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Gold-plated bracelet price gold-plated bracelet how much money

Gold-plated bracelet price gold-plated bracelet how much money
Gold-plated bracelet prices generally about one hundred or more to a thousand, depending on the style, inlaid gemstones, bracelet weight, material, brand and so on. So, what are the factors that affect the price of gold-plated bracelets?

1, gold-plated bracelet style. Gold-plated bracelets are simple without inlaid precious stones or only inlaid with a little gem style, there are luxury group of precious stones inlaid with a lot of luxury fashion style, simple style of the price of dozens to a hundred or so, and luxury models in the price of two hundred to four hundred about.

2, gold-plated bracelet material. Gold-plated bracelet material has 925 silver-plated and alloy gold-plated material, of which 925 silver material value is higher, the price will naturally be higher than the price of alloy material.

3, gold-plated bracelet brand. Brand awareness and brand value imitation Cartier love bracelet is not the same, the price difference is very large. Such as Swarovski gold-plated bracelet, the price of about fifteen, while the domestic small brand of the same material gilded bracelet, the price is only need more than one hundred can buy.

4, gold-plated bracelet inlaid precious stones. Gilded bracelets Inlaid gems are generally synthetic crystal or imitation drill, the more mosaic, the higher the price, the more beautiful style.

Gold-plated bracelet how much money

How much is the gold-plated bracelet? Gold-plated bracelets are generally in the price of one hundred and five to fifteen or so. Gold-plated, chemically gold-plated and gold-plated, is a decorative process, initially refers to the surface of the objects coated with a thin layer of gold. Now it is in the jewelry with a thin layer of 18K gold or gold. The following is a small series of finishing on the price of gold-plated bracelet, for your reference:

1, Swarovski Tactic Thin crystal texture rose gold gold PVD bracelet bracelet Shun Feng 包邮 1700.00 yuan

2, Carlo US jewelry Korea simple plated 18K rose gold bracelet female Korean version of the fashion couple bracelet birthday gift 139.00 yuan

3, Winy silver bracelet 999 sterling silver bracelet gold-plated blessing rose gold and silver bracelet women solid push pull old bracelet 239.00 yuan

4, Wei Ni Hua Europe and the United States exaggerated metal wide side punk fashion big bracelet personality hollow bracelet accessories female 159.90 yuan

5, Lorni wide bracelet women Europe and the United States retro personality individual opening multi-storey bracelet bracelet large ornaments rose gold 225.00 yuan
Enamel bracelet prices generally in a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars, depending on the specific style, brand, material, technology, weight, size and so on. Enamel bracelet refers to the bracelet texture is enamel. Enamel, also known as “Buddha Lang” “law blue”, in fact, also known as cloisonne, is a foreign language transliteration. So, what are the factors that affect the price of enamel bracelets?

1, enamel bracelet brand. Brand to a large extent affected the price of enamel bracelets, because the brand is not the same, the same material enamel bracelet price can be said to be bad days do not! Such as Hermes enamel bracelet price is more than 5 thousand one, while the domestic brand enamel bracelet price is only one hundred to one thousand, the price difference is very large.

2, enamel bracelet style. The more fashionable, the more style of different styles, the price will be higher, in the 1000 to 5 thousand or so, but there are national wind enamel bracelet style price will benefit a lot, the price of one hundred to three hundred dollars.

3, the weight of enamel bracelets. Enamel bracelet heavier, more generous, the more texture, the higher the price, see also more generous and beautiful!

4, enamel bracelet production process. Authentic enamel bracelet sub-mechanism and the system, the mechanism of ordinary glaze of twenty or twenty, plus imitation gold crossing one hundred or three hundred or five hundred; hand-carved multi-level glaze glaze prices in a thousand or so, you can also add flowers: Inlaid precious stones, wrong gold and silver, etc., the more complex the process, the higher the price.

Enamel bracelet how much money

Enamel bracelet how much money? Enamel bracelet prices generally more than 200 to 2000 or so. Enamel bracelet with jade moist, jewelry glory, bone porcelain meticulous, the most important thing is that this material timeless, will not oxidize the fade. Even after hundreds of years, enamel bracelet Replica Cartier jewelry bright colors will not fade, they are like to escape the law of time, to be forever young. The following is a small series of finishing enamel bracelet prices for your reference:

1, crown Xi Ni Jingtai blue cherry hollow crystal female Japan and South Korea fashion jewelry jewelry gold-plated enamel bracelet 168.00 yuan

2, Doorais / Taurus authentic cloisonne bracelet female double-layer carved white enamel jewelry bracelet sent girlfriends 169.00 yuan

3, Fellala Fala La jewelry 2016 new happy olive bracelet hand-painted color crystal enamel bracelet bracelet female 719.00

4, a hundred years Bao Cheng silver handmade silver bracelet female retro to do the old cloisonne cloisonne enamel silver bracelet bracelet 1428.00 yuan

5, Hermes / Hermes women deep purple pattern enamel ultra-wide version of bracelet bracelet 162103FY 5980.00 yuan
What is the price of the stars? Star Star silver bracelet prices generally more than one hundred to three hundred or so. And Taobao sell 9.9 of the stars 925 sterling silver bracelet is absolutely false, the actual is only silver-plated silver, silver is not so cheap Taobao sell 925 and thousands of silver bracelet fake more, 19 29 39 yuan包邮 thousands of silver bracelets are silver-plated silver. So, what is the price that affects the price of the starry silver bracelet?

Brand The market selling stars on the stars of the silver bracelet is very much, such as silver Qianhui, old Fengxiang, a hundred years Bao City, Silver Fort Castle, etc., of which the old Fengxiang star silver silver bracelet the highest price, the same weight to a high price of 100 Yuan or so. Because the higher the brand awareness, the higher the brand value, after-sales service is also better, the price is naturally higher.

Weight Full star star silver bracelet style is very much, although the name are the same, but each style thickness, width, will be slightly different, and there is a hollow, and some are solid, which, the heavier style of the stars Silver bracelet price higher, such as some 20 grams is more than one hundred and fifty, and some 36 grams or so, the price will be about three hundred yuan a price.

3. Style design and technology. Not all of the stars are full of silver bracelet styles are very beautiful, but also depends on each brand style design is good-looking novelty, work is rough scratch or flawless and so on. Style design more beautiful, the better workmanship star silver silver bracelet price is naturally higher.

How much money is the starry silver bracelet?

How much is it? Star Star silver bracelet generally in the 100 to 300 yuan price, some people will ask, why the stars of the silver bracelet price so expensive? Obviously the international silver price only 4,5 block a gram you? It is because the stars of the silver bracelet from the silver, made into a bracelet, the requirements of the process is very high, there are polished, sandblasting, adjust the mouth, engraved words, car flowers and so complex process is very time- Design a perfect gypsum silver bracelet is also a lot of time, so the price is relatively high. The following is a small series of finishing on the stars of silver bracelet part of the price for your reference:

1. 100 years Bao Cheng s990 full silver bracelet female fresh new fashion sky star sky circle circle silver bracelet to send his girlfriend 288.00 yuan

2. Silver Qian Hui silver bracelet female silver can adjust Japan and South Korea sky stars jewelry romantic birthday gift to send girls 189.00 yuan

3.Winy silver bracelet 999 sterling silver bracelet female to send her mother Wanfu full star silver silver plate wide open mouth full silver bracelet 309.00 yuan

4. Silver King Fort City Star 999 sterling silver bracelet female opening frosted silver jewelry bracelet to send my mother to send his girlfriend 228.00 yuan

5. Branded silver ornaments 999 snowflake silver bracelet female opening full of stars sterling Amulette de Cartier Bracelet Replica silver bracelet jewelry to send girlfriend girlfriend gift 264.00 yuan
Miao silver bracelet price is how much? Miao silver bracelet is now in terms of meaning, not sterling silver, so the relative price is relatively cheap, according to the different technology and size, the price is not the same, at least ten dollars, as much as 70 to 80 yuan, There are also. Miao silver also called Yunnan silver, non-sterling silver, is a special Miao silver metal. Its content is silver. Copper and so on, silver content below 50%, so the general price is relatively low. So, what are the factors that affect the price of Miao silver bracelet?

1. Miao silver bracelet material. Miao silver bracelet material is generally divided into three kinds, one is brass-based “Miao silver”, the second is mainly copper-based “Miao silver, mainly to copper” Miao silver “which, with brass Mainly the highest price, quality is also the best, white copper times, while the price of copper is the lowest, because the material is the hardest.

2. Miao silver bracelet silver content. The market to see the Miao silver jewelry almost no silver ingredients, but still some Miao silver bracelet silver content will be about 40% gc 50%, this part of the Miao silver bracelet prices naturally more than almost no silver Miao silver bracelet price is high.

3. Miao silver bracelet style. Bracelet is to have a manual fee, style is also very fashionable and creative, and some old and old ugly, the price is naturally the same.

4. Miao silver bracelet weight. The higher the weight of the bracelet, the width will be wider, the thickness will be thicker, the more texture, the price will naturally be higher than the very thin style

Miao silver bracelet how much money

Miao silver bracelet how much money? Miao silver bracelets relative prices cheaper, according to the different size and technology, the price is not the same. Generally in the 30 to 150 yuan for the normal. Miao silver bracelet itself refers to the silver bracelet, a long time Miao area important jewelry and wedding supplies. But now that the Miao silver are not sterling silver, the other main component is copper, silver is not high. Its main feature is the Miao area hand-made production, exquisite designs, full of moral. The following is a small series finishing part of the price of Miao silver bracelet, for your reference:

1. Earth music festival seedlings silver feathers leaf arm ring bracelet boho Europe and the United States Bohemia hippie fashion unique jewelry 67.50 yuan

2. [Miao rural Dongzhai] personalized jewelry * handmade Miao silver bracelet wide braided bracelet 70.00 yuan

3. National Fenghua silver bracelet female embroidered piece wide silver bracelet jewelry original handmade peony embroidery bracelet gift 87.00 yuan

4. Woods. Bracelet Benming the red rope handmade flowers Miao silver solid open bells Miao silver bracelet. Dream of 35.00 yuan

5. six words mantra transshipment sterling silver bracelet men and women general Miao silver meaning auspicious mastery wisdom Tibetan silver 47.00 yuan

How should Chinese jewelry path go?

How should Chinese jewelry path go?
How can today’s field without China’s shadow? While the contemporary jewelry industry, but it is the world of Western jewelry. Italian craft, French design, Victorian style, Art Deco style, Art Nouveau style, and even the extensive use of all kinds of mosaic technology and cutting technology is also derived from the West. Jewelry, really is our weakness? In fact, in the history of China for thousands of years, we also have a brilliant jewelry culture: point Tsui step shake, wrapped silk double bracelet, engraved long hairpin, red Jin Baochao, pearl tassel, gold inlaid jade, , Red gold embedded in the emerald drop armor armor … … Chinese women’s graceful charm, all in this ring Pei Ding with a step by step tassel head hairpin. China’s jewelry culture in a lot of the main event is in the hair and clothing, modern women’s hair simplification and changes in clothing so that many Chinese classical jewelry without a carrier. So in today’s world of jewelry on the stage did not show too much glory of Chinese jewelry. Is the high-speed revival of the Chinese jewelry industry can only copy the Western style of modern jewelry? In order to revive the glory of Chinese jewelry, the 21st century Chinese jewelry industry, is the history of thousands of years to save all the charm, or the Chinese style of advancing with the times international?
In the changing contemporary jewelry in the original appearance of the Replica Cartier jewelry Chinese style, follow the traditional aesthetic from the end, in fact, is also very moving. So, few people will be “Yanjing eight absolutely” one of the “silk mosaic” process is the jewelry brand Zhao Yi Tsui House for the re-engraved ancient Chinese lady’s gold step and crown; the same process and the original intention also appears in the Hee hee Jewelry Shuanglong opera bracelet and gold inlaid red coral on the Chinese earrings, and even only the Chinese talent and cherished jade and Hotan Baoyu worth in recent years also soared, specifically carved classical theme of white jade master than the big company president Still busy Chinese people like, want, or we come from the blood of the kind of pure Chinese gas field.
Jewelry is an extension of the design of art, is the record of the culture, pouring thousands of years of Chinese flavor will be distributed in the design of the wonderful fragrance, but we should be more eyes fell on the meticulous reproduction of traditional aesthetics Classical jewelry, or bold integration of Chinese elements of the diversified jewelry on it?
Filament process need to pinch the pattern, which requires the use of gold, silver must have a certain toughness. Silver fineness should be more than 95%, in addition to the content of gold in the gg% above the full gold, the other K gold wire is basically gold, silver alloy made of silk soft gold. From the collection point of view, the highest value of gold and not easy to change color. Silver-plated gold will be discolored and easy to be wiped off, so now a lot of silk flower silver is simply not gold-plated, and therefore cost-effective, is a good day to wear a good choice. The copper-plated gold is basically used only for such as the development of terraced tiles, jewelry rarely used.
If the brand is good, the design is certainly the best choice. But now the revival of the silk process still remain in the primary imitation stage, the domestic mature brand less, optional little room, so it is recommended that the product design as a major consideration.
If you consider the value of the collection, must be bought old, but the country can see the ancient Zhen almost disappeared. 50, 60 years when the national filament factory produced some export silk fillet, after the Cultural Revolution and made a small amount of products, which can be seen in the Cartier love ring replica market, but the number of very few. So for most people, can only buy new, if it is a collection of Decoration, you can consider re-engraved, if it is jewelry to wear, mainly to see the practical mix of good or bad.
Filament of the main products of the “Decoration” and “pieces of live” two. Decoration usually refers to the furnishings, larger pieces, can not be copied, added value. If the master works, the collection value is higher. Live more is the shape of small practical items, such as flowers inserted, jewelry, etc., more suitable for daily use.
Exquisite filament craft with expensive gems will maximize the value of the work itself. And in the past mosaic of the gem is not cut, but now it can be embedded in the cut gem, more contemporary sense, but also shows the difference, but also can reflect the personal taste and preferences.

Omega jewelry boutique series

Omega jewelry boutique series
Omega (OMEGA) launched a new Omega jewelry boutique, just for the prestigious ladies watch provides the perfect mix of combinations, the first launch of the main “Symbole” and “Griffes” two series, including necklaces, rings, Earrings, bracelets and other main items.

In fact, as early as 1963, Omega has begun to focus on fine jewelry technology research and development. Not only in the 1960s to its fine jewelry won several International Diamond Association Oscar Award (Diamonds International Award), but also in the 1970s to jewelry design to win the Baden – Baden-Baden-Baden (Golden Rose of Baden-Baden), and 1975 The City of Geneva Prize. With the advent of new jewelry series, Omega continues the company since the 1960s and 1970s since the establishment of the jewelry tradition.

Omega jewelry these two sets of unique style of the series, all of the inherent characteristics of the brand as a source of inspiration.

“Symbole” series of design inspiration from the Omega brand logo, that is, the last Greek letter “Ω”, itself is a symbol of achievement and success, and this is precisely Omega jewelry show quality standards. To create an elegant ring of rejuvenating rings, drawn from the shape of the Omega logo, during which the Cartier love bracelet replica diamond-studded series, as a strong resonance with the Omega values impression. If the two or three rings with wear, the most highlight the unique charm of this ring. The same series of necklaces and earrings, also the Omega logo as the design of the fountain.

As for the “Griffes” series, the word is French, intended to “buckle claw” means. The series is the continuation of Omega’s best-selling constellation series of double-claw claw design, to provide the wearer with a variety of options. This series of jewelry make full use of the classic double-claw Omega design in the necklace, earrings and bracelets link, showing the constellation series round dial design shadow.

Like all Omega watches, Omega jewelry series of each section of accessories, are the most stringent quality standards for the production of Omega check, only the most selected precious materials carefully crafted, all used diamonds are IF- VVS Top Wesselton-class diamonds, each item is accompanied by a certificate of proven gemstone.
TIFFANY design concept

Excellent design is an indispensable part of fine life, they are pleasing to the eye, it is intoxicated. Basic necessities of life and other elements of the design is ultimately to measure the merits of the value. Excellent design is not unnecessary luxury, nor is the frivolous boast, but can really shock the mind. It inherits the culture of human society, with eternal value.


Tiffany since its inception in 1837, has been designed to be stunning beauty of the original works as a Cartier love ring replica purpose. Facts have proved that, Tiffany jewelry lovers can voices, and its original silverware, stationery and table utensils is fascinating.


Classic design is the definition of Tiffany works, that each amazing masterpieces can be perfect from generation to generation, the charm of eternal. Tiffany design never meet the ups and downs of fashion, so it will not fall behind. It is completely above the trend.


Tiffany’s creative essence and philosophy are full of rich American characteristics: simple Cartier nail bracelet replica and clear lines tell the calm and transcendent clarity and the elegance of moving heart move. Harmony, proportion and coherent, in every piece of Tiffany design natural fusion presentation.


Tiffany’s design emphasizes excellence. It can be free from all things in nature? To take inspiration, leaving the tedious and delicate and contrived, just simple and clear, and each piece reflects the masterpiece of the American people born outright, optimistic and at first glance wit.

Clothing have out-of-season troubles

Clothing have out-of-season troubles, so use adorn article collocation can yet be regarded as a method, so the high-quality goods of limit ring, whether from the design feeling and memorial has great advantages. In addition, due to the diversified fashion, men’s jewelry design is also more and more popular, in addition to the retained its contracted with modern designs feeling, show the characteristics of taste is supreme, is more meaningful.
Boucheron chocolate 18 k gold ring: unique and limited chocolate gold ring, break the traditional Replica Cartier love bracelet use of material, rich colour and lustre is like the real chocolate, filled with the flavor of the festival.
Niessing Fusion to nickel stainless steel with pure platinum ring: platinum connecting two flat a gleaming stainless steel ring ring, ring creates a feeling of cold tone tonality, and precious metals platinum ring more value to produce unparalleled.
Tiffany & Co. The Atlas series 18 k white gold ring: unique and classic Roman numerals reliefs, USES the new design of hollow out, not only more young, also the eternal presence.
In the sunny spring and summer, sparkling, design of fashion jewelry become the nods eyeball pen of the body. This one season, first-line brand and fashion jewelry brand to launch in the spring and summer accessories for its multifarious design become the focus of attention, as well as those major delicate and beautiful new key chain and mobile phone chain, also become a beautiful decoration of the closest to your mobile phone and keys, every look a heartache. Actually, do not need to spend a huge sum of money to buy expensive jewelry, the price of one thousand yuan to thousands of yuan of fashion jewelry can you dressed as a fashion.
Fashion jewelry
Epidemic focus: diversity of style restoring ancient ways, exaggerated modelling, material.
As a tie-in fashion accessories, each season’s fashion jewelry all follow the fashion. So when luxury romantic Cartier love ring replica season wind in fashion industry, fashion accessory was style restoring ancient ways is popular, especially like Dior, Jean Paul Gaultier and a series of famous fashion brand of jewelry is full of thick nostalgic feelings, designers will fashion jewelry design inspiration to freeze in the past s classic style, the best collocation of retro fashion.
Poker jewelry:
Jean Paul Gaultier design has always been full of wacky ideas, designers use poker and casino element in fashion jewelry, would you by a season full of mysterious feeling on to this season is full of fantastic colors of spring, summer, autumn and winter. Poker series of each style of jewelry price is in one thousand yuan to one thousand yuan. In addition, the casino series of priced at one thousand yuan, with brass and lead crystal glass as the main materials, with brass and matte silver as the main tonal, to coincide with the casino theme, respectively on the necklace earrings and other jewelry decorated with queen, dice or the stars, the design is very unique.
Retro chandeliers jewelry:
Based on crystal droplight, full of feeling restoring ancient ways and adopted according to the history of brass and colorful crystal glass material together, creating a series of glittering and translucent get rid of restoring ancient ways, full of the flavor of noble crystal lamp ornaments, the earrings price is in two thousand yuan of less than, very suitable for wear Cartier love ring replica in the evening occasion.
Ocean series jewelry:
The hot spring and summer, how little got inspiration from the sea? Artini ocean series jewelry with colorful coral and abundant nature colour gives priority to tone, piece together different natural crystal and fritillaria, smell of sunshine ocean. Designers to join performance of Marine biological elements of small world tags, such as starfish, fish, shell and coral as an ornament, such as to make the spring and summer filled with ocean.
Mix imitated crystal jewelry:
Artini latest’s “love, eternal” series of imitated crystal jewelry, like a new necklace gives priority to color with soft pearly white, respectively line with noble and elegant silver, golden to eternal “clover”, “heart”, such as pattern design, especially in the detail place to add the line feeling soft, not only send out elegant female charm, also added more noble quality, priced at one thousand yuan.
Silver key chain:
Silver ornament material has been one of the most common main material, like BVLGARI launched a series of pure silver key chain, the price is in two thousand yuan or so, many key chain model and its famous jewelry series, gave brand fans a big surprise.

Platinum woman collection in the heart Like free blossom designs

Platinum woman collection in the heart Like free blossom designs
Everyone’s heart all picture with a platinum woman. She, or a brilliant smile, like a pure Daisy; Or listen to silence, like a quiet violet; Or in insist, like the persistent blooming lavender. How much perfume, pian-pian dancing, sometimes quiet, sometimes elegant, only the pure, rare platinum temperament privy table, collection in the heart.
Platinum is the flower for which a woman such as flower. Flowers every breath, pour out to her language; Woman’s personality, also often casual in natural language. This fall, pure platinum or charming flower, or clever posture rhyme slowly overflow, will appear the world women’s sui generis beauty and pure and fresh.
Purple yi inside collect, good at listening to the woman
Quiet do not represent the silence, listening is also a kind of power. In silent language, build warm harbor. Involuntarily Replica Cartier love bracelet near and talk, only willing to share with her story. Tenacity and highly malleable platinum, draws the outline of soulful arc, circle the considerate, she also in infinite fall in love.
Mui tough, confident women
Using rich administrative levels to create the plum blossom slowly pour out the attitude of wen wan, under the gentle appearance, is as tough as platinum. Micro flash platinum, like a blooming plum blossom in the cold snow, this stance with the breath, is the world’s most unique beauty.
Day feather along with the gender, free and easy woman
Not constrained by secular, not compromise in the block. Life is a journey, a permanent sense of platinum as she conjured the strength of the feather wing, in grasping journey, fly freely, in bright beautiful arc, experience is long cover is new. Treasure of life, it is natural and unrestrained interpretation of individual self.
Siu-tong rhyme tolerant woman, elegant atmosphere
The world a lot, and always inclusive. Her quiet smile, is the rainbow after a storm comes, sunny and warm. Like platinum pure light, into the angular and fruity and delicate shape, silently against the diamonds sparkle. When haitang cheng fang, eventually someone can read it.
Xin LAN wise, intellectual woman
Were blossoming, orchid fragrance. A gust of wind blew over, leaving the stability of calm and wise insight into the world. As platinum create delicate jasmine, with just the right details, also have strong vitality, inner gestures, radiate the light of implicit but should not be ignored.
Elegant, noble woman Mo ointment
Women unique pure and fresh temperament, not make public, not powerful. Platinum is consistent with the Cartier love ring replica characteristics of, its elegant, in casual naturally. Stars flickering gently, as if the dawn has yet to recede, dew drop from on petals free, suffocation is born noble.
Pearl’s relationship with the Mid-Autumn festival seems to has a long history. , it is said that the round pearl or not related to the profit and loss of the moon, the tang dynasty poet li shang-yin wrote: the pearl of the sea in tears. Clean soft pearl jewelry, like bright bright on air suspension, bead hand in photograph reflect, one month two round.
Pearl is synonymous with elegance, remember in the film “breakfast at tiffany’s” in Givenchy little black dress of Audrey Hepburn, short neck is among a string of pearls for its elegant temperament is the best accessories. Condense the pearls from the deep sea shells, under the essence of nature breeds like nature itself, fruity and elegant, thus became the representatives of elegant and beautiful. On the occasion of the Mid-Autumn festival, in order to tailor wrapped in exquisite qipao, deserve to go up a chic modelling of pearl jewelry, elegant refined the classic beauty of be vividly portrayed.
Swarovski outside the pearl in the Dip series of coated with irregular paint, and with a gold-plated colour foils, mysterious and charming. In addition a ring with pure white pearl shape to look like a butterfly, worn on fingers as if the butterfly flutters lightly.
Use ShiJi Dip series
Swarovski butterfly pearl ring
, Furla recently launched a series of pearl, luxury precious nanyang bead jewelry, equipped with a diamond-studded jewelry clasp, pearls and diamonds supplement appropriate, put in a few minutes for the necklace features, and the model of cascade that neck line more attractive.
, Furla pearl necklace
Pearl is also conveyed noble identity; Pearl, and symbol of pure, perfect, dignity and authority, often on the imperial Cartier love ring replica crown orb. With smoked in the pearl as the Mid-Autumn festival gift, on the one hand, can give people on two round blessing, on the other hand, the very nature of the pearl can reflect more noble taste, especially the color depth of the black pearl, not only their identity, is also known as increasing power best jewelry and transport in the workplace.
Montblanc with pearl as the theme of “black and white spirit’s magic” series is the masterpiece in 2007. Made with rare platinum for the series, let white freshwater pearls and mysterious Tahiti black pearl luster arbitrary contrast, black with white and bright, produced a “black and white spirit’s magic” series reveal elegant charm of the eternal.
“Black and white spirit’s magic” series of dragon
Chow tai fook “ze” series of selected top Tahiti black pearls, quiet and tastefully laid out and mysterious color, rainbow is blurred. With 18 k platinum, fully display the pearl soft luster, its unique elegant inner artistically and elusive, let a person infatuate deeply mysterious, more can fully show the grade of lang lang out of the dust.
Chow tai fook “ze” series
FolliFollie pearl necklace

Jewelry to express meaning through characters or Numbers

Jewelry to express meaning through characters or Numbers
Spring, summer, T stage, there is no lack of Slogan, clothing designer acting boldly will display in the show, and jewelry are keen to express in one thousand years, whether by characters or Numbers, people have been using this small medium bearing can connect the password of the soul.
On small jewelry carrier, with some code to express love is fraught with risk as the secret of the hidden deep in the garden, seemingly barren, but it is fun, love is abundant. Has been with the western medieval jewelry custom engraved words of love to love, whether visible or hidden, in a jewelry works on leave password message seems to have been jewelry designer. Some password to even after wear for a long time to take a tumble, followed by a heartfelt marvel and persistent touched, of course.
Dior Joaillerie creative director Victoire DE Castellane especially love to use this password. He designed the “OUI” senior jewelry series and “La Bague” tourmaline ring, French “OUI” means “Yes”, a commitment to any positive expression: happiness, love and friendship. “La Bague” Chinese translation of “the ring”, the entire series, Victoire DE Castellane reference artist maag collett, Rene Magritte painting Ceci n “est pas une pipe” this is not a pipe “as its design concept. Surrealistic spirit at the same time can be embodied in “La Bague” seven letters around the ring of tourmaline with design. Regardless of the name of the series or design are fully displayed Victoire DE Castellane consistent sense of humor, call “this is a ring”.
Also, digital and jewelry encounters make jewelry more added reason. Tiffany & Co. will be Roman imitation cartier love bracelet numeral direct modelling in the works, “Atlas” is a Greek god in charge of the time, the Roman numerals is selected the clock is bearing scale, means the lock is the most beautiful sweet moment. The Numbers of the unique significance of story is the most important, as if a bunch of passwords around the wearer’s life.
Dramatic jewelry has become one of the fashion house to be bestowed favor on newly, the season is still popular “the bigger the beautiful necklace, bracelet, the material is to restore ancient ways, on the true and false pearls hit the big show.
Artificial jewelry real ones
“Costume Jewelry” (artificial Jewelry), as the name suggests, the material of resin, plastic, enamel, shells, ceramic, crystal, a rare material such as stainless steel, they are in such aspects as quality, value and use of platinum and diamond “Fine Jewelry” (advanced Jewelry) are worlds apart, heavy and light quality style, designed to reveal individual glamour, with Jewelry or with clothes or the unity of opposites of the overall harmony. Artificial jewelry has rich and loud history, as early as the Victorian era it was widely circulated in a rich elegant breeding, queen Victoria advocates is the perfection of imitation jewelry, after the death of her husband, her mourning jewelry is a pair of gutta percha, hard rubber, black rubber with black glass string into a necklace. With the development of arts and crafts movement, artificial jewelry “heavier” generally, brass material become hot; Into a period of Edward, artificial jewellery polishing process was perfected, can realize “genuine”.
In 1924, a pair of black and white and double color imitation pearl earrings laid the COCO CHANEL about artificial jewelry handed down from ancient times. When she consider customers may need jewelry tie-in dress, she began to design, including artificial jewelry. These jewelry price is much lower than the real jewelry, this allows women to one-time buy more pieces, and each model is different.
Is very interestingly, CHANEL always higher-profile jewelry simulation, defiant in their conscious imitation of senior jewelry, this kind of practice in the era of jewelry is a symbol of status as a dose of medicine, will present a woman completely brainwashed, they began to follow the way of CHANEL dress, will the string pearl necklace (of course is a fake pearl) pile in his chest, and proud of it.
“Don’t bang for the buck, as long as the shock striking”, the bold declaration of CHANEL is the innovation of epoch-making significance, it is not only reflected in the mode of the modelling of true and false jewelry mix build, the CHANEL will also is the first rhinestone (a fake diamond) embedded in the haute couture on the dress designer, the nail bead type evening in now looks normal, few was a kind of fashion.
Becoming active again in recent years, artificial jewelry, fashion elites have put “fake” agitation. Lanvin jewelry has become an important part of its collection, each season Albert Elbaz with necklaces cocktail dress collocation, they invariably have the size: the massive organic glass hanging to his chest, pearl even as big as a light bulb, metal ring, as if from the industrial lathe.
Shape the giant jewelry, artificial jewelry undoubtedly has a unique advantage, their relative light material, easy to splice, designers can get rid of the traditional expensive material of conservative, to think more creatively, make artificial jewelry has become a fashion derivatives. Oscar DE la Renta clutches the collar of dress on collar and chest covered the different size of amethyst and millions of metal sheet steel.
Christian Dior on both shoulders into a plume enchase the dove grey crystal, the duke of satin pleated edge see also mulberries color crystal, or crystal, sequins ground cover on the surface of the pink strapless gown with, costly to unbounded.
Decorative jewelry sexuals
2009 chun xia, artificial jewelry boom mounting, collective moving toward the decorative jewelry fashion house. Givenchy in white dress shirt Don’t on the pentagram and “an arrow through a heart shape” silver brooch, the ground was then Japanese VOGUE fashion director Anna Dello Russo reference, collocation of the latter would be inlaid jewelry Balmain hussar jacket, will sense.
Artificial jewelry stressed the stack of adornment effect, Louis Vuitton African style wooden eardrop like an octopus occupy the lower eardrop, walking between the last step “shake”.
CHANEL camellia, sunflower, etc. Various kinds of flower type string into a necklace, jewelry colour lively, black tend to be a minimalist.
Alexander McQueen on the elastic mesh fabric of seam with irregular small crystal, jumpsuit morphing into a sticky “gem”, it is tempting to ancient emperors buried when the golden rays of the clothes.
Now, in the application of fashion jewelry in general tend to be calm, Prada is free from the mainstream. Wear crystal smock outside jumpsuits but the extreme development of fashion jewelry, popular the overhang of gravity while n fact wear, but is still a game adventurers, at least in line with the Prada a bluff manner.
This style in Miu Miu continues, last year qiu dong is limited to knee-length skirts and knee socks, this season has spread to the whole body, bead piece, crystal on the surface of the nude dress embroidery by dot and symmetrical distribution of surface ground, simulate the navy bead piece the horror effect like fish scales, or is it a mermaid weekly.
From printing, Miu Miu is a full of naked women, cats, dogs, haiyan, such as the mix of various printing series, this call the design of the tong zhen not only exists in fashion itself, also reflect on the on the carrier of fashion jewelry. Dsquared2 with outdoor camping as the theme, giant ants necklace appears timed and conforms to the essence of the show, Missoni spiral wound necklace made of nylon cord copper, is hit to cause whistle pendants, although Angela Missoni will be interpreted as MUSES islanders dance this season, but the whistle of the established impression absolutely cheerleaders from colleges and universities as well as with shouts.

TITONI Switzerland wintersweet of wrist watch series selection

TITONI Switzerland wintersweet of wrist watch series selection
Have card light texture is TITONI Switzerland wintersweet of latest watches series Slendline – as the name implies, this series wrist watch is famous for its delicate, casing thickness is only 2.7 mm, with light and meticulous strap, a symbol of the wearer’s noble status and elegant style, suitable for match line to work clothing and everyday clothes.
So thin design must cooperate with wonderful artical excelling nature, watch of wrist of fine handwork and flowing lines, dial 37 mm diameter, surface with pearls and silver fritillaria texture design combined with Roman numerals or calibration time display. Table adopts wear-resistant sapphire crystal lens, to ensure not easily scratched. Watch case with pure steel, fearless daily friction. Strap, respectively with leather strap and rose gold belt to choose from, it is no wonder that the launch is ranked as the most popular TITONI is new bestow favor on.
In addition to the choiceness exquisite appearance, Slendline armed with the male, the female and neuter design, take care of the needs of different people. Slendline is most can manifest TITONI brand one of the important series of special value. Elegant design is suitable for low profile has the connotation and the taste of gens. Dainty watch body, light touch, marking the eternal classic. Despite the season change, trend change, Slendline accompany you through life.
Master Series18K rose gold wrist watch observatory, is the newest member of this series, show the special noble temperament.
As the flagship Series of TITONI Switzerland wintersweet, Master Series Master Series have already become the pronoun of the observatory watch, of which 18 k rose gold wrist watch observatory is extremely expensive. This year, TITONI for Master Series added a valued member.
Table frame 40 mm in diameter, with 18 k rose gold casting and become, wrist table selection by the special reflection mirror processing double arch sapphire glass. Rose gold on the surface of hours, minutes, small second hand, 12 when the number and scale, make the wrist watch appearance more dazzling. 3 when the position has a small fine date window, annular texture with 6 when the position of the small second hand makes surface design more rich stereo feeling, combined with engraved with translucent, emerald green TITONI marks the end of the manual very meticulous, elegant natural.
As the observatory wrist watch, the Series are obtained by the Swiss official observatory COSC precision timing test organization (Contrle Officiel Suisse des Chronometres) issued by the certification certificate, and under the small second hand watchcase respectively with COSC small signs and movement certification number, these in addition to is the best proof of precise timing, also reveal Master Series of exceptional status. Wrist watch with leather or stainless steel strap, black and white for your choose and buy.
TITONI Master Series 18 k rose gold wrist watch observatory by the design, production and materials are all take measurements, show exalted temperament, it has a fine pedigree is to collect the Master Series wrist watch are the inevitable choice.
Always more material and observatory machine core proud TITONI Master Series launched surprise extremely observatory phases of the moon for the first time watch, as this year’s finale. This delicate watches can fully reflect the advanced TAB the essence of art, perfectly combined with precise timing function and elegant design.
More than 90 years, the plum blossom as a Swiss watch company high quality mechanical watches, has established the high prestige in the international. Throughout its history, the company relies on its excellent TAB to the skills of many clocks connoisseurs leave deep impression. This season, the brand is the honorable Master Series Series new observatory four phases of the moon watches, all equipped with a pointer type date display, weeks, and rare in the display window.
In addition to implementing these wrist watches Switzerland wintersweet of high-quality technology, it is more dial with a unique design. Fritillaria pearl rings clear hour scale and date marked on the scale, and week, month, and the moon display window is located in highly detailed design the dial of the central dark Cartier love bracelet replica texture. Hollow out the hour hand, minute hand and the red crescent needlepoint design date display pointer, all reflected the prominent attention to detail, and the pursuit of brand. And Master Series other wrist watch, watch is equipped with automatic observatory machine core, obtained by the Swiss government observatory COSC precision timing test organization (Contrle Officiel Suisse des Chronometres) issued by the certification certificate, watch of wrist of each unique authentication code will be indicated in the certificate, and engraved on the movement and scale at 9 o ‘clock position watchcase lateral metal on the card.
This watch has a white and blue pearl fritillaria two dial, and equipped with stainless steel and black leather strap to choose from. Different collocation, can reveal the customer unique elegant style. For the convenience of the user, the brand is also special for this type of wrist watch make a calibration pen, with exquisite wooden box attached to, this is the subtleties TITONI are also thoughtful.
TITONI Switzerland wintersweet performance as President Daniel schluep Mr (DanielSchluep) pointed out: “the Master Series observatory Series incorporates many innovative elements. We believe that the watch of wrist of the observatory of the moon is the essence of our family-owned business philosophy and plum table elegant temperament is the embodiment of the eternal.” The emergence of new observatory phases of the moon watches, shows the superb tabulation skills, beautiful sex and high ratio of performance elements. Mr Schluep also added: “this watch definitely fully embodies our slogan Shaping Moments of Life.”
TITONI since it was founded in 1919 has been established by the people schluep family owns, insist on each wrist watch all in green town factory assembly (Grenchen), to ensure product quality, fully display the product strictly accurate.

The most practical jewelry sales skills

The most practical jewelry sales skills
Jewelry sales is an art, assistant plays an important role in the whole sales. Have a jewelry company, after a lot of advertising in the media manager to the shop assistant said: “my job is to customer, please, the rest of the things will come on to you.” That is to say, for jewelry products, the role of advertising is mainly attract more customers, but customers can buy jewelry with the key is to see the assistant work.
1, by the good mental state preparation for the arrival of the customer
Sell jewelry, relative to other goods traffic is less, jewelry shop assistant often in a very boring to wait. If it is a speciality store should give s a good environment and atmosphere, such as put on some soft music and some professional magazines. In the customer, not in the store does not need to stand straight over a long period of time. When customers enter or ready to enter the store immediately stood up politely, and smiling eyes to meet customers, also can give some greetings, such as “hello”! “Welcome”. If it is a Replica Cartier jewelry comprehensive shopping mall, the assistant should be ready to receive customers, when customers walk in jewelry technology department as much as possible to take measures to attract the attention of the customer for your counter, such as take a magnifying glass to observe the action of diamond, come up with something try to wear, and so on, so it could make the customers have interest in your counter, is actually a small advertising.
2, timely reception customers
When customers to your counter, you should be looked at the customer with a smile, also can say hello, but unfavorable prematurely close to the customer, should as far as possible to the customer to build a relaxed shopping environment. When customers to stay in a certain section and pay attention to go to the counter the ornaments, you should step close to customers, suggest that don’t stand in front of the customer, the best location is the customer’s side of the side, both may result in reduced the face to face the pressure, also facilitate customer talk, because side face talk than when customers look up to you face to face talk more energy, but also respect for the customer. In addition, the clerk can advise customers try, this request to the customer a don’t wear is difficult to choose the right jewelry information, while also reassure customers afraid try not to buy may blank stares, to let you take out the jewelry with no problem.
3, full display jewelry
Because the majority of customers for jewelry, a lack of understanding of knowledge, therefore, the assistant of jewelry display is very important. Many assistant when customers take a piece of jewelry, will automatically open the counter, pulled out after submitting a customer, individual boast a style. In fact, when you start imitation cartier love bracelet out with diamonds, should first describe the diamond cutters, and should keep swinging diamond with the hand, hand to utter also move, describes the basic finish in handed it to the customer, so that customers are likely to imitate your actions to observe diamonds, and ask what is a “Belgium cut”, what is “fire”… The clerk can answer. Such a question and answer, is the assistant show jewelry techniques, not only limited in the description of their own, so prone to dry mixed feelings. In customers choose style carry presbyopia, the assistant should timely recommend two pattern contrast is bigger, and the customers choose watch accessories for a longer time, should be to describe the two design is represented by the style. So easy to lock and narrow style and scope of the customer choice.
4, the challenges from the use of customer, grasp the opportunity to introduce the jewelry knowledge as much as possible
Customers know jewelry knowledge, the more the feeling will get more satisfied after buy. When a woman wearing a new buy a diamond ring to go to work, always want to attract the attention of colleagues. When others see the diamond ring, she will know about diamond knowledge gush to say again, fully has a diamond in the spirit of enjoyment, at the same time she also in advertising for you. As the saying goes. “Satisfied customer is the best advertising”, “the strongest influence of advertising is the people around us”. But if you regardless of whether or not willing to listen to customers, regardless of the timing of interpretation of the jewelry knowledge, also can attract customers. So the timing is very important, seize the opportunity in the whole process of sales, especially when questioned by the customer.
5, and guide consumers through buy error, foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses skillfully explain the diamond quality
Due to some misleading marketing units, and many consumers when buying a diamond demand origin is South Africa, and clarity is on the order of VVS, evaluation is very good, and so on. Encountered such a problem s neither simply said no, and should not be not responsible for that. When asked whether South Africa Cartier love bracelet replica diamond by the customer, for example, we can definitely say first (otherwise the customer may twist a head to go), then tell the consumer, in fact, the stand or fall of diamond is measured by 4 c standard, large output in South Africa, not all diamonds are good, and most of the world’s diamonds are forward by DE beers, rather, we are from DE beers diamond. For diamond grade, s when get customer certificate, should first grasp the initiative, namely in front of the customer have a look at the first, and according to the grade of diamond must first foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses, this is their, assuming that the studs are as figure, whiteness as looks for customers to recommend, combined with the diamond grading principles and conditions and price to convince customers.
6, promote clinch a deal
Due to jewelry value is relative taller, for the customer is a big spending, as a result, often pressure before the final clinch a deal, depression, not even temporarily placed, a “look around” and may never return. This would require the assistant to distraction method can reduce the pressure for the customer, such as to their colleagues and customers of the talk about jewelry popular words, also can come up with several class jewelry box to make the customer choose.
7 and after sales service
When customers decide to purchase and payment s work is not over, the first thing to fill in after to detail wear and maintenance of knowledge, and at the same time in disseminating the knowledge of some new jewelry, such as: “if you don’t wear, please place the piece alone, not with other jewelry piled up replica Cartier love bracelet together.” He immediately noticed by customer: “why?” “Very hard, this is because the hardness is harder than red sapphire, 140 times, 1000 times larger than crystal hard (again, this is probably the topic of her office), if the stacked together would damage other gem”. …… Finally had some blessing words instead of the commonly used “welcome to you next time,” such as “may this diamond to bring you a better future”, “” this diamond will bring you happiness, life, etc., to speak” love “the word into sales.
8, summarizes the sales process and experience
To analysis customer classification, timely reflect upward to the special problem. Communicate with colleagues, to find, help each other, improve together.
Finally, talking about the professional ethics, that is to be honest, it is forbidden to fraud, true, shoddy, bad menstruation. To treat customers as their loved ones, only in this way can treat customers in good faith. Followed by the members do not make unfair competition, mutual slander, some assistant by belittling others business, but is in belittle yourself. First, you may also have many peers, secondly may also belittled by customers. So to speak, the good faith is helpful to others, is more advantageous to ourselves.

Want to have a goddess perfect face

Want to have a goddess perfect face? Tell you now, even if the congenital deficiency as long as the chosen accessories can also foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses, who says only oval face is the most perfect? Hurry to see, you face the most suitable for what kind of accessories?
About how to choose jewelry design and shape to match the face, let face because of the bright imitation cartier love bracelet jewelry decorated and interest and charm? Highest principle is: the shape of the jewelry to avoid repetition of your face, nor contrary to face extreme.
Oval is almost the most perfect face, standard face say is “she”, suitable for oval faces people should give priority to with earring, pendant jewelry collocation. Any suits your face skin tone, face size, style of earrings and pendant can enjoy wearing.
According to tradition physiognomy, fan bingbing, face shape is fire pointed face to face, although her face is less than the best of faces, but also not too bad, should belong to a better one, her round face shape from the gills to the chin, like a knife cut, curb its exquisite one side is gentle woman, so many this kind of face to a strong woman more.
Suitable for frame jewelry collocation also is the earrings and pendant, but due to the frame of the chin is pointed, suitable to wear water droplets form, gourd shape, and triangle earrings accessories.
Round egg face:
Older people often say that party with a round face most blessing, but compared to frame and oval face such people for long eardrop, such as tassels, rectangle, they can make you a slightly fleshy face line soft with just, more add a few times the qi.
A long face:
Long face people needless to say, as long as wear round, fan on the earrings, attention! Eardrop never too long, fruity Cartier love bracelet replica and your face contour curve the assembly, clever as you increase the width of the face, reduce the length of the face.
The face:
Suitable for square face of jewellery should be how to direct to the longer than lateral arc design, help to increase the length of the face, moderate facial Angle, for example, long elliptic, string, XinYeXing, single petal shape, let them raider in pairs on the cheek sparkle jewelry and moving, to avoid repeated face, square face person had better not square to wear jewelry, jewelry or triangle, pentagon earrings, pendant jewelry, such as sharp.
Xinjiang “golden jade”, is produced in China’s xinjiang karamay ur grain demon city 100 kilometers, terrace and the gobi desert, desert area, is a very potential, available for varieties of jade carved works of art, for which are found in the ancient silk road, jade is golden, internal with radish tattooed the name “golden jade”. “Golden jade” chiefly through rivers in the long-distance transport of secondary deposit. Has been natural separation and form “seed makings” fine texture density, after carving has the very high appreciation and collection value, is our country unique varieties, “golden jade” in xinjiang with both gem of noble quality.
Golden jade in altay region in xinjiang, it is called “the forehead jade river” “frontal river color jade”; In karamay, it be karamay government named “karamay jade”; In tuscaloosa area, and self buck county has to be registered as a “junggar jade”; In Beijing, it’s called “loulan jade”, “desert jade”; In guangzhou, it is called “xinjiang golden jade”; In the mouth of Shi You was called the “jade” yadan “gobi” jade “gobi color jade”.
Widely accepted Shi You call, is “yadan jade” and “golden jade” in xinjiang. Called “elegant Dan (colour) of jade”, one is Fake Cartier love bracelet chiefly related to yadan landform landscape, Second, yadan landform and rich, warm color is consistent; Three is named yadan, reflects the poetic and aesthetic feeling, good culture. This color jade has a very unique features, that is a lot of even large materials will appear a phenomenon: a piece of material on two or more colors, such as black and yellow, black and white, red and white, the red, etc. But it also has the certain regularity, such as in the quality of a material is transparent material, very rare integration of more than three colors together, but there is some on the fine texture of the material, four, five kinds of color on a rock at the same time also is a normal phenomenon, many Shi You Have this colorful variety, is worthy of the name of the color of jade, suit to use qiao color for carvings, often can produce shock person soul the magical effects.
Referred to as “the xinjiang gold jade” : such a beautiful name, mainly in guangdong and other mainland is very loud. This is because, although yadan jade produced in xinjiang, guangdong is yadan color jade actively promote, the birthplace of towards the market, they look as early as 1995, gathered in this kind of jade excavation and promotion, employ senior carving master sculpt, works on domestic jade carving exhibition has won awards, played a show and sensationalism. They called on the basis of findings from the origin to the earliest use are connected and the ancient silk road (such as 1300 years ago with ili region was discovered in the “golden jade” gold cup. In the culture considerations, it is most important. In the second, yadan jade usually have a kind of filamentous “cotton”, if have if have no, like gold, is very bright and beautiful, is the characteristic of outstanding, different from other varieties.
Now the new jade has been more and more attention, but not a unified name is not conducive to the promotion and development of it. What is it called name, can be widely recognised, is an urgent need to explore solve the problem. Otherwise, so much, will only cause chaos in the market, appear more “yadan jade” and “golden jade” which Cartier nail bracelet replica breed better jokes. Last term, it seems, may be unified as “the xinjiang gold jade”, because recently, even the karamay government no longer push karamay jade, which is called golden jade. In guangzhou, golden jade visibility higher. Inside players, if add a narrow place names to name this kind of jade, is bound to be rejected by the other parts of the Tibetan friends, unable to reach a consensus. Golden jade, although the name is named after his players, but overall, have certain cultural connotation, represents the jade characteristics, basic was acceptable. So, maybe the last name, would be “xinjiang golden jade”.

Blood diamond is never red diamonds

The world didn’t don’t love the woman of the colored gems, no matter how you walk through the years, they will not beautiful things, a woman’s dream is not so much like delicate and charming flower, as enduring as color treasure, is worth will not depreciate by the years away. Colorful color gems in bring its owner after lifelong pleasure to enjoy, and is becoming more and more valuable with the passing years.
Gold has rise and fall, the difficulty of the high-end rare colored gems because its exploitation, the color and quality of output and rare rare become high-profile investments in recent years, the high-end color treasure is safe to be called “in a way to save money. Poly auction in Hong Kong, in 2013, a platinum setting with 10.88 carats of untreated Kashmir natural pillow royal light light blue gem ring, Kashmir mining area is located in the elevation 5000 meters, went so far, large carat is extremely rare. Sapphire GIA, GRS, AGL and C.D unaigre escort 4 copy of certificate, appraisal 743600-1128200 dollars. Is the scarce, high-end color treasure but at the time of economic instability is a hot topic everyone to buy.
Choi bao momentum more strength in 2013, ruby, emerald and sapphire high-grade color treasure although scarce resources such as expensive, but never worry about the buyer. Some of the original collection of diamond jewelry investment and collector is turning also to the high-end color gems. Tourmalines are Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica driven by heat collection to the original price is not high of gems from 2009 to 2011 sales of double year by year, the price hikes as high-end color treasure. Unexpected is, when the market downturn, many businesses rather than specifically to buy a lot of colorful treasure, only to save use low sales.
Time can solve all problems, and in the manufacturing all problems. Ordinary color treasure to buy more and more hot, auction price of high-end color treasure, a lot of people think that as long as the collection of any color treasure, wu to sell a few years can make a lot of money. Unless you buy only high quality high-grade real gems, unless you have a store can digest your color treasure, if we just an ordinary consumer, if we are planning to buy a oneself to like, to wear at ordinary times, in a few years can fetch a good price, a color jewelry fact may be not so ideal as what you think.
Ordinary colored gems than high-end color treasure, sell, is difficult.
Why is it diffcult to color treasure to sell up to? On the auction house auction of color treasure is not on? Yes, but if you look from the investment return perspective, pure want to make money, only is a high-end color treasure market, in other words, not every color treasure to cash. What can deliver? Can have a significant return on investment is usually in the high-end color gem of high-quality goods, such as 2013 on the Hong Kong autumn that 7 carat natural pigeon red ruby ring without heat treatment, like all top class gem, this has GIA rubies, SSEF, Gubelin 3 party certificate, appraisal 1153800-1923100 dollars. Some new varieties of colorful treasure although prices are also rising, but the price due to too new become very unstable, and at that time was up, and because most likely to find new mines and instantaneous drop. Can earn high price in the auction, must have: senior high-end gem, large carat of excellent quality, natural, unprocessed, color rich, or famous brand product of this a few main factors.
If you think colored gems in the auction house owner of the “search”, then can let you earn gems “fee” only those who really have the makings color treasure of treasures. If this is not the level of color treasure, standing in the investment point of view, baby start to on sale this paragraph of time have been varying degrees of price increases, but together with the fees of the auction house and the cost of the various appraisal certificate, the actual investment returns were not so significant. Although the major auction houses do create a lot of color imitation cartier love bracelet treasure to the auction of myth, but not every a myth is suitable for your baby. In addition to the auction house, want to sell your colored gems, really there is no other place to visit. Acquisition between friends and sisters could not as a long-term and stable cash way, second-hand shops and pawnshops are interacting, pressure to your heart. Fortunately, buy color treasure mostly because really like, anyway also not willing to sell, otherwise, not enough on the auction house grade gems can be unable to cash the check.
Blood diamond is never red diamonds
Don’t don’t stop “blood diamonds” to refer to “red diamond” in all kinds of entertainment to show off your well-read! Maybe you think “blood diamonds” concise and powerful, and the most appropriate embodies the red diamonds as attractive colour of blood. One instance and informed you, the senior jewelry fans labels, even if does not love leonardo? Dicaprio, even refused to appreciate the anti-war film bloody violence, but you must know that “blood diamonds” has never been a red diamond!
“Blood Diamond, often translated as” Blood diamonds “, “Blood diamonds” and “conflict diamonds”, “Blood diamonds”, specifically to the rebels diamonds used as arms deals. According to the definition of the United Nations, “blood diamonds” is defined as produced in the international generally recognized, with the legitimacy of government opposition from diamond. Due to sell diamonds to get high profits and money will be against the government or armed conflict against the spirit of the security council, so its name.
In 2006, Warner Brothers’ movie “Blood Diamond, directed by famous director Edward Zwick, Hollywood super heartthrob Leonardo Wilelm DiCaprio starred, sparked a heated debate jewelry industry at the moment. Film is set in Africa sierra leone in 1999, tells the story of anti-government armed smuggling diamonds sold arms brings the profound suffering for the African people. May, in fact, as early as 2000, in order to fundamentally prevent “blood diamonds” into the market, experts from the African diamond producing countries gathered in the central South Africa diamond producing kimberly, decided to eventually establish a global diamond certification of origin system, launched the world’s most famous “kimberley process”. Because the kimberley process Cartier love bracelet replica established a diamond on a global scale the registration and certification of origin of raw material, every diamond with a certificate of origin cannot be changed. Only those with certificate of origin, can prove that it is not from Africa fighting rebels control parts of the country’s diamond raw materials, can enter the normal processing and circulation market, otherwise will be deemed to be illegal. By the end of 2004 has 42 countries are involved in this process. The current “blood diamonds” accounted for less than 1% of the world diamond trading volumes.
In all kinds of professional jewelry books, has a name too little, little is known, or even a lot of senior experts who are engaged in jewelry industry life out of me. As early as in April 1987, it was in New York for $920000 per carat clinch a deal the price clinch a deal the price exclusive color diamond carat world record, that’s big jewelry giant’t. And this makes the world sigh for gem, physically but only 0.95 carats! It is in the family of the king of the gem diamond’s rare breed of colored diamonds, red diamonds!
Love through the jewellery, auction, you must not strange of colored diamonds. Yellow, pink, green, blue, 5 carats, 10 carat worse, than a lot to see. But you know what? In hundreds of years history of jewelry, was discovered and can be classified as red diamond’s riches are numbered, even – the diamond industry nearly hundred years of GIA and only five red diamond appraisal certificate issued by. Even more amazing is that so far the world’s largest Red only 5.11 carat diamonds, named “Moussaieff” (the dark Red). Nearly half a century ago found its Brazilian farmers must believe, that has no intention to write the legend in the history of jewelry. Even had polished it craftsman is involuntary admiration: it in his hand polished it, like touching the Mona Lisa on the cheek, fruity and delicate. The 2002 was in the dark Jewellers Ltd company bought the world unique treasures, still can only show up twice. 2003 of the Smithsonian institution in Washington (Smithsonian) and Fake Cartier love bracelet another is in the Natural History Museum in London in 2005 (Natural History Museum). The next time will appear again when in public, really hard to predict.
You must be very curious, what makes a very bright diamonds with hot color of blood? This is nature’s most magical powers. Study, brown, pink and purple diamond related to plastic deformation, because most of the diamonds come from more than 150 km of the upper mantle, the high temperature and high pressure of the upper mantle in the environment or in the process of diamond is captured by the magma upward migration, to different degree of plastic deformation, lattice sliding or dislocation, form the point defect or structural defects, the defects not only raise rate of N accumulation in diamond, diamond still can make a different color. In short, it is a diamond in the process of movement by external make its internal structure deformation happened and make its produce magnificent red!

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