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wearing a watch bath At the beginning may not see any problems after a period of time the watch will definitely have a problem

Waterproof watch is the watch industry’s short description of the waterproof watch. Waterproof watch sub-ordinary waterproof and professional waterproof. Ordinary waterproof watch can only prevent water splash, and professional waterproof watch can withstand soaking in different depth of water.
Water RESIST Waterproof Table
The waterproof watch on the back of the watch will be marked WATER RESIST, non-waterproof is no such logo. What are the water depth of the waterproof watch? Most of the water depth is marked between the axis of the pointer and the 6 o’clock position, for example, 300 meters for waterproof, 300m or 300meters, or the bottom of the table. Water Resistance, Waterproof The
Waterproof principle
There are several factors that make a watch waterproof. The most important imitation Cartier love bracelet is the gasket, or O-ring, which is made of rubber, nylon or Teflon. In the crystal glass, the bottom cover and the crown and the junction between the case to form a waterproof seal. If it is a chronograph, its pusher will also have a gasket. In addition, the waterproof case is lined with a sealing layer (coated with a rapidly hardened liquid) to prevent seepage. The thickness and material of the case determine whether a table can be worn safely underwater and therefore an important factor. Threaded top cover to replace press-in bottom cover also helps to waterproof. Many diving tables are threaded to prevent water from penetrating through the rotary hole. The crown is tightened to form a waterproof seal, just like the seal between the jar and the threaded cap.
waterproof level
(1) sweating (SWEAT-RESISTANT): very easy to understand, just to prevent sweat ran to the table inside;
(2) general waterproof (WATER-RESISTANT): that is, occasionally encountered water does not matter, for example, you give water to the water carefully sprayed into their own hands, and no tension, pick off and clean no problem, in short, is to prevent Occasional little water in life;
(3) 30 meters waterproof (30M, 3ATM, 3BAR): watch on the “30M” words table, this is the waterproof table.
(4) 50 meters waterproof (50M, 5ATM, 5BAR): watch on the “50M” words table, that is, 50 meters waterproof watch, is the real meaning of the consumer’s waterproof table, can be used for swimming and general household water Watch, remember not to adjust the table in the water.
(5) diving table (100 meters waterproof, 200 meters waterproof, 300 meters waterproof, etc.): a professional waterproof Replica Cartier jewelry table, can be used for swimming and diving underwater work.
In addition to their own design factors, the improper use of the method is the culprit leading to the influx of watches, such as adjusting the time, the faucet is not tight; watch in the temperature level of disparity, easy to fog; In addition, wearing a watch bath, At the beginning may not see any problems, after a period of time, the watch will definitely have a problem. When the watch encountered water problems, it is best to quickly sent to the table shop by the professional master of the movement of the oil wash or case drying treatment, it is best not to take out the machine when the hair dryer to dry, Move not only did not help, but easy to evaporate out of the moisture inside the movement, the problem will be more serious, have this habit of friends to pay attention to the.
It is generally believed that the mechanical watch life is longer than the quartz watch. But the fact is not the case, because the quartz watch inside all the running parts and mechanical watches are the same. The life of the electronic components has not yet been fully tested, but it is likely to have the same life expectancy. Quartz watches and mechanical watches the main difference is that the use of energy sources to drive the movement of the watch core.
Mechanical table works: mechanical watch has a helix. When people give the watch a chord, the helix is also tightened at the same time. When the helix is released, it begins to drive the watch core to move. One of the major drawbacks of mechanical watches is the inconsistency of the speed of the helix, resulting in a decrease in timing accuracy. Accuracy is also affected by factors such as temperature, location, wear of parts and some other factors. Therefore, when a mechanical watch in the day there are 15-30 seconds of error, it can be considered normal. The minimum error can be achieved only for 4-5 seconds.
Quartz table works: quartz watch with a battery as a source of energy. The battery outputs power to the electronic blocks on the watch and on the motor. Each second electronic block outputs a pulse wave to the motor, which is driven by the motor. Because quartz crystal can provide the most stable www.ourlovestore.com pulse wave, it can guarantee the highest accuracy (in general, the monthly error between 15-25 seconds; the smallest error of only 5 seconds a year). Because there are quartz crystal in the inside, so the watch also named quartz Glashütty table. In addition, a battery can continue to work for several years, so there is no need for such a table winding. In general, mechanical watches are much more expensive than quartz watches. At this time because the mechanical watch in the production process requires accurate manual adjustment of school, and quartz watches are usually assembled in the automatic production line.

Harry Winston platinum base blue diamond ring

Top class gem series of classic interpretation of the eternal
Harry Winston platinum base blue diamond ring
Perfect rare sapphire oval cut
From harry Winston new “The Incredibles” top jewelry series, oval cut perfectly rare sapphire, weighs 26.79 carat, performed by someone with an accurate craft Mosaic.
Van Cleef&Arples K white gold ruby ring set auger butterfly with Burma
Make this a passionate red To express love and desire
This enthusiastic red, to express love and desire: platinum set polyhedral Cartier love ring replica shape, horse eye shape and pear-shaped cut diamonds, match line 7.04 carat long-horned stepped cutting myanmar rubies.
Cartier rose K gold red sapphire ring
The eternal classic with you witness the faithful love
LOVE is many Cartier jewelry series of loving interpretation of LOVE jewelry, this rose gold LOVE ring with the eternal classic with you witness the loyalty of LOVE.
Bulgar Eternity platinum ring
Using gold, platinum or a platinum material, Mosaic
Bulgari’s classic wedding ring Eternity Bands using gold, platinum or a platinum material, Mosaic. The Mosaic rectangle cutting sapphire and diamond ring but also show the charm of its delicate.
Dior senior jewelry “Oui” series of purple spinel ring
A symbol of the sweetness of love
“Oui” — “I do” in French to express the sincere love, the ring itself is a symbol of the imitation Cartier love bracelet sweetness of love! At the same time full of tong qu rich imagination
Japanese Akoya pearls Mikimoto Olive Motif 18 k gold ring
Design simple and beautiful and pure and fresh and free from vulgarity permeate a bride fashion temperament
Symbol of peace and freedom of the olive tree for design inspiration, the Japanese Akoya pearl white ring as the fruit of the olive tree, the design simple and beautiful, permeate a bride fashion of pure and fresh and free from vulgarity temperament.
If the gold is of primitive simplicity, platinum is intellectual, so all the popular fashion language Mosaic gold is confidence. Mosaic gold products adhere to the perfection of high-profile and do not break luxuriant, clever answer the charm of it, full confidence.
Mosaic gold price is not high, its stand out, not the people expected, in clever collocation, exquisite magic, they like being administered incarnation elves have a unique language. Elegant noble K pink gold, white gold, pure feeling deep seductive rose gold, the chief designer’s live, delicate and highly ductile morphs into wonderful Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica crisscross, delicate tassel, a few can be spurious and fine lines. Besides it isn’t a gold material can create so exaggerated the modelling of the rich, and these delicate changeable elements has always been a big prizes fans, like round a childhood dream of luxury jewelry.
Enchanting Party queen, capable of Office lady, or walking on the streets of backpackers, Mosaic gold to translate into various shapes, bright light let you high profile, self-confident glamour everywhere, of course.

elegant with Burberry 2016 autumn/winter collection bag

Free self, elegant with Burberry 2016 autumn/winter collection bag
Stems from The old officers marching with portable travel bag, eulogizing The Burberry signature Heritage series, this qiu dong, Burberry at present The new Richard Saddle bags, The simple round design line, composed of neutral low-key color, flip and buckles classic design, perfect fusion hale and elegant temperament, be The best interpretation of modern women inner pursuit of independence
The Richard Bag Saddle bags
The Richard Saddle bag design inspiration comes from The Saddle bag prototype of Burberry collection data made by hand, per packet for modern design will be long and classic Saddle line to deduce.
The Richard Saddle bag appearance is simple, practical buckles on The bag, and circular flap pockets with The knight set each other off becomes an interest, constructs The overall profile of rigid-flexible economic. On the material, saddle bags selected delicate texture of high quality leather. Smooth Fake Cartier love bracelet and anti-scrape calfskin, British dyed suede, is to strengthen the overall package money the important place of the elegant temperament. These materials after rolling mill, will highlight the natural grain texture, brushed and polished to achieve the effect of soft and wear-resisting. In the process, saddle bags the same process. In the Italian production bag, its edge with the method of hand-painted lacquer, and handle through pure manual rolling and sewing, under the appearance of the quiet inside collect carefully crafted, is this year qiu dong deserves to collect the most practical bag. In the aspect of color, 2016 autumn winters Burberry Richard rich color Bag to choose, including purple light orchid, red gold yellow, purple and red, brown, as well as the classic of camel’s hair, navy blue and black, etc., it can be used to easily match any modelling, to attend various occasions, reveal the best representative of urban women self style.
Put all his in saddle bag, no matter where you run to, are the most beautiful scenery.
Color design brand The ultimate guide to choose trench coat
Wear a windbreaker, a woman is pursuit of women – or wearing a quilted jacket with the bulging keep out the cold. However, dust coat would you choose? Selected for a trench coat, 10 years, or even the street still classic but when 20 years later. VOGUE in the ultimate guide of superfine dust coat, from color to design to the brand, from easy to difficult, follow we will wear will take will buy more.
Grade of color decided to choose a classic trench coat color from the beginning
The clothing color is often the most intuitive, the most can reveal grade is an important factor in the first time. The right coat color, you have succeeded half. Can highlight temperament and grade of the color of camel’s hair, the most natural and unrestrained capable of army green and purplish blue, black and white Cartier nail bracelet replica and classic unbeaten run in the — of these three is enough to natural and unrestrained in the autumn. , of course, also don’t forget to reveal personality color trench coat, wardrobe, as in life, every now and then some bright eye color is enough.
The most temperament and grade of the color of camel’s hair
A fashion website abroad has made investigation, and all kinds of clothes in the color of camel’s hair is considered to be the most show temperament show the color of “expensive”. At the same time because of the color of camel’s hair is close to skin, late autumn season can bring a warm “vision”. The color of camel’s hair easy collocation, can in different color between natural excessive; Actually cream-colored, nude, light khaki can be divided into the color of camel’s hair in the categories. Whether it is work, the party or leisure walking street, wear the color of camel’s hair may not be able to immediately become the focus of the crowd, and must be the most able to bear or endure look, the most worth careful appreciation.
Fashion week, they are like to wear the color of camel’s hair coat
The combination of the camel trench coat + little black dress, sexy high-heeled shoes is both elegant and sexy.
Camel trench coat pants of the cultivate one’s morality, knitwear and classic combination is a favorite of the supermodel leisure out street.
This season is the most of in wide-legged pants with sexy stiletto heel with the color of camel’s Cartier love ring replica hair coat, create bright and intellectual woman style.
Natural and unrestrained capable of army green and purplish blue windbreaker
This comes from a military Trench Coat (Trench coats) was born with a hint of neutral spell able, if deserve to go up again handsome army green or purplish blue, wear in the body aura don’t generally. It is important to note that when choosing these two kinds of colour dust coat, on the other color should be simple enough, with black, white, red three color collocation is the best.
For your army green dust coat with a belt, echo the spell able profile of dust coat and graceful girth.
Don’t emphasize straight profile of the type of recreational dust coat want is free of youthful vitality, is a big hot style in young women.
Navy blue can also wear a youthful vitality? The key is to match the clean white.
Blake Lively and Anna Wintour slammed in blue coat is not about to choose and the suede and highlight temperament and modern age.
Never miss the classic black and white
Coco Chanel think “impeccable” black and white and dichromatic beauty, who don’t agree? In addition to the classic joker, black show the dirty, thin white fashionable reduction of age… Choose trench coat when we all around but the two colors. Black and white classical modelling without we say more, enjoy beautiful picture.
Give life to add some color trench coat
If above “classic color” trench coat has fully, then change a color trench coat sample!!!! “Bright eye degree” first-class color trench coat as fashion critic Suzy Menkes says, “you can touch my emotions clothes are always those with the collocation of color and personality.” But simple accessories please, a dot eyeball trench replica Cartier love bracelet coat without too much deserve to act the role of gild the lily.
Colored plaid add style and stripe windbreaker for you
Orange and caramel color most can foil good color, especially suitable for yellow or partial black skin color
Body rich color (such as green or bright pink) animal grain, graffiti, such as printing of heavy and complicated is exaggerated bold patterns suggest that we don’t try the following won’t enjoy it.
Design decision temperament How to choose the shoulder and waist line
Is highlighted because of dust coat and beautify the girth ratio, standing to fashion industry hundreds of years. Different styles of shoulder strap and belt is more and more rich, VOGUE tell you their own benefits.
The charm of waist, beam and beam
1. The waist dust coat
Trench Coat belts are designed to prevent the rain indecent, evolution in order to draw the outline of fine waist now make perfect figure practical adornment. Tie belt in the most slender waist position, the higher proportion of naturally spin down, weight loss, and with the shoulder “gold nabla” formation, can show thin.
2. No waist coat
Don’t be belted trench coat “bound”, also allow yourself to relax from time to time. Don’t waist trench roughly two kinds: straight barrel dust coat for a request is not high, and helpful to the elongated lower half; Lazy oversize dust coat like boyfriend large coat, with a kind of elegant and comfortable casually.
Decide a person’s shoulder line design maneuver “spirit”
1. There are personality has the aura of epaulettes
With epaulettes windbreaker always reminiscent of neat handsome uniforms, fashionable in style of British Trench Cartier love ring replica Coat is originated in the first world war Britain and France sergeant raincoat. Epaulettes is used to tie the telescope and the kettle, now play a let neck more forceful function, plus favors, whole person suddenly spirited, refreshed.
2. Elegant along with the gender of the left shoulder
Left shoulder with trench coat is not trench coat straight type, is loose and comfortable to wear, weakening the shoulder line more outstanding women’s gentle and romantic. The autumn wind blowing, and the elegance of left shoulder dust coat and along with the gender irresistible.
After decades of classic investment you are to the point
Choose dust coat, coat, or handbag this “big” sheet is tasted, more like a clock. Bought the right investment, bought the wrong is a waste! After decades of trench coat still classic fashionable?
Dust coat expert — Burberry
“Regardless of age or gender, everyone should have a coat this world, and it also must have a coat for everyone in the world” – the founder of Burberry Thomas Burberry believes that windbreaker is each person’s essential wardrobe. At the beginning of the 20th century the birth of the Trench Coat in today still glow the vitality, comfortable and durable material, double-breasted “label” and history can be traced back to the 1960 classic “Haymarket” plaid makes Burberry classic Trench Coat has been imitated, but never been surpassed.
Is known for the color of camel’s hair coat MaxMara was launched in 1981, “101801” classic of camel’s hair coat, and 135000 were in the sales miracle. MaxMara design of dust coat also inherit used for coats and a suit of sleeves, a soft shoulder line design and cutting loose, lightweight neat waist line design in casual outline Cartier nail bracelet replica of mature charm of a woman.
Jeanne Lanvin’s founder – Marie started design from 18 bonnet, and is known for elegant falbala and exquisite decoration. No wonder Lanvin each coat collar and cuffs are dimly visible exquisite and unique design and tailoring, all kinds of belt and the wave collision also manifests the French woman on the side of romance of unique personality.
Michael Kors always adhere to in the field of design with the American style of sexual freedom, at the same time not forget to salute to the classic. Dust coat design is a typical American, simple lines, pure color, Michael Kors tries to convey the vibrant cosmopolitan atmosphere in New York. Brand launched every year different compose ACTS the role of design and the material of bold innovation, is suitable for the young people love the pursuit of fashion and classic design.

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