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Movement is also equipped with silicon material gossamer Silicon is a nonmagnetic material

In 1999, Omega released the first coaxial escapement device, leading the movement of leather watch technology innovation. The latest results of this tabulation revolution is the 2011 launch of the new Omega coaxial 9300/9301 movement. This new movement not only has extraordinary timing performance, but also the Omega self-produced movement family in the first equipped with chronograph function of the movement.
OMEGA (Omega) coaxial 9300/9301 movement of the innovative longitudinal wheel timing function at 3 o’clock through the timing of the small dial reflects the small dial with 12 hours and 60 minutes with the time pointer. This kind of pointer arrangement and the main dial clock and minute hand Cartier love bracelet replica arrangement is similar to people’s time to read the habit. There is also a central chronograph and a small second hand on the small dial at 9 o’clock. The two timed control buttons can function completely independently, thus avoiding the risk of improper operation to the timing system. With Omega other self-produced coaxial movement, 9300/9301 movement with a “Arabian Geneva pattern” decorative patterns. This movement with a time zone function, no need to stop when you can adjust the hour hand, very suitable for travelers who need.
OMEGA (Omega) coaxial 9300/9301 movement
Movement is also equipped with silicon material gossamer. Silicon is a nonmagnetic material and is therefore not affected by the magnetic field. This property, combined with the excellent elasticity of the silicon material, allows the gossamer attached to the silicon material sheet to provide a more accurate travel time. The fatigue of the silicon material is less affected and the aging rate is slower. Coaxial technology and the perfect combination of silicon material gossamer for the watch to bring extraordinary and reliable travel time performance, so Omega for each carrying a silicon material gossamer coaxial watch provides up to 4 years after-sales service guarantee.
Omega coaxial escapement system
In 1999, Omega released the first coaxial escapement device, so that the entire watch industry as a move. This is the first practical new escapement system in 250 years. Omega coaxial escapement components and watches and clocks industry has long used the Swiss leveraged escapement system is very different, its composition includes: with gem pawl and impulse stone balance wheel, with three precious stones paw Vertical fork, and by the coaxial wheel, coaxial gear and transmission gear composed of the connection to the wheel Cartier love ring replica and the wheel of the three-tier coaxial escape wheel.

Coaxial escapement system advantage
The main advantage of the Omega coaxial escapement system compared with the Swiss leveraged escapement system is obvious.
No matter what kind of escapement system, its energy must be passed to the pendulum, the energy to maintain the frequency of the pendulum. In the Swiss leveraged escapement system, the teeth need to slide from the inclined surface of the pawl to produce an impulse. As the sliding process is bound to produce a certain degree of friction, so to ensure the accuracy of the escapement system, it must maintain the best lubrication. In contrast, Omega coaxial escapement system is through the radial momentum to transmit energy. The smaller contact surfaces and the push action (rather than the sliding action of the leveraged escapement) greatly reduce the friction between the escapement components. As a result, the loss of lubrication is greatly reduced and the maintenance cycle is extended.
In Switzerland, the leveraging device, whether clockwise or counterclockwise, is transmitted through the escapement fork indirectly from the escapement wheel to the balance wheel, thus losing a lot of energy. Omega coaxial escapement clockwise force, through the escapement teeth directly to the wheel wheel on the balance of the pawls. Therefore, coaxial escapement system has a higher mechanical efficiency, to ensure a more stable and accurate performance.

Coaxial escapement system and no card count hairspring balance wheel
The Omega coaxial escapement system and no card count with the balance of the balance wheel, the watch speed can be changed by changing the moment of inertia of the balance wheel to adjust, rather than by changing the length of the effective length of the hairspring. This adjustment is achieved by the gold micro screw in the rounded balance wheel. The combination of the coaxial escapement system and the non-caliber hairspring balance wheel not only improves the seismic performance, but also effectively avoids interference.
Omega coaxial escapement of the above advantages are obvious, more advantages After a long time you can take Cartier nail bracelet replica the hint, including a longer maintenance cycle, as well as the extraordinary extraordinary precision travel time performance.

The timing movement of the 21st century
Omega has been committed to the coaxial watchmaking technology innovation since 1999, and 9300/9301 coaxial movement means that Omega in this road to move on. Through the vertical wheel chronograph function, exceptional reliability and up to 4 years of after-sales service guarantee, this new movement perfectly realized the coaxial escapement inventor – the British watchmaker George? Daniel (George Daniels) promise : Coaxial technology will be able to “extend the popularity of mechanical watches to the 21st century, and even farther future.

the achievements of the unprecedented slim body design

Real life when the Windsor calendar watches and ultra-thin moon phase female watch
The story of Elizero will end up in 1975 if the brave watchmaker rescues the production tools and equipment from the waste yard. When 9 years after the ElPrimero return to heaven, the real force of the “pay tribute to Charles Vermot”, the dial is decorated with midnight blue.
On the midnight blue, there are too many stories and too many emotional bearing, it is Vatican Cartier love bracelet replica high pen under the sky Guangliao background, vast and crazy fans, between the melancholy blue and deep black. It is B · B · King of the rhythm of Bruce, from the throat flow out of perseverance and truth. True love when the Valentine’s Day on the table – Windsor calendar watches and ultra-thin moon phase female table is the most unique pair of blue, let them walk through seconds, become a permanent witness of the two emotional witness.
Outdoor climbing equipment PROTREK 6 Board radio table
Outdoors is a way of life, adventure is a way of life. Travel alone, or about thirty-five friends, away from the earth’s hustle and bustle, into the depths of nature, we can personally feel the pulse of nature, enjoy the experience of outdoor adventure to bring us the passion and fun. And can walk with us, in addition to high-tech outdoor sports equipment, a high-tech outdoor watch, is also an ideal partner.
High-quality watch brand Casio PROTREK climbing series of new PRX-2000YT, through CASIO’s unique cutting-edge technology, with the technology to monitor the various subtle changes in nature, the original triple sensor technology and the new loaded solar energy, 6 Bureau of radio receiving function, Become a professional to help you to conquer the mountains, swim deep sea wrist equipment.
Limited sale
The new issue of the mountaineering series PRX-2000YT, the use of the global limited sale of the way in Cartier love ring replica the world only limited to the sale of 1000, only 50 in mainland China, which for people who like climbing, both temptation, Good collection value. As the top of the PROTREK limited edition, PRX-2000YT each back engraved with a limited number of serial numbers, each number is unique, only for you all.
6 Bureau of radio waves
Casio original 6 Bureau of radio reception, the first application in the PROTREK series. Can receive standard times from multiple regions of the world, can be highly sensitive to receive all the world’s six base stations of different frequency radio signals, and automatically correct the time. This is good news for those who like outdoor adventure, no matter where you are trekking in nature, you can get accurate time, move forward.
Solar drive system
Engaged in outdoor adventure movement, in addition to have the precise time, watch the equipment of energy is also essential. PRX-2000YT equipped with solar drive system, through the built-in solar panels, absorb sunlight, even a weak fluorescent light source can also be absorbed and converted into electrical energy. Power will be stored to the internal solar cells, and then by the supply of each function to the table the energy required, low power consumption and no need to replace the battery, so do not worry about the lack of electricity. The use of this technology, but also fully reflects the Casio brand has always adhered to the concept of environmental protection.
Triple sensing technology, ultra-thin design
PRX-2000YT, innovative triple sensor technology, the achievements of the unprecedented slim body design. It is the sensor, electronic accessories to high-density assembly technology, to achieve the PROTREK thinnest (11.3mm) solar wave table, precision, ultra-thin body so that you easily into the natural, swim heaven Cartier nail bracelet replica and earth. At the same time it can measure the direction, atmospheric pressure / temperature and altitude, whether you are climbing mountains or diving deep sea, you can clearly know the direction and get detailed and accurate barometric pressure and other data and pictures for your use and analysis The This wrist equipment, to your outdoor adventure process provides the most trusted support.
High-end material
In order to highlight the strong sense of PROTRE series, PRX-2000YT bezel, strap, back cover and other parts are made of titanium material, coupled with high-end links and grinding technology, strong texture on the light above. While the watch box and strap coated with a black IP ion coating, while the middle part of the strap is used rose gold IP ion coating, showing a lean and luxurious features.
In addition, in order to meet all the needs of outdoor adventure, PRX-2000YT other functions such as tide icon, automatic backlight, 100 meters waterproof, sunrise and sunset time display, dual LCD display, world time, Fully equipped. Of course, high-tech, PRX-2000YT, mirror polishing technology, sapphire clear translucent, perfect interpretation of the outdoor movement of the United States.

Platinum couple on the purchase notes

Platinum couple on the purchase notes
Look for platinum couple on the ring logo

Since the choice of Christmas in the purchase of platinum couple on the ring, then we must confirm that the platinum material on the ring. Platinum pair is very easy to identify the ring, platinum on the ring is a very obvious signs, that is platinum, platinum, platinum and Pt words, and the logo will be followed by a clear indication of the purity of platinum. For example, Pt925 indicates that the amount of platinum is 925 per thousand.
Choose a reputable platinum brand store

We buy things the most important thing is to choose the quality of things clearance, if the quality is not good will affect its life. So in the purchase of platinum couple on the ring, be sure to do homework in advance, to understand what the platinum brand on the ring, as well as the various brands of industry reputation and consumer reputation, and then choose a reputable platinum brand store to buy The

Learn about hand style options

Diamond ring to buy the most important thing is to choose to modify the Cartier nail bracelet replica hand type, and can bring up good-looking, according to their own and love the hand type to choose their own type of diamond ring style, if the hand type can choose small particles of diamonds Embellished couple on the ring, if the hand-type slender choice of style more solid diamond ring, to prevent the drill ring fall.
Professional try and selection

When you decide to buy platinum on the ring, it is recommended that you take her to the store to buy, under the guidance of professional staff to try a professional, because only try to wear you know is not really suitable for their own, Not really nice.

Choose the full meaning of the diamond ring style

For the couple is the most important thing is full of meaning, a custom diamond ring than to choose an ordinary diamond ring to be more meaningful.
Two people love is a romantic encounter, full of unknown surprises and expectations of the future, with love will certainly because of the future of a variety of uncertain and surprises and feel endless expectations. Marriage is to let two people in love inside the harvest and growth to get a good modification, but also because the marriage to two people to bring the romantic and moved, so that more people are willing to pay for it. Wedding ring is the love of the letter, is the love of the affirmative, then wedding ring repair new coup you know? Do you know how to love it for such a precious presence? Xiaobian to tell you, the maintenance of its know-how.

Love of the collection
Love the ring, wearing a hand means that two people love long days, but also a good way to convey the affection, but often put the wedding ring in the hands but it will lose the original glory. So what can we do to maintain its original appearance? Wedding ring since the precious, then we can buy a gorgeous jewelry box, which does not install other things, in order to save this one belongs to your wedding ring. But it is not to save it on behalf of never wear out, in a lot of grand occasion or to wear your love keepsake.
Love clean

Whether it is diamond ring, gold ring, platinum ring or other material ring, wearing a long time in the hands will make it the original look is covered. We will be in the wedding ring for this thing will be special attention, then, in the clean when it is necessary to pay special attention. Replica Cartier jewelry said that some of the more practical coup. When you wear a wedding ring, do not go to the place where you have eyes, such as cooking, and then you can properly use soap and water to soak the ring, and then washed with water, these are in the usual life can be used Nice little way.
Love the maintenance

If the existence of the ring is to show that you are really in love, then the maintenance of the ring is to prove your feelings for this and his attention. A good ring not only need your care, but also need the maintenance of professionals, when you find the ring due to prolonged exposure has begun to lose the original glory when you can get it to the professional maintenance of the ring Where to carry out a thorough cleaning. So that your ring will return to the time just bought it.

Marriage ring repair new coup is everyone we can use, but also need to use some small ideas, I believe that every pair of loving couples will be willing to spend time and energy to maintain their own ring.

40 cents how much money ring

40 cents how much money ring
40 points diamond ring in addition to the price to see the diamond 4C and ring, but also by the style and technology, the more innovative style, the more complex the process, the higher the price, so the choice of 40 points diamond ring style, work.

40 cents how much money? 40 points diamond ring prices from 5 to more than seventeen or so, if you stay more luxurious, more than 20,000 have. 40 points diamond ring although there is no 30 points so many people to buy, but also Tingduo, more than 50 points diamond ring is also popular, this is because 40 points diamond ring in the diamond pattern, with 10 points difference of 50 points compared to the diamond ring, Sometimes looks bigger, the price is more than 50 points Cartier nail bracelet replica of the diamond ring is much lower, the price is very high, the purchase of people naturally more.

40 cents how much money? One million or so you can buy a good 40-point diamond ring fineness, the price will not be too high, it will not be too low, for most people’s choice. The price of the 40-point diamond ring is based on the quality of the diamond 4C. The so-called “4C” is the abbreviation of four English words beginning with C, which refers to the weight, clarity, color and cut of the diamond. In general, 40 points in the diamond ring prices in 5000 to 17 or so, specifically to see what you choose the quality of the diamond ring.

40 cents how much money? 40 points diamond ring prices also depends on the brand, Xiao Bian said the price, is the Zuo Kayi family of 40 points diamond ring to statistics. And if it is the traditional brand Chow Tai Fook or Chow Sang Sang, 40 points diamond ring price will be expensive on your 30% to 50%, that is, the price of 7 thousand to more than 20,000 yuan or so.

This is because the brand value of the relationship. In fact, the quality of diamond ring are imitation Cartier love bracelet placed there, consumers can clearly compare which cost-effective, so in the purchase of 40 cents when the diamond ring do not just staring at the big brand, cost is king!
Cartier ring 750 price from 5 to more than hundreds of thousands of dollars ranging from the style from simple to luxury, filling the big brand jewelry of the wonderful beauty! Cartier ring 750 prices are very expensive, because the big brand is far from selling products but popularity.

Cartier Ring 750 how much money? Cartier ring 750 production process are impeccable perfect: Cartier ring creative design is excellent, good cut can diamonds inside the bright light through the cutting surface of the careful arrangement and release, Cartier cut very well. So the price is much more expensive than the domestic brands, the purchase of people is still an endless stream.

Cartier Ring 750 how much money? Cartier ring 750 price is very much, tens of thousands of tens of thousands of price have, if only want to buy a big brand of the ring, you can choose the cheapest 5 thousand prime gold ring, the price will not be too expensive to be affordable. Cartier products, although the price is not high, but the quality is very good, work is in place, the details of the site done very well, the material used on the material is also on the grade, and the brand’s products after-sales service is in place.

Cartier Ring 750 how much money? Cartier 750 ring and 18K rose gold, 18K gold, white 18K gold Fake Cartier love bracelet, these three ring material gold content is 75%, there are 25% of other metals. One of the cheapest is the model: B4002300 ring, special 5,050 yuan, 2.5 mm wide, 18K gold, the symbol of the two world’s happiness, it follows the classic design style of the brand, by its jewelry master single-handedly to make.

Cartier Ring 750 how much money? Cartier ring 750 value in addition to ring ring, the most to see whether the diamond, as well as the level and weight of diamonds and so on. Such as the cheetah series Panthère de Cartier ring, and L? VE series of rings each one, are in this series in the lower price models, which model B4085000 L? VE series Cartier 750 ring price in the million below, so Cartier ring 750 price, not all are very expensive, there are not so expensive, depending on the specific style.

Cartier Pasha de Cartier cheetah pattern hollowed out watch

Cartier Pasha de Cartier cheetah pattern hollowed out watch
Set the poet romantic and jewelry master superb craft in a Cartier, creative inspiration to the theme of the animal, hollow cheetah pattern bold innovation, very poetic, Emerald depicts a very Smart, as the dark night in front of vigilance eyes, Like the next second will be able to arch back to jump to the back.

Cartier Pasha de Cartier cheetah pattern hollowed out watch
From the carving art derived from the hollow art, has also become a watchmaking process, it and paper-cut art and shadow art has the same purpose.

The watch is a bizarre tiny, wonderful mechanical device, the wheel train in the moment kept moving, all the parts are meticulously met, as if it is like aura, life like. If on this basis, but also the watch carved into a magnificent hollow animal modeling, at the moment you think of what? Yes, Cartier cheetah jumped up, Hermes’s horse ran up, Breguet’s pigeons fly up.

Light to do the overall shape is not enough, in the less knife is not delicate, more Cartier nail bracelet replica knife will be broken on the splint also have to make a fuss. This is the reason for the hollow table expensive reason, pure hand, can not be copied. Geneva pattern, Louis XIV pattern, irregular deformation of flowers pattern, winding winding, smooth extension.

Hollow addition and subtraction

+1 NO! Swiss watch craftsmen in the movement devoted a lot of time and effort to the general movement as the basis, the first need to hollow the need to drill part of the hole, and then use the saw to remove excess metal. The next important step is to use the carving knife to modify all the edges into a 45 degree angle hypotenuse, and the movement surface carved into a different pattern. There is a piece can not forget to pull out? joke.

-1 ? NO! Every knife is to go hand in hand for the sincerity, mental and hand both with the most important is the “stable”, not only to mature, to be stable, and the location of the knife should also be based on the different materials, talent, perfect Flawless hollow technology, is full of all win, subtleties see real kung fu. Accidentally engraved a All obsolete.

Hollow three-dimensional space

Yin and yang of the form: one is “Yang Xian hollow”, that is, hollow art of the so-called screen lines connected; one is “Yinxian hollow”, that is, the screen line break. Hollow art is important to empty down and show the relationship between the part, that is, positive and negative relationship. In the inch between the light and shadow, is my line of sight is not enough, or that group of sunshine too dazzling?

Three-dimensional visual feast: hollow art of the most magical place, that is, you can make two-dimensional things made of three-dimensional vision, in front of the face of this table, how many levels we have together, it is so bumpy, need a Half a day of time, it may also be used for half a day to mess with their own eyes. 3D is not a new term, it has already been popular in the wrist.
Chaumet Shangmei the French top royal jewelery brand came to Chongqing, while out of the two stores, one located in Jiangbei Starlight 68 Square, one located in the Jiefangbei Times Square.

Shangmei Asia Pacific Managing Director Liang Shouxian introduction, Starlight 68 Square store is the distribution store, the goods are more young and fashionable. Jiefangbei Times Square flagship store as a brand outlets, but also pay attention to highlight the United States as the French royal jewelry royal jewelry, but also has more high-end jewelry. Opening guests Zhong Chuhong wearing tens of millions of top jewelry series, is the Times Square shop town treasures. Times Square store also opened a special two VIP rooms, jewelry for customers to customize services.

Liang Shou-shan said that the brand in Chongqing during the trial business, not only attracted a lot of Chongqing local consumers stop to understand and buy, but also received a lot of tourists to Chongqing, foreign tourists. “Not long ago, a Fujianese travel to Chongqing, Fujian bought a valuable imitation Cartier love bracelet diamond ring,” Liang Shoushan said, “This also allows us to see the great potential of the Chongqing market.

Shangmei in 2007 to enter the Chinese market, opened in Shanghai, the first boutique stores. At present, the United States has been in Beijing, Guangzhou, Suzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Chongqing and other 14 cities opened 16 stores.


The world’s most famous crown manufacturer

A symbol of power and dignity of the crown, is still one of the brand logo, but also one of the most prestigious heritage of the brand. From the founder of Nito for Napoleon Bonaparte custom first crown began, still in the 230 years of history, has been royal and aristocratic family produced more than 1,500 crowns. To each one is still the United States crown string together, as if a European classical court history. In recent years, still the United States has Queen Elizabeth II, Morocco King Hassan II and other royal aristocratic design jewelry.

Shangmei also for many Hollywood stars, celebrities design jewelry. Madonna married when wearing the crown is still the United States. Today, the French first lady Carla Bruni visit, but also often wear Shangmei jewelry met with senior officials celebrities.


Shangmei antique jewelry table show the second half of landing Chongqing

Shangmei Asia Pacific Managing Director Liang Shou-shan said that in the second half, Shangmei will also carry the brand’s precious antique table landing in Chongqing.

As early as 200 years ago in 1811, Shangmei founder Nitot for Josephine Queen’s son married custom first piece of high-level jewelry table, the watch was popular with both hands wearing a table of the trend made two, One shows a time to show the date, like the ancient Chinese dragon and phoenix bracelet. “At that time, this antique jewelry table will also come to Chongqing to meet with you.” Liang Shouxian said.


Shangmei Asia Pacific president Liang Shoushan

Jewelery is a woman

Emotional recorder

Jewelery is an emotional recorder. When a woman opens the jewel box and sees each of the different babies, they are not just jewelry, but rather represent the care of a family, the blessing of a friend and the love of a lover. When you wear it on the moment, every girl is a noble princess.

Through all kinds of jewelry for private information and intimate emotional communication, the achievements Fake Cartier love bracelet of emotional empire, is always the same still the pursuit of beauty. Shangmei has also been in quality, technology and the trend of persevering adhere to their own style, adhere to the French most high-end fashion custom jewelry. Today, Shangmei is still the upper reaches of the West and collectors are most desirable one of the top jewelry brands.


Napoleon’s royal jeweler came
Joséphine top jewelry series

Chaumet last year launched the “Josephine” new jewelry series, especially to the brand’s first Muse goddess Josephine King tribute, designed to inject Josephine Queen’s unique and elegant fashion taste, but also the old Napoleon crowned for Josephine Crown Metamorphosis for the fingers of the United States ring.

Napoleon’s royal jeweler came
“Attrape-moi … si tu m” aimes “(networked me … if you love me) series

This is still the most prestigious jewelry series, meaning the charming spider and bee love story in the various styles in different variations, so that each piece of jewelry with unique charm.

Napoleon’s royal jeweler came
“Liens” series

Liens’s French meaning is the link, the connection, that is, the concept of fate that the East said. This series of “X” as a cross symbol as the expression of love between lovers idiomatic symbols, but also a blessing, or a friendship of the performance of the family, lover or friends between the emotions into a beautiful and sincere symbols, Performance far and complete mood.

France’s top royal jewelery brand is still stationed in Chongqing, located in Times Square, Starlight 68 of the two stores opened at the same time.

Earrings Necklace New recipe

Earrings Necklace New recipe
Earrings and necklaces and people because the “face” closest, therefore, in addition to the “overall shape” direct points, but also affect the feeling of the face.

In general, most girls want to look Xiuxiu gas, so thin silver chain, a small pearl chain and pearl earrings, a small dressed in gold and silver earrings, these are you pretty up Of the “effective tool.”

Clothing modeling can not be too cool, too cute. Since the hope that the performance is the feeling of beauty ladies, relatively soft fabric, slightly shiny, simple style, can let you enjoy the attention of the happy Oh!

Freshness, not necessarily limited to the “chain”, a rope or a few lines can be a great shape, but the premise is that you wear as usual, may make the rope just a rope only.

Whether you are a good girl or a pop, in fact, like those incredibly incredible Cartier love ring replica earrings, necklaces, can be assured that boldly “use” because they are not only in the price you can afford, and will not let you look Old, will not let you lose fresh feeling.

Short necklace, although has been popular for several years, however, looking through magazines, you will find that it is still popular, or with a good partner of clothes na. Do not forget to put several chains together, is very fun to wear the law Oh, try!
A few years ago, when the popularity of platinum jewelry when the streets, small and exquisite platinum rings, pendants, necklaces do not know how many women captured the heart. However, the fashion wind vane in the wind this year, turn the road, modeling large and exaggerated, luxurious gorgeous platinum jewelry has become the most eye-catching bright spot on the market. Many large department stores in Taiyuan, I see a lot of personality publicity of large jewelry by many consumers are very concerned about, in particular, some exquisite design, exaggerated form platinum bracelet, ring, although expensive, but still create A decent sales.

Shanxi Guodu Century Shopping Center, a manager told reporters that this summer, for the publicity and expression of personality seems to have an unprecedented strong, launched by the World Gold Council weight of 40 grams or more of gold jewelry, the price is higher than the market price, the current 118 yuan / gram, while the price of platinum are 215 yuan / gram price fluctuation. Although they are expensive, but still welcomed by many customers.

According to reports, this time a large piece of platinum jewelry sales rose more than 10%. In the past, both the imitation Cartier love bracelet main body of the wedding or platinum used in daily life for the majority of Asian women are more in love with small and exquisite shape, with the platinum jewelry design and production level of improvement, large pieces of accessories from modeling to work are goodbye The clumsy sense of the past, with a strong decorative ornaments to give people more large vent and expression of space.

Platinum’s rare, pure, tough and natural elegance is the reason people love it. In a sale in the movie star Maggie Cheung interpretation of this platinum temperament gives pure and flawless light, combined with the tenacity and elegance of platinum, it is logical to express the people in the inner world of extraordinary times.

Analysis of the industry, when a serious threat to people when the crisis, publicity personality, the performance of self-more and more people’s pursuit of exaggerated ornaments become catharsis depressed power, then exaggerated style platinum bracelet and other accessories also Has become a fashion trend.

To “9.11” fashion trends after, for example, several heavyweight brands such as CalvinKlein, MarcJacobs design are gradually emphasizing simplicity, will style, strongly advocating personality. Some people say that the world in the “9.11”, the values will be reorganized, the direction of consumption will change, luxury wind Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica will come back. Because when the life is threatened, the power of money is greatly weakened, people will pursue the real works of art and really make them move things. In the city nowadays, people are experiencing a “very period”, suppressed in the hearts of tension, in the exaggerated large jewelry has been released, which is perhaps today’s large-scale jewelry is welcomed deep-seated reasons.

Van Cleef & Arpels “Acanthe” jewelry series

Van Cleef & Arpels “Acanthe” jewelry series
Van Cleef & Arpels (Van Cleef & Arpels) inspired by the leaves, the design of the elegant and beautiful “Acanthe” jewelry series. Soft and delicate curved bilobal design and double-row asymmetric diamond mosaic gives Acanthe ring incomparable vitality. Acanthe bracelet also draws on its elegant design concept, generous design of the leaf ring and compact ring to echo each other. And a simple line to create a series of Acanthe yellow K gold rings and bracelets, then the continuation of its usual distinguished quality.
Internationally renowned fashion jewelry and boutique brand Ya Tianni ARTINI, recently in Shanghai Pudong Shangri-La Hotel held a grand celebration dinner. In the first anniversary of entering the Chinese market, invited all celebrities attended the Ya Tiannini ARTINI latest jewelry and boutique design. The creative director of Simon Yam and supermodel Qi Qi specially invited to attend the elegant fashion concerto jewelry show as a special guest, and the finale in Ya Tianni ARTINI fashion concerto jewelry show, personally deduced Ya Tianni ARTINI latest classic Phoenix series.

ARTINI as an internationally renowned first-line fashion jewelry and boutique brand, the concept of design from Europe and the United States the essence of the well-known designers, has been inspired by European-style design to sparkle fashion jewelry, women’s unique light eternal temperament, Charming Replica Cartier love bracelet charming inside and outside charming. Since the first time in November last year to enter the Chinese market, the brand unique European-style elegant design, the moment was the pursuit of refined taste of the favorite ladies, selected ARTINI jewelry for work and attend banquet preferred accessories, but also that Ya Tieni ARTINI unique product style and market position.

Currently, ARTINI has signed a contract with Swarovski, and ARTINI has been officially authorized to use the “Crystallized with Swarovski” label as the first Label of the jewelry and boutique brands. Artini (ARTINI) for the “crystal point” design a variety of fashion jewelry and gifts, in the crystal miles, the issue of dazzling light.

In the evening, a large-scale jewelery show, “Accenture Fashion Concerto”, was arranged with four sections: London Street Look, Beverley Hills Chic, Allure Fantasia, Innocent Divine, with different backgrounds, music and stage effects, bring out the different regions of the accessories and fashion culture. The most important thing is, the whole Ya Tieni ARTINI jewelry show, from all levels to show the temperament of today’s women, so no matter where they are, always emitting charming glory, people feel beautiful and joy.

London Street Look (London Street Look) model in the strong rhythm of the music, wearing rock clothing taste one by one appearance, sometimes wild and sometimes unrestrained. In this era is not bound to enjoy the spark of youth burning; the most fashionable dress in London together to the venue. Coupled with the unique Cartier love ring replica style Ya Tieni ARTINI necklaces, earrings, bracelets and thick belt to the world to express their anti-traditional thinking, its own way of thinking.
Beverley style (Beverley Hills Chic) intelligent mind, taste simple but superior clothing match for the modern hippie family portrait. Seemingly inadvertently dressed, but hidden deep fashion knowledge … … model simple and sophisticated clothing portfolio, without more ink has brought out the trend of fashion trends, coupled with Ya Tini ARTINI prominent earrings and overlapping neck Chain with lining method, unique form. A group of unique fashion intelligence, from the Beverly Hills arrived at the venue.

Allure Fantasia (jazz music) brings out the scenes of sexy cat show. Elegant Arnold Aristini pearl accessories and colorful colorful crystal ornaments that cut the first-class evening dress even more elegant. Moment, the stage has become a star-studded dance venue, a number of noble princess dancing, so that the atmosphere of Christmas gradually narrowed.

Phoenix Youth Pre-employment Training (Innocent Divinie) finale jewelry show, with more sets of pretty wedding as a prelude. Chi Chi once again memorable wedding scene, put on a designer especially for her hand-made to Swarovski crystal accessories for the Phoenix wings wedding, lining to Ya Tianni ARTINI classic Cartier love ring replica Phoenix series, blooming unique noble elegance, Full of classic romantic feelings. The whole series, Phoenix wings high-flying form of eye-catching bright, beautiful lines, with “Swarovski – point crystal”, crystal Zhuo surface, and add colorful metal feathers, dazzling brilliance, interpretation of Western and classical and modern The classic beauty. A lifetime of beautiful bride so happy from the wedding march slowly step out. Chi Chi by a number of lovely flower girl to accompany the audience to accept the blessing, so that the audience is full of happy atmosphere.

Germanium silver: health jewelry new concept

Germanium silver: health jewelry new concept
People for the pursuit of jewelry is getting higher and higher, not only beautiful, but also pay attention to health, spirituality. A few years ago, crystal jewelry, a big heat to fully illustrate this point. Recently, a new material jewelry began in Japan and Southeast Asian countries selling, that is not known to domestic consumers of germanium silver jewelry.

Yesterday, the reporter in Wangfujing industrial building a layer of jewelery shop to see, consumers for this new material jewelry showed a strong interest. Less than 15 minutes, there are two guests bought a pair of bracelets. Salesperson told reporters, because germanium is proved to be a beneficial imitation Cartier love bracelet to the human body of the metal elements, especially for the elderly to wear, so consumers are mostly middle-aged, many people are bought as gifts for elders.

Reporters linked to the main German silver jewelry manufacturer, Beijing Holding Rafi Jewelry Co., Ltd. Manager Liu Bo Yong, he told reporters that germanium and other trace elements, the right amount of beneficial to the human body, there is excessive damage, and wear germanium silver jewelry on More suitable.

It is understood that the Ministry of Health food hygiene supervision and inspection of all relevant experts through a large number of experimental studies confirmed that the amount of germanium with immune regulation, antibacterial analgesic, alleviate pigmentation and other biological activity.

This element will be in accordance with a certain proportion of silver and silver jewelry made of synthetic wear, through contact with the human body will be in the form of micro-integration into the epidermis or into the body, outside the antibacterial, internal body, can be described as both internally and externally . Japanese nationals for germanium in particular, put it down, China is now only export bracelets have only 10 million. However, germanium silver jewelry in the country is just the rise of health.

Beautiful Instructor –
Wearing silver germanium silver fashion jewelry designer Wang Ping

Wear suitable for style succinct style of silver germanium silver necklace; casual wear suitable for matching unique design, modeling exaggerated germanium silver ring.

Attend a particularly luxurious occasion or wearing particularly gorgeous clothing, should not wear Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica silver, but should choose expensive jewelry, diamonds.

Silver after the old black, do not have to clean in order to continue to wear, the kind of nostalgic taste is also great.

Silver is a fashion thing, pay attention to changing the style often wear, not to be too obvious elements of the popular silver (such as cross) wear to the season. Inlaid color artificial gemstones (not including black) for young girls to wear silver, old ladies wear will be suspected of wearing Zhuangnen, while men are too feminine to wear.

Germanium silver jewelry should not be mixed with gold jewelry to wear.

Silver Maintenance Tips –

Silver is chemically less stable than platinum and gold, and is often particularly important because of oxidative blackening or yellowing of the water or other chemicals in the air and loss of luster.

■ Do not wear silver jewelry while wearing other precious metal jewelry, so as not to collision deformation or abrasions.

■ keep the silver dry, do not wear swimming, not close to the hot springs and water. Each time after wearing Cartier nail bracelet replica cotton cloth can be used to wipe the surface, remove moisture and dirt, stored in sealed bags, to avoid contact with the air.

■ silver is the best maintenance method to wear every day, because the body’s oil can produce natural silver luster moist.

■ If you find silver signs of yellowing, first with a small brush to clean silver jewelry jewelry slit, and then gently wipe the surface with silver cloth, silver can be restored to the original silver light.

Try to do routine maintenance, silver in a number of black after it is difficult to wipe the white.

Clothing have out-of-season troubles

Clothing have out-of-season troubles, so use adorn article collocation can yet be regarded as a method, so the high-quality goods of limit ring, whether from the design feeling and memorial has great advantages. In addition, due to the diversified fashion, men’s jewelry design is also more and more popular, in addition to the retained its contracted with modern designs feeling, show the characteristics of taste is supreme, is more meaningful.
Boucheron chocolate 18 k gold ring: unique and limited chocolate gold ring, break the traditional Replica Cartier love bracelet use of material, rich colour and lustre is like the real chocolate, filled with the flavor of the festival.
Niessing Fusion to nickel stainless steel with pure platinum ring: platinum connecting two flat a gleaming stainless steel ring ring, ring creates a feeling of cold tone tonality, and precious metals platinum ring more value to produce unparalleled.
Tiffany & Co. The Atlas series 18 k white gold ring: unique and classic Roman numerals reliefs, USES the new design of hollow out, not only more young, also the eternal presence.
In the sunny spring and summer, sparkling, design of fashion jewelry become the nods eyeball pen of the body. This one season, first-line brand and fashion jewelry brand to launch in the spring and summer accessories for its multifarious design become the focus of attention, as well as those major delicate and beautiful new key chain and mobile phone chain, also become a beautiful decoration of the closest to your mobile phone and keys, every look a heartache. Actually, do not need to spend a huge sum of money to buy expensive jewelry, the price of one thousand yuan to thousands of yuan of fashion jewelry can you dressed as a fashion.
Fashion jewelry
Epidemic focus: diversity of style restoring ancient ways, exaggerated modelling, material.
As a tie-in fashion accessories, each season’s fashion jewelry all follow the fashion. So when luxury romantic Cartier love ring replica season wind in fashion industry, fashion accessory was style restoring ancient ways is popular, especially like Dior, Jean Paul Gaultier and a series of famous fashion brand of jewelry is full of thick nostalgic feelings, designers will fashion jewelry design inspiration to freeze in the past s classic style, the best collocation of retro fashion.
Poker jewelry:
Jean Paul Gaultier design has always been full of wacky ideas, designers use poker and casino element in fashion jewelry, would you by a season full of mysterious feeling on to this season is full of fantastic colors of spring, summer, autumn and winter. Poker series of each style of jewelry price is in one thousand yuan to one thousand yuan. In addition, the casino series of priced at one thousand yuan, with brass and lead crystal glass as the main materials, with brass and matte silver as the main tonal, to coincide with the casino theme, respectively on the necklace earrings and other jewelry decorated with queen, dice or the stars, the design is very unique.
Retro chandeliers jewelry:
Based on crystal droplight, full of feeling restoring ancient ways and adopted according to the history of brass and colorful crystal glass material together, creating a series of glittering and translucent get rid of restoring ancient ways, full of the flavor of noble crystal lamp ornaments, the earrings price is in two thousand yuan of less than, very suitable for wear Cartier love ring replica in the evening occasion.
Ocean series jewelry:
The hot spring and summer, how little got inspiration from the sea? Artini ocean series jewelry with colorful coral and abundant nature colour gives priority to tone, piece together different natural crystal and fritillaria, smell of sunshine ocean. Designers to join performance of Marine biological elements of small world tags, such as starfish, fish, shell and coral as an ornament, such as to make the spring and summer filled with ocean.
Mix imitated crystal jewelry:
Artini latest’s “love, eternal” series of imitated crystal jewelry, like a new necklace gives priority to color with soft pearly white, respectively line with noble and elegant silver, golden to eternal “clover”, “heart”, such as pattern design, especially in the detail place to add the line feeling soft, not only send out elegant female charm, also added more noble quality, priced at one thousand yuan.
Silver key chain:
Silver ornament material has been one of the most common main material, like BVLGARI launched a series of pure silver key chain, the price is in two thousand yuan or so, many key chain model and its famous jewelry series, gave brand fans a big surprise.

Platinum woman collection in the heart Like free blossom designs

Platinum woman collection in the heart Like free blossom designs
Everyone’s heart all picture with a platinum woman. She, or a brilliant smile, like a pure Daisy; Or listen to silence, like a quiet violet; Or in insist, like the persistent blooming lavender. How much perfume, pian-pian dancing, sometimes quiet, sometimes elegant, only the pure, rare platinum temperament privy table, collection in the heart.
Platinum is the flower for which a woman such as flower. Flowers every breath, pour out to her language; Woman’s personality, also often casual in natural language. This fall, pure platinum or charming flower, or clever posture rhyme slowly overflow, will appear the world women’s sui generis beauty and pure and fresh.
Purple yi inside collect, good at listening to the woman
Quiet do not represent the silence, listening is also a kind of power. In silent language, build warm harbor. Involuntarily Replica Cartier love bracelet near and talk, only willing to share with her story. Tenacity and highly malleable platinum, draws the outline of soulful arc, circle the considerate, she also in infinite fall in love.
Mui tough, confident women
Using rich administrative levels to create the plum blossom slowly pour out the attitude of wen wan, under the gentle appearance, is as tough as platinum. Micro flash platinum, like a blooming plum blossom in the cold snow, this stance with the breath, is the world’s most unique beauty.
Day feather along with the gender, free and easy woman
Not constrained by secular, not compromise in the block. Life is a journey, a permanent sense of platinum as she conjured the strength of the feather wing, in grasping journey, fly freely, in bright beautiful arc, experience is long cover is new. Treasure of life, it is natural and unrestrained interpretation of individual self.
Siu-tong rhyme tolerant woman, elegant atmosphere
The world a lot, and always inclusive. Her quiet smile, is the rainbow after a storm comes, sunny and warm. Like platinum pure light, into the angular and fruity and delicate shape, silently against the diamonds sparkle. When haitang cheng fang, eventually someone can read it.
Xin LAN wise, intellectual woman
Were blossoming, orchid fragrance. A gust of wind blew over, leaving the stability of calm and wise insight into the world. As platinum create delicate jasmine, with just the right details, also have strong vitality, inner gestures, radiate the light of implicit but should not be ignored.
Elegant, noble woman Mo ointment
Women unique pure and fresh temperament, not make public, not powerful. Platinum is consistent with the Cartier love ring replica characteristics of, its elegant, in casual naturally. Stars flickering gently, as if the dawn has yet to recede, dew drop from on petals free, suffocation is born noble.
Pearl’s relationship with the Mid-Autumn festival seems to has a long history. , it is said that the round pearl or not related to the profit and loss of the moon, the tang dynasty poet li shang-yin wrote: the pearl of the sea in tears. Clean soft pearl jewelry, like bright bright on air suspension, bead hand in photograph reflect, one month two round.
Pearl is synonymous with elegance, remember in the film “breakfast at tiffany’s” in Givenchy little black dress of Audrey Hepburn, short neck is among a string of pearls for its elegant temperament is the best accessories. Condense the pearls from the deep sea shells, under the essence of nature breeds like nature itself, fruity and elegant, thus became the representatives of elegant and beautiful. On the occasion of the Mid-Autumn festival, in order to tailor wrapped in exquisite qipao, deserve to go up a chic modelling of pearl jewelry, elegant refined the classic beauty of be vividly portrayed.
Swarovski outside the pearl in the Dip series of coated with irregular paint, and with a gold-plated colour foils, mysterious and charming. In addition a ring with pure white pearl shape to look like a butterfly, worn on fingers as if the butterfly flutters lightly.
Use ShiJi Dip series
Swarovski butterfly pearl ring
, Furla recently launched a series of pearl, luxury precious nanyang bead jewelry, equipped with a diamond-studded jewelry clasp, pearls and diamonds supplement appropriate, put in a few minutes for the necklace features, and the model of cascade that neck line more attractive.
, Furla pearl necklace
Pearl is also conveyed noble identity; Pearl, and symbol of pure, perfect, dignity and authority, often on the imperial Cartier love ring replica crown orb. With smoked in the pearl as the Mid-Autumn festival gift, on the one hand, can give people on two round blessing, on the other hand, the very nature of the pearl can reflect more noble taste, especially the color depth of the black pearl, not only their identity, is also known as increasing power best jewelry and transport in the workplace.
Montblanc with pearl as the theme of “black and white spirit’s magic” series is the masterpiece in 2007. Made with rare platinum for the series, let white freshwater pearls and mysterious Tahiti black pearl luster arbitrary contrast, black with white and bright, produced a “black and white spirit’s magic” series reveal elegant charm of the eternal.
“Black and white spirit’s magic” series of dragon
Chow tai fook “ze” series of selected top Tahiti black pearls, quiet and tastefully laid out and mysterious color, rainbow is blurred. With 18 k platinum, fully display the pearl soft luster, its unique elegant inner artistically and elusive, let a person infatuate deeply mysterious, more can fully show the grade of lang lang out of the dust.
Chow tai fook “ze” series
FolliFollie pearl necklace

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