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What brand is good, price, identification how to choose

What brand is good, price, identification  how to choose
What kind of brand is good, Zoca for you to introduce the wedding diamond ring what brand of good related content, to provide a good reference for information on the wedding diamond ring, what brand of good information on the wedding in the Zoacai jewelry home.

De Beers’s ad “Diamond forever, a permanent” has been widely accepted. For centuries, indestructible diamonds and life of the same love is being linked together, the diamond as the best gift to express love.
The former thought that the arrows of the arrows of love Cupid were made of diamonds, so she became invincible and had the power to conquer love. The diamond ring for the first time as a love story of the story, took place in 1477, Austria’s Maximilian in order to get the love of Princess Mary of France, because Mary was so beautiful that many people pursued did not get her love, Mi Lian for this convened a lot of counselors advice, and finally it was suggested that the diamond ring symbol of eternal love, the princess’s finger on the diamond ring can get her love. Later, Maximilian used this method, and, really efficacious, when he put the symbol of love diamond ring gently worn on Princess Mary’s left hand ring finger, Princess imitation Cartier love bracelet Mary promised. Since then created the tradition of giving a diamond ring engagement.
In addition, why the engagement diamond ring, have to wear in the left hand, but also wear on the ring finger on it? Christian believers believe that this is due to the Christian wedding ceremony, presided over the wedding priest holding the ring in order to touch the new man’s left hand, and said “in the name of the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit”, and finally fell on the left Four fingers, and thus the formation of this tradition.
De Beers’s ad “Diamond forever, a permanent” has been widely accepted. For centuries, indestructible diamonds and life of the same love is being linked together, the diamond as the best gift to express love.

Diamonds and marriages each have their own characteristics, in many ways just to form a tacit understanding, so the wedding ring was accepted by people down. From the diamond’s own characteristics, the diamond and marriage, what kind of contact?

Diamonds are characterized by: uniform and clear, the world’s hardest, chemical stability, which makes the diamond is pure innocence, all-conquering, always loyal or unswerving meaning; another diamond mining difficulties, storage of small, high cost It has become the most expensive gem now, which makes diamonds increased the noble, rich meaning; diamonds have a very rich cultural connotation, in ancient people are all proud of having diamonds, with diamonds respect, which makes diamonds become “distinguished, Elegant “synonymous.

Marriage, people put it on the same expectations – all-conquering, married husband and wife are loyal to each other, mutual respect, the husband and wife’s “eachother” love remain unswerving until forever. Marriage means that the happiness of a lifetime to another person, and men in order to fully express the feelings of the woman’s deep, will be able to express their own chime.

Marriage has become one of the most important things in life, because the happiness of life and marriage has a very important link. Of course, marriage has become the first to bear the brunt of the family event, for their children’s marriage, parents often chime their own, spend all the savings, even even if the debt should be generous at this time, brothers and sisters is full of help, some brothers in the The field, thousands of miles away to rush to attend the wedding. This shows the importance of marriage. As an important monument to marriage (the most symbolic marriage of marriage) – wedding ring, it is not a small look. I remember the moment of the big “Titanic” in the love of the token – – huge blue diamond necklace (ocean heart), in the film as a representative of love and appear many times. This fully shows that diamonds are used as a representative of love for a long time. Marriage ring in the 21st century is coming today, widely popular, in addition to people’s living standards, but also shows that people’s lives more and more focus on quality, pay attention to the mood of life.
We know that diamonds are a very expensive item, because of this, in the thirteenth century, the French King St. Louis has ordered the ban on all women wearing diamonds, even royal princess and aristocratic ladies are no exception. In his view, only the Virgin Mary was worthy of diamonds. The first woman who dared to break the ban was Angela Sullivan. Actually, she had no royal descent and nobility, but she had the love of Charles VII, and had the courage to go beyond the law. Since then, wearing diamonds is no longer a privilege, and more wedding ring into a “noble” symbol of jewelry.

Diamond jewelry in China this piece of land, more and more people are welcome, and become gold, platinum after the third largest consumer hot spots. Here is a group of diamond jewelry sales data in China, I think it can explain some of the problems. This data comes from the famous “De Beers’ promotion center”. In 1998, the total retail sales of diamond ornaments was 3.375 billion yuan, the number of 733,000 pieces, the average price of 5095 yuan / piece, compared with 1997 increased by 4%, Chinese diamonds and thus into the global 13. In 1999, although the economic situation is not too ideal, the growth rate has come down, but this year is expected to total retail sales of about 40 billion.

Promotion Center, a responsible person pointed out that China’s diamond jewelry market potential is very large, especially the wedding diamond ring has a lot of room for growth. China has 1.5 million people married each year, and marriage to buy diamond ring is becoming a fashion. China as a large Replica Cartier jewelry population, rapid economic growth in the country, the development potential of diamond jewelry is very large, according to the people predicted that the middle of the 21st century, China will become the United States, Japan, after the third largest consumer of diamond jewelry. In the second place in Japan, with annual sales of 12 billion US dollars, about 100 billion yuan, so the development of diamond jewelry space is very large.
The domestic diamond ring brand (including Hong Kong) more famous are Chow Tai Fook, Chow Sang Sang, Zuo Kayi, Zhou Dasheng, Lao Fengxiang, Xie Ruiqi, Kimberley, Kim Chongzheng, tide Acer, Luk Fook, Bulgari, Van Cleef & Arpels, Jubilee Star, BLOVES, Hang Shun, Bajue, the old temple, Asia, the United States grams of diamonds, Kim Tae Fu, gold elephant, Starlight, etc.

Foreign brands are more well known Cartier, Tiffany, Bvlgari, Van Cleef & Arpels, Hai Rui Winston, Di Jue, Demi Ni Ni, Po poetry dragon, Royal wood, Swarovski and so on

World brand

Cartier (Paris, France, 1847)

France Cartier company, the top ten diamond ring wedding ring brand, in 1847 by Louis-Fran & ccedil; ois Cartier in Paris RueMontorgueil 31 founder. Cartier by the British King Edward VII as “the emperor’s jeweler, jeweler’s emperor,” the famous brand, from the life of the people of love for all things, Cartier to create a series of jewelry, and tells a A legendary story.
Zokai (2004 in China)

Zuo Kayi is committed to jewelry lovers and collectors presented quality style of jewelry, in-depth gem procurement, jewelry design and production of all aspects. In the concept of Zoakai, jewelry is not only precious materials and aesthetics of the condensate, it is a long faithful companions, for the precious time to support, the mind imprint engraved.

Tiffany & Co (1837 New York, USA)

Tiffany is an American jewelery and silver company founded in 1837. In 1853 Charles Tiffany mastered the company’s control, the company name is simplified as “Tiffany” (Tiffany & amp; Co), the company has since established the jewelry industry as a business focus. Tiffany gradually established stores in major cities around the world. Tiffany has developed a set of its own precious stones, platinum standards, and was adopted by the US US government as the official standard. Today, Tiffany is one of the world’s leading luxury goods companies. Its Tiffany Blue Box (Tiffany Blue Box) has become a unique style of American fashion practice.

Bvlgari (in 1884 in Italy)

Bulgari is the world’s third largest jewelry brand after the French cardia and the United States Tiffany. The brand originated in Greece, the founder of Sodilio Bugali is a Greek silhouettes of the Iraqi Pruce region. In 1879, Sautilio moved to Naples, Italy, and in 1884 he opened a silver shop in Rome, specializing in the sale of exquisite silver sculptures. Bulgari jewelry production in the color of the design for the essence of originality with a variety of different colors of gems with a combination, and then use the base of different materials to highlight the gem of the dazzling color. Design style: bold and unique, distinguished classical.

Chow Tai Fook

Early in the creation of Guangzhou, after the development of Hong Kong, Hong Kong brand in the early entry into the mainland market, mainly gold products. Zhou Dafu gold line, early main gold jewelry, 90 years began in the domestic development, there are more shops, but also to do diamond ring products, years of brand development, is already one of the most popular jewelry brands. It is in the Hong Kong and domestic jewelry industry, the annual sales accounted for the first market.

Van Cleef & Arpels (1906 Paris, France)

Van Cleef & Arpels since its birth date has been the world’s nobility and celebrity Ascot is particularly favorite top jewelry brand. Van Cleef & Arpels to France Fontaine Square, Van Fountain column as a visual design, to create a brand containing the letters VC and A diamond symbol. The brand logo Amulette de Cartier Bracelet Replica in 1938 through the registration, and then Van Cleef & Arpels each new product, will be engraved in the above engraved mark the brand, a symbol of precious stones and precious metals are subject to strict quality control.

Harry Winston (1890 New York, USA)

Hai Rui Winston one of the world’s top ten brands, known as the “king of diamonds.” Founded in New York in 1890, Winston Jewelery was founded by Jacob Winston, the current grandfather of Ronald Winston, who was initially a member of the Manhattan area. Between small jewelry and watch workshop. Jacob in 1890 immigrated from Europe to New York, is a well-known craftsmen. His career was later inherited by Harry Winston, who was the father of Renault. Because Hai Rui born with excellent business wrist, high-quality diamonds have unique vision, he succeeded in selling jewelry to New York rich upper class, and only 24 years old founded the first company.

(DERIER) (Paris, France, 1837)

In 1837, the founder of the Frenchman LouiseDerier (1807-1874) at the GrandsBoulevards in Paris began the gold and silver and jewelry inlaid shop. Due to the unique craftsmanship of the family tradition and the spirit of Louise Derier’s work, the family of Thi’s family has been praised by the superior society

Boucheron (1858 Paris, France)

Boucheron is the jewelry company of the Italian GUCCI Group. In 1858, only 28-year-old designer Boucheron set up his own brand and opened boutiques in Paris, the most fashionable royal palaces, designed many precious jewels, watches and perfume. The 21st century, Boucheron adhere to the brand’s unique traditional connotation, become bold and luxurious synonymous with modern jewelery.

Taylorburton (1966 South Africa)

In 1966, a fine diamond stone of 240.80 carats was found in the premier mine in South Africa and was bought by the American gemstone Harry Winston in 1968 and wondering Into an almond general size, weight 69.42 karats pear-shaped drill. Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton’s love was known as the transcendental love of the century, and later found the “Taylor – Burton” diamond Plemir mine owner Thomas to commemorate the two romance, launched in 1980 Taylor Burton Dayton Diamond brand, and let this noble lineage with heritage.

DeBeers (1888 South Africa)

Since 1888, De Beers has been a well-known name in the diamond mining and evaluation industry. As early as sixty years ago, De Beers established a sales organization, distribution of most of the world’s gem-level drill embryo, to ensure the rapid development of the world’s diamond market stability. De Beers brand name from the pure and flawless, totally natural diamond ornaments, was given the emotional connotation of love. Diamond hard and non-degenerate characteristics and the public’s longing for love. DeBeers’ well-known advertising slogan “Diamond is a long time, a permanent” is known around the world. In fact, it has been translated into 29 different languages! Wonderfully, it has a great influence in every language.

Chow Sang Sang

Chow Sang Sang was in Hong Kong in 1934 to carry out retail business in China, founded in 1948 in Hong Kong, and in 1973 to become a listed company, in 1994 to develop the mainland business market. “Zhou Shengsheng” name, “weeks” and then, “life and life” endless meaning, and “week” is the founder’s surname. Chow Sang Sang through the sale of fashion items, the name contained in the good wishes to customers.

Old Fengxiang

“Based in Shanghai, the radiation of the country, to the world.” Over the years the old Fengxiang companies adhere to the brand management of the road, through the chain of silver, the image counters, special dealerships, stores, regional agents and other channels. Old Fengxiang mainly gold jewelry, also involved in diamond mosaic products sales. Founded in 1848 by the old Fengxiang Silver House development evolved, its trademark “old Fengxiang” creativity, but also from the old Fengxiang silver floor of the font size.

How much is the world’s largest diamond?

How much is the world’s largest diamond?
How big is the world’s largest diamond? At present the world’s largest diamond is in January 1905 in South Africa’s Plemir diamond mine found, known as the “African Star” “Cullinan” diamond, is a crystal is not complete diamond block, the color is colorless Transparent, without any flaws, excellent texture, weighing 3106 karats. At that time, the name of the general manager of the mine “Curtinan” to name.

How much is the world’s largest diamond? “Cullinan” because too big, then no one can afford. Later, the local authorities in the German city of Delaware acquired £ 150,000, and on December 9, 1907, the British royal family was presented to the British King Edward III’s birthday.
Colored diamonds refers to the diamond with a clear color, or a rare natural color of diamonds, all belong to the list of colored diamonds. The level of color is usually graded according to the color saturation and color, such as Fancy yellow (yellow) or Light yellow (yellow) after the GIA to determine imitation Cartier love bracelet the color diamond. So how is the classification of color diamond grading?

The human eye can identify more than a million kinds of colors, but gia’s color diamond classification system only selected 27 kinds of colors, so that the infinite color of the narrative, the order for the use of judgment, and for the market to play Terminology. The 27 kinds of colors are representative of a category of color, color can be arranged into a color circle, the boundaries between each two colors have clear signs and icons, gia grader in the assessment of the first step is to compare the color circle The 27 colors include roots in essence, such as red, blue, green, and confused colors such as orange red, green-blue, and green yellow. Gia system in the end of the original is the main color, the main reason is that some of the specific color with a considerable price.

The color of the diamond surface is a combination of color, hue, and chroma, gia accepts a particular grade term to define the color surface of the category:
How to classify the color diamond

According to the color of the color of diamonds can be divided into:

First, the red color diamond, natural red diamond color is probably by the crystal layout deformation and mix with nitrogen caused by the element. Red color diamond series includes red with brown, red with pink and red belt purple and other color diamond. Choi diamond series to the most colorful red diamond, and only a small number of red can be rated as red color, that is only pure color red, and no other color of the other red color. Blood drilling bright red blood, beautiful incomparable, is a very valuable diamond diamonds and rare Need.

Second, the pink color diamond, due to crystal spasm signs, crystal surface distortion and crystal layout dislocation caused. Pink color diamond for the lighter pink or rose color diamond, with a clean and plain color and elegant and elegant posture.

Third, the blue color diamond. Mostly due to diamonds containing diamonds. Blue Diamond is also a very charming diamond, can be called blue diamond diamonds must be pure and clear blue, sky blue, dark blue diamonds.

Fourth, green diamonds, diamonds after the birth of natural or born, by the underground radiation material (such as uranium) caused by color. Green diamonds, diamonds in the green tones vary, a green diamond is often the depth of the green shades are not the same. In general, the green uniform, the tone is elegant.

Fifth, the purple diamond is between red and blue, the color is blue red, because the purple diamond absorbs the visible light in the green to yellow light, the crystal layout is often twisted crystal signs. Purple color diamond series in the pure purple color drill can be said to be unique, but can be found pink with purple or purple with pink and other diamonds.

Sixth, yellow color diamond. Yellow diamond is also known as the diamond, refers to the Replica Cartier jewelry diamond color pure, bright yellow color, or golden yellow diamond. In addition to yellow, golden yellow is also common yellow wine, amber color diamond.

Seventh, orange color diamond. Due to crystal layout defects and nitrogen atoms caused. Orange vice color to yellow, brown, pink, red more, fresh orange diamonds in nature to sparse rare. Orange color diamond series contains dark orange, orange with pink, dark orange and red orange.

Eighth, gray color diamond. Due to carbon atoms due to dislocation or internal lattice deformation caused. Gray color diamond series includes dark gray, dark gray with blue, medium gray, gray with green and so on.

Ninth, chameleon diamond. Gray, yellow, olive, green and other combinations of colors. Chameleon diamond is attractive in the color is like, like a chameleon usually, if stored in a dark place, after the slow or frozen, the chameleon diamond will add yellow or olive and other colors, and then in just a few seconds or minutes, Revive the original glory.
How much is the color diamond? Color diamond picture appreciation. In fact, in the process of diamond formation, in addition to carbon elements, there are other elements doping in, different elements will form different colors of diamonds. The color grading of colored diamonds is very complicated because it also involves additional hue and saturation issues. The more rare the color of the color diamond, the higher the level of its color, the higher the value. The more concentrated the color, the higher the saturation, the higher the value. Color diamond color grading mainly consider the color saturation and pure degree.

How much money is it

Colored stones are rare in our usual life. A carat diamond ring is more expensive, and consumers prefer to choose the usual section of the diamond ring. Usually in the mall, people see the most is white diamonds, it was said that white diamonds white and flawless, giving a clear feeling of mind, so people are white marble impression is a symbol of pure love.
But the unique charm of the diamond or will attract a lot of consumers to buy. Color diamonds Compared to the white diamonds, the more a layer of mysterious color, the price of color diamond and white diamond price judgments based on different, in addition to the most basic diamond 4C, the color of the diamond www.ourlovestore.com to determine a price The standard, that is the degree of color. Among the red diamond, blue diamond and black diamond become the king of color diamond, these are the color of the more rare color diamond.

Color diamond is determined according to its rarity, red diamond is currently recognized as the most expensive diamonds, a carat price can be more than 1 million dollars, orange, green, blue, pink, yellow and other colors are also very rare, its value very good.
Life is more vivid because of the vibrant, diamonds is the case, sometimes we really thank God to give us so colorful diamonds. See more white diamonds, and occasionally buy a color diamond is even more different.

International Diamond Price

International Diamond Price
Diamond production in the world is quite rare, the more rare thing is the most precious. Diamonds in the past for us is a luxury desire and can not, but now the diamond gradually popular, many people in the marriage proposal, engagement or marriage will choose diamonds as a love token. Now the social investment situation is diverse, not in the past, such as precious gold and other precious metals, precious jewelry as a value of both ornamental value and collection of diamonds has also been a popular Cartier nail bracelet replica investment community. Diamond prices are the most concerned about the issue of investors, then the international diamond price trend how?

International diamond price future trend? The world economic downturn in the big situation, investors will not only look to the property market, the stock market, diamonds as both a value of wearing and collection of jewelry, gradually attracted the attention of high-end investors. Since 2007, international diamond prices have maintained a nine consecutive year of price increases, and the cumulative increase of over 30%, especially as the world’s largest diamond supplier De Beers diamond company in 2015 on the diamond raw material twice Price increases, once the international diamond prices to a high point, coupled with the rise of emerging markets in developing countries, diamonds, diamonds, the decline in the production of diamonds led to the rising trend of the price of diamonds.

International diamond price determinants The International Diamond Price List is the price basis for trading between the global jeweler, diamond merchant and diamond cutting factory every Friday by the New York Diamond Exchange, so it can be seen that the price of the diamond is not an accurate figure. Diamond prices are affected by diamonds 4C, diamonds 4C: Caratage, Cut, Clarity, Color, Diamonds 4 C are missing, each one C is very important, can not easily ignore one of them.

With the diamond sales in emerging developing countries higher, diamond-producing areas of diamond production decline, the international diamond prices in the future trend should also rise in space, some experts predict that the world’s diamond mine in 40 years will face Resource depletion of the plight, it means that in the future more and more difficult to produce large carat diamonds, and diamonds consumption demand is expected to not have a big reduction, so the international diamond price movements are still up space.
How much is the 18k diamond ring?

Diamond ring, 18K gold ring, 18K diamond ring is the ring material is 18 gold diamond ring, because 18K gold color and diverse, high hardness, strong expansion, 18K diamond ring by the strong, Consumers love especially the pursuit of the younger generation of consumers, 18K diamond ring how much money? Are you expensive? This requires a multifaceted consideration.
How much is the 18k diamond ring?

How much is the 18K diamond ring? And 18K gold inlaid diamonds, the price of diamonds is the proportion of 18K diamond ring price of about 90 percent, the impact of diamond value factors are carat, clarity, color and cut, which is the diamond 4C, 4C level Different, so that the diamond ring from the price imitation Cartier love bracelet range from thousands of dollars to millions of yuan, 1 carat below the 18K diamond ring is mainly wearing the function, you can choose the low degree of clarity of diamonds, ordinary people’s glasses is difficult to observe the clarity Differences, does not affect the effect of wearing, and the degree of clarity level difference, the price may be a thousand dollars difference, thousands of dollars, so the low clarity of the diamond ring than the higher parity. 20 points 18k diamond ring, the quality is better, the market price of the general number of 15,000 yuan up and down.

How much is the 18K diamond ring? And the day the price of gold, 18K gold is 75% gold plus 25% other metals (such as silver, zinc, copper, nickel, etc.) by a mixed metal, due to the addition of other metals, not only white, Rose red and many other colors, and higher hardness, suitable for the production of a variety of complex styles of diamond ring. 18K gold diamond ring price and the day of the price of gold and diamond ring processing difficulty of the relationship between the difficult process, and sometimes make the diamond ring more expensive.

How much is the 18K diamond ring? With the diamond jewelry of the popular. Many of the drilling is facing the depletion of mine capacity, life is about to end the situation, and if the diamond production is decreasing, then the 18k gold ring price will undoubtedly be a higher price to continue.

How much is the 18K diamond ring? If you have a better understanding of diamonds, you may buy a higher parity diamond price, diamond trading brought high income, so that the investment of diamond businessmen more business ethics is also good and bad, in order to obtain more profits, bad Businessmen may be in the 18K diamond ring on the quality of the hands and feet, the use of consumers are not familiar with the diamond, intends to improve the price of diamond ring, or fraud. So buy diamond ring before the first to learn some of the knowledge of the diamond is still very necessary. The purchase of diamond ring also need to go to the regular jewelry brand to buy, is conducive to the protection of consumer rights.
Diamond 50 points probably like a mung bean-like size, round 50 points diamond claw-shaped in 18K gold on the ring, both drilling and crystal clear, worn in the ring finger, the wisdom of the wisdom of the United States and the United States release, deep Loved by girls. Diamond 50 points of the diamond ring with you is my other half of the happy meaning. Diamond 50 cents how much money? Mosaic in different places, different styles, the price is different.

Diamond 50 cents how much money? 50 diamonds can choose the ring material is mainly 18K gold, platinum, gold, palladium, mainly platinum and 18K gold more. Which 18K gold inlay effect is relatively strong, the price is cheaper, is the choice of most people. 18K gold and silver color can be divided into 18K white gold, 18K gold and 18K gold rose gold. For the relatively white skin of women, 18K rose gold 50 points diamond ring wear more moving. In the Zuo Kay official counter, 18K rose gold diamond 50 points Fake Cartier love bracelet ring, 4C: weight: 50 points, color: IJ, clarity: VS, cut: VG, the price is 13576 yuan, how many people can bear The range. Need friends can enter the Zoukai official website to do the relevant advice.

How much is the diamond 50? 50 diamonds can not only be embedded in a diamond ring, but also can be embedded in a very beautiful shiny pendant, summer, sun mottled, 50 cents diamond pendant in the slender neck swaying, reflecting the bright sunshine, blooming diamonds dazzling Light, plus the sweet smile of beauty, this is the happy thing. Can be written as a poem. How much is the diamond 50? 4C parameters by the decision, 4C good quality, the price of your point. But the diamond 50 points pendant price of about 10,000 yuan -40000 yuan.

Diamond 50 cents how much money? If you like DIY DIY diamond ring friends, you can also customize the diamond 50 points ring, the price includes the price of diamonds, the price of accommodation and manual fees. So that you can buy a higher parity of the diamond ring, you can also participate in the design of the diamond ring. With the most special diamond ring highlights the most special love, there is a symbol of wood. Engraved heart of the moment, Zuo Ka Yi carefully tailored for your exclusive diamond ring.

Custom dressed jewelry, mosaic romantic curve

Custom dressed jewelry, mosaic romantic curve
Women’s pursuit of jewelry in three levels: no money, Amoy stall, looking for purely decorated jewelry; and so a little money, and on the real money worship, began to consider the appreciation of the budget; until one day, really rich , In fact, return to Taobao’s psychology, is by virtue of love, very afraid of the crash. Now the new jewelry custom, is to achieve the highest level of jewelry dream country, always ready.
Private custom designed to do high-priced jewelry
Jewelry custom background, very backing, probably followed the European royal nobility, or the Qing Dynasty palace concubine’s patent, the jewelry has a unique possessive. First among the ranks of customization of civilians is Europe and the United States actress, mostly in all kinds of awards ceremony debut, the author is usually Cartier, Tiffany Queen’s designer. And the people are absolutely not use such a master of jewelry, so to our here, jewelry and then evolved again.
It is understood that the current custom jewelry market can be divided into two categories, private studio and business operations. Among them, the studio-type jewelry customized in Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai and other cities, has a small scale. Usually a jewelry designer, self-reliance portal, the customer is word of mouth, to do high-value jewelry of the regular customers. Open Internet phone booking channels
And the operation of the enterprise in the country is just started, mainly through Cartier nail bracelet replica the network and telephone to accept customized business. According to Ruier jewelry custom operations director Zhu Jiandong introduction, compared with the private studio, the operation of the jewelry business has two characteristics, one with a dedicated design team, not only a fixed local designers, you can also network France , Italy, the United States and other excellent design studio, the style is more rich and varied, more optional; Second, there are independent raw materials procurement channels, as well as production and processing manufacturers, so that not only to ensure the quality of custom, Effectively control the cost. More than 5,000 yuan can be customized
Reporters learned that, with the private ordering frequently tens of thousands of bid compared to the starting point of enterprise customization is indeed more people close to the DNA, usually more than 5,000 yuan, you can accept custom. Zhu Jiandong told reporters that at present, the domestic consumers can not agree with the design of the added value of the design costs of the separate listed that unbearable. So, at this stage, most of the custom jewelry pricing or material costs and processing fees, and most of the jewelry market on the same brand of similar products.
So now, with the Duchess of Windsor those fame of the custom jewelry, is no longer just think of Huang Liang dream.
Customization process
Layer-by-layer communication according to sketch modification
The first step: landing site to fill out the relevant information, including the need to order the type of jewelry, material, price and so on.
The second step: communicate with the designer phone, will want to order the jewelry requirements, as well as their own custom story out.
The third step: through communication, the designer first proposed more than one sketch for the customer to select or make amendments.
Step 4: Continue to communicate based on the selected sketch. After determining the drawings, the designer and the mold technician together from the mold.
The fifth step: the good wax pattern, by the designer team, marketers, processing and manufacturing personnel will see, the design and casting technology to discuss the final.
Step 6: Casting mosaic.
Step 7: Deliver to the customer.
Order case
Case 1: Aoxue red plum
Ruby meaning mother and son deep
Customized object: bracelet
Material: K white gold inlaid colored stones
Contract price: 39,000 yuan
The son of his mother’s gift. Mother’s name has a “plum”, designed to plum as the theme, the use of a large number of rubies, bracelets in the opposite direction of the arc is close together, metaphor mother and son together. Bracelet body from the square to the unique transition from round to square, to describe no matter what time, mother and child together.
Case 2: dragon and phoenix with
Longfeng traditional message is beautiful
Customized object: marriage ring
Material: K White Gold Diamond
Order price: 21,000 yuan (female ring); 5900 yuan (male ring)
For a pair of newlyweds custom, bride personality gentle, is a typical wife and mother, the imitation Cartier love bracelet groom from the business, stresses integrity, and very filial piety. They hope that the wedding style as simple and modern, but the designer through communication and found that the couple thought very traditional, so in the concise lines, joined the traditional elements of the dragon and phoenix, meaning good.
Case 3: Water Ballet
Pleasant gems outline romance
Custom objects: earrings
Material: Platinum in the East gem
Order price: 5300 yuan
The couple traveled to the Maldives, because the enjoyment of water sports, his wife lost his beloved jewelry, her husband ordered this earrings as compensation. Earrings with abstract lines, expressed the two dancing in the water partner, underwater beautiful coral stone, also through the meandering curve to show the romantic journey to commemorate the Maldives.
Designer interviews
Cross-domain design breakthrough material constraints
Feng Suijun, Rui Er jewelry custom designer
Modern times: What is the difference between a custom jewelery designer and a regular jewelery designer?
Feng Suijun: general jewelry designers, mostly design professional origin, they design things to the experts to see, so there will be thinking style.
And custom jewelry designers, many are art and design background, they come from different areas of expertise, there are paintings, sculptures, architectural design and even music, etc., so they will be more consideration of customer needs and artistic expression, thinking Unrestrained, and not rigidly adhere to the jewelry material and the simple expression of the process. Modern Times: How long does it take for a jewelry order?
Feng Suijun: This need to be based on specific circumstances, usually we recommend that Fake Cartier love bracelet consumers, at least 3 months in advance order. In general, the time required for custom jewelry is designed to communicate time + production time + delivery time, which communicates the time to see the customer’s request, usually 2-10 days; production time is about 10-20 days or so; Delivery time is 1-2 days.
Modern era: custom jewelry to pay attention to what?
Feng Suijun: As a result of custom jewelry, with the customer’s personal aesthetic taste, and the story behind the combination of jewelry. So customers communicate with the designer, we must speak freely, their own ideas and requirements are expressed, so help designers to complete the work you want in mind.

Rose Diamond Pendant Abstract design makes people full of reverie

Rose Diamond Pendant Abstract design makes people full of reverie
Rose has always been regarded as the flower of love, although the Valentine’s Day price boom makes people feel that it blasphemes pure love, perhaps it was a little vulgar, but there are still many women can not refuse its temptation Like roses unrelated to other, just like, no reason, because like, so she has almost all the material of the rose.

This gold supreme rose diamond pendant, with beautiful roses for the design inspiration, the middle of a main drill as a flower, around the floss with a smooth line out of the roses in full bloom the whole picture, diamonds bright light like a rose to Human feeling, in addition, the abstract design gave not only did not reduce the beauty of the rose, but also gave us more reverie.

Very beautiful rose pendant, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.
I do not know from when, she began to obsessed with gold, like the golden sun that dazzling Cartier nail bracelet replica color and luxury texture, first bought a ring and bracelet, can always feel less a bracelet, because do not like bracelet chain, just like flat Pull, selected for a long time finally bought this, with her words, although the style of a little soil, but the bracelet is not very wide, the feeling is still very delicate.
This dragon and phoenix bracelet is not as we usually see so generous, it is a small design, exquisite workmanship show the beautiful form of dragon and phoenix, the scene of the dragon and phoenix scenes depicting the lifelike, classical atmosphere in the noble, Pull the design can automatically adjust the size of the shape of the bar so that it is more appropriate with the wrist, oval shape to wear very comfortable.
This is her first bracelet, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like, do not know the same gold like your first bracelet is what kind of it?
Perhaps to see more jade, gold bracelet, she often think about when there is not a jade ring of jade, to catch a little piece of gold that the more beautiful, so when they saw a favorite bracelet Must be set to like a piece of gold, until one day inadvertently see someone wearing a bracelet, even the kind of feeling she wanted the gold.

Not long before she had this bracelet, black rattan bracelet is full of mysterious colors, inlaid with a piece of gold, this low-key luxury suddenly make it unique charm, coupled with thin gold with bracelets The rotation suddenly flickering, so that the bracelet suddenly have vitality.

Simple and low-key bracelet, a collection of all the bracelets of the United States, but the convergence of the metal itself publicity texture, very charm, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.
Jewelry for women is like a window of clothes, always less one, not because of the lack of but because the total is always in the pursuit of a “most” word, the latest, most luxurious, the most beautiful … … for them So that they can change the beauty of things, have no more than for too much.

This is a few days before finishing the box when you find an old bracelet, or more than a decade ago to buy in Taiwan, the belt package of gold, very stylish craft, black background gives a mature and stable feeling , The shape of thousands of gold flowers wrapped in the belt, as if naturally generated, the middle of the shape of the golden hair with a free and easy, natural beauty.
Very taste of the bracelet, gorgeous and introverted, although after so long there is no old-fashioned, outdated feeling, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.
Purple is always difficult to pondering and capture the feeling that it is like a sweet lie, beautiful people imitation Cartier love bracelet addictive, it is not only mysterious and noble also romantic as the wind, and gold dazzling texture let it look extravagant, when they are together When the noble and luxurious collision will rub what kind of spark?
This pendant with gold and crystal as the design elements, bright gold to hollow heart-shaped package of crystal clear amethyst, not only restore the whole picture of the crystal, but also enhance the quality of a low-key luxury and style, purple mysterious atmosphere And the perfect combination of gold luxury texture, showing a noble beauty, the overall fresh temperament distribution of this charming atmosphere.
Beautiful pendant, gorgeous but not publicity, noble and elegant, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.
Many flowers and plants have been given a good meaning, clover is no exception, it is the flower language is happy, the legend of it always implies the introduction of reverie poetic and mysterious, most of which is that it can bring good for people Yun, she recently did not feel good, stroll to Chow Tai Fook, a fancy to the ring, two-piece clover, two lucky.

This ring to the clover design inspiration, to convey the mood of happiness, two clover is a solid one is hollow, hollow design Fake Cartier love bracelet highlights the sense of layering clover, solid it makes it look more real, not too gorgeous design , Simple modeling classic and not boring.

Very delicate clover ring, she hopes it can bring her double lucky happy! Recommend to everyone to enjoy, but also everyone lucky with happiness often accompanied by

Diablo and fun jewelry people have to choose the same

Diablo and fun jewelry people have to choose the same
Whether you are going to “cut off” jewelry or superimposed jewelry, whether you are innocent love to fall in Hello Kitty, or flirtatious playing rock, in short, 2014 jewelry popular trend: either dark, or eye-catching, or Little fun. So that you can be called fashionable people.
Those who are “cut off” the
Those who are “cut off” the
Maison Martin Margiela, a well-known brand of bold and subversive ideas, has re-used the brand’s deconstruction, re-interpretation of the classic style of ornaments, launched a series of new jewelry, the series called Héritage The The new series of jewelry is characterized by the classic Replica Cartier jewelry style cut open half, or the stone deconstruction, so that the stones and the next frame frame apart. Precious stones are very delicate and exquisite workmanship, cut half of the design is also very neat and clean. The whole series is very eye-catching, not only did not lose the brand has always been a kind of style, also added a noble and gorgeous atmosphere.

Those who are playing in the fingers

Usually our common jewelry point fine ornaments for the earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets, brooches and hair accessories, and recently, unwilling to ordinary designers to break the dust of the same design, designed to wear between the fingers of the “between the fingers Quit “and hold in the palm of the” palm bracelet “, got everyone’s favorite, bring charming romantic refers to the exaggerated.

Those who love Hello Kitty

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of Hello Kitty, Japan’s well-known pearl brand Mikimoto (Mikimoto) with its cooperation launched Mikimoto x Hello Kitty jewelry series, the price from the lowest 50,000 yen (about RMB3000) to the highest 27 million yen (about RMB16 million) Ranging from This is known as the history of the most expensive Hello Kitty merchandise.

Those eye-catching flirtatious

Chiara Ferragni, the fashion blogger from Milan, Italy, has launched her latest collection of “Caia Jewels” and has personally published a large piece of jewelry advertising. “Caia Jewels” jewelry, to lips and teeth consisting mainly of a series of jewelry, red lips, white teeth with gold, to create eye-catching effect.

Those chilly rock

Saint Laurent (Saint Laurent) to metal-based, to create a rigid and glamorous temperament; Zadig & Voltaire is the trend of rock and roll, this type of jewelry is also the spring and summer season fashion jewelry choice.

Those who only pet black gem

Patricia Beck is the Brazilian model Patricia Beck (Patricia Beck) introduced the same name jewelry brand. In addition to metal as the main material, Patricia Beck also use black gemstones to create a series of unique design of jewelry. In addition to metal as the main material, Patricia Beck 2014 spring http://www.ourlovestore.com and summer jewelry advertising large, jewelry mainly metal,

Those who play the totem

Bvlgari (Bvlgari) new Intarsio series of exquisite design totem, once again vivid expression of the birthplace of Bulgari Mediterranean spirit. Round and square diamonds and agate, in the outline of the platinum inlaid into a harmonious combination of patterns, praised by the Arab-style theme of the impact of the Mediterranean architecture.
Deep crystal, subtle mysterious, timeless luxury jade ornaments with its exorcism, auspicious wealth of the meaning of the fashion industry will never fade the trend of becoming the eternal fashion people. Those carved with auspicious patterns of jade is a symbol of luck and happiness, as people say the blessing of jewelry. “Gentleman for no reason, jade does not go”, ancient and modern celebrities are its loyal fans who are loyal fans.
The origin and naming of emerald

Jade name has a variety of claims, one said from the birds, the birds of the feathers were red, the name of the birds, female feathers were green, named Kingfisher, collectively known as jade, so the industry has Fei for the public, The Another said that the ancient “Cui” specifically refers to the Xinjiang Hetian produced Hetian Jiyu, emerald into China, in order to distinguish with the Hotan jasper, called “non-Tsui”, gradually evolved into “emerald”.

Jade legend and good meaning
Since ancient times this has said: “wear gold was wealthy, Dai Yu Bao peace”, we can see that people give this gem a good wish. Transform this favor into a form. That is carving. Jade carving art is a rare treasure of Chinese culture, craftsmen carving art variety of shapes, including human landscape, animal and plant zodiac, the performance content of prayer for auspicious fortune, smooth sailing, safe and happy,

Jade origin and favored
Jade is very few countries of origin, only the United States, Japan, Russia, Myanmar and other countries, and Myanmar is the highest yield of the best quality of the country, so jade is also known as “Myanmar jade.” After the Qing Dynasty, a large number of Burmese tribute from Burma began to popular the palace. The emperor, the queen and the palace of the concubine with the chopsticks, pots, boxes and other daily necessities are mostly jade products, and the most famous love emerald was undoubtedly the Empress Dowager Cixi, can be described as crazy obsession is crazy.

Emerald falls on the chest
China has thousands of years of wear jade habits, the ancient wear of jade to avoid the evil of the argument. And wear jade there is a strong health effect: If the jade fall on the chest, close to the “dragon jaw”, “Shenfu” points, so that the body surface reaction point and pass through the sensory transmission phenomenon is particularly ideal. Because the acupuncture point is the body organs, meridian blood transfusion in the body surface of the site, it has both anti-disease and therapeutic effect. “Dragon jaw” and “Shenfu” in acupuncture is the prevention and treatment of chest tightness, heartache, stomach (stomach cold, vomiting, cramps, ulcers, etc.) the main point.

Emerald ring placed in the middle finger

Jade bracelet placed in the wrist

Similarly, if the clam stickers close to the “Neiguan”, “God door”, “Tongli”, “high bone” and other points, on the peace of mind soothe the nerves, Shujin active role; Jade ring ring in the middle finger ” , “Correct”, “Zhongping” and other acupuncture points, help to enhance the digestive system function, prevention Cartier love ring replica and treatment of the stomach, vomiting and so on.

Jade bracelet placed in the wrist
If you wear jade bracelets, you can adjust the points on the wrist, such as Neiguan, customs and so on. Through the bracelet friction and weight, will be for the Neiguan, external and other points to produce a role, to promote blood circulation to accelerate the arm, soften the blood vessels to help the body toxins, treatment of frozen shoulder and so on.

27 emerald jade beads from the late Qing court
Hong Kong Sotheby’s will be held on April 7 in the magnificent jewelry and jade jewelry spring auction, presented from the legendary ladies and famous collectors ─ ─ Barbara Hutton (Barbara Hutton, 1912-1979) old natural possession Jade beads necklace, is expected to traded at more than 100 million Hong Kong dollars / 12.8 million US dollars, the necklace on the 27 believe that the emperor from the late Qing Dynasty emerald jade beads prominent, magnificent stars, necklace itself is removed in the Western high society, known as the history of the auction The most expensive jade jewelry.

Old pit emerald jade beads to prime expensive
Carved jade has always been prime for you, and round the crystal beads of jade is able to show the beauty of superior jade; this necklace on the old pit jade jade beads is such a quality, its color is thick and not tough, soft but not thin, run and not Greasy, called Yu green and bright, with a breathtaking shock of the charm. In general, the achievements of a superior emerald beads to be cut than the bead chain itself to more than three times the beads for selection, and if the quality is matched, the beads must be derived from the same piece of the original stone, Expansive rare. As the old porcelain jade emerald rare stone, the volume is often not large, so to create the emerald jade beads diameter is generally limited to 5 to 10 mm, and this chain of 27 huge jade beads diameter of at least 15.40 mm, the largest one More to 19.20 mm, and stars rounded match, such as grapes like crystal to drop, the absolute weight of amazing, filled with imperial style.

Cartier’s diamond diamond chain buckle
In addition to the extraordinary quality of jade beads, the necklace also reflects the Cartier at the beginning of the last century to play most vividly decorated Art (Art Deco) style, people talked about. At that time Jade emerge in Western countries, some senior jewelers such as Cartier immediately in its innovative design in the face of jade elements, showing another level of luxury. At that time Cartier for this string of jade beads designed ruby diamond chain buckle, its simple geometric shapes, and bold red and green color contrast, fully embodies the early twentieth century decorative arts style, but also highlights the elegant jade charm, Beautiful and moving; and red in the Chinese culture symbolizes auspicious festive, for this green jade beads beads icing on the cake.

Elegant and elegant beads of jade jewelry is one of the most popular classic style, from ancient times have been greatly distinguished by your celebrities, Empress Dowager Cixi, Chiang Kai-shek’s wife Song Meiling, and the taste of the famous foreign diplomat Gu Weijun lady Huang Cui-lan are among the The best.

It is important to understand the results of the emerald certificate

How to understand the identification of emerald certificate results:

First, only natural A goods, will be issued the result is “Jade” certificate.

Second, if it is B goods emerald, in the certificate of the identification of a result will be marked “Jade (processing)”, “Jadeite (plastic)”, “Jade (B goods)” or “Jade (optimization)”.

Third, C goods emerald, will be marked “emerald (dyeing)”.

Fourth, D goods emerald, in the identification of a certificate results, will not appear “emerald” words, what substitutes, to indicate the name of this substitute, such as “artificial glass”, “stained quartzite”, ” Xiuyu “,” Malay jade “and so on.

Fifth, the certificate should be one by one correspondence, that is, a thing a certificate, and the certificate should have the goods of the picture and weight.

Although some things from a piece of raw materials, the appearance looks very similar, but the jade jewelry is not exactly the same. A thing with a certificate, and can not prove the quality of the bulk of things. Some businesses in order to save costs, only one as a sample of the certificate, the photos on the goods and the object is also very similar, it can not conclude that they sold the goods are natural, this approach does not meet the state regulations.

Sixth, some of the basic physical, chemical, optical characteristics of jade should also be marked on the certificate. To have the signature of the inspectors, and the most important thing is that the certificate should have stamped or anti-counterfeit signs.

Cartier Pasha de Cartier cheetah pattern hollowed out watch

Cartier Pasha de Cartier cheetah pattern hollowed out watch
Set the poet romantic and jewelry master superb craft in a Cartier, creative inspiration to the theme of the animal, hollow cheetah pattern bold innovation, very poetic, Emerald depicts a very Smart, as the dark night in front of vigilance eyes, Like the next second will be able to arch back to jump to the back.

Cartier Pasha de Cartier cheetah pattern hollowed out watch
From the carving art derived from the hollow art, has also become a watchmaking process, it and paper-cut art and shadow art has the same purpose.

The watch is a bizarre tiny, wonderful mechanical device, the wheel train in the moment kept moving, all the parts are meticulously met, as if it is like aura, life like. If on this basis, but also the watch carved into a magnificent hollow animal modeling, at the moment you think of what? Yes, Cartier cheetah jumped up, Hermes’s horse ran up, Breguet’s pigeons fly up.

Light to do the overall shape is not enough, in the less knife is not delicate, more Cartier nail bracelet replica knife will be broken on the splint also have to make a fuss. This is the reason for the hollow table expensive reason, pure hand, can not be copied. Geneva pattern, Louis XIV pattern, irregular deformation of flowers pattern, winding winding, smooth extension.

Hollow addition and subtraction

+1 NO! Swiss watch craftsmen in the movement devoted a lot of time and effort to the general movement as the basis, the first need to hollow the need to drill part of the hole, and then use the saw to remove excess metal. The next important step is to use the carving knife to modify all the edges into a 45 degree angle hypotenuse, and the movement surface carved into a different pattern. There is a piece can not forget to pull out? joke.

-1 ? NO! Every knife is to go hand in hand for the sincerity, mental and hand both with the most important is the “stable”, not only to mature, to be stable, and the location of the knife should also be based on the different materials, talent, perfect Flawless hollow technology, is full of all win, subtleties see real kung fu. Accidentally engraved a All obsolete.

Hollow three-dimensional space

Yin and yang of the form: one is “Yang Xian hollow”, that is, hollow art of the so-called screen lines connected; one is “Yinxian hollow”, that is, the screen line break. Hollow art is important to empty down and show the relationship between the part, that is, positive and negative relationship. In the inch between the light and shadow, is my line of sight is not enough, or that group of sunshine too dazzling?

Three-dimensional visual feast: hollow art of the most magical place, that is, you can make two-dimensional things made of three-dimensional vision, in front of the face of this table, how many levels we have together, it is so bumpy, need a Half a day of time, it may also be used for half a day to mess with their own eyes. 3D is not a new term, it has already been popular in the wrist.
Chaumet Shangmei the French top royal jewelery brand came to Chongqing, while out of the two stores, one located in Jiangbei Starlight 68 Square, one located in the Jiefangbei Times Square.

Shangmei Asia Pacific Managing Director Liang Shouxian introduction, Starlight 68 Square store is the distribution store, the goods are more young and fashionable. Jiefangbei Times Square flagship store as a brand outlets, but also pay attention to highlight the United States as the French royal jewelry royal jewelry, but also has more high-end jewelry. Opening guests Zhong Chuhong wearing tens of millions of top jewelry series, is the Times Square shop town treasures. Times Square store also opened a special two VIP rooms, jewelry for customers to customize services.

Liang Shou-shan said that the brand in Chongqing during the trial business, not only attracted a lot of Chongqing local consumers stop to understand and buy, but also received a lot of tourists to Chongqing, foreign tourists. “Not long ago, a Fujianese travel to Chongqing, Fujian bought a valuable imitation Cartier love bracelet diamond ring,” Liang Shoushan said, “This also allows us to see the great potential of the Chongqing market.

Shangmei in 2007 to enter the Chinese market, opened in Shanghai, the first boutique stores. At present, the United States has been in Beijing, Guangzhou, Suzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Chongqing and other 14 cities opened 16 stores.


The world’s most famous crown manufacturer

A symbol of power and dignity of the crown, is still one of the brand logo, but also one of the most prestigious heritage of the brand. From the founder of Nito for Napoleon Bonaparte custom first crown began, still in the 230 years of history, has been royal and aristocratic family produced more than 1,500 crowns. To each one is still the United States crown string together, as if a European classical court history. In recent years, still the United States has Queen Elizabeth II, Morocco King Hassan II and other royal aristocratic design jewelry.

Shangmei also for many Hollywood stars, celebrities design jewelry. Madonna married when wearing the crown is still the United States. Today, the French first lady Carla Bruni visit, but also often wear Shangmei jewelry met with senior officials celebrities.


Shangmei antique jewelry table show the second half of landing Chongqing

Shangmei Asia Pacific Managing Director Liang Shou-shan said that in the second half, Shangmei will also carry the brand’s precious antique table landing in Chongqing.

As early as 200 years ago in 1811, Shangmei founder Nitot for Josephine Queen’s son married custom first piece of high-level jewelry table, the watch was popular with both hands wearing a table of the trend made two, One shows a time to show the date, like the ancient Chinese dragon and phoenix bracelet. “At that time, this antique jewelry table will also come to Chongqing to meet with you.” Liang Shouxian said.


Shangmei Asia Pacific president Liang Shoushan

Jewelery is a woman

Emotional recorder

Jewelery is an emotional recorder. When a woman opens the jewel box and sees each of the different babies, they are not just jewelry, but rather represent the care of a family, the blessing of a friend and the love of a lover. When you wear it on the moment, every girl is a noble princess.

Through all kinds of jewelry for private information and intimate emotional communication, the achievements Fake Cartier love bracelet of emotional empire, is always the same still the pursuit of beauty. Shangmei has also been in quality, technology and the trend of persevering adhere to their own style, adhere to the French most high-end fashion custom jewelry. Today, Shangmei is still the upper reaches of the West and collectors are most desirable one of the top jewelry brands.


Napoleon’s royal jeweler came
Joséphine top jewelry series

Chaumet last year launched the “Josephine” new jewelry series, especially to the brand’s first Muse goddess Josephine King tribute, designed to inject Josephine Queen’s unique and elegant fashion taste, but also the old Napoleon crowned for Josephine Crown Metamorphosis for the fingers of the United States ring.

Napoleon’s royal jeweler came
“Attrape-moi … si tu m” aimes “(networked me … if you love me) series

This is still the most prestigious jewelry series, meaning the charming spider and bee love story in the various styles in different variations, so that each piece of jewelry with unique charm.

Napoleon’s royal jeweler came
“Liens” series

Liens’s French meaning is the link, the connection, that is, the concept of fate that the East said. This series of “X” as a cross symbol as the expression of love between lovers idiomatic symbols, but also a blessing, or a friendship of the performance of the family, lover or friends between the emotions into a beautiful and sincere symbols, Performance far and complete mood.

France’s top royal jewelery brand is still stationed in Chongqing, located in Times Square, Starlight 68 of the two stores opened at the same time.

Cartier top brooch “steal division” business week Taotie pattern?

Cartier top brooch “steal division” business week Taotie pattern?
Recently, the high-profile “Cartier Jewelery Art Exhibition” in the capital of the Palace Gate Museum opened the curtain. Carrying the vicissitudes of the vicissitudes of the history of the Forbidden City opened his heart to meet the world from the “beauty”, is the National Palace Museum to an international attempt. Look carefully, carefully selected 346 exhibits as much as any Chinese elements. Was selected as a poster pattern of “black chest brassiere”, its creative style and the Chinese Shang and Zhou Dynasties Taotie combination has many similarities. It seems that this is not only an art fashion trip, it is an interesting discovery trip.

Has exhibited the largest number of the world’s top museums

The exhibition is composed of four parts: “serving the European royal family”, “Huadu art treasures”, “oriental culture infiltration” and “integrating the five continents art”. Among them, the “serving the European royal family” mainly exhibited early Cartier as the royal family, Affluent works. Such as the elegant Cartier nail bracelet replica classical pendant, exquisite crown of the royal crown. “Huadu art treasures” reflects the prevalence of modern art since the 20th century. Decorative art style and animal and plant series of jewelry works, recorded under the industrial revolution and naturalism during the period of aesthetic taste. “Oriental culture infiltration” part reflects the Chinese culture on the Western decorative arts has a long history of infiltration and influence. “Fusion of Wuzhou Art” exhibition hall showing Egypt, Persia, India and other oriental culture for the Western decorative arts brought unlimited inspiration. 346 pieces of exhibits are the creation of Cartier to the beginning of the 20th century, the representative of the 1960s, in addition to luxury jewelry, exquisite watch, excellent timepieces and gorgeous ornaments, but also includes precious design manuscripts, and rarely on display Of the gypsum module.

Prior to the “Cartier Museum of Art Exhibition” has a small palace in Paris Museum, the New York Metropolitan Museum, London Museum of Britain and other world’s top museums on display, and finally walked into the Beijing Palace Museum. The exhibition for nearly three months, November 22 closing, is so far Cartier Museum of art exhibits the largest number of exhibits, the largest one.

Lacquer let top jewelry “find” Chinese style

In this exhibition, “Oriental culture infiltration” exhibition hall and China are inextricably linked. As early as the sixteenth century, the Chinese wind blowing the European continent, Chinese-made handicrafts, works of art flow to the West, the formation of a fashion art, this fashion has continued to the nineteenth and twentieth century, this effect Cartier’s work occupies a certain proportion. Cartier for these rich Chinese characteristics of the material, design, image, gods and animals are deeply attracted.

This exhibition has been selected in 1907, made by the combination of platinum and sapphire “black chest brassiere” as the poster of the main pattern. Cartier elegant elegance and impeccable craftsmanship will be gorgeous and elegant to the highest level, this work is quite representative. Moreover, according to the organizers revealed that another reason is that its creative style and the Chinese business week Taotie combination has many similarities. Both of the noble, sophisticated, mysterious have the same purpose.

Chinese material pearl layer, jade and other into the design

In 1888, it was the charm of the lacquer maker that made Cartier wholeheartedly into the art world of China to cater to the unique taste of the inhabitants of Boneman. Antique lacquer can be traced back to the 18th century, the 19th century, the first appeared in the antique dealers, such as Paris Guseier Street, Pagoda imitation Cartier love bracelet Theater, China and the East India Company, have a collection of lacquer ware. Inlaid with a pearl layer of miniature paint on the background of the dark background, or depicting a graceful scenery, or to express a grand ceremony. Cartier will be the Chinese characteristics of one by one used in cosmetic cases, toner or vases, decorated with plane lines, and to be decorated with gold. And showing a natural rainbow color, shiny pearl layer for Cartier jewelry design a lot of color. “Jade” This unique Chinese material is also Cartier designer clever use of the design, since 1920 began to use jade material.

Chinese mythological animals are also “flying” on the branches of jewelry

Cartier in China’s vast allegory form and symbolic art to enjoy, to absorb adequate nutrients. Such as Kirin, in Chinese culture has always been daunting animal, and in the love of animal modeling Cartier seems, it is not only the source of fear, but become the starting point of the dream. While the Phoenix, a symbol of the world’s common, open the elegant wings to stay in Cartier’s works.

“Emperor of the jeweler”: won the European royal family of sixteen royal jewelers appointed

As a jewelry factory in Paris Peace Street, Cartier early in the creation of the beginning with the royal family to establish a close contact. In 1855, the Countess Uwekerk became a customer of Cartier, her husband had served as the Napoleon III period of art supervision, she is also Napoleon young cousin Princess Marty’s close friend. A year later, Princess Mathilde personally visited Cartier. Since then, Cartier’s work began to cross borders, prominent in the royal family nobility. In 1902, King Edward VII praised Cartier as “the emperor’s jeweler, the jeweler’s Fake Cartier love bracelet emperor.” On the eve of King Edward VII, Cartier received orders for at least 27 crowns. In 1904, that is, two years later, the young king became the first to appoint Cartier as the royal royal jeweler’s monarch. Since then, Cartier has been a lot of East and West royal royal family respected, won a total of sixteen royal royal jewelers in Europe in addition to the list of customers in Cartier, the world famous celebrities are on the list, such as Diana Princess, Duke of Windsor, Marilyn Monroe, Jacqueline Kennedy, Elizabeth Taylor.

With the improvement of consumption level

With the improvement of consumption level, more and more people are keen to buy gold, jewelry and other collections at home and abroad or for personal use. But the problem also comes: high prices to buy back the jewelry, is true or false? Industry experts to give a few views.
Attractions and more fakes, purchase treasure to be cautious
The very fact that the public travel, spent more than 30,000 to buy a A goods jade bracelet. In order to confirm the texture of the bracelet, go home after the very fact that GTC to detect, but was told to tell the bracelet after bleaching, filling treatment, is the B goods jade. Industry experts said that more and more unscrupulous businessmen in order to seek profiteering, through the color or into the glue to make fake looks more like A goods, plus many people buy jade is to buy a good heart, relatively less rational, more easily fooled Deceived. From their data, the public sent to the detection of fake goods in the most species is the emerald. He suggested that the public to buy jewelry is best to go to large shopping malls and department Replica Cartier love bracelet stores in the jewelry store, to the business for jewelry identification certificates and invoices, try not to buy travel time to shop specialty jewelry. Identification from the test center several times the results can be seen, most of the tourism bought back to fake and inferior goods. Among them, the phenomenon of Thailand is particularly serious, a lot of tourists to Thailand will pick gemstones and other fine jewelry to return home, later identified mostly synthetic or processed goods of these precious stones and the actual value of a far cry.
Identification of authenticity, do not believe folk remedies
Folk has always been a lot of identification of true and false jewelry recipe. In this regard, industry experts say, these folk remedies is in fact the sales skills of businessmen. Such as “salt water test”, in fact, not only natural amber, some resin, and even light plastic can float. So, the public at the time of purchase can identify the authenticity of what methods? First, we can see its lines. In the purchase of jade bracelets and other jade jewelry, the public can bring their own a white flashlight to test its good or bad, with a flashlight from the inside out around the circle of jade bracelets, natural items will inevitably be flawed, too flawless jewelry , You need to doubt its authenticity; Second, if the feeling of jade surface was oil luster, base whitening, permeability is too good, or colorless colorless root, was dotted distribution, which requires doubt whether bleached And filling, and even dyeing. There are some professional methods are more complex, the public are interested, then you can go to a professional training school for jewelry learning. Most jewelry alone is difficult to distinguish the authenticity of the naked eye, and sometimes even the experts are not distinguish, the public if the quality of jade jewelry doubt, it is recommended to the local quality inspection agencies for testing.
A treasure a card, look at the purchase
“For those who do not have specialized in jewelry identification of the general public, the most reliable way is to look at the identification certificate.Every jewelry will have the corresponding identification certificate.If there are businesses that can not provide the certificate, the people have to be careful. Industry experts said that the general formal businessmen will produce a professional, authoritative qualification testing organizations identification certificate. He suggested that the public in view of identification certificate, you can look at the certificate of the code, because the code can be authenticated through the Internet. At present, GTC’s inspection certificate and label can provide two-dimensional code scanning service, which greatly facilitates the consumer’s authenticity of the query. Second, verify the identification of jade jewelry on the basic information, such as pictures, colors, shapes, size, weight and so on. In particular, to check the clear physical and certificate of the photo is the same, because the unscrupulous businesses tend to make an issue in this regard.
Everyone loves gorgeous diamond necklaces, expensive metal bracelets or elaborate work rings. In the anniversaries, birthdays and Valentine ‘s Day such a day, choose jewelry as a gift to the lover will be a good choice. However, the choice of jewelry that is not easy to easily difficult to say that is not difficult, because it is related to wear and taste of the wearer.
Below, is tips on how to choose jewelry that he or she would like to be willing to wear.
1, to consider the wearer’s style, rather than your preferences
In the choice of jewelry in the process put aside your personal preferences which is the most difficult. You choose a gift may not like their own, but the gift of people like it. “The most important thing is that this piece of jewelry to reflect the wearer’s taste and personality,” Tiffany & Co. “You have to take into account her usual Cartier love ring replica dress to choose jewelry that can match,” says Jeffrey Bennett, a New York-based vice president. “There are some questions that will help you sort out the idea: Will she wear gold or silver? Does she like gemstones or diamonds or does she prefer metal? Does she have a necklace, earring, ring, watch or bracelet?
If you do not grasp, you can ask her good friends or relatives, and then bad to follow your instincts to go. “Intuition can often lead to unexpected gains,” said Tawnya Warren, owner of the Zoe Fine jewelry store. “Pick an object that represents one of her qualities – that is, when you think about which qualities she will laugh, then you are likely to find.”
2, doing homework
Jewelry shop clerk is to help you pick, but you still want to be good in advance of some of the rigid requirements. “Quality and craftsmanship should also be taken into account,” Bennett said. “If you want to pick a gem or diamonds inlaid, then it’s c’s four (cut, color, clarity and carat number), these are the need to be considered in advance.”
On the 411 rules refer to: diamond cut, which will affect the overall aesthetic. Cut here refers to the diamond is not cut into diamond is good, but depends on the overall proportion and symmetry; diamonds reflect the more the better. (Where “excellent” is the highest level.) Sharpness refers to the number of impurities inside the diamond, impurity is the less the better. Color refers to the diamond light yellow color, the more colorless the better. (Where D, E, F three levels are referring to the “colorless” level.) Carat is the needs of each person is different from the decision. (Of course not the bigger the better.) These four points will affect the price of each point. You need to determine some basic hard requirements, and then on this basis, compared to other factors.
3, multi-function is king
If you still do not know which one to choose, then choose the classic style, classic color and classic shape that section – round or square diamond, gold or silver material, peach heart shape, strip, chain, etc. Style – these will never become obsolete. Nowadays, jewelry can be mashup for the wearer is also very important, so that she can easily work with. Such as The Amulette de Cartiersautoir series of necklaces and bracelets can simultaneously meet the multi-layer wear and wear a single paragraph in two ways.
Bennett says Tiffany’s T-Series is the most practical one that can be worn on any occasion. “I would advise buyers to pick T smile series 18k gold or rose gold pendants, a pendant suitable for any age of women,” he said. “For men, I would recommend the T Series 18k square gold bracelet, because wearing a bracelet Cartier love ring replica at the same time with a watch or bracelet will make men look more refined.
4, to avoid trendy objects
For the jewelry style, the new jewelry will always be introduced, if the pursuit of new often will soon fall behind. “You want to avoid falling into the tide of the trap” Bennett said that the purchase of gifts, she suggested, or based on the following two principles. “The first is that it is able to reflect the wearer’s personality, and the second is that it can stand the test of time.” Heart-shaped jewelry can make people feel very elegant, if you want to buy a representative Love the jewelry or to choose a gift for the anniversary or Valentine’s Day, then the peach heart is a good choice. Bennett said the peach heart is also “a popular design style.” If she likes gemstones, then the birthstone is also a good choice.
For the jewelry style, you can ask yourself: I have seen similar? If you have seen in her home similar style of jewelry, then it! Because Warren said, “Many generations of objects are often the most cherished.” “Think of her earrings, earrings, bracelets, and bracelets.” If you have considered these words, the carving text in the jewelry is optional, in the special position of the jewelry engraved with a “I love you” will make the wearer has to read your good. “

The abnormal relationship between men and diamonds

The abnormal relationship between men and diamonds
When all around the woman intoxicated with the elegance of diamonds, the man really can refuse the fashion charm of diamonds? Wrong, the correct answer is that diamonds are quietly captured the hearts of men! In particular, this year’s fashion wave of your son, more “shine” the men fueled. Diamonds for women, is the ultimate love of love life treasures, but for men, may be more like an indispensable road to success identification password, more like an investment, wearing a diamond is a The Silent Expression of Personal Tastes and Styles.

Diamond man

Diamonds, the legend of the stars falling from the sky fragments of the Earth. Far in the medieval Europe, diamonds have become a symbol of honor. For thousands of years, the diamond dominate the history of it is shining in the appearance of the illusion of a mysterious, noble legend.

Green is the symbol of mystery, in the legend of Allah’s people wearing a green diamond ring magic Replica Cartier love bracelet boundless; red is synonymous with the right and wealth; white represents the purity and nobility, it is Eros Venus gave the world’s sacred objects, the church new people exchange white diamond ring, entrusted with the happiness and loyalty to life.

As early as a woman’s favorite before the diamond and the man has an inseparable relationship. Men use history to create history, men also write history with diamonds. In ancient times, the courage of men, from the hard diamond; early in the Egyptian Pharaoh era, the emperor and the prince is the diamond earrings of special supplies. Until the 15th century, they are men’s patents. English Diamond Diamond, from the Greek Adamas, meaning “can not be conquered.” Because every stronger, the man found from the diamonds were killed, strong and resolute masculine beauty; because bright, a man from the diamond in the world to receive the monarch, distinguished incomparable top appeal; Napoleon set in the hilt, he I believe that diamonds will bring him no less than the power of war.

Modern men’s diamond consumption concept, more tend to reason. The survey shows that more than 60% of men believe that the purchase of diamonds can be preserved, compared to the general consumer to buy diamonds is more like an investment, and wear diamonds is “a personal taste and style of the specific expression.

Modern men pay more attention to the success of diamond ornaments on different occasions. Diamond ring folder to give you at the negotiating table endless smart; diamond cuffs can give you stand on the podium to add some refined; and diamond bracelet can give the diamond bracelet to give you a lot of solemn; Participate in the Friends of the show you show all handsome. No matter where you are wearing the kind of diamond ornaments, diamonds will never let you down, it will always be the highlight of your achievements.

Compared with the design of ladies’ diamonds, the design of men’s diamonds is less fancy, more frosted and smooth to form a contrast effect, to highlight the diamond shine light. Style plain design, to the fashion sense, even simple lines, but also very popular with men welcome. Accessories categories, mainly in the ring-based, there are also tie clip and bracelet style. There are many men to buy a single diamond, set into a single earrings to wear.

The abnormal relationship between men and diamonds

Young and stylish: young yuppie who like simplicity, smooth lines of diamonds, is completely fashionable flavor, and wealth, status has nothing to do. May wish to learn about girls in the birthday or a special day, when a reward to their own diamond it, do not care it is a small diamond pendant or a cool diamond earrings.

Mature aristocratic type: With age, income, the identity of the change, you need a large number of diamonds Cartier love ring replica Pei Chen and highlight your detached style. Choose a mature style, shape Founder a little, big diamond it, do not need to cover up success, diamond ornaments will help you do silent expression.

Emotional Ritual: Marrying? Then your hands should also, like his wife, with a ring to symbolize the eternal emotions. At this time, the most important thing is to choose pairs of lovers on the ring between the two design sense of tacit, not the size of diamonds, but diamonds to give you the emotional meaning.

Decorative earrings, cufflinks, necklaces

Young, fashionable boys always like to be different, Beckham single-handedly with diamond earrings trend in some young fashion people is very popular. Simple and romantic, simple lines, generous shape is the main style of men’s diamond earrings, and more with a hard stripes, rhombus abstract three-dimensional pattern, the location of the diamond is very prominent or even simply a single diamond, giving an absolute masculine beauty. Now, if you are a cool boys, or even direct purchase of single-grain diamonds, their own design style or jewelry designer to help you tailor-made, set into a single earring or earrings to wear, to ensure that do not hit “nails “.

Luxury gang rings, glasses, tie clip

Diamond Ring give you the chic shopping malls add dash of solemn, diamond lapel to the negotiating table to bring you endless smart, diamond cufflinks can help office where you show a sub-refined. Compared with the women’s diamond, men’s jewelry is relatively concentrated in these types of jewelry, the design of the fancy is also much less, most of the matte and glossy contrast effect, to highlight the diamond shine light. In fact, the design is more realistic to give people the feeling of fashion, even simple lines, but also very popular with men welcome. In particular, the design of the diamond ring, the general ring face is relatively large, there was a square, it is said that the intention of the “Granville Town Quartet”, the big side of the meaning of “winds and waves”, really kind of deep, steady feeling.

Elegant life watches

Active, hard-working men should never be the lack of a watch, and a dancing your son less than a diamond-studded, sparkling diamond watch. Now the whole trend of the men’s community will fall into the upper-class society to wear a formal dress in the strong support of big-name designers, shining diamonds, jewelry has become an indispensable highlight of T-male model body. Want to put this fashion trend? Very simple, ready to be a diamond-studded watch on it. Men’s table in the usual tough style, but also to describe with radiance, many big names are in response to the diamond trend, in all kinds of models to join more or less diamonds, and even bold use of the brand has not Counting the popular black diamond, diamond is also inlaid enough to have new ideas.

Square drill is flair

According to industry sources, is now 57 bright cut round diamond is no longer dominate, handsome hardcore square diamond ornaments is the most beloved men’s style. The reason why square diamond drill in the men occupy an increasingly important position, handsome hardcore style contributed to elegance Cartier love ring replica with platinum, coupled with the use of modern sandblasting process, even more fashion taste. If there are pieces of diamond embellishment, the performance of caring and considerate of another charm. Dedicated, open-minded man is the best successful diamond wearer, not only represents the achievements, but also fully demonstrated the calm content.

Popular reason for drill

A. square diamond is a traditional shaped diamond, simple and stable appearance represents the calm generosity of the temperament, with a natural sense of trust. Therefore, the diamond on behalf of rigorous, self-discipline, sense of responsibility, assertive and leadership of the moral, is ideal for successful men to wear.

B. square drill and is equipped with a very appropriate, and “senior gray” family feeling coincide.

C. diamond drill more fine processing, this year’s men’s diamond ornaments pay more attention to the details of the perfect, polished carefully, polished fine, smooth stripes, fully embodies the diamond crystal clear, added to the men a bit dignified and refined.

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