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Mechanical parts inside the metal parts are easy to take the magnetic magnetized after the movement of gossamer adhesion

Anti-magnetic watch does not mean that all parts of the watch are anti-magnetic, just refers to some of the main parts, such as balance wheel, hairspring, winding, etc. are made of anti-magnetic materials. According to international standards, if the table in the 4800A / m magnetic field can continue to run, and test the day after the maximum error of not more than 30 seconds to meet the anti-magnetic standards. Although the anti-magnetic watch has more and more practical value, but some “ultimate anti-magnetic” watch, in fact, has been far more than the need to prevent the daily magnetic field, they have become the ultimate pursuit of the ultimate table fans ” The

Standard for anti – magnetic watches

When the watch accidentally in the magnetic field with a strength of 4800A / m, the residual effect of the quartz watch does not exceed 1.5 seconds, the mechanical male watch (movement area greater than 314 square millimeters) residual effect of not more than 30 seconds, mechanical female table residual Cartier love bracelet replica effect does not exceed 45 Sec, such a table can be called anti-magnetic watch.
The birth of anti-magnetic watch

Mechanical parts inside the metal parts are easy to take the magnetic, magnetized after the movement of gossamer adhesion, resulting in effective bounce radius reduction, the table will suddenly go fast, which is often caused by the cause of the failure. Before and after World War II, the use of more and more frequent electrical appliances, watches are increasingly susceptible to the impact of electromagnetic. Bear the brunt of the pilots, senders and mechanical and electrical engineers, they must be in a small space for a long time close contact with electromagnetic objects, watch the hairspring magnetization phenomenon is inevitable. Modern society in the electromagnetic field from the eyes of the charger, to a variety of audio, television, microwave ovens, refrigerators, etc., have different sizes of electromagnetic radiation, will affect the normal timing of the watch.

IWC in the 1930s when the development of aviation table is a good solution to this problem, in the history of the history set a great success. The original anti-magnetic method using soft iron made of the case, anti-magnet sleeve to increase the thickness of the movement, equipped with a soft magnetic shield after the movement can withstand 80000A / m strong magnetic field, reducing the possibility of mechanical parts , Of course, both of the table also has a double protection. Later, more thoroughly, simply switch to non-magnetic materials to manufacture parts.

Which watches are susceptible to magnetic

First of all, antique table in particular to pay attention to anti-magnetic, as well as the assembly of antique movement of the table, their materials are not produced in accordance with modern technology, anti-magnetic performance is weak.

Second, the ultra-thin table is easy to be magnetized. Because the ultra-small movement space is small, conventional anti-magnetic measures (such as through a thick case to block the magnetic field) is difficult to implement.

In addition, the mechanical watch in the modern life of the opportunity to contact the magnetic field Cartier love ring replica more and more, the intensity is also growing. Put aside the impact on the accuracy of walking do not say, for a long time to watch in a strong magnetic environment on the movement of the injury is not small. High-end watches to occupy the absolute dominance of mechanical movement, if even the operation can not guarantee the accuracy, then any other function is only superfluous.
Basic knowledge of antiques

1) watch anti-magnetic specifications

Japanese watch: usually do not mark the magnetic, marked with ordinary anti-magnetic and marked with anti-magnetic 3.

Non-standard magnetic resistance: can withstand 1600A / m magnetic field (equivalent to 20 Gauss).

Ordinary anti-magnetic (graphics for the inverted ‘U’ plus a horizontal below): to withstand 4800A / m magnetic field (equivalent to 60 Gauss).

Strengthen the anti-magnetic (graphics for the inverted ‘U’ below plus two horizontal): to resist 16000A / m magnetic field (equivalent to 200 Gauss).

Speaking of magnetic your brother, you have to mention the Rolex MILGAUSS watch, the watch with its own special rare earth Parachrom nickel cobalt blue steel gossamer, with almost no opening of the fully sealed anti-magnetic soft iron cover, the anti-magnetic function to 100000A / m degree, called anti-magnetic watch model.

2) attenuation of the magnetic field with distance

The intensity of the magnetic field is inversely proportional to the second power of the distance, and as the distance increases, the magnetic field is sharply attenuated.

Ordinary anti-magnetic watch, as long as the above 5cm above the material is safe enough. Even if it is not marked with anti-magnetic watch, as long as the farther away (10cm or more) on the line. Daily life, as long as a little attention, you can avoid the magnetic field of the harm to the watch, no need to talk about magnetic changes.

3) Examples of ordinary magnetic objects

Mobile phone, telephone handset, computer, razor, radio, bag of magnetic buckle, refrigerator door, induction Cartier nail bracelet replica cooker, magnetic bracelet, magnetic pillow and so on.
Mechanical watch by the magnetic hazards

The travel time of the mechanical watch is controlled by the hairspring and the balance wheel. When the watch is magnetized, the magnetic force changes the swing frequency of the balance wheel, so the speed of the gear system changes, the watch goes mad. After the magnetic, the watch may stop, slow, or fast. Symptoms of light, the daily error of tens of seconds. Severe, the number of errors on the number of points. Watch by the magnetic, the magnetic will not recede their own, need to be demagnetized repair to return to normal.

Diagnosis of the watch by magnetic method

Always suspected of their own watch is non-magnetic, will seriously affect people’s spiritual peace, here to introduce a simple way to diagnose the watch by magnetic: to the stall to buy a compass, the watch near the compass, if the compass is very powerful deflect , That watch is subject to the magnetic. Even if the watch is not affected by the magnetic, because the watch itself is made of steel, so when the watch near the compass, the compass will be micro-movement, but the degree of deflection is very small.

This method can also be used to detect the presence of a magnetic field where the watch is kept. The compass to keep the watch place, if the compass deflection, there are suspicious near the magnetic objects. Home of the steel material tools, such as vise, etc., often in the unconscious when close to the magnetic material and by the magnetic. Watch the place should also take away such a magnetic tool.
How does the mechanical watch prevent magnetism

1) do not open the back cover, so as not to dust, fiber, water vapor and other invading table machine, affecting the normal travel time;

2) must be timed on the clock every day, the timail on the foot so that the watch can keep the timings of the accuracy;

3) pull the handle can be dial, inverted dial can be, after the need to push the handle to the top of the position, otherwise it will cause the table to stop;

4) should always wipe the watch shell, keep clean. Watches, if not, should be placed in a dry, no mothballs where, every time to a winding, to prevent the oil coagulation, affecting the travel time;

5) in the strenuous exercise or vibration of the larger circumstances, should remove the watch, so as to avoid bad parts;

6) waterproof table in general to prevent the intrusion of water vapor in the air, not absolutely not into the water, do not wear a table swimming, shower, hand washing, washing clothes should also pay attention;

7) Although the watch has a certain anti-magnetic properties, but still need to avoid contact with the strong magnetic field to prevent the magnetization of parts, causing the table to move when the change;

8) do not make the watch and acid, alkali, salt and other corrosive liquids and gas contact, a long time sweat erosion will make the case rust, summer use the watch, the best pad with a pad pad separated;

9) watches have a certain speed error, as long as the error does not exceed the standard, do not often dial the speed needle;

10) If you do not understand the repair technology, do not arbitrarily dial the table parts or refueling, so as to avoid accidental loss.

Speaking of a watch in addition to the first impression and their own consumer requirements

Wal-Mart (woerda) watch brand was founded in 1969, set up in Switzerland R & D base and in Hong Kong, production and processing, sales show a one-stop modern industrial park. However, how to watch Wal-Mart, I believe that many friends are concerned about the table, the following, we take a look at how the Warda watch!
How do you watch the price?
On the watch, the profit of each watch brand will not miss the opportunity for consumers to pursue the style. Of course, Waldorf watches are like this. Hollow or semi-hollow design, leather or steel strap, color to take, or dial ornamentation, etc., can be in your Waldorf watches selection ranks. Of course, the style is also one of the factors that determine the price, and for what kind of style, what kind of consumption, it is necessary according to their own conditions.
How does Waldorf watch?
Speaking of a watch, in addition to the first impression and their own consumer imitation Cartier love bracelet requirements, the quality is an important point can not be ignored. As a Swiss-made Wal-Mart watches, relative to the domestic watch, the Ward watches in the quality of the feeling is still good, but in the choice of movement, the quality of Wal-Mart watches may not be so good The. And some well-known Swiss watch brand compared to. Waldorf watch the quality is still to be elegant.
How much does Waldorf watch?
Wal-Mart watches are a niche watch brand from Switzerland, the core users of the main face of more than twenty to forty years old people young people and urban white-collar workers. Prices range from $ 200 to $ 5,000
The West Caffen table was founded in 1898 by Edwards.Felix Edwin Felix in the “Kingdom of Watch” in Basel, Switzerland. The young Edwin Felix began his long watchmaking career by creating a perfect faith. The highly professional spirit of Edwin Felix led the watchmakers in the sound effects for the watch device, craftsmen who with its electro-optical flint-like inspiration to witness the dynamic of every detail, so that time to become more personal style.
How is the card of the West Caffen?
Vision of the future, time has become an eternal pursuit of the cause. In 1913, a remarkable achievement finally rugged, they produced the watch live up to expectations, made the first stage of the Observatory. The result of the effort, followed by a series of honors. In 1922 in Switzerland invented the new system and set the time on the way, the patent in the history of the development of the watch industry has an epoch-making significance. In 1923, the company exported to Uruguay the first batch of watches, products to South America, in 1928, they began to advance to Spain, the sales network quickly derived …..
West Caffen watch brand concept
Heritage of cultural collections, after several generations of unremitting efforts, forge ahead, Sika Dan table always adhere to the initial entrepreneurial spirit and the pursuit of excellence in quality of the same concept, the constant pursuit of perfection, advocating high quality of life, dedication of a no Alternative life fine. Let you love life, you can have worth it.
How is the card of Sikkadan?
Over the past 100 years, the West Kandan table has always been adhering to the “rugged, accurate and reliable, comfortable to wear, beautiful and practical” belief, “excellence” to explore the spirit of the use of high-tech Swiss traditional watchmaking process to make Perfect day, thus laying an important Replica Cartier jewelry position in the field of watches and clocks. Era of non-stop development, technology continues to progress, West Kadan table more closely follow the trend of the times, more suited to consumer needs. At each stage of the production, each material and parts are rigorously tested to ensure that each part is flawless. Each movement must go through the rigorous testing of mechanical and professional technicians, the shell is tightly assembled, and a professional level of compression test. Each Scarborough table is tested in strict quality inspection procedures before it is put into the market.
West Teng (CITOLE) table, Bentley watch industry’s well-known brands. Xiteng continued Swiss superb watchmaking skills, giving a new and clear feeling. Most users of the table will find that their own watches are printed STAINLESS word, what does this mean?
Xiting watch STAINLESS what it means
STAINLESS full name STAINLESS STEEL, refers to the meaning of stainless steel. Usually is the watch case, bracelet material. Stainless steel is the most widely used watch material, currently there are 316 stainless steel with 304 stainless steel. 316 stainless steel is a high-end watch case material, due to contain molybdenum elements, more resistant than 304, high grade, the price is more expensive than 304 steel, usually the industry is also called “steel.”
The Xinteng table brand positioning is: the success of the table business, identity and wealth of the symbol. While the steel strap can better reflect the identity and wealth! So most of the West Teng watches are steel watches, also printed STAINLESS words!
Xiteng STAINLESS steel watch how to maintain
(1) wearing a watch, the hands of the sweat on the case of corrosive, all steel case because it is nickel-chromium alloy, corrosion resistance better, semi-steel case is copper, long-term contact with sweat, easy to corrosion, should Often wipe with a soft cloth sweat or pad on the plastic table care, to prevent it from being sweat erosion.
(2) do not open the table back cover, so that dust into the movement affect the normal work of the watch.
(3) Do not put the watch in the closet with mothballs, so as to avoid surface oil deterioration
(4) Do not put the watch on the amplifier, sound, TV, so as not to magnetize.
(5) long-term storage does not wear Xiteng STAINLESS steel watch, should be a regular www.ourlovestore.com monthly winding, automatic movement of the watch should be gently swing back and forth for a few minutes or worn on the wrist for some time to automatically tighten the winding. So that parts will not be long-term in a quiescent state to ensure the performance of the table machine.
(6) ordinary mechanical watch by the tide, available dry cotton pressure on the watch, and then 40 watt light bulb baking 5 minutes, the surface of the moisture can be all evaporated. If the quartz electronic watch by the tide, take a number of small pieces of calcium chloride, wrapped with gauze; and then open the electronic watch cover, the package of calcium chloride and electronic form together into a leakless plastic bags or glass Bottle, sealed. Generally about 3 hours to remove the tide, so that the electronic watch back to normal. For severe dampness of the table may be appropriate to extend the moisture absorption time.

movement reflects the watch brand count the spirit of innovation

Earl ultra-thin watch movement 1208P introduced
In this watch more and more thin era, Piaget watch is not far behind. In 1957 the birth of the 9P ultra-thin manual winding movement announced the arrival of the ultra-thin emperor, this outstanding movement of the thickness of only 2 mm. After that, the count and then a new initiative, launched in 1960 12P movement, the thickness of only 2.3 mm, is the world’s most slim automatic winding movement. Today, Xiaobian to tell you about the Piaget ultra-thin movement 1208P.
Piaget launched a total of 25 by the advanced watchmaking research and development of ultra-thin movement, including the creation of dual world record 1208P movement. This movement is not only the world’s most slim automatic winding mechanical movement (2.35 mm thick), is also the most slim watch works (5.25 mm), with a small second hand display.
Earl system 1208P self-winding movement and the prestigious 12P movement of the same strain, is the world’s most slim movement. In order to make the movement of the thickness of 2.35 mm slim record, watch the brand count to make every effort to use in the ultra-thin areas of accumulated Cartier love ring replica experience, to create sophisticated movement parts. 1208P movement of some gears thickness of only 0.12 mm, called fine hair. And the distance between the gear and the gear is also reduced as much as possible, only 0.1 mm. In addition, the movement is also equipped with balance wheel stop device. In order to effectively use the space, rose gold eccentric micro automatic plate set in the movement 9 position, and engraved the count of emblem. In addition, there are also eccentric small seconds, located at 5 o’clock position.
1208P movement reflects the watch brand count the spirit of innovation, in addition to the above characteristics, but also with the sun radial decorative pattern of gear sets and special long needle device, and engraved count the first letter “P”, as the brand Secret signature. Ring Geneva wavy ornamentation, the round handle of the main splint, chamfering table bridge, engraved count of emblem and limited number of movement pendulum Tuo, and blue steel screws and other decorative details, to show the Swiss watch brand uphold the aesthetic standards , So that this movement is more outstanding.
Female sports watch spring good companion
In this spring season, it is a good time to go outing. In the outdoor hiking, in addition to wearing a full set of sophisticated “armed”, bring a professional SLR camera, we need to carry a precision compass, so that we will not appreciate the way to the scenery and lost. Today, Xiao Bian for you to recommend four sports female table, so you always master their own time!
20 years, Happy Sport series of watches to attract countless people with bold and fashion taste. The latest Happy Sport XL series, in the modern and plateau aspects of the past, while faithful to the essence of the Happy Sport series watch: the famous activities of the diamond design, giving the watch both dynamic and elegant and moving Unique temperament. This latest fashion style, using a single tone and very shocking 42 mm diameter case.
Recently black in the watch industry and comeback, much sought after. This mysterious but classic color, full of the magic of the senses, people have a natural attraction. Everyone loves black, because it is suitable for all occasions; even the most simple dress, because it will also add elegance elegant temperament; the most introverted character will be because of its personality full. Black Happy Sport XL watch just reflects the strength and elegance of the integration. The dazzling diamonds are swirling on a dial with a crooked pattern, producing a sharp contrast, like a lightning in the faint night sky. With the avant-garde rubber strap, black models Happy Sport XL watch but exudes a more elegant, more powerful charm.
The world-renowned Omega watch was born in Switzerland and has a long history of more than 150 years. Omega is the twenty-fourth and last letter of the Greek word. It symbolizes the beginning and the end of things, the first and the last. On behalf of the perfect, the ultimate, excellence, the extraordinary quality of the achievements, interpretation of the Omega pursuit of excellence in quality management philosophy and advocating tradition, and the courage to innovate the spirit of style. Omega in the sailing, athletics, swimming and other Cartier love bracelet replica world-class events as the standard time, and often sponsor the European golf tournament, won the Olympic Games designated timer as many as thirty times. Omega has the world famous four series of products: fashion and elegant appearance of the constellation series, designed for sports enthusiasts and design of the hippocampus professional diving series, as the space mission designated timing super series and elegant and elegant disc flying series.
New – Omega OMEGA disc flying coaxial FP3313 chronograph movement automatic mechanical female watch number: 4878.90.39, movement for the FP high-end 3313 movement. Equipped with column wheel and coaxial escapement of the self-winding chronograph movement to ensure stable and durable precision timing. Free play wheel system, with date, hours, minutes and continuous operation of the small second hand and the central chronograph, power reserve: 52 hours, arc-shaped anti-reflective, anti-wear sapphire crystal mirror, case and dial, stainless steel Case. Green face plate with a small circle of white mother of pearl dial, water depth: 100 meters, case diameter: 35 mm.
Oyster-style constant-motion cosmic meter Di Tong Nai watch very athletic temperament without losing the elegant style, in Rolex all Oyster watches enjoy a high reputation and reputation. The table is equipped with a chronograph second hand, and a button to control the integrated minutes and hours of the timer disk, and engraved with the scale of the outer ring can also read the speed in real time. The watch is self-winding and equipped with a constant-motion pendulum chrome movement certified by the Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute (COSC). Waterproof depth of 100 meters (330 feet). Table mirror made of sapphire crystal, shoulder pads designed to protect the three locks on the crown.
Oyster-style constant-motion cosmic meter Di Tong Nai watch not only outstanding function, watch design is also called the classic, a variety of styles to meet the needs of different personality. In addition to the prestigious steel Di, Rolex also selected 18ct platinum and eternal rose gold material, and boldly in the design of jewelry and leather elements, so that this professional racing watch surprisingly different extraordinary beauty. Carefully selected diamonds, rubies, enamel and other valuable materials, by the excellent craftsmen with superb skills mosaic, so that these bright and the combination of the watch complement each other, magnificent magnificent.
In 1960 the first Admirals Cup Admiral Cup Admiral Cup for the Kunlun table sports watch. For more than half a century, this series of watches inherited its unique iconic 12-sided arched case and scale position on the surface of the 12 sea flag pattern, and innovation, so that the Admiral Cup series of watches and fashion Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica interaction , While the Admiral Cup victory No. 40 Chrono Diamonds watch the introduction, but also reflects its fashion sense. Watch design to meet today’s women’s desire for the watch, the diameter of 40 mm case fusion elegance and fashion movement in one, perfect fit ice muscle jade wrist, bring out the female seductive side.
Kunlun table Shenming woman is a desire for a sports watch, rather than a men’s table, therefore, Kunlun table cleverly combined with the characteristics of the Admiral Cup series and ladies watch design features, to build the Admiral Cup victory number 40 Chrono Diamonds watch, black or white Polynesian pearl Fritters timer display window, set with 66 diamonds (0.924ct) of the 12-side arched case outer ring, showing a light and vitality of the central clock And minute hand, and the second hand is not set Kunlun watch key symbol, the achievements of the exquisite watch surface. Navy Admiral Cup No. 40 Chrono Diamonds watch with polished and sanded steel watch with rubber strap, and 18K red gold watch with crocodile belt and diamond-studded surface, set black or white two color options , Water depth of 100 meters or 50 meters.
Read the small series for you to introduce these watches, fast wear them to the wild outing, have a good mood it

How much is the bare diamond?

How much is the bare diamond?
3 points of the bare drill is very small, generally no one to sell, no one to buy, 3 points bare diamond prices generally more than one hundred to two hundred or so, mainly to see what the color of diamonds, I to H color Will be cheaper, the price of about one hundred and fifty, FG color is about 180 yuan, DE color is about 210 yuan.

How much is it? 3 points bare drill generally not only sell, usually inlaid in the earrings or rings, or pendants, and then sell, or buy bare diamond custom ring, used to mosaic in the ring, set off the main drill. 3 points bare drill because it is too small, regardless of clarity, only sub-color, the main drill is what color, small diamond will be with the same color set off.

How much is it? 3 points of the bare drill is very small, the value is not high Cartier nail bracelet replica, if it is embedded in the ring when the small drill, when the money when the small drill was demolished is only scrapped. 3 points the price of diamonds is also relatively cheap, if it is to buy a collection, it is not appropriate, because it will not appreciate, it will not hedge. If you just buy to see, play about, it can also buy.

How much is it? 3 points bare diamond prices and purchase channels and the number of purchases. If you are looking for diamond wholesalers into a package wholesale, the price will be very low. If it is a direct purchase, the price will be higher. 3 points bare diamond inlaid into the ring or pendant, the price should be hundreds of pieces, the cost of most of the weight in the ring and the cost of the.

How much is it? If you want to buy a single three-point bare drill, you can also buy a treasure, buy, remember to ask for certificates and invoices, to avoid buying false drills. 3 points bare drill clarity and cut are not graded, but the clarity will generally ensure that the naked eye can not see the black spots or a lot of inclusions, cut will ensure that more than G.
How much is the bare diamond custom? Bare diamond custom price = ring + bare diamond + fee. Different 4C bare drill, or different ring of bare diamond, the price will be different. So bare diamond custom price, or depends on the new diamond ring on the budget, and then according to the budget, in the right bare diamond and ringing, the selection of like bare diamond and care style!

How much is the bare diamond custom? Buy bare drill, and then processing custom, quality is more assured. The value of a diamond lies and lies only in its 4C, ie weight, color, clarity, cut. This is a unified offer in the international arena, as long as the same level of the same price, with the diamond brand and other factors have nothing to do. So in the choice of bare diamond customization, you can choose such as Zoacai cost-effective business to customize, rather than to the traditional brand or international big custom, so as to the most cost-effective to buy the largest and best bare diamond custom diamond ring The

How much is the bare diamond custom? Bare drill custom price is very much, from thousands to tens of thousands of tens of thousands have. Naked drill custom has a unique personality and commemorative value, especially as a special gift of engagement, marriage or love to give a custom diamond diamond ring, no doubt has important symbolic and commemorative significance. Bare diamond customization can be consumer requirements in the diamond ring engraved characters and other characters, so that consumers participate in the design, making this unique commemorative significance and value highlights, and even can be passed as a family treasure to go ~

How much is the bare diamond custom? Naked drill custom bare diamond prices imitation Cartier love bracelet in the world has been transparent, the price is naked drill 4C (size, color, clarity, cut) to set the price, know the bare diamond 4C basic know bare diamond custom price. And bare diamond prices every year 10% of the rising space, the size of the classification, different grades of diamond prices will be very different, so clear before the purchase requirements or budget is a very important part.
Usually people will be less than 20 points into a small diamond ring diamond ring, more common, then how much money a small diamond ring? In the Zo Kay 20 points below the small diamond ring price of about 1500 yuan to 4000 yuan, probably working-class salary of about a month, which is mainly due to the price of diamond 4C and the material, style, but the impact, but In another way to buy a small diamond ring in other brands? How much is the small diamond ring? The answer may be different, why? because:

1, small diamond ring how much money? First by its own 4C decision, which is the reason for the most essential price of small diamond ring, good quality and bad goods determine the value of goods, small diamond ring is the same, the quality of small diamond ring depends on the small diamond 4C (Both often the color, clarity, cut, weight), the better the diamond 4C, then the better the quality of diamonds, the higher the price naturally. The price of a small diamond ring in the Zoakai is also affected by the impact of the diamond 4C price range.

2, small diamond ring how much money? Followed by the material will also be placed on the small diamond ring to bring a great impact on the price, the moment the main material is platinum platinum and gold, platinum is the industry that platinum, purity is divided into PT990, PT950, PT90, purity The higher the price will be higher, is a natural silver-white luster metal, with a strong ductility and stability, is the most expensive diamond inlaid diamond, 3 grams of platinum ringing price of 1,200 yuan -1700 yuan or so, if it is 3 grams of K Fake Cartier love bracelet gold, the price of the general thousand or so, the style is less than a thousand dollars, so the diamond 4C similar, the material is different, the price may also have a big difference Oh, Solid, choose K gold inlaid small diamond ring may be more cost-effective.
How much is the little diamond ring?
How much is the little diamond ring?

3, small diamond ring how much money? Finally, for the small diamond ring, the diamond ring price and brand influence also has a great connection, usually, about 20 points small diamond ring market price is 3,000 yuan to 5,000 yuan, in the well-known than the big brands to buy the price may be Rose to more than 7,000 yuan, which is the brand premium, this law applies not only to the diamond ring, but also for any kind of product. But the quality of the diamond has nothing to do with the brand, as long as the diamond 4C to determine the quality of the guarantee.

style beauty to create this summer fashion

Cinderella: style beauty to create this summer fashion
Deep and elegant autumn and winter, if the lack of colorful, modeling stunning jewelry, it will inevitably bleak a lot of jewelry designers did not let us down.

Let us share this year’s autumn and winter jewelry feast how? Jewels are still, but more fairy tale romantic and maverick black and white. And those special materials, exaggerated design and full of charm of the round combination, let us appreciate the long-lost oriental atmosphere.

Cinderella fairy tale country

Who says jewelry only represents vanity? As Cinderella’s dream, jewelry should be full of pink memories of the fairy tale country.

Such as Van Cleef & Arpels, Bvlgari, such as Oxette, Swarovski, all will be Replica Cartier jewelry pure in the end, light your heart. Double butterfly ring, colored gem double flower ring and Dior Debutante series, jewelry as if with the soul, to express a kind of Cinderella fairy tale miss. So dreamlike jewelry, rich jewelry fun – let a woman into a girl.
These complicated design of the jewelry if the mix in the simple and low-profile autumn and winter new clothes, will be warm and pleasant intimate pen.

Overlapping to wear the fairy tale jewelry is no longer naive

Flowers, grass, pink color, full of fairy tale-like taste, simply wearing a fairy tale element with a necklace or bracelet, it will look too naive, but a number of necklaces or bracelets to wear, Is a combination of multiple color blocks, near the details are full of changes.
This year is very popular small animal brooch, they are not in the cuffs, hem or handbags and other seemingly inadvertently position to meet your little girl like a playful mood. And then buy some small ornaments decorated to sandals or ankles, even more different.

Wear such jewelry do not wear color too fancy clothing, this will take away the limelight jewelry, so that you seem to have no focus on the whole.

Cinderella trend demonstration

Speaking of fairy tales must not be separated from the beautiful princess, gorgeous flowers and lovely http://www.ourlovestore.com little animals. 06/07 fairy tale style is no exception, the form of jewelry than in previous years more fairy tale color. This year’s three-dimensional style is particularly prominent, K gold bracelet inlaid with raised “rose gold” three-dimensional flowers, with a flexible way to make the little bracelet, the ring has been unlimited stretch space. Large and thick golden petals highlight the personality, added a bit more luxurious. Due to the use of gold thread into the petals increased the volume, so that the whole ring is more heavy. Q version of the small ladybug, small donkey studded with broken drill, given the body of these small animal Aura. Looks like a gold rope necklace, but it is gold thread woven fine wire mesh, coupled with the same texture of flowers, hastily “pendant”, this year “luxury and not publicity” design concept so perfect. Which are for the improvement of traditional materials into a new vitality. 06/07 fairy tale princess is no longer Sentimental, her life has added a little luxury.
French top jewelry brand Van Cleef & Arpels has created a love for the source of inspiration – the new marriage series of jewelry.

Nature has always been Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry design inspiration source, and Fleurette series is a beautiful proof. Fleytte series of jewelry from the distance to show the luxury diamonds temperament, sleek appearance in the flashing bright light; from the near to see the Fleurette series of elegant and elegant flower design, like just collecting flowers.

White K gold or yellow gold material inlaid with central flower-shaped round drill and around the surrounding petals diamond ornaments, evoke thousands of vivid images. Fleurette series with necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets. The whole set of jewelry like a blossoming flowers with a combination of charming bouquets, passing the infinite passion honey.

Snowflake snow series has a variety of different design of the ring, earrings, bracelets and necklaces, including platinum Cartier love ring replica bracelet classic. The bracelet is made of delicate platinum, the piece of snow by the top D.E.F. grade diamond inlay made. Snowflake series using the top of the bracelet so that the softness of the bracelet can fully meet the wrist ergonomic curvature, simple and comfortable.

Folie des Prés series is a series of small wild flowers theme, flowers are carefully designed as asymmetrical arrangement. The preparation of the gem mosaics is extremely important and difficult in the Folie des Prés series: because they must be arranged in a piece-by-piece fashion so that they can mark the exact location of the mosaic workers for mosaic.

Wedding targeting the most dazzling 4 diamond ring

Wedding targeting the most dazzling 4 diamond ring
Inlaid with diamonds

In the platinum ring covered with a small piece of broken diamond, so do not see the metal ring, this section diamond ring mosaic process is very high, so very quality, but also very elegant and stylish but no weird. Broken diamond drilling this year, once again popular embedded wedding ring, whether gold or platinum, are worth buying.

2. Retro style
This season is more and more popular, these retro style wedding ring looks very delicate, is the ancient European cutting process, but you can also see the gorgeous Ascher (Asscher) cutting process. What is truly amazing is that the exquisite fancy carvings, the finely grained diamond inserts and the filigree http://www.ourlovestore.com on the edge of the ring are crafted to perfection.

3. Choi Po and diamond wedding ring
Yellow diamond, blue and pink gemstones and even rare pink diamonds will be hot this season. Style selection can choose the tension inlaid diamond ring, because the diamond hanging in the ring ring style is always the trend of the most preferred; and claw mosaic style is classic; with gold and silver is retro. Whether you choose your favorite color or birthday stone, diamond and color treasure will be the most fashionable expression of this season.

4 sets of ring (stacked ring)
Two, three or more ring stack, bringing a very cool fashion impact. Whether it is groove inlay or pavé, or you choose only pure platinum ring, you’d better choose fashion and has a classic pop style. Whether you decide to use it as your engagement ring, you can also make it the anniversary anniversary of love.
Since the Chanel, decorative jewelry shine, bold design eye-catching, with clothing more than real jewelry more flexible, prompting the public have shot the famous brand-name Yan.

Decorative jewelry, create personal charm

The jewelry as a portable accessories, every day, “wear” upper body. 60 years by Co Co lady-led fake real jewelry Costume Jewelry, recently re-ignited in many clothing brand Jingyan wave. This between the high jewelry and accessories between the ornaments, the value is not valuable, but in the design, or by wearing and clothing between the echo, to establish a unique style of personal. Colored semi-precious stones, brass, leather, crystal glass, ceramics, glazed imitation beads, plastic and even wood, bamboo leaves, linen, shells Cartier love bracelet replica and pig iron can be turned into eye-catching and beautiful clothing accessories.

Baroque brooch, 60 years Chanel lady had launched this emphasis on the design sense is greater than the value of the gem with their own style

Chanel trend, gorgeous Pei decorated the wind

Chanel’s simple little black dress is irreplaceable classic, but her accessories are designed to the concept of luxury Baroque style. For Ms. Chanel, the accessories is to show women elegant charm, rather than the precious jewelry locked in the safe, might as well choose the eye-catching style and clothing complement each other’s accessories.
Costume Jewelry usually stunning color and exaggerated form, and clothing with, to create or gorgeous complex, or simple and elegant effect. Will be more string of long necklace and bracelet to wear overlapping, necklace and brooch staggered show, rings and earrings stack performance, is to add charm for the overall shape.

LV short T on the flower-shaped jewelry brooch, and shorts hem-shaped decorative echo each other
Eurasian classical style, is to be beautiful

Romantic Lanvin Lanvin designer Alber in the hands of every quarter is a brilliant for. Hermes Hermes India enamel material in response to India, narrow version of the hand ring printed on the tribal figure of the nation, while the pure sign of pure silk pearl satin refining this spring, such as kaleidoscope exaggerated jewelry, fully express the French classical gorgeous; Silver hand refining is ding ding pound to string together style. LV more pure white gold or pink gold to create accessories, occasionally add sparkling diamonds or colored replica Cartier love bracelet gemstones, a symbol of the brand from the clothing into the senior jewelry design surprises.
Gorgeous feathers and eye-catching ornaments, Lanvin French style this spring and summer is an important Look

“Flower” accessories, in the fingers, in the neck, in the ear

Floral vivid gestures and colors, has been a number of Costume Jewelry creative theme. As early as the 18th century in Europe that is popular flower-shaped jewelry, 30’s Victorian and swept the high society at that time. The flower-shaped necklace, earrings, rings and brooches, combined with clothing, as if the magic of the garden, charming flower-shaped necklace stretch on the collar; wide bracelet to add a unique personality; pairs of wearing a large ring, Akira Falling earrings to wear more to bring fresh luster.

Platinum woman collection in the heart Like free blossom designs

Platinum woman collection in the heart Like free blossom designs
Everyone’s heart all picture with a platinum woman. She, or a brilliant smile, like a pure Daisy; Or listen to silence, like a quiet violet; Or in insist, like the persistent blooming lavender. How much perfume, pian-pian dancing, sometimes quiet, sometimes elegant, only the pure, rare platinum temperament privy table, collection in the heart.
Platinum is the flower for which a woman such as flower. Flowers every breath, pour out to her language; Woman’s personality, also often casual in natural language. This fall, pure platinum or charming flower, or clever posture rhyme slowly overflow, will appear the world women’s sui generis beauty and pure and fresh.
Purple yi inside collect, good at listening to the woman
Quiet do not represent the silence, listening is also a kind of power. In silent language, build warm harbor. Involuntarily Replica Cartier love bracelet near and talk, only willing to share with her story. Tenacity and highly malleable platinum, draws the outline of soulful arc, circle the considerate, she also in infinite fall in love.
Mui tough, confident women
Using rich administrative levels to create the plum blossom slowly pour out the attitude of wen wan, under the gentle appearance, is as tough as platinum. Micro flash platinum, like a blooming plum blossom in the cold snow, this stance with the breath, is the world’s most unique beauty.
Day feather along with the gender, free and easy woman
Not constrained by secular, not compromise in the block. Life is a journey, a permanent sense of platinum as she conjured the strength of the feather wing, in grasping journey, fly freely, in bright beautiful arc, experience is long cover is new. Treasure of life, it is natural and unrestrained interpretation of individual self.
Siu-tong rhyme tolerant woman, elegant atmosphere
The world a lot, and always inclusive. Her quiet smile, is the rainbow after a storm comes, sunny and warm. Like platinum pure light, into the angular and fruity and delicate shape, silently against the diamonds sparkle. When haitang cheng fang, eventually someone can read it.
Xin LAN wise, intellectual woman
Were blossoming, orchid fragrance. A gust of wind blew over, leaving the stability of calm and wise insight into the world. As platinum create delicate jasmine, with just the right details, also have strong vitality, inner gestures, radiate the light of implicit but should not be ignored.
Elegant, noble woman Mo ointment
Women unique pure and fresh temperament, not make public, not powerful. Platinum is consistent with the Cartier love ring replica characteristics of, its elegant, in casual naturally. Stars flickering gently, as if the dawn has yet to recede, dew drop from on petals free, suffocation is born noble.
Pearl’s relationship with the Mid-Autumn festival seems to has a long history. , it is said that the round pearl or not related to the profit and loss of the moon, the tang dynasty poet li shang-yin wrote: the pearl of the sea in tears. Clean soft pearl jewelry, like bright bright on air suspension, bead hand in photograph reflect, one month two round.
Pearl is synonymous with elegance, remember in the film “breakfast at tiffany’s” in Givenchy little black dress of Audrey Hepburn, short neck is among a string of pearls for its elegant temperament is the best accessories. Condense the pearls from the deep sea shells, under the essence of nature breeds like nature itself, fruity and elegant, thus became the representatives of elegant and beautiful. On the occasion of the Mid-Autumn festival, in order to tailor wrapped in exquisite qipao, deserve to go up a chic modelling of pearl jewelry, elegant refined the classic beauty of be vividly portrayed.
Swarovski outside the pearl in the Dip series of coated with irregular paint, and with a gold-plated colour foils, mysterious and charming. In addition a ring with pure white pearl shape to look like a butterfly, worn on fingers as if the butterfly flutters lightly.
Use ShiJi Dip series
Swarovski butterfly pearl ring
, Furla recently launched a series of pearl, luxury precious nanyang bead jewelry, equipped with a diamond-studded jewelry clasp, pearls and diamonds supplement appropriate, put in a few minutes for the necklace features, and the model of cascade that neck line more attractive.
, Furla pearl necklace
Pearl is also conveyed noble identity; Pearl, and symbol of pure, perfect, dignity and authority, often on the imperial Cartier love ring replica crown orb. With smoked in the pearl as the Mid-Autumn festival gift, on the one hand, can give people on two round blessing, on the other hand, the very nature of the pearl can reflect more noble taste, especially the color depth of the black pearl, not only their identity, is also known as increasing power best jewelry and transport in the workplace.
Montblanc with pearl as the theme of “black and white spirit’s magic” series is the masterpiece in 2007. Made with rare platinum for the series, let white freshwater pearls and mysterious Tahiti black pearl luster arbitrary contrast, black with white and bright, produced a “black and white spirit’s magic” series reveal elegant charm of the eternal.
“Black and white spirit’s magic” series of dragon
Chow tai fook “ze” series of selected top Tahiti black pearls, quiet and tastefully laid out and mysterious color, rainbow is blurred. With 18 k platinum, fully display the pearl soft luster, its unique elegant inner artistically and elusive, let a person infatuate deeply mysterious, more can fully show the grade of lang lang out of the dust.
Chow tai fook “ze” series
FolliFollie pearl necklace

DV One pink ceramic wrist gets weird process

DV One pink ceramic wrist gets weird process
Versace special valentine’s day this year to launch the latest DV One pink ceramic watches, with 18 k rose gold, and with more precious gems. Never have any fashion, style and design to fairly and an innovative way, fully expressed the precision of the Swiss wristwatch and superior technique.
Versace ceramic design the cross, light body of wrist watch (the chosen material hardness and durability is second only to diamond). Wrist watch configuration Swiss automatic movement, transparent case bottom cover, conform to the Swiss watch industry the most stringent quality standards. In addition, DV One pink ceramic watches more has set with 120 diamond styles to choose from. The bottom of the watch case with each style number and Versace logo; Rose gold crown, engraved with the three-dimensional Medusa’s head; 11 diamonds and pearls and mother of pearl dial with Roman numerals and rose gold hour scale; Dial the circle position emblazoned with a picture of a cast, 3 when the position has a display date imitation Cartier love bracelet window; Watchcase exteriors counter-attack light sapphire glass; Wrist watch with automatic movement and more waterproof design, the wrist strap with two belt of QQ, and decorated with Versace logo.
In global watchmaking Switzerland – can be referred to as the elders, the Swiss watch industry has a 300 – year – old tradition. Watchmaking is the symbol of the Swiss national, however, in the tide of history saved since ancient tabulation brand has been one of the few. In the 1970 s, a storm Swiss watch, low-cost manufacturing Japanese quartz watch large market promotion, make the whole industry suffered severe damage. In less than a decade, the number of Swiss tabulation workers dropped from 900000 to 300000, the Swiss tradition represents a wrist watch accurate technology of manual mechanical production has received the unprecedented severe test, hundreds of factories in the shuffle of Swiss tradition tabulation withdrew from the historical stage.
In recently, was born in 1735 of the world’s first brand, cypress table (it) in the Swiss town of Le Brassus held its 270th birthday party. In the development of 270 long years, always adhere to make the most sophisticated watch series, its head office in Le Brassus production workshop was affectionately known as watch factory, has always been a symbol of watch manufacturing. The factory has no assembly line production equipment, as a professional tabulation factories, and the like at the same time involved in a wide range of watches Replica Cartier jewelry factory style very different, for manufacturing advanced mechanical watch, mission and process that it carries more than the manufacturing quartz watch is more complex.
Loyal to the traditional is a 270 – year – old brand, but proud to practice again, a like two hundred years ago, from start to finish by a separate a watchmaker to complete watch not only represents the development of technology, also contains the thick composed of history. For those who really understand mechanical watch, from a key parts, bypass, movement and wheels are completed by extremely hard manual labor, material, talent and tools are also used for a long time ago developed wrist, truly represent eternal fashion.
Treasure the global vice President Marc parker. A.H ayek: “in the watch brand of preserved, only treasure to keep parker for hundreds of years has been the production history of mechanical watch, because we believe that only the machine table can represent the true culture of wrist watch. And we have been insisting on watches, the classic round watch will insist on only the most perfect circle and its movement becomes eternal fashion. These adhere to all laid a treasure cypress unique leading position in the watch industry.”
In science and technology today, a lot of products are more convenient more humane direction of the development of wrist watch field also is such. Since the quartz watch out for the first time, the emphasis on convenience functions above the traditional manual mechanical watches for a time. As a matter of fact, manual chain on machinery is the origin of all the clocks and watches, is also full of humanities color and extreme performance of tradition tabulation precision process, still moved by the numerous people love life essential imitation cartier love bracelet connotation. Manual mechanical watch what’s the fun? For fashion its charm lies in the fascinating taste and feel, is exquisite texture, like handmade suits, handmade shoes like manual mechanical watch most of the men were full of personalization features, not by the tide. Whenever a chain of that a moment, on the fingers and wrist watch contact, tick-tock tick-tock sound movement operation, as if opened up a new time.
For the clock technology, mechanical watch is a quartz watch has the incomparable technical. The most complex in the world today all hand mechanical watch treasure 1735 parker wrist watch set in today’s world mechanical watch all six complex mechanical functions in one, ultra-thin automatic chain machine core, the moon on the profit and loss function, double clockwise segmented timing, perpetual calendar, the tourbillon, moment asked three time device, watchmaker need one and a half years time to make one. Now only three master can make such complicated watches.
Ghost axe conveyed in the technology of alkaloids in the feelings of people is very difficult to find words to describe accurately, only see, ears to listen to, who can truly understand the taste. In the fashion of today, only respect for tradition is not enough, despite the respect for tradition is a guide to action, but also to abide by the principle of innovation. Has long been a watch connoisseur is the complex of watchmaking is innovation of the past, each of the watch is complex represents the pocket watch in hundreds of years ago the clock watchmaker, encountered difficulties and challenges.

Set the value of diamond color

Set the value of diamond color
Why do you always doubt, naked eye look not too big differences between the two diamond because color grade certificate differ film and the price is good as a mile. From colorless diamond to diamond, the color has been referred to as diamond most nots allow to ignore the value of the factors in the evaluation.
Colorless diamond
As the most authoritative GIA standard as an example, the cape diamond series is divided into colorless, transparent, nearly colorless and light yellow. With the letter D (Diamond), colour and lustre is D, E, F, also known as colorless, precious rare, the differences between them by experts to identify very carefully; A common colour Cartier nail bracelet replica and lustre is G to J, also known as close to colorless. Expert is easy to distinguish, but the average person is difficult to distinguish, if set on the jewelry is more difficult to detect; Colour and lustre is under K, also known as light yellow, the average person may make out, but prices are much cheaper.
Color diamond
Colorful evaluation is in accordance with the color, clarity, cut, and carat weight four conditions, of which color is the most important. International diamond industry to color the color of the diamond grading is very strict and rigorous, diamond color rarity and more degree decide the value of the diamond, color is more rare, grade, the higher, more more and more saturated, the higher the value.
The color of the colorful evaluation three key
Ruby color light body color from the gem, gem body color from the color, concentration and saturation of the gem color three main factors, evaluation of a colored diamonds when body color should be the three main factors to make comprehensive evaluation after your individual analysis, evaluation, will place a colorful color for final accurate evaluation, these three conditions in colorful evaluation is very important, be short of one cannot.
1 red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, what colour is it?
Colour is also known as hue, is refers to the human eye can see visible light waves in various colors, including red, Cartier love ring replica orange, yellow, green, green, blue, purple and other colors. Nature of the formation of a complete colour is almost impossible, colour is more composed of the main color and color. With the change of the amount of color affects the main color, usually with color, the less said the color is pure, colour is better, but some of the main color because contain specific with color and can make the main color rendering.
In hot Pink diamonds on the market over the past few years, for example, many Pink diamond color is Pink, and with other color with color, with Pink with slight purple, Purplish Pink tiny purple Pink the highest value, welcome.
2 from shallow to deep, it is strong, such as the color is light like water?
Also called brightness, lightness refers to the concentration of the ruby color, is a gem, degree of reflection of light, so also known as the gem color density or depth, with human visual observation is to the human eye to light and shade on the surface of the stone feeling, lightness usually grows, the better, but not too deep, otherwise it will become too dark or black. GIA definition colour lightness of the drill is divided into six grades, the use abbreviation, Light and Fancy quantifier description.
3 or bright or dark, it is as the sun is bright or as dark as the night?
Also known as the saturation, chroma is refers to the colour of bright colors in the visible light waves of degree. GIA specification is divided into two categories, the first kind is given priority to with Fancy color level, according to the degree of bright-coloured color is divided into Fancy, Fancy Intense and Vivid. The second category is in Dark color level Fancy Dark central divided into Fancy Dark and Fancy Deep two levels.
1. Interpret grading
GIA according to the color of the canary color grading the canary slants cool color and warm color to move apart. Too slants cool color yellow diamonds will show a slight green company, but too slant warm color yellow diamonds will show a slight red color.
2. The canary yellow is why?
Yellow diamonds because of diamonds in the process of formation, when the nitrogen atoms to replace some replica Cartier love bracelet carbon atom in diamond crystals, began to absorb the light blue, purple, and yellow diamond.
3. What is the main color?
Diamond color, also known as tone, such as: yellow, pink, blue, this is tonal.
4. What is with the color?
With color is also called the revised color, it is to point to in the main color diamond doping of other colors, with fixed diamond color is not pure color, such as blue with green, pink with orange, thus greatly reducing the value of the diamond.
The Orange diamond, fresh color Orange diamond 14.82 carat pear-shaped, $2400000 per carat. Average per carat diamond world auction record. The fresh colour orange diamond world auction record.
1. Interpret grading
When the color of the color diamonds from yellow to red, will appear with red, yellow or orange red with yellow diamond. Ming spend in low diamond brown will be displayed.
2. Orange diamond for our favorite stylemakers?
And the causes of the canary color similar to the impurity nitrogen in the form of pairs of atoms, began to absorb the light blue, purple, when visible light range 477 nm is absorbed, which present orange yellow diamond.
3. The studs are influential to colored diamonds?
Colorful blank is too few and far between, clarity of evaluation criteria can be lower than the colorless Cartier love ring replica diamond 2-3 grade, as long as it is usually not visible flaws can be.
4. Cutting affect color?
Absolutely, pavilion depth ratio and platform width ratio must be compared. The same weight, the larger the diamond will be thinner, but the color will be shallow; Instead of cutting surface is smaller, the diamond is thicker, but the color will be thick.
1. Interpret grading
Pink diamonds have slant orange or purple, purple diamond appears a few cool color, while slant orange appear some slant warm color to move.
2. Why is pink pink diamond?
Shallow purple tones of pink, pink, orange tonal pink diamond, widely considered to be caused by the diamond crystal lattice defects in the process of being formed, has nothing to do with other trace elements.
3. Have fluorescent color diamond prices higher instead?
Not all is bad with strong fluorescence colored diamonds, colored diamonds with fluorescence, depends on the fluorescent color and the relationship between the diamond color, sometimes strong fluorescence points for colored diamonds made color appears to be more perfect. For example, a blue diamond has strong blue Cartier nail bracelet replica fluorescence, fluorescence color of will make more full body color, become a rare treasures.
1. Interpret grading
Diamond to achieve “HopeDiamond” so strong deep blue, blue diamond is too rare today. Most of the blue diamond shows that shallow blue.
2. The blue diamond is why blue?
When in the process of the formation of the diamond with the presence of boron impurity, so diamond can produce blue color.
3. Select the color drilling method
If in 4 c measures, the weight of the evaluation of the order can be 60%, cut and the color fluorescent, clarity, weight, 10% and 10% to 20%, all the conditions for colored diamonds are absolutely the center around the color.

Blood diamond is never red diamonds

The world didn’t don’t love the woman of the colored gems, no matter how you walk through the years, they will not beautiful things, a woman’s dream is not so much like delicate and charming flower, as enduring as color treasure, is worth will not depreciate by the years away. Colorful color gems in bring its owner after lifelong pleasure to enjoy, and is becoming more and more valuable with the passing years.
Gold has rise and fall, the difficulty of the high-end rare colored gems because its exploitation, the color and quality of output and rare rare become high-profile investments in recent years, the high-end color treasure is safe to be called “in a way to save money. Poly auction in Hong Kong, in 2013, a platinum setting with 10.88 carats of untreated Kashmir natural pillow royal light light blue gem ring, Kashmir mining area is located in the elevation 5000 meters, went so far, large carat is extremely rare. Sapphire GIA, GRS, AGL and C.D unaigre escort 4 copy of certificate, appraisal 743600-1128200 dollars. Is the scarce, high-end color treasure but at the time of economic instability is a hot topic everyone to buy.
Choi bao momentum more strength in 2013, ruby, emerald and sapphire high-grade color treasure although scarce resources such as expensive, but never worry about the buyer. Some of the original collection of diamond jewelry investment and collector is turning also to the high-end color gems. Tourmalines are Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica driven by heat collection to the original price is not high of gems from 2009 to 2011 sales of double year by year, the price hikes as high-end color treasure. Unexpected is, when the market downturn, many businesses rather than specifically to buy a lot of colorful treasure, only to save use low sales.
Time can solve all problems, and in the manufacturing all problems. Ordinary color treasure to buy more and more hot, auction price of high-end color treasure, a lot of people think that as long as the collection of any color treasure, wu to sell a few years can make a lot of money. Unless you buy only high quality high-grade real gems, unless you have a store can digest your color treasure, if we just an ordinary consumer, if we are planning to buy a oneself to like, to wear at ordinary times, in a few years can fetch a good price, a color jewelry fact may be not so ideal as what you think.
Ordinary colored gems than high-end color treasure, sell, is difficult.
Why is it diffcult to color treasure to sell up to? On the auction house auction of color treasure is not on? Yes, but if you look from the investment return perspective, pure want to make money, only is a high-end color treasure market, in other words, not every color treasure to cash. What can deliver? Can have a significant return on investment is usually in the high-end color gem of high-quality goods, such as 2013 on the Hong Kong autumn that 7 carat natural pigeon red ruby ring without heat treatment, like all top class gem, this has GIA rubies, SSEF, Gubelin 3 party certificate, appraisal 1153800-1923100 dollars. Some new varieties of colorful treasure although prices are also rising, but the price due to too new become very unstable, and at that time was up, and because most likely to find new mines and instantaneous drop. Can earn high price in the auction, must have: senior high-end gem, large carat of excellent quality, natural, unprocessed, color rich, or famous brand product of this a few main factors.
If you think colored gems in the auction house owner of the “search”, then can let you earn gems “fee” only those who really have the makings color treasure of treasures. If this is not the level of color treasure, standing in the investment point of view, baby start to on sale this paragraph of time have been varying degrees of price increases, but together with the fees of the auction house and the cost of the various appraisal certificate, the actual investment returns were not so significant. Although the major auction houses do create a lot of color imitation cartier love bracelet treasure to the auction of myth, but not every a myth is suitable for your baby. In addition to the auction house, want to sell your colored gems, really there is no other place to visit. Acquisition between friends and sisters could not as a long-term and stable cash way, second-hand shops and pawnshops are interacting, pressure to your heart. Fortunately, buy color treasure mostly because really like, anyway also not willing to sell, otherwise, not enough on the auction house grade gems can be unable to cash the check.
Blood diamond is never red diamonds
Don’t don’t stop “blood diamonds” to refer to “red diamond” in all kinds of entertainment to show off your well-read! Maybe you think “blood diamonds” concise and powerful, and the most appropriate embodies the red diamonds as attractive colour of blood. One instance and informed you, the senior jewelry fans labels, even if does not love leonardo? Dicaprio, even refused to appreciate the anti-war film bloody violence, but you must know that “blood diamonds” has never been a red diamond!
“Blood Diamond, often translated as” Blood diamonds “, “Blood diamonds” and “conflict diamonds”, “Blood diamonds”, specifically to the rebels diamonds used as arms deals. According to the definition of the United Nations, “blood diamonds” is defined as produced in the international generally recognized, with the legitimacy of government opposition from diamond. Due to sell diamonds to get high profits and money will be against the government or armed conflict against the spirit of the security council, so its name.
In 2006, Warner Brothers’ movie “Blood Diamond, directed by famous director Edward Zwick, Hollywood super heartthrob Leonardo Wilelm DiCaprio starred, sparked a heated debate jewelry industry at the moment. Film is set in Africa sierra leone in 1999, tells the story of anti-government armed smuggling diamonds sold arms brings the profound suffering for the African people. May, in fact, as early as 2000, in order to fundamentally prevent “blood diamonds” into the market, experts from the African diamond producing countries gathered in the central South Africa diamond producing kimberly, decided to eventually establish a global diamond certification of origin system, launched the world’s most famous “kimberley process”. Because the kimberley process Cartier love bracelet replica established a diamond on a global scale the registration and certification of origin of raw material, every diamond with a certificate of origin cannot be changed. Only those with certificate of origin, can prove that it is not from Africa fighting rebels control parts of the country’s diamond raw materials, can enter the normal processing and circulation market, otherwise will be deemed to be illegal. By the end of 2004 has 42 countries are involved in this process. The current “blood diamonds” accounted for less than 1% of the world diamond trading volumes.
In all kinds of professional jewelry books, has a name too little, little is known, or even a lot of senior experts who are engaged in jewelry industry life out of me. As early as in April 1987, it was in New York for $920000 per carat clinch a deal the price clinch a deal the price exclusive color diamond carat world record, that’s big jewelry giant’t. And this makes the world sigh for gem, physically but only 0.95 carats! It is in the family of the king of the gem diamond’s rare breed of colored diamonds, red diamonds!
Love through the jewellery, auction, you must not strange of colored diamonds. Yellow, pink, green, blue, 5 carats, 10 carat worse, than a lot to see. But you know what? In hundreds of years history of jewelry, was discovered and can be classified as red diamond’s riches are numbered, even – the diamond industry nearly hundred years of GIA and only five red diamond appraisal certificate issued by. Even more amazing is that so far the world’s largest Red only 5.11 carat diamonds, named “Moussaieff” (the dark Red). Nearly half a century ago found its Brazilian farmers must believe, that has no intention to write the legend in the history of jewelry. Even had polished it craftsman is involuntary admiration: it in his hand polished it, like touching the Mona Lisa on the cheek, fruity and delicate. The 2002 was in the dark Jewellers Ltd company bought the world unique treasures, still can only show up twice. 2003 of the Smithsonian institution in Washington (Smithsonian) and Fake Cartier love bracelet another is in the Natural History Museum in London in 2005 (Natural History Museum). The next time will appear again when in public, really hard to predict.
You must be very curious, what makes a very bright diamonds with hot color of blood? This is nature’s most magical powers. Study, brown, pink and purple diamond related to plastic deformation, because most of the diamonds come from more than 150 km of the upper mantle, the high temperature and high pressure of the upper mantle in the environment or in the process of diamond is captured by the magma upward migration, to different degree of plastic deformation, lattice sliding or dislocation, form the point defect or structural defects, the defects not only raise rate of N accumulation in diamond, diamond still can make a different color. In short, it is a diamond in the process of movement by external make its internal structure deformation happened and make its produce magnificent red!

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