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movement reflects the watch brand count the spirit of innovation

Earl ultra-thin watch movement 1208P introduced
In this watch more and more thin era, Piaget watch is not far behind. In 1957 the birth of the 9P ultra-thin manual winding movement announced the arrival of the ultra-thin emperor, this outstanding movement of the thickness of only 2 mm. After that, the count and then a new initiative, launched in 1960 12P movement, the thickness of only 2.3 mm, is the world’s most slim automatic winding movement. Today, Xiaobian to tell you about the Piaget ultra-thin movement 1208P.
Piaget launched a total of 25 by the advanced watchmaking research and development of ultra-thin movement, including the creation of dual world record 1208P movement. This movement is not only the world’s most slim automatic winding mechanical movement (2.35 mm thick), is also the most slim watch works (5.25 mm), with a small second hand display.
Earl system 1208P self-winding movement and the prestigious 12P movement of the same strain, is the world’s most slim movement. In order to make the movement of the thickness of 2.35 mm slim record, watch the brand count to make every effort to use in the ultra-thin areas of accumulated Cartier love ring replica experience, to create sophisticated movement parts. 1208P movement of some gears thickness of only 0.12 mm, called fine hair. And the distance between the gear and the gear is also reduced as much as possible, only 0.1 mm. In addition, the movement is also equipped with balance wheel stop device. In order to effectively use the space, rose gold eccentric micro automatic plate set in the movement 9 position, and engraved the count of emblem. In addition, there are also eccentric small seconds, located at 5 o’clock position.
1208P movement reflects the watch brand count the spirit of innovation, in addition to the above characteristics, but also with the sun radial decorative pattern of gear sets and special long needle device, and engraved count the first letter “P”, as the brand Secret signature. Ring Geneva wavy ornamentation, the round handle of the main splint, chamfering table bridge, engraved count of emblem and limited number of movement pendulum Tuo, and blue steel screws and other decorative details, to show the Swiss watch brand uphold the aesthetic standards , So that this movement is more outstanding.
Female sports watch spring good companion
In this spring season, it is a good time to go outing. In the outdoor hiking, in addition to wearing a full set of sophisticated “armed”, bring a professional SLR camera, we need to carry a precision compass, so that we will not appreciate the way to the scenery and lost. Today, Xiao Bian for you to recommend four sports female table, so you always master their own time!
20 years, Happy Sport series of watches to attract countless people with bold and fashion taste. The latest Happy Sport XL series, in the modern and plateau aspects of the past, while faithful to the essence of the Happy Sport series watch: the famous activities of the diamond design, giving the watch both dynamic and elegant and moving Unique temperament. This latest fashion style, using a single tone and very shocking 42 mm diameter case.
Recently black in the watch industry and comeback, much sought after. This mysterious but classic color, full of the magic of the senses, people have a natural attraction. Everyone loves black, because it is suitable for all occasions; even the most simple dress, because it will also add elegance elegant temperament; the most introverted character will be because of its personality full. Black Happy Sport XL watch just reflects the strength and elegance of the integration. The dazzling diamonds are swirling on a dial with a crooked pattern, producing a sharp contrast, like a lightning in the faint night sky. With the avant-garde rubber strap, black models Happy Sport XL watch but exudes a more elegant, more powerful charm.
The world-renowned Omega watch was born in Switzerland and has a long history of more than 150 years. Omega is the twenty-fourth and last letter of the Greek word. It symbolizes the beginning and the end of things, the first and the last. On behalf of the perfect, the ultimate, excellence, the extraordinary quality of the achievements, interpretation of the Omega pursuit of excellence in quality management philosophy and advocating tradition, and the courage to innovate the spirit of style. Omega in the sailing, athletics, swimming and other Cartier love bracelet replica world-class events as the standard time, and often sponsor the European golf tournament, won the Olympic Games designated timer as many as thirty times. Omega has the world famous four series of products: fashion and elegant appearance of the constellation series, designed for sports enthusiasts and design of the hippocampus professional diving series, as the space mission designated timing super series and elegant and elegant disc flying series.
New – Omega OMEGA disc flying coaxial FP3313 chronograph movement automatic mechanical female watch number: 4878.90.39, movement for the FP high-end 3313 movement. Equipped with column wheel and coaxial escapement of the self-winding chronograph movement to ensure stable and durable precision timing. Free play wheel system, with date, hours, minutes and continuous operation of the small second hand and the central chronograph, power reserve: 52 hours, arc-shaped anti-reflective, anti-wear sapphire crystal mirror, case and dial, stainless steel Case. Green face plate with a small circle of white mother of pearl dial, water depth: 100 meters, case diameter: 35 mm.
Oyster-style constant-motion cosmic meter Di Tong Nai watch very athletic temperament without losing the elegant style, in Rolex all Oyster watches enjoy a high reputation and reputation. The table is equipped with a chronograph second hand, and a button to control the integrated minutes and hours of the timer disk, and engraved with the scale of the outer ring can also read the speed in real time. The watch is self-winding and equipped with a constant-motion pendulum chrome movement certified by the Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute (COSC). Waterproof depth of 100 meters (330 feet). Table mirror made of sapphire crystal, shoulder pads designed to protect the three locks on the crown.
Oyster-style constant-motion cosmic meter Di Tong Nai watch not only outstanding function, watch design is also called the classic, a variety of styles to meet the needs of different personality. In addition to the prestigious steel Di, Rolex also selected 18ct platinum and eternal rose gold material, and boldly in the design of jewelry and leather elements, so that this professional racing watch surprisingly different extraordinary beauty. Carefully selected diamonds, rubies, enamel and other valuable materials, by the excellent craftsmen with superb skills mosaic, so that these bright and the combination of the watch complement each other, magnificent magnificent.
In 1960 the first Admirals Cup Admiral Cup Admiral Cup for the Kunlun table sports watch. For more than half a century, this series of watches inherited its unique iconic 12-sided arched case and scale position on the surface of the 12 sea flag pattern, and innovation, so that the Admiral Cup series of watches and fashion Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica interaction , While the Admiral Cup victory No. 40 Chrono Diamonds watch the introduction, but also reflects its fashion sense. Watch design to meet today’s women’s desire for the watch, the diameter of 40 mm case fusion elegance and fashion movement in one, perfect fit ice muscle jade wrist, bring out the female seductive side.
Kunlun table Shenming woman is a desire for a sports watch, rather than a men’s table, therefore, Kunlun table cleverly combined with the characteristics of the Admiral Cup series and ladies watch design features, to build the Admiral Cup victory number 40 Chrono Diamonds watch, black or white Polynesian pearl Fritters timer display window, set with 66 diamonds (0.924ct) of the 12-side arched case outer ring, showing a light and vitality of the central clock And minute hand, and the second hand is not set Kunlun watch key symbol, the achievements of the exquisite watch surface. Navy Admiral Cup No. 40 Chrono Diamonds watch with polished and sanded steel watch with rubber strap, and 18K red gold watch with crocodile belt and diamond-studded surface, set black or white two color options , Water depth of 100 meters or 50 meters.
Read the small series for you to introduce these watches, fast wear them to the wild outing, have a good mood it

so that each time can accurately calculate the amount of water required

The Spirit of the German Compass: Lange Watch
The top of the pyramid watch? I believe that most people will answer is made in Switzerland, but in fact, in Dresden, Germany Glashütte (Glashütte) town, there are two in the world table altar has a heavyweight status of the brand, Lange (A. LANGE & SHNE) and another brand named after the town Glashütte (Glashütte Original), especially the legendary history of Lange.
German watch as Mercedes-Benz cars, Leica camera as charming, and the top Lange table price is definitely not much cheaper than the Mercedes-Benz S-class. If you ask the German table and the Swiss table What is the difference, Lange is not the same as Patek Philippe with gorgeous workmanship and customization of a limited edition to wait ten years to enhance the value. German craftsmen with its extraordinary practice of ordinary people to imagine, to create the world may be the most sophisticated mechanical watch. German table is not only a sophisticated and durable movement to win people respect, but also in its mechanical innovation and famous. Not only the precision tourbillon, and Lange’s sesame chain drive system and 31 days of power reserve is already incredible.
Last year in the town of Glashütte Lange watch factory tour, left the watch factory imitation Cartier love bracelet was attracted by a pot of plants. The pots of soil are stuck in a scale of “test tube”, the original they give water to the water is poured into the “test tube” inside, so that each time can accurately calculate the amount of water required. The Germans are strict enough to make you feel unable to understand, when I put forward to wear on the wrist on the table to take pictures, Langer responsible person refused me, he said: “sample is to try the guests, and inevitable Will be on the case to leave a fine scratches, if you need to take pictures, we can give you a new table.
(Limited to 50) and rose gold (limited to 200), the strap for the hand-sewn crocodile skin only with the most complex device table will be dubbed “pour le. Mérite “name, which is also Lange Since tourbillon tourbillon and launched in 2005 after the tourbograph, the third paragraph was dubbed” pour le mérite “name of the watch, because this station richard lange pour le mérite equipment Chad – Lange developed sesame chain drive system. Last year at the Lange watch factory tour, the watch factory is the most proud of is to introduce us to the production process of sesame chain, the chain a bit like a bicycle chain, but it is even more than the “sesame seeds” but also small , Is simply amazing. Sesame chain is the old pocket watch technology, the purpose is to use the lever principle, in the winding tightening and relaxation can maintain a constant torque output, so accurate travel time, but the sesame chain from the “large” pocket watch To the small watch, Lange is the first one.
Pour le Mérite uses the Lange L044.1 movement, which consists of 279 components, providing 36 hours of kinetic energy reserves. Diameter 40.5mm large case so that this Observatory table to obtain the most clear visual effects, blue steel pointer is a special steel heated to a certain temperature, the display of the beautiful colors, another German brand Glashütte also preferred Blue steel. The same production or sapphire crystal under the white enamel dial, the same is spent 30 a lot of hours, plus 800 degrees from the high temperature cast.
LANGE ZEITWERK: Mechanical watch for jumping time display
L043.1 movement, platinum case, table mirror for the sapphire crystal glass, time bridge constitutes a hour, minute and small seconds of the frame, the shape of the wings across the dial (limited to 200)
High-end traditional mechanical watches are usually produced with excellent movement and luxury appearance to enhance the grade, but usually in the dial design bias conservative, after all, bold innovation is to take a great risk. But if you see this Lange new LANGEZEITWERK, you can not believe it is from the rigorous German mechanical watch Lange, can be said to be revolutionary design – almost all mechanical watches are used to display the time , Only those electronic watches will be used to jump the type of liquid crystal display, but LANGE ZEITWERK revolution is the use of jump time display.
ZEITWERK from L043.1 movement, the newly developed jump word hour and minute device is still based on the Lange principle for the design basis, by a combination of two minutes and a large hour ring, and constant power escapement system every Minutes once, and accurately produce the necessary switching ripple. To solve such a large jump word display, you must solve two problems: First, for the three digital disk at the same time to provide the required amount of power; Second, how to precisely control the power, because such a large digital disk to start And inertia when stopped will affect accuracy.
Folk is the largest market for second-hand watches, and antique tables such as the identification of second-hand table is also civil. Where there is a market, where there is a demand, where the birth of experts. If you are determined to start the second table, especially the antique table, a floating in the table for many years the old table fans are necessary, no, In all fairness, watch three hundred years, one by one to list the identification of the plan, it is difficult!
Antique table is the most important category in the second table, as to what is the “antique table”? Although the commonly mentioned “antiques” word to the history of the scale, but because the history of watches is still short, For generations, as long as it is no longer continue to produce watches, can be described as “antique table”.
Written expert energy is limited, even the case, the movement of the mark, so far have not seen a comprehensive identification of books. In any case, the accumulation of knowledge is needed, pay tuition is also necessary. Read a Taiwanese second-hand watch, you know to become an expert, the tuition will be ruthless.
As for the movement of identification, compared with the identification of the dial is not so intuitive, and need to have a certain degree of expertise, and even have experience in maintenance can be competent. Different models and grades of movement, there is always a basic movement, which caused the Replica Cartier jewelry movement of the parts may be interchangeable. Especially like Omega Omega, Longines Longines this is widely owned brand. I remember ten years ago began to cover antique table, on a lot of assembled in the table move. For example, the usual Cal.564 movement plywood to replace the Observatory’s Cal.564 movement and other practices, the novice does not seem much difference, the movement is also considered normal, but the veteran can be based on the splint on the inscriptions and color to determine.
Many years ago on some of the table friends on whether to open the cover, whether the maintenance history and other issues is very disdain, but soon to understand the “90% of the table is a repair of the” point of view is indeed insightful. Second-hand table, in particular, some of the relatively small output of the antique table, the movement of a special structure, rare parts, learning is not fine small, if the maintenance master is just holding a mechanical attitude, Once on a Patek Philippe Cal.27-460M antique movement of the calendar conversion action have doubts, sent to the same table is the maintenance of the master where the inspection, the results found before the repair master of the calendar disk pawl position installed wrong, But also easily twist a few screws. So the original degree of movement for the antique table to maintain a serious attitude. Of course, in order to ensure the normal operation of the movement and replaced with the parts, you can be another matter, because the artificial heart is better than to see the death of a good friend.
Movement of the identification is often not in the hands of the official, because of technical reasons, or because of the lack of information files, resulting in the difficulty and depth of movement identification. Today you can according to the hands of the PP movement and the case number, e-mail to the PP Patek Philippe headquarters, spend 100 Swiss francs, you can make a note of the factory and the date of sale, but for the movement and dial original degree No Mentioned “Certificate”.
Case of the renovation is not much technical content, and pure hand. I personally see the second-hand table to see a “old master”, wearing an eyepiece, hand grasping gold sandpaper, a gold watch on the bottom cover for processing. I saw him a few times with sandpaper, look a moment, and then pull a few times. Put a slightly scars of the bottom of the floor was stunned into a very rounded shape, less gold does not matter, terrible is the corners of the loss, the value of the table will be greatly reduced.
Know a table friends, each off-site “study” two watch market, will collect the watch advertising paper, whether it is a single picture or newspaper and magazine advertising. Over time, not only can be bound into a book, and become the basis for identification of goods. It is admiration of the table friends of the vision and perseverance, if the antique table of goods with a little doubt, as long as the corresponding “advertising paper”, high legislation. In fact, for an antique table, there are traces of normal wear or maintenance left when the small www.ourlovestore.com scratches, as long as the original degree of maintenance, the total acceptable. In order to meet some of the appearance of the request, drastic, ruthless examples of endless. Accidentally, this type of table really became “hands”, it is difficult to have the next hand to undertake.
As for the buckle and other watch accessories, it is not so stress, and one itself does not affect the performance of the watch, and secondly, the value is not high But for the pursuit of integrity of the table friends, with the original buckle of the watch, the value to see a little higher. And as most of the antique table, in the year is the head and buckle separately sold, and today’s original deduction buckle is not enough to be surprising. As for the box, the certificate (known as “born paper”) is made, it is a matter of opinion, because this kind of thing after the allocation is not difficult, unless you like the antique Omega “constellation” silver box this special packaging has pursue.

How much is the bare diamond?

How much is the bare diamond?
3 points of the bare drill is very small, generally no one to sell, no one to buy, 3 points bare diamond prices generally more than one hundred to two hundred or so, mainly to see what the color of diamonds, I to H color Will be cheaper, the price of about one hundred and fifty, FG color is about 180 yuan, DE color is about 210 yuan.

How much is it? 3 points bare drill generally not only sell, usually inlaid in the earrings or rings, or pendants, and then sell, or buy bare diamond custom ring, used to mosaic in the ring, set off the main drill. 3 points bare drill because it is too small, regardless of clarity, only sub-color, the main drill is what color, small diamond will be with the same color set off.

How much is it? 3 points of the bare drill is very small, the value is not high Cartier nail bracelet replica, if it is embedded in the ring when the small drill, when the money when the small drill was demolished is only scrapped. 3 points the price of diamonds is also relatively cheap, if it is to buy a collection, it is not appropriate, because it will not appreciate, it will not hedge. If you just buy to see, play about, it can also buy.

How much is it? 3 points bare diamond prices and purchase channels and the number of purchases. If you are looking for diamond wholesalers into a package wholesale, the price will be very low. If it is a direct purchase, the price will be higher. 3 points bare diamond inlaid into the ring or pendant, the price should be hundreds of pieces, the cost of most of the weight in the ring and the cost of the.

How much is it? If you want to buy a single three-point bare drill, you can also buy a treasure, buy, remember to ask for certificates and invoices, to avoid buying false drills. 3 points bare drill clarity and cut are not graded, but the clarity will generally ensure that the naked eye can not see the black spots or a lot of inclusions, cut will ensure that more than G.
How much is the bare diamond custom? Bare diamond custom price = ring + bare diamond + fee. Different 4C bare drill, or different ring of bare diamond, the price will be different. So bare diamond custom price, or depends on the new diamond ring on the budget, and then according to the budget, in the right bare diamond and ringing, the selection of like bare diamond and care style!

How much is the bare diamond custom? Buy bare drill, and then processing custom, quality is more assured. The value of a diamond lies and lies only in its 4C, ie weight, color, clarity, cut. This is a unified offer in the international arena, as long as the same level of the same price, with the diamond brand and other factors have nothing to do. So in the choice of bare diamond customization, you can choose such as Zoacai cost-effective business to customize, rather than to the traditional brand or international big custom, so as to the most cost-effective to buy the largest and best bare diamond custom diamond ring The

How much is the bare diamond custom? Bare drill custom price is very much, from thousands to tens of thousands of tens of thousands have. Naked drill custom has a unique personality and commemorative value, especially as a special gift of engagement, marriage or love to give a custom diamond diamond ring, no doubt has important symbolic and commemorative significance. Bare diamond customization can be consumer requirements in the diamond ring engraved characters and other characters, so that consumers participate in the design, making this unique commemorative significance and value highlights, and even can be passed as a family treasure to go ~

How much is the bare diamond custom? Naked drill custom bare diamond prices imitation Cartier love bracelet in the world has been transparent, the price is naked drill 4C (size, color, clarity, cut) to set the price, know the bare diamond 4C basic know bare diamond custom price. And bare diamond prices every year 10% of the rising space, the size of the classification, different grades of diamond prices will be very different, so clear before the purchase requirements or budget is a very important part.
Usually people will be less than 20 points into a small diamond ring diamond ring, more common, then how much money a small diamond ring? In the Zo Kay 20 points below the small diamond ring price of about 1500 yuan to 4000 yuan, probably working-class salary of about a month, which is mainly due to the price of diamond 4C and the material, style, but the impact, but In another way to buy a small diamond ring in other brands? How much is the small diamond ring? The answer may be different, why? because:

1, small diamond ring how much money? First by its own 4C decision, which is the reason for the most essential price of small diamond ring, good quality and bad goods determine the value of goods, small diamond ring is the same, the quality of small diamond ring depends on the small diamond 4C (Both often the color, clarity, cut, weight), the better the diamond 4C, then the better the quality of diamonds, the higher the price naturally. The price of a small diamond ring in the Zoakai is also affected by the impact of the diamond 4C price range.

2, small diamond ring how much money? Followed by the material will also be placed on the small diamond ring to bring a great impact on the price, the moment the main material is platinum platinum and gold, platinum is the industry that platinum, purity is divided into PT990, PT950, PT90, purity The higher the price will be higher, is a natural silver-white luster metal, with a strong ductility and stability, is the most expensive diamond inlaid diamond, 3 grams of platinum ringing price of 1,200 yuan -1700 yuan or so, if it is 3 grams of K Fake Cartier love bracelet gold, the price of the general thousand or so, the style is less than a thousand dollars, so the diamond 4C similar, the material is different, the price may also have a big difference Oh, Solid, choose K gold inlaid small diamond ring may be more cost-effective.
How much is the little diamond ring?
How much is the little diamond ring?

3, small diamond ring how much money? Finally, for the small diamond ring, the diamond ring price and brand influence also has a great connection, usually, about 20 points small diamond ring market price is 3,000 yuan to 5,000 yuan, in the well-known than the big brands to buy the price may be Rose to more than 7,000 yuan, which is the brand premium, this law applies not only to the diamond ring, but also for any kind of product. But the quality of the diamond has nothing to do with the brand, as long as the diamond 4C to determine the quality of the guarantee.

style beauty to create this summer fashion

Cinderella: style beauty to create this summer fashion
Deep and elegant autumn and winter, if the lack of colorful, modeling stunning jewelry, it will inevitably bleak a lot of jewelry designers did not let us down.

Let us share this year’s autumn and winter jewelry feast how? Jewels are still, but more fairy tale romantic and maverick black and white. And those special materials, exaggerated design and full of charm of the round combination, let us appreciate the long-lost oriental atmosphere.

Cinderella fairy tale country

Who says jewelry only represents vanity? As Cinderella’s dream, jewelry should be full of pink memories of the fairy tale country.

Such as Van Cleef & Arpels, Bvlgari, such as Oxette, Swarovski, all will be Replica Cartier jewelry pure in the end, light your heart. Double butterfly ring, colored gem double flower ring and Dior Debutante series, jewelry as if with the soul, to express a kind of Cinderella fairy tale miss. So dreamlike jewelry, rich jewelry fun – let a woman into a girl.
These complicated design of the jewelry if the mix in the simple and low-profile autumn and winter new clothes, will be warm and pleasant intimate pen.

Overlapping to wear the fairy tale jewelry is no longer naive

Flowers, grass, pink color, full of fairy tale-like taste, simply wearing a fairy tale element with a necklace or bracelet, it will look too naive, but a number of necklaces or bracelets to wear, Is a combination of multiple color blocks, near the details are full of changes.
This year is very popular small animal brooch, they are not in the cuffs, hem or handbags and other seemingly inadvertently position to meet your little girl like a playful mood. And then buy some small ornaments decorated to sandals or ankles, even more different.

Wear such jewelry do not wear color too fancy clothing, this will take away the limelight jewelry, so that you seem to have no focus on the whole.

Cinderella trend demonstration

Speaking of fairy tales must not be separated from the beautiful princess, gorgeous flowers and lovely http://www.ourlovestore.com little animals. 06/07 fairy tale style is no exception, the form of jewelry than in previous years more fairy tale color. This year’s three-dimensional style is particularly prominent, K gold bracelet inlaid with raised “rose gold” three-dimensional flowers, with a flexible way to make the little bracelet, the ring has been unlimited stretch space. Large and thick golden petals highlight the personality, added a bit more luxurious. Due to the use of gold thread into the petals increased the volume, so that the whole ring is more heavy. Q version of the small ladybug, small donkey studded with broken drill, given the body of these small animal Aura. Looks like a gold rope necklace, but it is gold thread woven fine wire mesh, coupled with the same texture of flowers, hastily “pendant”, this year “luxury and not publicity” design concept so perfect. Which are for the improvement of traditional materials into a new vitality. 06/07 fairy tale princess is no longer Sentimental, her life has added a little luxury.
French top jewelry brand Van Cleef & Arpels has created a love for the source of inspiration – the new marriage series of jewelry.

Nature has always been Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry design inspiration source, and Fleurette series is a beautiful proof. Fleytte series of jewelry from the distance to show the luxury diamonds temperament, sleek appearance in the flashing bright light; from the near to see the Fleurette series of elegant and elegant flower design, like just collecting flowers.

White K gold or yellow gold material inlaid with central flower-shaped round drill and around the surrounding petals diamond ornaments, evoke thousands of vivid images. Fleurette series with necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets. The whole set of jewelry like a blossoming flowers with a combination of charming bouquets, passing the infinite passion honey.

Snowflake snow series has a variety of different design of the ring, earrings, bracelets and necklaces, including platinum Cartier love ring replica bracelet classic. The bracelet is made of delicate platinum, the piece of snow by the top D.E.F. grade diamond inlay made. Snowflake series using the top of the bracelet so that the softness of the bracelet can fully meet the wrist ergonomic curvature, simple and comfortable.

Folie des Prés series is a series of small wild flowers theme, flowers are carefully designed as asymmetrical arrangement. The preparation of the gem mosaics is extremely important and difficult in the Folie des Prés series: because they must be arranged in a piece-by-piece fashion so that they can mark the exact location of the mosaic workers for mosaic.

International price rise more than thirty percent

Recently, we have heard from some domestic diamond sales channels, in the first half of this year, the international diamond price increases continuously, have gained more than 30%, created the diamond market nearly 10 years of history. Due to rising prices, diamond has become a rapidly developing investment category, caused the investment much attention of consumers, after the real estate, gold and become a hot investment varieties.
International price rise more than thirty percent
According to some diamond store controller introduces, diamonds and gold, the price of gold is now at a high, is one of the most popular hedge investment channels directly, but the price volatility is larger, and the price of diamond basic didn’t fall over the years, the average every year to grow by 3% to 5%. In recent years, the emerging markets such as China, India, Brazil, the surge in demand for diamonds and the international diamond fields in ore production of raw materials, lead to international diamond quotation begun to rise sharply, the international diamond prices remain around 10% each year. As people rise of the enhanced understanding of the diamond and diamond investment, the domestic market of Replica Cartier jewelry diamond prices are soaring, diamond prices since the beginning of the year with more than 30%, there were some popular varieties more than 30% of the international diamond prices. Diamond scarcity, inflation, with international 4 c standard quality, easy to identify, not easy to fake properties. At the same time, the diamond easy to carry, the exit is not restricted. In addition, DE beers has been the source of the monopoly of diamond, so has the absolute monopoly pricing power “. These are the basic reasons for diamond prices and diamond investment boom.
There are tricks investment diamond
Prices become the latest must-haves in the investment community, diamond up doesn’t mean you can make money, however, investment in diamond there are certain risks, mainly in terms of cash. Diamond investment expert introduction, diamond investment abroad has been very common, can directly take diamond to cash, but the current domestic diamond cash only three channels: the auction, pawn, repurchase. Auction is usually fine diamond, diamond requirements for investors is higher, the price is expensive, because the tariff issues such as domestic auction companies rarely involved in diamond auction. Based on current market conditions, pawnshops bid generally is the 1/3 of the normal market price, sold to the pawnshop diamonds, is actually buying and selling at a loss. Diamond market to provide a buyback business is actually a service that is not the usual channels realised, and now the Chinese market to provide the buyback diamond business enterprise is not much, only a handful of diamond market with reference to the international diamond market prices for cash to buy back. The expert reminds, in the international diamond market, investment of more than one carat fine diamond value is higher. For investment ability strong, can consider carat several large diamonds and rare colored diamonds. Expensive big about 3 carat diamond, as well as some rare diamond is one of the largest diamond or space this year.
Sales channels diversified development
In the face of domestic large diamond consumer market, gold mining business change many times, the diamond market cake is bigger. Before, the consumer more than in a department store to buy a diamond ring, now, more and more price sensitive consumers choose online or is the professional diamond stores. A diamond dealer told the reporters, diamond sales channels in tree brand first revolution and enclosure as the main characteristics of the mode of traditional department stores, was born the Cartier, chow tai fook and other famous brands, also let store behind the counter dealers earn rich. After that, the network marketing industry was the second time change. According to statistics, so far, domestic as 21st century jewelry network, cosette imitation cartier love bracelet diamond mesh, diamond bird, David, jewelry and so on into the size of the diamond jewelry class B2C online service provider has exceeded 100, growth rapidly. Mass clubable purchasing from supplier to hand them in cash naked drill, further processing and manufacturing, without like traditional diamond distributors in a department store sale diamond pay expensive deduct points, greatly the diamond prices lower, which makes the diamond has always been as luxury down the altar, walked into the ordinary life of the masses.
Silver as is known to be second only to “gold” precious metals investments, how many people have to really know what silver material, what are the features, the following will introduce the basic knowledge about silver.
An overview, silver
Silver, with special chemical properties, and its value as early as 700 BC in Mesopotamia period began to been recognized. Like gold, silver in history as the legal tender in many countries, has the functions of financial reserves, also as an important international means of payment. The silver as currency has a long history in China, as early as the warring states period, silver has been used as money. Since the tang and song dynasty, the silver standard gradually established, the Ming dynasty up to become official currency. China’s silver standard until 1935 issue legal tender, cancel the silver standard.
Silver is a major form of silver in the history of our country, in foreign countries, money has also been a silver’s main purpose. As time goes on, people awareness of silver and emphasis got significantly improved, silver in the industrial, photography, jewelry, appliances, has been widely used in such aspects as currency.
After the founding of new China, the management of the silver has experienced a long exploration stage. From the beginning of “unified purchase and sale” policy to 2000 silver market let go, just a few years, a doubling of silver production and demand in China, to become the world’s one of the most main silver production, consumption and export.
Many areas of steady growth in demand for silver, provide support for domestic rising prosperity in the silver market.
1. The physical and chemical properties of silver
Silver (Ag) is white, shiny metal. Melting temperature of 961.93 ℃, boiling point 2212 ℃, density 10.5 g/cm3 (20 ℃), heat of fusion of 11300 focal/Moore, heat of vaporization of 250580 focal/mole. Silver soft, mohs hardness was 3.25 degrees, has the good flexibility and range of motion, the ductility is second only to gold, can be pressed into thin slices, pulling into filaments. 1 gram of silver into a 1800 – metre – long filaments, can be rolled into the thickness of the silver foil for 1/100000 of a millimeter, is the best metal conductivity Cartier love bracelet replica and thermal conductivity. Silver light reflex is very good also, reflectivity can reach 91%.
Chemical properties of silver is not lively, not with oxygen, exposed to the air for a long time, and hydrogen sulfide compound in the air, black surface, the formation of black silver sulfide. Room temperature, combining with silver halide slowly, to generate the silver halide. Silver does not react with dilute hydrochloric acid and dilute sulphuric acid and alkali, but with strong oxidizing acid (nitric acid and concentrated hydrochloric acid).
Silver won’t produce toxicity to human body, but long-term exposure to silver metal and nontoxic compounds leads to silver AD cool-headed disease.
Silver content in the earth’s crust rarely, accounts for only 1 x 10-5%, nature of elemental silver exists in the nature, but they are mainly compound state. Use cyanidation extracting silver from silver, with dilute sodium cyanide process sulfide ore, silver into soluble sodium cyanide, adding zinc powder, reduction of silver. About 75% of the metallic silver from copper, lead anode slime in the smelting, it treated with concentrated sulfuric acid, sulfuric acid can be converted into silver, with the reduction of copper metallic silver. Silver more and waste fixing bath, can will be one of the first silver precipitation for silver sulfide, and then use metallic silver dust replacement. Further purification need electrolytic refining.
2. The main purpose of the silver
Silver as precious metal is mainly used for industrial, photography and jewelry, silver and silver COINS. Silver’s versatility makes it application in most industries can not be replaced, especially need high reliability, higher accuracy and safety of high technology industry.
Silver has good electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity, has been widely used in the electronics industry, especially in the conductor, switch, contact and fuse. Can also be used in thick film paste, silver mesh shape and crystal of silver catalyst can be used as a chemical reaction.
Silver silver halide compound, used in the production of film. Silver nitrate used in silver, silver mirror can be made up. Silver iodide is used for artificial rainfall.
The reflectivity of silver jewelry and silverware with good, can achieve very high brightness after polishing. In addition to the decoration and beautification effect, our country ancient silver is also used to check poison. Silver contact will happen some poison chemical reaction, generate a compound, the compound color with silver, silver thus determine whether to contain poison.
COINS as the legal tender of silver standard countries, once. But as the monetary system reform, in the currency of the credit, silver gradually out of the circulation field. At present, investments in the casting silver is mainly silver and commemorative COINS.
In addition, the silver ion and silver compounds can kill or inhibit bacteria, viruses, algae and fungi, reaction replica Cartier love bracelet such as mercury and lead, but the principle behind is still not solved. Because it has against the effect of the disease, so also known as biological affinity of metal.
3. The classification and inspection of silver
Mainly exist in the silver ore, silver concentrate, silver thick silver and silver products.
(1) silver ore
Silver content is very low in nature, in the average level in the earth’s crust is 1 x 10-5%, according to the distribution of elements in the crust is still trace elements, only about 20 ~ 30 times more on average than gold. Silver ore resources for independent silver and associated silver. Silver minerals mainly exists in the form of sulfide. Silver industrial minerals mainly include natural silver, argentite, sulfur, copper, silver, antimony, silver, black silver, etc. Although many silver industrial minerals, but they seldom rich integration of silver deposits alone, usually in fragmented distribution in the polymetallic ore, copper and gold. Silver production more than half of the comprehensive recovery from polymetallic ore.
All measuring method in the analytical chemistry has been applied to the determination of silver, including weight method, titration, spectrophotometry, fluorescence method, chemical dynamics method, etc., of which the most advantages of atomic absorption spectrometry. Atomic absorption spectrometry silver sensitive, accurate, rapid, simple, less disturbance, as a result, the ore has been widely used in the determination of the bank of China.
(2) of silver concentrate
Silver ore concentrate for the intermediate product in the process of producing non-ferrous metals industry, determine the content of silver grade and related elements of silver ore concentrate of supply and demand both sides of the transaction and determination of the production process has an important role. Determination of main elements in addition to the silver, and gold, copper, arsenic, bismuth, lead, zinc, sulfur, aluminum and magnesium.
At present, the determination of the content of silver and gold, mainly adopts the classical fire assay gravimetric method, generally the second tries gold recovery; The determination of copper content, high content of iodine quantity method, low levels of using atomic absorption spectrometry; The determination of lead and zinc, high content of EDTA titration method, low levels of using atomic absorption spectrometry; The determination of arsenic, using potassium bromate titration, low content by atomic fluorescence Cartier love bracelet replica spectrometry; The determination of sulfur content, the use of barium sulfate weight method and burning neutralization; The determination of bismuth content, mainly is the atomic fluorescence spectrometry; The determination of aluminium with photometric method and EDTA titration method; The determination of magnesium, generally using atomic absorption spectrometry. With the progress and development of science and technology, advanced analysis and test method and the method has been applied to the measurement of silver ore concentrate in, such as icp-aes and icp-ms and XRF method. These test methods are also suitable for thick silver and silver test.
(3) rough silver
Crude silver mainly refers to the silver content is 30% ~ 99.9% of the ore recovery of silver and silver, silver smelting primary products. Due to the rough silver contained in the scope of more extensive, caused the diversity and complexity of the products. Thick silver in addition to those components is uniform and the recovery of silver known quality products can be directly used, other usually require by refining, strong integration of use value corresponding to use after the metallic element.
Thick silver in the mine, smelting primary recovery of silver silver, silver can be recovered as the three main components of considerable complexity, except with the coexistence of a variety of precious metals silver composition, also contains a lot of the value of recycling materials such as metal, nonmetal, compound. In addition, due to its quality is a big span, such as the concentration, monetary silver of the silver, and all kinds of silver ore quality is relatively low and the industrial products, etc.
(4) the pure silver
Sterling silver is to point to by a variety of silver raw material to produce silver, silver content was 99.90% ~ 99.90%. Sterling silver is mainly used in photography, chemical reagents, chemical materials, pharmaceutical, electronics industry, such as the decoration, jewelry, and silver industry, made in currency and souvenirs also accounted for a big share of manufacturing.
Second, the silver mineral
Usually in the form of sisters mine gold and silver in nature. Big silver often exists in the old metamorphic rocks, Mesozoic and Cenozoic (60 million -) volcanic region and a large silver findings. About two-thirds of the silver resources in the world is the copper, lead, zinc, gold and nonferrous and precious metal deposits Fake Cartier love bracelet associated, such as a third of silver on native silver deposits.
Silver key minerals: silver mainly exists in the form of mineral, the minority to the mineral crystal lattice with class quality, and the like into the other. Found so far, there are 117 kinds of independent silver minerals, mainly argentite, stephanite, including natural elements and intermetallic compound 9 kinds of telluride, antimonide, selenide and 23 species of arsenide, sulphide, 11 species, sulfur salts 60, halide 10, sulfate two kinds. The main mineral is as follows:
Gold and silver series minerals: natural silver (gold 20% ~ 0%, 80% ~ 100%),
Silver and gold silver (gold 50% ~ 20%, 50% ~ 80%),
Gold and silver ore (gold 80% ~ 50%, 20% ~ 50%),
Natural gold silver (gold l00 % ~ 80%, 80% ~ 20%).
Sulfide, argentite (Ag2S) (Ag3SbS3), pale red, dark red and silver silver (Ag3AsS3), polybasite 16 sb2s11] [(Ag, Cu), sulfur (AgCuS), black silver, copper and silver antimony (Ag5SbS4), silver (Ag2SSb2S3), antimony (4 pbs4ag2ssb2s3), copper and silver tetrahedrite (Cu, Fe, Ag) 12 (Sb, As) 4 / s13.
Antimony antimonide: silver (Ag3Sb).
Containing platinum, palladium, silver and gold: gold 58.4% ~ 80.1%, 9% ~ 29.2%, 0% ~ 8.7% platinum and palladium 0% ~ 4.4%.
Platinum, palladium, gold and silver ore, silver 34.5% ~ 71.00%, and gold 31.5% ~ 59.7%, 0.7% ~ 1.2% platinum and palladium 0% ~ 2.3%.
Including: platinum and silver platinum 3.1% ~ 6.1%.
Containing palladium silver and gold Cartier love ring replica mine: palladium 0.7% ~ 1.0%.
Containing ruthenium, rhodium, gold and silver ore: 4.0% rhodium, ruthenium 1.0%.
Telluride: white telluride (Au? Ag) Te2, petzite (Ag3AuTe2), miscellaneous petzite (Au, Ag)? Te, needle petzite (AuAgTe4), hessite Ag2Te.
Selenium silver selenide: gold and silver ore (Ag3Se2), selenium (Ag3AuSe2), selenium (Cu2SeAg2Se) copper and silver.
Silver halide: Angle (AgCl) (AgCl, AgBr), chlorine, bromine and silver (AgBr), yellow iodine, bromine and silver and silver (Ag, Cu) I.
Sulfate: Huang Yintie vitriol [AgFe3 (OH) 6 (S04) 2].
[Ag7 arsenic arsenic, sulfur and silver (As, Sb) S].

Set the value of diamond color

Set the value of diamond color
Why do you always doubt, naked eye look not too big differences between the two diamond because color grade certificate differ film and the price is good as a mile. From colorless diamond to diamond, the color has been referred to as diamond most nots allow to ignore the value of the factors in the evaluation.
Colorless diamond
As the most authoritative GIA standard as an example, the cape diamond series is divided into colorless, transparent, nearly colorless and light yellow. With the letter D (Diamond), colour and lustre is D, E, F, also known as colorless, precious rare, the differences between them by experts to identify very carefully; A common colour Cartier nail bracelet replica and lustre is G to J, also known as close to colorless. Expert is easy to distinguish, but the average person is difficult to distinguish, if set on the jewelry is more difficult to detect; Colour and lustre is under K, also known as light yellow, the average person may make out, but prices are much cheaper.
Color diamond
Colorful evaluation is in accordance with the color, clarity, cut, and carat weight four conditions, of which color is the most important. International diamond industry to color the color of the diamond grading is very strict and rigorous, diamond color rarity and more degree decide the value of the diamond, color is more rare, grade, the higher, more more and more saturated, the higher the value.
The color of the colorful evaluation three key
Ruby color light body color from the gem, gem body color from the color, concentration and saturation of the gem color three main factors, evaluation of a colored diamonds when body color should be the three main factors to make comprehensive evaluation after your individual analysis, evaluation, will place a colorful color for final accurate evaluation, these three conditions in colorful evaluation is very important, be short of one cannot.
1 red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, what colour is it?
Colour is also known as hue, is refers to the human eye can see visible light waves in various colors, including red, Cartier love ring replica orange, yellow, green, green, blue, purple and other colors. Nature of the formation of a complete colour is almost impossible, colour is more composed of the main color and color. With the change of the amount of color affects the main color, usually with color, the less said the color is pure, colour is better, but some of the main color because contain specific with color and can make the main color rendering.
In hot Pink diamonds on the market over the past few years, for example, many Pink diamond color is Pink, and with other color with color, with Pink with slight purple, Purplish Pink tiny purple Pink the highest value, welcome.
2 from shallow to deep, it is strong, such as the color is light like water?
Also called brightness, lightness refers to the concentration of the ruby color, is a gem, degree of reflection of light, so also known as the gem color density or depth, with human visual observation is to the human eye to light and shade on the surface of the stone feeling, lightness usually grows, the better, but not too deep, otherwise it will become too dark or black. GIA definition colour lightness of the drill is divided into six grades, the use abbreviation, Light and Fancy quantifier description.
3 or bright or dark, it is as the sun is bright or as dark as the night?
Also known as the saturation, chroma is refers to the colour of bright colors in the visible light waves of degree. GIA specification is divided into two categories, the first kind is given priority to with Fancy color level, according to the degree of bright-coloured color is divided into Fancy, Fancy Intense and Vivid. The second category is in Dark color level Fancy Dark central divided into Fancy Dark and Fancy Deep two levels.
1. Interpret grading
GIA according to the color of the canary color grading the canary slants cool color and warm color to move apart. Too slants cool color yellow diamonds will show a slight green company, but too slant warm color yellow diamonds will show a slight red color.
2. The canary yellow is why?
Yellow diamonds because of diamonds in the process of formation, when the nitrogen atoms to replace some replica Cartier love bracelet carbon atom in diamond crystals, began to absorb the light blue, purple, and yellow diamond.
3. What is the main color?
Diamond color, also known as tone, such as: yellow, pink, blue, this is tonal.
4. What is with the color?
With color is also called the revised color, it is to point to in the main color diamond doping of other colors, with fixed diamond color is not pure color, such as blue with green, pink with orange, thus greatly reducing the value of the diamond.
The Orange diamond, fresh color Orange diamond 14.82 carat pear-shaped, $2400000 per carat. Average per carat diamond world auction record. The fresh colour orange diamond world auction record.
1. Interpret grading
When the color of the color diamonds from yellow to red, will appear with red, yellow or orange red with yellow diamond. Ming spend in low diamond brown will be displayed.
2. Orange diamond for our favorite stylemakers?
And the causes of the canary color similar to the impurity nitrogen in the form of pairs of atoms, began to absorb the light blue, purple, when visible light range 477 nm is absorbed, which present orange yellow diamond.
3. The studs are influential to colored diamonds?
Colorful blank is too few and far between, clarity of evaluation criteria can be lower than the colorless Cartier love ring replica diamond 2-3 grade, as long as it is usually not visible flaws can be.
4. Cutting affect color?
Absolutely, pavilion depth ratio and platform width ratio must be compared. The same weight, the larger the diamond will be thinner, but the color will be shallow; Instead of cutting surface is smaller, the diamond is thicker, but the color will be thick.
1. Interpret grading
Pink diamonds have slant orange or purple, purple diamond appears a few cool color, while slant orange appear some slant warm color to move.
2. Why is pink pink diamond?
Shallow purple tones of pink, pink, orange tonal pink diamond, widely considered to be caused by the diamond crystal lattice defects in the process of being formed, has nothing to do with other trace elements.
3. Have fluorescent color diamond prices higher instead?
Not all is bad with strong fluorescence colored diamonds, colored diamonds with fluorescence, depends on the fluorescent color and the relationship between the diamond color, sometimes strong fluorescence points for colored diamonds made color appears to be more perfect. For example, a blue diamond has strong blue Cartier nail bracelet replica fluorescence, fluorescence color of will make more full body color, become a rare treasures.
1. Interpret grading
Diamond to achieve “HopeDiamond” so strong deep blue, blue diamond is too rare today. Most of the blue diamond shows that shallow blue.
2. The blue diamond is why blue?
When in the process of the formation of the diamond with the presence of boron impurity, so diamond can produce blue color.
3. Select the color drilling method
If in 4 c measures, the weight of the evaluation of the order can be 60%, cut and the color fluorescent, clarity, weight, 10% and 10% to 20%, all the conditions for colored diamonds are absolutely the center around the color.

elegant with Burberry 2016 autumn/winter collection bag

Free self, elegant with Burberry 2016 autumn/winter collection bag
Stems from The old officers marching with portable travel bag, eulogizing The Burberry signature Heritage series, this qiu dong, Burberry at present The new Richard Saddle bags, The simple round design line, composed of neutral low-key color, flip and buckles classic design, perfect fusion hale and elegant temperament, be The best interpretation of modern women inner pursuit of independence
The Richard Bag Saddle bags
The Richard Saddle bag design inspiration comes from The Saddle bag prototype of Burberry collection data made by hand, per packet for modern design will be long and classic Saddle line to deduce.
The Richard Saddle bag appearance is simple, practical buckles on The bag, and circular flap pockets with The knight set each other off becomes an interest, constructs The overall profile of rigid-flexible economic. On the material, saddle bags selected delicate texture of high quality leather. Smooth Fake Cartier love bracelet and anti-scrape calfskin, British dyed suede, is to strengthen the overall package money the important place of the elegant temperament. These materials after rolling mill, will highlight the natural grain texture, brushed and polished to achieve the effect of soft and wear-resisting. In the process, saddle bags the same process. In the Italian production bag, its edge with the method of hand-painted lacquer, and handle through pure manual rolling and sewing, under the appearance of the quiet inside collect carefully crafted, is this year qiu dong deserves to collect the most practical bag. In the aspect of color, 2016 autumn winters Burberry Richard rich color Bag to choose, including purple light orchid, red gold yellow, purple and red, brown, as well as the classic of camel’s hair, navy blue and black, etc., it can be used to easily match any modelling, to attend various occasions, reveal the best representative of urban women self style.
Put all his in saddle bag, no matter where you run to, are the most beautiful scenery.
Color design brand The ultimate guide to choose trench coat
Wear a windbreaker, a woman is pursuit of women – or wearing a quilted jacket with the bulging keep out the cold. However, dust coat would you choose? Selected for a trench coat, 10 years, or even the street still classic but when 20 years later. VOGUE in the ultimate guide of superfine dust coat, from color to design to the brand, from easy to difficult, follow we will wear will take will buy more.
Grade of color decided to choose a classic trench coat color from the beginning
The clothing color is often the most intuitive, the most can reveal grade is an important factor in the first time. The right coat color, you have succeeded half. Can highlight temperament and grade of the color of camel’s hair, the most natural and unrestrained capable of army green and purplish blue, black and white Cartier nail bracelet replica and classic unbeaten run in the — of these three is enough to natural and unrestrained in the autumn. , of course, also don’t forget to reveal personality color trench coat, wardrobe, as in life, every now and then some bright eye color is enough.
The most temperament and grade of the color of camel’s hair
A fashion website abroad has made investigation, and all kinds of clothes in the color of camel’s hair is considered to be the most show temperament show the color of “expensive”. At the same time because of the color of camel’s hair is close to skin, late autumn season can bring a warm “vision”. The color of camel’s hair easy collocation, can in different color between natural excessive; Actually cream-colored, nude, light khaki can be divided into the color of camel’s hair in the categories. Whether it is work, the party or leisure walking street, wear the color of camel’s hair may not be able to immediately become the focus of the crowd, and must be the most able to bear or endure look, the most worth careful appreciation.
Fashion week, they are like to wear the color of camel’s hair coat
The combination of the camel trench coat + little black dress, sexy high-heeled shoes is both elegant and sexy.
Camel trench coat pants of the cultivate one’s morality, knitwear and classic combination is a favorite of the supermodel leisure out street.
This season is the most of in wide-legged pants with sexy stiletto heel with the color of camel’s Cartier love ring replica hair coat, create bright and intellectual woman style.
Natural and unrestrained capable of army green and purplish blue windbreaker
This comes from a military Trench Coat (Trench coats) was born with a hint of neutral spell able, if deserve to go up again handsome army green or purplish blue, wear in the body aura don’t generally. It is important to note that when choosing these two kinds of colour dust coat, on the other color should be simple enough, with black, white, red three color collocation is the best.
For your army green dust coat with a belt, echo the spell able profile of dust coat and graceful girth.
Don’t emphasize straight profile of the type of recreational dust coat want is free of youthful vitality, is a big hot style in young women.
Navy blue can also wear a youthful vitality? The key is to match the clean white.
Blake Lively and Anna Wintour slammed in blue coat is not about to choose and the suede and highlight temperament and modern age.
Never miss the classic black and white
Coco Chanel think “impeccable” black and white and dichromatic beauty, who don’t agree? In addition to the classic joker, black show the dirty, thin white fashionable reduction of age… Choose trench coat when we all around but the two colors. Black and white classical modelling without we say more, enjoy beautiful picture.
Give life to add some color trench coat
If above “classic color” trench coat has fully, then change a color trench coat sample!!!! “Bright eye degree” first-class color trench coat as fashion critic Suzy Menkes says, “you can touch my emotions clothes are always those with the collocation of color and personality.” But simple accessories please, a dot eyeball trench replica Cartier love bracelet coat without too much deserve to act the role of gild the lily.
Colored plaid add style and stripe windbreaker for you
Orange and caramel color most can foil good color, especially suitable for yellow or partial black skin color
Body rich color (such as green or bright pink) animal grain, graffiti, such as printing of heavy and complicated is exaggerated bold patterns suggest that we don’t try the following won’t enjoy it.
Design decision temperament How to choose the shoulder and waist line
Is highlighted because of dust coat and beautify the girth ratio, standing to fashion industry hundreds of years. Different styles of shoulder strap and belt is more and more rich, VOGUE tell you their own benefits.
The charm of waist, beam and beam
1. The waist dust coat
Trench Coat belts are designed to prevent the rain indecent, evolution in order to draw the outline of fine waist now make perfect figure practical adornment. Tie belt in the most slender waist position, the higher proportion of naturally spin down, weight loss, and with the shoulder “gold nabla” formation, can show thin.
2. No waist coat
Don’t be belted trench coat “bound”, also allow yourself to relax from time to time. Don’t waist trench roughly two kinds: straight barrel dust coat for a request is not high, and helpful to the elongated lower half; Lazy oversize dust coat like boyfriend large coat, with a kind of elegant and comfortable casually.
Decide a person’s shoulder line design maneuver “spirit”
1. There are personality has the aura of epaulettes
With epaulettes windbreaker always reminiscent of neat handsome uniforms, fashionable in style of British Trench Cartier love ring replica Coat is originated in the first world war Britain and France sergeant raincoat. Epaulettes is used to tie the telescope and the kettle, now play a let neck more forceful function, plus favors, whole person suddenly spirited, refreshed.
2. Elegant along with the gender of the left shoulder
Left shoulder with trench coat is not trench coat straight type, is loose and comfortable to wear, weakening the shoulder line more outstanding women’s gentle and romantic. The autumn wind blowing, and the elegance of left shoulder dust coat and along with the gender irresistible.
After decades of classic investment you are to the point
Choose dust coat, coat, or handbag this “big” sheet is tasted, more like a clock. Bought the right investment, bought the wrong is a waste! After decades of trench coat still classic fashionable?
Dust coat expert — Burberry
“Regardless of age or gender, everyone should have a coat this world, and it also must have a coat for everyone in the world” – the founder of Burberry Thomas Burberry believes that windbreaker is each person’s essential wardrobe. At the beginning of the 20th century the birth of the Trench Coat in today still glow the vitality, comfortable and durable material, double-breasted “label” and history can be traced back to the 1960 classic “Haymarket” plaid makes Burberry classic Trench Coat has been imitated, but never been surpassed.
Is known for the color of camel’s hair coat MaxMara was launched in 1981, “101801” classic of camel’s hair coat, and 135000 were in the sales miracle. MaxMara design of dust coat also inherit used for coats and a suit of sleeves, a soft shoulder line design and cutting loose, lightweight neat waist line design in casual outline Cartier nail bracelet replica of mature charm of a woman.
Jeanne Lanvin’s founder – Marie started design from 18 bonnet, and is known for elegant falbala and exquisite decoration. No wonder Lanvin each coat collar and cuffs are dimly visible exquisite and unique design and tailoring, all kinds of belt and the wave collision also manifests the French woman on the side of romance of unique personality.
Michael Kors always adhere to in the field of design with the American style of sexual freedom, at the same time not forget to salute to the classic. Dust coat design is a typical American, simple lines, pure color, Michael Kors tries to convey the vibrant cosmopolitan atmosphere in New York. Brand launched every year different compose ACTS the role of design and the material of bold innovation, is suitable for the young people love the pursuit of fashion and classic design.

Paris spring/summer 2016 trend

Hair beautiful like summer flowers Alexandre DE Paris spring/summer 2016 trend
“Pop will decline, and style can be forever.” Masters of the world’s top hair Alexandre DE Paris, the elegant style of the new spring and summer of 2016 the continuation of the brand has always been, when off thick coat, with impeccable craft, from the charming nature capture inspiration, with magnificent Cartier love bracelet replica and colorful hair accessories, like xanadu, make a woman be beautiful like summer flowers.
Winter’s pale and cold, always let a person feel boring, but also many brand jewelry series, such as Chanel, Gaultier, Dior creative force of Alexandre DE Paris elite design team to visual capture the natural to the truth and beauty, with superb skills in spring/summer 2016 brought us to return uncut jade to put in hair of fine arts, break the cold of winter, winter is depressing, injected a joy for the spring warm current.
Alexandre DE Paris 2016 spring and summer series, brand consistent elegant continues, light series is a classic camellia brand-new deduce the Alexandre DE Paris, transparent texture of the petals and stamens were set with swarovski element crystal, elegant luxury, let people like place oneself in colorful elegant royal garden. Lush series of French joss-stick flower modelling with black hook and cream-colored flowers, has created this unique classic elegant image. Butterfly series, soft butterfly series, a series of beautiful metamorphosis, let us once again witnessed the gorgeous Cartier love ring replica butterflies, dancing butterflies like bright sunshine to chase the elves of the princess, as beautiful as poetry images are perfectly, and name it as summer elves dance in hair. Alternating series is unique and elegant line feeling modelling, wen wan elegant color more add charm, give a person with elegant breath, collect inside filar silk feeling lingering. In design Alexandre DE Paris still pursue the secret nature of true reduction, with rare meticulous beautifully captures the nature is gorgeous, and a lot of use of glittering and translucent crystal pave sparkling swarovski elements compose in Alexandre DE Paris unique hair on organic cotton fiber material, colour with pleasant and beautiful modelling sing sweet spring and summer.
Brand original patent technology — complex carving technology is still in use in this season, Alexandre DE Paris 2016 spring summer series will be pure and fresh quietly elegant and magnificent gorgeous, naive alert and worldly ambitions, sun and cold ao passes, romance is pure and sweet temptation Cartier nail bracelet replica psychedelic, condensed the opposite elements collision on the shiny hair, sputtering out beautiful like a rainbow, intoxicate like hair light clever elf, and makes the elegant long finish.
2016 spring summer, Alexandre DE Paris in paring down light broke the dreary winter, with light color of hair art, make the world be beautiful like summer flowers, bring delicate luxurious summer elves, let you swim in the vibrant hair garden.

Though 2016 autumn/winter fashion week has been in the past

Though 2016 autumn/winter fashion week has been in the past, but the designers use of rich imagination and amazing design techniques brought about by the 2016 autumn/winter fashion feast for everyone also has only just begun. New York fashion week as the opening weeks of the four fashion week, will become a fashionable personage of all stripes were the first to focus on objects, shows different style also will become this year qiu dong’s several big trend, this season in New York fashion week each stylist of big shop sign also gradually show their speciality, which we selected for you the 10 representative brand sort (initials) with the brand, let everybody to furbish up the first of four New York fashion week – station of 2016 autumn winters charm.
Phillip Lim, the inspiration of this season’s locomotive hands, or more specific points and eccentric, locomotive’s girlfriend, and he put the subject abstract into a dangerous atmosphere. There are many direct reference of locomotive aesthetics – dominance of leather, patch tannins and biker jackets, vests, jumper, and even dress. The modelling in the face of retail, especially the motorcyclist vest and jacket has a smooth, the rhythm of feminine. But the show’s most interesting design can reflect Lim from literal interpretation own theme, with a shrug, to his attitude – right and wrong, don’t care to imagine. This series outstanding clothing is: the large size, deliberately do old shearing fur coats, lapel is contrasting colors; Lim, in a different colour combination shows this coat for several times, each time looks attractive and novel. In general, Lim thing this season is very clever, the sense that gives a straightforward modelling is exquisite.
This is the first time Wang in this movie scene of venue for release. Want to find the answer from the opening music notes. The show of music is “Cartier love bracelet replica” theme song “the Eye of the Tiger” (Eye of the Tiger), the story is rocky “face to face with the challenge of rival.” Before the conference, stylist says he focused on boxing, and so subject to explain. Fur gloves and cap unlined upper garment under the collocation of thread hat is obviously props. More macro speaking, Wang have a crush on circular and fuzzy. Obsessed with hairy feeling, he will be treated as the bristles of mohair, form the texture, like hair on the alpaca collage leather decals, astrakhan wool and silk line mark adornment. His color is grey and hazy, thrift with a little rusty red horse fur. A fur clothing and knitted sleeve sweater there is the potential and the light rainbow sequins decoration light color sweater. Simple princess satin T-shirt shoulder incision design, tie-in and same luxuriant material or trousers, returned to the sense of air spring and summer.
Released this season Donna Karan series back to her success, for the first time in the mid – 80 – s “concise seven parts. For memory flashes are not people, “seven pieces of concise” refers to the basic innovative black wardrobe, is Karan answer to excess when fashion. Fast-forward 30 years, look at today’s street snap. No exaggeration to say we are living in another the baroque era. Donna and her knitting design sounds. Transparent stockings is another innovation of Karan, little is known about us. In the thigh on each half skirt, remind us that she is opaque tights, then establish an empire. Is Shared with administrative knitting clothing runway is cut in the 80 s. Double-breasted button to collar, with clear arc shoulder line, and large pleated pants leg loose, but the waist line are lower than those of that year.
“Every woman wants to luxuriant and rock and roll. The point is not to go to a party, life is a party.” Who can than replica Cartier love bracelet way to understand them more? In the process of looking for inspiration, and she just opened the diary or private photo album pages. How many designers didn’t dare to like her in the gorgeous rock bet – not because she stop them to dig the inspiration of The Times. She is definitely back several times. What new can dig left? Now what have we to the magnificent in the 70 s to learn the way to dress up? Oh, maybe not, but her brown suede wrap dress looks like 41 years ago, when she first started making wrap dress; It also becomes a classic small ideas. And leopard print, DVF said she show the leopard print on the post is a blend of animals and plants. Couldn’t do and we guess that metallic leather jeans. At least one of the benefits of progress of The Times.
Recently, Jason Wu and Stephanie Seymour very hit it off. The more than 40 year-old supermodel and his son Peter and Harry occupies front row, she still designers spring and summer series of advertising models. And then there’s Michelle Obama, last month in her husband’s second inauguration ball, choose the designer dresses, four years ago she wore the same occasion is Jason Wu. Anyway, these fruitful achievement is Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica said this is ever so far in his “the most feminine and most mature” series. What he calls “extreme femininity” and he park avenue conference site arrangement is absolutely gorgeous. This time, he chose the opposite of before. His power suit shoulders filled with confidence, as tight beam waist also tall and straight. At the same time, the shirt button all the way to the top, neckline across on the cheek. On the whole, you can’t say this series is reserved, all those fur (the best is black patch pocket caramel brown parka) and suggestive of bud silk printing transparent plastic dust coat. But black and white color wheel, the collocation of a few red (greet Mrs. Obama?) Seems to be Wu said, “I want to send.”

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