How is the Rolex watch so expensive?
Rolex watches are well-known watch brand in Switzerland, to understand the watch are no strangers. But Rolex watches high prices so that some friends do not understand how Rolex watches so expensive? The following watch home to come for everyone to answer!
One of the price factors: brand, brand is the actual level, give a simple example, if they are automatic calendar steel watch strap male watch, style are similar: rolex watches offer 26,000 yuan, while TUDOR and OMEGA watches offer May be 13,000 yuan, 8,000 yuan LONGINES, TISSOT imitation Cartier love bracelet 4000 yuan. Although the movement is ETA, then the price of the watch is considered the value of the brand. Such as AUDEMARSPIGUET, BREGUET, Vacheron Constantin, Patekpilippe, etc., such a large brand of watches, their annual output is not large, so the price of each table to 10 million, is the real luxury watch.
China, Korea, Russia, China (Hong Kong, Taiwan), in fact SWISS MADE is a label of the quality of the watch. Only real Swiss watch, the German production bell can sell the price.
Price factor three: style, watch the main style to see two points: (1) the appearance of the table. Including case, strap. (2) movement of the function. Precious metal case is naturally expensive, especially with platinum is the most expensive. Also with tungsten steel, titanium and ceramic materials are also more expensive, shaped case than the ordinary style of your expensive. Inlaid diamonds or other gemstones jewelry watch, the price is even more incredible, such as: rolex dial set of 10 small diamonds than the drill word retail rolex watches offer more than 10,000 yuan. Remember that watches and jewelry are different, it is priced by price. If it is full of drilling watches, like PIAGET that, the basic price of more than 100 million. British Queen Elizabeth 1952 years of the throne with the plot that diamond-studded and emerald watch I have seen, it sold 2.6 million, with the 101 movement.
Now the general watch function is automatic calendar, complex watches will have code, moon phase, calendar, energy instructions, tourbillon, alarm, playing spring and other additional features, are complex tables. Complex table generally only big brands of watches only, it is estimated that the price is generally between 10-100 million. Watch prices and whether there is little mechanical or quartz relationship, quartz watch is also very expensive. The value of the watch mainly in appearance, brand and jewelry are the most expensive watches.
Factor four: rare and artistic design, rare rare watch styles tend to be the choice of watch collectors, even the dial of the rare style can become a selling point of price, for example, I had received an Arabic letter and is Computer plate full of steel ROLEX watch, then, this piece of fashionable rolex watch offer is more than 30 million, compared to too ordinary watch style, special watch design tend to have a higher price. Artistic table mainly refers to the enamel painted dial or pocket watch shell, so that the table is mostly handmade or hand drawn, the output is very low, Beijing watch factory has a “Dielianhua” enamel splint Tourbillon watch Sold 1.2 million.
Price factor five: the authenticity, and now counterfeit watches flying everywhere, whenever the Replica Cartier jewelry first table it is no brand value, so only by parts of the price, that is: how much money a table, a shell and strap how much money for those Modified semi-true and false watches are also considered a class of fakes, the price should be greatly discounted.
Price factor six: product phase, watch the product, including the degree of movement and the degree of wear and tear, the movement is faulty and maintenance of the damage to the machine. If it is a new packaging, watches have instructions or certificates, for example, full of the whole picture of the rolex watch offer to be higher, the lack of a lot of low, the appearance of residual products or poor movement of the watch Are not selling the price.
How much is the price of the Lawton watch?
Lawson watches as a new brand of domestic watches, many people are not very understanding. Lausanne watch the introduction of Swiss watchmaking technology, excellent quality! So how much money Lao Dayton watch how much money?
Lawson (ROSDN), the Chinese watch brand star, Shenzhen Aino watch industry is a wholly owned core brand. In 2005 by Mr. Luo Lixing (brand founder) in the home Fu Jian founded and registered “Lawson (ROSDN)” trademark, the Lawson brand will open the sail voyage extraordinary journey. In 2010, Luo Lixing, chairman of the brand will be the first brand to the first of his life – Mr. Luo Bin management, took over, the formation of marketing team, developed a series of branding and marketing strategies, Lawson brand all the way triumph, vigorously Expand the national market.
Lawson uses 100% quality original Swiss import movement. Movement to carry out strict testing, adjustment. Assembly workshop in strict accordance with the Swiss watch technology standards, the use of 24-hour clean “clean workshop”, and has a complete hardcover equipment and product testing laboratories, 100% full inspection products, waterproof test with a pressure of 3 pressure test Way, fog test with 0 degrees Celsius ice water, waterproof with +2 test waterproof requirements. Production control testing – the use of international receipt standards and laboratory testing requirements, “do not let any one bad product flow into the next process” is the detection of the purpose of Lawn.
How much is the price of the Lawton watch?
Lawson is a domestic watch brand, the movement of all imports for the Swiss movement. The market price from 280 yuan – 6500000 yuan have, the user’s choice range is relatively large!
Old-fashioned watch, past memories!
Although the watch is now more used to highlight the wearer’s temperament, but in the first popular before the phone. People rely on the watch is still great! And the old old watch contains too much memory!
With the rapid development of the economy, for the production of many old-fashioned watch technology in the country ahead, and in the electronics industry in the development of a certain advantage, which is expected in the crowd. So as an old-fashioned watch to enter into the market, but also for a watch in the past among the technical processing of a way, it is also a lot of aspects of modern memories of the year that an advantage. For such a watch, first of all, can bring a previous advantage, of course, in such a technology, but also can be integrated.
According to the old-fashioned watch some of the processing principle, the most important thing is that many customers can feel that in such a use of the process, or buy the old man to wear, there is a return to the young, this feeling is wearing The process is more critical. So in the market can also see a variety of some old-fashioned watches, so, for some aspects of sales in this process, the most important thing is to grasp some of the basic advantages, technical updates, for the old watch Some of the processing is also in the ongoing upgrade, is to allow customers to feel that wearing old-fashioned watch is also a pleasure.
Old-fashioned style of the watch, but also very classic, as in the wear is also more people with identity. Better in the big boss or some people who have tastes after wearing, the main can also see such an effect, to better from such a watch which saw the best of an effect, this is the most Pivotal. So from some of the technical process, the most critical is that you can stay in a lot of the market, we can wear for the process of some of the advantages can also be demonstrated.
Therefore, as an old-fashioned watch in the market which can be a lot of sales, the key can also be such a style to be recognized. Better can grasp such a production technology, leading edge, to be able to meet customer needs, this is the most critical of some of the upgrade process, for the upgrade is also very fast.