Porsche POSCER watch how much money the price
Is designed to manufacture, manufacture and sell as one, adhering to the “my life ahead of ten minutes” brand concept, advocate positive, young, to explore the value of life attitude, in the life of the brand, Design and technology focus on innovation, artistic aesthetic. So how much is the price of the Porsche watch?
Porsche brand adhering to the “people-oriented, market-oriented, technology-based” principle, in the staff vigorously promote the “unity and cooperation, innovation” spirit, it is by virtue of this pragmatic spirit, Czech brand in the fierce competition in the market which is in a dominant position.
Since its inception, Porsche has made full use of strong technical force, advanced equipment, with its keen, extraordinary concept design to produce a series of classic, luxurious, stylish watches. And now in the market price of Porsche watches about 200 yuan – 7,000 range range!
Radar RADO watch 120.0281.3 how much money the price
Radar RADO watches, table friends are not unfamiliar. Together with the radar will think imitation Cartier love bracelet of “radar never wear” advertising language! Radar was born in 1917, when the main production watch movement.
In 1957, the Swiss Rado table produced the first batch of watches named “Swiss Radar”. In 1962, the Swiss Rado table produced the world’s first batch of wearable watch – oval “diamond star” watch, for the future development of the Swiss radar table laid the foundation. Today we introduce you to a radar RADO watch 120.0281.3. Take a look!
RADO radar watch 120.0281.3, high-tech ceramic material by the fashion industry as a “luxury” of new materials, not only because it has a very high wear resistance and is widely used in medical, aerospace and other high-tech fields, It is because of its natural “skin-friendly” sex. High-tech ceramics are lightweight, low-allergenic materials that can be quickly adjusted to body temperature by means of lower thermal conductivity, and its texture is light, soft to the touch, easy to allergies, like a second skin, Unparalleled comfort. In the domestic market radar RADO watch 120.0281.3 series watch the price of about 11000 or so!
What is the brand of the watch
RD is what brand of watches? This issue is the majority of new table friends asked one of the more problems? Many of the longer name of the watch brand will generally use the short name, but also to people who do not understand some inconvenience. Let the watch home to tell you the following!
RD is the abbreviation of Roven Dino. ROVEN DINO series of watches with traditional, stylish, sports series and ultra-thin variety of design, with a full set of Swiss high-precision movement, timing accuracy. To watch the famous master of the design, superb craft heritage, to ensure first-class quality.
The Vatican Dino watch is a well-known brand located in the scenery of the Swiss St.-Smith town of DHC +. Each of the Roman Vatican watches are designed by the Swiss teacher unique ingenuity of the design, the use of fine materials and superb surface treatment, to create a pure European and American style, unique and elegant style of the Vatican Dino watch. Luo Vatican series of watches with traditional, stylish, sports series and ultra-thin variety of design, with a full set of Swiss high-precision movement, timing accuracy. Luo Van Replica Cartier jewelry Gundy male table uninhibited and beautiful female table by the United States, Taiwan, mainland and many other consumers of all ages, especially senior white-collar workers or a certain social status of people’s favorite.
The scenery of the Swiss St.. Iraq town, watchmakers with ingenious design, superb technology, pay attention to the precise core set and innovative technology and avant-garde elements, to create both pure European and American style, oriental charm and not Modern fashionable spirit of the ROVEN DINO series watch.
Areou Ollini watch waterproof?
Onlyou is “only” and “you” acronym, meaning “the heart only you”, a symbol of love for the persistent pursuit and loyalty. “Time for you to witness”, that love can stand the test of time, reflecting the oriental subtle character. Then onlyou Ollini watch waterproof?
How can the watch is not waterproof
Watch the waterproof to rely on the table mirror, back cover, the head of the waterproof apron and reach the appropriate standards. All waterproof tables are played on the bottom cover “WATER
(3ATM, 3 Atmospheric) Waterproof watch, can be used for daily grooming or use in the rain, that is, water droplets only splashing, the water can only be used for daily use, On the surface without any water pressure on the table .50 meters waterproof table can be applied to swimming and general household chores, 100 meters waterproof table can be used for swimming and diving and other underwater work.
Watch waterproof rating
General watch waterproof specifications are divided into the following: 30 meters, 50 meters, 100 meters, 300 meters, 500 meters.
30 meters: refers to the general life of water, that is, when the water splash on hand washing, as well as the rain www.ourlovestore.com when the rain falling, but attention can not be too long, not in the sauna room to wear.
50 meters: and 30 meters no difference, you can ignore.
100 meters: you can take him to wash the car, shower, but not soaked in water.
300 meters: can swim activities, but only for shallow swimming. Do not be understood as being at 300 meters.
500 meters: this level can sneak into the water, if I remember correctly, that is, about 1,200 look, may also be more, but do not follow the established value as to do, maybe it is your watch Can withstand the limit, so do not use this method to test the table performance.