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Aiqi watches Yonghong watches and clocks the company mainly produces quartz into a table

Casio watches represent the vitality of the young, fashion, multi-functional, its brand image has been deeply rooted. Casio company has always been the leading skills in the same peer, over the years will have a breakthrough in skills, high, refined, sharp technology combined with new LCD technology, the appropriate use of wrist on the meter, and constantly improve the level of development on the wrist. So what about Casio watches in Hong Kong?
Is it cheap to buy Casio watches in Hong Kong?
For the price of Casio watches, the market price varies. And Hong Kong as a watch sales of the protection, there are many well-known table line. In Hong Kong, the price of Casio watches, including bracelets and other accessories compared with the Chinese mainland is indeed cheaper, Hong Kong and the mainland Cartier love bracelet replica price ratio of about 1: 1.5 or so.
As from Hong Kong to Shenzhen need to customs, but also in accordance with the relevant provisions of the customs, to carry the list purchased in Hong Kong to pay 20% of the invoice value of the tax. So in Hong Kong shopping before buying a list must be a good price to see if the price in Hong Kong plus 20% is cost-effective
EYKI Aiqi table was founded in 2000, is China’s watch brand Guangzhou Yong Hong Table Industry Technology Development Co., Ltd.’s watch brand. Mainly in the high-end fashion bracelet table, bracelet table, crystal stone table, waterproof series table mainly to colorful strap, diamonds, literally with a variety of full display of the wearer’s fashion taste, completely change the watch a single function , Into an ornament.
Authentic Echo couple watch how, Ichi couple table recommended
EYKI how to watch?
Aiqi watches Yonghong watches and clocks, the company mainly produces quartz into a table, alloy case, from the product development, mold Department, die-casting department, the bottom cover, the case of production, into the table to develop research, Supporting, for the majority of merchants to provide “high quality prices should be convenient and efficient” service. The strength of the manufacturer, but also from a certain point of view Aiqi watch quality extraordinary.
EYKI Aiqi watch couple table recommended
Authentic Echo couple watch how, Ichi couple table recommended
Genuine Archie 2015 new couple table male watch waterproof fashion designer diamond ladies watch quartz female watch on the table
Brand: Aiqi Model: 8599 Movement Type: Quartz Watch Type: Couple Watch Style: Fashion Trend Strap Material: Genuine Leather Color Classification: Silver Shell Brown Face Female Deep Khaki Pie Silver Shell Brown Face Male Waterproof Depth: 50m Origin: China Case Material: Alloy
Many men have said that to accompany a woman shopping is very tired of one thing, shopping to a few hours or even half a day, the last day can be harvested also can tolerate Met some female friends, only shopping do not buy, is simply very painful. In addition to the need to buy items, many people regard this behavior as a pastime, or even that is a vent, a kind of communication, beauty is a woman’s nature, in the selection, try to wear , Appreciation of the process has been to meet most of their heart needs. Moreover, many female Fake Cartier love bracelet partners about friends shopping, but also to increase the feelings and exchanges between each other. Regardless of clothes, bags, jewelry or watch, can arouse their interest. Watch, is also included in the women’s shopping list of one of the items, some of the watch a lot of money, and more to see is always easy to pick, and then, watch home to bring you three ladies watch, only for reference.
Longines Waltz Series – Rose Gold Diamond Watch

Watch comments: to mention Longines, more people think of the words are equestrian, elegant, refined. This table from the Longines in the 2015 Basel watch rounds of the new series, the introduction of this section of the table so that people pay more attention to Ms. Longines watch, so soft posture once again return to the ladies watch. Smooth oval-shaped case interpretation of elegant female life, sketched out the curve for women’s wrist, a circle of gorgeous diamonds through artificial mosaic, dotted with rose gold case, make this watch more gorgeous and elegant. Through the sapphire crystal glass, with a glossy pearl mother of pearl dial decorated with diamond time scale, Longines classic flying wing hourglass flag is located at 12 o’clock position, slender time pointer to turn out the time of the track, it can not resist the kind of soft attitude.
And after a carefully modified strap is to watch the whole more beautiful, and the black belt more skin-friendly, comfortable to wear. Finally, the watch has XS, S, M and L four sizes to meet the needs of different consumers, Longines waltzes series watch built-in quartz movement, to ensure that the watch’s precise travel time.
Table Comments: Since its establishment in 1830, the watch list adhering to the Swiss watch tradition, induced design inspiration, to produce a series of unique, elegant boutique. Celebrity Ling Ni series of women’s watch is characterized by the replacement of the strap, to meet the different fashion with women, the designer’s thought is very thoughtful. This watch number is MOA10036, 27mm diameter is very suitable for women slender wrist. Silver steel case after a detailed polished satin polished, making the metal to reflect the glory of the most vividly. The outside of the bezel has an Arabic numerals, and the internal dial has a bar-shaped time scale so that the time display is clear and the calendar display window is at the 6 o’clock position.
Case and strap links are also very special, making the watch looks more slender small, fit the wrist. Light brown calfskin strap, with a good texture, with a white suture, wearing generous and beautiful. This watch has a waterproof performance of 50 meters, enough to meet the daily needs of the wearer. This table is very good results, whether it is daily wear or office workers, are worth having.
Table Comments: US degrees, since entering the Chinese market has been concerned about a variety of Cartier love ring replica styles and different levels of the price to meet more consumers for the Swiss table of desire. Recommended this lady for the reasons for the United States there are two points, the first appearance of this watch fashion appearance, the second is that this table of long power. From the appearance of view, mercerized polished 316L stainless steel PVD plated rose gold case, with rice white calfskin leather strap, wearing comfortable skin care, while the whole of this table has a faint retro atmosphere. 33 mm small size, very suitable for women’s wrist, white pearl mother of pearl dial with a romantic luster, dial inlaid eight gorgeous diamonds sparkling, there are three Roman numerals scale. In the walk on the three rose gold pointer smart Smart, in the wrist dripping bit by bit. The round date window is at the 6 o’clock position, so that the time display at a glance.
In the power of the bright spot, this US DONNA Caliber 80 long power reserve ladies watch equipped with Caliber 80 automatic movement, is the first US with long power reserve function of the female watch. Caliber 80 automatic movement to strictly comply with the US standard, power storage up to 80 hours, even if the three days without wearing can still be accurate travel time. Unfortunately, the price of new products is still unknown, like a friend please look forward to it
Summary: pick a suitable watch, can be said to be a project. In addition to those who spend big hands and feet of the rich people, most people in the purchase of the table, or will continue to compare, to measure, in order to buy a cost-effective watch. Although the sensitivity of women for mechanical watches may be lower than the men, but the requirements will not be reduced, based on women for beautiful, small, stylish requirements, the above recommended for the ladies of three different types of watches, or fashion , Or retro, or simple, you can find the heart of the watch home belongs to, love.

The difference between a wedding ring and a wedding ring

The difference between a wedding ring and a wedding ring
Wedding rings and wedding rings are the marriage process must have props, there are many people do not know the relationship between the wedding ring and wedding ring, do not know whether the two for the same ring. In fact, wedding rings and wedding rings are two completely different concepts, wedding rings and wedding rings What is the difference? Here to give you about the marriage ring and wedding ring to find the difference, we can understand!
The difference between a wedding ring and a wedding ring – is essentially different
Marriage ring is the man to the woman to marry when presented by the love keepsake, hope that the other party can accept your love, and you go into the marriage hall, usually unilateral gift, generally a single diamond-based; wedding ring is a new In the wedding ceremony, the bride and groom exchange the ring, the bride and groom need to wear at the wedding ceremony for each other as a symbol of marriage, representing the moment from wearing the ring will always accept, trust each other, bless new imitation Cartier love bracelet people can work together Happy life, usually a group of men and women on the ring

The difference between a wedding ring and a wedding ring is different
Marriage rings are the same inside and outside France, are generally worn on the left hand, to the outside world that they have been married or have been engaged, other boys have no chance; and wedding ring inside and outside France is not the same. Wedding ring in foreign countries, regardless of men and women, generally worn on the left hand nameless; and the domestic follow the “male left female right tradition”, the groom’s wedding ring on the left hand ring finger, the bride wear on the right hand ring finger.

The difference between the wedding ring and the wedding ring – the material is different
The most striking difference between a wedding ring and a wedding ring is that the wedding ring will be inlaid with a prominent gem, the traditional gem is a diamond. Like rubies, emeralds, sapphires and other colored gemstones will often be set in the wedding ring; wedding ring is the traditional gold or platinum made of two rings, the couple’s wedding ring will try to keep the style similar to the men’s marriage The ring is usually not inlaid with precious stones, but there are some diamonds that will be mosaiced in small carats. Many modern women choose a wedding ring will be like inlaid with some diamonds or colored stones, but the mosaic of precious stones are usually smaller, so not like a wedding ring as a large carat inlaid precious stones.

The difference between the wedding ring and the wedding ring – the design is different
As the wedding ring is the man to the woman to marry when used, so the style of the design style is more luxurious, the ring will be more sophisticated materials. In general, the wedding ring in the marriage life of the woman does not often wear, but in attending a major occasion with clothing to wear; wedding ring is generally not easy to take off, in the life of marriage will often wear, so its style design Will be relatively simple, mainly to comfort-based, the ring will generally be engraved on the date of marriage, the abbreviation of two names and other symbols of love letters and so on.

The difference between a wedding ring and a wedding ring – the price is different
From the wedding ring and wedding ring design and material differences, we know that wedding rings are generally more luxurious and precious, the material is relatively expensive; relatively speaking, the wedding ring will be some ordinary. So in general, the price of wedding rings is much higher than the wedding ring, of course, this is only a general situation, as long as you like, your wedding ring price is higher than the marriage ring, others have no right to say anything.

What is the difference between a wedding ring and a wedding ring? Above the inventory of wedding rings and wedding ring difference, you now have to find out the relationship between the two? In fact, whether it is a wedding ring or wedding ring are of great significance, are carrying each other’s loyalty and love of love Oh!
What is the platinum ring style? Platinum ring, is made of platinum ring, gold content must be more than 85%, because it can be called platinum. Tough and precious platinum ring pure and beautiful, is the absolute carrier of the true feelings of love, is a kind of faith faithful! So, what is the platinum ring style?
What is the platinum ring style? Platinum rings are very many styles, from different purposes to points, platinum ring style male ring, women’s ring, marriage ring, couple ring and other styles; from the presence of inlaid diamonds, prime style and diamond style; From the complexity of the points, there are simple style and luxury style; from the mosaic way to points, platinum ring is a single drill style and group inlaid style, claw-style, micro-style,
Which is the platinum wedding ring? Each platinum wedding ring, are designed by the designers Replica Cartier jewelry step by step, each with its own characteristics and the bright spot. And everyone likes the ring, will be different, some people like simple, some people like luxury, so everyone’s feeling will be different, their favorite, suitable for their own platinum ring style, is good.
Which is the platinum wedding ring? For platinum wedding ring gold, if it is to facilitate future maintenance, then choose non-smooth platinum ring style, will be better than the smooth style, will be easier to scratch, maintenance is also more convenient.
If it is inlaid platinum wedding ring, it is a single diamond style will be better than the luxury style, because the high purity of platinum at the same time, the hardness will be low, the material is relatively soft, inlaid single drill style can be fixed very well if Inlaid luxury group inlay style, there are the risk of small drill.
Is it cheap to buy a wedding ring in Hong Kong? Whether the cheap is relative, such as the same week Chow Tai Fook home ring, in Hong Kong to buy, will certainly be cheaper than in the Mainland, other brands are the same, because Hong Kong is a tax-free city, minus the tax, the ring price will be cheaper. And relative to brands such as Zoacai, the other brands in Hong Kong to buy wedding rings, the price may be more expensive. Because Zoacai wedding ring cost is very high, the price is also very favorable, quality is also guaranteed.
Is it cheap to buy a wedding ring in Hong Kong? Compared with the brand, it will be cheaper, the bigger the brand, because the exchange rate and tax reasons, will be cheaper. But if different brands compared to buy wedding rings in Hong Kong is not cheap, such as Chow Sang Sang contrast Zuo Kayi, Cartier contrast Chow Tai Fook and so on.

Is it cheap to buy a wedding ring in Hong Kong? Hong Kong is a free trade area, many import and export commodity tariffs much lower than the mainland, so things will be sold in Hong Kong cheaper than the mainland. Buy jewelry diamonds are the same, the same level and size of the wedding ring in Hong Kong will be cheaper to buy some, but some big brands in order to maintain price balance, commodity prices will not be too far from the mainland.
Where is the Hong Kong buy ring? In Hong Kong to buy a ring can go to Luk Fook, Chow Sang Amulette de Cartier Bracelet Replica Sang, Chow Tai Fook, Xie Ruilin are good, if you want to buy international big, you can go to Cartier, Tiffany, Bulgari and so on. The price of the words to go this week, these are still relatively affordable Taihuo. Cartier Although the price cheaper than the mainland, but for ordinary people, or very expensive!

Where is the Hong Kong buy ring? In Hong Kong to buy a ring can go to Mong Kok Nathan Road and Tsim Sha Tsui, or Causeway Bay, Central, etc., there are many large shopping centers, which will have the major brands of stores, buy a ring at the same time, but also the way the cosmetics, skin care Goods, clothes, bags and so on to buy friends, or more convenient!

Gold and pearl so that luxury and restrained by Xianghui

Gold and pearl so that luxury and restrained by Xianghui
This pearl flower white pearl moist texture and gold frosted surface to form a strong contrast, gold to create the golden petals to pearl round Miaoman’s body exposed, simple and detailed shape makes it even more delicate texture. Exquisite swaying in your neck and fingertips, shiny fluorescent let you tender and beautiful, but not as general gold as arrogant, giving a gentle introverted beauty.

She has always felt that pearl jewelry is not good care, so it is rational not to buy pearl jewelry, but since it met, she can no longer rational, beautiful set of gold pearl jewelry, I wonder if you have also been graceful Temperament attracted
She will buy a year of the Lunar New Year, this year saw a lot are not Cartier nail bracelet replica satisfied, because they do not like cartoon version of the dragon, a few days ago did not intend to see this in this life, immediately by its fashion atmosphere temperament attract.

Gold and crystal combination, highlighting the golden character at the same time, more brilliant crystal out of the colorful. Its shape fashion chic, the use of the advantages of strong gold ductility, in the crystal to create a variety of patterns, so that gold is more style on the crystal.
This golden gold pendant, fine workmanship, different from the traditional zodiac, fashionable and unique, simple lines without losing the atmosphere, a symbol of wealth of gold and pure, noble crystal into one, bright brilliance, shiny.
Chow Sang Sang’s love series, with beautiful lines outline two delicate and meticulous love, exudes a deep love atmosphere, as if with the most secretly love to grow the most long love, to convey a happy and happy feeling, bring You sensual and exquisite life, always blooming pleasant light.

It loves the shape, with a unique jewelry language to show a romantic classic love story, passing the message of love. Full of shape, and like a golden heart-shaped chocolate, people can not help but want to taste it sweet taste.
To see other sisters who wear, intended to just want to see the results of the trial after she was no longer willing to take down, so he bought down. Very cute gold, hope you like.
The most splendid season of life, we can not be refined in the world to find such a unforgettable imitation Cartier love bracelet people, to accompany themselves to see the world impermanence, listen to the wind and water; holding each other’s hands, walk the road of life, in the quiet The world, the memories of those beautiful life encounter and accompany.

This is a symbol of good love “unforgettable” bow bones pendant with small bones modeling design, simple design, there is no lack of delicate and lovely, pink and tender meat bones, the love of the share of Smart and cute unguarded highlights , Frosted bones and polished bow tie echoes, highlighting the innocent temperament.

This is her unforgettable Valentine’s Day gift, see it at first glance let her think of the bull of the song: I am your little puppy, you are my bones, gently put you in the mouth to forever
“The angel” is the messenger of God, representing the holy, the good, the servant of the spirit, sent by the service of believers who believe in God, they have a beautiful face, pure personality, soft and noble wings, is a symbol of happiness and warmth.

Zhou Shengsheng this angel heart to the angel as the prototype, after the fashion, simplicity after carefully Fake Cartier love bracelet crafted, falling dust of the wizard, very cute, two elegant ball tassels to fly the posture more image, three-dimensional.

This is a netizen has just come back from Hong Kong’s beloved gold suite, very cute beautiful little angel, full of vigor Oh!

Men ‘s jewelry pretending to cool this fall

Men ‘s jewelry pretending to cool this fall
When men generally began to focus on packaging their own image, the original was the women as a favorite of all kinds of jewelry has become their portable pretending to cool accessories. Men’s jewelry, is not that some of the models than female jewelry thicker, larger, or some of the simple style jewelry it? actually not. At present, although the number of men’s jewelry still can not compete with women’s jewelry, but with its unique design of hardness and softness in the jewelry industry is different.

Nowadays, many men want to wear jewelry, but is always unjustifiable, a large part of the reason is that they do not understand the type of men’s jewelry. In fact, the types of men’s jewelry jewelry is more abundant than women, in general, women’s jewelry has necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, anklet these types of categories, and men’s jewelry in addition to the above traditional types, Cufflinks, belt buckle and other men’s exclusive accessories to join the family of men’s jewelry, a special part of the men’s ornaments.

Silver steel necklace thick rough

Necklaces and bracelets are men’s jewelry that can be worn on many occasions. Men’s necklaces Replica Cartier love bracelet and bracelets are generally rugged and heavy in quality. Their shapes and patterns are relatively simple. They are made of simple square, round and triangular geometries. Men’s necklaces and bracelets are made of silver, steel and other materials, while the previous thick gold necklace has gradually withdrew from the fashion arena.

The ring is carried as a seal

Men wear a thick ring, ring face and ring ring diameter is relatively large. Although the style of men’s rings is simple, but the design always seems alternative and creative. Simple ring-shaped men’s rings, because the ring face wide, so you can make a lot of beautiful shape to. Such as the ring surface cast blessing, longevity, auspicious, wishful and so on, containing a good blessing. The ring surface can also carve animals, names and other patterns, personalized full, name ring can also be used as a seal to carry.

Diamond stud earrings MAN full flavor

Star is the star flavor, but there are male stars to use shiny diamonds to decorate their own. These were once a woman beloved diamonds are now also become the trend of men chasing jewelry. Large diamond stud earrings Beckham has almost become one of the classic LOGO, the shook the stadium super football star is simply a “diamond man” the best demonstration, frequently wearing diamond earrings appearance, he not only has not been accused of There are sissy, but also look MAN full flavor. Chen Kun recent public Cartier love ring replica appearances, always the same is the sinking flashing bright diamond earrings. And like Yu Wen, Pan Weibo and many other new generation idol male stars seem to be all diamond earrings fans.

Jade tie clip dress change

Many business men need to wear a shirt to wear a tie, monotonous dress inevitably boring. Tie clip is a good accessory, was included in the men’s jewelry category tie clip can help the office of male colleagues to transform the fashion dress. Today there are many different colors and costly tie clip, fine workmanship, but also the use of different materials to produce, so rich in a variety of colors. Such as red tie with a ruby tie clip, green tie can be used with jade or tourmaline tie clip. The black agate tie clip is now popular, black and many colors tie with, with the wild effect of Variety.

Exquisite cufflinks gleaming

Cufflinks can reveal a man in the dress spent thinking. Cufflinks in a variety of shapes, the more sophisticated materials and workmanship. Like LV, Armani and other big brands men’s cufflinks accessories are introduced every season, showing the role of cufflinks in the decoration of the large. Cufflinks are square, round, diamond, petal-shaped and other traditional shapes, in addition, some brands also introduced some zodiac or animal modeling special edition cufflinks. A small cufflinks may be sold for more than a thousand dollars, because many big Cartier love ring replica brands are used to create gold cufflinks K, and in which embellishment gem, the classic brand Logo will be shining in the cufflinks between the glow.

Belt buckle lion tiger image

Belt buckle can be used as a belt buckle, can also appear alone, as a casual pants on the decorations. Belt buckle and jeans with a more appropriate, like some buckle face carved lion, tiger, snake and other animal images, with the waist in the jeans on the chic look interesting.

Van Cleef & Arpels “Acanthe” jewelry series

Van Cleef & Arpels “Acanthe” jewelry series
Van Cleef & Arpels (Van Cleef & Arpels) inspired by the leaves, the design of the elegant and beautiful “Acanthe” jewelry series. Soft and delicate curved bilobal design and double-row asymmetric diamond mosaic gives Acanthe ring incomparable vitality. Acanthe bracelet also draws on its elegant design concept, generous design of the leaf ring and compact ring to echo each other. And a simple line to create a series of Acanthe yellow K gold rings and bracelets, then the continuation of its usual distinguished quality.
Internationally renowned fashion jewelry and boutique brand Ya Tianni ARTINI, recently in Shanghai Pudong Shangri-La Hotel held a grand celebration dinner. In the first anniversary of entering the Chinese market, invited all celebrities attended the Ya Tiannini ARTINI latest jewelry and boutique design. The creative director of Simon Yam and supermodel Qi Qi specially invited to attend the elegant fashion concerto jewelry show as a special guest, and the finale in Ya Tianni ARTINI fashion concerto jewelry show, personally deduced Ya Tianni ARTINI latest classic Phoenix series.

ARTINI as an internationally renowned first-line fashion jewelry and boutique brand, the concept of design from Europe and the United States the essence of the well-known designers, has been inspired by European-style design to sparkle fashion jewelry, women’s unique light eternal temperament, Charming Replica Cartier love bracelet charming inside and outside charming. Since the first time in November last year to enter the Chinese market, the brand unique European-style elegant design, the moment was the pursuit of refined taste of the favorite ladies, selected ARTINI jewelry for work and attend banquet preferred accessories, but also that Ya Tieni ARTINI unique product style and market position.

Currently, ARTINI has signed a contract with Swarovski, and ARTINI has been officially authorized to use the “Crystallized with Swarovski” label as the first Label of the jewelry and boutique brands. Artini (ARTINI) for the “crystal point” design a variety of fashion jewelry and gifts, in the crystal miles, the issue of dazzling light.

In the evening, a large-scale jewelery show, “Accenture Fashion Concerto”, was arranged with four sections: London Street Look, Beverley Hills Chic, Allure Fantasia, Innocent Divine, with different backgrounds, music and stage effects, bring out the different regions of the accessories and fashion culture. The most important thing is, the whole Ya Tieni ARTINI jewelry show, from all levels to show the temperament of today’s women, so no matter where they are, always emitting charming glory, people feel beautiful and joy.

London Street Look (London Street Look) model in the strong rhythm of the music, wearing rock clothing taste one by one appearance, sometimes wild and sometimes unrestrained. In this era is not bound to enjoy the spark of youth burning; the most fashionable dress in London together to the venue. Coupled with the unique Cartier love ring replica style Ya Tieni ARTINI necklaces, earrings, bracelets and thick belt to the world to express their anti-traditional thinking, its own way of thinking.
Beverley style (Beverley Hills Chic) intelligent mind, taste simple but superior clothing match for the modern hippie family portrait. Seemingly inadvertently dressed, but hidden deep fashion knowledge … … model simple and sophisticated clothing portfolio, without more ink has brought out the trend of fashion trends, coupled with Ya Tini ARTINI prominent earrings and overlapping neck Chain with lining method, unique form. A group of unique fashion intelligence, from the Beverly Hills arrived at the venue.

Allure Fantasia (jazz music) brings out the scenes of sexy cat show. Elegant Arnold Aristini pearl accessories and colorful colorful crystal ornaments that cut the first-class evening dress even more elegant. Moment, the stage has become a star-studded dance venue, a number of noble princess dancing, so that the atmosphere of Christmas gradually narrowed.

Phoenix Youth Pre-employment Training (Innocent Divinie) finale jewelry show, with more sets of pretty wedding as a prelude. Chi Chi once again memorable wedding scene, put on a designer especially for her hand-made to Swarovski crystal accessories for the Phoenix wings wedding, lining to Ya Tianni ARTINI classic Cartier love ring replica Phoenix series, blooming unique noble elegance, Full of classic romantic feelings. The whole series, Phoenix wings high-flying form of eye-catching bright, beautiful lines, with “Swarovski – point crystal”, crystal Zhuo surface, and add colorful metal feathers, dazzling brilliance, interpretation of Western and classical and modern The classic beauty. A lifetime of beautiful bride so happy from the wedding march slowly step out. Chi Chi by a number of lovely flower girl to accompany the audience to accept the blessing, so that the audience is full of happy atmosphere.

929 sterling silver really: lead silver design trend

929 sterling silver really: lead silver design trend
For one thousand years, jewelry, with its elegant, been searching for the characteristics of the rare find even given witness love divine right. Can say, in the heart, the jewelry is incomparable. Today, the jewelry that is both old and new industries, from five thousand years ago in the six dynasties ancient capital jinfenshijia will walking leisurely, into the country. From the perspective of art design, platinum, diamond limitations, stretching, small, it is difficult to have a bigger breakthrough; Looking from the market price, gold, K gold, platinum, diamond, is still in value and the decoration on the consumption idea of combining. And the silver is different, low price, process design, there is huge potential and hedging functions concurrently, has become the United States, Western Europe and some other economically developed countries and regions of popular jewelry, is in the stage of fashion consumption.
Deductive mind detached
929 sterling silver jewelry positioning is in fashion with a Cartier nail bracelet replica keen sense of touch of high school students, college students and white-collar female employment, and this kind of customers with astonishing speed continuous expansion, become a popular commodity’s biggest consumers of 929 real sterling silver series products are meet the women consumers, is a distinct, brand image design style fashion, elegant, intelligent, delicate and sexy, romantic and natural.
929 sterling silver, will design, jing beautiful masterpiece passion as original aim. 929 design, coruscate gives full-bodied European and American characteristics, cool detachment clarity and thrilling elegant, each one has its own jewelry mental space. Both delicate and bright and composed inside collect, can make you feel really 929 sterling silver jewelry brand culture and long. The bright line its contracted, fashionable elegant, cool detachment is invigorating. Like inspiration MiaoSi, with a new design style, reshape and romantic feelings of life to lost time of missing.
929 sterling silver, made from all natural inspiration, leaving the cumbersome and pose. 929 with flashing silver fashion jewelry, light young talent unique temperament, with elegant and free from vulgarity and no lack of noble and romantic feelings. Which is the interpretation of 929!
Insist on high quality, good reputation make gold brand. 929 sterling silver really said: “never give false products Cartier nail bracelet replica only withstand market inspection, stand the test of history.” Use a company in the United States design department, timely pass the latest design concept, blend in Chinese female preference characteristics, will be more, newer, more attractive affordable silver presented to Chinese consumers.
Highlight fashion trends
Past, sterling silver price bullish year by year, has stimulated people to focus on sterling silver jewelry. As one of the world’s largest producer of pure silver, 929 U.S. real sterling silver brand bullish on the Chinese market. At present, the European and American countries of sterling silver jewelry market has been very mature. Such as the United States, they got used to modern, the cognition of jewelry design concept is already very high. And today’s China, consumption has become a silver’s fastest growing major countries. 929 sterling silver really cater to a number of emerging, and pay more attention to the fashion of young people to buy jewelry needs.
929 sterling silver jewelry really design trend has many characteristics. The first is embodies the beauty of nature. In the vegetation landscape of nature for inspiration, simple design, organic form, abstract shapes, the feeling of natural flow line, uncarved create full of natural charm jewelry.
The second is to emphasize the visual beauty. 929 sterling silver jewelry really in design is very concise and agile, always with a beautiful visual art, exquisite manual, really sterling silver texture and remarkable technology, create advanced custom jewelry pieces as art.
The last is eager to express themselves. Today’s young people all want to highlight the self unique style jewelry to lead the imitation Cartier love bracelet trend. With spiritual or cultural meanings of symbols are a variety of jewelry, as well as people lucky talisman also reveal their cultural identity tags.
929 really sterling silver said senior designers, for young women love the intense pursuit of fashionable life, brand pay more and more attention to the design of the silver, the silver to satisfy their demand for taste. For 929, the silver collar, innovative, fashion, the trend of the design of the seminar is everywhere, never stop.

The most practical jewelry sales skills

The most practical jewelry sales skills
Jewelry sales is an art, assistant plays an important role in the whole sales. Have a jewelry company, after a lot of advertising in the media manager to the shop assistant said: “my job is to customer, please, the rest of the things will come on to you.” That is to say, for jewelry products, the role of advertising is mainly attract more customers, but customers can buy jewelry with the key is to see the assistant work.
1, by the good mental state preparation for the arrival of the customer
Sell jewelry, relative to other goods traffic is less, jewelry shop assistant often in a very boring to wait. If it is a speciality store should give s a good environment and atmosphere, such as put on some soft music and some professional magazines. In the customer, not in the store does not need to stand straight over a long period of time. When customers enter or ready to enter the store immediately stood up politely, and smiling eyes to meet customers, also can give some greetings, such as “hello”! “Welcome”. If it is a Replica Cartier jewelry comprehensive shopping mall, the assistant should be ready to receive customers, when customers walk in jewelry technology department as much as possible to take measures to attract the attention of the customer for your counter, such as take a magnifying glass to observe the action of diamond, come up with something try to wear, and so on, so it could make the customers have interest in your counter, is actually a small advertising.
2, timely reception customers
When customers to your counter, you should be looked at the customer with a smile, also can say hello, but unfavorable prematurely close to the customer, should as far as possible to the customer to build a relaxed shopping environment. When customers to stay in a certain section and pay attention to go to the counter the ornaments, you should step close to customers, suggest that don’t stand in front of the customer, the best location is the customer’s side of the side, both may result in reduced the face to face the pressure, also facilitate customer talk, because side face talk than when customers look up to you face to face talk more energy, but also respect for the customer. In addition, the clerk can advise customers try, this request to the customer a don’t wear is difficult to choose the right jewelry information, while also reassure customers afraid try not to buy may blank stares, to let you take out the jewelry with no problem.
3, full display jewelry
Because the majority of customers for jewelry, a lack of understanding of knowledge, therefore, the assistant of jewelry display is very important. Many assistant when customers take a piece of jewelry, will automatically open the counter, pulled out after submitting a customer, individual boast a style. In fact, when you start imitation cartier love bracelet out with diamonds, should first describe the diamond cutters, and should keep swinging diamond with the hand, hand to utter also move, describes the basic finish in handed it to the customer, so that customers are likely to imitate your actions to observe diamonds, and ask what is a “Belgium cut”, what is “fire”… The clerk can answer. Such a question and answer, is the assistant show jewelry techniques, not only limited in the description of their own, so prone to dry mixed feelings. In customers choose style carry presbyopia, the assistant should timely recommend two pattern contrast is bigger, and the customers choose watch accessories for a longer time, should be to describe the two design is represented by the style. So easy to lock and narrow style and scope of the customer choice.
4, the challenges from the use of customer, grasp the opportunity to introduce the jewelry knowledge as much as possible
Customers know jewelry knowledge, the more the feeling will get more satisfied after buy. When a woman wearing a new buy a diamond ring to go to work, always want to attract the attention of colleagues. When others see the diamond ring, she will know about diamond knowledge gush to say again, fully has a diamond in the spirit of enjoyment, at the same time she also in advertising for you. As the saying goes. “Satisfied customer is the best advertising”, “the strongest influence of advertising is the people around us”. But if you regardless of whether or not willing to listen to customers, regardless of the timing of interpretation of the jewelry knowledge, also can attract customers. So the timing is very important, seize the opportunity in the whole process of sales, especially when questioned by the customer.
5, and guide consumers through buy error, foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses skillfully explain the diamond quality
Due to some misleading marketing units, and many consumers when buying a diamond demand origin is South Africa, and clarity is on the order of VVS, evaluation is very good, and so on. Encountered such a problem s neither simply said no, and should not be not responsible for that. When asked whether South Africa Cartier love bracelet replica diamond by the customer, for example, we can definitely say first (otherwise the customer may twist a head to go), then tell the consumer, in fact, the stand or fall of diamond is measured by 4 c standard, large output in South Africa, not all diamonds are good, and most of the world’s diamonds are forward by DE beers, rather, we are from DE beers diamond. For diamond grade, s when get customer certificate, should first grasp the initiative, namely in front of the customer have a look at the first, and according to the grade of diamond must first foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses, this is their, assuming that the studs are as figure, whiteness as looks for customers to recommend, combined with the diamond grading principles and conditions and price to convince customers.
6, promote clinch a deal
Due to jewelry value is relative taller, for the customer is a big spending, as a result, often pressure before the final clinch a deal, depression, not even temporarily placed, a “look around” and may never return. This would require the assistant to distraction method can reduce the pressure for the customer, such as to their colleagues and customers of the talk about jewelry popular words, also can come up with several class jewelry box to make the customer choose.
7 and after sales service
When customers decide to purchase and payment s work is not over, the first thing to fill in after to detail wear and maintenance of knowledge, and at the same time in disseminating the knowledge of some new jewelry, such as: “if you don’t wear, please place the piece alone, not with other jewelry piled up replica Cartier love bracelet together.” He immediately noticed by customer: “why?” “Very hard, this is because the hardness is harder than red sapphire, 140 times, 1000 times larger than crystal hard (again, this is probably the topic of her office), if the stacked together would damage other gem”. …… Finally had some blessing words instead of the commonly used “welcome to you next time,” such as “may this diamond to bring you a better future”, “” this diamond will bring you happiness, life, etc., to speak” love “the word into sales.
8, summarizes the sales process and experience
To analysis customer classification, timely reflect upward to the special problem. Communicate with colleagues, to find, help each other, improve together.
Finally, talking about the professional ethics, that is to be honest, it is forbidden to fraud, true, shoddy, bad menstruation. To treat customers as their loved ones, only in this way can treat customers in good faith. Followed by the members do not make unfair competition, mutual slander, some assistant by belittling others business, but is in belittle yourself. First, you may also have many peers, secondly may also belittled by customers. So to speak, the good faith is helpful to others, is more advantageous to ourselves.

International price rise more than thirty percent

Recently, we have heard from some domestic diamond sales channels, in the first half of this year, the international diamond price increases continuously, have gained more than 30%, created the diamond market nearly 10 years of history. Due to rising prices, diamond has become a rapidly developing investment category, caused the investment much attention of consumers, after the real estate, gold and become a hot investment varieties.
International price rise more than thirty percent
According to some diamond store controller introduces, diamonds and gold, the price of gold is now at a high, is one of the most popular hedge investment channels directly, but the price volatility is larger, and the price of diamond basic didn’t fall over the years, the average every year to grow by 3% to 5%. In recent years, the emerging markets such as China, India, Brazil, the surge in demand for diamonds and the international diamond fields in ore production of raw materials, lead to international diamond quotation begun to rise sharply, the international diamond prices remain around 10% each year. As people rise of the enhanced understanding of the diamond and diamond investment, the domestic market of Replica Cartier jewelry diamond prices are soaring, diamond prices since the beginning of the year with more than 30%, there were some popular varieties more than 30% of the international diamond prices. Diamond scarcity, inflation, with international 4 c standard quality, easy to identify, not easy to fake properties. At the same time, the diamond easy to carry, the exit is not restricted. In addition, DE beers has been the source of the monopoly of diamond, so has the absolute monopoly pricing power “. These are the basic reasons for diamond prices and diamond investment boom.
There are tricks investment diamond
Prices become the latest must-haves in the investment community, diamond up doesn’t mean you can make money, however, investment in diamond there are certain risks, mainly in terms of cash. Diamond investment expert introduction, diamond investment abroad has been very common, can directly take diamond to cash, but the current domestic diamond cash only three channels: the auction, pawn, repurchase. Auction is usually fine diamond, diamond requirements for investors is higher, the price is expensive, because the tariff issues such as domestic auction companies rarely involved in diamond auction. Based on current market conditions, pawnshops bid generally is the 1/3 of the normal market price, sold to the pawnshop diamonds, is actually buying and selling at a loss. Diamond market to provide a buyback business is actually a service that is not the usual channels realised, and now the Chinese market to provide the buyback diamond business enterprise is not much, only a handful of diamond market with reference to the international diamond market prices for cash to buy back. The expert reminds, in the international diamond market, investment of more than one carat fine diamond value is higher. For investment ability strong, can consider carat several large diamonds and rare colored diamonds. Expensive big about 3 carat diamond, as well as some rare diamond is one of the largest diamond or space this year.
Sales channels diversified development
In the face of domestic large diamond consumer market, gold mining business change many times, the diamond market cake is bigger. Before, the consumer more than in a department store to buy a diamond ring, now, more and more price sensitive consumers choose online or is the professional diamond stores. A diamond dealer told the reporters, diamond sales channels in tree brand first revolution and enclosure as the main characteristics of the mode of traditional department stores, was born the Cartier, chow tai fook and other famous brands, also let store behind the counter dealers earn rich. After that, the network marketing industry was the second time change. According to statistics, so far, domestic as 21st century jewelry network, cosette imitation cartier love bracelet diamond mesh, diamond bird, David, jewelry and so on into the size of the diamond jewelry class B2C online service provider has exceeded 100, growth rapidly. Mass clubable purchasing from supplier to hand them in cash naked drill, further processing and manufacturing, without like traditional diamond distributors in a department store sale diamond pay expensive deduct points, greatly the diamond prices lower, which makes the diamond has always been as luxury down the altar, walked into the ordinary life of the masses.
Silver as is known to be second only to “gold” precious metals investments, how many people have to really know what silver material, what are the features, the following will introduce the basic knowledge about silver.
An overview, silver
Silver, with special chemical properties, and its value as early as 700 BC in Mesopotamia period began to been recognized. Like gold, silver in history as the legal tender in many countries, has the functions of financial reserves, also as an important international means of payment. The silver as currency has a long history in China, as early as the warring states period, silver has been used as money. Since the tang and song dynasty, the silver standard gradually established, the Ming dynasty up to become official currency. China’s silver standard until 1935 issue legal tender, cancel the silver standard.
Silver is a major form of silver in the history of our country, in foreign countries, money has also been a silver’s main purpose. As time goes on, people awareness of silver and emphasis got significantly improved, silver in the industrial, photography, jewelry, appliances, has been widely used in such aspects as currency.
After the founding of new China, the management of the silver has experienced a long exploration stage. From the beginning of “unified purchase and sale” policy to 2000 silver market let go, just a few years, a doubling of silver production and demand in China, to become the world’s one of the most main silver production, consumption and export.
Many areas of steady growth in demand for silver, provide support for domestic rising prosperity in the silver market.
1. The physical and chemical properties of silver
Silver (Ag) is white, shiny metal. Melting temperature of 961.93 ℃, boiling point 2212 ℃, density 10.5 g/cm3 (20 ℃), heat of fusion of 11300 focal/Moore, heat of vaporization of 250580 focal/mole. Silver soft, mohs hardness was 3.25 degrees, has the good flexibility and range of motion, the ductility is second only to gold, can be pressed into thin slices, pulling into filaments. 1 gram of silver into a 1800 – metre – long filaments, can be rolled into the thickness of the silver foil for 1/100000 of a millimeter, is the best metal conductivity Cartier love bracelet replica and thermal conductivity. Silver light reflex is very good also, reflectivity can reach 91%.
Chemical properties of silver is not lively, not with oxygen, exposed to the air for a long time, and hydrogen sulfide compound in the air, black surface, the formation of black silver sulfide. Room temperature, combining with silver halide slowly, to generate the silver halide. Silver does not react with dilute hydrochloric acid and dilute sulphuric acid and alkali, but with strong oxidizing acid (nitric acid and concentrated hydrochloric acid).
Silver won’t produce toxicity to human body, but long-term exposure to silver metal and nontoxic compounds leads to silver AD cool-headed disease.
Silver content in the earth’s crust rarely, accounts for only 1 x 10-5%, nature of elemental silver exists in the nature, but they are mainly compound state. Use cyanidation extracting silver from silver, with dilute sodium cyanide process sulfide ore, silver into soluble sodium cyanide, adding zinc powder, reduction of silver. About 75% of the metallic silver from copper, lead anode slime in the smelting, it treated with concentrated sulfuric acid, sulfuric acid can be converted into silver, with the reduction of copper metallic silver. Silver more and waste fixing bath, can will be one of the first silver precipitation for silver sulfide, and then use metallic silver dust replacement. Further purification need electrolytic refining.
2. The main purpose of the silver
Silver as precious metal is mainly used for industrial, photography and jewelry, silver and silver COINS. Silver’s versatility makes it application in most industries can not be replaced, especially need high reliability, higher accuracy and safety of high technology industry.
Silver has good electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity, has been widely used in the electronics industry, especially in the conductor, switch, contact and fuse. Can also be used in thick film paste, silver mesh shape and crystal of silver catalyst can be used as a chemical reaction.
Silver silver halide compound, used in the production of film. Silver nitrate used in silver, silver mirror can be made up. Silver iodide is used for artificial rainfall.
The reflectivity of silver jewelry and silverware with good, can achieve very high brightness after polishing. In addition to the decoration and beautification effect, our country ancient silver is also used to check poison. Silver contact will happen some poison chemical reaction, generate a compound, the compound color with silver, silver thus determine whether to contain poison.
COINS as the legal tender of silver standard countries, once. But as the monetary system reform, in the currency of the credit, silver gradually out of the circulation field. At present, investments in the casting silver is mainly silver and commemorative COINS.
In addition, the silver ion and silver compounds can kill or inhibit bacteria, viruses, algae and fungi, reaction replica Cartier love bracelet such as mercury and lead, but the principle behind is still not solved. Because it has against the effect of the disease, so also known as biological affinity of metal.
3. The classification and inspection of silver
Mainly exist in the silver ore, silver concentrate, silver thick silver and silver products.
(1) silver ore
Silver content is very low in nature, in the average level in the earth’s crust is 1 x 10-5%, according to the distribution of elements in the crust is still trace elements, only about 20 ~ 30 times more on average than gold. Silver ore resources for independent silver and associated silver. Silver minerals mainly exists in the form of sulfide. Silver industrial minerals mainly include natural silver, argentite, sulfur, copper, silver, antimony, silver, black silver, etc. Although many silver industrial minerals, but they seldom rich integration of silver deposits alone, usually in fragmented distribution in the polymetallic ore, copper and gold. Silver production more than half of the comprehensive recovery from polymetallic ore.
All measuring method in the analytical chemistry has been applied to the determination of silver, including weight method, titration, spectrophotometry, fluorescence method, chemical dynamics method, etc., of which the most advantages of atomic absorption spectrometry. Atomic absorption spectrometry silver sensitive, accurate, rapid, simple, less disturbance, as a result, the ore has been widely used in the determination of the bank of China.
(2) of silver concentrate
Silver ore concentrate for the intermediate product in the process of producing non-ferrous metals industry, determine the content of silver grade and related elements of silver ore concentrate of supply and demand both sides of the transaction and determination of the production process has an important role. Determination of main elements in addition to the silver, and gold, copper, arsenic, bismuth, lead, zinc, sulfur, aluminum and magnesium.
At present, the determination of the content of silver and gold, mainly adopts the classical fire assay gravimetric method, generally the second tries gold recovery; The determination of copper content, high content of iodine quantity method, low levels of using atomic absorption spectrometry; The determination of lead and zinc, high content of EDTA titration method, low levels of using atomic absorption spectrometry; The determination of arsenic, using potassium bromate titration, low content by atomic fluorescence Cartier love bracelet replica spectrometry; The determination of sulfur content, the use of barium sulfate weight method and burning neutralization; The determination of bismuth content, mainly is the atomic fluorescence spectrometry; The determination of aluminium with photometric method and EDTA titration method; The determination of magnesium, generally using atomic absorption spectrometry. With the progress and development of science and technology, advanced analysis and test method and the method has been applied to the measurement of silver ore concentrate in, such as icp-aes and icp-ms and XRF method. These test methods are also suitable for thick silver and silver test.
(3) rough silver
Crude silver mainly refers to the silver content is 30% ~ 99.9% of the ore recovery of silver and silver, silver smelting primary products. Due to the rough silver contained in the scope of more extensive, caused the diversity and complexity of the products. Thick silver in addition to those components is uniform and the recovery of silver known quality products can be directly used, other usually require by refining, strong integration of use value corresponding to use after the metallic element.
Thick silver in the mine, smelting primary recovery of silver silver, silver can be recovered as the three main components of considerable complexity, except with the coexistence of a variety of precious metals silver composition, also contains a lot of the value of recycling materials such as metal, nonmetal, compound. In addition, due to its quality is a big span, such as the concentration, monetary silver of the silver, and all kinds of silver ore quality is relatively low and the industrial products, etc.
(4) the pure silver
Sterling silver is to point to by a variety of silver raw material to produce silver, silver content was 99.90% ~ 99.90%. Sterling silver is mainly used in photography, chemical reagents, chemical materials, pharmaceutical, electronics industry, such as the decoration, jewelry, and silver industry, made in currency and souvenirs also accounted for a big share of manufacturing.
Second, the silver mineral
Usually in the form of sisters mine gold and silver in nature. Big silver often exists in the old metamorphic rocks, Mesozoic and Cenozoic (60 million -) volcanic region and a large silver findings. About two-thirds of the silver resources in the world is the copper, lead, zinc, gold and nonferrous and precious metal deposits Fake Cartier love bracelet associated, such as a third of silver on native silver deposits.
Silver key minerals: silver mainly exists in the form of mineral, the minority to the mineral crystal lattice with class quality, and the like into the other. Found so far, there are 117 kinds of independent silver minerals, mainly argentite, stephanite, including natural elements and intermetallic compound 9 kinds of telluride, antimonide, selenide and 23 species of arsenide, sulphide, 11 species, sulfur salts 60, halide 10, sulfate two kinds. The main mineral is as follows:
Gold and silver series minerals: natural silver (gold 20% ~ 0%, 80% ~ 100%),
Silver and gold silver (gold 50% ~ 20%, 50% ~ 80%),
Gold and silver ore (gold 80% ~ 50%, 20% ~ 50%),
Natural gold silver (gold l00 % ~ 80%, 80% ~ 20%).
Sulfide, argentite (Ag2S) (Ag3SbS3), pale red, dark red and silver silver (Ag3AsS3), polybasite 16 sb2s11] [(Ag, Cu), sulfur (AgCuS), black silver, copper and silver antimony (Ag5SbS4), silver (Ag2SSb2S3), antimony (4 pbs4ag2ssb2s3), copper and silver tetrahedrite (Cu, Fe, Ag) 12 (Sb, As) 4 / s13.
Antimony antimonide: silver (Ag3Sb).
Containing platinum, palladium, silver and gold: gold 58.4% ~ 80.1%, 9% ~ 29.2%, 0% ~ 8.7% platinum and palladium 0% ~ 4.4%.
Platinum, palladium, gold and silver ore, silver 34.5% ~ 71.00%, and gold 31.5% ~ 59.7%, 0.7% ~ 1.2% platinum and palladium 0% ~ 2.3%.
Including: platinum and silver platinum 3.1% ~ 6.1%.
Containing palladium silver and gold Cartier love ring replica mine: palladium 0.7% ~ 1.0%.
Containing ruthenium, rhodium, gold and silver ore: 4.0% rhodium, ruthenium 1.0%.
Telluride: white telluride (Au? Ag) Te2, petzite (Ag3AuTe2), miscellaneous petzite (Au, Ag)? Te, needle petzite (AuAgTe4), hessite Ag2Te.
Selenium silver selenide: gold and silver ore (Ag3Se2), selenium (Ag3AuSe2), selenium (Cu2SeAg2Se) copper and silver.
Silver halide: Angle (AgCl) (AgCl, AgBr), chlorine, bromine and silver (AgBr), yellow iodine, bromine and silver and silver (Ag, Cu) I.
Sulfate: Huang Yintie vitriol [AgFe3 (OH) 6 (S04) 2].
[Ag7 arsenic arsenic, sulfur and silver (As, Sb) S].

Want to have a goddess perfect face

Want to have a goddess perfect face? Tell you now, even if the congenital deficiency as long as the chosen accessories can also foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses, who says only oval face is the most perfect? Hurry to see, you face the most suitable for what kind of accessories?
About how to choose jewelry design and shape to match the face, let face because of the bright imitation cartier love bracelet jewelry decorated and interest and charm? Highest principle is: the shape of the jewelry to avoid repetition of your face, nor contrary to face extreme.
Oval is almost the most perfect face, standard face say is “she”, suitable for oval faces people should give priority to with earring, pendant jewelry collocation. Any suits your face skin tone, face size, style of earrings and pendant can enjoy wearing.
According to tradition physiognomy, fan bingbing, face shape is fire pointed face to face, although her face is less than the best of faces, but also not too bad, should belong to a better one, her round face shape from the gills to the chin, like a knife cut, curb its exquisite one side is gentle woman, so many this kind of face to a strong woman more.
Suitable for frame jewelry collocation also is the earrings and pendant, but due to the frame of the chin is pointed, suitable to wear water droplets form, gourd shape, and triangle earrings accessories.
Round egg face:
Older people often say that party with a round face most blessing, but compared to frame and oval face such people for long eardrop, such as tassels, rectangle, they can make you a slightly fleshy face line soft with just, more add a few times the qi.
A long face:
Long face people needless to say, as long as wear round, fan on the earrings, attention! Eardrop never too long, fruity Cartier love bracelet replica and your face contour curve the assembly, clever as you increase the width of the face, reduce the length of the face.
The face:
Suitable for square face of jewellery should be how to direct to the longer than lateral arc design, help to increase the length of the face, moderate facial Angle, for example, long elliptic, string, XinYeXing, single petal shape, let them raider in pairs on the cheek sparkle jewelry and moving, to avoid repeated face, square face person had better not square to wear jewelry, jewelry or triangle, pentagon earrings, pendant jewelry, such as sharp.
Xinjiang “golden jade”, is produced in China’s xinjiang karamay ur grain demon city 100 kilometers, terrace and the gobi desert, desert area, is a very potential, available for varieties of jade carved works of art, for which are found in the ancient silk road, jade is golden, internal with radish tattooed the name “golden jade”. “Golden jade” chiefly through rivers in the long-distance transport of secondary deposit. Has been natural separation and form “seed makings” fine texture density, after carving has the very high appreciation and collection value, is our country unique varieties, “golden jade” in xinjiang with both gem of noble quality.
Golden jade in altay region in xinjiang, it is called “the forehead jade river” “frontal river color jade”; In karamay, it be karamay government named “karamay jade”; In tuscaloosa area, and self buck county has to be registered as a “junggar jade”; In Beijing, it’s called “loulan jade”, “desert jade”; In guangzhou, it is called “xinjiang golden jade”; In the mouth of Shi You was called the “jade” yadan “gobi” jade “gobi color jade”.
Widely accepted Shi You call, is “yadan jade” and “golden jade” in xinjiang. Called “elegant Dan (colour) of jade”, one is Fake Cartier love bracelet chiefly related to yadan landform landscape, Second, yadan landform and rich, warm color is consistent; Three is named yadan, reflects the poetic and aesthetic feeling, good culture. This color jade has a very unique features, that is a lot of even large materials will appear a phenomenon: a piece of material on two or more colors, such as black and yellow, black and white, red and white, the red, etc. But it also has the certain regularity, such as in the quality of a material is transparent material, very rare integration of more than three colors together, but there is some on the fine texture of the material, four, five kinds of color on a rock at the same time also is a normal phenomenon, many Shi You Have this colorful variety, is worthy of the name of the color of jade, suit to use qiao color for carvings, often can produce shock person soul the magical effects.
Referred to as “the xinjiang gold jade” : such a beautiful name, mainly in guangdong and other mainland is very loud. This is because, although yadan jade produced in xinjiang, guangdong is yadan color jade actively promote, the birthplace of towards the market, they look as early as 1995, gathered in this kind of jade excavation and promotion, employ senior carving master sculpt, works on domestic jade carving exhibition has won awards, played a show and sensationalism. They called on the basis of findings from the origin to the earliest use are connected and the ancient silk road (such as 1300 years ago with ili region was discovered in the “golden jade” gold cup. In the culture considerations, it is most important. In the second, yadan jade usually have a kind of filamentous “cotton”, if have if have no, like gold, is very bright and beautiful, is the characteristic of outstanding, different from other varieties.
Now the new jade has been more and more attention, but not a unified name is not conducive to the promotion and development of it. What is it called name, can be widely recognised, is an urgent need to explore solve the problem. Otherwise, so much, will only cause chaos in the market, appear more “yadan jade” and “golden jade” which Cartier nail bracelet replica breed better jokes. Last term, it seems, may be unified as “the xinjiang gold jade”, because recently, even the karamay government no longer push karamay jade, which is called golden jade. In guangzhou, golden jade visibility higher. Inside players, if add a narrow place names to name this kind of jade, is bound to be rejected by the other parts of the Tibetan friends, unable to reach a consensus. Golden jade, although the name is named after his players, but overall, have certain cultural connotation, represents the jade characteristics, basic was acceptable. So, maybe the last name, would be “xinjiang golden jade”.

The Bridle roll out ceremoniously mahler package

Burberry, The Bridle roll out ceremoniously mahler package
Burberry, creating fashion here, in September for the first time merge men’s and women’s collections in London fashion week, grand launch. Brand that coincide with The men and women of The new logo style bags series “The Bridle mahler package”.
The flagship of the season to deserve to act the role of the British equestrian and its inspiration from the classic Burberry classic outdoor gear, and the British history and art culture elements agitate the creative spark. Round bag body of pure color collocation, by selected fabrics Cartier love ring replica of elastic material, by the British traditional harness material mahler tanner. Collocation have “bridle” style design straps can be used for the shoulder or inclined back, make easily everyday style.
Design and exquisite craft
The Bridle series in Italy exquisite workmanship excellent senior workshop.
Package from traditional equestrian design style, excellent detail and perfect profile. From shoulder to bring “bridle” style of circular buckle to cover pocket with groove of the boundary and smooth edge, perfect echo the British equestrian appliance exquisite details.
L selection of high quality leather, muller smooth curve form package collocation equestrian style straps, compose ACTS the role of metal buckle and rivet, create fashionable classical model.
“The Bridle bag lady bag.
The Bridle lady bag carefully mix a variety of leather. Round bag covered by smooth one mahler, leather bag and chooses the alligator leather of extremely rich luster, and package can be opened from both sides before and after, each side is equipped with independent inside the bag.
Bag before using slim D shape hasp opening and closing, and join the built-in sidekicks. Inside of Cartier nail bracelet replica the back pocket with magnetic clasp, can be placed carefully designed with a small change in the zipper bag.
Each The Bridle bag bag body is delicate and elastic fabrics, choose bag has a variety of fabrics, selects The grain leather and Haymarket check case grain, rivets adornment cobbler leopard grain calf.
Practical wear style, from the runway inspiration, bag attached two shoulder: a removable version of fine leather oblique cross straps for daily collocation, the other a removable version and a half wide shoulder strap make protean fashionable style.
Rivet decoration leather style, reminiscent of the box and the details of the armchair, it is to interior decoration design master ms Nancy LAN open, salute. At the same time, she to the inspiration of this season clothing series also played an important role in enlightening.
Other woven with military-style inspiration comes from the British army uniform details.
The Baby Bridle size smaller, using a smaller opening and closing D form buckles, equipped with available for shoulder and slanting across The adjustable straps. There is a built-in pockets, the back has a place change zipper inside the bag.
“The Bridle bag” was The bag
The Bridle man bags design has rounded front cover, and provides two kinds of size: show after Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica show small bag as well as The upcoming large models.
Man bag is characterized by two size to choose a variety of fabrics including mahler, grain leather, suede leather with the Haymarket check the combination of case grain. At the same time, the show also chose rivet decoration leather and alligator leather design style.
The small size of The Bridle using D form buckles opening and closing, equipped with a zip pocket to carry essentials.
Medium The Bridle are to be placed a laptop, equipped with a zipper bag and two inside pockets to put a mobile phone.
Both models are equipped with an adjustable sealed, long and thin tape, can be used as a shoulder bag, oblique backpack or hand bag is used, to create a diversified fashion style.
High quality material
Mahler leather made in Italy, and nourish by vegetable oil to achieve a degree of leather color and pure, tolerating and the shape of leather.
Choose aniline fine leather finishing agent processing, in order to achieve its natural material quality. With the passage of time, the leather will have qualitative feeling more and feel.
Selection of shape and size consistent rivet decoration on the bridle leather.
Women’s wide shoulder take using rivet decoration.
As grain leather Rou with soft handle, and through the rolling mill process have soft and adding particles to its natural role.
Haymarket check case grain, cotton canvas design features, specially designed for wear resistance and waterproof.
The calf suede from Italian leather factory, has a soft and velvety texture surface.
Improve the natural texture of short of hubei leather by waxing, and then through manual polishing to increase its luster.
Ms JunFeng weaving (bag) derived from a since the 18th century British senior specializing in the embroidery craft workshop, and then by Italian hand workshop deftly used in the design of shoulder straps.
Ms calf (bag) with different leopard print, after flannelette technology make the leather surface imitation cartier love bracelet presents glowing effect.
Both downy and tonal darker tones, which contains natural brown, brown, and red wine; There are black and Haymarket check plaid colors to choose from.
British beauty zhi enjoy BURBERRY 2016 festival by trimmings
A romantic winter season is coming, in the sincerity of heart warm season, a famous British luxury brand Burberry screening a series of elegant and highly practical function of the 2016 season, including men’s and women’s clothing, iconic cashmere scarves, handbags, accessories, beauty makeup items and children’s wear, etc., for you to give gifts to reward your water mark.
The artisan and consummate craft: after one hundred years of history of Burberry Trench coat in iconic England castle at town attracted goldsmiths, each coat has more than 80 heavy and complicated procedures, brand patent stain midian (Gabardine) fabrics with modern science and technology, create excellent waterproof effect and the classic British outline. New listing of the navy and the color red Trench coat more festival add profusion colour.
Cashmere products enjoy the warm: new men and women s corresponding cashmere scarf, cashmere Trench coat collocation with thick warmth, fine spinning and weaving process and British elegance color set each other off becomes an interest, but also in during the holiday season in brand website and choose the world’s Cartier love bracelet replica biggest flagship store preferred scarf color and design, with name needlework honour enjoy personalization service, for your him/her to the winter the most intimate of exclusive beautiful gift.
Iconic bag unique stylish: this year by numerous stars and favour of street snap’s banner handbags with bucket package will continue to be the highlight of the festival. Small lovely mini bucket Bohemian tassel wind deduced particularly clever, suede material have fashionable feeling extremely, looked pretty sweet and romantic. Limited edition bag color black and white bud silk printing design bucket contracted and the atmosphere, and exquisite printing continuation of British style restoring ancient ways of lace, feminine flavour is dye-in-the-wood. At the same time, the young man leather backpack, elegant long wallet, is also one of the elite men all the dignity of choice.
Character deserve to act the role of sweet nifty: loving children gift box elaborate practical collocation, and cashmere scarf color consistent teddy bear is nifty and lovely, key chain, puppets, candles, picture frames and other many exquisite deserve to act the role of overflowing holiday joy, shimmering bright gold color packaging limited edition are more numerous colour makeup item for you to create a perfect holiday makeup look.

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