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Diamond collection should pay attention to what

Diamond collection should pay attention to what
There is no commodity in the world after a few years, will accept the original price back, in addition to diamonds. Because it is always in price. I have asked a luxury collector what is extravagant, he told me that the factors that determine the value of luxury is “can not be reversed time”, “can not copy the process”, “non-renewable resources”, and these three Diamond body has been the greatest degree of expression. You now see the diamond is 4 billion years ago the volcanic eruption of the formation of “veins”, even if you sit on 40 billion dollars can not be a volcanic eruption, and then by 40 billion years of youth waiting only for a crystal The “little stone”.

This small stone before turning into your fingers that dazzling glory, experienced numerous Taoist and machine, technology and wisdom of the process to become 250 tons of rock and mineral refining out of the 1 carat diamond. This is not just a rare reason, in my personal visit to the Botswana diamond imitation Cartier love bracelet factory and drilling before, but also puzzled these glittering little stone what worth 10 million? And only after witnessing the huge works and numerous artificial after I understand why diamonds can not be inflation, political turmoil, the impact of economic ups and downs, become the most worthy of wealth.

And now when the diamond has been all over the major shopping malls, every wedding never absent, as everything must be the best, you should know what kind of diamond was worth collecting. In the following, will tell you everything about the diamond, all the best diamonds are born with the perfect quality.
Diamond Misunderstanding:

Misunderstanding 1: is diamonds can preserve and increase value

Wang married before her husband bought a more than 20 points of diamonds, spent more than 20,000 yuan. Xiao Wang heart has his own abacus, diamonds are not renewable, and later only less and less, the market price of diamonds has been steadily growing, wait until many years later to sell it, not only free wear for many years, also Make money.

However, according to the international gem expert Qiu Zhili introduction, evaluation of diamonds have four criteria: weight, color, clarity and cut. General diamonds to reach a carat have a collection value, even if the clarity, color, excellent cutting can not be less than 0.5 karats. The sale of diamonds on the market generally can not meet this requirement. Retail sales of diamond jewelry retailers to earn high profits, and the value of jewelry by the diamond itself with the precious metal and the design of the composition of the composition.

Misunderstanding 2: According to the origin to determine the pros and cons

Many diamond dealers in the promotion of products that they are selling the “South African diamond”, “Indian Diamond” and so on. In fact, in the current diamond pricing mechanism, there is no basis for the pricing mechanism. And in the current technical conditions, it is extremely difficult to distinguish the origin of diamonds. The level of the diamond depends entirely on its own quality, that is, weight, color, clarity, cut four aspects to determine. So do not forget to buy diamonds when the origin of a diamond produced.

Misunderstanding 3: through the “Jianlou” can make a fortune

Often heard of some jade lovers “pick” to a good jade and fortune story, but for the diamond collection of this opportunity is basically no. Diamonds have a special sales channels, generally do not have expensive diamonds to non-normal channels. Diamond lovers can buy diamonds for certain long-term reputable companies and make certain discounts. Sometimes in some companies may find the design is not very good, sold for many years did not sell out, the price has not been adjusted diamonds, you can buy back to re-mosaic will be more cost-effective.

Misunderstanding 4: access to the threshold of high investment risk

Diamond collection requires a very technical and strong financial strength. Therefore, the investment of ordinary investors to be careful. Now, the world’s diamond prices are steadily increasing every year, especially some drills, large diamond appreciation faster. And diamond liquidity is very strong, do not need a professional body to buy back the diamond. Therefore, the risk of investors with conditions is relatively small.
Previously, the strong woman has a joke, said that when married to love what can not buy their own, but must buy a bed for their own, so you can at any time so that angered their men rolling down. However, the man kicked his bed, but can not erase the smell of his stay in bed. So now, women want to buy Replica Cartier jewelry their own things have to be replaced – diamonds, so do not have to worry about breaking up when the diamond was taken away by a man, change a model to wear someone else’s fingers or someone else’s neck, so that you teeth do not repent; , You can often use this precious diamonds to please themselves – after all, the diamond represents the wealth, on behalf of the beautiful, diamonds on behalf of your own absolute position in mind – smart woman, the favorite is their own.
Tips to teach you to identify diamonds

Picking diamonds also like picking a man, like the eye to the hand, pick the wrong man injury, the wrong diamond decoration sad ah. So, keep in mind the following three strokes, you can let the initial identification of diamonds.

Lipophilic method

Diamonds have a “oil-absorbing” grease, which is no such feature. The diamond in the face with a trace of fat, with the thumb friction of the diamond, the thumb will feel a sticky, easy to slide, and fake diamonds will let the thumb has a slippery feeling.

Sugar test method

Natural diamond heat transfer capacity is good, hot air scattered fast. The diamond will be tested near the mouth, gently gas, so that the diamond was tested a layer of mist, then immediately look at the diamond fog volatile situation, such as natural diamonds, fog will be dispersed immediately, Counterfeit diamonds on the maintenance for a while, will be dispersed.
Penetrate the observation method

Diamond has a high refractive index, and the higher the refractive index of diamonds, light reflection force is also stronger, relative, low perspective. Can be prepared with a straight paper, will be measured two unknown diamonds, face down, gland in a straight line, by the back of the diamond directly to the naked eye to see, such as to see the pressure in the diamond Straight, it is certainly not natural diamonds.

The glory of the glory declaration

If not a man kneeling on one hand to your left hand to wear a ring, do not be discouraged! Left hand wedding ring, perhaps a sign of happiness, it may be shackles of shackles. But the right hand of the ring, but it is a symbol of a single aristocracy. So, like the diamond ring on their own to send their own, the diamond ring in the right hand, is their own self-confidence, but also a more absolute pride!

The pride of the ear

Who says a woman narcissistic is a bad thing? Only in the world to maintain their favorite mood, in order to keep youth and beauty fresh longer. Look at Demi Moore a class of Tong Yan “demon”, if it is not the share of super narcissism, always forget to use plastic surgery, fashion, diamond armed their own, how to protect Amulette de Cartier Bracelet Replica her youth often? Since narcissism, you do not have to hide the light, so that ears filled with glory, the most flash is you.

Playing the woman’s wrist

In love, any one of the more than a woman, are know how to play a small wrist woman, in view of this, you should not neglect your jade wrist, for it decorate some jewelry, so that the diamond shine wrist, You will find, “playing from the wrist” to be more exciting, more beautiful. Bracelets and necklaces, the decoration area is relatively large, while the decorative effect is relatively large, it is worth your teeth investment.

Buy diamonds website which online to buy diamonds website recommended

Buy diamonds website which online to buy diamonds website recommended
Diamond quality is good or bad, mainly to see 4C, and the brand, is not a physical store, the relationship is not big, the brand will buy some time at ease, after-sales service may be better, but the brand value is high, The price is also expensive

The development of diamond electrical business has gone through five or six years, from the original exploration, to the present model tends to be stable and mature, the speed of development industry is obvious to see, many traditional jewelry diamond predators (Chow Tai Fook, Chow Sang Sang, etc.) Also began to layout, the prospects of a good.

In fact, in addition to Davidie still insist on not building experience center, take the so-called “light assets” line, the diamond business model is mostly “network + experience center”, that is, people often Said “mouse + cement”, on the basis of their own characteristics to survive, each has its own set of imitation Cartier love bracelet methods.
China’s diamond business is still in the development stage, the model is not mature, and electricity companies have their own survival rules, quoted a word, “If the consumer awareness is to promote the rapid development of e-commerce, “The market needs a variety of models, but also need to compete, which may be the source of chaos, but also to the development of diamonds to go through the business experience of the development of e-commerce.” Stage, the survival of the fittest, the model of good and bad, the market competition will eventually see the outcome, do their own model, and constantly tap to meet the needs of consumers, to consumers more favorable diamonds and perfect service is the electricity business enterprises Based on the fundamental market.
Online shopping is the most fashionable way of shopping today, before people just buy low-cost online things, but with the improvement of online shopping integrity, online shopping expensive people are everywhere. But the purchase of diamond ring, that the shop is good? The biggest feature of online shopping is cheap and homes. Because the diamond ring shop through the Internet’s own platform advantage, eliminating the cumbersome part of the sales process, which greatly reduces the cost reduction, easy to save you a lot of costs, do not need you to go outside shopping, eliminating the errands The energy.

But some people will worry about the quality of online shopping diamond ring. In fact, this issue generally do not have to worry about, because each diamond ring will be sent to your hands when accompanied by a diamond identification certificate, a carat below the diamond will be engraved in the waist lettering, more than a carat diamond will have a clear picture of the big certificate, And the diamond certificate has a corresponding number, you can directly check the authenticity of the Internet.
Some people worry about the integrity of the business. If you want to open up shop, then it will certainly attach great importance to their brand reputation. Users can be monitored through the network. And in order to make consumers more comfortable to buy more peace of mind, shop will also have online customer service, you can always provide services for you, you can consult before buying clearly, so that future trouble.

Online to buy diamonds where good? CPI high times, the price is always provoking the nerve, bare diamond custom has become a trend. Zuo Kayi to “let the jewelry to the public” as the original intention, “spend the same money, buy a larger diamond” as the goal for consumers to provide the best price, best quality and aftermarket, access to a large number of consumers Welcome and recognized.
So online shopping diamond must go to high credit shop. Generally in the days of cat to buy, then you can check their credibility information. In the brand’s official website, it is also able to see the problem. Today, the shop will also provide personalized service, according to the required style to personal design and improvement, for you engraved on the jewelry personalized name or pattern, for your hand-made unique and has a special significance of the diamond ring The Some jewelry network also launched its own patent fingerprint ring, in your ring engraved on your fingerprints, so that the ring can be the owner of the atmosphere, will be quite mysterious and unique.
Is it easy to buy diamonds online? The value of diamonds, after all, is relatively high, the greater the risk, so choose the right business is very important, in addition to Taobao online there are many more professional B2C diamond e-commerce network, these officially registered, more B2C company website , For very worried about the safety of online shopping consumers should be a better choice. To pay attention to what the problem? The first look at this jewelry website is not a ICP card, the formal website are prepared for the case, we best look at their contact and ICP record area, the best way to choose to use Alipay and other third parties Payment platform to pay, receive confirmation of the goods and then re-lending, so that diamonds Replica Cartier jewelry and money are guaranteed.

Online to buy diamond wedding ring Another point to note is to see the diamonds certificate, generally more than 20 points can be a diamond grading certificate, so require the business to produce a certificate is a matter of course. The origin of the certificate will be issued by the national authority, such a diamond in color, clarity is guaranteed. Naked stone with an international certificate such as (GIA, HRD) is the most ideal choice, because the international certificate of the identification results are the most authoritative and authentic. General GIA certificate of bare stone not only in the diamond on the waist with lettering, and in the GIA official website can also find the corresponding identification results.
Marriage is a big thing in life, do not want to buy diamond wedding ring appearance and cause a lifetime of regret. Online to buy diamonds wedding ring reliable? About online diamond wedding ring to buy the reliability of the problem is that many friends are concerned about. Online to buy diamond wedding ring reliable? Buy diamond wedding ring to pay attention to what issues?

First must do is decide to buy diamond wedding ring online, please master some of the knowledge of diamonds, spend a few hours familiar with this knowledge in the purchase of more heart at the end.

Also need to pay attention to is to determine their own budget, and then decide how much their own diamonds, generally 30 to 50 points of diamonds are often selected, the economic conditions can be considered a greater or even carat diamond. According to the color of the diamond and the level of cut to the specific analysis, consider these later in the search to choose.

Online to buy diamond which is good? Zuoqi Yi jewelry is one of the world famous high-end jewelry www.ourlovestore.com brand, originated in 1839, in the Italian jewelry VICENZA founded, with its founder ZOCAI name, has 100 years of history, Zoukai is a diamond wholesaler , Jewelry processing business, jewelry design room, jewelry retailers in one of the four e-commerce companies.

Compared to the traditional jewelry brand, Zuo Kai regardless of the quality of the diamond, or after-sales service are second to none, as the 3.15 protection of consumer rights brand, 8 years, direct sales of genuine diamond jewelry, and Advocate against fake and shoddy products, protect the interests of consumers. In the Zoacai to more and more half-carat diamonds to people, so that diamonds and love are no longer out of reach, so that every dream girl is easy to achieve the dream of a diamond. If you want to know more about jewelry information, you can also get a more perfect answer. Welcome to consult and order.

Professional custom diamond ring

Professional custom diamond ring

Professional custom diamond ring is a professional custom diamond ring perfect service, the store has a number of professional designers, for customers to choose the bare diamond and ring care style, a warm and warm jewelry consultant, responsible for the order from the custom diamond ring factory The Can become a professional custom diamond ring brand!

There are three kinds of professional custom diamond ring, one is to select the bare diamond and like the custom style, relatively simple; the other is to choose the favorite style, do some changes, such as frosted or flash surface, or arm plus small drill And so on; the third is their own hands to draw the desired style, or put their own thoughts on the diamond ring, or the most memorable things tell the designer, so that designers help design.

These three kinds of professional custom diamond ring way, are to pick Cartier love bracelet replica naked drill, pick the bare diamond is the most important thing is to select the diamond 4C and fluorescent, do not understand the diamond 4C and fluorescent friends, you can contact the Zo Kay jewelry consultant to understand, also Baidu can understand, only to understand the diamond 4C and fluorescence, the diamond can make an accurate choice, so as not to choose their own do not like the bare drill.

Professional custom diamond ring costs include design costs, diamond costs, check-in costs and processing fees, professional custom diamond ring four are selected separately, this consumption so that every part of the consumer will tell, so the price is more transparent. There is no brand value-added products, even if there is a relatively large amount of advertising, it is worth mentioning, so the price is very high.

Professional custom diamond ring brand is very much, there are Zuo Kayi, I DO, BLOVE, Dai Rui, diamond birds and other brands, there are some unknown small workshops, choose professional custom diamond ring brand, be sure to select reputable business, Small workshops which are not guaranteed to be considered. In the selection of the brand, we should pay attention to shop around, you can press the diamond 4C contrast price, contrast style richness, design diamond ring costs, processing fees, care costs, etc., a lot of contrast to choose the most suitable one.

Custom platinum diamond ring general menu drill simple classic style mostly, while the luxury style is less, because the high purity of platinum, will be relatively soft, mosaic luxury style will not be solid. Of course, some people have a soft spot for platinum, some relatively simple with a small diamond style, will use the PT900 material custom diamond ring, because the PT900 will be harder than the PT950.

Custom platinum diamond ring in recent years has been very popular, the basic approach is to choose their own or in the jewelry consultant with the help of a selection of bare diamond, and then select the favorite style and material, and finally custom processing mosaic, you can , Very simple, that is, custom time may be some long, probably about a month, of course, simple style time will be faster.

Custom platinum diamond ring with a unique, very unique, extraordinary significance! In the mall to buy the finished product diamond ring are mass production, limited style and hit in the street is inevitable. Custom is different, like what style can be customized style, but also in the favorite style with their favorite elements, such as a small drill into a small diamond, plus lettering content, diamonds for large Some of the wait.

If you do not like the style, good painting can also draw their own style, and then to the designer according to map processing custom, you can put their own ideas, ideas, want to style, tell the designer, By the designer to help you design the style you want, absolutely unique! More special significance and commemorative value, give away the words, more sincere and full of mind!

Custom platinum diamond ring price of the same fineness of diamonds are cheaper than the mall 30% to 50%, cost is very high. And custom platinum diamond ring, there will be GIA bare diamond international most authoritative identification certificate, the quality is more secure, but also more valuable! GIA certificate bare diamond has its own GIA code, respectively, in the certificate and the diamond on the waist, with a magnifying glass can query, GIA official website can also query, do not worry about fake.

Custom Platinum Diamond Ring, First Zoca! Zuo Kayi online major platforms have flagship store, as well as the official website, there are more than 100 entities in the country shop, although more than 10 years old brand, but still insist on everyone can afford the diamond ring brand, The price is very Cartier love ring replica affordable, but also support the official website selection, and then make an appointment to see the physical store, online and offline unified pricing, so that customers enjoy the store services, online prices!
How is the diamond custom?

How do you have a unique diamond ring? The market for the sale of the diamond ring are mostly mass production, may not be able to meet the needs of personalization like you, in the fashionable men and women blowing the DIY trend of the custom made the wind came into being. What about the diamond customization? You can find along with Xiao Bian to explore, you will find from the diamond custom process to diamond customization of the understanding, as well as the choice of diamond custom brand is important and important.

How is the diamond custom? First of all you need to find a brand can be customized diamonds, many jewelry brands can be customized diamonds, jewelry brands such as Chow Tai Fook, Chow Sang Sang, Lao Fengxiang and other traditional brands, the price may be expensive, down to some small workshops. The price is very favorable. Xiaobian feel diamonds custom or need to go to the more formal jewelry brand to go, such as Zoakai jewelry is very good, in the Zoacai custom diamond, online purchase can also enjoy the store diamond price concessions, custom GIA certificate, quality Guaranteed. Like the classic consumers can choose Zouqi jewelry six claw mosaic models, heritage classic, but sometimes. But also in the ring on the carving on the meaningful text, so that the diamond ring and your love are the same as the world.

How is the diamond custom? Second, you need to pick out the favorite diamonds and choose a good ring to the business, and how to choose diamonds? Of course, first to understand the diamond, said it would have to say about the diamond 4C. Choose high color, low clarity diamonds, save money and preservation, so for the choice of our daily wear of the diamond, may wish to consider the choice of high color, low clarity of the diamond Oh! So that both save a lot of money and the same hedge! Why not do it? In general, I color below the Cartier nail bracelet replica diamonds do not choose, because the naked eye can see the partial yellow. The choice of choice is more, you can directly select the store ready-made style to the business, want to diamond ring more personal characteristics of friends can also be inscribed on the inscription of their own unique text and pattern Oh, such as two Personal English name letters, such as the first day of love, love the first anniversary of the anniversary, etc., how? It is not very romantic very commemorative value. Different marriage and love, just missing a different diamond ring to commensurate.

How is the diamond custom? Diamond customization benefits can be a lot, the first choice of space, custom and flexible. You can choose your favorite diamonds, but also in the diamond ring design to add their own ideas, to create a private love keepsake. The second price advantage is obvious. Diamond custom from the price of bare diamond to the price of the material, manual fees and so on consumers can at a glance, diamond custom is directly facing the consumer, save a lot of intermediate links, unnecessary intermediate costs of course, save a lot , And the price of bare diamond increasingly open, transparent, consumer do not consult the business, ask you can know the price, and bad businessmen want to do in the above hands and feet is not easy, so worth it, dial the abacus to know The Think so, diamond custom parity is high ah, there are wood.

International Diamond Price

International Diamond Price
Diamond production in the world is quite rare, the more rare thing is the most precious. Diamonds in the past for us is a luxury desire and can not, but now the diamond gradually popular, many people in the marriage proposal, engagement or marriage will choose diamonds as a love token. Now the social investment situation is diverse, not in the past, such as precious gold and other precious metals, precious jewelry as a value of both ornamental value and collection of diamonds has also been a popular Cartier nail bracelet replica investment community. Diamond prices are the most concerned about the issue of investors, then the international diamond price trend how?

International diamond price future trend? The world economic downturn in the big situation, investors will not only look to the property market, the stock market, diamonds as both a value of wearing and collection of jewelry, gradually attracted the attention of high-end investors. Since 2007, international diamond prices have maintained a nine consecutive year of price increases, and the cumulative increase of over 30%, especially as the world’s largest diamond supplier De Beers diamond company in 2015 on the diamond raw material twice Price increases, once the international diamond prices to a high point, coupled with the rise of emerging markets in developing countries, diamonds, diamonds, the decline in the production of diamonds led to the rising trend of the price of diamonds.

International diamond price determinants The International Diamond Price List is the price basis for trading between the global jeweler, diamond merchant and diamond cutting factory every Friday by the New York Diamond Exchange, so it can be seen that the price of the diamond is not an accurate figure. Diamond prices are affected by diamonds 4C, diamonds 4C: Caratage, Cut, Clarity, Color, Diamonds 4 C are missing, each one C is very important, can not easily ignore one of them.

With the diamond sales in emerging developing countries higher, diamond-producing areas of diamond production decline, the international diamond prices in the future trend should also rise in space, some experts predict that the world’s diamond mine in 40 years will face Resource depletion of the plight, it means that in the future more and more difficult to produce large carat diamonds, and diamonds consumption demand is expected to not have a big reduction, so the international diamond price movements are still up space.
How much is the 18k diamond ring?

Diamond ring, 18K gold ring, 18K diamond ring is the ring material is 18 gold diamond ring, because 18K gold color and diverse, high hardness, strong expansion, 18K diamond ring by the strong, Consumers love especially the pursuit of the younger generation of consumers, 18K diamond ring how much money? Are you expensive? This requires a multifaceted consideration.
How much is the 18k diamond ring?

How much is the 18K diamond ring? And 18K gold inlaid diamonds, the price of diamonds is the proportion of 18K diamond ring price of about 90 percent, the impact of diamond value factors are carat, clarity, color and cut, which is the diamond 4C, 4C level Different, so that the diamond ring from the price imitation Cartier love bracelet range from thousands of dollars to millions of yuan, 1 carat below the 18K diamond ring is mainly wearing the function, you can choose the low degree of clarity of diamonds, ordinary people’s glasses is difficult to observe the clarity Differences, does not affect the effect of wearing, and the degree of clarity level difference, the price may be a thousand dollars difference, thousands of dollars, so the low clarity of the diamond ring than the higher parity. 20 points 18k diamond ring, the quality is better, the market price of the general number of 15,000 yuan up and down.

How much is the 18K diamond ring? And the day the price of gold, 18K gold is 75% gold plus 25% other metals (such as silver, zinc, copper, nickel, etc.) by a mixed metal, due to the addition of other metals, not only white, Rose red and many other colors, and higher hardness, suitable for the production of a variety of complex styles of diamond ring. 18K gold diamond ring price and the day of the price of gold and diamond ring processing difficulty of the relationship between the difficult process, and sometimes make the diamond ring more expensive.

How much is the 18K diamond ring? With the diamond jewelry of the popular. Many of the drilling is facing the depletion of mine capacity, life is about to end the situation, and if the diamond production is decreasing, then the 18k gold ring price will undoubtedly be a higher price to continue.

How much is the 18K diamond ring? If you have a better understanding of diamonds, you may buy a higher parity diamond price, diamond trading brought high income, so that the investment of diamond businessmen more business ethics is also good and bad, in order to obtain more profits, bad Businessmen may be in the 18K diamond ring on the quality of the hands and feet, the use of consumers are not familiar with the diamond, intends to improve the price of diamond ring, or fraud. So buy diamond ring before the first to learn some of the knowledge of the diamond is still very necessary. The purchase of diamond ring also need to go to the regular jewelry brand to buy, is conducive to the protection of consumer rights.
Diamond 50 points probably like a mung bean-like size, round 50 points diamond claw-shaped in 18K gold on the ring, both drilling and crystal clear, worn in the ring finger, the wisdom of the wisdom of the United States and the United States release, deep Loved by girls. Diamond 50 points of the diamond ring with you is my other half of the happy meaning. Diamond 50 cents how much money? Mosaic in different places, different styles, the price is different.

Diamond 50 cents how much money? 50 diamonds can choose the ring material is mainly 18K gold, platinum, gold, palladium, mainly platinum and 18K gold more. Which 18K gold inlay effect is relatively strong, the price is cheaper, is the choice of most people. 18K gold and silver color can be divided into 18K white gold, 18K gold and 18K gold rose gold. For the relatively white skin of women, 18K rose gold 50 points diamond ring wear more moving. In the Zuo Kay official counter, 18K rose gold diamond 50 points Fake Cartier love bracelet ring, 4C: weight: 50 points, color: IJ, clarity: VS, cut: VG, the price is 13576 yuan, how many people can bear The range. Need friends can enter the Zoukai official website to do the relevant advice.

How much is the diamond 50? 50 diamonds can not only be embedded in a diamond ring, but also can be embedded in a very beautiful shiny pendant, summer, sun mottled, 50 cents diamond pendant in the slender neck swaying, reflecting the bright sunshine, blooming diamonds dazzling Light, plus the sweet smile of beauty, this is the happy thing. Can be written as a poem. How much is the diamond 50? 4C parameters by the decision, 4C good quality, the price of your point. But the diamond 50 points pendant price of about 10,000 yuan -40000 yuan.

Diamond 50 cents how much money? If you like DIY DIY diamond ring friends, you can also customize the diamond 50 points ring, the price includes the price of diamonds, the price of accommodation and manual fees. So that you can buy a higher parity of the diamond ring, you can also participate in the design of the diamond ring. With the most special diamond ring highlights the most special love, there is a symbol of wood. Engraved heart of the moment, Zuo Ka Yi carefully tailored for your exclusive diamond ring.

Platinum Wedding Ring

Platinum Wedding Ring
Because of its pure and perfect, not because of the passage of time and fade, is the eternal symbol, because by the new people’s favorite, at the wedding, platinum wedding ring is the largest ring, witnessed a lot of new people the most happy moment! After marriage, new people will always wear a platinum wedding ring, so happy forever in the heart ~
From the aesthetic point of view, platinum wedding ring will be more suitable for marriage than gold, because platinum is the most precious metal in nature, it is the natural color is silver, it is because platinum because of silver and white luster, so often People regard platinum as a symbol of purity and faith. At the same time often also gives a noble, elegant feeling. In addition, the platinum wedding ring also has not faded, not easy to deformation, even if the scratch, the gold will not change the Cartier nail bracelet replica characteristics of the more rare than gold, higher value, but also harder, but also inlaid to protect diamonds, which Gold can not be compared.

Platinum wedding ring prices are generally in the thousands to tens of thousands of hundreds of thousands have, specifically or whether there are inlaid diamonds, if inlaid diamonds, it depends on the diamond 4C level, 4C different, different styles, different brands of platinum wedding ring , The price will be different. Platinum style is generally simple and generous, inlaid with diamonds, the general is a single diamond style, suitable for people like noble and simple style.

In fact, platinum wedding ring about how much money is not very important, the most important thing is to buy their own economic conditions for themselves, they also like the platinum wedding ring, whether it is prime platinum wedding ring, or inlaid Diamond platinum wedding ring, as long as it is suitable for their own, and do not exceed their own budget like, platinum wedding ring is to witness the love, do not need too expensive too luxurious.

In the selection of platinum wedding ring, pay attention to the confirmation of the material, platinum wedding ring logo is PT, palladium sign is PD, white 18K gold material is G or AU, these three materials are easy to confuse, because their color is very similar of. So at the time of purchase, to look for PT logo, to avoid being fooled. After the purchase, the certificate invoice is to ask for the follow-up after-sales protection. Of course, prime money, then, generally no certificate, diamond-studded style will have a certificate.
Naked drill custom is now gradually 8090 after the newcomers, they are pursuing a imitation Cartier love bracelet new, trend. Naked drill DIY custom, so fashionable after the 8090 into the purchase of people up to people! With bare drill custom, you do not have to worry about not like the level of the diamond but like the ring of the ring, or the price of this ring, but do not like its style and so on.

Naked drill custom than the direct purchase of ready-made diamond ring, more personalized, more their own mind, and the higher value, cost is also higher, therefore, by many new people welcome. Naked drill custom practice is their own preferences, choose a 4C fully meet their own requirements of the bare drill, and then select the favorite style and material, and finally pay the full amount or deposit and then custom processing mosaic on it.

Naked drill custom can not only custom diamond ring, but also custom diamond pendants, diamond earrings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, etc., custom style and custom diamond ring the same process. And bare diamond custom diamond ring, is currently the most people choose, custom other jewelry, is less. Bare drill custom orders before the best choice is to have the authority of GIA international diamond drill, more secure, but also remember to ask for invoices, follow-up cleaning maintenance can also use invoices for after-sales service.

Diamond 4C is the most important factor affecting the bare diamond customization, but in addition to the diamond 4C, bare diamond custom also consider the diamond fluorescence, diamond impact on the quality and price of bare diamond is also very large, no fluorescent bare drill than Fluorescent expensive, the value is higher. Fluorescence is good for diamonds. If it is yellow fluorescence, the impact on the diamond is not good.

If it is blue fluorescence, the lower the color level of the bare drill, such as I-J color, but also play a whitening effect. And if the color level is high, such as D to F color, strong blue fluorescence will let bare drill some foggy. So in the choice of fluorescent level, but also depends on what is the bare diamond Fake Cartier love bracelet color. In addition to fluorescent, in the bare drill custom, but also pay attention to the selection of reputable business, to avoid buying cream drill or coffee drill. These two diamonds, 4C can be relatively high, but the diamonds are actually not good.

Bare drill custom in the selection of ring style, if it is more luxurious, small drill more of the ring, it is best to use 18K gold material, mosaic will be more solid than platinum, not easy to drill. And if it is simple single-drilling style, choose platinum material will be better, because the purity of platinum is very high, the value will be higher than the 18K gold, with the passage of time, it will not oxidize discoloration, make the color of platinum eternal

Golden Green Cat’s Eye 18K Golden Cat Ring

Golden Green Cat’s Eye 18K Golden Cat Ring
Jewelry can not only decorate the beauty of a woman, but also decorate their feelings, this is her birthday gift today, very Meng’s ring, she felt like a very “Alice in Wonderland” in the care of the Cheshire cat, She believes that it will accompany her feelings will be infinite good.
This golden green cat’s eye 18K gold kitten ring exquisite workmanship to create a vicious cat head, cat’s eyes are two natural gold and gold gems, in different light under the eyes of the kitten can change the color, very smart, eyes The following are a natural small drill, the unique look very Meng very cute.
This ring will appear to be promoted to her favorite jewelry, very cute ring, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like, but also wish her a happy birthday.
She is not earrings control, so earrings not much, but surprisingly Cartier nail bracelet replica like the pair of earrings, generous smooth lines, elegant and delicate shape, long section of the design not only stretched the contours of the face, but also set off a gentle woman charming Of the temperament, classical design charm full.
This Chow Tai Fook’s earrings to plucked instrumental pipa for the design inspiration, exquisite workmanship to create a beautiful little pretty little golden lute, falling in the long chain on a tassel feeling, walking between the Smart and elegant pipa classical Elegant temperament complement each other, the hollow of the pipa body is also falling with a frosted little gold beads, jumping between the ring Pei Ding, Jiaoqiao charming.
Very fine earrings, upper body is also very beautiful, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.
In the pursuit of fashion and personality of the times, jewelry in terms of women is not only decorated with beautiful jewelry, and sometimes the character and personality of the embodiment, which she is very like a gold ornaments, simple design personality full, with her bold Of the character Xiangying Hui.

This just gold blue sky theater gold ornaments with Greek and Roman mythology as a creative inspiration to create a fairy romantic mood, hand and detailed gold pattern – theater, accompanied by mysterious elegant turquoise and Austrian crystal, designed to be beautiful and romantic Pure gold jewelry, gold and turquoise combination in the color to enhance the low-key luxury texture.
Very beautiful jewelry, but also very sense of design, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.
Know that the pumpkin car is in Cinderella’s fairy tale, Cinderella driving it to catch up with the prince’s dance, so in the innocent age we often fantasize that there is such a gorgeous pumpkin car can take us to reach the dream The place.

This Chow Sang Sang’s pumpkin car pendant with a fairy tale Cinderella sitting imitation Cartier love bracelet in the pumpkin car for the design inspiration, exquisite workmanship to create a wonderful only Qiao pumpkin, hollow styling delicate cute, which is red crystal, red and yellow With very beautiful, with four mini feet small wheels, a gorgeous pumpkin car was born.

For a long time did not buy gold, not because they do not love, but recently on what are not pleasing to the eye, can be a few days ago in the official website to see it from the heart has been obsessed with, very beautiful pumpkin car, recommend to everyone to appreciate, Hope you like it.
Often sigh the magic of music, and now let us look at the following sparkling notes, and write a strange and extraordinary movement, it is elegant and smooth lines, the interpretation of the wonderful words can not let us bathed in music Of the world, feel its rhythm of life.

This is just the light of the soft rhyme to the design for the inspiration, in the JG colorful wonderful, it is quiet and peaceful, as its name in general, gently dough, golden notes in the black and white keys slowly outflow , Own a share of your colorful purple I feel from the security, and the romantic flowing tassel design is the perfect embodiment of women’s gentle and charming, gestures filled with intriguing charm.
Beautiful earrings, swaying style, ladies and fashion, very wild, recommended to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.
This is her a decade ago to buy a pendant, generous style, chic style in today seems still fashionable, she gave it named “Dielianhua”, the shape of the rectangle is not only her favorite reason, Beautiful mood is her favorite theme.
This Ming pendant with butterflies and flowers for the design inspiration, thousands of Fake Cartier love bracelet gold bars to create a hollow rectangular shape is separated into two shapes the same trapezoid, the above is elegant and smooth lines outline a beautiful flowers, full of elegant contours, Independent of the stamens of three-dimensional fine, the following is a beautiful butterfly, hollow shape delicate vivid, to create a unique love of Dielian mood mood.
Very puzzles, rectangular style generous and stable, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.

Pearl Pampers Apennine

European eyes of the Chinese luxury goods market: the proportion of consumption accounted for 29% of the world,
19 years ago, the term luxury for the Chinese people, is still a strange word, when the people of luxury goods purchasing power is only 1% -2% of the global consumption ratio. However, 19 years later, the Chinese people on the international consumer goods market, has become important. 2013 data show that the Chinese luxury consumption accounted for 29% of the world’s proportion. In the foreseeable future, this proportion will continue to rise.

July 4, the Italian luxury goods industry association vice chairman Armando Branchini with multiple reports, the interpretation of the digital changes behind the secret, but also the overall trend of luxury goods in-depth analysis. In the digital dynamics, we can see the luxury of the past and the future, but also a glimpse of the development of luxury goods, “popular password.”

Pearl Pampers Apennine

For the world’s luxury lovers, the European continent is their holy places. Europe in the global luxury goods industry manufacturing accounted for 70% of the brandless myth of the brand and a steady stream of new supply, laid the European luxury goods industry in the absolute right to speak. The luxury goods industry, which provides employment directly to 100 million people throughout Europe, has created more than 1.7 million jobs. Among them, located in the Apennine peninsula of Italy, the luxury goods Cartier nail bracelet replica industry to create employment opportunities accounted for one third of the whole of Europe, called executive ears.

In Italy, the proportion of luxury goods exports higher than the European average, exports of luxury goods accounted for 85% of the total. Not only the Italian luxury goods in their own production, many other countries in Europe, luxury goods will also be located in Italy. Whether it is shoes, handbags, leather goods, or men’s, women’s, jewelry, you can find the Italian label.

Gathered in Italy, these luxury goods companies to Gucci (Gucci) as the representative, almost led the trend of the whole of Europe, a luxury lover living standards of the benchmark, “making the world’s living standards and taste of consumers improved” , The report said so.

Data show that in the world, Italy personal luxury consumer market accounted for 25% of the share. Italian furniture in the world luxury furniture market accounted for 80% of the share. In addition, consumption of food and beverages accounted for 23%, luxury cars accounted for 3% of the world’s luxury cars in the world’s consumption accounted for 10%.

Global luxury goods consumption in 20 years over 3 times

Since 1995, the Italian luxury goods industry associations each year according to the global luxury goods market research, released a research report. The report shows that in 2013, the total consumption of personal luxury goods throughout the world is 217 billion euros. This figure has tripled in less than 20 years.

Armando Branchini, vice president of the Italian luxury goods industry association, said that in 2012, Asia’s luxury consumption has cooled, mainly because of the Chinese government’s anti-corruption and advocacy initiatives, while the Americas has maintained a three-year rally. For the Asian market, he said that although China’s domestic consumption has cooled, but Hong Kong and Macao momentum is good, in addition to many Chinese tourists are also willing to choose overseas consumption.

Compared to China, South Korea’s consumption level is weak, but the growth trend is stronger than imitation Cartier love bracelet Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines and other Southeast Asian countries, “the Middle East we are still very optimistic about the Middle East luxury consumption of 40% from tourists.”

In the world, Armando Branchini focused on several emerging luxury consumer countries, such as Angola, Nigeria, Australia and New Zealand. He believes that tourism is driving the growth of luxury consumption in these countries the underlying causes.

Chinese consumers account for 29% of the world’s total

In the luxury classification study, the Italian luxury goods industry association research report also reveals the following interesting laws.

The report data show that in 2013, luxury goods in the first sale of more than clothing. Clothing sales fell slightly, from 26% to 25%. Jewelry and watches accounted for 23% of the share, cosmetics accounted for 20%, leather goods sales have increased. At the same time, the men’s market gains gratifying: men’s and men’s accessories sales in recent years, far more than women’s clothing.

In the introduction of data research, Armando Branchini highlighted China, he expects 2014, the Chinese mainland market is expected to reach 16 billion consumer value.

Armando Branchini said that in the past 35 years, he had 96 visits to China, witnessed China from the 80s of last century so far great changes. He said that the consumption of luxury consumers in China, the domestic market consumption is 10%, and the remaining 19% refers to the Chinese consumers to overseas shopping, “from the price point of view, can be understood as the Chinese people in the country to buy A table of the price can be bought in foreign countries two tables. The main reason is domestic and foreign, the same a product, the price difference. He believes that in China, first-line, second-line and third-line market conditions are not the same, the first-line market is relatively low, second-tier cities grow faster, and in three markets there is the same phenomenon: we can afford the luxury products, it The consumption has increased greatly.

“We are the first time since two years ago to do this nationality survey, found that the proportion of Chinese consumers accounted for a high in 2012, Chinese consumers in terms of personal luxury consumption, accounting for the proportion of the whole world 25 %, This figure has reached 29% in 2013.

Armando Branchini said that China’s luxury market changes quickly, “the beginning of the consumer to buy luxury goods is particularly willing to show off their own, the money is willing to show it now consumers are more mature, prefer low-key luxury. Are willing to wear a large standard, a look to know which brand of luxury goods, and now relatively low-key, hoping to put their name abbreviated to get up. ”

Armando Branchini pointed out that the process in Russia, spent 25 years, for US consumers and Japanese consumers, the process took 20 years, while the Chinese consumer changes only took 15 years.

But also because of this, the luxury giants also become concerned about the Chinese market and Chinese culture, the famous brand Si Jia proud of the person in charge, the company has a product in China hot, “the above is decorated with butterflies, butterflies in China Of the tradition which is a symbol of love, a symbol of happiness, so made a particularly big success.

Three tips for brand maintenance

For luxury goods in the long-term pre-judgment, the Italian luxury goods industry associations believe imitation Cartier love bracelet that luxury consumption in the next 10 years to 15 years will continue to maintain steady growth is expected to grow at an annual rate of 5% to 6%, the report said: From the rate of return on investors, the investment rate to invest in luxury goods industry than the other projects to invest higher. ”

This positive judgment is based on the association’s professional research. Armando Branchini himself is an economist. After the establishment of the Italian Luxury Association in 1995, he published eight market analysis reports every year and cooperated with world famous research companies. Such as data research report, is the cooperation with Bain; digital media on the impact of luxury report, is to cooperate with the McKinsey company; luxury consumption research report, with BCG to cooperate; fashion retail report, association is with Italy Well-known economic class Bocconi cooperation – Armando Branchini I also Bokoni vocational education.

From the sparkling simple luxury, to the high-end complex luxury goods, consumer grade is rising. Under the impact of consumer tide, high-end luxury brands should maintain their own brand value. Armando Branchini that, want to do this, we must grasp the three factors: first of all to maintain the tradition and heritage, followed by an update, the last is the value of the brand must have the connotation and consistency.

Armando Branchini said that today’s high-speed growth in the market, the company wants to do these three points is not easy, which is very important, the company’s decision-making must be aware that the company is a living, if a decision error, will affect the company’s future development of. He said: “I personally think that the butterfly home in this area is very successful, has been a very low-key brand publicity .2001, Kaiyun Group decided to buy the butterfly home when the butterfly home market value is 10 million euros last year Its market value has risen to 10 billion euros. Growth so fast the company, not only in the luxury goods industry, in other consumer goods industry is also difficult to find. ”

Gucci’s global president and chief executive officer, Patrizio di Marco, agrees with the importance of the brand. He said that for each brand, each brand has its own genes, their own DNA, their own value, their own history, as well as staff, “This is an indispensable factor.”

DV One pink ceramic wrist gets weird process

DV One pink ceramic wrist gets weird process
Versace special valentine’s day this year to launch the latest DV One pink ceramic watches, with 18 k rose gold, and with more precious gems. Never have any fashion, style and design to fairly and an innovative way, fully expressed the precision of the Swiss wristwatch and superior technique.
Versace ceramic design the cross, light body of wrist watch (the chosen material hardness and durability is second only to diamond). Wrist watch configuration Swiss automatic movement, transparent case bottom cover, conform to the Swiss watch industry the most stringent quality standards. In addition, DV One pink ceramic watches more has set with 120 diamond styles to choose from. The bottom of the watch case with each style number and Versace logo; Rose gold crown, engraved with the three-dimensional Medusa’s head; 11 diamonds and pearls and mother of pearl dial with Roman numerals and rose gold hour scale; Dial the circle position emblazoned with a picture of a cast, 3 when the position has a display date imitation Cartier love bracelet window; Watchcase exteriors counter-attack light sapphire glass; Wrist watch with automatic movement and more waterproof design, the wrist strap with two belt of QQ, and decorated with Versace logo.
In global watchmaking Switzerland – can be referred to as the elders, the Swiss watch industry has a 300 – year – old tradition. Watchmaking is the symbol of the Swiss national, however, in the tide of history saved since ancient tabulation brand has been one of the few. In the 1970 s, a storm Swiss watch, low-cost manufacturing Japanese quartz watch large market promotion, make the whole industry suffered severe damage. In less than a decade, the number of Swiss tabulation workers dropped from 900000 to 300000, the Swiss tradition represents a wrist watch accurate technology of manual mechanical production has received the unprecedented severe test, hundreds of factories in the shuffle of Swiss tradition tabulation withdrew from the historical stage.
In recently, was born in 1735 of the world’s first brand, cypress table (it) in the Swiss town of Le Brassus held its 270th birthday party. In the development of 270 long years, always adhere to make the most sophisticated watch series, its head office in Le Brassus production workshop was affectionately known as watch factory, has always been a symbol of watch manufacturing. The factory has no assembly line production equipment, as a professional tabulation factories, and the like at the same time involved in a wide range of watches Replica Cartier jewelry factory style very different, for manufacturing advanced mechanical watch, mission and process that it carries more than the manufacturing quartz watch is more complex.
Loyal to the traditional is a 270 – year – old brand, but proud to practice again, a like two hundred years ago, from start to finish by a separate a watchmaker to complete watch not only represents the development of technology, also contains the thick composed of history. For those who really understand mechanical watch, from a key parts, bypass, movement and wheels are completed by extremely hard manual labor, material, talent and tools are also used for a long time ago developed wrist, truly represent eternal fashion.
Treasure the global vice President Marc parker. A.H ayek: “in the watch brand of preserved, only treasure to keep parker for hundreds of years has been the production history of mechanical watch, because we believe that only the machine table can represent the true culture of wrist watch. And we have been insisting on watches, the classic round watch will insist on only the most perfect circle and its movement becomes eternal fashion. These adhere to all laid a treasure cypress unique leading position in the watch industry.”
In science and technology today, a lot of products are more convenient more humane direction of the development of wrist watch field also is such. Since the quartz watch out for the first time, the emphasis on convenience functions above the traditional manual mechanical watches for a time. As a matter of fact, manual chain on machinery is the origin of all the clocks and watches, is also full of humanities color and extreme performance of tradition tabulation precision process, still moved by the numerous people love life essential imitation cartier love bracelet connotation. Manual mechanical watch what’s the fun? For fashion its charm lies in the fascinating taste and feel, is exquisite texture, like handmade suits, handmade shoes like manual mechanical watch most of the men were full of personalization features, not by the tide. Whenever a chain of that a moment, on the fingers and wrist watch contact, tick-tock tick-tock sound movement operation, as if opened up a new time.
For the clock technology, mechanical watch is a quartz watch has the incomparable technical. The most complex in the world today all hand mechanical watch treasure 1735 parker wrist watch set in today’s world mechanical watch all six complex mechanical functions in one, ultra-thin automatic chain machine core, the moon on the profit and loss function, double clockwise segmented timing, perpetual calendar, the tourbillon, moment asked three time device, watchmaker need one and a half years time to make one. Now only three master can make such complicated watches.
Ghost axe conveyed in the technology of alkaloids in the feelings of people is very difficult to find words to describe accurately, only see, ears to listen to, who can truly understand the taste. In the fashion of today, only respect for tradition is not enough, despite the respect for tradition is a guide to action, but also to abide by the principle of innovation. Has long been a watch connoisseur is the complex of watchmaking is innovation of the past, each of the watch is complex represents the pocket watch in hundreds of years ago the clock watchmaker, encountered difficulties and challenges.

The tourbillon comparable to diamond

The tourbillon comparable to diamond The rotation of the mysterious art
The same table, the tourbillon device, you immediately out of ten times! So, the tourbillon with diamonds, absolutely.
From another perspective, watch the tourbillon and diamond on the dial, more like a kind of luxury decoration. Previously, the tourbillon only applied on the pocket watch vertically, gravity for wrist watch is not crucial, however, the real master of tabulation are willing to use “the tourbillon” to highlight brand strength, and the owner of the wrist watch, are willing to use this delicate and expensive machinery status and taste. Especially men, the complex machine is mysterious attractive to them. Perhaps that is the reason why the tourbillon become hot.
About the tourbillon, will certainly involve a lot of mechanical knowledge, if you don’t catch a cold, mechanical must read like chewing wax. So, this article for you prepared the novice version of the text, as the conversation can pretend to be experts.
With Helwig tuo flywheel gear case he’s wrist watch
DANIEL ROTH tourbillon wristwatch, are outstanding in the tourbillon, although to Cartier nail bracelet replica jewelry as a decoration, but can not cover up their own advanced technology, power reserve function ensures the tourbillon eight days long time running of the organization.
Founder “China and clock laboratory”, Beijing collector association, deputy director of the professional committee of camera clock co-founder camera watches and clocks, clocks and watches columnist, author of book collection knowledge about 30 clock.
Tourbillon represent the meaning of “rotation” in French, also means that the Tourbillon device. Three kinds of the tourbillon, if look from the appearance, is the rotation of the different dynamic.
The initial shape of Breguet the tourbillon tourbillon
In 1801, tabulating the wizards Breguet a patent of the tourbillon. This great invention has a rotating frame, which contains hairspring balance wheel (movement of the heart) and escapements artifacts. When in evenly rotating flywheel framework, the balance wheel and escapements are own movement at the same time is constantly changing, so maximum offset the effect of gravity (especially table is the placement of vertical effect is more obvious). From one in the early 19th century of Breguet watch were built for the Turkish market, we can find that when the tourbillon is like.
Breguet the tourbillon by “spinning frame” and “anchor” two parts of basic components. “Balance cock” subsidiary in the rotating frame, with the flywheel rotation.
Helwig suspended flights fly tuo tuo tuo framework
In 1927, professor Alfred Helwig clock made in Germany “flying the tourbillon” model, the reason will appear the “flying” 2 words, because in this kind of structure did not have the fixed bracket component, from the appearance, cancel the bracket on the transverse structure of the flywheel, the spinning frame is suspended, improved the flywheel table mystique and dynamic in the operation of artistic beauty, the nature, manufacturing process and more superior.
The tourbillon mysterious rotating art in China
Don’t think the tourbillon is Swiss watch master’s patent, in 1993, the Chinese kiu tai yu “day instrument porch” clock studio in Hong Kong, invent and make success with their own hands “magic the tourbillon”, a ground-breaking invention sensation international horologe industry Cartier nail bracelet replica rapidly, so it is also called “JiaoShi magic the tourbillon” or “the tourbillon of China”. Why is called “magic”? There are two reasons: first, the traditional flywheel rotating frame “and” fixed bracket “does not exist; At least half of the flywheel weight reduction, improve the precision and stability of the walking, at the same time enhance the shockproof performance. Second, use transparent glass to replace the originally made of metal balance cock, and this piece of plywood with no longer flywheel rotating together. This kind of structure in operation appears to be more mysterious, greatly improving the flywheel table dynamic art.
What is the Tourbillon Tourbillon
“Tourbillon” (Tourbillon), refers to the mechanical clocks and watches the “capture longitudinal rotation speed regulation institution”, the characteristics of the device is a balance wheel and tackled the vertical organization together in the work itself, at the same time also can rotate 360 degrees, so minimizing the effects of gravity, to improve the accuracy as well. It represents a high level of mechanical watch manufacturing process, because of its unique operation mode, has the clock movement plays to the highest artistic beauty, so assembly table with the tourbillon devices tend to value sum. What is the specific? More than 300000 yuan.
Table from different angles by inner heart is different, can cause slight error, the tourbillon is to overcome the error precision of the device, make table flat vertical go as accurate. Its weight is less than 0.3 grams, consists of more than seventy fine components, mostly made by hand, this is the reason why it is expensive.
The tourbillon looks very beautiful
In the era of pocket watch, the tourbillon table tend to be the tourbillon device hidden within the crust, and now, the tourbillon device can be clear at a glance through the window on the dial, the secrets of the let people enjoy it. Precision machinery itself has a kind of visual aesthetic feeling, not to mention so expensive, must for all to see!
Launched in 1867, Constant Girard, “three golden bridge” the tourbillon watch, not only won a golden medal at the world expo in Paris, and became the most classic in the history of clocks and watches, the machine is mainly composed of three bridge made of gold materials plywood, shows the tourbillon movement of imitation Cartier love bracelet the overall visual aesthetic feeling.
Bao Po flight the tourbillon watches, the perspective of the dial, set a variety of devices take in everything in a glance, especially the tourbillon flying scale located at 12 o ‘clock position device seems to be a swan, spreading its wings.
HARRY WINSTON tourbillon watches, is a product of cooperation hand-in-hand with Peter Speake – Marin, adopted the hybrid storage mechanism on the movement, is undoubtedly a great innovation of table.
St bollywood limited launched dress the tourbillon mechanical watch, show the love of complex mechanical watch is no longer the man’s patent, the tourbillon technology also can introduce a woman in love time domain, in 18 k rose gold watch case assembly manual mechanical movement, and which are the marks of st bollywood SH acronym as rotating frame designs, kill two birds with one stone of it.
Women also love the tourbillon
In 2006, the world watch altar to present a strong trend, functional more ladies’ watches. In addition to the beauty and fashion modelling ornament, women claim to the wrist watch is becoming more and more masculine, or not really interested in mechanical, at least, the position of equality with men to show that.
Launched in 1997, girard-perregaux table factory couture “three golden bridge” the tourbillon watches, not only will the Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica tourbillon table into the world of women, and the continuation of the “Mona Lisa” in the table, three for fixed parts of gold support parallel arranged under the dial. In recent years the design of the “Cat” s Eye Tourbillon “table, in the case of modelling, colour collocation, etc under sufficient time, will the Tourbillon table look more enchanting.
True when the first ladies the tourbillon table – Starissime, one of the biggest luminescent spot lies in the design of the function and the ingenious combination, except in the case and the place such as the dial set with 230 weigh 9.8 carat diamond, let a person directly associated with this is the table by women love, at the same time, the tourbillon fixed stent was designed as a star, it also adopted the ELPrimero movement, is the world’s only a combination of ultra high frequency movement of the timing and the tourbillon mechanism.

TITONI Switzerland wintersweet of wrist watch series selection

TITONI Switzerland wintersweet of wrist watch series selection
Have card light texture is TITONI Switzerland wintersweet of latest watches series Slendline – as the name implies, this series wrist watch is famous for its delicate, casing thickness is only 2.7 mm, with light and meticulous strap, a symbol of the wearer’s noble status and elegant style, suitable for match line to work clothing and everyday clothes.
So thin design must cooperate with wonderful artical excelling nature, watch of wrist of fine handwork and flowing lines, dial 37 mm diameter, surface with pearls and silver fritillaria texture design combined with Roman numerals or calibration time display. Table adopts wear-resistant sapphire crystal lens, to ensure http://www.ourlovestore.com not easily scratched. Watch case with pure steel, fearless daily friction. Strap, respectively with leather strap and rose gold belt to choose from, it is no wonder that the launch is ranked as the most popular TITONI is new bestow favor on.
In addition to the choiceness exquisite appearance, Slendline armed with the male, the female and neuter design, take care of the needs of different people. Slendline is most can manifest TITONI brand one of the important series of special value. Elegant design is suitable for low profile has the connotation and the taste of gens. Dainty watch body, light touch, marking the eternal classic. Despite the season change, trend change, Slendline accompany you through life.
Master Series18K rose gold wrist watch observatory, is the newest member of this series, show the special noble temperament.
As the flagship Series of TITONI Switzerland wintersweet, Master Series Master Series have already become the pronoun of the observatory watch, of which 18 k rose gold wrist watch observatory is extremely expensive. This year, TITONI for Master Series added a valued member.
Table frame 40 mm in diameter, with 18 k rose gold casting and become, wrist table selection by the special reflection mirror processing double arch sapphire glass. Rose gold on the surface of hours, minutes, small second hand, 12 when the number and scale, make the wrist watch appearance more dazzling. 3 when the position has a small fine date window, annular texture with 6 when the position of the small second hand makes surface design more rich stereo feeling, combined with engraved with translucent, emerald green http://hellocartier.tumblr.com TITONI marks the end of the manual very meticulous, elegant natural.
As the observatory wrist watch, the Series are obtained by the Swiss official observatory COSC precision timing test organization (Contrle Officiel Suisse des Chronometres) issued by the certification certificate, and under the small second hand watchcase respectively with COSC small signs and movement certification number, these in addition to is the best proof of precise timing, also reveal Master Series of exceptional status. Wrist watch with leather or stainless steel strap, black and white for your choose and buy.
TITONI Master Series 18 k rose gold wrist watch observatory by the design, production and materials are all take measurements, show exalted temperament, it has a fine pedigree is to collect the Master Series wrist watch are the inevitable choice.
Always more material and observatory machine core proud TITONI Master Series launched surprise extremely observatory phases of the moon for the first time watch, as this year’s finale. This delicate watches can fully reflect the advanced TAB the essence of art, perfectly combined with precise timing function and elegant design.
More than 90 years, the plum blossom as a Swiss watch company high quality mechanical watches, has established the high prestige in the international. Throughout its history, the company relies on its excellent TAB to the skills of many clocks connoisseurs leave deep impression. This season, the brand is the honorable Master Series Series new observatory four phases of the moon watches, all equipped with a pointer type date display, weeks, and rare in the display window.
In addition to implementing these wrist watches Switzerland wintersweet of high-quality technology, it is more dial with a unique design. Fritillaria pearl rings clear hour scale and date marked on the scale, and week, month, and the moon display window is located in highly detailed design the dial of the central dark Cartier love bracelet replica texture. Hollow out the hour hand, minute hand and the red crescent needlepoint design date display pointer, all reflected the prominent attention to detail, and the pursuit of brand. And Master Series other wrist watch, watch is equipped with automatic observatory machine core, obtained by the Swiss government observatory COSC precision timing test organization (Contrle Officiel Suisse des Chronometres) issued by the certification certificate, watch of wrist of each unique authentication code will be indicated in the certificate, and engraved on the movement and scale at 9 o ‘clock position watchcase lateral metal on the card.
This watch has a white and blue pearl fritillaria two dial, and equipped with stainless steel and black leather strap to choose from. Different collocation, can reveal the customer unique elegant style. For the convenience of the user, the brand is also special for this type of wrist watch make a calibration pen, with exquisite wooden box attached to, this is the subtleties TITONI are also thoughtful.
TITONI Switzerland wintersweet performance as President Daniel schluep Mr (DanielSchluep) pointed out: “the Master Series observatory Series incorporates many innovative elements. We believe that the watch of wrist of the observatory of the moon is the essence of our family-owned business philosophy and plum table elegant temperament is the embodiment of the eternal.” The emergence of new observatory phases of the moon watches, shows the superb tabulation skills, beautiful sex and high ratio of performance elements. Mr Schluep also added: “this watch definitely fully embodies our slogan Shaping Moments of Life.”
TITONI since it was founded in 1919 has been established by the people schluep family owns, insist on each wrist watch all in green town factory assembly (Grenchen), to ensure product quality, fully display the product strictly accurate.

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