
You can visit to jewelry stores, or visit the jewelry fair, will find many gems, their shape differences, oval, pear-shaped, heart, diamond and so on. Someone will ask: why gems into different shapes? For that matter, from two aspects to answer.
First gem design into different shapes, it is to meet the needs of the decorations. Because of different times, different locations, different people demand is different, the monotony of gem shape is difficult to accepted by consumers. Gem shape changing like jewelry styles changing point, also reflect people’s psychology of pursuing new and change of things. As decoration, rich style, fashion changes, is the goal of the people forever.
Another gem design into different shapes, it is in order to adapt to the different characteristics of the gem Cartier love bracelet replica materials. Different gem materials, and its crystal structure and optical effect is difference, if not according to its own characteristic, the gem into the shape of the inappropriate design, not only can’t do gem inherent beauty, but also may affect the gem materials complete, even destroy gem, caused heavy losses. Diamond shape design, for example, according to the first of the original stone cleavage, quality, weight, weight should be maximally keep the original stone, to the best state to anatomical structure of original rock; Using the optimal method to deal with the original stone defects, so as to design the best diamond shape. For example, some have the cat’s eye effect, star effect of gems, how to make them fully show its special effect is very important.
See fit to choose jewelry
Diamond jewelry thought since ancient times is the women love. But how to wear jewelry has grade high vulgar elegant, especially with their own bodily form feature is more exquisite.
Fueling: stubby, bloated shape, neck is relatively short. Not weaken their sides when wearing jewelry. Therefore, earrings, rings, bracelets and other appropriate choice color dim, modelling concise. But the necklace hung sculpt appropriate chooses long, thin, big, beautiful, this kind of jewellery bright and attractive, easy to attract the eye of others, make the person to the wearer’s body is less attention. If the wrong choice thick and short necklace, will make people feel the wearer’s interest more stubby neck. Fat people inevitably compare CuFei, arm and wrist bracelet or armband appropriate chooses wide and broad, if wearing a thin and small, will be highlighted the arm more bulky. Fat people hand generally short fingers and flat, so the appropriate chooses with narrow side of the ring.
Thin type: this body is thin, emaciated, slender neck. So choose jewelry is the principle Cartier love bracelet replica of light ACTS the role of the central and light on both sides. To make the neck is long and short, hang necklace with pendant appropriate chooses small and simple, and should not be too long. Earrings, rings, bracelets and so on, should be selected for some gorgeous. Such as larger ears wearing a pendant on swinging rings, wrist wear a bit thick bracelet, can make the eyes and ears, arms and hands to deprive a person makes a person feel is not too thin.
Partial short type: the size of the principle of selecting the jewelry and soft, tender feeling, dilute car-scrapping. Slender necklace to be concise, it is better to hang with quietly elegant pearl pendant suitable, as for the earrings, rings should be properly, the thickness is too thick feel you dumpy, had detailed rules and bears no relation to the coarser fingers.
Type high: the characteristics of this kind of bodily form is a tall, well-built. This size on the choice of jewelry like thin type, on both sides should be bright, weaken the central. But that should be paid attention to is necklace should be thick and long, hanging drop modelling to big and rich, inlaid in the ring and earrings jewelry should choose to have primary and secondary collocation, it would have been more dignified and easy.

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