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Watch the crown is also used for stainless steel gold-plated material to create

Time is like a melodious music, with beautiful melody quietly flowing. Watch is a measure of the time of the instrument, the pointer of a circle of rotation like playing time of the movement. In the watch family has a series, it has a beautiful body, elegant temperament, like a musical instrument with a sense of beauty, a pointer to measure the passage of time to pass the time, like a syllable jitter melody changes, which is the United States Degrees Beilun Saili series of watches. Today’s watch home for everyone to recommend three Beilun Sally series of simple dial watch, experience them to measure the elegance of the elegant beauty of time.

American degree GENT series M3895.4.11.1 watch

This whole body silver watch with stainless steel case, the diameter of 37 mm, equipped with automatic mechanical movement. Simple silver white dial with radial corrugated decoration, the use of silver time scale, three o’clock date display window. Case covered with anti-wear sapphire crystal glass table imitation Cartier love bracelet mirror, side with a stainless steel crown with a pit pattern. Watch with stainless steel made of seven rows of chain strap, with folding buckle. Watch waterproof depth of 30 meters.

American degree GENT series M8600.2.26.8 watch

This watch gold and dark brown with, elegant and noble. Watch with a diameter of 38 mm vacuum ion plating stainless steel gold-plated case, equipped with internal model ETA 2824-2 automatic mechanical movement, there are 25 gems, power reserve 38 hours. White dial above the inlaid gold Roman numerals engraved, 4:30 position with a date display window, use the golden central pointer. Watch with dark brown lengthened leather strap, the use of folding buckle. Watch waterproof depth of 50 meters, the use of back through the bottom of the table.

American degree GENT series M8600.9.76.1 watch

This watch is made of stainless steel, the case diameter of 38 mm, 7 mm thick, the internal assembly model ETA 2824-2 automatic mechanical movement. Watch movement has 25 gems, power reserve for 38 hours. Watch stainless steel case after vacuum ion plating for the gold, white dial using gold central pointer, black time scale, 4:30 position with date display window. Strap with a five-row chain-type stainless steel gold-plated strap designed with gold. Watch waterproof depth of 50 meters, the use of back through the bottom of the table.

Summary: Today for everyone to recommend the three watches are the United States and the United States Beilun Saili series watches, although the three watches out of date and date show no complicated function, but completely suitable for life needs, in addition, this Three watch body is simple, elegant and generous Replica Cartier jewelry, like a drunk to a melodious music, very suitable for everyday wear.

Inspired by the eternal as the United States and the brand watch watch concept, not a series of watches have a creative inspiration source, the United States and the helmsman series watch is built in Sydney Harbor Bridge 2 years later, the United States uphold the Harbor Bridge design Essence, to achieve the craftsmanship on the uncompromising attention to the performance and the ultimate pursuit of performance, the introduction of a new helmsman series of watches, but also the quality of the representative of today’s watch home for everyone to bring a US helmsman series watch Evaluation, the official model of the watch: M005.614.37.057.09.

Since the establishment of the United States since 1918, the collection of design aesthetics, classic durability and functionality for one. Elegant low-key design gives the Swiss timetable eternal classic and superior texture. Outstanding durability, so that the Swiss american table off the fashion and the trend, become a synonym for the classic.
Inspired by the eternal tasting of the US helmsman series of multi-function chronograph

Complex function diagram

Since the launch of the series, the helmsman series of timers has a strong performance, it has a complete waterproof, anti-magnetic and shock capacity and automatic winding four advantages. In order to test the perfect function of the watch in the very state, the helmsman series through the New York electrical laboratory test, is the best-selling US watches.

Stainless steel gold-plated case to create

Watch case used for stainless steel gold-plated case to create, using vacuum ion plating technology, watch with 44 mm large diameter table design, with a black rubber leather strap. Watch dial 3,6,9,12 o’clock position design full neat, echoes, in the chronograph display disk and date, week show window perfect presentation.

Watch the crown side

Watch the crown is also used for stainless steel gold-plated material to create, and the use of the screw-in crown design to ensure that the watch 100 meters waterproof effect, and watch the crown engraved with the classic watch ” MIDO “logo. Watch 2 o’clock position button for the timer start / pause button, 4 o’clock button for the clock reset button.

With rubber strap

Watch strap used for the black rubber strap design, soft and durable, watch the buckle used for stainless steel to create the folding buckle design, easy to wear, watch the buckle also engraved with the United States and the classic “MIDO” logo.

Side drawing processing

Watch the table used for the stainless steel gold-plated material to create, and the use of the wire processing in www.ourlovestore.com, not only beautiful and stylish, and can be a good cover up due to daily wear produced a small scratches.

Watch dial

Watch on a pure black disk, 3 o’clock position with a date display window and week display window, 6 o’clock position with 12 hours cumulative display small dial, 9 o’clock position for the small seconds show, 12 o’clock position for the 30 minutes cumulative chronograph design.

Watch movement

Watch for the sapphire crystal glass table design, watch the internal hit in the beautiful movement at a glance, watch the internal carrying the classic ETA7750 change MIDO 1320 chronograph movement, a total of 165 components, the number of gems 25 , Vibration frequency of 28,800 hours per hour oscillation, assembly Incabloc shock device, put Tuo engraved with the United States at the British Logo. Travel time accurate and stable.

Summary: US degree helmsman series of multi-function chronograph watch with its personalized Smart shape, excellent precision performance, for your travel every section to bring a solid guarantee and unexpected surprises, accompanied by your pleasant walk, experience thousands of miles. This watch is a fit and movement can be with ease.

Watch belt and steel belt which is good or good strap a lot of people to buy watches

Watch belt and steel belt which is good, good or good strap, a lot of people to buy watches, do not know to buy steel belt or belt to go. In fact, whether it is steel or belt, have their own advantages and disadvantages. The following watch home to come to tell us about what the watch belt and steel belt!

Belt durability: compared with the strip, the belt is fragile, the normal belt to wear the time is two to three years, for some people can be regarded as “consumables.” But on the other hand, if careful care of it, can improve its service life time.

The use of steel chain belt, the use of leather strap to pay attention to the situation in the steel chain belt due to the difference between the material rarely appear, but still need to be careful maintenance. Metal straps are now mostly made of stainless steel, part of the use of PVD ion plating process. If used imitation Cartier love bracelet improperly, the gloss of stainless steel will drop, the color dark.

Read the above description you must have clear the advantages and disadvantages of the belt and the strip, the choice for the strap. Or according to their own preferences, no matter what kind of election. Maintenance should be done!

Longines watch was founded in 1832 in Sojia, Switzerland, with a history of more than 175 years and superb technology, with the witness of time, Longines won more public attention and love. Longines Jia Lan series ladies watch with elegant and unique shape favored by female customers, since the launch of the series of watches have a good sales, Jia Lan series of special structure to make the surface slim and stylish, Given the class of products classic eternal elegance. Here, the watch home for you to recommend three Jia Lan series of watches, hoping to become the ladies wrist partner.

Longines LA GRANDE CLASSIQUE DE LONGINES JALLAN series L4.308.0.97.6 watch

Watch comments: This section from the Jialan series number L4.308.0.97.6 watch to Qinrenxinnao the sapphire blue and bright diamond shiny refreshing, blue dial in the watch is very bright, highlighting the eternal Longines Classic temperament, to show the classic aesthetic tradition. Rounded silver case with 100 top Wesselton VVS diamonds, total weight of 0.760 karats. 29 mm size, is suitable for ladies’ wrist. Through the anti-wear sapphire crystal glass table mirror, with a blue sun ornamentation of the dial showing a bright luster, dial and no too much decoration, more generous simple. Time scale to 12 diamonds show, Longines flying wing hourglass signs appear at 12 o’clock position. Silver stainless steel bracelet, with three fold safety clasp and push open device, the performance is no doubt.

From the side to see the case is only 4.6 mm, so slim size so that the woman’s wrist relaxed and natural, comfortable to wear. In the power, the watch carrying an internal L209, quartz movement, with the function, the points show. From the classic simple shape, blue dial to the gorgeous diamonds, and finally in the focus on the more accurate when walking, this table are people have to love. The price of about thirty thousand, or some small expensive, but for the love of the table, will naturally find it value for money.

Table Comments: This Jia Lan series L4.691.6.11.0 watch is not this year’s new products, but since the market Replica Cartier jewelry has also been a high degree of concern, classic simple design, highlight the time running trajectory. This table is made of 18K gold to create, with 33 mm table diameter, suitable for women slender wrist. White matte dial, with black paint painted Roman numerals record time, track-type minute scale around the inside of the dial, 12 o’clock direction of the brand’s classic logo vividly prominent, showing a simple and classic perfect combination. From the side, this watch the thickness of only 6 mm, ultra-thin smooth case, lug and cleverly connected to the strap, seamless. Black crocodile leather strap with a natural texture decoration, with a needle clasp, easy to wear and convenient.

In the power, the watch is equipped with cal.L140 quartz movement, heritage of the Swiss watchmaking tradition, movement diameter of 20 mm, the thickness of only 1.6 mm, water depth of 30 meters. Although with a certain degree of water depth, but also to avoid hot water and other injuries for the watch. Love the table or need to properly maintain it, often to after-sales maintenance is also necessary.

Watch the watch: Longines Jia Lan series L4. watch highlights the elegance of urban women, fashion temperament, this section has a 24 mm exquisite small dial, highlighting the series of slim features, never fade white pearl shellfish Mother dial is full of romance. Through the wear-resistant sapphire crystal glass table mirror, the control of the time at a glance, dial inlaid 12 top Wesselton VVS-class diamonds, total weight 0.048 carats, in the wrist exudes a bright color, diamonds in the embellishment of the dial at the same time As the time scale. Two slender hour and minute hands in the dial to turn out the beautiful track, simple and generous design. This table regardless of dress or casual, are very decent, to give www.ourlovestore.com the wearer noble and stylish temperament.

Between the gold bracelet with three fold safety clasp and push open device, wear comfortable and safe, in the tone of the watch is neither luxury, but also fashionable. In the power, the watch carrying a L209 quartz movement, eliminating the feminine chain of cumbersome, but also has a good accuracy.

Summary: Ms. favorite for the watch is a variety of reasons, when the watch to become a habit, you can no longer leave it. Ladies watch does not need too much time and complex functions, the more features the watch on the dial design will be more complex and cumbersome, and can be simple and simple time to show it is also an artistic grade. The more simple but more exciting, more than three Longines have a thin case, accurate timing, classic design, in fact, the choice of women’s fashion. More on the introduction of other watches Longines, all in the watch home, hope to love the table of friends can find their own heart belongs.

Psychic jewelry diamond ring how to

Psychic jewelry diamond ring how to
Psychic jewelry diamond ring how? Tongling jewelry, the world’s largest diamond cutting trade organization EDT (Eu-rostar Diamond Traders European Star) is its important investors. Berlin Film Festival dedicated jewelry, with the spacecraft into the space of the jewelry brand. Psychic jewelry is for 5 consecutive years of the Berlin Film Festival special jewelry, is not an international brand is not estimated not cheap.

Psychic jewelry diamond ring how? Tong Ling jewelry diamonds are from the diamond capital of Belgium, with high quality cut the world, and is the only brand with a blue flame series, there are many themes for you to choose. Shopping to go to psychic jewelry to see the diamond ring, it is flashing flash.

Psychic jewelry diamond ring how? Well, genuine. Blue flame series can, but on their own value, not worth so much money, the premium is too high, but all brands have brand premium, the best level of 30 points for diamonds, ringing platinum, that is, 8 Thousands or so, the counter must imitation Cartier love bracelet be over ten thousand, and not necessarily what good color clarity. 50 points on the two or three million, in fact, is about fifteen or so. I also said that the retail price of diamonds, but not a brand, in fact, there is no brand of diamonds, just look at the certificate, the most authoritative world are recognized GIA certificate.

Psychic jewelry diamond ring is good

Tong Ling jewelry diamond ring is good? Psychic jewelry is a professional diamond, we are here in Anhui Huainan many young people like the brand. Their home blue flame in the Expo also had, very famous Belgian cut. Diamond is good or bad depends on the purity and cut the size of the diamond and the psychic has a series of “love through time and space” seems very good. Very memorable.

Tong Ling jewelry diamond ring is good? User small A evaluation: baby has long been received Shun Feng’s logistics really is to force a day to the. The style of the ring looks good is the kind of small, delicate, simple, and pretty atmospheric that I like, the birthday gift for my girlfriend, hope she can like it! Customer service attitude is very good, very patient, point a praise it!

Tong Ling jewelry diamond ring is good? User small B evaluation: the ring is very beautiful, well workmanship. Store delivery soon, did not think the lettering can be shipped so fast, must praise one! First wear time to come back later. And then pay the next month and then pay the men’s ring also bought, ha ha.

Tong Ling jewelry diamond ring is good? Small C evaluation: I fancy this long time for a long time, and finally bought in the Queen’s Day, although not the lowest price in a year, but still more affordable, the lowest store also 85 fold, the price is almost Oh, big Love, beautifully packaged, baby is also very nice, super satisfied!

Tong Ling jewelry diamond ring is good? Recently, a store owner said that the diamond ring bought only wearing 10 days, set in the ring on the diamond do not know where to fall. Recently, who lives in Haishu District, Ms. Jiang is very depressed, the first two times to find a shop negotiated not to say, the salesperson also almost with their own hands. The day before yesterday morning, the reporter accompanied Ms. Jiang for the third time to find business coordination is still not successful. Today, the reporter once again contact Ms. Jiang to understand the progress of compensation, Ms. Jiang said that the complaint has been to the Consumers Association, then she will legally protect their legitimate rights and interests.
Tiffany ring is good? Tiffany ring, the most obvious point is expensive, the same ring style, 3-4 times Replica Cartier jewelry more expensive than other homes, and then is good quality, design style novel, very tall. After all, is a big brand, in all respects or very good, mainly more expensive.

Tiffany ring is good? Tiffany is a luxury, the product is very good, the design is very good, but indeed expensive, see what you want to buy material, the minimum silver should be more than 1000 yuan. The circle is about 1000 dollars or so, the row of drilling is about 2000 dollars, you can look at the official website of tiffany look at the domestic official website no price, the US official website has a price.

Tiffany ring is good? Tiffany ring is certainly good, the price of how much money have. Diamond ring, then the price of the least twenty thousand it 50 points to the middle level will be tens of thousands, Zoukai and other custom shops can buy a carat drill. Tiffany diamond ring quality is very good, after all, is the international brand. But the price is also quite high. Even if the relatively 4C relatively low, the price should be more than ten thousand dollars.

How is the Tiffany ring?

How about Tiffany Rings? This is a well-known brand, is more people like, but the diamond ring is the essence of the diamond with the ring with the material, in fact, people will buy diamond ring will not choose this brand, the relative price of it will be more expensive. Buy Tiffany ring people are generally some stars and other wealthy people, they buy the identity!

How about Tiffany Rings? Tiffany’s diamond ring is very good, the brand value is high Select this international brand of diamond ring, it is recommended to take your object to the store to choose, better, after all, too expensive, so as not to buy, the object does not like, when the trouble.

How about Tiffany Rings? Tiffany is an international luxury jewelry, and every woman is eager to have it. But the price is very expensive, the domestic fact is relatively few people to buy, especially the diamond ring, wedding ring and the like, fewer people to buy. It is very detailed design and soft, packaging is also very particular about all the details are done in place, will become very romantic and noble. But in fact diamonds are the same from South Africa mining over, but after a different processing and design only. There are also many good brands, such as Zouka Yi, Chow Sang Sang, Chow Tai Fook, etc., are very good.
What is the price of Chow Tai Fook forevermark series? Forevermark, the eternal mark of the Chow Tai Fook exclusive exclusive swan series, including a variety of pendants, rings and earrings, for the lovers of lovers offer romantic eternal sweet time, witness love Between the pride of the cling to the pride.

Because the big names are big and powerful combination, making the price of the series more expensive, such as 18K gold, 0.34ct, color E, clarity vvs1, cut level: VG, cut level: VG, polished: EX, symmetry: VG diamond ring price of 13,600 yuan, the price is more than Zuo Kai Yi or diamond birds and other commercial www.ourlovestore.com brands with the same level of high weight about five thousand.

Chow Tai Fook forevermark series is Swan series of jewelry. To the purity of the swan, the eternal diamond, for the tempting to accompany the lovers offer the most romantic and warm memories, so that my happy moments even more bright. May your love, forever belong to you and me!

Chow Tai Fook forevermark series how much money

How much is the Chow Tai Fook forevermark series? Chow Tai Fook forevermark series is Chow Tai Fook and forevermark? Eternal mark brand, that is, the global diamond authority De Beers De Beers Group’s brand co-sold swan series of jewelry, so the price is more expensive, the general price of at least ten thousand or more , There are diamonds bigger, more expensive hundreds of thousands also have.

Forevermark is the world’s leading diamond dealer and jeweler. Forevermark Jeweler Jewelers undergo a rigorous review to sell Forevermark eternal mark diamonds. They are selected for their integrity, professionalism and excellence, so as to ensure that each Forevermark? Eternal mark diamonds are truly natural precious diamonds, so the domestic and Forevermark? Eternal mark designed jewelry series, the price will be much higher.

Chow Tai Fook Forevermark eternal mark Swan diamond ornaments series, design inspiration from the noble, elegant swan image, its Smart wings, intertwined embrace each other, mutual affectionate view, perfect in the series presented; and Forevermark eternal mark Unique rare diamonds, it is the soul of this series, so that like a swan like poetry, only love the eternal story even more dazzling, so there are stories, and fashion novel jewelry series, the price of natural than Chow Tai Fook other series Jewelry more expensive.

The abnormal relationship between men and diamonds

The abnormal relationship between men and diamonds
When all around the woman intoxicated with the elegance of diamonds, the man really can refuse the fashion charm of diamonds? Wrong, the correct answer is that diamonds are quietly captured the hearts of men! In particular, this year’s fashion wave of your son, more “shine” the men fueled. Diamonds for women, is the ultimate love of love life treasures, but for men, may be more like an indispensable road to success identification password, more like an investment, wearing a diamond is a The Silent Expression of Personal Tastes and Styles.

Diamond man

Diamonds, the legend of the stars falling from the sky fragments of the Earth. Far in the medieval Europe, diamonds have become a symbol of honor. For thousands of years, the diamond dominate the history of it is shining in the appearance of the illusion of a mysterious, noble legend.

Green is the symbol of mystery, in the legend of Allah’s people wearing a green diamond ring magic Replica Cartier love bracelet boundless; red is synonymous with the right and wealth; white represents the purity and nobility, it is Eros Venus gave the world’s sacred objects, the church new people exchange white diamond ring, entrusted with the happiness and loyalty to life.

As early as a woman’s favorite before the diamond and the man has an inseparable relationship. Men use history to create history, men also write history with diamonds. In ancient times, the courage of men, from the hard diamond; early in the Egyptian Pharaoh era, the emperor and the prince is the diamond earrings of special supplies. Until the 15th century, they are men’s patents. English Diamond Diamond, from the Greek Adamas, meaning “can not be conquered.” Because every stronger, the man found from the diamonds were killed, strong and resolute masculine beauty; because bright, a man from the diamond in the world to receive the monarch, distinguished incomparable top appeal; Napoleon set in the hilt, he I believe that diamonds will bring him no less than the power of war.

Modern men’s diamond consumption concept, more tend to reason. The survey shows that more than 60% of men believe that the purchase of diamonds can be preserved, compared to the general consumer to buy diamonds is more like an investment, and wear diamonds is “a personal taste and style of the specific expression.

Modern men pay more attention to the success of diamond ornaments on different occasions. Diamond ring folder to give you at the negotiating table endless smart; diamond cuffs can give you stand on the podium to add some refined; and diamond bracelet can give the diamond bracelet to give you a lot of solemn; Participate in the Friends of the show you show all handsome. No matter where you are wearing the kind of diamond ornaments, diamonds will never let you down, it will always be the highlight of your achievements.

Compared with the design of ladies’ diamonds, the design of men’s diamonds is less fancy, more frosted and smooth to form a contrast effect, to highlight the diamond shine light. Style plain design, to the fashion sense, even simple lines, but also very popular with men welcome. Accessories categories, mainly in the ring-based, there are also tie clip and bracelet style. There are many men to buy a single diamond, set into a single earrings to wear.

The abnormal relationship between men and diamonds

Young and stylish: young yuppie who like simplicity, smooth lines of diamonds, is completely fashionable flavor, and wealth, status has nothing to do. May wish to learn about girls in the birthday or a special day, when a reward to their own diamond it, do not care it is a small diamond pendant or a cool diamond earrings.

Mature aristocratic type: With age, income, the identity of the change, you need a large number of diamonds Cartier love ring replica Pei Chen and highlight your detached style. Choose a mature style, shape Founder a little, big diamond it, do not need to cover up success, diamond ornaments will help you do silent expression.

Emotional Ritual: Marrying? Then your hands should also, like his wife, with a ring to symbolize the eternal emotions. At this time, the most important thing is to choose pairs of lovers on the ring between the two design sense of tacit, not the size of diamonds, but diamonds to give you the emotional meaning.

Decorative earrings, cufflinks, necklaces

Young, fashionable boys always like to be different, Beckham single-handedly with diamond earrings trend in some young fashion people is very popular. Simple and romantic, simple lines, generous shape is the main style of men’s diamond earrings, and more with a hard stripes, rhombus abstract three-dimensional pattern, the location of the diamond is very prominent or even simply a single diamond, giving an absolute masculine beauty. Now, if you are a cool boys, or even direct purchase of single-grain diamonds, their own design style or jewelry designer to help you tailor-made, set into a single earring or earrings to wear, to ensure that do not hit “nails “.

Luxury gang rings, glasses, tie clip

Diamond Ring give you the chic shopping malls add dash of solemn, diamond lapel to the negotiating table to bring you endless smart, diamond cufflinks can help office where you show a sub-refined. Compared with the women’s diamond, men’s jewelry is relatively concentrated in these types of jewelry, the design of the fancy is also much less, most of the matte and glossy contrast effect, to highlight the diamond shine light. In fact, the design is more realistic to give people the feeling of fashion, even simple lines, but also very popular with men welcome. In particular, the design of the diamond ring, the general ring face is relatively large, there was a square, it is said that the intention of the “Granville Town Quartet”, the big side of the meaning of “winds and waves”, really kind of deep, steady feeling.

Elegant life watches

Active, hard-working men should never be the lack of a watch, and a dancing your son less than a diamond-studded, sparkling diamond watch. Now the whole trend of the men’s community will fall into the upper-class society to wear a formal dress in the strong support of big-name designers, shining diamonds, jewelry has become an indispensable highlight of T-male model body. Want to put this fashion trend? Very simple, ready to be a diamond-studded watch on it. Men’s table in the usual tough style, but also to describe with radiance, many big names are in response to the diamond trend, in all kinds of models to join more or less diamonds, and even bold use of the brand has not Counting the popular black diamond, diamond is also inlaid enough to have new ideas.

Square drill is flair

According to industry sources, is now 57 bright cut round diamond is no longer dominate, handsome hardcore square diamond ornaments is the most beloved men’s style. The reason why square diamond drill in the men occupy an increasingly important position, handsome hardcore style contributed to elegance Cartier love ring replica with platinum, coupled with the use of modern sandblasting process, even more fashion taste. If there are pieces of diamond embellishment, the performance of caring and considerate of another charm. Dedicated, open-minded man is the best successful diamond wearer, not only represents the achievements, but also fully demonstrated the calm content.

Popular reason for drill

A. square diamond is a traditional shaped diamond, simple and stable appearance represents the calm generosity of the temperament, with a natural sense of trust. Therefore, the diamond on behalf of rigorous, self-discipline, sense of responsibility, assertive and leadership of the moral, is ideal for successful men to wear.

B. square drill and is equipped with a very appropriate, and “senior gray” family feeling coincide.

C. diamond drill more fine processing, this year’s men’s diamond ornaments pay more attention to the details of the perfect, polished carefully, polished fine, smooth stripes, fully embodies the diamond crystal clear, added to the men a bit dignified and refined.

Wedding targeting the most dazzling 4 diamond ring

Wedding targeting the most dazzling 4 diamond ring
Inlaid with diamonds

In the platinum ring covered with a small piece of broken diamond, so do not see the metal ring, this section diamond ring mosaic process is very high, so very quality, but also very elegant and stylish but no weird. Broken diamond drilling this year, once again popular embedded wedding ring, whether gold or platinum, are worth buying.

2. Retro style
This season is more and more popular, these retro style wedding ring looks very delicate, is the ancient European cutting process, but you can also see the gorgeous Ascher (Asscher) cutting process. What is truly amazing is that the exquisite fancy carvings, the finely grained diamond inserts and the filigree http://www.ourlovestore.com on the edge of the ring are crafted to perfection.

3. Choi Po and diamond wedding ring
Yellow diamond, blue and pink gemstones and even rare pink diamonds will be hot this season. Style selection can choose the tension inlaid diamond ring, because the diamond hanging in the ring ring style is always the trend of the most preferred; and claw mosaic style is classic; with gold and silver is retro. Whether you choose your favorite color or birthday stone, diamond and color treasure will be the most fashionable expression of this season.

4 sets of ring (stacked ring)
Two, three or more ring stack, bringing a very cool fashion impact. Whether it is groove inlay or pavé, or you choose only pure platinum ring, you’d better choose fashion and has a classic pop style. Whether you decide to use it as your engagement ring, you can also make it the anniversary anniversary of love.
Since the Chanel, decorative jewelry shine, bold design eye-catching, with clothing more than real jewelry more flexible, prompting the public have shot the famous brand-name Yan.

Decorative jewelry, create personal charm

The jewelry as a portable accessories, every day, “wear” upper body. 60 years by Co Co lady-led fake real jewelry Costume Jewelry, recently re-ignited in many clothing brand Jingyan wave. This between the high jewelry and accessories between the ornaments, the value is not valuable, but in the design, or by wearing and clothing between the echo, to establish a unique style of personal. Colored semi-precious stones, brass, leather, crystal glass, ceramics, glazed imitation beads, plastic and even wood, bamboo leaves, linen, shells Cartier love bracelet replica and pig iron can be turned into eye-catching and beautiful clothing accessories.

Baroque brooch, 60 years Chanel lady had launched this emphasis on the design sense is greater than the value of the gem with their own style

Chanel trend, gorgeous Pei decorated the wind

Chanel’s simple little black dress is irreplaceable classic, but her accessories are designed to the concept of luxury Baroque style. For Ms. Chanel, the accessories is to show women elegant charm, rather than the precious jewelry locked in the safe, might as well choose the eye-catching style and clothing complement each other’s accessories.
Costume Jewelry usually stunning color and exaggerated form, and clothing with, to create or gorgeous complex, or simple and elegant effect. Will be more string of long necklace and bracelet to wear overlapping, necklace and brooch staggered show, rings and earrings stack performance, is to add charm for the overall shape.

LV short T on the flower-shaped jewelry brooch, and shorts hem-shaped decorative echo each other
Eurasian classical style, is to be beautiful

Romantic Lanvin Lanvin designer Alber in the hands of every quarter is a brilliant for. Hermes Hermes India enamel material in response to India, narrow version of the hand ring printed on the tribal figure of the nation, while the pure sign of pure silk pearl satin refining this spring, such as kaleidoscope exaggerated jewelry, fully express the French classical gorgeous; Silver hand refining is ding ding pound to string together style. LV more pure white gold or pink gold to create accessories, occasionally add sparkling diamonds or colored replica Cartier love bracelet gemstones, a symbol of the brand from the clothing into the senior jewelry design surprises.
Gorgeous feathers and eye-catching ornaments, Lanvin French style this spring and summer is an important Look

“Flower” accessories, in the fingers, in the neck, in the ear

Floral vivid gestures and colors, has been a number of Costume Jewelry creative theme. As early as the 18th century in Europe that is popular flower-shaped jewelry, 30’s Victorian and swept the high society at that time. The flower-shaped necklace, earrings, rings and brooches, combined with clothing, as if the magic of the garden, charming flower-shaped necklace stretch on the collar; wide bracelet to add a unique personality; pairs of wearing a large ring, Akira Falling earrings to wear more to bring fresh luster.

Imitation diamond ornaments perform magic

Imitation diamond ornaments perform magic
Diamond does have a magical magic, ladies will be unconsciously fascinated by its light. But diamonds expensive, not easily owned. In fact, in addition to diamonds, in recent years made of high-tech imitation diamond jewelry, also has a flashing light, coupled with the fashion design, so that ladies shine charming temperament.

Color stone diamond ring wins heart

In addition to imitation white diamond jewelry, the imitation color diamond is also no shortage of young ladies sought after, although the emblem can not emit and traditional white diamond-like noble temperament, but these charming colors, but can increase the sense of the times, into a shirt good helper. Especially in the ring design, this year will be more popular exaggerated, emphasizing the aesthetic lines of the design, as a simple contrast with the daytime fashion, the effect is even more outstanding personality.

Dimensional design more attractive

In this case,
Diamond earrings has always been biased towards a simple design, so the Replica Cartier love bracelet style has not changed much, and Carat season on the use of three-dimensional design, with more distinctive lines, bringing a new type of cell feeling. For the election of stone, mostly gravel-based, although there is no shock of light, but the charming meticulous lines, but showed an elegant beauty, it is comfortable to see.

The more the sparkling ornaments, the more attracted everyone’s attention, so Carat imitation diamonds used to cut the special methods, skilled craftsmen masters to hand mosaic, with high-quality yellow, platinum and other materials, bringing an unprecedented Flicker level. Especially in this spring and summer launch of the latest models to join a variety of fresh and three-dimensional design, so shiny jewelry become more contemporary.
Said the fashion men armed to the teeth is not alarmist, the former stage of fashionable teeth in the diamond, it is said that some beauty-loving men rush, a few days before the color pattern of various male false nails officially available, young people still enthusiastic. These are, of course, more extreme examples, then, wearing earrings man, tied embroidered scarf man, hanging necklace of the men is not it seems relatively modest and much more? I appreciate the latter, in my opinion, the real mature men not only know the need to use accessories to highlight the charm of personality, more know what is really worth pondering and cherish the choice, and then just right to reflect their own demeanor and conservation.

Earrings “peacock-like gorgeous” This alone

Last year, soccer star David Beckham to the left ear wearing more than one carat diamond earrings appearance, won the global girls and the pursuit of milk. According to foreign popular information display, after a simple fashion, minimalism, “peacock-like gorgeous man back”, so in the street to encounter dazzling eyeliner, bright color eye shadow man, do not open mouth to do panic Like, not to mention since ancient times, men have earrings.

Guangzhou found: men’s earrings are mostly small earrings, simple and revealing the art of heavy style, abstract and yet strong individual notes.

Tips: Guangzhou fashion to ask the cool brother on the left ear wearing or wearing the right to wear the question, the answer is: “Which side of the ear pierced much wear which side, fear of misunderstanding on both sides are worn.

Glasses: cover is to show more

The traditional big-rimmed plastic-rimmed glasses always prevail in the popular place, because it is Cartier love ring replica part of the pursuit of classical temperament men’s favorite. And in the past is immediately associated with the image of lonely old lady image of the half-piece type of eyes, with a new color coupled with the classic tortoiseshell and metal material of the new shape, so that men look wise and gentle. Sunglasses design is more bold avant-garde, the full performance of the designer’s creative talent.

Guangzhou found: Reporters found in the Park Plaza, CD and GUCCI sunglasses more eye-catching, style and more nostalgic taste, mirror larger, frame smooth soft, Futie face, and often accompanied by crystal relief.

Tips: Some of the new glasses are “pick”, so although it is very special but not necessarily suitable for everyone.

Necklace: not coarse and soft and soft

After the men ‘s “rock style”, “straight wind”, “tough wind”, showing a wide range of trends, delicate curves of the United States, with a variety of color mix, men’ s necklace began to become refined subtle, Not vulgar.

Guangzhou found: once in a fashion reception to see a fashionable man, with a leather rope tied to a large Tahitian black pearl pendant decorated with items, it is amazing: smart as he, under the guise of a woman’s performance Delicate bones.

Tips: This two-year high-end men’s fashion all kinds of cardigan, deep V-neck and sweater, for the pendant opened up a broad utility, is expected in the length of the chain with slightly larger three-dimensional pendant combination is still 2004 Of the popular focus.

Scarf: the name of a comprehensive invasion under the banner of culture

I remember a certain fashion show in the brand, men’s sweater and casual pants down nothing surprises, Jiaoren never forget, but is free to tie in the neck of the printed scarf shows the man’s handsome and elegant.

Singing newcomer Edison Chen, a simple triangular folded into a wrinkled hemp roll, around the neck to play two flat knots, the same bright spots.

Guangzhou found: the famous French scarf brand Hermes will soon be settled in La Perle Square, its sophisticated hand and humanistic implication of the design patterns are full of a luxurious atmosphere.

Tips: Hear DiorHomme extremely chic Scarf play: in the neck loosely around a circle, the natural hanging on both sides of the scarf through the belt, and then drag to the knee around.

Brooch: gorgeous exquisite manufacturing Masterpieces surprised

Some years ago there are women wearing a suit and tie tie tie clip heroic. Men are not idle, and quickly borrow the charm of a beautiful woman’s brooch from the tie, the suit pleated collar pleasing achievements of the results of the brooch. Italian designer DOLCE & GABBANA in the previous year to design a set of classic nostalgia for the theme of the male flower brooch, smooth and delicate lines, gorgeous and exquisite shape, a variety of diamond beads sparkling.

Guangzhou found: According to report, Guangzhou has not a men’s brand counters for sale brooch.

Tips: Only the material of the beautiful fashion to match with the men’s brooch.

Purse: classic charm in the taste of the details

In the eternal pursuit of creativity, in the classic taste details, is the essence of male Cartier love ring replica leather accessories.

Guangzhou found: in the WTO, the friendship of the major brand-name counters to go around and found that these brands changed in the past solemn, tough, fortitude of the image, the style of the bag is absolutely complete Quartet correct total leisure, fancy elements dotted , BOBO feeling there is a popular trend of leather goods.

Tips: For the majority of men relish the GUCCI leather large satchel, the atmosphere both fine, leisure show aristocratic, showing a kind of urban life of the natural publicity. The young and charismatic DSquared calfskin backpack, deliberately dyed leather surface has a similar imprint of the font, lasted last year’s popular non-income side cutting sewing, revealing the original color of leather. CostumeNational last fall and winter a backpack, Zeyi leather sewn up and down a zipper instead of the traditional cover. You should know these trends information.

Cufflinks: implicit in the publicity distinguished fashion

Cufflinks as an important part of Western-style dress is a symbol of the success of high-grade men, the main men’s brands and jewelers every year to launch the latest cufflinks design. In addition to the classic black, white, gray color, in recent years, more prominent gorgeous fashion sense of fire red, crystal transparent color.

Guangzhou found: According to reporters in Guangzhou, the major shopping malls see, dunhill, Montb lanc, Cartier and other brands of cufflinks have some spiritual charm.

Tips: Cartier online search to a computer keyboard platinum cufflinks, it should be very suitable for I T upstart aesthetic taste.

Pens: Writing immortal art classics

Exquisite craftsmanship, the appearance of style, writing fluent Bifeng, has witnessed an important moment in history, these are the necessary quality of the pen, and pure gold light, precious stones charm, crystal bright and turn the name of the evolution of a pen Glorious works of art. A set of excellent quality and perfect design in a name pen, virtually to the crowd declared: you are elegant long-lasting boutique chase, you are focusing on the quality of life of men.

Guangzhou found: the name of the pen in Guangzhou, the first choice to buy Times Square, several top brands are equipped with counters.

Tips: Many famous pen is limited edition, if you have a collection of interest or want to get a unique model, you can ask its sales staff to keep in touch with you in order to provide you with more distinguished services.

Clothing have out-of-season troubles

Clothing have out-of-season troubles, so use adorn article collocation can yet be regarded as a method, so the high-quality goods of limit ring, whether from the design feeling and memorial has great advantages. In addition, due to the diversified fashion, men’s jewelry design is also more and more popular, in addition to the retained its contracted with modern designs feeling, show the characteristics of taste is supreme, is more meaningful.
Boucheron chocolate 18 k gold ring: unique and limited chocolate gold ring, break the traditional Replica Cartier love bracelet use of material, rich colour and lustre is like the real chocolate, filled with the flavor of the festival.
Niessing Fusion to nickel stainless steel with pure platinum ring: platinum connecting two flat a gleaming stainless steel ring ring, ring creates a feeling of cold tone tonality, and precious metals platinum ring more value to produce unparalleled.
Tiffany & Co. The Atlas series 18 k white gold ring: unique and classic Roman numerals reliefs, USES the new design of hollow out, not only more young, also the eternal presence.
In the sunny spring and summer, sparkling, design of fashion jewelry become the nods eyeball pen of the body. This one season, first-line brand and fashion jewelry brand to launch in the spring and summer accessories for its multifarious design become the focus of attention, as well as those major delicate and beautiful new key chain and mobile phone chain, also become a beautiful decoration of the closest to your mobile phone and keys, every look a heartache. Actually, do not need to spend a huge sum of money to buy expensive jewelry, the price of one thousand yuan to thousands of yuan of fashion jewelry can you dressed as a fashion.
Fashion jewelry
Epidemic focus: diversity of style restoring ancient ways, exaggerated modelling, material.
As a tie-in fashion accessories, each season’s fashion jewelry all follow the fashion. So when luxury romantic Cartier love ring replica season wind in fashion industry, fashion accessory was style restoring ancient ways is popular, especially like Dior, Jean Paul Gaultier and a series of famous fashion brand of jewelry is full of thick nostalgic feelings, designers will fashion jewelry design inspiration to freeze in the past s classic style, the best collocation of retro fashion.
Poker jewelry:
Jean Paul Gaultier design has always been full of wacky ideas, designers use poker and casino element in fashion jewelry, would you by a season full of mysterious feeling on to this season is full of fantastic colors of spring, summer, autumn and winter. Poker series of each style of jewelry price is in one thousand yuan to one thousand yuan. In addition, the casino series of priced at one thousand yuan, with brass and lead crystal glass as the main materials, with brass and matte silver as the main tonal, to coincide with the casino theme, respectively on the necklace earrings and other jewelry decorated with queen, dice or the stars, the design is very unique.
Retro chandeliers jewelry:
Based on crystal droplight, full of feeling restoring ancient ways and adopted according to the history of brass and colorful crystal glass material together, creating a series of glittering and translucent get rid of restoring ancient ways, full of the flavor of noble crystal lamp ornaments, the earrings price is in two thousand yuan of less than, very suitable for wear Cartier love ring replica in the evening occasion.
Ocean series jewelry:
The hot spring and summer, how little got inspiration from the sea? Artini ocean series jewelry with colorful coral and abundant nature colour gives priority to tone, piece together different natural crystal and fritillaria, smell of sunshine ocean. Designers to join performance of Marine biological elements of small world tags, such as starfish, fish, shell and coral as an ornament, such as to make the spring and summer filled with ocean.
Mix imitated crystal jewelry:
Artini latest’s “love, eternal” series of imitated crystal jewelry, like a new necklace gives priority to color with soft pearly white, respectively line with noble and elegant silver, golden to eternal “clover”, “heart”, such as pattern design, especially in the detail place to add the line feeling soft, not only send out elegant female charm, also added more noble quality, priced at one thousand yuan.
Silver key chain:
Silver ornament material has been one of the most common main material, like BVLGARI launched a series of pure silver key chain, the price is in two thousand yuan or so, many key chain model and its famous jewelry series, gave brand fans a big surprise.

Jewelry to express meaning through characters or Numbers

Jewelry to express meaning through characters or Numbers
Spring, summer, T stage, there is no lack of Slogan, clothing designer acting boldly will display in the show, and jewelry are keen to express in one thousand years, whether by characters or Numbers, people have been using this small medium bearing can connect the password of the soul.
On small jewelry carrier, with some code to express love is fraught with risk as the secret of the hidden deep in the garden, seemingly barren, but it is fun, love is abundant. Has been with the western medieval jewelry custom engraved words of love to love, whether visible or hidden, in a jewelry works on leave password message seems to have been jewelry designer. Some password to even after wear for a long time to take a tumble, followed by a heartfelt marvel and persistent touched, of course.
Dior Joaillerie creative director Victoire DE Castellane especially love to use this password. He designed the “OUI” senior jewelry series and “La Bague” tourmaline ring, French “OUI” means “Yes”, a commitment to any positive expression: happiness, love and friendship. “La Bague” Chinese translation of “the ring”, the entire series, Victoire DE Castellane reference artist maag collett, Rene Magritte painting Ceci n “est pas une pipe” this is not a pipe “as its design concept. Surrealistic spirit at the same time can be embodied in “La Bague” seven letters around the ring of tourmaline with design. Regardless of the name of the series or design are fully displayed Victoire DE Castellane consistent sense of humor, call “this is a ring”.
Also, digital and jewelry encounters make jewelry more added reason. Tiffany & Co. will be Roman imitation cartier love bracelet numeral direct modelling in the works, “Atlas” is a Greek god in charge of the time, the Roman numerals is selected the clock is bearing scale, means the lock is the most beautiful sweet moment. The Numbers of the unique significance of story is the most important, as if a bunch of passwords around the wearer’s life.
Dramatic jewelry has become one of the fashion house to be bestowed favor on newly, the season is still popular “the bigger the beautiful necklace, bracelet, the material is to restore ancient ways, on the true and false pearls hit the big show.
Artificial jewelry real ones
“Costume Jewelry” (artificial Jewelry), as the name suggests, the material of resin, plastic, enamel, shells, ceramic, crystal, a rare material such as stainless steel, they are in such aspects as quality, value and use of platinum and diamond “Fine Jewelry” (advanced Jewelry) are worlds apart, heavy and light quality style, designed to reveal individual glamour, with Jewelry or with clothes or the unity of opposites of the overall harmony. Artificial jewelry has rich and loud history, as early as the Victorian era it was widely circulated in a rich elegant breeding, queen Victoria advocates is the perfection of imitation jewelry, after the death of her husband, her mourning jewelry is a pair of gutta percha, hard rubber, black rubber with black glass string into a necklace. With the development of arts and crafts movement, artificial jewelry “heavier” generally, brass material become hot; Into a period of Edward, artificial jewellery polishing process was perfected, can realize “genuine”.
In 1924, a pair of black and white and double color imitation pearl earrings laid the COCO CHANEL about artificial jewelry handed down from ancient times. When she consider customers may need jewelry tie-in dress, she began to design, including artificial jewelry. These jewelry price is much lower than the real jewelry, this allows women to one-time buy more pieces, and each model is different.
Is very interestingly, CHANEL always higher-profile jewelry simulation, defiant in their conscious imitation of senior jewelry, this kind of practice in the era of jewelry is a symbol of status as a dose of medicine, will present a woman completely brainwashed, they began to follow the way of CHANEL dress, will the string pearl necklace (of course is a fake pearl) pile in his chest, and proud of it.
“Don’t bang for the buck, as long as the shock striking”, the bold declaration of CHANEL is the innovation http://www.ourlovestore.com of epoch-making significance, it is not only reflected in the mode of the modelling of true and false jewelry mix build, the CHANEL will also is the first rhinestone (a fake diamond) embedded in the haute couture on the dress designer, the nail bead type evening in now looks normal, few was a kind of fashion.
Becoming active again in recent years, artificial jewelry, fashion elites have put “fake” agitation. Lanvin jewelry has become an important part of its collection, each season Albert Elbaz with necklaces cocktail dress collocation, they invariably have the size: the massive organic glass hanging to his chest, pearl even as big as a light bulb, metal ring, as if from the industrial lathe.
Shape the giant jewelry, artificial jewelry undoubtedly has a unique advantage, their relative light material, easy to splice, designers can get rid of the traditional expensive material of conservative, to think more creatively, make artificial jewelry has become a fashion derivatives. Oscar DE la Renta clutches the collar of dress on collar and chest covered the different size of amethyst and millions of metal sheet steel.
Christian Dior on both shoulders into a plume enchase the dove grey crystal, the duke of satin pleated edge see also mulberries color crystal, or crystal, sequins ground cover on the surface of the pink strapless gown with, costly to unbounded.
Decorative jewelry sexuals
2009 chun xia, artificial jewelry boom mounting, collective moving toward the decorative jewelry fashion house. Givenchy in white dress shirt Don’t on the pentagram and “an arrow through a heart shape” silver brooch, the ground was then Japanese VOGUE fashion director Anna Dello Russo reference, collocation of the latter would be inlaid jewelry Balmain hussar jacket, will sense.
Artificial jewelry stressed the stack of adornment effect, Louis Vuitton African style wooden eardrop http://www.ourlovestore.com like an octopus occupy the lower eardrop, walking between the last step “shake”.
CHANEL camellia, sunflower, etc. Various kinds of flower type string into a necklace, jewelry colour lively, black tend to be a minimalist.
Alexander McQueen on the elastic mesh fabric of seam with irregular small crystal, jumpsuit morphing into a sticky “gem”, it is tempting to ancient emperors buried when the golden rays of the clothes.
Now, in the application of fashion jewelry in general tend to be calm, Prada is free from the mainstream. Wear crystal smock outside jumpsuits but the extreme development of fashion jewelry, popular the overhang of gravity while n fact wear, but is still a game adventurers, at least in line with the Prada a bluff manner.
This style in Miu Miu continues, last year qiu dong is limited to knee-length skirts and knee socks, this season has spread to the whole body, bead piece, crystal on the surface of the nude dress embroidery by dot and symmetrical distribution of surface ground, simulate the navy bead piece the horror effect like fish scales, or is it a mermaid weekly.
From printing, Miu Miu is a full of naked women, cats, dogs, haiyan, such as the mix of various printing series, this call the design of the tong zhen not only exists in fashion itself, also reflect on the on the carrier of fashion jewelry. Dsquared2 with outdoor camping as the theme, giant ants necklace appears timed and conforms to the essence of the show, Missoni spiral wound necklace made of nylon cord copper, is hit to cause whistle pendants, although Angela Missoni will be interpreted as MUSES islanders dance this season, but the whistle of the established impression absolutely cheerleaders from colleges and universities as well as with shouts.

International price rise more than thirty percent

Recently, we have heard from some domestic diamond sales channels, in the first half of this year, the international diamond price increases continuously, have gained more than 30%, created the diamond market nearly 10 years of history. Due to rising prices, diamond has become a rapidly developing investment category, caused the investment much attention of consumers, after the real estate, gold and become a hot investment varieties.
International price rise more than thirty percent
According to some diamond store controller introduces, diamonds and gold, the price of gold is now at a high, is one of the most popular hedge investment channels directly, but the price volatility is larger, and the price of diamond basic didn’t fall over the years, the average every year to grow by 3% to 5%. In recent years, the emerging markets such as China, India, Brazil, the surge in demand for diamonds and the international diamond fields in ore production of raw materials, lead to international diamond quotation begun to rise sharply, the international diamond prices remain around 10% each year. As people rise of the enhanced understanding of the diamond and diamond investment, the domestic market of Replica Cartier jewelry diamond prices are soaring, diamond prices since the beginning of the year with more than 30%, there were some popular varieties more than 30% of the international diamond prices. Diamond scarcity, inflation, with international 4 c standard quality, easy to identify, not easy to fake properties. At the same time, the diamond easy to carry, the exit is not restricted. In addition, DE beers has been the source of the monopoly of diamond, so has the absolute monopoly pricing power “. These are the basic reasons for diamond prices and diamond investment boom.
There are tricks investment diamond
Prices become the latest must-haves in the investment community, diamond up doesn’t mean you can make money, however, investment in diamond there are certain risks, mainly in terms of cash. Diamond investment expert introduction, diamond investment abroad has been very common, can directly take diamond to cash, but the current domestic diamond cash only three channels: the auction, pawn, repurchase. Auction is usually fine diamond, diamond requirements for investors is higher, the price is expensive, because the tariff issues such as domestic auction companies rarely involved in diamond auction. Based on current market conditions, pawnshops bid generally is the 1/3 of the normal market price, sold to the pawnshop diamonds, is actually buying and selling at a loss. Diamond market to provide a buyback business is actually a service that is not the usual channels realised, and now the Chinese market to provide the buyback diamond business enterprise is not much, only a handful of diamond market with reference to the international diamond market prices for cash to buy back. The expert reminds, in the international diamond market, investment of more than one carat fine diamond value is higher. For investment ability strong, can consider carat several large diamonds and rare colored diamonds. Expensive big about 3 carat diamond, as well as some rare diamond is one of the largest diamond or space this year.
Sales channels diversified development
In the face of domestic large diamond consumer market, gold mining business change many times, the diamond market cake is bigger. Before, the consumer more than in a department store to buy a diamond ring, now, more and more price sensitive consumers choose online or is the professional diamond stores. A diamond dealer told the reporters, diamond sales channels in tree brand first revolution and enclosure as the main characteristics of the mode of traditional department stores, was born the Cartier, chow tai fook and other famous brands, also let store behind the counter dealers earn rich. After that, the network marketing industry was the second time change. According to statistics, so far, domestic as 21st century jewelry network, cosette imitation cartier love bracelet diamond mesh, diamond bird, David, jewelry and so on into the size of the diamond jewelry class B2C online service provider has exceeded 100, growth rapidly. Mass clubable purchasing from supplier to hand them in cash naked drill, further processing and manufacturing, without like traditional diamond distributors in a department store sale diamond pay expensive deduct points, greatly the diamond prices lower, which makes the diamond has always been as luxury down the altar, walked into the ordinary life of the masses.
Silver as is known to be second only to “gold” precious metals investments, how many people have to really know what silver material, what are the features, the following will introduce the basic knowledge about silver.
An overview, silver
Silver, with special chemical properties, and its value as early as 700 BC in Mesopotamia period began to been recognized. Like gold, silver in history as the legal tender in many countries, has the functions of financial reserves, also as an important international means of payment. The silver as currency has a long history in China, as early as the warring states period, silver has been used as money. Since the tang and song dynasty, the silver standard gradually established, the Ming dynasty up to become official currency. China’s silver standard until 1935 issue legal tender, cancel the silver standard.
Silver is a major form of silver in the history of our country, in foreign countries, money has also been a silver’s main purpose. As time goes on, people awareness of silver and emphasis got significantly improved, silver in the industrial, photography, jewelry, appliances, has been widely used in such aspects as currency.
After the founding of new China, the management of the silver has experienced a long exploration stage. From the beginning of “unified purchase and sale” policy to 2000 silver market let go, just a few years, a doubling of silver production and demand in China, to become the world’s one of the most main silver production, consumption and export.
Many areas of steady growth in demand for silver, provide support for domestic rising prosperity in the silver market.
1. The physical and chemical properties of silver
Silver (Ag) is white, shiny metal. Melting temperature of 961.93 ℃, boiling point 2212 ℃, density 10.5 g/cm3 (20 ℃), heat of fusion of 11300 focal/Moore, heat of vaporization of 250580 focal/mole. Silver soft, mohs hardness was 3.25 degrees, has the good flexibility and range of motion, the ductility is second only to gold, can be pressed into thin slices, pulling into filaments. 1 gram of silver into a 1800 – metre – long filaments, can be rolled into the thickness of the silver foil for 1/100000 of a millimeter, is the best metal conductivity Cartier love bracelet replica and thermal conductivity. Silver light reflex is very good also, reflectivity can reach 91%.
Chemical properties of silver is not lively, not with oxygen, exposed to the air for a long time, and hydrogen sulfide compound in the air, black surface, the formation of black silver sulfide. Room temperature, combining with silver halide slowly, to generate the silver halide. Silver does not react with dilute hydrochloric acid and dilute sulphuric acid and alkali, but with strong oxidizing acid (nitric acid and concentrated hydrochloric acid).
Silver won’t produce toxicity to human body, but long-term exposure to silver metal and nontoxic compounds leads to silver AD cool-headed disease.
Silver content in the earth’s crust rarely, accounts for only 1 x 10-5%, nature of elemental silver exists in the nature, but they are mainly compound state. Use cyanidation extracting silver from silver, with dilute sodium cyanide process sulfide ore, silver into soluble sodium cyanide, adding zinc powder, reduction of silver. About 75% of the metallic silver from copper, lead anode slime in the smelting, it treated with concentrated sulfuric acid, sulfuric acid can be converted into silver, with the reduction of copper metallic silver. Silver more and waste fixing bath, can will be one of the first silver precipitation for silver sulfide, and then use metallic silver dust replacement. Further purification need electrolytic refining.
2. The main purpose of the silver
Silver as precious metal is mainly used for industrial, photography and jewelry, silver and silver COINS. Silver’s versatility makes it application in most industries can not be replaced, especially need high reliability, higher accuracy and safety of high technology industry.
Silver has good electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity, has been widely used in the electronics industry, especially in the conductor, switch, contact and fuse. Can also be used in thick film paste, silver mesh shape and crystal of silver catalyst can be used as a chemical reaction.
Silver silver halide compound, used in the production of film. Silver nitrate used in silver, silver mirror can be made up. Silver iodide is used for artificial rainfall.
The reflectivity of silver jewelry and silverware with good, can achieve very high brightness after polishing. In addition to the decoration and beautification effect, our country ancient silver is also used to check poison. Silver contact will happen some poison chemical reaction, generate a compound, the compound color with silver, silver thus determine whether to contain poison.
COINS as the legal tender of silver standard countries, once. But as the monetary system reform, in the currency of the credit, silver gradually out of the circulation field. At present, investments in the casting silver is mainly silver and commemorative COINS.
In addition, the silver ion and silver compounds can kill or inhibit bacteria, viruses, algae and fungi, reaction replica Cartier love bracelet such as mercury and lead, but the principle behind is still not solved. Because it has against the effect of the disease, so also known as biological affinity of metal.
3. The classification and inspection of silver
Mainly exist in the silver ore, silver concentrate, silver thick silver and silver products.
(1) silver ore
Silver content is very low in nature, in the average level in the earth’s crust is 1 x 10-5%, according to the distribution of elements in the crust is still trace elements, only about 20 ~ 30 times more on average than gold. Silver ore resources for independent silver and associated silver. Silver minerals mainly exists in the form of sulfide. Silver industrial minerals mainly include natural silver, argentite, sulfur, copper, silver, antimony, silver, black silver, etc. Although many silver industrial minerals, but they seldom rich integration of silver deposits alone, usually in fragmented distribution in the polymetallic ore, copper and gold. Silver production more than half of the comprehensive recovery from polymetallic ore.
All measuring method in the analytical chemistry has been applied to the determination of silver, including weight method, titration, spectrophotometry, fluorescence method, chemical dynamics method, etc., of which the most advantages of atomic absorption spectrometry. Atomic absorption spectrometry silver sensitive, accurate, rapid, simple, less disturbance, as a result, the ore has been widely used in the determination of the bank of China.
(2) of silver concentrate
Silver ore concentrate for the intermediate product in the process of producing non-ferrous metals industry, determine the content of silver grade and related elements of silver ore concentrate of supply and demand both sides of the transaction and determination of the production process has an important role. Determination of main elements in addition to the silver, and gold, copper, arsenic, bismuth, lead, zinc, sulfur, aluminum and magnesium.
At present, the determination of the content of silver and gold, mainly adopts the classical fire assay gravimetric method, generally the second tries gold recovery; The determination of copper content, high content of iodine quantity method, low levels of using atomic absorption spectrometry; The determination of lead and zinc, high content of EDTA titration method, low levels of using atomic absorption spectrometry; The determination of arsenic, using potassium bromate titration, low content by atomic fluorescence Cartier love bracelet replica spectrometry; The determination of sulfur content, the use of barium sulfate weight method and burning neutralization; The determination of bismuth content, mainly is the atomic fluorescence spectrometry; The determination of aluminium with photometric method and EDTA titration method; The determination of magnesium, generally using atomic absorption spectrometry. With the progress and development of science and technology, advanced analysis and test method and the method has been applied to the measurement of silver ore concentrate in, such as icp-aes and icp-ms and XRF method. These test methods are also suitable for thick silver and silver test.
(3) rough silver
Crude silver mainly refers to the silver content is 30% ~ 99.9% of the ore recovery of silver and silver, silver smelting primary products. Due to the rough silver contained in the scope of more extensive, caused the diversity and complexity of the products. Thick silver in addition to those components is uniform and the recovery of silver known quality products can be directly used, other usually require by refining, strong integration of use value corresponding to use after the metallic element.
Thick silver in the mine, smelting primary recovery of silver silver, silver can be recovered as the three main components of considerable complexity, except with the coexistence of a variety of precious metals silver composition, also contains a lot of the value of recycling materials such as metal, nonmetal, compound. In addition, due to its quality is a big span, such as the concentration, monetary silver of the silver, and all kinds of silver ore quality is relatively low and the industrial products, etc.
(4) the pure silver
Sterling silver is to point to by a variety of silver raw material to produce silver, silver content was 99.90% ~ 99.90%. Sterling silver is mainly used in photography, chemical reagents, chemical materials, pharmaceutical, electronics industry, such as the decoration, jewelry, and silver industry, made in currency and souvenirs also accounted for a big share of manufacturing.
Second, the silver mineral
Usually in the form of sisters mine gold and silver in nature. Big silver often exists in the old metamorphic rocks, Mesozoic and Cenozoic (60 million -) volcanic region and a large silver findings. About two-thirds of the silver resources in the world is the copper, lead, zinc, gold and nonferrous and precious metal deposits Fake Cartier love bracelet associated, such as a third of silver on native silver deposits.
Silver key minerals: silver mainly exists in the form of mineral, the minority to the mineral crystal lattice with class quality, and the like into the other. Found so far, there are 117 kinds of independent silver minerals, mainly argentite, stephanite, including natural elements and intermetallic compound 9 kinds of telluride, antimonide, selenide and 23 species of arsenide, sulphide, 11 species, sulfur salts 60, halide 10, sulfate two kinds. The main mineral is as follows:
Gold and silver series minerals: natural silver (gold 20% ~ 0%, 80% ~ 100%),
Silver and gold silver (gold 50% ~ 20%, 50% ~ 80%),
Gold and silver ore (gold 80% ~ 50%, 20% ~ 50%),
Natural gold silver (gold l00 % ~ 80%, 80% ~ 20%).
Sulfide, argentite (Ag2S) (Ag3SbS3), pale red, dark red and silver silver (Ag3AsS3), polybasite 16 sb2s11] [(Ag, Cu), sulfur (AgCuS), black silver, copper and silver antimony (Ag5SbS4), silver (Ag2SSb2S3), antimony (4 pbs4ag2ssb2s3), copper and silver tetrahedrite (Cu, Fe, Ag) 12 (Sb, As) 4 / s13.
Antimony antimonide: silver (Ag3Sb).
Containing platinum, palladium, silver and gold: gold 58.4% ~ 80.1%, 9% ~ 29.2%, 0% ~ 8.7% platinum and palladium 0% ~ 4.4%.
Platinum, palladium, gold and silver ore, silver 34.5% ~ 71.00%, and gold 31.5% ~ 59.7%, 0.7% ~ 1.2% platinum and palladium 0% ~ 2.3%.
Including: platinum and silver platinum 3.1% ~ 6.1%.
Containing palladium silver and gold Cartier love ring replica mine: palladium 0.7% ~ 1.0%.
Containing ruthenium, rhodium, gold and silver ore: 4.0% rhodium, ruthenium 1.0%.
Telluride: white telluride (Au? Ag) Te2, petzite (Ag3AuTe2), miscellaneous petzite (Au, Ag)? Te, needle petzite (AuAgTe4), hessite Ag2Te.
Selenium silver selenide: gold and silver ore (Ag3Se2), selenium (Ag3AuSe2), selenium (Cu2SeAg2Se) copper and silver.
Silver halide: Angle (AgCl) (AgCl, AgBr), chlorine, bromine and silver (AgBr), yellow iodine, bromine and silver and silver (Ag, Cu) I.
Sulfate: Huang Yintie vitriol [AgFe3 (OH) 6 (S04) 2].
[Ag7 arsenic arsenic, sulfur and silver (As, Sb) S].

Set the value of diamond color

Set the value of diamond color
Why do you always doubt, naked eye look not too big differences between the two diamond because color grade certificate differ film and the price is good as a mile. From colorless diamond to diamond, the color has been referred to as diamond most nots allow to ignore the value of the factors in the evaluation.
Colorless diamond
As the most authoritative GIA standard as an example, the cape diamond series is divided into colorless, transparent, nearly colorless and light yellow. With the letter D (Diamond), colour and lustre is D, E, F, also known as colorless, precious rare, the differences between them by experts to identify very carefully; A common colour Cartier nail bracelet replica and lustre is G to J, also known as close to colorless. Expert is easy to distinguish, but the average person is difficult to distinguish, if set on the jewelry is more difficult to detect; Colour and lustre is under K, also known as light yellow, the average person may make out, but prices are much cheaper.
Color diamond
Colorful evaluation is in accordance with the color, clarity, cut, and carat weight four conditions, of which color is the most important. International diamond industry to color the color of the diamond grading is very strict and rigorous, diamond color rarity and more degree decide the value of the diamond, color is more rare, grade, the higher, more more and more saturated, the higher the value.
The color of the colorful evaluation three key
Ruby color light body color from the gem, gem body color from the color, concentration and saturation of the gem color three main factors, evaluation of a colored diamonds when body color should be the three main factors to make comprehensive evaluation after your individual analysis, evaluation, will place a colorful color for final accurate evaluation, these three conditions in colorful evaluation is very important, be short of one cannot.
1 red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, what colour is it?
Colour is also known as hue, is refers to the human eye can see visible light waves in various colors, including red, Cartier love ring replica orange, yellow, green, green, blue, purple and other colors. Nature of the formation of a complete colour is almost impossible, colour is more composed of the main color and color. With the change of the amount of color affects the main color, usually with color, the less said the color is pure, colour is better, but some of the main color because contain specific with color and can make the main color rendering.
In hot Pink diamonds on the market over the past few years, for example, many Pink diamond color is Pink, and with other color with color, with Pink with slight purple, Purplish Pink tiny purple Pink the highest value, welcome.
2 from shallow to deep, it is strong, such as the color is light like water?
Also called brightness, lightness refers to the concentration of the ruby color, is a gem, degree of reflection of light, so also known as the gem color density or depth, with human visual observation is to the human eye to light and shade on the surface of the stone feeling, lightness usually grows, the better, but not too deep, otherwise it will become too dark or black. GIA definition colour lightness of the drill is divided into six grades, the use abbreviation, Light and Fancy quantifier description.
3 or bright or dark, it is as the sun is bright or as dark as the night?
Also known as the saturation, chroma is refers to the colour of bright colors in the visible light waves of degree. GIA specification is divided into two categories, the first kind is given priority to with Fancy color level, according to the degree of bright-coloured color is divided into Fancy, Fancy Intense and Vivid. The second category is in Dark color level Fancy Dark central divided into Fancy Dark and Fancy Deep two levels.
1. Interpret grading
GIA according to the color of the canary color grading the canary slants cool color and warm color to move apart. Too slants cool color yellow diamonds will show a slight green company, but too slant warm color yellow diamonds will show a slight red color.
2. The canary yellow is why?
Yellow diamonds because of diamonds in the process of formation, when the nitrogen atoms to replace some replica Cartier love bracelet carbon atom in diamond crystals, began to absorb the light blue, purple, and yellow diamond.
3. What is the main color?
Diamond color, also known as tone, such as: yellow, pink, blue, this is tonal.
4. What is with the color?
With color is also called the revised color, it is to point to in the main color diamond doping of other colors, with fixed diamond color is not pure color, such as blue with green, pink with orange, thus greatly reducing the value of the diamond.
The Orange diamond, fresh color Orange diamond 14.82 carat pear-shaped, $2400000 per carat. Average per carat diamond world auction record. The fresh colour orange diamond world auction record.
1. Interpret grading
When the color of the color diamonds from yellow to red, will appear with red, yellow or orange red with yellow diamond. Ming spend in low diamond brown will be displayed.
2. Orange diamond for our favorite stylemakers?
And the causes of the canary color similar to the impurity nitrogen in the form of pairs of atoms, began to absorb the light blue, purple, when visible light range 477 nm is absorbed, which present orange yellow diamond.
3. The studs are influential to colored diamonds?
Colorful blank is too few and far between, clarity of evaluation criteria can be lower than the colorless Cartier love ring replica diamond 2-3 grade, as long as it is usually not visible flaws can be.
4. Cutting affect color?
Absolutely, pavilion depth ratio and platform width ratio must be compared. The same weight, the larger the diamond will be thinner, but the color will be shallow; Instead of cutting surface is smaller, the diamond is thicker, but the color will be thick.
1. Interpret grading
Pink diamonds have slant orange or purple, purple diamond appears a few cool color, while slant orange appear some slant warm color to move.
2. Why is pink pink diamond?
Shallow purple tones of pink, pink, orange tonal pink diamond, widely considered to be caused by the diamond crystal lattice defects in the process of being formed, has nothing to do with other trace elements.
3. Have fluorescent color diamond prices higher instead?
Not all is bad with strong fluorescence colored diamonds, colored diamonds with fluorescence, depends on the fluorescent color and the relationship between the diamond color, sometimes strong fluorescence points for colored diamonds made color appears to be more perfect. For example, a blue diamond has strong blue Cartier nail bracelet replica fluorescence, fluorescence color of will make more full body color, become a rare treasures.
1. Interpret grading
Diamond to achieve “HopeDiamond” so strong deep blue, blue diamond is too rare today. Most of the blue diamond shows that shallow blue.
2. The blue diamond is why blue?
When in the process of the formation of the diamond with the presence of boron impurity, so diamond can produce blue color.
3. Select the color drilling method
If in 4 c measures, the weight of the evaluation of the order can be 60%, cut and the color fluorescent, clarity, weight, 10% and 10% to 20%, all the conditions for colored diamonds are absolutely the center around the color.

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