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wearing a watch bath At the beginning may not see any problems after a period of time the watch will definitely have a problem

Waterproof watch is the watch industry’s short description of the waterproof watch. Waterproof watch sub-ordinary waterproof and professional waterproof. Ordinary waterproof watch can only prevent water splash, and professional waterproof watch can withstand soaking in different depth of water.
Water RESIST Waterproof Table
The waterproof watch on the back of the watch will be marked WATER RESIST, non-waterproof is no such logo. What are the water depth of the waterproof watch? Most of the water depth is marked between the axis of the pointer and the 6 o’clock position, for example, 300 meters for waterproof, 300m or 300meters, or the bottom of the table. Water Resistance, Waterproof The
Waterproof principle
There are several factors that make a watch waterproof. The most important imitation Cartier love bracelet is the gasket, or O-ring, which is made of rubber, nylon or Teflon. In the crystal glass, the bottom cover and the crown and the junction between the case to form a waterproof seal. If it is a chronograph, its pusher will also have a gasket. In addition, the waterproof case is lined with a sealing layer (coated with a rapidly hardened liquid) to prevent seepage. The thickness and material of the case determine whether a table can be worn safely underwater and therefore an important factor. Threaded top cover to replace press-in bottom cover also helps to waterproof. Many diving tables are threaded to prevent water from penetrating through the rotary hole. The crown is tightened to form a waterproof seal, just like the seal between the jar and the threaded cap.
waterproof level
(1) sweating (SWEAT-RESISTANT): very easy to understand, just to prevent sweat ran to the table inside;
(2) general waterproof (WATER-RESISTANT): that is, occasionally encountered water does not matter, for example, you give water to the water carefully sprayed into their own hands, and no tension, pick off and clean no problem, in short, is to prevent Occasional little water in life;
(3) 30 meters waterproof (30M, 3ATM, 3BAR): watch on the “30M” words table, this is the waterproof table.
(4) 50 meters waterproof (50M, 5ATM, 5BAR): watch on the “50M” words table, that is, 50 meters waterproof watch, is the real meaning of the consumer’s waterproof table, can be used for swimming and general household water Watch, remember not to adjust the table in the water.
(5) diving table (100 meters waterproof, 200 meters waterproof, 300 meters waterproof, etc.): a professional waterproof Replica Cartier jewelry table, can be used for swimming and diving underwater work.
In addition to their own design factors, the improper use of the method is the culprit leading to the influx of watches, such as adjusting the time, the faucet is not tight; watch in the temperature level of disparity, easy to fog; In addition, wearing a watch bath, At the beginning may not see any problems, after a period of time, the watch will definitely have a problem. When the watch encountered water problems, it is best to quickly sent to the table shop by the professional master of the movement of the oil wash or case drying treatment, it is best not to take out the machine when the hair dryer to dry, Move not only did not help, but easy to evaporate out of the moisture inside the movement, the problem will be more serious, have this habit of friends to pay attention to the.
It is generally believed that the mechanical watch life is longer than the quartz watch. But the fact is not the case, because the quartz watch inside all the running parts and mechanical watches are the same. The life of the electronic components has not yet been fully tested, but it is likely to have the same life expectancy. Quartz watches and mechanical watches the main difference is that the use of energy sources to drive the movement of the watch core.
Mechanical table works: mechanical watch has a helix. When people give the watch a chord, the helix is also tightened at the same time. When the helix is released, it begins to drive the watch core to move. One of the major drawbacks of mechanical watches is the inconsistency of the speed of the helix, resulting in a decrease in timing accuracy. Accuracy is also affected by factors such as temperature, location, wear of parts and some other factors. Therefore, when a mechanical watch in the day there are 15-30 seconds of error, it can be considered normal. The minimum error can be achieved only for 4-5 seconds.
Quartz table works: quartz watch with a battery as a source of energy. The battery outputs power to the electronic blocks on the watch and on the motor. Each second electronic block outputs a pulse wave to the motor, which is driven by the motor. Because quartz crystal can provide the most stable www.ourlovestore.com pulse wave, it can guarantee the highest accuracy (in general, the monthly error between 15-25 seconds; the smallest error of only 5 seconds a year). Because there are quartz crystal in the inside, so the watch also named quartz Glashütty table. In addition, a battery can continue to work for several years, so there is no need for such a table winding. In general, mechanical watches are much more expensive than quartz watches. At this time because the mechanical watch in the production process requires accurate manual adjustment of school, and quartz watches are usually assembled in the automatic production line.

the achievements of the unprecedented slim body design

Real life when the Windsor calendar watches and ultra-thin moon phase female watch
The story of Elizero will end up in 1975 if the brave watchmaker rescues the production tools and equipment from the waste yard. When 9 years after the ElPrimero return to heaven, the real force of the “pay tribute to Charles Vermot”, the dial is decorated with midnight blue.
On the midnight blue, there are too many stories and too many emotional bearing, it is Vatican Cartier love bracelet replica high pen under the sky Guangliao background, vast and crazy fans, between the melancholy blue and deep black. It is B · B · King of the rhythm of Bruce, from the throat flow out of perseverance and truth. True love when the Valentine’s Day on the table – Windsor calendar watches and ultra-thin moon phase female table is the most unique pair of blue, let them walk through seconds, become a permanent witness of the two emotional witness.
Outdoor climbing equipment PROTREK 6 Board radio table
Outdoors is a way of life, adventure is a way of life. Travel alone, or about thirty-five friends, away from the earth’s hustle and bustle, into the depths of nature, we can personally feel the pulse of nature, enjoy the experience of outdoor adventure to bring us the passion and fun. And can walk with us, in addition to high-tech outdoor sports equipment, a high-tech outdoor watch, is also an ideal partner.
High-quality watch brand Casio PROTREK climbing series of new PRX-2000YT, through CASIO’s unique cutting-edge technology, with the technology to monitor the various subtle changes in nature, the original triple sensor technology and the new loaded solar energy, 6 Bureau of radio receiving function, Become a professional to help you to conquer the mountains, swim deep sea wrist equipment.
Limited sale
The new issue of the mountaineering series PRX-2000YT, the use of the global limited sale of the way in Cartier love ring replica the world only limited to the sale of 1000, only 50 in mainland China, which for people who like climbing, both temptation, Good collection value. As the top of the PROTREK limited edition, PRX-2000YT each back engraved with a limited number of serial numbers, each number is unique, only for you all.
6 Bureau of radio waves
Casio original 6 Bureau of radio reception, the first application in the PROTREK series. Can receive standard times from multiple regions of the world, can be highly sensitive to receive all the world’s six base stations of different frequency radio signals, and automatically correct the time. This is good news for those who like outdoor adventure, no matter where you are trekking in nature, you can get accurate time, move forward.
Solar drive system
Engaged in outdoor adventure movement, in addition to have the precise time, watch the equipment of energy is also essential. PRX-2000YT equipped with solar drive system, through the built-in solar panels, absorb sunlight, even a weak fluorescent light source can also be absorbed and converted into electrical energy. Power will be stored to the internal solar cells, and then by the supply of each function to the table the energy required, low power consumption and no need to replace the battery, so do not worry about the lack of electricity. The use of this technology, but also fully reflects the Casio brand has always adhered to the concept of environmental protection.
Triple sensing technology, ultra-thin design
PRX-2000YT, innovative triple sensor technology, the achievements of the unprecedented slim body design. It is the sensor, electronic accessories to high-density assembly technology, to achieve the PROTREK thinnest (11.3mm) solar wave table, precision, ultra-thin body so that you easily into the natural, swim heaven Cartier nail bracelet replica and earth. At the same time it can measure the direction, atmospheric pressure / temperature and altitude, whether you are climbing mountains or diving deep sea, you can clearly know the direction and get detailed and accurate barometric pressure and other data and pictures for your use and analysis The This wrist equipment, to your outdoor adventure process provides the most trusted support.
High-end material
In order to highlight the strong sense of PROTRE series, PRX-2000YT bezel, strap, back cover and other parts are made of titanium material, coupled with high-end links and grinding technology, strong texture on the light above. While the watch box and strap coated with a black IP ion coating, while the middle part of the strap is used rose gold IP ion coating, showing a lean and luxurious features.
In addition, in order to meet all the needs of outdoor adventure, PRX-2000YT other functions such as tide icon, automatic backlight, 100 meters waterproof, sunrise and sunset time display, dual LCD display, world time, Fully equipped. Of course, high-tech, PRX-2000YT, mirror polishing technology, sapphire clear translucent, perfect interpretation of the outdoor movement of the United States.

What is the brand of youth watch?

What is the brand of youth watch?
Adolescents is the most promising period of life, if another watch with a. I think this is better for the most fashionable young people luster. So what is the brand of youth watch? Let the watch home to let you introduce!
SWATCH Swatch watch
SWATCH Swatch watches have been conveying high quality, low cost, fashion and commemorative information, so that every consumer can have their own watches. SWATCH Swatch represents the meaning of a precious souvenir, every period of historical memories, and even an emotional Cartier nail bracelet replica sustenance. SWATCH Swatch to create a world-class brand of myth, as consumers in the hearts of the logo, while continuing the Swiss watch industry hundred years of glory.
Casio watches
Casio watches represent the vitality of the young, stylish, multi-functional brand image has been deeply rooted. Casio company has always been a leader in peer-to-peer skills, over the years will have a breakthrough skills. Will be high, refined, sharp technology combined with new LCD technology, properly applied to the wrist on the meter, continue to improve the level of development on the wrist time – Casio has always been advocated by the “wrist technology” spirit in China is also Be able to follow and spread.
Citizen watches
Citizen is a world-renowned watch brand, that all citizens of the world to provide high-grade products and high standards of service for the mission, hope that through the “favorite for the public, close to the public” products, contribute to the good life of all mankind The As a large multinational company, Citizen Group in Japan with 46 enterprises, Japan has 64 overseas branches, the global total of 110 branches. All along, adhering to the never-ending spirit of innovation and continue to challenge the future of the brand concept, Citizen has always been in the international watch industry’s leading position.
Levi’s watch
Levi’s Levi’s is a famous jeans brand, as the “originator” of jeans, symbolizing the American Replica Cartier jewelry wild, fortitude, rebellion and the spirit of the American pioneer. It has experienced a century and a half of the storm, popular from the United States to the world, and become the world’s men and women can accept the fashion. Indigo denim twill, waist back of the pants, pants after the bag on the arc, rivets, unique red flag and so are the characteristics of Levi’s.
Fiyta female watch how long will not stop it?
Each of the Fiyta watches are designers and engineers just around the brain, the beauty of art and engineering rigorous combination of rigorous, coupled with advanced manufacturing means, watchmakers superb skills and processes in every link The strict control, to ensure that every Faya watches fine and quality. So many female friends also like Fiyta watches, so how long will the Fiyta female table will stop it?
Most of the Fiyta mechanical watch is the use of the Japanese movement to Citizen 8215 automatic mechanical movement majority, Citizen 8215 automatic mechanical movement power reserve is 40 hours. Meaning that after the chain is not wearing can go for 40 hours. Generally normal wear case, won not wear can go about 34 hours or so!
Fiyta mechanical watch how long last winding?
Fiyta mechanical watch excellent quality, travel time accurate. Many friends travel like to wear, but some friends said Fiyta mechanical watch do not know when there is no power. So how long is the Fiyta mechanical watch last time? Let the watch home to tell you!
Fiyta mechanical watch in the static state of automatic mechanical watch no power storage, need to manually add 10 to 20 laps to add energy, completely full of the article, the general can continue to transport 36 to 42 hours. Wear more than 8 hours a day, the daily arm swing to the movement to add energy to keep the www.ourlovestore.com watch continued to run away. Such as the watch still put 1 day or daily activity is very small, need to manually add some energy on the foot!
Citizen watch model how to look
Citizen watches a lot of types of models, many friends said they do not know how to watch their own models. The following watch home to tell you citizen Citizen watch model how to see it!
You can identify the watch product model with the product tag.
The back of the product tag (format: AB1234-56CD) is the product model of your watch.
You can identify the watch product model based on the complete warranty and a single product bar code.
The first line (format: AB1234-56CD) is the product model of your watch.

Can you wear a G-SHOCK watch?

Can you wear a G-SHOCK watch?
G-SHOCK earthquake legend has entered the 30th year, in its continuous innovation and progress also accompanied by our growth. Perhaps we can not guess the details of its innovation, but G-SHOCK, as Casio has always advocated “beyond the dream, challenge the limits of” brand spirit will continue to be followed and spread. Then G-SHOCK watch swimming can wear it?
Can you wear a G-SHOCK watch?
waterproof level
(1) sweating (SWEAT-RESISTANT): very easy to understand, just to prevent sweat ran inside the table;
(2) general waterproof (WATER-RESISTANT): that is, occasionally encountered Replica Cartier jewelry the water does not matter, for example, you give water to the water carefully sprayed into their own hands, and no tension, pick off to clean no problem, in short, is to prevent Occasional little water in life;
(3) 30 meters waterproof (30M, 3ATM, 3BAR): watch on the “30M” words table, this is the waterproof watch.
(4) 50 meters waterproof (50M, 5ATM, 5BAR): watch on the “50M” words table, that is 50 meters waterproof table, is the real meaning of the consumer’s waterproof table, can be used for swimming and general household water The watch. Remember not to adjust the table in the water;
(5) diving table (100 meters waterproof, 200 meters waterproof, 300 meters waterproof, etc.): is a professional waterproof table, can be used for swimming and diving underwater work.
Can you wear a G-SHOCK watch?
On the table of waterproof performance from the type of table, professional diving table waterproof effect of course no doubt. Because the diving table is used in the spiral is the head, rather than professional diving watch watches are generally used ordinary push and pull the head, the advantages of spiral head is in the waving moment can resist the impact of water, and will not resist the same as the ordinary head Live water pressure. So the general watch is best not to wear when swimming.
Omega discs DeVille Prestige new introduction
In recent years, towards the high price of high-quality products and the complexity of the process of continuous innovation of the Omega OMEGA, in the annual launch of the global table fans appreciation and practical and collection of both the series of watches, the season is also surprising To launch is the most classic watch Omega – De Ville disc flying series Prestige Co-Axial new coaxial escapement watches. Prestige with retro style and retro style, this time in addition to a coaxial escapement of the precise timetable performance blessing, located in the direction of the small seconds of the six seconds, more of its major features, the new blue, silver, gray , Black and other watches design, show different styles of charm, the proposed price of more than 80,000 to 160,000 yuan range.
Omega discs DeVille Prestige new introduction
Taiwan Swatch Kerry, general manager of Huang Kongxiang said that the long-term Omega www.ourlovestore.com fly Prestige series can be called the brand’s most classic entry models, both elegant appearance and gentleman style, suitable for formal occasions to wear. In view of Omega in recent years on the coaxial escapement strategy, specifically for the disc Prestige re-injected into the new life, equipped with Omega proud of the coaxial escapement movement.
This unparalleled coaxial escapement 2202 automatic winding movement, the coaxial escapement device can significantly reduce the internal friction of the watch, long-term accuracy is better than the traditional leveraged escapement device. In short, even if the long-term use can still maintain its high precision, the movement is more Omega no hair balance hair balance wheel to adjust the time, to avoid balance wheel and pointer contact interference effect, and can be anti- Accurate and accurate for a long time. This movement is certified by the COSC Observatory and can be stored for up to 48 hours.
New disc flying Prestige watch with 18 yellow gold and stainless steel with two different colors dial. Watch the biggest feature for the dial 6 o’clock with yellow K gold or stainless steel small seconds of the second time dial, unique personality, meticulous dignity, highlight its elegant model. The OMEGA logo on the dial and the Roman numerals are designed to retain the traditional character and elegance of the Pretige.
Dial with blue, silver, gray, black with yellow K gold or stainless steel material perfect combination of each other, in addition to this series of overall distribution with a more multiple choice, but also stressed the taste of the pursuit of personalized watches. Table with anti-wear, anti-reflective blue crystal glass surface, with a brown or black crocodile leather strap. The new discs Prestige should be the best choice for fans who love discs. In addition, in line with the new facelift, Omega and plans to stop the original old plate Prestige series, so that the entire disc flying series promoted to one of the most advanced series of Omega.

Identify ordinary agate and south red agate

Identify ordinary agate and south red agate
South red agate is a kind of agate, it is necessary to learn to distinguish between red agate and other agate. The market has been on the continuation of the African Mozambique red agate, monochromatic agate, Madagascar agate and so on the foreign species, businesses use these prices to be cheap a lot of agate to impersonate the South red agate.

Why is it so popular for the red agate, because everyone likes its natural mild red, which for the Chinese people is very auspicious. We mainly through the identification of their color to distinguish it to see if it has no cinnabar point, chalcedony red is completely dissolved liquid look, and no South red cinnabar point of the characteristics.
Red jade is also we all like a jade, then are red, so how to identify the South Red and Red Fei it? To talk about the South Red and the biggest difference between the red should be the color of the different, the South is the most distinctive red agate is its red is composed of a lot of fine cinnabar points. Superior red meat full of red red agate can not use the naked eye to see the inside of the cinnabar point, but this South red color is a deep introverted red.

From the color identification of red and south red onyx, and the South red Cartier nail bracelet replica agate compared to the red color of the red are mostly dark red or brown, although there is a very limited color of the crown, but the red red more frivolous Not calm enough.
South red origin, distribution center is also filled with a lot of counterfeit South red agate, this place also has a lot of tourists to go, some people are some understanding of the South red agate, and some are basically no understanding. There are many places where most of the locals will not buy, and some are specifically sold to tourists. We do not buy in the origin of red agate, but we must own a good identification.

Now the South red agate assessment criteria is still more chaotic, so no matter where to buy, what shopping methods need to pay attention to see more. Now businessmen in order to benefit, ignorant conscience from which to obtain a huge return on the benefits. Driven by the interests of the law they made a fake or processed South red agate, some experts will not care on the road, so to identify the South red agate or to observe, less impulsive.
Old South red agate, is now on the market a highly respected material, but this old South red and Baoshan South can not be mixed with the red. Understanding the history of the South red agate people know that the South red agate in our country is definitely a long history, from the ancient Shu period has been developed. We are now able to see some of the previously handed down the South red agate beads, carved pieces and other items, which is a lot of South red players respected.

There are a lot of businesses will be in the South red surface to do the old known as the old South red, so the identification of the old South Red and Baoshan South red agate is still very necessary. Like the old South red people, forged the old red onyx man naturally a lot of people, and now identify the old red agate is also more and more trouble, and many businesses have been able to package the pulp and weathering patterns are imitation out, through Do a series of old technology, do it and the old South red basic.
On the South red agate flaws, the main thing is impurities, crack, and cotton and water lines, this is not easy to see in the South Red, and some people do not think the water line is a flaw. How can we identify the small flaws in the south red agate?

South red agate to full of red meat, texture, oil, no blemish is very high quality of the South red. South red imitation Cartier love bracelet agate because of their own texture, although it is already a high hardness of the gem, but still very easy to crack. South red agate line, in the South Red is actually very common, but in general when people do not so carefully observe the South red agate, it is not easy to find. This waterline and it look like some small cracks are very similar, so some people will be misunderstood. Small water lines and small cracks with the naked eye to see the words is basically no difference, this time need to use tools to help. In the light flashlight, the water line can be light and not split.
We have a lot of ways to buy the South red agate, the novice when the best is to find a friend, or know the seller to buy, so more assured is not easy to be cheated. South red agate color is its characteristics and selling point, its color is Hongyan is not demonic, there is a calm feeling. And the fake south red agate color is more impetuous, want to float on the surface of the same feeling of stone. For the entry of novice players, relying on the naked eye and their own experience to judge the quality of the South red agate is still very difficult.

So the identification of the South red agate there are many or need to rely on experience to determine. South red agate certificate can not prove that the South red must be true or not optimized at all.
Agate is not very high-end gem, so the price has been relatively low. Although this, the market still has a lot of Fake Cartier love bracelet burning color red agate. Because the agate rough stone are generally gray, so most of the red agate will be roasted, which is allowed, the certificate out can only be considered optimized. But now agate gradually get attention, so fake red agate phenomenon is more.

We can identify the agate from the texture, counterfeit red agate products are mostly made of stone imitation, imitation agate stone raw material texture is relatively real red agate rough to be soft, we only need to use jade in the need to identify Agate products can be gently across, if it is synthetic fake red onyx, then the surface of the product will be jade scratch, if there is no scratches, the basic can determine the red agate product is true

Buy silver jewelry must know the knowledge

Buy silver jewelry must know the knowledge
Gold and silver has always been a symbol of wealth, silver is the original tool for the development of evil, so silver jewelry is very suitable for the elderly and children wearing an ornament, silver jewelry on the market today, mixed with what should pay attention to when buying?
First, the value of silver jewelry is largely not reflected in the material, but the quality Cartier nail bracelet replica and workmanship, so if we see the price is very cheap sterling silver jewelry must pay attention to, and indeed 925 silver material is not expensive, but silver jewelry Workmanship in the cost of a great difference.
And then to learn to identify silver jewelry, the current market, many silver jewelry under the banner of “sterling silver” under the banner of sale, but in the end is true or a question mark, in determining the purity of silver jewelry, we can distinguish from the color, the higher the purity of silver The more white, the surface looks even shiny.
Compared to other expensive jewelry materials, silver jewelry is absolutely inexpensive a jewelry, and with the modern silver jewelry more refined, making silver jewelry in the daily dress in a very important position, but we all know Silver jewelry of the chemical nature of instability, it is easy to black, which we wear in the daily wear to pay attention to what?
First, silver is easy to absorb mercury, which leads to the destruction of the structure, and many women daily use of cosmetics contain mercury, in addition, sulfur can make silver jewelry black, so if you are working in a laboratory or chemical plant is not appropriate Wear silver jewelry.
Second, the ozone and tap water can also lead to black silver jewelry, because most of the tap water contains a certain amount of bleaching powder and chlorine, erosion of silver, so should not wear silver jewelry bath, in addition, detergent also contains bleach, so when washing clothes Do not wear silver jewelry.
In addition, silver is also soluble in hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, silver jewelry to avoid contact with as much as possible.
Well known silver jewelry on the human body have a certain role in health care, especially for the elderly children to wear, but silver jewelry to wear a long time after it is easy to black, there is nothing particularly simple and convenient way to deal with it? Here to introduce several:
The first is the girls are often used to clean up the lipstick, just put the lipstick on the cloth and then wipe the silver jewelry can be; the second is to use our usual and Coca-Cola soak, the time not more than 12 hours; Three is to apply the correction fluid on the silver jewelry, the correction fluid is not dry before the imitation Cartier love bracelet cloth rub silver, and soon can restore the light; Fourth, if it is prime silver, then you can use the lighter to burn, and then wipe with silver cloth So that the elements are particularly bright silver jewelry.
The method is very simple and very convenient, are our daily life in the long use of some things, we hope to help.
Now online shopping more and more popular, on the Internet to buy silver jewelry a lot of people say bad, but is not online to buy silver jewelry have problems? In fact, as long as you carefully selected to master some of the silver jewelry tips, on the Internet can pick the same genuine silver jewelry.
Online purchase of silver jewelry received after the arrival of the best not to wear, you can get a formal advice on the silver shop to wear.
In addition, to get silver jewelry can first look at some appearance and mark to see if the surface meets the requirements of formal quality, imprint is clear and easy to identify and whether the workmanship is fine, there are no obvious defects, such as trachoma, stomata, cracks, welding Scars and so on.
If you find any problems, timely consultation with the owner, as far as possible to properly solve.
With the change of people’s consumption concept and aesthetic concept, all kinds of jewelery are more and more popular, has always been yellow platinum and diamonds are people rush to buy jewelry, but with people’s pursuit of good taste, traditional single The style has been unable to meet people’s demand for fashion.
In this regard, the market in recent years there has been a modern fashion silver jewelry, compared with Fake Cartier love bracelet the traditional silver jewelry, modern fashion silverware is not only more cost-effective production, and more than traditional silver jewelry texture, the most important thing is the traditional silver jewelry modeling Single, volatile characteristics compared to modern fashion silver in the shape and design more creative, more suitable for everyday wear.
The emergence of modern fashion silver can be said that the silver jewelry industry has played a huge complementary role, silver finally broke the traditional, more and more suitable for the taste of modern people.

Add charm charm ring fashion color

Add charm charm ring fashion color
Into the new millennium, the jewelry designers are avant-garde fashion trends in the design work is also injected into the avant-garde novel design concept. With the nineties has no decorative minimalist style is very different from the new century, a more diversified fashion aesthetics, aesthetic principles also broke the geographical divide, bringing together the concept of cultural creation in one. Gold jewelry design also injected new blood and vitality, showing a more charming charm.

Gold jewelry gives the feeling, always inseparable from the monotony of the gold necklace, can not be separated from the traditional ring ring, in people’s minds always appear thin style, so the fashion of gold jewelry in people’s hearts greatly reduced . But the Italian jewelry designers to give a new design concept of gold jewelry, from the design process to give people a new look and feel, and guide the current trend of the latest gold.

Exquisite craftsmanship is the characteristics of today’s fashion, so gold jewelry is also focused on delicate and meticulous process. Or the use of the overall polishing technology, or blasting, hollow combination, or in the smooth surface of chisel engraved texture, or engraved with smooth lines, thereby enhancing Cartier nail bracelet replica the three-dimensional sense of jewelry and level of space sense, no matter from which angle Look have a different effect, just like a miniature modern sculpture. Round ring, full of arc is polished soft as veil-like smooth, the surface layer of light sandblasting effect, highlighting the sexy seductive ring design; natural elegance of the curved ring surface engraved with the same distance Of the ruled lines or curved lines, in the light irradiation, the convex and concave produced a strong contrast between light and shade, a strong sense of luster and three-dimensional; pull the wire into gold, can be woven as transparent thin wire-like Soft jewelry, design and craft a unique creation, breaking the traditional style of gold.

Gold jewelry from the design theme, on the one hand by the modern painting, sculpture, architecture, industrial product design, modeling in the use of a variety of abstract geometric shapes and irregular shape to pass creative and fun. A metal wire can be wound into a conical shape of the ring; the use of metal sheet irregular lines knocked into the texture effect, to design a bold and unique style, highlighting the strong artistic atmosphere. Geometric graphics can be used to design a conceptual modeling, the combination of music and straight, just and soft contrast, full of sharp and perceptual creativity.

On the other hand, in the hustle and bustle of modern time and space, people desire a comfortable, quiet, natural atmosphere to heal the spirit of tension. Therefore, ‘Fanpuguizhen’, ‘return to nature’ is still the main theme of the design. From the nature of the plants and plants to get inspiration to daisy flower-shaped pattern, polished petals and blasting the stamens in sharp contrast, or daisy flower tied side by side, or flower as the design element, sandblasting and polishing texture Contrast, constitute a unique aesthetic style with layers. It can be said that all creatures between heaven and earth can be integrated into the design concept.

Clothing can not be separated from the development of jewelry and clothing with, if the costume for the painting of the dragon, jewelry is the finishing touch. Today’s Bohemian wind blowing fashion, colorful national embroidery and avant-garde cutting embellished the romantic fashion, with a unique pattern carved jewelry, more of a strong national style. Polished soft and smooth jewelry, is the best soft clothing accessories. Spring and summer clothing in 2002, the fashion arena, there has been a long absence of the folds, large and small fold enhance the three-dimensional clothing, accompanied by a very expressive gold ring, in stark contrast. Stripe is also the most widely used pattern in fashion design. Simple and stylish stripes, so tired of the Replica Cartier jewelry hustle and bustle of the people, in the natural and relaxed attire, the body and soul have been extremely relaxed. Striped clothing with engraved with a straight line or curve of gold, but also the most simple character, the interpretation of the most fashionable classic. Gold jewelry and avant-garde decoration with a blend of ethnic culture around the dress, showing the unfettered fashion trends. Gold jewelry with its bold avant-garde design and noble and beautiful temperament, to return to the fashion arena. From the golden trend of the season, we can see that today’s jewelry design and fashion trend of the increasingly close. With the endless stream of modern jewelry processing technology, designers more innovative ideas, the interpretation of a broader space, jewelry and fashion is evolving into an interactive relationship, fashion jewelry and jewelry fashion for the pursuit of the trend of people added to the More attractive charm!
I wonder if you have tried a novel way of wearing jewelry? That is, the role of different jewelry deliberately upside down, in order to change the style of accessories, and in the “dislocation” shows you the charm of fashion and personality.

Miss Office if you do not want to always wear a rigid professional package, you can spend some clever accessories. For example, one end of the slender necklace not in the shirt collar, the other end with the charm of the bracelet is connected to the classic, do not suit the collar, very chic.

Small pins are fine and elegant, but not eye-catching. Such as used in a good plate inserted in the imitation cartier love bracelet hair, the hair against the background will be much more dazzling. Own hand-made or bought gloves, such as looks a bit monotonous, may wish to not on the small pin.

The most annoying is the beloved earrings will always be inadvertently lost one. Spend a little thought together them, and then clip a few pieces of colored glass beads, so that it becomes a distinctive new bracelet. Hot days, worn on the ankle, dangling also charming.

I do not know if you have noticed, false diamond card is used for brooch, collar, in the body of the cashmere sweater crystal sparkling, is the latest wave of “dislocation” method.

Men ‘s jewelry pretending to cool this fall

Men ‘s jewelry pretending to cool this fall
When men generally began to focus on packaging their own image, the original was the women as a favorite of all kinds of jewelry has become their portable pretending to cool accessories. Men’s jewelry, is not that some of the models than female jewelry thicker, larger, or some of the simple style jewelry it? actually not. At present, although the number of men’s jewelry still can not compete with women’s jewelry, but with its unique design of hardness and softness in the jewelry industry is different.

Nowadays, many men want to wear jewelry, but is always unjustifiable, a large part of the reason is that they do not understand the type of men’s jewelry. In fact, the types of men’s jewelry jewelry is more abundant than women, in general, women’s jewelry has necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, anklet these types of categories, and men’s jewelry in addition to the above traditional types, Cufflinks, belt buckle and other men’s exclusive accessories to join the family of men’s jewelry, a special part of the men’s ornaments.

Silver steel necklace thick rough

Necklaces and bracelets are men’s jewelry that can be worn on many occasions. Men’s necklaces Replica Cartier love bracelet and bracelets are generally rugged and heavy in quality. Their shapes and patterns are relatively simple. They are made of simple square, round and triangular geometries. Men’s necklaces and bracelets are made of silver, steel and other materials, while the previous thick gold necklace has gradually withdrew from the fashion arena.

The ring is carried as a seal

Men wear a thick ring, ring face and ring ring diameter is relatively large. Although the style of men’s rings is simple, but the design always seems alternative and creative. Simple ring-shaped men’s rings, because the ring face wide, so you can make a lot of beautiful shape to. Such as the ring surface cast blessing, longevity, auspicious, wishful and so on, containing a good blessing. The ring surface can also carve animals, names and other patterns, personalized full, name ring can also be used as a seal to carry.

Diamond stud earrings MAN full flavor

Star is the star flavor, but there are male stars to use shiny diamonds to decorate their own. These were once a woman beloved diamonds are now also become the trend of men chasing jewelry. Large diamond stud earrings Beckham has almost become one of the classic LOGO, the shook the stadium super football star is simply a “diamond man” the best demonstration, frequently wearing diamond earrings appearance, he not only has not been accused of There are sissy, but also look MAN full flavor. Chen Kun recent public Cartier love ring replica appearances, always the same is the sinking flashing bright diamond earrings. And like Yu Wen, Pan Weibo and many other new generation idol male stars seem to be all diamond earrings fans.

Jade tie clip dress change

Many business men need to wear a shirt to wear a tie, monotonous dress inevitably boring. Tie clip is a good accessory, was included in the men’s jewelry category tie clip can help the office of male colleagues to transform the fashion dress. Today there are many different colors and costly tie clip, fine workmanship, but also the use of different materials to produce, so rich in a variety of colors. Such as red tie with a ruby tie clip, green tie can be used with jade or tourmaline tie clip. The black agate tie clip is now popular, black and many colors tie with, with the wild effect of Variety.

Exquisite cufflinks gleaming

Cufflinks can reveal a man in the dress spent thinking. Cufflinks in a variety of shapes, the more sophisticated materials and workmanship. Like LV, Armani and other big brands men’s cufflinks accessories are introduced every season, showing the role of cufflinks in the decoration of the large. Cufflinks are square, round, diamond, petal-shaped and other traditional shapes, in addition, some brands also introduced some zodiac or animal modeling special edition cufflinks. A small cufflinks may be sold for more than a thousand dollars, because many big Cartier love ring replica brands are used to create gold cufflinks K, and in which embellishment gem, the classic brand Logo will be shining in the cufflinks between the glow.

Belt buckle lion tiger image

Belt buckle can be used as a belt buckle, can also appear alone, as a casual pants on the decorations. Belt buckle and jeans with a more appropriate, like some buckle face carved lion, tiger, snake and other animal images, with the waist in the jeans on the chic look interesting.

Harry Winston platinum base blue diamond ring

Top class gem series of classic interpretation of the eternal
Harry Winston platinum base blue diamond ring
Perfect rare sapphire oval cut
From harry Winston new “The Incredibles” top jewelry series, oval cut perfectly rare sapphire, weighs 26.79 carat, performed by someone with an accurate craft Mosaic.
Van Cleef&Arples K white gold ruby ring set auger butterfly with Burma
Make this a passionate red To express love and desire
This enthusiastic red, to express love and desire: platinum set polyhedral Cartier love ring replica shape, horse eye shape and pear-shaped cut diamonds, match line 7.04 carat long-horned stepped cutting myanmar rubies.
Cartier rose K gold red sapphire ring
The eternal classic with you witness the faithful love
LOVE is many Cartier jewelry series of loving interpretation of LOVE jewelry, this rose gold LOVE ring with the eternal classic with you witness the loyalty of LOVE.
Bulgar Eternity platinum ring
Using gold, platinum or a platinum material, Mosaic
Bulgari’s classic wedding ring Eternity Bands using gold, platinum or a platinum material, Mosaic. The Mosaic rectangle cutting sapphire and diamond ring but also show the charm of its delicate.
Dior senior jewelry “Oui” series of purple spinel ring
A symbol of the sweetness of love
“Oui” — “I do” in French to express the sincere love, the ring itself is a symbol of the imitation Cartier love bracelet sweetness of love! At the same time full of tong qu rich imagination
Japanese Akoya pearls Mikimoto Olive Motif 18 k gold ring
Design simple and beautiful and pure and fresh and free from vulgarity permeate a bride fashion temperament
Symbol of peace and freedom of the olive tree for design inspiration, the Japanese Akoya pearl white ring as the fruit of the olive tree, the design simple and beautiful, permeate a bride fashion of pure and fresh and free from vulgarity temperament.
If the gold is of primitive simplicity, platinum is intellectual, so all the popular fashion language Mosaic gold is confidence. Mosaic gold products adhere to the perfection of high-profile and do not break luxuriant, clever answer the charm of it, full confidence.
Mosaic gold price is not high, its stand out, not the people expected, in clever collocation, exquisite magic, they like being administered incarnation elves have a unique language. Elegant noble K pink gold, white gold, pure feeling deep seductive rose gold, the chief designer’s live, delicate and highly ductile morphs into wonderful Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica crisscross, delicate tassel, a few can be spurious and fine lines. Besides it isn’t a gold material can create so exaggerated the modelling of the rich, and these delicate changeable elements has always been a big prizes fans, like round a childhood dream of luxury jewelry.
Enchanting Party queen, capable of Office lady, or walking on the streets of backpackers, Mosaic gold to translate into various shapes, bright light let you high profile, self-confident glamour everywhere, of course.

Platinum diamond ring For love eternal witness

Platinum diamond ring For love eternal witness
Meaning of “perfect” in 2010 and will have many shall be well, jack shall have Jill, nowadays it is wedding peak, believe a lot of new people are looking for the right wedding buddhist monastic discipline. As the wedding market dominant ring material, platinum by its pure, rare, eternal qualities have rewelding metal “love” is seen as a perfect marriage is the best witness. Is a perfect combination, at the same time, platinum and diamond platinum white color can best reflect the light of the diamond itself, its not easy to wear or deformation stability of the nature of the diamond can also give the strongest protection.
For newcomers prefer Mosaic style, platinum diamond ring is the default choice. We selected Cartier love ring replica ten brands of platinum diamond ring, it is not difficult to find that this year’s wedding ring design have to return to simple and easy design, giving emphasis to the witness of this love a classic of eternal beauty.
As marriage eternal witness platinum diamond ring, in the actual selection process also has a lot of knowledge, we sort out four Suggestions, smart can help you to choose to his favorite platinum diamond ring.
Four Tips about buying platinum diamond ring
1. Platinum with the metal characteristics of love. Natural pure platinum does not contain impurities as love; Its rare excavation is just like a rare love in the love (if all the world’s platinum into an Olympic swimming pool, the depth is not enough to cover the instep); And never wear in the material is in line with the true love never fade commitments.
2. Not more hard metal material more suitable for diamonds. Mosaic is a complex process, has high demands on technology, thus can firmly inlaid diamonds not only determined by the hardness of the metal. Platinum because of its excellent toughness, not easy fracture and wear and tear, more competent for all kinds of complicated and delicate Mosaic process.
3. Choose platinum diamond ring, the ring design should fit the bride and groom the shape of the hand and personal temperament: fingers slender, can choose ring delicate contracted design, highlight the aesthetic feeling of the fingers, foils elegant temperament; Joint prominent “bony hand”, can choose carved Cartier nail bracelet replica or hollow out pattern design, and highlight the personality is suitable; Beautiful lovely “hands”, most tender and delicate temperament, choose ring finer, enchase diamond ring, to reflect the most birds in accordance with the person’s temperament.
4. Platinum daily maintenance of buddhist monastic discipline is also very important, first of all should pay attention to properly kept, clean clean or don’t wear heavy physical labor; When you don’t wear the ring on jewelry box alone or suede leather belt, in order to avoid unnecessary damage; Ring don’t contact with irritant chemical products; To clean out regularly for platinum buddhist monastic discipline, if there is a visible scratches, can be polished to qualified jeweller.
Famous British sculptor Anish Kapoor designed B.z ero series 1 rose gold and stainless steel ring
In 2010, when the B.z ero1 series with the 10th anniversary of the birth, through the combination and interpretation of the classic elements of the innovation, combined with the new material should be used, B.z ero1 series launched many innovative products. Grab an eye most in the new country, the British famous sculptor Anish Kapoor’s new cooperation, as well as bulgari always bold mix to try in the field of jewelry material, the black and white ceramic with rose gold.
Bulgari B.z ero 1 new series 2010 roses Jin Bai ceramic ring
Bulgari B.z ero 1 series 2010 new rose gold and black ceramic ring
This unique design realizes the innovation of the rose gold with precision ceramic combination. Adhering to the unique Cartier nail bracelet replica design concept, bulgari B.z ero1 series is now two fabulous innovation work: on the external structure, rose gold and perfectly fit precision ceramics, as a whole; Carved with the BVLGARI BVLGARI double identity of classic rose gold material, white or black with spiral precision ceramic colour contrast, the more contracted large gas ring.
Designer Annie Kapoor shi (Anish Kapoor) is currently one of the most influential artists all over the world, he was invited to re-create bulgari via standard ring. Sculptor who was born in India, now living in London, over the years has always been one of the important standard of the international art world, his excellent works of the museum of modern art in New York, the Royal Academy, Bern museum of art, the guggenheim museum, and many other places.
The famous British sculptor Anish Kapoor
Mr Kapoor (Kapoor) of artistic exploration direction has been focused on the control of different metals and its unique reflective is clever. In fact, many of his famous sculpture using concave steel material, and has become a Anish Kapoor, Anish Kapoor) design new B.z ero1 series ring of inspiration. Thanks to this, has a long history of bulgari traditional crafts made unique noble art

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