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Feidi uphold the innovation and excellence from the founder of the nature of perseverance and vision

Faydi’s Chinese name is Fei Di, in China he is not very famous. Know little people, but it is in Switzerland is a Swiss watch advanced design concepts and superb production process as the core and the creation of the Swiss watch brand.
Faydi Feidi watch brand profile

Feidi to design as the soul, combined with the Swiss watch unique cultural atmosphere to create the brand, designers continue to put all kinds of elements into the watch, and like from a variety of life sports field to seek inspiration and fun, to design a variety of times Charm and trend of color watches style.

Feidi people on the manufacture of watches and clocks are also originality, devote themselves imitation Cartier love bracelet to create a watch, aimed at the pursuit of excellence, high precision and show the aesthetic value of sports self-fashion, Feidi brand connotation implies accurate time, expressed great, fair and timeless Praise

Feidi uphold the innovation and excellence, from the founder of the nature of perseverance and vision. Feidi that the brand to long-term development, the need for enterprises with far-sighted sense of innovation, and never satisfied, and strive to perfect, the pursuit of excellence in the spirit of progress.

Time and the relationship between life inextricably linked, Fei Di that enjoy the time, is to enjoy life. Feidi watch with the design to express the fashion and freedom of life with the attitude of life, and that the real fashion and freedom with the nature is not only a simple enjoyment, but also have to stand the test of time texture, emboldened and qualified. Feidi watch excellent texture, innovative design fashion, is derived from the relentless pursuit of beauty. The pursuit of beauty is the existence of a passion for life. Feidi people strive to perfect, is the attitude, it is custom.
FILON watch most people are not familiar with, which in the end what is the watch brand? Today’s watch home to come to tell you about FILON watch brand it!
FILON Harvard watch brand introduction
FILON Chinese name for the Haifu is a set up with the 1980 French fashion brand, jewelry brand.
1980, MR.PAUL ZHUANG in Paris, the most prestigious RUE.DU TEMPLE Avenue created FILON company, and is committed to FILON series of jewelry creation and promotion, so that FILON France has become the field of jewelry the most professional quality and European style of fashion Logo, much of all the ladies Replica Cartier jewelry of Paris favorite and respected. Today, FILON has established offices in dozens of countries in the UK, Italy, Belgium, South Africa, Thailand, Korea, Japan and China, and has a reputation.
All the jewelry is very bright colors, and fashion models to precious metals melting, gem cutting process based. All the jewelry in addition to the use of forging gold program is completed, plus a layer of “special” transparent material to do protection. In the Waldorf counters, the mirror box is the most noticeable. Not only carved with hollow pattern of style, as well as inlaid crystal style, mostly to gold, silver as the main color.
In 1980, Paul Zhuang (PAUL ZHUANG) in Paris, France, the most prestigious RUE.DU EMPLE Avenue created FILON company, which opened the door to enter the most innovative fashion jewelry! 83 years, the company from the initial business 50 million speed into the development of tens of millions of companies, and business to the neighboring countries of the EU (Britain, Italy, Belgium, etc.), and gradually into the ranks of French fashion jewelry brand manufacturers.
In 1989, FILON company to enter the European and American markets, in many countries set up agents, to achieve the concept of international sales network. In the same period in the RUE.DU TEMPLE Avenue opened two large wholesale stores. Further expand and develop the company, so that the rapid appreciation of product output. After entering the nineties, FILON company to ensure high-quality products under the premise of high quality, began a technological innovation, in the design style, production process has been greatly improved, to enter the African and Southeast Asian markets made full preparations The
In 1994, the company sold its products to Africa, after the completion of 40% market share in the short term, will focus on the Southeast Asian market, in order to focus on the development of the Chinese mainland market, the French headquarters was formally established. FILON company Beijing branch. The development of the Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Shandong, northeast and other regions of the 26 large and medium-sized cities in the retail market, and all with the local well-known large and medium-sized shopping malls in the field of fashion jewelry www.ourlovestore.com has added an internationally renowned brand.
In recent years, with the company’s business development continues to expand and rise in product development is to achieve the sunrise new standards, combined with the East and West culture, development and innovation of many very unique products, so that products more Zhen perfect. Which has been favored by consumers. The establishment of the same time the Haifu Lan Club, founded its own fixed customer groups, which makes the Waldorf in the consumer to establish a good brand image. At present, FILON company is more advanced technology, more fashionable design, more stringent guarantee for the purpose, and constantly improve the business philosophy, so that Waldorf permanent bright.

wearing a watch bath At the beginning may not see any problems after a period of time the watch will definitely have a problem

Waterproof watch is the watch industry’s short description of the waterproof watch. Waterproof watch sub-ordinary waterproof and professional waterproof. Ordinary waterproof watch can only prevent water splash, and professional waterproof watch can withstand soaking in different depth of water.
Water RESIST Waterproof Table
The waterproof watch on the back of the watch will be marked WATER RESIST, non-waterproof is no such logo. What are the water depth of the waterproof watch? Most of the water depth is marked between the axis of the pointer and the 6 o’clock position, for example, 300 meters for waterproof, 300m or 300meters, or the bottom of the table. Water Resistance, Waterproof The
Waterproof principle
There are several factors that make a watch waterproof. The most important imitation Cartier love bracelet is the gasket, or O-ring, which is made of rubber, nylon or Teflon. In the crystal glass, the bottom cover and the crown and the junction between the case to form a waterproof seal. If it is a chronograph, its pusher will also have a gasket. In addition, the waterproof case is lined with a sealing layer (coated with a rapidly hardened liquid) to prevent seepage. The thickness and material of the case determine whether a table can be worn safely underwater and therefore an important factor. Threaded top cover to replace press-in bottom cover also helps to waterproof. Many diving tables are threaded to prevent water from penetrating through the rotary hole. The crown is tightened to form a waterproof seal, just like the seal between the jar and the threaded cap.
waterproof level
(1) sweating (SWEAT-RESISTANT): very easy to understand, just to prevent sweat ran to the table inside;
(2) general waterproof (WATER-RESISTANT): that is, occasionally encountered water does not matter, for example, you give water to the water carefully sprayed into their own hands, and no tension, pick off and clean no problem, in short, is to prevent Occasional little water in life;
(3) 30 meters waterproof (30M, 3ATM, 3BAR): watch on the “30M” words table, this is the waterproof table.
(4) 50 meters waterproof (50M, 5ATM, 5BAR): watch on the “50M” words table, that is, 50 meters waterproof watch, is the real meaning of the consumer’s waterproof table, can be used for swimming and general household water Watch, remember not to adjust the table in the water.
(5) diving table (100 meters waterproof, 200 meters waterproof, 300 meters waterproof, etc.): a professional waterproof Replica Cartier jewelry table, can be used for swimming and diving underwater work.
In addition to their own design factors, the improper use of the method is the culprit leading to the influx of watches, such as adjusting the time, the faucet is not tight; watch in the temperature level of disparity, easy to fog; In addition, wearing a watch bath, At the beginning may not see any problems, after a period of time, the watch will definitely have a problem. When the watch encountered water problems, it is best to quickly sent to the table shop by the professional master of the movement of the oil wash or case drying treatment, it is best not to take out the machine when the hair dryer to dry, Move not only did not help, but easy to evaporate out of the moisture inside the movement, the problem will be more serious, have this habit of friends to pay attention to the.
It is generally believed that the mechanical watch life is longer than the quartz watch. But the fact is not the case, because the quartz watch inside all the running parts and mechanical watches are the same. The life of the electronic components has not yet been fully tested, but it is likely to have the same life expectancy. Quartz watches and mechanical watches the main difference is that the use of energy sources to drive the movement of the watch core.
Mechanical table works: mechanical watch has a helix. When people give the watch a chord, the helix is also tightened at the same time. When the helix is released, it begins to drive the watch core to move. One of the major drawbacks of mechanical watches is the inconsistency of the speed of the helix, resulting in a decrease in timing accuracy. Accuracy is also affected by factors such as temperature, location, wear of parts and some other factors. Therefore, when a mechanical watch in the day there are 15-30 seconds of error, it can be considered normal. The minimum error can be achieved only for 4-5 seconds.
Quartz table works: quartz watch with a battery as a source of energy. The battery outputs power to the electronic blocks on the watch and on the motor. Each second electronic block outputs a pulse wave to the motor, which is driven by the motor. Because quartz crystal can provide the most stable www.ourlovestore.com pulse wave, it can guarantee the highest accuracy (in general, the monthly error between 15-25 seconds; the smallest error of only 5 seconds a year). Because there are quartz crystal in the inside, so the watch also named quartz Glashütty table. In addition, a battery can continue to work for several years, so there is no need for such a table winding. In general, mechanical watches are much more expensive than quartz watches. At this time because the mechanical watch in the production process requires accurate manual adjustment of school, and quartz watches are usually assembled in the automatic production line.

Can you wear a G-SHOCK watch?

Can you wear a G-SHOCK watch?
G-SHOCK earthquake legend has entered the 30th year, in its continuous innovation and progress also accompanied by our growth. Perhaps we can not guess the details of its innovation, but G-SHOCK, as Casio has always advocated “beyond the dream, challenge the limits of” brand spirit will continue to be followed and spread. Then G-SHOCK watch swimming can wear it?
Can you wear a G-SHOCK watch?
waterproof level
(1) sweating (SWEAT-RESISTANT): very easy to understand, just to prevent sweat ran inside the table;
(2) general waterproof (WATER-RESISTANT): that is, occasionally encountered Replica Cartier jewelry the water does not matter, for example, you give water to the water carefully sprayed into their own hands, and no tension, pick off to clean no problem, in short, is to prevent Occasional little water in life;
(3) 30 meters waterproof (30M, 3ATM, 3BAR): watch on the “30M” words table, this is the waterproof watch.
(4) 50 meters waterproof (50M, 5ATM, 5BAR): watch on the “50M” words table, that is 50 meters waterproof table, is the real meaning of the consumer’s waterproof table, can be used for swimming and general household water The watch. Remember not to adjust the table in the water;
(5) diving table (100 meters waterproof, 200 meters waterproof, 300 meters waterproof, etc.): is a professional waterproof table, can be used for swimming and diving underwater work.
Can you wear a G-SHOCK watch?
On the table of waterproof performance from the type of table, professional diving table waterproof effect of course no doubt. Because the diving table is used in the spiral is the head, rather than professional diving watch watches are generally used ordinary push and pull the head, the advantages of spiral head is in the waving moment can resist the impact of water, and will not resist the same as the ordinary head Live water pressure. So the general watch is best not to wear when swimming.
Omega discs DeVille Prestige new introduction
In recent years, towards the high price of high-quality products and the complexity of the process of continuous innovation of the Omega OMEGA, in the annual launch of the global table fans appreciation and practical and collection of both the series of watches, the season is also surprising To launch is the most classic watch Omega – De Ville disc flying series Prestige Co-Axial new coaxial escapement watches. Prestige with retro style and retro style, this time in addition to a coaxial escapement of the precise timetable performance blessing, located in the direction of the small seconds of the six seconds, more of its major features, the new blue, silver, gray , Black and other watches design, show different styles of charm, the proposed price of more than 80,000 to 160,000 yuan range.
Omega discs DeVille Prestige new introduction
Taiwan Swatch Kerry, general manager of Huang Kongxiang said that the long-term Omega www.ourlovestore.com fly Prestige series can be called the brand’s most classic entry models, both elegant appearance and gentleman style, suitable for formal occasions to wear. In view of Omega in recent years on the coaxial escapement strategy, specifically for the disc Prestige re-injected into the new life, equipped with Omega proud of the coaxial escapement movement.
This unparalleled coaxial escapement 2202 automatic winding movement, the coaxial escapement device can significantly reduce the internal friction of the watch, long-term accuracy is better than the traditional leveraged escapement device. In short, even if the long-term use can still maintain its high precision, the movement is more Omega no hair balance hair balance wheel to adjust the time, to avoid balance wheel and pointer contact interference effect, and can be anti- Accurate and accurate for a long time. This movement is certified by the COSC Observatory and can be stored for up to 48 hours.
New disc flying Prestige watch with 18 yellow gold and stainless steel with two different colors dial. Watch the biggest feature for the dial 6 o’clock with yellow K gold or stainless steel small seconds of the second time dial, unique personality, meticulous dignity, highlight its elegant model. The OMEGA logo on the dial and the Roman numerals are designed to retain the traditional character and elegance of the Pretige.
Dial with blue, silver, gray, black with yellow K gold or stainless steel material perfect combination of each other, in addition to this series of overall distribution with a more multiple choice, but also stressed the taste of the pursuit of personalized watches. Table with anti-wear, anti-reflective blue crystal glass surface, with a brown or black crocodile leather strap. The new discs Prestige should be the best choice for fans who love discs. In addition, in line with the new facelift, Omega and plans to stop the original old plate Prestige series, so that the entire disc flying series promoted to one of the most advanced series of Omega.

The selection of love for the couple to pass the true meaning of love

The selection of love for the couple to pass the true meaning of love
With the arrival of Valentine’s Day a sweet element again in the heart of the jump, imagine the day in the white Valentine’s Day and the beloved people with a dedicated to your faith will be a kind of romance? Dishes 100 jewelry for everyone to choose a few fashionable couple on the ring.
The first is the food hundred thousand gold love couple ring, and your beloved her / he put on this fashionable gold ring, show off your most brilliant love, let the heart of the vows spread each other’s fingertips.
In addition, the dishes also selected the other two couple on Cartier nail bracelet replica the ring, respectively, “is willing to have this life you” and “Sweet” on the ring, the language of love turned into engraved letters in the ring ring to ring As evidence, any time to stay true love the same, as long as holding you, is a sweet meet.
The most romantic but Valentine’s Day, in the romantic Valentine’s Day for her to choose a heart slowly love gift, in the white Valentine’s Day approaching the introduction of some of the rows of romantic crystal jewelry, as the most magical gift of nature, crystal born A kind of attractive magic.
The new dishes 100 choose a romantic and noble amethyst, beautiful pure Furong stone and Kennedy charm garnet as raw materials, crystal, exquisite, demure texture like love gives the feeling, three beautiful and elegant mysterious spar soft and not publicity , Are gentle and pleasant, stylish design will allow you to win the favor of the United States.
This early spring with beautiful crystal decorate your that she, for her to buy a dish of 100 crystal ornaments make your love sworn, any time flies, keep your first good.
Women’s desire for jewelry is absolutely you can not imagine, recently vegetables to seize the young women’s beauty of the heart, launched a series of interesting modern elements of the personalized Chun-US diamond jewelry.
This year the launch of the Chunmei diamond series includes love bear diamond pendant, cute dog diamond pendant, butterfly pendant and letters diamond pendants, etc., to life in the design inspiration, through the simple and stylish design, the girls like to play With or cute little partner shine out of the show, not only to meet the pursuit of women’s beauty, but also gives a warm feeling.
In addition, the food hundred will also be the sweetest language “I love you” simplified into the letter A designed a letter A diamond pendant, through the exquisite little diamond to express love mind, white Valentine’s Day, love in the hundred dishes, choose a funny fun Of the diamond jewelry to give her the beloved.
When a “buy gold jewelry to the hundred dishes,” the advertising language spread throughout imitation Cartier love bracelet the river north and south, the food hundred jewelry is also recognized and accepted by thousands of households, as the jewelry gold industry rising star, the cake is undoubtedly a success.
In the past 2013 “elite consumption list”, the food hundred jewelry from the brand value of marketing innovation, fashion call, social welfare and other aspects of a comprehensive win, won the “2013 elite choice of choice” crown.
In the past year, with its amazing sales of gold and jewelry industry has become a leader in the gold jewelry industry, the next will face more opportunities and challenges, I believe that the use of the development of a new look, A series of “happy life, love in the food hundred” as the theme of romantic ladies section activities, thanks for the support and love of consumers.
Beauty is the pursuit of the cause of a woman’s life, so the beauty of the women are difficult to resist the temptation of jewelry eternal shine, the occasion of the arrival of the white Valentine’s Day, 100 dishes for you to prepare a lot of rich style jewelry.
Because this year is the Lunar New Year, so the heart has a innocent you absolutely have a lively pony styling jewelry, this dish 100 jewelry special launch Pt950 shaking horse pendant, geometric pattern outline of the exquisite small style show a Kind of bright and lively atmosphere, in addition, there are red and blue two colors for your free choice.
In addition, the ring for women is definitely a fatal temptation, a couple on the ring, in the fingers of the occasional feelings of each other’s feelings, so the dishes 100 jewelry special platinum Pt990 car flower couple rings and ripples couple rings.
In the highly competitive jewelry industry in the 100 with high-quality product quality and first-class service to win the trust of consumers, has been adhering to independent design and development and promotion, in the continuous improvement and development already has a professionally trained jewelry design team.
In recent years, the dishes have also set up a “high-end custom jewelry studio” to provide customers Fake Cartier love bracelet with exquisite professional high-end customized services, professional rigorous attitude and fashion avant-garde design to win the majority of consumers recognized.
In addition, the food hundred also actively promote its brand concept, so that consumers agree with the rich feelings of food jewelry, so that consumers really understand the meaning of jewelry, at the same time, food 100 actively spread jewelry culture, in promoting the traditional Chinese culture at the same time lead Fashion high-end consumption.

Clothing have out-of-season troubles

Clothing have out-of-season troubles, so use adorn article collocation can yet be regarded as a method, so the high-quality goods of limit ring, whether from the design feeling and memorial has great advantages. In addition, due to the diversified fashion, men’s jewelry design is also more and more popular, in addition to the retained its contracted with modern designs feeling, show the characteristics of taste is supreme, is more meaningful.
Boucheron chocolate 18 k gold ring: unique and limited chocolate gold ring, break the traditional Replica Cartier love bracelet use of material, rich colour and lustre is like the real chocolate, filled with the flavor of the festival.
Niessing Fusion to nickel stainless steel with pure platinum ring: platinum connecting two flat a gleaming stainless steel ring ring, ring creates a feeling of cold tone tonality, and precious metals platinum ring more value to produce unparalleled.
Tiffany & Co. The Atlas series 18 k white gold ring: unique and classic Roman numerals reliefs, USES the new design of hollow out, not only more young, also the eternal presence.
In the sunny spring and summer, sparkling, design of fashion jewelry become the nods eyeball pen of the body. This one season, first-line brand and fashion jewelry brand to launch in the spring and summer accessories for its multifarious design become the focus of attention, as well as those major delicate and beautiful new key chain and mobile phone chain, also become a beautiful decoration of the closest to your mobile phone and keys, every look a heartache. Actually, do not need to spend a huge sum of money to buy expensive jewelry, the price of one thousand yuan to thousands of yuan of fashion jewelry can you dressed as a fashion.
Fashion jewelry
Epidemic focus: diversity of style restoring ancient ways, exaggerated modelling, material.
As a tie-in fashion accessories, each season’s fashion jewelry all follow the fashion. So when luxury romantic Cartier love ring replica season wind in fashion industry, fashion accessory was style restoring ancient ways is popular, especially like Dior, Jean Paul Gaultier and a series of famous fashion brand of jewelry is full of thick nostalgic feelings, designers will fashion jewelry design inspiration to freeze in the past s classic style, the best collocation of retro fashion.
Poker jewelry:
Jean Paul Gaultier design has always been full of wacky ideas, designers use poker and casino element in fashion jewelry, would you by a season full of mysterious feeling on to this season is full of fantastic colors of spring, summer, autumn and winter. Poker series of each style of jewelry price is in one thousand yuan to one thousand yuan. In addition, the casino series of priced at one thousand yuan, with brass and lead crystal glass as the main materials, with brass and matte silver as the main tonal, to coincide with the casino theme, respectively on the necklace earrings and other jewelry decorated with queen, dice or the stars, the design is very unique.
Retro chandeliers jewelry:
Based on crystal droplight, full of feeling restoring ancient ways and adopted according to the history of brass and colorful crystal glass material together, creating a series of glittering and translucent get rid of restoring ancient ways, full of the flavor of noble crystal lamp ornaments, the earrings price is in two thousand yuan of less than, very suitable for wear Cartier love ring replica in the evening occasion.
Ocean series jewelry:
The hot spring and summer, how little got inspiration from the sea? Artini ocean series jewelry with colorful coral and abundant nature colour gives priority to tone, piece together different natural crystal and fritillaria, smell of sunshine ocean. Designers to join performance of Marine biological elements of small world tags, such as starfish, fish, shell and coral as an ornament, such as to make the spring and summer filled with ocean.
Mix imitated crystal jewelry:
Artini latest’s “love, eternal” series of imitated crystal jewelry, like a new necklace gives priority to color with soft pearly white, respectively line with noble and elegant silver, golden to eternal “clover”, “heart”, such as pattern design, especially in the detail place to add the line feeling soft, not only send out elegant female charm, also added more noble quality, priced at one thousand yuan.
Silver key chain:
Silver ornament material has been one of the most common main material, like BVLGARI launched a series of pure silver key chain, the price is in two thousand yuan or so, many key chain model and its famous jewelry series, gave brand fans a big surprise.

Platinum diamond ring For love eternal witness

Platinum diamond ring For love eternal witness
Meaning of “perfect” in 2010 and will have many shall be well, jack shall have Jill, nowadays it is wedding peak, believe a lot of new people are looking for the right wedding buddhist monastic discipline. As the wedding market dominant ring material, platinum by its pure, rare, eternal qualities have rewelding metal “love” is seen as a perfect marriage is the best witness. Is a perfect combination, at the same time, platinum and diamond platinum white color can best reflect the light of the diamond itself, its not easy to wear or deformation stability of the nature of the diamond can also give the strongest protection.
For newcomers prefer Mosaic style, platinum diamond ring is the default choice. We selected Cartier love ring replica ten brands of platinum diamond ring, it is not difficult to find that this year’s wedding ring design have to return to simple and easy design, giving emphasis to the witness of this love a classic of eternal beauty.
As marriage eternal witness platinum diamond ring, in the actual selection process also has a lot of knowledge, we sort out four Suggestions, smart can help you to choose to his favorite platinum diamond ring.
Four Tips about buying platinum diamond ring
1. Platinum with the metal characteristics of love. Natural pure platinum does not contain impurities as love; Its rare excavation is just like a rare love in the love (if all the world’s platinum into an Olympic swimming pool, the depth is not enough to cover the instep); And never wear in the material is in line with the true love never fade commitments.
2. Not more hard metal material more suitable for diamonds. Mosaic is a complex process, has high demands on technology, thus can firmly inlaid diamonds not only determined by the hardness of the metal. Platinum because of its excellent toughness, not easy fracture and wear and tear, more competent for all kinds of complicated and delicate Mosaic process.
3. Choose platinum diamond ring, the ring design should fit the bride and groom the shape of the hand and personal temperament: fingers slender, can choose ring delicate contracted design, highlight the aesthetic feeling of the fingers, foils elegant temperament; Joint prominent “bony hand”, can choose carved Cartier nail bracelet replica or hollow out pattern design, and highlight the personality is suitable; Beautiful lovely “hands”, most tender and delicate temperament, choose ring finer, enchase diamond ring, to reflect the most birds in accordance with the person’s temperament.
4. Platinum daily maintenance of buddhist monastic discipline is also very important, first of all should pay attention to properly kept, clean clean or don’t wear heavy physical labor; When you don’t wear the ring on jewelry box alone or suede leather belt, in order to avoid unnecessary damage; Ring don’t contact with irritant chemical products; To clean out regularly for platinum buddhist monastic discipline, if there is a visible scratches, can be polished to qualified jeweller.
Famous British sculptor Anish Kapoor designed B.z ero series 1 rose gold and stainless steel ring
In 2010, when the B.z ero1 series with the 10th anniversary of the birth, through the combination and interpretation of the classic elements of the innovation, combined with the new material should be used, B.z ero1 series launched many innovative products. Grab an eye most in the new country, the British famous sculptor Anish Kapoor’s new cooperation, as well as bulgari always bold mix to try in the field of jewelry material, the black and white ceramic with rose gold.
Bulgari B.z ero 1 new series 2010 roses Jin Bai ceramic ring
Bulgari B.z ero 1 series 2010 new rose gold and black ceramic ring
This unique design realizes the innovation of the rose gold with precision ceramic combination. Adhering to the unique Cartier nail bracelet replica design concept, bulgari B.z ero1 series is now two fabulous innovation work: on the external structure, rose gold and perfectly fit precision ceramics, as a whole; Carved with the BVLGARI BVLGARI double identity of classic rose gold material, white or black with spiral precision ceramic colour contrast, the more contracted large gas ring.
Designer Annie Kapoor shi (Anish Kapoor) is currently one of the most influential artists all over the world, he was invited to re-create bulgari via standard ring. Sculptor who was born in India, now living in London, over the years has always been one of the important standard of the international art world, his excellent works of the museum of modern art in New York, the Royal Academy, Bern museum of art, the guggenheim museum, and many other places.
The famous British sculptor Anish Kapoor
Mr Kapoor (Kapoor) of artistic exploration direction has been focused on the control of different metals and its unique reflective is clever. In fact, many of his famous sculpture using concave steel material, and has become a Anish Kapoor, Anish Kapoor) design new B.z ero1 series ring of inspiration. Thanks to this, has a long history of bulgari traditional crafts made unique noble art

Understand the 4 c out of diamond

Understand the 4 c out of diamond
At present domestic diamond consumer market there is a misunderstanding, consumers in the understanding of the 4 c level (i.e., cut, and carat weight, color and clarity), the blind pursuit of clarity, and color level is higher and higher. No matter the size of the diamond for high-level, ignore the cutters, and to some extent hindered the update of the diamond model. Consumer’s budget is limited, but must S level of VS even more clarity.
Excessive pursuit of high level will miss out on these beloved diamond, therefore, the reporter visited the DE beers diamond promotion center, ask professional personage to 4 c gives a more profound explanation.
Cutters, diamond cut is the only 4 C directly affected by man-made factors ignored by Cartier love ring replica most consumers a c. cut diamond is beautiful second birth, can be said to be the diamond of second life. Only good cutting, diamond color luster, fire can be fully displayed. Judge a diamond cutters, the simplest way is to put it together with other diamond, if it is that one of the brightest stars, is the best cut.
Carat weight, is the most obvious a C, but ignored by many consumers. Carat weight, the greater the diamond, the more rare, statistics show that more than four thousand years history of human mined diamonds, only found a weigh more than 1000 carats of diamonds; Every one hundred years all over the world to find a weigh more than 100 carats of diamonds. In addition, the number of carat diamond, the more the greater the hard cutting and processing. For consumers, carat is easy to draw attention to the greater the number of diamonds.
Level of color: is too much emphasis on the Chinese mainland consumers a c. natural diamond can have all sorts of color, such as rare color diamond and a rare completely colorless diamond. But most of the diamonds will be a little color, different level completely colorless is only one over ten thousand.
To accurately reflect the value of each diamond, specialized lighting conditions, the people in the Cartier nail bracelet replica lab by the professionals of each diamond color grading. Expert points out, it’s hard to say the color level for the I diamond will than for J diamond more bright color, also look at the rest of the 3 C. Actually the personality of consumers prefer to buy with color and carat more worth of diamonds. Natural color, because it is a diamond in the normal lighting conditions, others are difficult to see, this is the colour and lustre of master heart.
Clarity: this is one of the most vulnerable to consumers misunderstanding c. many consumer think, there are inclusions in diamonds, suggests that the diamond quality is bad, not pure, even think not worth buying. Almost all the diamonds will be different degree of inclusions, they are diamonds which are retained in the process of forming natural mark, record the process of diamond to form long and wonderful, it is the indispensable characteristic each natural diamond. Most has cut diamond grinding are Cartier nail bracelet replica offered “naked eye” (SI) of diamond, its contents will not affect the durability of diamond, and can make the diamond more features. Because each diamond color, size, quantity and location of the inclusions is different, it is a diamond “birthmark”.
Someone says, the choose and buy diamond and selected object, there is no best, only the most appropriate. Economic budget according to you, you look in that one is often the one most suitable for you. Buy a diamond is also speak the fate.

Diamond maintenance method

Diamond maintenance method
In this era for overall modelling, the diamond is no longer a distant night sky of stars, it is against women like fashion, cosmetics, is not the necessities of life, are indispensable to fashion is woman.
But for modern women, diamond has the role of the treasures from a jewelry has entered a role of fashion accessories, no matter in any place place, supplement any of the clothing styles, diamonds can let they send out attractive self-confident elegant demeanor. If you want to keep this confidence, we must pay attention to the maintenance of the diamond.
Here are a few Suggestions, ladies can reference: (1) the diamond to be kept. Do not put them with the other act the role ofing is tasted, avoid friction or oxidative damage caused by the nature of the diamond. Best buy a few more small box cheng fang diamond to separate collection. (2) must be absolutely good Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica makeup, spray after good perfume to wear diamond. Because the diamond has oil absorption, grease or dust will stick to the surface of diamond so bleak. Suggest you available alkaline cleaner water soak 1 ~ 3 minutes, then wipe clean, wash with water. (3) as far as possible to wear a sweater or knit garments of time attention by wearing the diamond Is being a torn, after all, the diamond is not a bargain.
The diamond quality related to the origin?
At the time of testing consulting, is one of the most problems, customers take diamond jewelry appraisal, will ask: “I buy a diamond drill is South Africa”.
Indeed, some jewelers use ordinary consumers on the market at present on the misunderstandings of the diamond, claim to diamonds are authentic “diamond” in South Africa, the quality is much better than other origin of diamonds. On the basis of general deliberately pushing up prices, entrap consumer. Over time, in the mind also formed such a mindset, some consumers purchase diamond jewelry in the South African diamond “” do not buy, certificate of origin, etc., of merchants and required to produce diamond to diamond imitation Cartier love bracelet normal consumption brings many negative impacts.
We know that the diamonds are pure elemental elements carbon, its chemical composition is not stable, rarely contain other impurities element. So whether it’s produced in South Africa, or from Russia, Australia, boz ravana, namibia, even China wafangdian, its structure is the same, so the quality is no big difference. South African diamond is famous, is that it is a large diamond found the earliest primary ore country in modern times, and many of the world is one such as cullinan “, “star of South Africa”, etc. Come here. But that doesn’t mean the South African diamond “superior”. Our diamond when the choose and buy, should focus on the diamond on the “4 c” quality classification of diamond to find contentment. As to its origin, there is no need to dig in.
Diamond is known as the “king of the gem”?
Diamond is made of a single carbon (C) elements under the special environment of crystallization crystal mineral, is also the only product consists of a single element of the gem. Gem grade diamond (diamond) is not only high hardness (mohs hardness (10), has a very high anti-wear ability and chemical stability; Strong luster, after processing is not easy to wear, can persistently shine adamantine luster; And because of its refractive index (2.42) and strong dispersion (0.044, was the strongest in natural color gem), as the Replica Cartier jewelry diamond is figured into dozens of small face, into the white light of the diamond, in the process of refraction is dispersed into monochromatic light, show seven color neon light, bright and crystal optical effect of fire, the strong dispersion phenomenon, is the most precious diamond features, is any other treasure, jade. So, it is known as the “king of the gem”.
Belgian Antwerp, tel aviv, New York, mumbai, India, and called the world four big diamond processing center.
The city of Antwerp, referred to as the “diamond”, 80% of the city residents are engaged in diamond and related industries. Antwerp diamond cut grinding, treatment is excellent, exquisite, so “Antwerp cut” is also known as “standard diamond cut” highly prized. Tel aviv has a long history of diamond processing history, is also one of the most famous diamond cutting grinding to contemporary, especially famous for fancy cut. Is the world financial and trade center in New York, many well-known jeweler that are within, due to the New York human resources is expensive, general is given priority to with machining big 3 carat diamond. Mumbai, India is emerging in recent years, diamond processing center, but the grinding of diamond cutting more about 0.20 carat diamond, quality is poorer, cutting grinding process more generally.

Pearl and dress collocation technique

Pearl and dress collocation technique
Appearance is fruity and shining pearl, is an integral part of wedding jewelry accessories, how to dress and pearl accessories to do the most perfect collocation?
The first style of pearl jewelry is divided into: rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, brooches, pearls… Etc., can match various styles of wedding dresses. Pearls chain, for example, is very suitable for collocation, a word spaghetti straps, shoulder and cup type of wedding dresses, with pearls chain ornament, can highlight the bride of the neck and line, not only can add dress more elegant temperament.
Long strings in wear backless dress, have make the finishing point of the effect. When the bride wearing a backless dress, can make many changes to wear long strings, such as long strings to wear to wear scarf type method; Or beads will wear the dress in the form of layered rear, to the effect of pearl, hang down naturally, make the curve on the back of the ornament more beautiful bride.
As for the wedding dress and pearl jewelry collocation skill, the first thing to determine replica Cartier love bracelet deserve to act the role of the main points of vice and dress, if the bride to wear simple style of pearl jewelry, you can choose style fancy dress; If the bride choose accessories relatively luxurious style, the style of the dress is with simple but elegant is advisable.
In addition, pearl also can be directly applied to the design of dress, such as in the neckline, cuffs and waist of the dress, make the key type in pearl ornament, and the crown part with pearl do adornment also is very beautiful! As long as grasp the characteristics of pearl play, pearl but dress best partner!
Precious first act the role ofing is tasted the choose and buy, especially when diamond ornaments of choose and buy, consumer is the biggest confusion is the value of the commodities, the primary reason is that the price of this commodity is very intuitive and comparability is not obvious, consumer cannot choose its value, another reason is that the value of this commodity evaluation factors more, diamond jewelry, its direct evaluation parameters with a total of four (i.e., often said that the 4 c), there will be more indirect parameters. So that consumers come into contact with a diamond quality how, and how to secure quality is a must clear the problems in the process of consumption.
Along with our country people’s consumption level unceasing enhancement, the vast number of consumers of the product quality inspection and prove that class information must also be able to meet the demand, so now most of the first act the role ofing is tasted, high-grade diamond, in particular, are attached to the product quality inspection certificate. However, we found that in the market of diamond jewelry appraisal certificate there is a different brand with different appraisal organs of different types of appraisal Cartier love bracelet replica certificate, since consumers do not understand the concerned knowledge of appraisal certificate, when the choose and buy, often produces a lot of doubt, now to introduce certificate related content.
First to see whether the inspection institutions, some big well-known brand are using state-level detection unit certificate issued by national jewelry gem quality supervision and inspection center, and insists in the nationwide unified use, because the country jewelry jade quality supervision and inspection center is authorized by the state bureau of quality and technical supervision, in accordance with the national professional jewelry jade quality inspection institutions, is the domestic jewelry jade inspection authority.
Second is to see whether the test content, including jewelry name, level of diamond quality, shape, color, clarity, total quality programs. According to service personnel, large institutions such as the inspection center, the inspection is very strict.
Again to contrast pictures on physical certificates, inspection physical products. Brand-name products are testing on the certificate of real images, because the inspection certificate issued by the diamond is in one-to-one correspondence with the product, is the only identity document for each product, so the physical control will also help consumers choose and buy rest assured with the products.
In addition, diamond products inspection certificate authority or not, also said in the certificate mark Fake Cartier love bracelet certification, authorized department, as we saw on the certificate of the determination of diamond products of the state bureau of quality and technical supervision measurement certification logo (CMA typeface design), the state bureau of quality and technical supervision product quality supervision and inspection agencies authorized certification marks (CAL typeface design), laboratory accreditation council for experiment center of China laboratory accreditation committee letter marks and so on four marks. This also from the heavily used by justifying the merchants appraisal certificate authority and the guarantee of product quality.
Small hidden wealth of knowledge in the certificate, the consumer can start from the certificate, through careful selection, can choose to fit their requirements of products.

The Bridle roll out ceremoniously mahler package

Burberry, The Bridle roll out ceremoniously mahler package
Burberry, creating fashion here, in September for the first time merge men’s and women’s collections in London fashion week, grand launch. Brand that coincide with The men and women of The new logo style bags series “The Bridle mahler package”.
The flagship of the season to deserve to act the role of the British equestrian and its inspiration from the classic Burberry classic outdoor gear, and the British history and art culture elements agitate the creative spark. Round bag body of pure color collocation, by selected fabrics Cartier love ring replica of elastic material, by the British traditional harness material mahler tanner. Collocation have “bridle” style design straps can be used for the shoulder or inclined back, make easily everyday style.
Design and exquisite craft
The Bridle series in Italy exquisite workmanship excellent senior workshop.
Package from traditional equestrian design style, excellent detail and perfect profile. From shoulder to bring “bridle” style of circular buckle to cover pocket with groove of the boundary and smooth edge, perfect echo the British equestrian appliance exquisite details.
L selection of high quality leather, muller smooth curve form package collocation equestrian style straps, compose ACTS the role of metal buckle and rivet, create fashionable classical model.
“The Bridle bag lady bag.
The Bridle lady bag carefully mix a variety of leather. Round bag covered by smooth one mahler, leather bag and chooses the alligator leather of extremely rich luster, and package can be opened from both sides before and after, each side is equipped with independent inside the bag.
Bag before using slim D shape hasp opening and closing, and join the built-in sidekicks. Inside of Cartier nail bracelet replica the back pocket with magnetic clasp, can be placed carefully designed with a small change in the zipper bag.
Each The Bridle bag bag body is delicate and elastic fabrics, choose bag has a variety of fabrics, selects The grain leather and Haymarket check case grain, rivets adornment cobbler leopard grain calf.
Practical wear style, from the runway inspiration, bag attached two shoulder: a removable version of fine leather oblique cross straps for daily collocation, the other a removable version and a half wide shoulder strap make protean fashionable style.
Rivet decoration leather style, reminiscent of the box and the details of the armchair, it is to interior decoration design master ms Nancy LAN open, salute. At the same time, she to the inspiration of this season clothing series also played an important role in enlightening.
Other woven with military-style inspiration comes from the British army uniform details.
The Baby Bridle size smaller, using a smaller opening and closing D form buckles, equipped with available for shoulder and slanting across The adjustable straps. There is a built-in pockets, the back has a place change zipper inside the bag.
“The Bridle bag” was The bag
The Bridle man bags design has rounded front cover, and provides two kinds of size: show after Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica show small bag as well as The upcoming large models.
Man bag is characterized by two size to choose a variety of fabrics including mahler, grain leather, suede leather with the Haymarket check the combination of case grain. At the same time, the show also chose rivet decoration leather and alligator leather design style.
The small size of The Bridle using D form buckles opening and closing, equipped with a zip pocket to carry essentials.
Medium The Bridle are to be placed a laptop, equipped with a zipper bag and two inside pockets to put a mobile phone.
Both models are equipped with an adjustable sealed, long and thin tape, can be used as a shoulder bag, oblique backpack or hand bag is used, to create a diversified fashion style.
High quality material
Mahler leather made in Italy, and nourish by vegetable oil to achieve a degree of leather color and pure, tolerating and the shape of leather.
Choose aniline fine leather finishing agent processing, in order to achieve its natural material quality. With the passage of time, the leather will have qualitative feeling more and feel.
Selection of shape and size consistent rivet decoration on the bridle leather.
Women’s wide shoulder take using rivet decoration.
As grain leather Rou with soft handle, and through the rolling mill process have soft and adding particles to its natural role.
Haymarket check case grain, cotton canvas design features, specially designed for wear resistance and waterproof.
The calf suede from Italian leather factory, has a soft and velvety texture surface.
Improve the natural texture of short of hubei leather by waxing, and then through manual polishing to increase its luster.
Ms JunFeng weaving (bag) derived from a since the 18th century British senior specializing in the embroidery craft workshop, and then by Italian hand workshop deftly used in the design of shoulder straps.
Ms calf (bag) with different leopard print, after flannelette technology make the leather surface imitation cartier love bracelet presents glowing effect.
Both downy and tonal darker tones, which contains natural brown, brown, and red wine; There are black and Haymarket check plaid colors to choose from.
British beauty zhi enjoy BURBERRY 2016 festival by trimmings
A romantic winter season is coming, in the sincerity of heart warm season, a famous British luxury brand Burberry screening a series of elegant and highly practical function of the 2016 season, including men’s and women’s clothing, iconic cashmere scarves, handbags, accessories, beauty makeup items and children’s wear, etc., for you to give gifts to reward your water mark.
The artisan and consummate craft: after one hundred years of history of Burberry Trench coat in iconic England castle at town attracted goldsmiths, each coat has more than 80 heavy and complicated procedures, brand patent stain midian (Gabardine) fabrics with modern science and technology, create excellent waterproof effect and the classic British outline. New listing of the navy and the color red Trench coat more festival add profusion colour.
Cashmere products enjoy the warm: new men and women s corresponding cashmere scarf, cashmere Trench coat collocation with thick warmth, fine spinning and weaving process and British elegance color set each other off becomes an interest, but also in during the holiday season in brand website and choose the world’s Cartier love bracelet replica biggest flagship store preferred scarf color and design, with name needlework honour enjoy personalization service, for your him/her to the winter the most intimate of exclusive beautiful gift.
Iconic bag unique stylish: this year by numerous stars and favour of street snap’s banner handbags with bucket package will continue to be the highlight of the festival. Small lovely mini bucket Bohemian tassel wind deduced particularly clever, suede material have fashionable feeling extremely, looked pretty sweet and romantic. Limited edition bag color black and white bud silk printing design bucket contracted and the atmosphere, and exquisite printing continuation of British style restoring ancient ways of lace, feminine flavour is dye-in-the-wood. At the same time, the young man leather backpack, elegant long wallet, is also one of the elite men all the dignity of choice.
Character deserve to act the role of sweet nifty: loving children gift box elaborate practical collocation, and cashmere scarf color consistent teddy bear is nifty and lovely, key chain, puppets, candles, picture frames and other many exquisite deserve to act the role of overflowing holiday joy, shimmering bright gold color packaging limited edition are more numerous colour makeup item for you to create a perfect holiday makeup look.

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