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What is the characteristics of the inside and outside of the field

What is the characteristics of the inside and outside of the field
Q: recently bought a piece of Hetian jade material, would like to see is not true, the general and Tian Yu seed material which obvious features?

In the sweat pores, color, cracks have obvious characteristics, first of all sweat pores, natural seed material surface will have fine holes, generally need to use ten magnifying glass can be clearly observed Of the body, like the body’s sweat pores;

Followed by the color, generally in the natural light or light observation and nephrite seed material, its color is a gentle, soft white;

Finally, the crack, natural seed material in the formation process is often accompanied by the presence of cracks, many cracks often invade the skin color.
Q: Recently friends sent a piece of Ma On Shan turquoise, would like to see Replica Cartier jewelry is not true, the general really what turquoise inside the obvious features?

Best answer: turquoise is Ma On Shan specialty, also known as the Turkish jade, is an aqueous copper and aluminum phosphate minerals, the process name for the turquoise, Ma On Shan turquoise to the world’s unique pillar form so that the gem jade industry people marvel. 1, it is pure texture, from blue to sea blue, rich color rich; 2, delicate texture, opaque sky blue, light blue, green blue, green, green with green Color and other colors, color and diverse, feel creamy and moist.

The general distribution of the turquoise color is not particularly uniform, and generally have a wire; glass-made turquoise will have bubbles inside the glass will be obvious, turquoise is not. You can also use the hot needle to see the turquoise is not true, with hot tip touch the surface of turquoise, if there is pungent Shuo material taste, it is false.
Question: recently wanted to buy a jade emperor green bracelet, I heard that the emerald green green price, do not know how to identify when buying it inappropriate price.

Best answer: emperor green jade itself expensive, more valuable than gold and silver and hedge, so in the identification of emerald prices, we must know that emperor green can also be used as a collection and investment object, but in the purchase and identification of emerald emperor green , It is necessary to pay attention to the jade of water, color and internal flaws, etc., the better the emperor of the emerald green jade, better bring out the color of the beautiful, the value is higher. In addition, at the time of purchase, do not use other colors of green as emperor green, such as some green emerald and apple green jade, some color close to the emperor green, but they and the emperor green emerald price gap is very large. And the emperor green emerald internal defects less, the higher the value, the more precious, the internal flaws on the emperor green jade value of the impact is great. For example, emperor green jade bracelet, if the bracelet on the cracks, then the price will drop a lot.
Question: I want to send a safe buckle to my daughter, do not know inappropriate? I heard that different people will have a different meaning to wear security, then I give my daughter what is the meaning?

Best answer: from the safe buckle the shape of view, the big circle wrapped in a small round. The outer circle represents the vast world, the inner circle represents the inner peace and tranquility. The perfect combination of two rounds, meaning inclusive, harmonious, generous.

Peace deduction is a source, we know that the ancient coins is so shape, and at that time both the role of evil spirits. After the status of jade is getting higher and higher, so the jade and copper produced similar to the shape, known as safe buckle, meaning the financial resources rolling, healthy and safe. Look at the overall safety of the deduction is smooth without edges and corners, meaning the success of all things, the family happy. Safe buckle is the combination of the outer circle and the inner circle, if you want to wear, through the hole from the center of the hole can be through, smooth and comfortable, meaning the flexibility of thinking, career success.

In fact, it is not so familiar to wear it, the different people wearing a safe buckle is different meaning.

1, women: Generally speaking, wearing a safe buckle, there will be its most original meaning Paul peace. Women wear safety buckle can increase its soft temperament.

2, male: male wear safe buckle, you can bless his career success, smooth and smooth. Pei body was generous of the gas.

3, businessmen: businessmen pay attention to the wealth road, and security buckle is the whole gathering is no gap, meaning buckle safe, locked wealth. Can protect his wealth rolling, safe and healthy.

4, students: the current social students in particular pressure, especially in the entrance examination of the children, the heart is very tense. And wear safe buckle can let them open thinking, Shen Shen Jing gas, academic success.
Q: recently bought an ice kind of jade bracelet, found inside the bracelet flawed, this situation is normal? Will not be fake?

Best answer: ice type of jade flaws from the color classification can be divided into white and black. White blemish we call it the brain, white cotton, are generally lumps or block, its internal composition is albite. This white flaw is almost no ice kind of emerald can be spared, there will be, black flaws are generally point-like, block and ribbon, the main component is hornblende, but generally appear in the darker ice kind of emerald On, light or transparent ice kind of jade is not often appear. So, ice kind of emerald inside the flaws are normal, as long as not too affect the beautiful flaws, we are acceptable.

Jade is different from ordinary goods, after thousands of years to hundreds of millions of years of sharpening, to do the internal flaw is almost impossible, and as the emerald in the high-end varieties – ice jade, the internal texture is very transparent, like It is even more difficult to achieve flawlessness. So ice inside the emerald is a normal phenomenon, there are flaws are not necessarily fake.

Is the diamond GIA certificate authoritative?

Is the diamond GIA certificate authoritative?
Is the diamond GIA certificate authoritative? Zoca for your detailed answer to the diamond GIA certificate authority of the relevant content, to help you quickly understand the diamond GIA certificate authority of the relevant information. More Diamonds GIA certificate authority to do the Replica Cartier jewelry information in the Zoakai jewelry home.
The following are the same as the ”
Question: Is the GIA certificate authority in all diamond certificates the largest? What does GIA’s GIA certificate mean?

Best answer: Yes, the GIA certificate is the most authoritative in all diamonds, and it has a lot of liquidity and can be used throughout the world. Diamond certificate is like our identity card, and it is diamonds “identity card”, which also records its information, for our consumers to provide a reliable basis.

GIA is an acronym for the Gemological Institute of America, founded in 1931 by Mr. Robert Shipley, and has been in existence for almost 70 years. It is not only the first gem school in the United States, but also the world’s largest jewelry industry, the most respected, and most recognized jewelry diamond identification agencies. Now the diamond 4C standard is also made by GIA, so it is in the diamond grading and gem identification for the world’s trust, with its knowledge and expertise in the gem is known. In fact, the GIA diamond grading report and the GIA diamond treatment are also considered the world’s first gem certificate. GIA is a nonprofit organization, funded by the jewelry industry, because the GIA does not involve the profit business, in the reputation of the first premise, not because of human factors affect the identification results, so it is known for justice and justice around the world.

Since 2006, GIA has officially launched the GIA Diamond Identification Certificate online inquiry system on a global scale. The introduction of the system, for the identification of the certificate query and security played a great role, let us buy diamonds to provide the best test method, even if a new person do not have to worry about not understand the diamond diamond diamond on the property.
Diamond and gold which is expensive. Zoca for your detailed answers to diamonds and gold which expensive related content, to help you quickly understand with diamonds and gold which expensive information. More diamonds and gold which information you are in the Zoakai jewelry home.
The following are the same as the ”
Question: why is the diamond so much more expensive than gold?

Best answer: At present, the diamond is more expensive than gold. Diamond volume is small, the price is letting people stop, but still loved by everyone. In addition to diamonds and texture factors, there are other factors that make it more expensive than gold.

1, diamond culture has a long history. Since ancient times, diamonds have been used as a symbol of power, dignity, status and wealth. Honest and eternal quality, but it also has a potential, great cultural value, has become the eternal pursuit of human goals,

2, the diamond itself has the charm. As a gem, with beautiful, durable and scarce these three elements. Diamond is the only set of the highest hardness, strong refractive index and high dispersion in one of the gem varieties, any other gem varieties are unparalleled. This treasure in the treasure, dilute the rare, should be the most expensive in the most On this alone, the difference between diamonds and gold: the same weight or volume of diamonds are much more expensive than gold.

3, diamond exploration, mining difficult. The mining of diamond deposits is a huge and well-thought-out job. In the mining process, it is necessary to fully exploit the ore containing diamonds, but also cautious to ensure that the ore in the diamond stone particles intact. So whether it is open-pit mining, or underground mining, is a huge project, human and material resources is also difficult to imagine.

4, diamond deposits to explore difficult, costly. Diamond deposits to find, and not as legendary accidentally can find a diamond deposit, if that everyone can not go to find. In fact, the exploration of diamond deposits tend to spend several generations of geologists for decades, or even a hundred years of hard work and labor, costly to find.

5, diamond processing complex, large amount of work, high technical content. After the mined ore has been carefully broken and sorted, it is not like any other metal deposits into the large quantities of smelting, but to each diamond rough for careful and meticulous analysis in order to determine the next cutting program to ensure that its Weight, clarity and style. This is the need for the physical nature of the diamond itself has a full understanding of the experienced staff in accordance with the steps to be carried out.

6, high commercial diamond surcharge. Diamond itself is very valuable, coupled with the late mosaic processing into jewelry, and then by the jeweler through large and medium-sized shopping malls jewelry store or luxury store for retail, and ultimately showing the final price.

It is precisely because of these points to make the price of diamonds will be so expensive, and even appear astronomical, but for a permanent collection, eternal bright, symbol of love, natural diamonds, but also value for money.
The hammer can break the diamond. Zoca for your detailed answer hammer can break the relevant content of diamonds, to help you quickly understand the hammer can be broken with diamonds related information. More hammers can break the diamond information at the Zoacai Jewelery House.
The following are the same as the ”
Question: on the Internet to see the hammer can easily break the diamond, which is true? Is the hardness of the diamond hardest?

Best answer: yes We have always thought that diamonds are the highest hardness of natural minerals, which is right, but we have forgotten its brittleness is also quite high, once the collision, it will be hit into the fragmentation, so the hammer’s strong percussion is enough Smash the diamonds.

Other: It depends on the size of the hammer and the diamond. If the volume of the two is as big as that, then the hammer will jump, the diamond is no moving. Of course, if the hammer is much larger than the size of the diamond, the diamond will be broken, although the hardness of the diamond than the hammer hardness.
Diamond ring engraved inside the AU750 D0.39ct what it means. Zouka for your detailed answer to the diamond ring engraved inside the AU750 D0.39ct what is the meaning of the relevant content, to help you quickly understand the diamond ring engraved with the AU750 D0.39ct what is the meaning of the relevant information. More diamond ring engraved inside the AU750 D0.39ct what is the meaning of information in the Zoakai jewelry home.

Question: diamond ring inside engraved AU750 D0.39ct What does it mean?

The best answer: diamond ring engraved on the words are inlaid diamond information a mark. AU is the gold symbol, 750 refers to 75% of the gold plus other precious metal synthesis, that is, K gold, and the market is the same meaning to the 18k. Ct is the abbreviation of carat, so D0.39ct refers to the 0.39 kt of this diamond.

Other answers: to say, now there are many on the market with silver and even made of copper and then electroplated “imitation” real gold jewelry, is engraved with “SF”, is also engraved with “750” word printed, that is, Engraved with “SF750”, which is imitation of real gold jewelry. So see engraved with “SF” do not buy.
What is the meaning of the diamond ring? Zoca for your detailed answer to what the diamond ring is what the meaning of the relevant content, to help you quickly understand what is the meaning of what the diamond ring is related information. What is the meaning of the diamond ring is what the meaning of information in the Zoacai jewelry home.
The following are the same as the ”
Question: often see some jewelry counters written a bit of the diamond ring, what does this mean?

Best answer: diamond is divided into the weight of the diamond unit. In addition to points (Pt), there are carat (ct) is the main unit of diamond weight. The conversion between the two is: 1 carat = 100 points, that is, 1 carat of diamonds, can be said: “This is 100 points of diamonds,” but usually more than 1 carat of diamonds are to carat as a unit. Just remember this conversion formula, between different weight units can be easily converted between: 1 carat = 100 points = 0.2 grams = 200 mg.

Other points: diamond scores, that is, the weight of diamonds. The weight of the main unit of the car is carat, symbol “ct”, 1 carat = 100 points, then 15 points diamonds, is 0.15 karats of diamonds.

Davey Diamond Earrings Price Davey Diamonds Diamond Stud Earrings generally how much money

Davey Diamond Earrings Price Davey Diamonds Diamond Stud Earrings generally how much money
Davidine jewelry network was founded in 2005, China is headquartered in Shenzhen. Daini products are sold in real terms: in the jewelry behind the extravagant luxury, is a huge profit margins. Davey to break the traditional price barriers, completely subvert the traditional jewelry sales model, the price drop of 30% -70% profit margins of the advantages of the purchase of customers to bring benefits and convenience.

Aveni Aveni flowers diamond stud earrings price of new 18K gold imitation Cartier love bracelet diamond stud earrings 14 points / spot Jingdong price: ¥ 1999.00 Gross Weight: 300.00g Product Origin: China mainland Mosaic mode: Prong setting Material: K gold diamond Weight: 10 Points below.

Davey Diamond Earrings Price

How much is the diamonds diamonds?

How much is the diamonds diamonds?

Diana Diamonds Diamond Earrings 18K White Gold 20ml Round Diamond Earrings Earring Special Price: ¥ 1588

Daini Love Trophy PT950 Platinum 6 Minute Diamond Stud Earrings Price: ¥ 1512

Davey Collection 18K Gold 18 Points Diamond Stud Earrings Price: ¥ 2456

Diamond Davex Earl White 18K Gold Diamond Earring ¥ 1657.00

How much is the diamonds diamonds?

Davey Diamond Earrings Service:

1,30 days return commitment

Davey offers you a reliable quality product that can be returned or replaced within 30 days of receipt of the product (subject to the date of receipt on the goods receipt) when you have a quality problem with the product purchased in DAVIN. We will be based on the “People’s Republic of China Consumer Protection Law”, “People’s Republic of China Product Quality Law” and other relevant laws and regulations, to provide you with thoughtful return service; Daini 30 days return promise for your worry-free shopping Protection and confidence.

2,7 days no reason to return policy commitment

When you purchase the spot product in Davey, within 7 days from receipt (subject to the date of receipt of the goods receipt), if you are not satisfied, the product intact, Davini can provide you with a return service ; David 7 days no reason to return policy commitment for your worry-free shopping to provide protection and confidence.

3, free cleaning and maintenance

Davey on the sale of jewelry for life free cleaning and maintenance. Customers can be issued by the purchase of ordinary value-added tax invoices, with the goods shipped to the company to enjoy free cleaning service.

4, modify the ring service:

4.1 If your ring belongs to the ordinary ring (such as: single diamond ring, etc.) that can modify the ring, modify the ring range within 3, the first time to modify the free, the second modified each ring to receive 100 yuan Modify the cost. We will modify the ring at the same time, the product will return to the factory for a comprehensive polishing, plating, refurbishment to meet the factory standards.

4.2 If your ring needs to be modified by three or more special styles and non-modifiable Replica Cartier jewelry finger rings (eg, multi-diamond ring, etc.), the cost of the change will vary depending on the style of the ring. Please contact the company customer service staff, we will reply to you as soon as possible.
Evaluation: very nice, the drill is not very bad

Evaluation: very atmospheric, friends are very satisfied with it

Recommended style wearing a white 18K gold diamond earrings

Attribute parameter

Brand: Davey

Category: earrings

Color: I-J

Cut: VG

Origin: Shenzhen, Guangdong

Certificate: National certificate of accreditation

Material: 18K white gold

Gold weight: about 0.75g

Diamond total weight: 6 points

Clarity: SI

Product Size: Height: about 0.6cm
Tiffany diamond earring price Tiffany jewelry industry people mention the brand, the first thought is the diamond and silver products Tiffany & Co was founded in 1837, the first known is the silver products in 1851 launched a silver 925 ornaments More famous. And Tiffany diamond earrings the price of expensive than ordinary brands

Diamond earring price
Tiffany diamond earrings how much money

Tiffany diamond earrings how much money

Vatican jewelry classic Tiffany six claws 50 points PT900 platinum diamond earrings Price: ¥ 3900

Tiffany jewelry classic Tiffany four claws 15 points PT platinum diamond earrings Price: ¥ 1199

Authentic counter purchasing Tiffany Tiffany counter sterling silver diamond needle-style Tiffany earrings ¥ 3299.40

Genuine purchasing Tiffany Tiffany 925 sterling silver diamonds Clover earrings plated platinum diamonds ¥ 1170.00

Tiffany Diamond Stud Earrings Price

Tiffany diamond earrings style recommended evaluation

Evaluation: old customers, something good. To make a suggestion, give away Amulette de Cartier Bracelet Replica things, packaging can be fine points

Rating: box quality is good! Continue to cooperate Oh!

Evaluation: earrings good praise yo, style is very beautiful, the quality is also super good, authentic feeling of genuine purchasing satisfied! The The The

Recommended style Tiffany & Co. (Tiffany) platinum powder gemstone diamond earrings:? 36,897

Diamond weight more than 30000

Material Pt950 Platinum Pink Diamond
Van Cleef & Arpels Diamond Earrings Price This is a Van Cleef & Arpels Fortune Clover 18K Gold White Rose Gold Stud Earrings Black Agate Diamond Earrings Main Drill Score: 10-19 points Vice Diamond Score: 30 points (inclusive) -59 (Including) Diamond Clarity: 20 points below Non-graded Mosaic way: group Inlaid material: gold / gold inlaid price of about 5000 thousand or so. Different brands of its price will change.
Van Cleef & Arpels Diamond Earrings Price
Van Cleef & Arpels diamond earrings how much money

3910 Van Cleef & Ark 18K Gold FRIVOLE Diamond Earring Estimate Price RMB ¥ 8,450-8,450

Small elephant mother purchasing earrings VCA Van Cleef & Arpels four white grass diamond earrings ¥ 82000.00

Hot Products Van Cleef – Arpels Vega Squash VCA Stud Earrings Clover Diamond Earrings ¥ 8909.00
Van Cleef & Arpels diamond earrings how much money

Van Cleef & Arpels Diamond Earrings Style Recommend Reviews

Evaluation: earrings are very beautiful, very fine workmanship, their favorite; to the nail full of points and greatly? One, thank you sellers!

Evaluation: satisfaction, buyers show, but regret not set the white ha ha, tangled me

Style recommended Van Cleef & Arpels -Fleurette diamond earrings

Fleurette series combines the vitality of nature and charming.

The rose ornaments made of 7 diamonds make this ornament shine.

Platinum inlaid with large diamond roses decorated for the earrings into the eternal elegance of the atmosphere.

Product Code: 351440

Weight: g

Material: Diamond

Stone weight: g

Psychic jewelry diamond ring how to

Psychic jewelry diamond ring how to
Psychic jewelry diamond ring how? Tongling jewelry, the world’s largest diamond cutting trade organization EDT (Eu-rostar Diamond Traders European Star) is its important investors. Berlin Film Festival dedicated jewelry, with the spacecraft into the space of the jewelry brand. Psychic jewelry is for 5 consecutive years of the Berlin Film Festival special jewelry, is not an international brand is not estimated not cheap.

Psychic jewelry diamond ring how? Tong Ling jewelry diamonds are from the diamond capital of Belgium, with high quality cut the world, and is the only brand with a blue flame series, there are many themes for you to choose. Shopping to go to psychic jewelry to see the diamond ring, it is flashing flash.

Psychic jewelry diamond ring how? Well, genuine. Blue flame series can, but on their own value, not worth so much money, the premium is too high, but all brands have brand premium, the best level of 30 points for diamonds, ringing platinum, that is, 8 Thousands or so, the counter must imitation Cartier love bracelet be over ten thousand, and not necessarily what good color clarity. 50 points on the two or three million, in fact, is about fifteen or so. I also said that the retail price of diamonds, but not a brand, in fact, there is no brand of diamonds, just look at the certificate, the most authoritative world are recognized GIA certificate.

Psychic jewelry diamond ring is good

Tong Ling jewelry diamond ring is good? Psychic jewelry is a professional diamond, we are here in Anhui Huainan many young people like the brand. Their home blue flame in the Expo also had, very famous Belgian cut. Diamond is good or bad depends on the purity and cut the size of the diamond and the psychic has a series of “love through time and space” seems very good. Very memorable.

Tong Ling jewelry diamond ring is good? User small A evaluation: baby has long been received Shun Feng’s logistics really is to force a day to the. The style of the ring looks good is the kind of small, delicate, simple, and pretty atmospheric that I like, the birthday gift for my girlfriend, hope she can like it! Customer service attitude is very good, very patient, point a praise it!

Tong Ling jewelry diamond ring is good? User small B evaluation: the ring is very beautiful, well workmanship. Store delivery soon, did not think the lettering can be shipped so fast, must praise one! First wear time to come back later. And then pay the next month and then pay the men’s ring also bought, ha ha.

Tong Ling jewelry diamond ring is good? Small C evaluation: I fancy this long time for a long time, and finally bought in the Queen’s Day, although not the lowest price in a year, but still more affordable, the lowest store also 85 fold, the price is almost Oh, big Love, beautifully packaged, baby is also very nice, super satisfied!

Tong Ling jewelry diamond ring is good? Recently, a store owner said that the diamond ring bought only wearing 10 days, set in the ring on the diamond do not know where to fall. Recently, who lives in Haishu District, Ms. Jiang is very depressed, the first two times to find a shop negotiated not to say, the salesperson also almost with their own hands. The day before yesterday morning, the reporter accompanied Ms. Jiang for the third time to find business coordination is still not successful. Today, the reporter once again contact Ms. Jiang to understand the progress of compensation, Ms. Jiang said that the complaint has been to the Consumers Association, then she will legally protect their legitimate rights and interests.
Tiffany ring is good? Tiffany ring, the most obvious point is expensive, the same ring style, 3-4 times Replica Cartier jewelry more expensive than other homes, and then is good quality, design style novel, very tall. After all, is a big brand, in all respects or very good, mainly more expensive.

Tiffany ring is good? Tiffany is a luxury, the product is very good, the design is very good, but indeed expensive, see what you want to buy material, the minimum silver should be more than 1000 yuan. The circle is about 1000 dollars or so, the row of drilling is about 2000 dollars, you can look at the official website of tiffany look at the domestic official website no price, the US official website has a price.

Tiffany ring is good? Tiffany ring is certainly good, the price of how much money have. Diamond ring, then the price of the least twenty thousand it 50 points to the middle level will be tens of thousands, Zoukai and other custom shops can buy a carat drill. Tiffany diamond ring quality is very good, after all, is the international brand. But the price is also quite high. Even if the relatively 4C relatively low, the price should be more than ten thousand dollars.

How is the Tiffany ring?

How about Tiffany Rings? This is a well-known brand, is more people like, but the diamond ring is the essence of the diamond with the ring with the material, in fact, people will buy diamond ring will not choose this brand, the relative price of it will be more expensive. Buy Tiffany ring people are generally some stars and other wealthy people, they buy the identity!

How about Tiffany Rings? Tiffany’s diamond ring is very good, the brand value is high Select this international brand of diamond ring, it is recommended to take your object to the store to choose, better, after all, too expensive, so as not to buy, the object does not like, when the trouble.

How about Tiffany Rings? Tiffany is an international luxury jewelry, and every woman is eager to have it. But the price is very expensive, the domestic fact is relatively few people to buy, especially the diamond ring, wedding ring and the like, fewer people to buy. It is very detailed design and soft, packaging is also very particular about all the details are done in place, will become very romantic and noble. But in fact diamonds are the same from South Africa mining over, but after a different processing and design only. There are also many good brands, such as Zouka Yi, Chow Sang Sang, Chow Tai Fook, etc., are very good.
What is the price of Chow Tai Fook forevermark series? Forevermark, the eternal mark of the Chow Tai Fook exclusive exclusive swan series, including a variety of pendants, rings and earrings, for the lovers of lovers offer romantic eternal sweet time, witness love Between the pride of the cling to the pride.

Because the big names are big and powerful combination, making the price of the series more expensive, such as 18K gold, 0.34ct, color E, clarity vvs1, cut level: VG, cut level: VG, polished: EX, symmetry: VG diamond ring price of 13,600 yuan, the price is more than Zuo Kai Yi or diamond birds and other commercial brands with the same level of high weight about five thousand.

Chow Tai Fook forevermark series is Swan series of jewelry. To the purity of the swan, the eternal diamond, for the tempting to accompany the lovers offer the most romantic and warm memories, so that my happy moments even more bright. May your love, forever belong to you and me!

Chow Tai Fook forevermark series how much money

How much is the Chow Tai Fook forevermark series? Chow Tai Fook forevermark series is Chow Tai Fook and forevermark? Eternal mark brand, that is, the global diamond authority De Beers De Beers Group’s brand co-sold swan series of jewelry, so the price is more expensive, the general price of at least ten thousand or more , There are diamonds bigger, more expensive hundreds of thousands also have.

Forevermark is the world’s leading diamond dealer and jeweler. Forevermark Jeweler Jewelers undergo a rigorous review to sell Forevermark eternal mark diamonds. They are selected for their integrity, professionalism and excellence, so as to ensure that each Forevermark? Eternal mark diamonds are truly natural precious diamonds, so the domestic and Forevermark? Eternal mark designed jewelry series, the price will be much higher.

Chow Tai Fook Forevermark eternal mark Swan diamond ornaments series, design inspiration from the noble, elegant swan image, its Smart wings, intertwined embrace each other, mutual affectionate view, perfect in the series presented; and Forevermark eternal mark Unique rare diamonds, it is the soul of this series, so that like a swan like poetry, only love the eternal story even more dazzling, so there are stories, and fashion novel jewelry series, the price of natural than Chow Tai Fook other series Jewelry more expensive.

The multiple effects of blue crystal

The multiple effects of blue crystal
Blue crystal is the most rare crystal on the market, many people used to sea blue as blue crystal, it is not true, blue crystal and Aquamarine or a certain gap. What is the role of blue crystal?
Blue crystal symbolizes carefree. Wearing blue crystals can be used as amulets, eliminate sorrow, remove evil, and enhance courage and wisdom; in the West, see it as a symbol of fertility and piety. Can increase a person’s wisdom and prudence, but also boiling water and anger of the coolant. Blue crystal is the birth of the stone in October, is the best gift to express friendship. People think that wearing blue crystals can be used as amulets, eliminate sorrow, remove evil, and enhance courage and wisdom; in the West, it is seen as a symbol of fertility and piety. Can increase a person’s wisdom and prudence, but also boiling water and anger of the coolant.
Crystal is the birth of the stone in October, is the best gift to express Cartier nail bracelet replica friendship. People think that wearing blue crystals can be used as amulets, eliminate sorrow, remove evil, and enhance courage and wisdom; in the West, it is seen as a symbol of fertility and piety. Can increase a person’s wisdom and prudence, but also boiling water and anger of the coolant.
Blue crystal symbolizes carefree. Have you heard the true crystal music of the natural crystal piano? In the “worry blue crystal” album, with a unique natural crystal piano, with violin, flute, erhu, guzheng and other knock out of colorful colorful crystal world. Crystal piano flashing light through the pure notes, soothing rhythm out of the blue crystal relaxed atmosphere, fresh, simple, natural, dirty piano, gently touch the people, flying notes and soft melody to lead you into the laughter Music paradise.
Blue crystal can solve the sorrow of people, especially as an angry refrigerant, can give us a very pleasant mood. For some of the grumpy people, be regarded as a good tranquilizer. Blue crystal can also play the role of evil spirits, in fact, this is the vast majority of the crystal of a common role, although the blue crystal evil spirits are not as strong as those of the typical evil spirits crystal, but it is also in a sense Can play for us to remove the disease of the gas, wearing a blue crystal can also play a role in the body, at least to enhance the body!
Blue crystal in particular to the human mind to play a very good role, it can enhance our thinking agility, and can make people become more shrewd, able to give people the true sense of wisdom.
The essence of white crystal is actually quartz, all white crystals are quartz, but not all of the quartz are white crystal. From the aesthetic imitation Cartier love bracelet point of view to distinguish between the opaque called quartz, and transparent called white crystal.
White crystal natural line shape has a considerable number of types, there are the most common block, there are hexagonal columnar, columnar clusters of white crystal clusters, overlapping growth and the formation of the backbone and so on. White crystal original stone contains ice cream, clouds, etc. connotation, completely transparent white crystal is generally small size, large volume and completely transparent white crystal price is very high, pure and flawless white crystal and glass Like the white crystal fake on the market up, do not know how to distinguish, completely transparent white crystal to try not to buy, you can buy a little cotton or ice, these are natural crystal natural characteristics.
Red hair crystal, also known as red crystal, containing the reticular rutile, like a delicate hair gently wrapped together. Red hair crystal corresponding to the sea round, beneficial to the reproductive organs, but also can help treat gynecological diseases, dysmenorrhea, to reconcile qi and blood, especially for menopausal hormonal imbalance of female tone, to help cold, infertility, menopause weakness, low blood pressure, And other symptoms have improved significantly. In addition, the male prostate, bladder, nervous system also have some help.
Although the red hair is rich in energy and self-confidence, but it also contains a little anger, improper use of people is also a threat. So, when the seabed balance, we can choose a gentle crystal to wear, such as red agate, garnet and so on.
First, female friends, weak physique, blood is not adjustable, it is recommended should be a lot of Fake Cartier love bracelet red hair crystal, to supplement the next three rounds (sea round, umbilical wheel, sun round) energy.
Second, not enthusiastic, generous, active, sexual cold phenomenon of female friends, even if there is no matter how good the appearance and body, it is not easy to get her husband, boyfriend’s favor, it is recommended to wear a lot of red hair to strengthen their vitality Charm, affinity.
Third, the female friends can hang the hair hanging in the lower part of the waist, you can wear a sleep, can treat women’s disease, menstrual pain, blood reconcile, menopausal hormonal disorders are also effective.

Gold and pearl so that luxury and restrained by Xianghui

Gold and pearl so that luxury and restrained by Xianghui
This pearl flower white pearl moist texture and gold frosted surface to form a strong contrast, gold to create the golden petals to pearl round Miaoman’s body exposed, simple and detailed shape makes it even more delicate texture. Exquisite swaying in your neck and fingertips, shiny fluorescent let you tender and beautiful, but not as general gold as arrogant, giving a gentle introverted beauty.

She has always felt that pearl jewelry is not good care, so it is rational not to buy pearl jewelry, but since it met, she can no longer rational, beautiful set of gold pearl jewelry, I wonder if you have also been graceful Temperament attracted
She will buy a year of the Lunar New Year, this year saw a lot are not Cartier nail bracelet replica satisfied, because they do not like cartoon version of the dragon, a few days ago did not intend to see this in this life, immediately by its fashion atmosphere temperament attract.

Gold and crystal combination, highlighting the golden character at the same time, more brilliant crystal out of the colorful. Its shape fashion chic, the use of the advantages of strong gold ductility, in the crystal to create a variety of patterns, so that gold is more style on the crystal.
This golden gold pendant, fine workmanship, different from the traditional zodiac, fashionable and unique, simple lines without losing the atmosphere, a symbol of wealth of gold and pure, noble crystal into one, bright brilliance, shiny.
Chow Sang Sang’s love series, with beautiful lines outline two delicate and meticulous love, exudes a deep love atmosphere, as if with the most secretly love to grow the most long love, to convey a happy and happy feeling, bring You sensual and exquisite life, always blooming pleasant light.

It loves the shape, with a unique jewelry language to show a romantic classic love story, passing the message of love. Full of shape, and like a golden heart-shaped chocolate, people can not help but want to taste it sweet taste.
To see other sisters who wear, intended to just want to see the results of the trial after she was no longer willing to take down, so he bought down. Very cute gold, hope you like.
The most splendid season of life, we can not be refined in the world to find such a unforgettable imitation Cartier love bracelet people, to accompany themselves to see the world impermanence, listen to the wind and water; holding each other’s hands, walk the road of life, in the quiet The world, the memories of those beautiful life encounter and accompany.

This is a symbol of good love “unforgettable” bow bones pendant with small bones modeling design, simple design, there is no lack of delicate and lovely, pink and tender meat bones, the love of the share of Smart and cute unguarded highlights , Frosted bones and polished bow tie echoes, highlighting the innocent temperament.

This is her unforgettable Valentine’s Day gift, see it at first glance let her think of the bull of the song: I am your little puppy, you are my bones, gently put you in the mouth to forever
“The angel” is the messenger of God, representing the holy, the good, the servant of the spirit, sent by the service of believers who believe in God, they have a beautiful face, pure personality, soft and noble wings, is a symbol of happiness and warmth.

Zhou Shengsheng this angel heart to the angel as the prototype, after the fashion, simplicity after carefully Fake Cartier love bracelet crafted, falling dust of the wizard, very cute, two elegant ball tassels to fly the posture more image, three-dimensional.

This is a netizen has just come back from Hong Kong’s beloved gold suite, very cute beautiful little angel, full of vigor Oh!

How to choose their own platinum necklace

How to choose their own platinum necklace
As the urban women love the baby and young people favorite accessories, platinum necklace always gives a beautiful luxury, magnificent feeling, how do we choose a suitable for their platinum necklace?

Select the necklace in general should pay attention to the following aspects:

1, consider the face of the factors

Long face type should choose short or double sets, three sets of style, if the choice of long necklace wear will make the face more elongated, it is necessary to consciously choose the medium length of the necklace, accompanied by appropriate clothing, so that the face “shortened ” Round face Cartier nail bracelet replica women do not choose the card neck necklace, it will make the round face more exaggerated, and therefore appropriate to make face “elongated”, the best choice for chain with pendant necklace.

2, according to the characteristics of the neck

The choice of the necklace to wear should be caused by Shen Shen error to make up for the lack of neck. Such as: neck long people to choose large and short necklace, so that it occupies a certain position in the neck, in the visual can reduce the length of the neck; short neck will have to choose small particles and long necklaces.

3, consider the length of the purchase necklace

The length of the necklace generally depends on the thickness of each neck, neck thick, necklace specifications to be longer; the other is shorter. But also according to their own preferences to choose the length of. Necklace specifications are mainly forty-five centimeters, forty-eight centimeters, fifty centimeters three. In addition, there is a kit necklace, such as pearl three sets of chains, ivory two sets of chain, it is composed of a number of necklaces, the length between them is inconsistent, like this necklace specifications is very difficult to set.

4, depending on the economic situation, see decorative effect

Generally believed that: on the older people to use the texture of fine, fine craft necklace as well; middle-aged to strong technology, texture mid-range is appropriate; and young people to choose the texture of good color, fashionable style is better.

5, check the necklace quality

In the purchase of the necklace, the first try to wear, check the chain of the arc is natural, such as the link between the twists and turns, wear will feel uncomfortable.

Second, straighten the necklace, pick up one hand with one hand, gently shaking, and then use the other hand to lift the other end of the chain, waiting for it in the air no longer shake to see if it was twist twisted up, whether or not A conspicuous knot, such as a necklace that is in a straight state. Finally, gently imitation Cartier love bracelet touch the nail with the nail, the beginning of the check whether the elasticity is good.
Palladium is pure, precious, eternal symbol, because of its physical properties and platinum similar to the original platinum jewelry as an additive element, until recently it was only as the main elements of the production of jewelry, palladium jewelry made not only With platinum-like natural Tiancheng charming glory, and withstand the tempered years, as long as new.

Palladium is relatively stable, can acid corrosion. Palladium is almost no impurities, high purity. Palladium pure is also very suitable for the skin, because with other metals containing impurities, the palladium will not cause skin allergies, the international jewelry industry began processing palladium platinum, as jewelry and decorative works of art, and gradually form a fashion trend.

Palladium has excellent physical and chemical properties, high temperature, corrosion resistance, wear resistance and has a strong stretch, in purity, degree of durability and durability, can be replaced with platinum, regardless of whether the production of jewelry alone or Inlaid precious stones, called the ideal material. Palladium jewelry is beautiful, from the ancient Greeks rich romantic fashion temperament and classical living mood, so that people get the beauty of the enjoyment.
Palladium jewelry maintenance

1, the first best to wear alone, so as not to wear each other.

2, jewelry items should be prevented from pulling, squeezing, collision, friction, do not wear should be a single item collection.

3, regular cleaning of palladium jewelry. This ensures that the jewelry exhibits the best Fake Cartier love bracelet luster and is more durable.

4, all precious metals are likely to leave scratches, palladium is no exception, if there are visible scratches, please palladium jewelry to repair qualified qualified jewelry store for polishing.

5, should try to avoid contact with bleach or irritating chemicals.

Diablo and fun jewelry people have to choose the same

Diablo and fun jewelry people have to choose the same
Whether you are going to “cut off” jewelry or superimposed jewelry, whether you are innocent love to fall in Hello Kitty, or flirtatious playing rock, in short, 2014 jewelry popular trend: either dark, or eye-catching, or Little fun. So that you can be called fashionable people.
Those who are “cut off” the
Those who are “cut off” the
Maison Martin Margiela, a well-known brand of bold and subversive ideas, has re-used the brand’s deconstruction, re-interpretation of the classic style of ornaments, launched a series of new jewelry, the series called Héritage The The new series of jewelry is characterized by the classic Replica Cartier jewelry style cut open half, or the stone deconstruction, so that the stones and the next frame frame apart. Precious stones are very delicate and exquisite workmanship, cut half of the design is also very neat and clean. The whole series is very eye-catching, not only did not lose the brand has always been a kind of style, also added a noble and gorgeous atmosphere.

Those who are playing in the fingers

Usually our common jewelry point fine ornaments for the earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets, brooches and hair accessories, and recently, unwilling to ordinary designers to break the dust of the same design, designed to wear between the fingers of the “between the fingers Quit “and hold in the palm of the” palm bracelet “, got everyone’s favorite, bring charming romantic refers to the exaggerated.

Those who love Hello Kitty

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of Hello Kitty, Japan’s well-known pearl brand Mikimoto (Mikimoto) with its cooperation launched Mikimoto x Hello Kitty jewelry series, the price from the lowest 50,000 yen (about RMB3000) to the highest 27 million yen (about RMB16 million) Ranging from This is known as the history of the most expensive Hello Kitty merchandise.

Those eye-catching flirtatious

Chiara Ferragni, the fashion blogger from Milan, Italy, has launched her latest collection of “Caia Jewels” and has personally published a large piece of jewelry advertising. “Caia Jewels” jewelry, to lips and teeth consisting mainly of a series of jewelry, red lips, white teeth with gold, to create eye-catching effect.

Those chilly rock

Saint Laurent (Saint Laurent) to metal-based, to create a rigid and glamorous temperament; Zadig & Voltaire is the trend of rock and roll, this type of jewelry is also the spring and summer season fashion jewelry choice.

Those who only pet black gem

Patricia Beck is the Brazilian model Patricia Beck (Patricia Beck) introduced the same name jewelry brand. In addition to metal as the main material, Patricia Beck also use black gemstones to create a series of unique design of jewelry. In addition to metal as the main material, Patricia Beck 2014 spring and summer jewelry advertising large, jewelry mainly metal,

Those who play the totem

Bvlgari (Bvlgari) new Intarsio series of exquisite design totem, once again vivid expression of the birthplace of Bulgari Mediterranean spirit. Round and square diamonds and agate, in the outline of the platinum inlaid into a harmonious combination of patterns, praised by the Arab-style theme of the impact of the Mediterranean architecture.
Deep crystal, subtle mysterious, timeless luxury jade ornaments with its exorcism, auspicious wealth of the meaning of the fashion industry will never fade the trend of becoming the eternal fashion people. Those carved with auspicious patterns of jade is a symbol of luck and happiness, as people say the blessing of jewelry. “Gentleman for no reason, jade does not go”, ancient and modern celebrities are its loyal fans who are loyal fans.
The origin and naming of emerald

Jade name has a variety of claims, one said from the birds, the birds of the feathers were red, the name of the birds, female feathers were green, named Kingfisher, collectively known as jade, so the industry has Fei for the public, The Another said that the ancient “Cui” specifically refers to the Xinjiang Hetian produced Hetian Jiyu, emerald into China, in order to distinguish with the Hotan jasper, called “non-Tsui”, gradually evolved into “emerald”.

Jade legend and good meaning
Since ancient times this has said: “wear gold was wealthy, Dai Yu Bao peace”, we can see that people give this gem a good wish. Transform this favor into a form. That is carving. Jade carving art is a rare treasure of Chinese culture, craftsmen carving art variety of shapes, including human landscape, animal and plant zodiac, the performance content of prayer for auspicious fortune, smooth sailing, safe and happy,

Jade origin and favored
Jade is very few countries of origin, only the United States, Japan, Russia, Myanmar and other countries, and Myanmar is the highest yield of the best quality of the country, so jade is also known as “Myanmar jade.” After the Qing Dynasty, a large number of Burmese tribute from Burma began to popular the palace. The emperor, the queen and the palace of the concubine with the chopsticks, pots, boxes and other daily necessities are mostly jade products, and the most famous love emerald was undoubtedly the Empress Dowager Cixi, can be described as crazy obsession is crazy.

Emerald falls on the chest
China has thousands of years of wear jade habits, the ancient wear of jade to avoid the evil of the argument. And wear jade there is a strong health effect: If the jade fall on the chest, close to the “dragon jaw”, “Shenfu” points, so that the body surface reaction point and pass through the sensory transmission phenomenon is particularly ideal. Because the acupuncture point is the body organs, meridian blood transfusion in the body surface of the site, it has both anti-disease and therapeutic effect. “Dragon jaw” and “Shenfu” in acupuncture is the prevention and treatment of chest tightness, heartache, stomach (stomach cold, vomiting, cramps, ulcers, etc.) the main point.

Emerald ring placed in the middle finger

Jade bracelet placed in the wrist

Similarly, if the clam stickers close to the “Neiguan”, “God door”, “Tongli”, “high bone” and other points, on the peace of mind soothe the nerves, Shujin active role; Jade ring ring in the middle finger ” , “Correct”, “Zhongping” and other acupuncture points, help to enhance the digestive system function, prevention Cartier love ring replica and treatment of the stomach, vomiting and so on.

Jade bracelet placed in the wrist
If you wear jade bracelets, you can adjust the points on the wrist, such as Neiguan, customs and so on. Through the bracelet friction and weight, will be for the Neiguan, external and other points to produce a role, to promote blood circulation to accelerate the arm, soften the blood vessels to help the body toxins, treatment of frozen shoulder and so on.

27 emerald jade beads from the late Qing court
Hong Kong Sotheby’s will be held on April 7 in the magnificent jewelry and jade jewelry spring auction, presented from the legendary ladies and famous collectors ─ ─ Barbara Hutton (Barbara Hutton, 1912-1979) old natural possession Jade beads necklace, is expected to traded at more than 100 million Hong Kong dollars / 12.8 million US dollars, the necklace on the 27 believe that the emperor from the late Qing Dynasty emerald jade beads prominent, magnificent stars, necklace itself is removed in the Western high society, known as the history of the auction The most expensive jade jewelry.

Old pit emerald jade beads to prime expensive
Carved jade has always been prime for you, and round the crystal beads of jade is able to show the beauty of superior jade; this necklace on the old pit jade jade beads is such a quality, its color is thick and not tough, soft but not thin, run and not Greasy, called Yu green and bright, with a breathtaking shock of the charm. In general, the achievements of a superior emerald beads to be cut than the bead chain itself to more than three times the beads for selection, and if the quality is matched, the beads must be derived from the same piece of the original stone, Expansive rare. As the old porcelain jade emerald rare stone, the volume is often not large, so to create the emerald jade beads diameter is generally limited to 5 to 10 mm, and this chain of 27 huge jade beads diameter of at least 15.40 mm, the largest one More to 19.20 mm, and stars rounded match, such as grapes like crystal to drop, the absolute weight of amazing, filled with imperial style.

Cartier’s diamond diamond chain buckle
In addition to the extraordinary quality of jade beads, the necklace also reflects the Cartier at the beginning of the last century to play most vividly decorated Art (Art Deco) style, people talked about. At that time Jade emerge in Western countries, some senior jewelers such as Cartier immediately in its innovative design in the face of jade elements, showing another level of luxury. At that time Cartier for this string of jade beads designed ruby diamond chain buckle, its simple geometric shapes, and bold red and green color contrast, fully embodies the early twentieth century decorative arts style, but also highlights the elegant jade charm, Beautiful and moving; and red in the Chinese culture symbolizes auspicious festive, for this green jade beads beads icing on the cake.

Elegant and elegant beads of jade jewelry is one of the most popular classic style, from ancient times have been greatly distinguished by your celebrities, Empress Dowager Cixi, Chiang Kai-shek’s wife Song Meiling, and the taste of the famous foreign diplomat Gu Weijun lady Huang Cui-lan are among the The best.

It is important to understand the results of the emerald certificate

How to understand the identification of emerald certificate results:

First, only natural A goods, will be issued the result is “Jade” certificate.

Second, if it is B goods emerald, in the certificate of the identification of a result will be marked “Jade (processing)”, “Jadeite (plastic)”, “Jade (B goods)” or “Jade (optimization)”.

Third, C goods emerald, will be marked “emerald (dyeing)”.

Fourth, D goods emerald, in the identification of a certificate results, will not appear “emerald” words, what substitutes, to indicate the name of this substitute, such as “artificial glass”, “stained quartzite”, ” Xiuyu “,” Malay jade “and so on.

Fifth, the certificate should be one by one correspondence, that is, a thing a certificate, and the certificate should have the goods of the picture and weight.

Although some things from a piece of raw materials, the appearance looks very similar, but the jade jewelry is not exactly the same. A thing with a certificate, and can not prove the quality of the bulk of things. Some businesses in order to save costs, only one as a sample of the certificate, the photos on the goods and the object is also very similar, it can not conclude that they sold the goods are natural, this approach does not meet the state regulations.

Sixth, some of the basic physical, chemical, optical characteristics of jade should also be marked on the certificate. To have the signature of the inspectors, and the most important thing is that the certificate should have stamped or anti-counterfeit signs.

Pearl Pampers Apennine

European eyes of the Chinese luxury goods market: the proportion of consumption accounted for 29% of the world,
19 years ago, the term luxury for the Chinese people, is still a strange word, when the people of luxury goods purchasing power is only 1% -2% of the global consumption ratio. However, 19 years later, the Chinese people on the international consumer goods market, has become important. 2013 data show that the Chinese luxury consumption accounted for 29% of the world’s proportion. In the foreseeable future, this proportion will continue to rise.

July 4, the Italian luxury goods industry association vice chairman Armando Branchini with multiple reports, the interpretation of the digital changes behind the secret, but also the overall trend of luxury goods in-depth analysis. In the digital dynamics, we can see the luxury of the past and the future, but also a glimpse of the development of luxury goods, “popular password.”

Pearl Pampers Apennine

For the world’s luxury lovers, the European continent is their holy places. Europe in the global luxury goods industry manufacturing accounted for 70% of the brandless myth of the brand and a steady stream of new supply, laid the European luxury goods industry in the absolute right to speak. The luxury goods industry, which provides employment directly to 100 million people throughout Europe, has created more than 1.7 million jobs. Among them, located in the Apennine peninsula of Italy, the luxury goods Cartier nail bracelet replica industry to create employment opportunities accounted for one third of the whole of Europe, called executive ears.

In Italy, the proportion of luxury goods exports higher than the European average, exports of luxury goods accounted for 85% of the total. Not only the Italian luxury goods in their own production, many other countries in Europe, luxury goods will also be located in Italy. Whether it is shoes, handbags, leather goods, or men’s, women’s, jewelry, you can find the Italian label.

Gathered in Italy, these luxury goods companies to Gucci (Gucci) as the representative, almost led the trend of the whole of Europe, a luxury lover living standards of the benchmark, “making the world’s living standards and taste of consumers improved” , The report said so.

Data show that in the world, Italy personal luxury consumer market accounted for 25% of the share. Italian furniture in the world luxury furniture market accounted for 80% of the share. In addition, consumption of food and beverages accounted for 23%, luxury cars accounted for 3% of the world’s luxury cars in the world’s consumption accounted for 10%.

Global luxury goods consumption in 20 years over 3 times

Since 1995, the Italian luxury goods industry associations each year according to the global luxury goods market research, released a research report. The report shows that in 2013, the total consumption of personal luxury goods throughout the world is 217 billion euros. This figure has tripled in less than 20 years.

Armando Branchini, vice president of the Italian luxury goods industry association, said that in 2012, Asia’s luxury consumption has cooled, mainly because of the Chinese government’s anti-corruption and advocacy initiatives, while the Americas has maintained a three-year rally. For the Asian market, he said that although China’s domestic consumption has cooled, but Hong Kong and Macao momentum is good, in addition to many Chinese tourists are also willing to choose overseas consumption.

Compared to China, South Korea’s consumption level is weak, but the growth trend is stronger than imitation Cartier love bracelet Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines and other Southeast Asian countries, “the Middle East we are still very optimistic about the Middle East luxury consumption of 40% from tourists.”

In the world, Armando Branchini focused on several emerging luxury consumer countries, such as Angola, Nigeria, Australia and New Zealand. He believes that tourism is driving the growth of luxury consumption in these countries the underlying causes.

Chinese consumers account for 29% of the world’s total

In the luxury classification study, the Italian luxury goods industry association research report also reveals the following interesting laws.

The report data show that in 2013, luxury goods in the first sale of more than clothing. Clothing sales fell slightly, from 26% to 25%. Jewelry and watches accounted for 23% of the share, cosmetics accounted for 20%, leather goods sales have increased. At the same time, the men’s market gains gratifying: men’s and men’s accessories sales in recent years, far more than women’s clothing.

In the introduction of data research, Armando Branchini highlighted China, he expects 2014, the Chinese mainland market is expected to reach 16 billion consumer value.

Armando Branchini said that in the past 35 years, he had 96 visits to China, witnessed China from the 80s of last century so far great changes. He said that the consumption of luxury consumers in China, the domestic market consumption is 10%, and the remaining 19% refers to the Chinese consumers to overseas shopping, “from the price point of view, can be understood as the Chinese people in the country to buy A table of the price can be bought in foreign countries two tables. The main reason is domestic and foreign, the same a product, the price difference. He believes that in China, first-line, second-line and third-line market conditions are not the same, the first-line market is relatively low, second-tier cities grow faster, and in three markets there is the same phenomenon: we can afford the luxury products, it The consumption has increased greatly.

“We are the first time since two years ago to do this nationality survey, found that the proportion of Chinese consumers accounted for a high in 2012, Chinese consumers in terms of personal luxury consumption, accounting for the proportion of the whole world 25 %, This figure has reached 29% in 2013.

Armando Branchini said that China’s luxury market changes quickly, “the beginning of the consumer to buy luxury goods is particularly willing to show off their own, the money is willing to show it now consumers are more mature, prefer low-key luxury. Are willing to wear a large standard, a look to know which brand of luxury goods, and now relatively low-key, hoping to put their name abbreviated to get up. ”

Armando Branchini pointed out that the process in Russia, spent 25 years, for US consumers and Japanese consumers, the process took 20 years, while the Chinese consumer changes only took 15 years.

But also because of this, the luxury giants also become concerned about the Chinese market and Chinese culture, the famous brand Si Jia proud of the person in charge, the company has a product in China hot, “the above is decorated with butterflies, butterflies in China Of the tradition which is a symbol of love, a symbol of happiness, so made a particularly big success.

Three tips for brand maintenance

For luxury goods in the long-term pre-judgment, the Italian luxury goods industry associations believe imitation Cartier love bracelet that luxury consumption in the next 10 years to 15 years will continue to maintain steady growth is expected to grow at an annual rate of 5% to 6%, the report said: From the rate of return on investors, the investment rate to invest in luxury goods industry than the other projects to invest higher. ”

This positive judgment is based on the association’s professional research. Armando Branchini himself is an economist. After the establishment of the Italian Luxury Association in 1995, he published eight market analysis reports every year and cooperated with world famous research companies. Such as data research report, is the cooperation with Bain; digital media on the impact of luxury report, is to cooperate with the McKinsey company; luxury consumption research report, with BCG to cooperate; fashion retail report, association is with Italy Well-known economic class Bocconi cooperation – Armando Branchini I also Bokoni vocational education.

From the sparkling simple luxury, to the high-end complex luxury goods, consumer grade is rising. Under the impact of consumer tide, high-end luxury brands should maintain their own brand value. Armando Branchini that, want to do this, we must grasp the three factors: first of all to maintain the tradition and heritage, followed by an update, the last is the value of the brand must have the connotation and consistency.

Armando Branchini said that today’s high-speed growth in the market, the company wants to do these three points is not easy, which is very important, the company’s decision-making must be aware that the company is a living, if a decision error, will affect the company’s future development of. He said: “I personally think that the butterfly home in this area is very successful, has been a very low-key brand publicity .2001, Kaiyun Group decided to buy the butterfly home when the butterfly home market value is 10 million euros last year Its market value has risen to 10 billion euros. Growth so fast the company, not only in the luxury goods industry, in other consumer goods industry is also difficult to find. ”

Gucci’s global president and chief executive officer, Patrizio di Marco, agrees with the importance of the brand. He said that for each brand, each brand has its own genes, their own DNA, their own value, their own history, as well as staff, “This is an indispensable factor.”

style beauty to create this summer fashion

Cinderella: style beauty to create this summer fashion
Deep and elegant autumn and winter, if the lack of colorful, modeling stunning jewelry, it will inevitably bleak a lot of jewelry designers did not let us down.

Let us share this year’s autumn and winter jewelry feast how? Jewels are still, but more fairy tale romantic and maverick black and white. And those special materials, exaggerated design and full of charm of the round combination, let us appreciate the long-lost oriental atmosphere.

Cinderella fairy tale country

Who says jewelry only represents vanity? As Cinderella’s dream, jewelry should be full of pink memories of the fairy tale country.

Such as Van Cleef & Arpels, Bvlgari, such as Oxette, Swarovski, all will be Replica Cartier jewelry pure in the end, light your heart. Double butterfly ring, colored gem double flower ring and Dior Debutante series, jewelry as if with the soul, to express a kind of Cinderella fairy tale miss. So dreamlike jewelry, rich jewelry fun – let a woman into a girl.
These complicated design of the jewelry if the mix in the simple and low-profile autumn and winter new clothes, will be warm and pleasant intimate pen.

Overlapping to wear the fairy tale jewelry is no longer naive

Flowers, grass, pink color, full of fairy tale-like taste, simply wearing a fairy tale element with a necklace or bracelet, it will look too naive, but a number of necklaces or bracelets to wear, Is a combination of multiple color blocks, near the details are full of changes.
This year is very popular small animal brooch, they are not in the cuffs, hem or handbags and other seemingly inadvertently position to meet your little girl like a playful mood. And then buy some small ornaments decorated to sandals or ankles, even more different.

Wear such jewelry do not wear color too fancy clothing, this will take away the limelight jewelry, so that you seem to have no focus on the whole.

Cinderella trend demonstration

Speaking of fairy tales must not be separated from the beautiful princess, gorgeous flowers and lovely little animals. 06/07 fairy tale style is no exception, the form of jewelry than in previous years more fairy tale color. This year’s three-dimensional style is particularly prominent, K gold bracelet inlaid with raised “rose gold” three-dimensional flowers, with a flexible way to make the little bracelet, the ring has been unlimited stretch space. Large and thick golden petals highlight the personality, added a bit more luxurious. Due to the use of gold thread into the petals increased the volume, so that the whole ring is more heavy. Q version of the small ladybug, small donkey studded with broken drill, given the body of these small animal Aura. Looks like a gold rope necklace, but it is gold thread woven fine wire mesh, coupled with the same texture of flowers, hastily “pendant”, this year “luxury and not publicity” design concept so perfect. Which are for the improvement of traditional materials into a new vitality. 06/07 fairy tale princess is no longer Sentimental, her life has added a little luxury.
French top jewelry brand Van Cleef & Arpels has created a love for the source of inspiration – the new marriage series of jewelry.

Nature has always been Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry design inspiration source, and Fleurette series is a beautiful proof. Fleytte series of jewelry from the distance to show the luxury diamonds temperament, sleek appearance in the flashing bright light; from the near to see the Fleurette series of elegant and elegant flower design, like just collecting flowers.

White K gold or yellow gold material inlaid with central flower-shaped round drill and around the surrounding petals diamond ornaments, evoke thousands of vivid images. Fleurette series with necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets. The whole set of jewelry like a blossoming flowers with a combination of charming bouquets, passing the infinite passion honey.

Snowflake snow series has a variety of different design of the ring, earrings, bracelets and necklaces, including platinum Cartier love ring replica bracelet classic. The bracelet is made of delicate platinum, the piece of snow by the top D.E.F. grade diamond inlay made. Snowflake series using the top of the bracelet so that the softness of the bracelet can fully meet the wrist ergonomic curvature, simple and comfortable.

Folie des Prés series is a series of small wild flowers theme, flowers are carefully designed as asymmetrical arrangement. The preparation of the gem mosaics is extremely important and difficult in the Folie des Prés series: because they must be arranged in a piece-by-piece fashion so that they can mark the exact location of the mosaic workers for mosaic.

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