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Watch the crown is also used for stainless steel gold-plated material to create

Time is like a melodious music, with beautiful melody quietly flowing. Watch is a measure of the time of the instrument, the pointer of a circle of rotation like playing time of the movement. In the watch family has a series, it has a beautiful body, elegant temperament, like a musical instrument with a sense of beauty, a pointer to measure the passage of time to pass the time, like a syllable jitter melody changes, which is the United States Degrees Beilun Saili series of watches. Today’s watch home for everyone to recommend three Beilun Sally series of simple dial watch, experience them to measure the elegance of the elegant beauty of time.

American degree GENT series M3895.4.11.1 watch

This whole body silver watch with stainless steel case, the diameter of 37 mm, equipped with automatic mechanical movement. Simple silver white dial with radial corrugated decoration, the use of silver time scale, three o’clock date display window. Case covered with anti-wear sapphire crystal glass table imitation Cartier love bracelet mirror, side with a stainless steel crown with a pit pattern. Watch with stainless steel made of seven rows of chain strap, with folding buckle. Watch waterproof depth of 30 meters.

American degree GENT series M8600.2.26.8 watch

This watch gold and dark brown with, elegant and noble. Watch with a diameter of 38 mm vacuum ion plating stainless steel gold-plated case, equipped with internal model ETA 2824-2 automatic mechanical movement, there are 25 gems, power reserve 38 hours. White dial above the inlaid gold Roman numerals engraved, 4:30 position with a date display window, use the golden central pointer. Watch with dark brown lengthened leather strap, the use of folding buckle. Watch waterproof depth of 50 meters, the use of back through the bottom of the table.

American degree GENT series M8600.9.76.1 watch

This watch is made of stainless steel, the case diameter of 38 mm, 7 mm thick, the internal assembly model ETA 2824-2 automatic mechanical movement. Watch movement has 25 gems, power reserve for 38 hours. Watch stainless steel case after vacuum ion plating for the gold, white dial using gold central pointer, black time scale, 4:30 position with date display window. Strap with a five-row chain-type stainless steel gold-plated strap designed with gold. Watch waterproof depth of 50 meters, the use of back through the bottom of the table.

Summary: Today for everyone to recommend the three watches are the United States and the United States Beilun Saili series watches, although the three watches out of date and date show no complicated function, but completely suitable for life needs, in addition, this Three watch body is simple, elegant and generous Replica Cartier jewelry, like a drunk to a melodious music, very suitable for everyday wear.

Inspired by the eternal as the United States and the brand watch watch concept, not a series of watches have a creative inspiration source, the United States and the helmsman series watch is built in Sydney Harbor Bridge 2 years later, the United States uphold the Harbor Bridge design Essence, to achieve the craftsmanship on the uncompromising attention to the performance and the ultimate pursuit of performance, the introduction of a new helmsman series of watches, but also the quality of the representative of today’s watch home for everyone to bring a US helmsman series watch Evaluation, the official model of the watch: M005.614.37.057.09.

Since the establishment of the United States since 1918, the collection of design aesthetics, classic durability and functionality for one. Elegant low-key design gives the Swiss timetable eternal classic and superior texture. Outstanding durability, so that the Swiss american table off the fashion and the trend, become a synonym for the classic.
Inspired by the eternal tasting of the US helmsman series of multi-function chronograph

Complex function diagram

Since the launch of the series, the helmsman series of timers has a strong performance, it has a complete waterproof, anti-magnetic and shock capacity and automatic winding four advantages. In order to test the perfect function of the watch in the very state, the helmsman series through the New York electrical laboratory test, is the best-selling US watches.

Stainless steel gold-plated case to create

Watch case used for stainless steel gold-plated case to create, using vacuum ion plating technology, watch with 44 mm large diameter table design, with a black rubber leather strap. Watch dial 3,6,9,12 o’clock position design full neat, echoes, in the chronograph display disk and date, week show window perfect presentation.

Watch the crown side

Watch the crown is also used for stainless steel gold-plated material to create, and the use of the screw-in crown design to ensure that the watch 100 meters waterproof effect, and watch the crown engraved with the classic watch ” MIDO “logo. Watch 2 o’clock position button for the timer start / pause button, 4 o’clock button for the clock reset button.

With rubber strap

Watch strap used for the black rubber strap design, soft and durable, watch the buckle used for stainless steel to create the folding buckle design, easy to wear, watch the buckle also engraved with the United States and the classic “MIDO” logo.

Side drawing processing

Watch the table used for the stainless steel gold-plated material to create, and the use of the wire processing in www.ourlovestore.com, not only beautiful and stylish, and can be a good cover up due to daily wear produced a small scratches.

Watch dial

Watch on a pure black disk, 3 o’clock position with a date display window and week display window, 6 o’clock position with 12 hours cumulative display small dial, 9 o’clock position for the small seconds show, 12 o’clock position for the 30 minutes cumulative chronograph design.

Watch movement

Watch for the sapphire crystal glass table design, watch the internal hit in the beautiful movement at a glance, watch the internal carrying the classic ETA7750 change MIDO 1320 chronograph movement, a total of 165 components, the number of gems 25 , Vibration frequency of 28,800 hours per hour oscillation, assembly Incabloc shock device, put Tuo engraved with the United States at the British Logo. Travel time accurate and stable.

Summary: US degree helmsman series of multi-function chronograph watch with its personalized Smart shape, excellent precision performance, for your travel every section to bring a solid guarantee and unexpected surprises, accompanied by your pleasant walk, experience thousands of miles. This watch is a fit and movement can be with ease.

THE ONE that few people have heard the watch brand which in the end is a what kind of watch

THE ONE that few people have heard the watch brand, which in the end is a what kind of watch? How to? Offer and how much? Now, let’s watch house to introduce the watch and its offer now!
01 THE ONE watch brand introduction, how, how much money
01 THE ONE Binary Watch is a world’s first watch in 1998, “01 THE ONE” Mr. Brand, founder Anton Kraft decided to create an unprecedented watch: shake the watch industry with LED screen and a new timing system. In 2004, Anton Kraft put his design in Hong Kong; in 2005, a revolutionary, high-tech watch “01 THE ONE”, which uses the computer’s binary code “0” and “1” as the timing system, Officially born.
“01 THE ONE” is sent from the fundamentally strongest voice shook the watch design community! Though growth in the watch area only a few years time, but they all watch brands breakthrough design limits, the extraordinary futuristic, high Technology LED electronic technology integration, reflecting the incomparable imagination and wisdom. Perhaps your initial contact will be difficult to adapt to the binary code timing principle, and in fact, as long as the slightest effort, the LED light up the figures together, can calculate the time and date. Both creative and fun, but also train your mental arithmetic!
Today, the brand has a futuristic “01 THE ONE” by the Shanghai company Cartier love ring replica praseodymium flood into Shanghai, China, (already in Raffles, Huaihai Pacific and other DESIGNER TIMES OTC) is bound to lead a new round of watch trends, remodeling Personality of the family of watches on the cognitive, come, we welcome you to join this time belongs to the future revolution.
01 THE ONE from the shock of the global launch, is now available in more than 800 outlets in more than 100 European American hot selling outlets, including Madrid, Barcelona, Milan, Rome, Paris, Vienna, Amsterdam, Munich, New York, Hong Kong, Macau Bangkok, Seoul and other major cities are equipped with branches. At the same time caused the shock of the fashion media, refresh the minds of the “watch” this single concept. Overseas version of “Men’s Health” praised it as: “01 THE ONE is not just a watch it, it is a fashion revolutionary declaration.”
It is reported that the price of this watch is not expensive, genuine prices are more than 1500RMB, like friends do not miss the
Also as a fashion watch brand, CK and Armani watches in the end who is better has been the subject of controversy. The so-called incompetent, some people like CK, some people like Armani. So watch home here from the wear, the price to start, to compare CK and Armani which watch better.
CK watch and Armani watch which is good?
First of all, as a fashion watch brand. Suggest that you still buy quartz watch, after all, these brands are not a professional watch brand. Mechanical watches and Longines, Tissot and other brands of the gap is not small.
Start movement, CK movement is the Swiss tower movement, is a very good Swiss production movement. Just look at the movement and Armani is almost the same. In addition to these two brands, Gucci also use the movement. Second, then the appearance of CK is simple and main. There is a sense of Cartier love bracelet replica fashion, young Western style. It is easy and daily clothing with. And Armani looks more of a grade, so need to wear suits to highlight its temperament.
And then from the wear point of view, the belt table easy to wear, no matter how good the belt is the same. Wearing a period of time to change the strap, but the price of the belt is not the same. If you do not want to spend too much on the belt later. Take a watch on the steel strap. But the Armani brand image and steel watch chain watch is not very tune, so its steel watch chain watch is relatively small and the price is also slightly expensive. In contrast CK, there are many good steel chain watch, and the price is not so expensive
Finally sum up: CK watch more suitable for everyday dress with, and the lower cost. The Armani watch brand positioning determines it is more prominent wearing a temperament, so the price is more expensive. If your economy is good, you can consider Armani. CK is more suitable for you!
The Ck Calvin Klein watch is a great attraction for its unique style, streamlined design and unparalleled price. Ck watch series of products have a variety of different sizes, colors and materials, reflecting the integration of the vitality, youth and risk of modern life style. The following watch home for everyone to recommend several good CK couple watches it
CK genuine couple watches recommended, CK couple watches how much money
CK-couple series K2G21138, K2G23120 couple quartz watch
Stainless steel size: 43mm 31mm thickness: 7mm crown: ordinary table bottom: not through the end of Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica the table mirror: mineral crystal glass dial: silver strap: leather strap color : Orange clasp: needle buckle waterproof: 30 meters Price: 2420-3100 ¥

Stainless steel size: 43mm, 31.2mm crown: ordinary table bottom: not through the end of the table mirror: mineral crystal glass dial: silver strap: leather strap color: Black Clasp: Buckle Waterproof: 30m Price: 2420-3100 ¥
CK genuine couple watches recommended, CK couple watches how much money
CK-couple series K2Y211K6, K2Y231K6 couple quartz watch
Series: Couples Table Style: Couple Form Movement: Quartz Movement Case: Stainless Steel Size: 40mm 32mm Thickness: 8mm 7mm Crown: Ordinary table bottom: not through the end of the table mirror: mineral crystal glass Dial: silver strap: leather strap Color: White Clasp: Buckle Waterproof: 30m Price: 3510-4500 ¥

so that each time can accurately calculate the amount of water required

The Spirit of the German Compass: Lange Watch
The top of the pyramid watch? I believe that most people will answer is made in Switzerland, but in fact, in Dresden, Germany Glashütte (Glashütte) town, there are two in the world table altar has a heavyweight status of the brand, Lange (A. LANGE & SHNE) and another brand named after the town Glashütte (Glashütte Original), especially the legendary history of Lange.
German watch as Mercedes-Benz cars, Leica camera as charming, and the top Lange table price is definitely not much cheaper than the Mercedes-Benz S-class. If you ask the German table and the Swiss table What is the difference, Lange is not the same as Patek Philippe with gorgeous workmanship and customization of a limited edition to wait ten years to enhance the value. German craftsmen with its extraordinary practice of ordinary people to imagine, to create the world may be the most sophisticated mechanical watch. German table is not only a sophisticated and durable movement to win people respect, but also in its mechanical innovation and famous. Not only the precision tourbillon, and Lange’s sesame chain drive system and 31 days of power reserve is already incredible.
Last year in the town of Glashütte Lange watch factory tour, left the watch factory imitation Cartier love bracelet was attracted by a pot of plants. The pots of soil are stuck in a scale of “test tube”, the original they give water to the water is poured into the “test tube” inside, so that each time can accurately calculate the amount of water required. The Germans are strict enough to make you feel unable to understand, when I put forward to wear on the wrist on the table to take pictures, Langer responsible person refused me, he said: “sample is to try the guests, and inevitable Will be on the case to leave a fine scratches, if you need to take pictures, we can give you a new table.
(Limited to 50) and rose gold (limited to 200), the strap for the hand-sewn crocodile skin only with the most complex device table will be dubbed “pour le. Mérite “name, which is also Lange Since tourbillon tourbillon and launched in 2005 after the tourbograph, the third paragraph was dubbed” pour le mérite “name of the watch, because this station richard lange pour le mérite equipment Chad – Lange developed sesame chain drive system. Last year at the Lange watch factory tour, the watch factory is the most proud of is to introduce us to the production process of sesame chain, the chain a bit like a bicycle chain, but it is even more than the “sesame seeds” but also small , Is simply amazing. Sesame chain is the old pocket watch technology, the purpose is to use the lever principle, in the winding tightening and relaxation can maintain a constant torque output, so accurate travel time, but the sesame chain from the “large” pocket watch To the small watch, Lange is the first one.
Pour le Mérite uses the Lange L044.1 movement, which consists of 279 components, providing 36 hours of kinetic energy reserves. Diameter 40.5mm large case so that this Observatory table to obtain the most clear visual effects, blue steel pointer is a special steel heated to a certain temperature, the display of the beautiful colors, another German brand Glashütte also preferred Blue steel. The same production or sapphire crystal under the white enamel dial, the same is spent 30 a lot of hours, plus 800 degrees from the high temperature cast.
LANGE ZEITWERK: Mechanical watch for jumping time display
L043.1 movement, platinum case, table mirror for the sapphire crystal glass, time bridge constitutes a hour, minute and small seconds of the frame, the shape of the wings across the dial (limited to 200)
High-end traditional mechanical watches are usually produced with excellent movement and luxury appearance to enhance the grade, but usually in the dial design bias conservative, after all, bold innovation is to take a great risk. But if you see this Lange new LANGEZEITWERK, you can not believe it is from the rigorous German mechanical watch Lange, can be said to be revolutionary design – almost all mechanical watches are used to display the time , Only those electronic watches will be used to jump the type of liquid crystal display, but LANGE ZEITWERK revolution is the use of jump time display.
ZEITWERK from L043.1 movement, the newly developed jump word hour and minute device is still based on the Lange principle for the design basis, by a combination of two minutes and a large hour ring, and constant power escapement system every Minutes once, and accurately produce the necessary switching ripple. To solve such a large jump word display, you must solve two problems: First, for the three digital disk at the same time to provide the required amount of power; Second, how to precisely control the power, because such a large digital disk to start And inertia when stopped will affect accuracy.
Folk is the largest market for second-hand watches, and antique tables such as the identification of second-hand table is also civil. Where there is a market, where there is a demand, where the birth of experts. If you are determined to start the second table, especially the antique table, a floating in the table for many years the old table fans are necessary, no, In all fairness, watch three hundred years, one by one to list the identification of the plan, it is difficult!
Antique table is the most important category in the second table, as to what is the “antique table”? Although the commonly mentioned “antiques” word to the history of the scale, but because the history of watches is still short, For generations, as long as it is no longer continue to produce watches, can be described as “antique table”.
Written expert energy is limited, even the case, the movement of the mark, so far have not seen a comprehensive identification of books. In any case, the accumulation of knowledge is needed, pay tuition is also necessary. Read a Taiwanese second-hand watch, you know to become an expert, the tuition will be ruthless.
As for the movement of identification, compared with the identification of the dial is not so intuitive, and need to have a certain degree of expertise, and even have experience in maintenance can be competent. Different models and grades of movement, there is always a basic movement, which caused the Replica Cartier jewelry movement of the parts may be interchangeable. Especially like Omega Omega, Longines Longines this is widely owned brand. I remember ten years ago began to cover antique table, on a lot of assembled in the table move. For example, the usual Cal.564 movement plywood to replace the Observatory’s Cal.564 movement and other practices, the novice does not seem much difference, the movement is also considered normal, but the veteran can be based on the splint on the inscriptions and color to determine.
Many years ago on some of the table friends on whether to open the cover, whether the maintenance history and other issues is very disdain, but soon to understand the “90% of the table is a repair of the” point of view is indeed insightful. Second-hand table, in particular, some of the relatively small output of the antique table, the movement of a special structure, rare parts, learning is not fine small, if the maintenance master is just holding a mechanical attitude, Once on a Patek Philippe Cal.27-460M antique movement of the calendar conversion action have doubts, sent to the same table is the maintenance of the master where the inspection, the results found before the repair master of the calendar disk pawl position installed wrong, But also easily twist a few screws. So the original degree of movement for the antique table to maintain a serious attitude. Of course, in order to ensure the normal operation of the movement and replaced with the parts, you can be another matter, because the artificial heart is better than to see the death of a good friend.
Movement of the identification is often not in the hands of the official, because of technical reasons, or because of the lack of information files, resulting in the difficulty and depth of movement identification. Today you can according to the hands of the PP movement and the case number, e-mail to the PP Patek Philippe headquarters, spend 100 Swiss francs, you can make a note of the factory and the date of sale, but for the movement and dial original degree No Mentioned “Certificate”.
Case of the renovation is not much technical content, and pure hand. I personally see the second-hand table to see a “old master”, wearing an eyepiece, hand grasping gold sandpaper, a gold watch on the bottom cover for processing. I saw him a few times with sandpaper, look a moment, and then pull a few times. Put a slightly scars of the bottom of the floor was stunned into a very rounded shape, less gold does not matter, terrible is the corners of the loss, the value of the table will be greatly reduced.
Know a table friends, each off-site “study” two watch market, will collect the watch advertising paper, whether it is a single picture or newspaper and magazine advertising. Over time, not only can be bound into a book, and become the basis for identification of goods. It is admiration of the table friends of the vision and perseverance, if the antique table of goods with a little doubt, as long as the corresponding “advertising paper”, high legislation. In fact, for an antique table, there are traces of normal wear or maintenance left when the small www.ourlovestore.com scratches, as long as the original degree of maintenance, the total acceptable. In order to meet some of the appearance of the request, drastic, ruthless examples of endless. Accidentally, this type of table really became “hands”, it is difficult to have the next hand to undertake.
As for the buckle and other watch accessories, it is not so stress, and one itself does not affect the performance of the watch, and secondly, the value is not high But for the pursuit of integrity of the table friends, with the original buckle of the watch, the value to see a little higher. And as most of the antique table, in the year is the head and buckle separately sold, and today’s original deduction buckle is not enough to be surprising. As for the box, the certificate (known as “born paper”) is made, it is a matter of opinion, because this kind of thing after the allocation is not difficult, unless you like the antique Omega “constellation” silver box this special packaging has pursue.

the achievements of the unprecedented slim body design

Real life when the Windsor calendar watches and ultra-thin moon phase female watch
The story of Elizero will end up in 1975 if the brave watchmaker rescues the production tools and equipment from the waste yard. When 9 years after the ElPrimero return to heaven, the real force of the “pay tribute to Charles Vermot”, the dial is decorated with midnight blue.
On the midnight blue, there are too many stories and too many emotional bearing, it is Vatican Cartier love bracelet replica high pen under the sky Guangliao background, vast and crazy fans, between the melancholy blue and deep black. It is B · B · King of the rhythm of Bruce, from the throat flow out of perseverance and truth. True love when the Valentine’s Day on the table – Windsor calendar watches and ultra-thin moon phase female table is the most unique pair of blue, let them walk through seconds, become a permanent witness of the two emotional witness.
Outdoor climbing equipment PROTREK 6 Board radio table
Outdoors is a way of life, adventure is a way of life. Travel alone, or about thirty-five friends, away from the earth’s hustle and bustle, into the depths of nature, we can personally feel the pulse of nature, enjoy the experience of outdoor adventure to bring us the passion and fun. And can walk with us, in addition to high-tech outdoor sports equipment, a high-tech outdoor watch, is also an ideal partner.
High-quality watch brand Casio PROTREK climbing series of new PRX-2000YT, through CASIO’s unique cutting-edge technology, with the technology to monitor the various subtle changes in nature, the original triple sensor technology and the new loaded solar energy, 6 Bureau of radio receiving function, Become a professional to help you to conquer the mountains, swim deep sea wrist equipment.
Limited sale
The new issue of the mountaineering series PRX-2000YT, the use of the global limited sale of the way in Cartier love ring replica the world only limited to the sale of 1000, only 50 in mainland China, which for people who like climbing, both temptation, Good collection value. As the top of the PROTREK limited edition, PRX-2000YT each back engraved with a limited number of serial numbers, each number is unique, only for you all.
6 Bureau of radio waves
Casio original 6 Bureau of radio reception, the first application in the PROTREK series. Can receive standard times from multiple regions of the world, can be highly sensitive to receive all the world’s six base stations of different frequency radio signals, and automatically correct the time. This is good news for those who like outdoor adventure, no matter where you are trekking in nature, you can get accurate time, move forward.
Solar drive system
Engaged in outdoor adventure movement, in addition to have the precise time, watch the equipment of energy is also essential. PRX-2000YT equipped with solar drive system, through the built-in solar panels, absorb sunlight, even a weak fluorescent light source can also be absorbed and converted into electrical energy. Power will be stored to the internal solar cells, and then by the supply of each function to the table the energy required, low power consumption and no need to replace the battery, so do not worry about the lack of electricity. The use of this technology, but also fully reflects the Casio brand has always adhered to the concept of environmental protection.
Triple sensing technology, ultra-thin design
PRX-2000YT, innovative triple sensor technology, the achievements of the unprecedented slim body design. It is the sensor, electronic accessories to high-density assembly technology, to achieve the PROTREK thinnest (11.3mm) solar wave table, precision, ultra-thin body so that you easily into the natural, swim heaven Cartier nail bracelet replica and earth. At the same time it can measure the direction, atmospheric pressure / temperature and altitude, whether you are climbing mountains or diving deep sea, you can clearly know the direction and get detailed and accurate barometric pressure and other data and pictures for your use and analysis The This wrist equipment, to your outdoor adventure process provides the most trusted support.
High-end material
In order to highlight the strong sense of PROTRE series, PRX-2000YT bezel, strap, back cover and other parts are made of titanium material, coupled with high-end links and grinding technology, strong texture on the light above. While the watch box and strap coated with a black IP ion coating, while the middle part of the strap is used rose gold IP ion coating, showing a lean and luxurious features.
In addition, in order to meet all the needs of outdoor adventure, PRX-2000YT other functions such as tide icon, automatic backlight, 100 meters waterproof, sunrise and sunset time display, dual LCD display, world time, Fully equipped. Of course, high-tech, PRX-2000YT, mirror polishing technology, sapphire clear translucent, perfect interpretation of the outdoor movement of the United States.

Longines Jia Lan series of watches how Longines Admiral watch how much money?

Longines Jia Lan series of watches how
Longines Jia Lan series is one of Longines classic watch series, this series of watches is characterized by thin fashion. So many friends are very fond of! Longines Jia Lan series of watches how? The following let the watch home to tell you!
Longines Jia Lan series of watches how
Ladies with Jia Lan’s more elegant, but that is only the quartz, the maids female models are more like individuals, these two are best-selling series. Male style, it is recommended to buy a mistress, because Jia Lan are ultra-thin, men with too much texture, and men are generally with mechanical, although Jia Lan men have ultra-thin mechanical watches, but the brand’s ultra-thin table Is not very mature, and the general ratio, the error is big, the problem will be more. The name of the general name of the price is higher than the Jia Lan, to say that the price or buy a craftsman, because the quartz watch no craft, spend so much money to buy other quartz watches can buy a few, the high price of the machine, the error in all aspects Small, much better, there is the quality point.
Longines Admiral watch how much money?
Longines Admiral series is reminiscent of the beauty of the beauty, precision and beauty of the movement known for the top sports areas. Admiral series is reminiscent of the beauty, precision and beauty of movement known for the top sports areas. Not only that, many white-collar friends will choose to wear a Longines Admiral series of watches www.ourlovestore.com . But the watch can not just wear, maintenance must also keep up. The only way to ensure the stability of the performance of the watch and extend the service life! Then Longines Admiral watch how much money?
Longines Admiral watch how much money?
Longines Admiral watch which items are maintained
1, the movement completely open, clean, oil, re-assembly, calibration, and check the function; – repair or replacement of any wear or failure of the movement components;
2, replace the following parts: table mirror, crown, button, seal and quartz movement of the battery (service price list included in the parts, excluding the special shape of mineral glass and sapphire crystal);
3, to restore the waterproof (if it is waterproof watch); – case or bracelet refurbished (two-color, gold and PVD plating case and bracelet, only cleaning); The service standard only applies to the Swiss headquarters of Longines.
Longines Admiral watch how much money to maintain
Longines maintenance, maintenance of the price with the need for the project, from 2,3 100 yuan to 1 thousand yuan range.
Swiss watches at home and abroad is how the difference is generated? Swiss watch domestic and foreign difference is how much?
Watch the difference, in different countries to buy the price will be different. This is what we all know, then the Swiss watch the difference between the domestic and foreign is how it produced? Swiss watch the difference between the number of domestic and foreign? The following watch home to tell you!
In foreign tourism, the purchase of goods in the departure can apply for tax rebates. This tax refers to the value-added tax, and the value-added tax rate varies. The higher the VAT, the higher the tax rebate. But the time of tax rebate is not all the VAT refund, and need to deduct a certain fee.
Switzerland is the first place for many people to buy a table. Swiss table shop mostly large scale, watches are complete. Whether it is new, years ago, old, perpetual calendar, Tourbillon, a variety of complex function table shop can provide the spot.
In Switzerland, even if you do not buy a table, you can also change the strap in the local table or other Cartier love bracelet replica parts. This process is to enjoy the pure Swiss process of Swiss workers in Switzerland. According to the provisions of Rolex, you can officially change the strap or dial. And if the replacement parts outside of Switzerland, the accessories may not be from the Swiss origin, more likely to enjoy the Swiss workers of the process.
Although the national watch prices are almost the same, but the price of Europe with the domestic difference is more obvious. Take the Swiss well-known watch brand Longines, Longines 2013 Dai Chuo Wiener new Goldsmiths retail price is 2080 pounds, equivalent to about RMB 22,000 yuan. In the country, this watch the national uniform price of 34,800 yuan. With a watch the price difference of 12,000 yuan. But the difference between ordinary models is relatively small, Longines Jia Lan series of a basic section in the domestic price of 7700 yuan, and Goldsmiths price of 610 pounds, equivalent to about RMB 6480 yuan, the difference between about 1,200 yuan at home and abroad.

The price of platinum jewelry

The price of platinum jewelry
In all the common metal, the price of platinum can be said to be the most expensive, do not say K gold, silver, even gold, the price has long been platinum pressure in the body.
Platinum as a rare gold than precious metals, its refining and jewelry production are very cumbersome, and finally made the amount of platinum jewelry is also less. Therefore, the price of platinum jewelry in general are higher than other precious metal jewelry.
In mainland China, platinum jewelry market price between 450-700, the price of gold jewelry in the 300 to 400 yuan / g, K gold jewelry price of about 180 to 270 yuan / g, silver jewelry, not to mention, Jewelry prices in more than ten yuan. It can be seen that the price of platinum jewelry in the price of other precious metal jewelry above, and the price of platinum jewelry prices than other precious metal jewelry.
Now the society, economic development is up, but the thief, little touch, but a lot of Cartier nail bracelet replica small liar up. Like some platinum jewelry, but also by some bad traders with simulated jewelry for counterfeiting, to cheat some of the knowledge of platinum is not enough understanding of consumers.

In order to prevent deceived, we need a little understanding of platinum knowledge.

In this knowledge, the sale of platinum jewelry is the most important point is to see the platinum jewelry mark. All kinds of jewelry will have some mark, and by looking at the mark can simply distinguish the type of jewelry. For example, the mark of platinum is PT, platinum jewelry should have the two letters PT. Under normal circumstances, if not, you can confirm that this jewelry is not platinum.
Why is platinum the only metal that is best for diamonds? There are many metals also have not inferior to the properties of platinum, why platinum is the only one?
In fact, in the diamond with the most with the metal, platinum has six advantages:
1, rare. Platinum and diamonds are rare species. This determines the preciousness of platinum.
2, purity is high enough. Hinted at the purity of love.
3, gloss and good ductility. Decided the diversity of jewelry.
4, high melting point, high quality. Decided the noble gold jewelry.
5, high stability. Meaning love will be so stable, successful.
6, there is no harm. Wearing platinum will not appear any allergic phenomenon, and the old weak pregnant Jack wear.
Combined with so many advantages, platinum has become the most suitable with imitation Cartier love bracelet diamonds, suitable for love metal is also a matter of course!
Just a few days ago, the International Platinum Association released a 2013 platinum jewelry overall trend, Baroque style seems to leap them.

In fact, as early as the 17th century, the Baroque style has been popular around the world. Compared with the art of decoration before, Baroque style is a complicated and exaggerated artistic style. One of the most representative forms of this complex style is lace. The use of Baroque style made of platinum jewelry, not only has a more multi-color, three-dimensional features, but also has a broader design space, better reflect the high-end platinum jewelry in the exquisite design process.

As the Baroque style is characterized by complexity, so jewelry in the maintenance of the time to be more trouble. And in the process of using platinum inlaid this process will avoid a lot of problems.
Just a few days ago, the International Platinum Association released a 2013 platinum jewelry overall trend, decorative arts as if leapt to them.
Decorative art is characterized by elegance as well as practical. Among them, the hollow is a decorative art in a representative form. Hollow form exists in our lives everywhere, it can be said that our life has never been lack of hollow. The emergence of this form of hollow, both to meet the pursuit of fashion, as well as the art of decorative standards: simple and practical. Will be a piece of jewelry in the form of hollow out, not only can reduce the weight and price of jewelry, but also make jewelry more sophisticated. And platinum Fake Cartier love bracelet has a good flexibility, but not a lack of some hardness, so he is more suitable for this form of hollow.
There is a proverb “mouth with a golden spoon was born”, that is, the origin of the noble, with the envy of others and family background.
Now there is a company called Matt Case in the true sense of the interpretation of this sentence. The company showed a pacifier at the British Baby Show, and the pacifier was made of platinum! The pacifier can be said to be the most expensive one in the world, and its total value reached £ 54,000.

Omega jewelry boutique series

Omega jewelry boutique series
Omega (OMEGA) launched a new Omega jewelry boutique, just for the prestigious ladies watch provides the perfect mix of combinations, the first launch of the main “Symbole” and “Griffes” two series, including necklaces, rings, Earrings, bracelets and other main items.

In fact, as early as 1963, Omega has begun to focus on fine jewelry technology research and development. Not only in the 1960s to its fine jewelry won several International Diamond Association Oscar Award (Diamonds International Award), but also in the 1970s to jewelry design to win the Baden – Baden-Baden-Baden (Golden Rose of Baden-Baden), and 1975 The City of Geneva Prize. With the advent of new jewelry series, Omega continues the company since the 1960s and 1970s since the establishment of the jewelry tradition.

Omega jewelry these two sets of unique style of the series, all of the inherent characteristics of the brand as a source of inspiration.

“Symbole” series of design inspiration from the Omega brand logo, that is, the last Greek letter “Ω”, itself is a symbol of achievement and success, and this is precisely Omega jewelry show quality standards. To create an elegant ring of rejuvenating rings, drawn from the shape of the Omega logo, during which the Cartier love bracelet replica diamond-studded series, as a strong resonance with the Omega values impression. If the two or three rings with wear, the most highlight the unique charm of this ring. The same series of necklaces and earrings, also the Omega logo as the design of the fountain.

As for the “Griffes” series, the word is French, intended to “buckle claw” means. The series is the continuation of Omega’s best-selling constellation series of double-claw claw design, to provide the wearer with a variety of options. This series of jewelry make full use of the classic double-claw Omega design in the necklace, earrings and bracelets link, showing the constellation series round dial design shadow.

Like all Omega watches, Omega jewelry series of each section of accessories, are the most stringent quality standards for the production of Omega check, only the most selected precious materials carefully crafted, all used diamonds are IF- VVS Top Wesselton-class diamonds, each item is accompanied by a certificate of proven gemstone.
TIFFANY design concept

Excellent design is an indispensable part of fine life, they are pleasing to the eye, it is intoxicated. Basic necessities of life and other elements of the design is ultimately to measure the merits of the value. Excellent design is not unnecessary luxury, nor is the frivolous boast, but can really shock the mind. It inherits the culture of human society, with eternal value.


Tiffany since its inception in 1837, has been designed to be stunning beauty of the original works as a Cartier love ring replica purpose. Facts have proved that, Tiffany jewelry lovers can voices, and its original silverware, stationery and table utensils is fascinating.


Classic design is the definition of Tiffany works, that each amazing masterpieces can be perfect from generation to generation, the charm of eternal. Tiffany design never meet the ups and downs of fashion, so it will not fall behind. It is completely above the trend.


Tiffany’s creative essence and philosophy are full of rich American characteristics: simple Cartier nail bracelet replica and clear lines tell the calm and transcendent clarity and the elegance of moving heart move. Harmony, proportion and coherent, in every piece of Tiffany design natural fusion presentation.


Tiffany’s design emphasizes excellence. It can be free from all things in nature? To take inspiration, leaving the tedious and delicate and contrived, just simple and clear, and each piece reflects the masterpiece of the American people born outright, optimistic and at first glance wit.

Find your style for your wedding ring

Find your style for your wedding ring
For a woman about to enter the marriage hall, the importance of the wedding ring has long been beyond doubt. Pure wedding ring represents a lifetime of vows, it is the way that romantic and sweet colors, tightly to the new people’s happiness emotions involved together, into a period of immortal legend.

80 after the bride to become the mainstream crowd, the quasi-new people to resist the monotony of the style, the pursuit of personalized expression, which shares the new wave of wedding to the jewelry business thrown a new topic, how to meet this demand? Reporters after the visit observed that the local jewelry stores and shopping malls in the well-known jewelry brands have already made a positive response to the most characteristic, personality, full of theme implied style and wedding sets pocketed the consumer’s eye, get The quasi-new sought after.

Gold: fashion fit Chinese traditional culture

Small ring both sets in love at the fingertips, is the declaration of love and witness. Gold Replica Cartier love bracelet fashion trend in recent years, as a traditional wedding on the luxury jewelry, with the word fortune, Fulu and other elements of the meaning of the style has become more popular. Visual, yellow is warm, and pure white wedding with, can become a visual highlight. At present, popular gold ornaments on the market, most of the fashion design concept, into the dragon and phoenix, peony, clouds, candles and other Chinese elements, “the most common dragon and phoenix pattern bracelet, Xi Fu paired pendant, inheritance of traditional Chinese Wedding culture, the symbolic meaning of a happy marriage, coupled with the full sense of fashion design, it is in line with the small young aesthetic. “Provincial gold and silver jewelry City Planning Manager Zhang Junyu said.
For the crowd: to hedge, like the quality of Chinese elements of newcomers

Diamond Ring: popular personalized custom

Nowadays, diamonds have become the first choice for new people to marry keepsake, is the lovers to express love, the new marriage essential jewelry. Reporters found during the visit, in Changchun City, several major jewelry store custom wedding ring is very large, like the purchase of bare diamond and the wall of different materials to mix and match, personalized custom wedding ring, are very fond of the pursuit of unique fashion quasi-standard The new people are happy. Personalized custom wedding ring, do not have to buy the same paragraph is the same business, the buyer will be in accordance with the requirements of the wedding ring in their choice, marked exclusively on the couple’s unique brand, such as the lettering on the ring Cartier love ring replica care, Write down the oath, carved birthday or name, this style is very special. Qiao Qiang, deputy general manager of MediaTek jewelry that young people like a unique, you want unique, unusual characteristics, custom wedding ring can indeed meet such a consumer, is a major feature of the wedding ring industry.

Find your style for your wedding ring
For the crowd: a personality, do not like to copy the new fashion

Gold: exclusive to 18k of different temperament

In the designer’s whim, the prize money to become the most personalized fashion jewelry. To changeable shape, moderate prices by the fashion people’s favorite. It is not like luxury diamonds, expensive gold, precious jewelry, put on the prize money, more or less a little show off the feeling, because of their unique Italian technology, is part of youth fashion people. Beautiful rose gold will not have too much expression, it is quite high-profile, multi-color combination and exquisite craft design, so that the material of the ring Cartier love ring replica style is very spiritual. “Lottery gold high hardness can be made into a variety of styles, a lot of young prospective couples will choose some of the diamond material diamond ring, because it can be easily processed into gold, silver and other precious metals difficult to achieve geometry Shape, for the traditional jewelry to add new ideas, greatly enriched the product style. “HICANO | meta-floor jewelry store manager Han Tianzhu said.

Find your style for your wedding ring
For the crowd: lively, like the trend of newcomers

Diamond: style is the eternal pursuit

Diamond: style is the eternal pursuit
Can be expected, due to the proportion of secondary consumption increased this year, large diamond pendants, earrings, bracelets than in the past hot, consumers demand higher quality of diamonds.

Six years ago, buying diamonds required high clarity; three years ago, consumers not only required high clarity, but also the color enough “white.” Last year, the beginning of the cut has aspirations; the next two years, consumers will increasingly recognize the cut diamond “fire color” importance, will force the diamond business in the cut have more input, Thus possible
After all, the so-called visible defects in the SI level is 10 times the microscope under the “visible”, the pursuit of non-“flaw” is also a relative concept, but it is also a concept of “flaws” , A little trick.

Just rely on the “diamond” the charm of the word and TDC promotion, it is difficult to make the diamond jewelry market to pick up, the traditional brand based on various factors will not cut prices, emerging brands have little room for much lower prices, businesses will inevitably want to Some ideas, to find some Cartier love ring replica new tricks to attract the attention of consumers. So this year’s fancy varieties will be more choices, but also to meet the needs of different tastes, there may be some unexpected new services. The price is still an important factor, but more emphasis on high-end price; cut began to be valued, after-sales service requirements, such as cleaning, maintenance, repair and maintenance of high-end products, such as the packaging of high-grade, Renovation, facelift and so on.

Of course, the style is the eternal pursuit.

Diamond jewelry stores generally do not attach importance to young people “seduce”, the lack of training the younger generation like diamond jewelry and gold jewelry interest, let alone the system “seduce” to advance. We only pay attention to eat ready-made “cake”, Hao Bai Diamong Guojing Li said that Haibo Diamonds last year tried to spend effort in this area, but with little success, but this may be re-considered this year – this is certainly a system Project, it is impossible to immediate, to be successful to see the business vision and perseverance.

In fact, innovation is the new brand development path, although they are not as mature as the traditional brand and sound, but less burden, you can more creative, more exploration, let us have more choices.
Women really can not refuse jewelry Jewelry brought by the fashion charm it? When filled with bright noble values, wearing a dazzling high fashion jewelry has become the performance of the taste of the scene. Indeed, diamonds, precious stones, gold, platinum and other magic has long been teaching people can not refuse, if coupled with fashion design, exquisite handmade, the structure of a series of bright erosion erosion of luxury, then they exudes charm even more stunning Difficult to arrive! Today’s fashion jewelry interpretation of a new simple life, not difficult to find the simplicity of modeling but exudes aura of extravagance, smooth lines and soft to create a neat simple happiness message; whether it is intended to dress plan, or with the imitation Cartier love bracelet bright, In the dazzling decoration can always taste superior. Do not have to find another reason to pamper yourself, do not have to find another way to dazzling light, let these recommended by the fashion jewelry brand entry section, easily teach you step into the gorgeous jewelry world.

GUCCI “G” Ring GUCCI for the first time to change the image of the design, the introduction of the square G logo ring. With the most fashionable “G” logo, set exquisite pieces of diamond, and white K gold combination, combined with the usual GUCCI simple handsome charm, is to enter the GUCCI fashion jewelry the first choice.

Christian Dior’s top jewelry collection “Little Ladybug Diamond Pendant”

Remember the stunning Dior jewelry series the year before last? Re-debut in December last year, all produced in Paris, the quality, only to accept the charm of the order, but even more mysterious value. Abundant creative design, is a favorite fashion jewelry choice, “small ladybug diamond pendant” is the first step in the fascination with Dior jewelry!

BVLGARI Astrea “White Gold and Diamond Ring”

Spiral design as the main shape of the Astrea series, the performance is simple and elegant and elegant unique Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica image. Its most prominent feature is the use of white gold K spiral shape with oval diamond design, the most brilliant diamond can play the ultimate. This recommended entry section, elegant jewelry and white gold with a combination of K basic creative feminine introverted luxury, but also show Bvlgari sensitivity to contemporary style.

CHANEL Opal / Black Onyx Camellia Earrings Known as the world famous Chanel flower flag – camellia, jewelry craftsmen in the clever point of the subtle embodiment of the delicate jewelry into earrings. Black agate, white opal, pure K gold, will be in full bloom in the interpretation of the Camellia is amazing endless stunning style! In addition to the recommended entry section, it is a collection of value of the collection.

Van Cleef & Arpels “Acanthe” jewelry series

Van Cleef & Arpels “Acanthe” jewelry series
Van Cleef & Arpels (Van Cleef & Arpels) inspired by the leaves, the design of the elegant and beautiful “Acanthe” jewelry series. Soft and delicate curved bilobal design and double-row asymmetric diamond mosaic gives Acanthe ring incomparable vitality. Acanthe bracelet also draws on its elegant design concept, generous design of the leaf ring and compact ring to echo each other. And a simple line to create a series of Acanthe yellow K gold rings and bracelets, then the continuation of its usual distinguished quality.
Internationally renowned fashion jewelry and boutique brand Ya Tianni ARTINI, recently in Shanghai Pudong Shangri-La Hotel held a grand celebration dinner. In the first anniversary of entering the Chinese market, invited all celebrities attended the Ya Tiannini ARTINI latest jewelry and boutique design. The creative director of Simon Yam and supermodel Qi Qi specially invited to attend the elegant fashion concerto jewelry show as a special guest, and the finale in Ya Tianni ARTINI fashion concerto jewelry show, personally deduced Ya Tianni ARTINI latest classic Phoenix series.

ARTINI as an internationally renowned first-line fashion jewelry and boutique brand, the concept of design from Europe and the United States the essence of the well-known designers, has been inspired by European-style design to sparkle fashion jewelry, women’s unique light eternal temperament, Charming Replica Cartier love bracelet charming inside and outside charming. Since the first time in November last year to enter the Chinese market, the brand unique European-style elegant design, the moment was the pursuit of refined taste of the favorite ladies, selected ARTINI jewelry for work and attend banquet preferred accessories, but also that Ya Tieni ARTINI unique product style and market position.

Currently, ARTINI has signed a contract with Swarovski, and ARTINI has been officially authorized to use the “Crystallized with Swarovski” label as the first Label of the jewelry and boutique brands. Artini (ARTINI) for the “crystal point” design a variety of fashion jewelry and gifts, in the crystal miles, the issue of dazzling light.

In the evening, a large-scale jewelery show, “Accenture Fashion Concerto”, was arranged with four sections: London Street Look, Beverley Hills Chic, Allure Fantasia, Innocent Divine, with different backgrounds, music and stage effects, bring out the different regions of the accessories and fashion culture. The most important thing is, the whole Ya Tieni ARTINI jewelry show, from all levels to show the temperament of today’s women, so no matter where they are, always emitting charming glory, people feel beautiful and joy.

London Street Look (London Street Look) model in the strong rhythm of the music, wearing rock clothing taste one by one appearance, sometimes wild and sometimes unrestrained. In this era is not bound to enjoy the spark of youth burning; the most fashionable dress in London together to the venue. Coupled with the unique Cartier love ring replica style Ya Tieni ARTINI necklaces, earrings, bracelets and thick belt to the world to express their anti-traditional thinking, its own way of thinking.
Beverley style (Beverley Hills Chic) intelligent mind, taste simple but superior clothing match for the modern hippie family portrait. Seemingly inadvertently dressed, but hidden deep fashion knowledge … … model simple and sophisticated clothing portfolio, without more ink has brought out the trend of fashion trends, coupled with Ya Tini ARTINI prominent earrings and overlapping neck Chain with lining method, unique form. A group of unique fashion intelligence, from the Beverly Hills arrived at the venue.

Allure Fantasia (jazz music) brings out the scenes of sexy cat show. Elegant Arnold Aristini pearl accessories and colorful colorful crystal ornaments that cut the first-class evening dress even more elegant. Moment, the stage has become a star-studded dance venue, a number of noble princess dancing, so that the atmosphere of Christmas gradually narrowed.

Phoenix Youth Pre-employment Training (Innocent Divinie) finale jewelry show, with more sets of pretty wedding as a prelude. Chi Chi once again memorable wedding scene, put on a designer especially for her hand-made to Swarovski crystal accessories for the Phoenix wings wedding, lining to Ya Tianni ARTINI classic Cartier love ring replica Phoenix series, blooming unique noble elegance, Full of classic romantic feelings. The whole series, Phoenix wings high-flying form of eye-catching bright, beautiful lines, with “Swarovski – point crystal”, crystal Zhuo surface, and add colorful metal feathers, dazzling brilliance, interpretation of Western and classical and modern The classic beauty. A lifetime of beautiful bride so happy from the wedding march slowly step out. Chi Chi by a number of lovely flower girl to accompany the audience to accept the blessing, so that the audience is full of happy atmosphere.

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