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Cartier diamond ring classic pictures and quotes

Cartier diamond ring classic pictures and quotes
Each jewelry brand has its own classic models of the ring, Tiffany’s most classic diamond ring style is their six claw diamond ring, then the Cartier diamond ring classic which? The following inventory of the top ten Cartier diamond ring classic pictures and quotes, we can understand!

Cartier diamond ring classic pictures

Top 10 Cartier Diamond Ring Classic One: Cartier Solitaire Louis Diamond Ring
Cartier Solitaire Louis diamond ring, elegant and chic style, unique “C” shaped inlay Cartier love bracelet replica design, like the design master Louis Cartier salute. Is the pursuit of classic, romantic, artistic bride must choose. Pt950 material, the middle mosaic of a weight 0.23 to 0.49 karats of the round drill.
Reference price: 67,000 yuan

Top 10 Cartier Diamond Ring Classic Two: Cartier Honeymoon Series
Cartier Honeymoon series diamond ring, rounded one of the main drill mosaic design, simple lines and platinum luster complement each other, reflecting the incomparable perfection. Is the gentle character of the bride must choose. Pt950 material, 0.50 to 1.00 carat diamonds for your choice.
Reference price: 43,950 yuan

Top 10 Cartier Diamond Ring Classic Three: Cartier Cartier Women’s Third Ring Rings
Cartier Ms. Cartier three ring ring, by the rose gold, yellow gold and gold three gold ring interlocking, meaning love, friendship, loyalty three emotions, the ring looks unique and rich feelings, believe that those who advocate love, Unswerving girls will love. Ring with 18K three-color gold material, ring width of 5.4 mm.
Reference price: 25,528 yuan

Top 10 Cartier Diamond Ring Classic Four: Cartier Platinum Diamond Ring
Cartier platinum half paved diamond ring, with concise lines blooming moving charm. Pt950 material, semi-intimate diamond, ring width 2.60 mm.
Reference price: 28,900 yuan

Top 10 Cartier Diamond Ring Classic Five: Cartier Ballerine Series Wedding Ring
Cartier Ballerine series wedding ring, a unique heart-shaped interface, four claw mosaic, modeling novel, chic, suitable for individuality publicity, Zhuoer Buqiang the bride wear. Pt950 Platinum Material, 0.48 Carat Round Diamond, Diamond Clarity IF, Diamond Color D.
Reference price: 81,000 RMB

Top 10 Cartier Diamond Ring Classic 6: Cartier Solitaire 1895 Platinum Ring
Cartier Solitaire 1895 platinum ring, bright and transparent round diamonds, four claw mosaic, the entire ring revealed a smooth and the atmosphere. Suitable for introverted, stable bride wear. The ring Pt950 platinum material, 51 points round diamonds.
Reference price: 51,800 yuan

Top 10 Cartier Diamond Ring Classic 7: Cartier Platinum Inlaid Diamond Wedding Ring
Cartier platinum inlaid diamond wedding ring, Pt950 platinum material, ring ring by a small circle connected to each small circle are embedded in the pure diamond. Reflect the romantic, lively qualities. Have the bride with this trait must not miss it.
Reference price: 42,200 yuan

Top 10 Cartier Diamond Ring Classic 8: Cartier Pt950 Platinum inlaid with two diamond rings
Platinum gloss with the soft lines of the ring, engraved with the Cartier logo on both sides inlaid with two symbols of the successful marriage of two diamonds. The same is the choice of mature men. PT950 platinum material, ring width 3 mm.
Reference price: 16,288 yuan

Top 10 Cartier d’Amour Series Wedding Ring 9: Cartier d’Amour Series Wedding Ring
Cartier d’Amour series wedding ring, double circular ring, a large round dotted with a broken Cartier love ring replica diamond will be raised a small circular base tightly wrapped, big main drill like you serene lying in my arms, A quiet and beautiful picture. Suitable for quiet, but yet the personality of the bride to wear. 0.53 carat main drill, diamond color D, purity IF.
Reference price: 110,000 yuan

Top 10 Cartier Diamond Ring Classic 10: Cartier Rose Gold Diamond Ring
Soft curve with the rose K gold low-key red, highlighting the young people Sentimental sweet love. The ring is suitable for lively, outgoing girls to wear. 18K rose gold material, ring width 2.50 mm.
Reference price, 5,550 yuan

Cartier diamond ring classic what? Above the inventory of the top ten Cartier diamond ring classic pictures and quotes, we hope to help!
Cartier 2 carat diamond ring price Cartier diamond ring, exquisite bright, because Cartier well-known, so the price of Cartier diamond ring is very expensive. So how much is the price of Cartier Diamond?

According to Xiaobian learned that the price of diamond ring = ring + bare diamond + fee, ringing usually use platinum, K gold, no matter what the diamond ring brand, ordinary ring (ring, 18K platinum) the same cost. Cartier diamond ring price composition for the Cartier brand value + bare diamond price + care price + labor costs + diamond processing fees + store operating costs (mall rental fees and venue fees). So you will pay several times the price to buy a Cartier diamond ring.

Cartier 2 carat diamond ring how much money

Cartier 2 carat diamond ring how much money Cartier (Cartier) has a long history, the world famous jewelry brand, its marriage proposal diamond ring, classic wedding diamond ring is known as the most perfect wedding jewelry. Carter represents the pursuit of fashion, but also witness the eternal love of the classic brand, the classic love for more than 100 years, witnessed countless eternal love and commitment. Buy Cartier diamond ring couple, put on the Cartier diamond ring, and always pass the irresistible love magic.

Cartier diamond ring, in addition to the 4c standard set the price of the diamond ring, diamond ring grinding, mosaic, cutting and other processing costs, there are Cartier brand value, which is the price of Cartier diamond ring than other brands of diamond ring out of several Times the reason. At present, the price of a carat Cartier diamond ring, usually around 120,000 yuan, then the price of 2 carataca diamond is more than doubled it.

Cartier diamond ring official website offer

What is the number of consumers who want to buy Cartier diamond ring is the most concerned about Cartier nail bracelet replica the issue. So Xiaobian for everyone to understand the price of several Cartier diamond ring, hoping to give you a reference.

Cartier Platinum Inlaid Diamond Wedding Ring Reference Price: 42,200 RMB

Cartier Ballerine Series Wedding Ring Reference Price: 81,000 RMB

Cartier d’Amour Series Wedding Ring Reference Price: 110,000 RMB

Cartier Solitaire Louis Diamond Ring Reference Price: 67,000 RMB

If you want to know more of the Cartier diamond ring and the price, you can enter the Cartier official website to understand and query.

Golden Green Cat’s Eye 18K Golden Cat Ring

Golden Green Cat’s Eye 18K Golden Cat Ring
Jewelry can not only decorate the beauty of a woman, but also decorate their feelings, this is her birthday gift today, very Meng’s ring, she felt like a very “Alice in Wonderland” in the care of the Cheshire cat, She believes that it will accompany her feelings will be infinite good.
This golden green cat’s eye 18K gold kitten ring exquisite workmanship to create a vicious cat head, cat’s eyes are two natural gold and gold gems, in different light under the eyes of the kitten can change the color, very smart, eyes The following are a natural small drill, the unique look very Meng very cute.
This ring will appear to be promoted to her favorite jewelry, very cute ring, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like, but also wish her a happy birthday.
She is not earrings control, so earrings not much, but surprisingly Cartier nail bracelet replica like the pair of earrings, generous smooth lines, elegant and delicate shape, long section of the design not only stretched the contours of the face, but also set off a gentle woman charming Of the temperament, classical design charm full.
This Chow Tai Fook’s earrings to plucked instrumental pipa for the design inspiration, exquisite workmanship to create a beautiful little pretty little golden lute, falling in the long chain on a tassel feeling, walking between the Smart and elegant pipa classical Elegant temperament complement each other, the hollow of the pipa body is also falling with a frosted little gold beads, jumping between the ring Pei Ding, Jiaoqiao charming.
Very fine earrings, upper body is also very beautiful, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.
In the pursuit of fashion and personality of the times, jewelry in terms of women is not only decorated with beautiful jewelry, and sometimes the character and personality of the embodiment, which she is very like a gold ornaments, simple design personality full, with her bold Of the character Xiangying Hui.

This just gold blue sky theater gold ornaments with Greek and Roman mythology as a creative inspiration to create a fairy romantic mood, hand and detailed gold pattern – theater, accompanied by mysterious elegant turquoise and Austrian crystal, designed to be beautiful and romantic Pure gold jewelry, gold and turquoise combination in the color to enhance the low-key luxury texture.
Very beautiful jewelry, but also very sense of design, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.
Know that the pumpkin car is in Cinderella’s fairy tale, Cinderella driving it to catch up with the prince’s dance, so in the innocent age we often fantasize that there is such a gorgeous pumpkin car can take us to reach the dream The place.

This Chow Sang Sang’s pumpkin car pendant with a fairy tale Cinderella sitting imitation Cartier love bracelet in the pumpkin car for the design inspiration, exquisite workmanship to create a wonderful only Qiao pumpkin, hollow styling delicate cute, which is red crystal, red and yellow With very beautiful, with four mini feet small wheels, a gorgeous pumpkin car was born.

For a long time did not buy gold, not because they do not love, but recently on what are not pleasing to the eye, can be a few days ago in the official website to see it from the heart has been obsessed with, very beautiful pumpkin car, recommend to everyone to appreciate, Hope you like it.
Often sigh the magic of music, and now let us look at the following sparkling notes, and write a strange and extraordinary movement, it is elegant and smooth lines, the interpretation of the wonderful words can not let us bathed in music Of the world, feel its rhythm of life.

This is just the light of the soft rhyme to the design for the inspiration, in the JG colorful wonderful, it is quiet and peaceful, as its name in general, gently dough, golden notes in the black and white keys slowly outflow , Own a share of your colorful purple I feel from the security, and the romantic flowing tassel design is the perfect embodiment of women’s gentle and charming, gestures filled with intriguing charm.
Beautiful earrings, swaying style, ladies and fashion, very wild, recommended to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.
This is her a decade ago to buy a pendant, generous style, chic style in today seems still fashionable, she gave it named “Dielianhua”, the shape of the rectangle is not only her favorite reason, Beautiful mood is her favorite theme.
This Ming pendant with butterflies and flowers for the design inspiration, thousands of Fake Cartier love bracelet gold bars to create a hollow rectangular shape is separated into two shapes the same trapezoid, the above is elegant and smooth lines outline a beautiful flowers, full of elegant contours, Independent of the stamens of three-dimensional fine, the following is a beautiful butterfly, hollow shape delicate vivid, to create a unique love of Dielian mood mood.
Very puzzles, rectangular style generous and stable, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.

K gold market and the reasons consumers are like

K gold market and the reasons consumers are like
With the development of society, gold, platinum and so on have become ordinary families can afford jewelry material. However, after a long period of use, some people began to not satisfied, gold and platinum colors are very simple, no longer able to meet their hearts. Just, in order to make up the soft gold hardness of the characteristics of K gold appeared. And in the production of K gold, even appeared a variety of different colors, this moment to attract a lot of people’s eyes. At present, this color K gold-based, color diamond, colored gemstone jewelry in the gold market around the singing of the “protagonist”, by the beauty of ladies of all ages.
According to the introduction, K gold itself is made of gold and other metal made of an alloy. Its hardness is higher than pure gold, it can be said to make up for the soft yellow metal defects. K gold color a lot, which is more common in the market rose, white, light blue, red, pink. Compared with the traditional gold, platinum, K gold not only in the bright colors, dazzling, more likely to attract the attention of consumers, and dynamic. In a lot of gold shop, K gold are occupied by the most prominent position of the various jewelry counters. K gold jewelry can also be several colors of K gold with each other, such as K platinum, K gold and rose gold gold and three pendants made of pendants, rings are very many, this three-color Cartier nail bracelet replica ring connected, Or three-color chain is wrapped in the most common in the market. Rose gold two-color small earrings, earrings half is 18K white gold, the other half is rose gold, his price is very good, much lower than the price of gold. K gold jewelry with skin color is more suitable for young women.
At present, K gold jewelry has occupied a gold market in a space. And the longest this situation is the most important reason is the price of K gold. At present, the price of gold and platinum has been very high, although the recent reduction in the price of gold, but still a low figure. Another reason is that gold and platinum color is relatively simple, people’s aesthetics in the constantly changing, whether it is gold or platinum people are tired, began to love and K gold.
With the fashion trend of rolling forward, the style is relatively simple gold jewelry has long been unable to meet people’s needs, and even platinum, silver jewelry is also some people with some tired, after all, their color is always so single. At this point, a material appears in the people’s eyes – gold or gold is gold. K gold hardness is not a problem, so he can make a variety of styles, and can be called gold, he certainly has a lot of different colors. Therefore, K gold with the problem is not a problem, whether it is a professional dress or evening dress, can be found with the match with the show can show elegant temperament. And K gold jewelry and other precious metals compared to the light weight, the price is slightly lower, exquisite craftsmanship, fashionable features, so by the vast number of consumers love. In this case, wearing K gold jewelry on how to clean, maintenance problems.
K gold because of the composition of the hardness of the soft gold, so riding in the time to wear attention should not make it too large. The next thing is to clean up. A container and water, a bottle of jewelry cleaner is essential equipment. First, K gold and detergent into the water, soak for 8 minutes or so, and then remove the K gold, direct use of clean flannel to dry, so that the most simple cleaning process is over. How, from time to time feel simple to burst it?
In fact, there are many K gold cleaning methods. Here is not one by one statement, only to say a few strokes relatively simple cleaning method. The first is to use a device called ultrasonic cleaning equipment, this instrument is not uncommon, there are some optical shops. Directly put the K gold into the switch can be. The second is more convenient, usually home brushing toothpaste with it. After wiping with water to clean, and then dry on it.
The above three methods can be said that K gold cleaning the most effective and easy way.
“18K gold price in the end is how much?”, This thing must have a lot of consumers want to understand, after all, 18K gold is also a diamond and take the material. If you want to mosaic of diamonds, then 18K gold and platinum is definitely the preferred ring quit. However, the same quality, after all, 18K gold imitation Cartier love bracelet is much lower than the price of platinum, so the purchase of 18K gold as a diamond ring is definitely a few people. However, in the era of popular 18K gold, consumers are still on the 18K gold thing to understand enough.

In fact, K is a measure of the proportion of gold containing the proportion of units. In the commonly known, 24K is that people say pure gold, so 18K gold contains 75% of gold and 25% of other metals. Although the content of gold is set, but the rest of the 25% metal there is no fixed requirements. And the production of 18K gold master after a long time after the attempt, with their own with a variety of metal, so that the 18K gold produced with a different color. This is also a later 18K gold recruit a favorite factor.

As for the price of 18K gold, in fact, 18K gold ring itself is not expensive, his unit price than gold to a slightly lower. However, the official as 18K gold is one of the best materials inlaid diamonds, so most of the K gold ring are diamond ring. Therefore, the main reference value of these diamond ring or the value of diamonds
Now the jewelry market, gold and platinum is still a giant general presence. But it is people used to see the gold, platinum, a single tone, want to change the pattern for a little, so, compared to colorful, colorful gold began to enter the people’s attention. So what is the material of the gold medal?
In fact, the essence of gold is a gold, it is mostly gold and other metal mixed products, are a synthetic precious metals. He and platinum are also somewhat different: platinum is white, and the color is color. Now in the market to see the gold jewelry is often a single rose gold, but there are some or two or three color integration. These different colors of the color are determined by the characteristics of the metal with gold. Now, these gold jewelry has also been vaguely formed a small trend. In addition, because the main component of gold is still gold, so its price is still to the impact of gold prices.
In the K gold, due to the types of elements contained in different, resulting in some K gold began to become the other colors, so some people will these colorful K gold collectively referred to as the prize money. In these gold, some are very common colors, such as:

Red K gold: gold and silver can be made with red and light red gold K gold, gold imitation Cartier love bracelet and aluminum can be made into bright red K gold.

Green K gold: gold and silver alloy in the addition of a small amount of cadmium, can be formulated into a green K gold.

Blue K Gold: gold and iron alloy on the surface plus cobalt derived.

White K Gold: gold and copper alloy added to the formation of nickel or palladium.

Black K gold: gold and the formation of high concentrations of iron and the formation of a black 14K gold ratio of about 58% of gold 42%

Gray K Gold: Gray K Gold Gray is usually from the appropriate concentration of iron.

In addition, the market used to say white 18K gold as “18K white gold”. This is a kind of easy to confuse with the platinum jewelry called, for this caused by a lot of misunderstanding and disputes. Therefore, according to national standards, this name is not allowed.

Also note that some color K gold is the surface of the color method, not made of smelting. The color of this surface is very easy to wear color. The market on the white 18K gold some surface nickel or rhodium, palladium into the wear after the jewelry yellowed, showing the true color of 18K gold.

This year’s popular what necklace earrings fashion fine essential bonus jewelry

This year’s popular what necklace earrings fashion fine essential bonus jewelry
What is the popular jewelry? 2016 popular necklace style is what? This year what popular earrings earrings? A suitable popular jewelry can definitely make your overall LOOK extra points! As the saying goes kind of grass to plant a full set, eat soil to eat Thoroughly, come take a look at what necklace earrings popular this year, the details of the more spend a little thought, to make you more fashionable!

Top 1: Choker Collars
What is the popular necklace this year? What is the popular necklace this year? 2016 The most popular necklace TOP 1 is choker! Chic fashion items such as a single, all the fashion people will never let it. Net red supermodel Gigi, Kim Xiaomei Ken beans kendall and ladies Olivia Palermo are her loyal fans. Fashion line of the old driver Song Jia also Choker put it down, enough to see the hot spot Choker it! Such a trendy single product not start you out!
Top 2: Hierarchy Necklace
2016 popular necklace style is what? Not only to wear the United States, the details Cartier love bracelet replica have to keep up, multi-level necklace can increase the gas field, to express the aesthetic and life attitude. Layered necklace accessories is definitely the finishing touch of the overall shape, enough avant-garde modern full. Necklace with a super-suction eye, but also make the overall shape more extra points.
Top 3: Exaggerated earrings
What is the popular earrings this year, what is popular earrings this year? Are still wearing a mini-earrings you out! The earrings the more fashionable! Retro style exaggerated earrings are favored by the designers, the major show are Has its shadow, with elegant romantic dress is simply the United States turned. If with a dress or hand bag with a decent, but also can give retro jewelry a new sense of modern fashion.
Top 4: Brooch
This two years of a variety of fashionable brooch re-swept the fashion circle, Valentino and Gucci show on the interesting brooch to Xiao Bian on the brooch single product big change! A variety of interesting tricks can be played. With a stylus for their own shape, really make you add a lot of points.
Jewelry for women, like shoes, will never be too much, wearing different shapes of jewelry, not tight enough to make the overall shape more complete, but also through the jewelry you choose to show a unique personality The
German brand Saskia Diez started with jewelry, simple and generous structure, but because of different design and cutting, or with a gem, showing a rough sexy and delicate feminine temperament, which is Saskia Diez jewelry jewelry included Concept and spirit.

Designer Saskia Diez that jewelry is a very intimate symbol, it is directly with our skin and physical contact, follow our body movements and show a different image, the woman is not just a beautiful tool, but also a Kind of companion, an emotional presentation.

Therefore, in the design, Saskia Diaz hope to be women independent, strong, soft, full of love of the inherent characteristics, from the jewelry presented, the use of simple and meticulous lines with gemstones, or a little masculine carved sense of the design , In response to the needs of different types of women, so that Cartier love ring replica they can through the jewelry to tell their own personality and story.
Although there is a long time, but I believe we in the first half or there will be many opportunities to participate in Party, followed by the Lunar New Year there may be a family dinner, tail, etc., ready to wear a dress is already An overhead, the following will introduce three kinds of petty bourgeoisie will be able to complete the fashion hairstyle skills, and even the general out of the occasion are very applicable, quickly note it!
1. hairpin can also make great contributions
In general, we think of the function of hair clips only fixed bangs, so that hair stickers and other “finishing” the role, but in fact hairpin can also make our hair more stylish and more fashion it! Will be a lock of hair rotation after the head around the front or back, and then fixed with a hairpin can change a variety of patterns. Use a variety of hairpin design can also easily help you achieve a variety of styles!

2. Small hairpin
Small hairpin (hairpin) may give a too monotonous impression, but when combing the head after the use of several Cartier nail bracelet replica small hairpin, there will be an unexpected dream effect, like the stars staggered in the hair, and if you want Play a little tricks of the girl, you can also try to use hairpin spell out the English alphabet!

3. Ribbons instead of hair bands
Like a simple low-key dress up the girl can try to tie a low horsetail, but instead use a rich texture of the ribbon to replace the hair ring, so that the rear of the hair to add a little bright spot is not it?

Diablo and fun jewelry people have to choose the same

Diablo and fun jewelry people have to choose the same
Whether you are going to “cut off” jewelry or superimposed jewelry, whether you are innocent love to fall in Hello Kitty, or flirtatious playing rock, in short, 2014 jewelry popular trend: either dark, or eye-catching, or Little fun. So that you can be called fashionable people.
Those who are “cut off” the
Those who are “cut off” the
Maison Martin Margiela, a well-known brand of bold and subversive ideas, has re-used the brand’s deconstruction, re-interpretation of the classic style of ornaments, launched a series of new jewelry, the series called Héritage The The new series of jewelry is characterized by the classic Replica Cartier jewelry style cut open half, or the stone deconstruction, so that the stones and the next frame frame apart. Precious stones are very delicate and exquisite workmanship, cut half of the design is also very neat and clean. The whole series is very eye-catching, not only did not lose the brand has always been a kind of style, also added a noble and gorgeous atmosphere.

Those who are playing in the fingers

Usually our common jewelry point fine ornaments for the earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets, brooches and hair accessories, and recently, unwilling to ordinary designers to break the dust of the same design, designed to wear between the fingers of the “between the fingers Quit “and hold in the palm of the” palm bracelet “, got everyone’s favorite, bring charming romantic refers to the exaggerated.

Those who love Hello Kitty

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of Hello Kitty, Japan’s well-known pearl brand Mikimoto (Mikimoto) with its cooperation launched Mikimoto x Hello Kitty jewelry series, the price from the lowest 50,000 yen (about RMB3000) to the highest 27 million yen (about RMB16 million) Ranging from This is known as the history of the most expensive Hello Kitty merchandise.

Those eye-catching flirtatious

Chiara Ferragni, the fashion blogger from Milan, Italy, has launched her latest collection of “Caia Jewels” and has personally published a large piece of jewelry advertising. “Caia Jewels” jewelry, to lips and teeth consisting mainly of a series of jewelry, red lips, white teeth with gold, to create eye-catching effect.

Those chilly rock

Saint Laurent (Saint Laurent) to metal-based, to create a rigid and glamorous temperament; Zadig & Voltaire is the trend of rock and roll, this type of jewelry is also the spring and summer season fashion jewelry choice.

Those who only pet black gem

Patricia Beck is the Brazilian model Patricia Beck (Patricia Beck) introduced the same name jewelry brand. In addition to metal as the main material, Patricia Beck also use black gemstones to create a series of unique design of jewelry. In addition to metal as the main material, Patricia Beck 2014 spring http://www.ourlovestore.com and summer jewelry advertising large, jewelry mainly metal,

Those who play the totem

Bvlgari (Bvlgari) new Intarsio series of exquisite design totem, once again vivid expression of the birthplace of Bulgari Mediterranean spirit. Round and square diamonds and agate, in the outline of the platinum inlaid into a harmonious combination of patterns, praised by the Arab-style theme of the impact of the Mediterranean architecture.
Deep crystal, subtle mysterious, timeless luxury jade ornaments with its exorcism, auspicious wealth of the meaning of the fashion industry will never fade the trend of becoming the eternal fashion people. Those carved with auspicious patterns of jade is a symbol of luck and happiness, as people say the blessing of jewelry. “Gentleman for no reason, jade does not go”, ancient and modern celebrities are its loyal fans who are loyal fans.
The origin and naming of emerald

Jade name has a variety of claims, one said from the birds, the birds of the feathers were red, the name of the birds, female feathers were green, named Kingfisher, collectively known as jade, so the industry has Fei for the public, The Another said that the ancient “Cui” specifically refers to the Xinjiang Hetian produced Hetian Jiyu, emerald into China, in order to distinguish with the Hotan jasper, called “non-Tsui”, gradually evolved into “emerald”.

Jade legend and good meaning
Since ancient times this has said: “wear gold was wealthy, Dai Yu Bao peace”, we can see that people give this gem a good wish. Transform this favor into a form. That is carving. Jade carving art is a rare treasure of Chinese culture, craftsmen carving art variety of shapes, including human landscape, animal and plant zodiac, the performance content of prayer for auspicious fortune, smooth sailing, safe and happy,

Jade origin and favored
Jade is very few countries of origin, only the United States, Japan, Russia, Myanmar and other countries, and Myanmar is the highest yield of the best quality of the country, so jade is also known as “Myanmar jade.” After the Qing Dynasty, a large number of Burmese tribute from Burma began to popular the palace. The emperor, the queen and the palace of the concubine with the chopsticks, pots, boxes and other daily necessities are mostly jade products, and the most famous love emerald was undoubtedly the Empress Dowager Cixi, can be described as crazy obsession is crazy.

Emerald falls on the chest
China has thousands of years of wear jade habits, the ancient wear of jade to avoid the evil of the argument. And wear jade there is a strong health effect: If the jade fall on the chest, close to the “dragon jaw”, “Shenfu” points, so that the body surface reaction point and pass through the sensory transmission phenomenon is particularly ideal. Because the acupuncture point is the body organs, meridian blood transfusion in the body surface of the site, it has both anti-disease and therapeutic effect. “Dragon jaw” and “Shenfu” in acupuncture is the prevention and treatment of chest tightness, heartache, stomach (stomach cold, vomiting, cramps, ulcers, etc.) the main point.

Emerald ring placed in the middle finger

Jade bracelet placed in the wrist

Similarly, if the clam stickers close to the “Neiguan”, “God door”, “Tongli”, “high bone” and other points, on the peace of mind soothe the nerves, Shujin active role; Jade ring ring in the middle finger ” , “Correct”, “Zhongping” and other acupuncture points, help to enhance the digestive system function, prevention Cartier love ring replica and treatment of the stomach, vomiting and so on.

Jade bracelet placed in the wrist
If you wear jade bracelets, you can adjust the points on the wrist, such as Neiguan, customs and so on. Through the bracelet friction and weight, will be for the Neiguan, external and other points to produce a role, to promote blood circulation to accelerate the arm, soften the blood vessels to help the body toxins, treatment of frozen shoulder and so on.

27 emerald jade beads from the late Qing court
Hong Kong Sotheby’s will be held on April 7 in the magnificent jewelry and jade jewelry spring auction, presented from the legendary ladies and famous collectors ─ ─ Barbara Hutton (Barbara Hutton, 1912-1979) old natural possession Jade beads necklace, is expected to traded at more than 100 million Hong Kong dollars / 12.8 million US dollars, the necklace on the 27 believe that the emperor from the late Qing Dynasty emerald jade beads prominent, magnificent stars, necklace itself is removed in the Western high society, known as the history of the auction The most expensive jade jewelry.

Old pit emerald jade beads to prime expensive
Carved jade has always been prime for you, and round the crystal beads of jade is able to show the beauty of superior jade; this necklace on the old pit jade jade beads is such a quality, its color is thick and not tough, soft but not thin, run and not Greasy, called Yu green and bright, with a breathtaking shock of the charm. In general, the achievements of a superior emerald beads to be cut than the bead chain itself to more than three times the beads for selection, and if the quality is matched, the beads must be derived from the same piece of the original stone, Expansive rare. As the old porcelain jade emerald rare stone, the volume is often not large, so to create the emerald jade beads diameter is generally limited to 5 to 10 mm, and this chain of 27 huge jade beads diameter of at least 15.40 mm, the largest one More to 19.20 mm, and stars rounded match, such as grapes like crystal to drop, the absolute weight of amazing, filled with imperial style.

Cartier’s diamond diamond chain buckle
In addition to the extraordinary quality of jade beads, the necklace also reflects the Cartier at the beginning of the last century to play most vividly decorated Art (Art Deco) style, people talked about. At that time Jade emerge in Western countries, some senior jewelers such as Cartier immediately in its innovative design in the face of jade elements, showing another level of luxury. At that time Cartier for this string of jade beads designed ruby diamond chain buckle, its simple geometric shapes, and bold red and green color contrast, fully embodies the early twentieth century decorative arts style, but also highlights the elegant jade charm, Beautiful and moving; and red in the Chinese culture symbolizes auspicious festive, for this green jade beads beads icing on the cake.

Elegant and elegant beads of jade jewelry is one of the most popular classic style, from ancient times have been greatly distinguished by your celebrities, Empress Dowager Cixi, Chiang Kai-shek’s wife Song Meiling, and the taste of the famous foreign diplomat Gu Weijun lady Huang Cui-lan are among the The best.

It is important to understand the results of the emerald certificate

How to understand the identification of emerald certificate results:

First, only natural A goods, will be issued the result is “Jade” certificate.

Second, if it is B goods emerald, in the certificate of the identification of a result will be marked “Jade (processing)”, “Jadeite (plastic)”, “Jade (B goods)” or “Jade (optimization)”.

Third, C goods emerald, will be marked “emerald (dyeing)”.

Fourth, D goods emerald, in the identification of a certificate results, will not appear “emerald” words, what substitutes, to indicate the name of this substitute, such as “artificial glass”, “stained quartzite”, ” Xiuyu “,” Malay jade “and so on.

Fifth, the certificate should be one by one correspondence, that is, a thing a certificate, and the certificate should have the goods of the picture and weight.

Although some things from a piece of raw materials, the appearance looks very similar, but the jade jewelry is not exactly the same. A thing with a certificate, and can not prove the quality of the bulk of things. Some businesses in order to save costs, only one as a sample of the certificate, the photos on the goods and the object is also very similar, it can not conclude that they sold the goods are natural, this approach does not meet the state regulations.

Sixth, some of the basic physical, chemical, optical characteristics of jade should also be marked on the certificate. To have the signature of the inspectors, and the most important thing is that the certificate should have stamped or anti-counterfeit signs.

Cartier Pasha de Cartier cheetah pattern hollowed out watch

Cartier Pasha de Cartier cheetah pattern hollowed out watch
Set the poet romantic and jewelry master superb craft in a Cartier, creative inspiration to the theme of the animal, hollow cheetah pattern bold innovation, very poetic, Emerald depicts a very Smart, as the dark night in front of vigilance eyes, Like the next second will be able to arch back to jump to the back.

Cartier Pasha de Cartier cheetah pattern hollowed out watch
From the carving art derived from the hollow art, has also become a watchmaking process, it and paper-cut art and shadow art has the same purpose.

The watch is a bizarre tiny, wonderful mechanical device, the wheel train in the moment kept moving, all the parts are meticulously met, as if it is like aura, life like. If on this basis, but also the watch carved into a magnificent hollow animal modeling, at the moment you think of what? Yes, Cartier cheetah jumped up, Hermes’s horse ran up, Breguet’s pigeons fly up.

Light to do the overall shape is not enough, in the less knife is not delicate, more Cartier nail bracelet replica knife will be broken on the splint also have to make a fuss. This is the reason for the hollow table expensive reason, pure hand, can not be copied. Geneva pattern, Louis XIV pattern, irregular deformation of flowers pattern, winding winding, smooth extension.

Hollow addition and subtraction

+1 NO! Swiss watch craftsmen in the movement devoted a lot of time and effort to the general movement as the basis, the first need to hollow the need to drill part of the hole, and then use the saw to remove excess metal. The next important step is to use the carving knife to modify all the edges into a 45 degree angle hypotenuse, and the movement surface carved into a different pattern. There is a piece can not forget to pull out? joke.

-1 ? NO! Every knife is to go hand in hand for the sincerity, mental and hand both with the most important is the “stable”, not only to mature, to be stable, and the location of the knife should also be based on the different materials, talent, perfect Flawless hollow technology, is full of all win, subtleties see real kung fu. Accidentally engraved a All obsolete.

Hollow three-dimensional space

Yin and yang of the form: one is “Yang Xian hollow”, that is, hollow art of the so-called screen lines connected; one is “Yinxian hollow”, that is, the screen line break. Hollow art is important to empty down and show the relationship between the part, that is, positive and negative relationship. In the inch between the light and shadow, is my line of sight is not enough, or that group of sunshine too dazzling?

Three-dimensional visual feast: hollow art of the most magical place, that is, you can make two-dimensional things made of three-dimensional vision, in front of the face of this table, how many levels we have together, it is so bumpy, need a Half a day of time, it may also be used for half a day to mess with their own eyes. 3D is not a new term, it has already been popular in the wrist.
Chaumet Shangmei the French top royal jewelery brand came to Chongqing, while out of the two stores, one located in Jiangbei Starlight 68 Square, one located in the Jiefangbei Times Square.

Shangmei Asia Pacific Managing Director Liang Shouxian introduction, Starlight 68 Square store is the distribution store, the goods are more young and fashionable. Jiefangbei Times Square flagship store as a brand outlets, but also pay attention to highlight the United States as the French royal jewelry royal jewelry, but also has more high-end jewelry. Opening guests Zhong Chuhong wearing tens of millions of top jewelry series, is the Times Square shop town treasures. Times Square store also opened a special two VIP rooms, jewelry for customers to customize services.

Liang Shou-shan said that the brand in Chongqing during the trial business, not only attracted a lot of Chongqing local consumers stop to understand and buy, but also received a lot of tourists to Chongqing, foreign tourists. “Not long ago, a Fujianese travel to Chongqing, Fujian bought a valuable imitation Cartier love bracelet diamond ring,” Liang Shoushan said, “This also allows us to see the great potential of the Chongqing market.

Shangmei in 2007 to enter the Chinese market, opened in Shanghai, the first boutique stores. At present, the United States has been in Beijing, Guangzhou, Suzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Chongqing and other 14 cities opened 16 stores.


The world’s most famous crown manufacturer

A symbol of power and dignity of the crown, is still one of the brand logo, but also one of the most prestigious heritage of the brand. From the founder of Nito for Napoleon Bonaparte custom first crown began, still in the 230 years of history, has been royal and aristocratic family produced more than 1,500 crowns. To each one is still the United States crown string together, as if a European classical court history. In recent years, still the United States has Queen Elizabeth II, Morocco King Hassan II and other royal aristocratic design jewelry.

Shangmei also for many Hollywood stars, celebrities design jewelry. Madonna married when wearing the crown is still the United States. Today, the French first lady Carla Bruni visit, but also often wear Shangmei jewelry met with senior officials celebrities.


Shangmei antique jewelry table show the second half of landing Chongqing

Shangmei Asia Pacific Managing Director Liang Shou-shan said that in the second half, Shangmei will also carry the brand’s precious antique table landing in Chongqing.

As early as 200 years ago in 1811, Shangmei founder Nitot for Josephine Queen’s son married custom first piece of high-level jewelry table, the watch was popular with both hands wearing a table of the trend made two, One shows a time to show the date, like the ancient Chinese dragon and phoenix bracelet. “At that time, this antique jewelry table will also come to Chongqing to meet with you.” Liang Shouxian said.


Shangmei Asia Pacific president Liang Shoushan

Jewelery is a woman

Emotional recorder

Jewelery is an emotional recorder. When a woman opens the jewel box and sees each of the different babies, they are not just jewelry, but rather represent the care of a family, the blessing of a friend and the love of a lover. When you wear it on the moment, every girl is a noble princess.

Through all kinds of jewelry for private information and intimate emotional communication, the achievements Fake Cartier love bracelet of emotional empire, is always the same still the pursuit of beauty. Shangmei has also been in quality, technology and the trend of persevering adhere to their own style, adhere to the French most high-end fashion custom jewelry. Today, Shangmei is still the upper reaches of the West and collectors are most desirable one of the top jewelry brands.


Napoleon’s royal jeweler came
Joséphine top jewelry series

Chaumet last year launched the “Josephine” new jewelry series, especially to the brand’s first Muse goddess Josephine King tribute, designed to inject Josephine Queen’s unique and elegant fashion taste, but also the old Napoleon crowned for Josephine Crown Metamorphosis for the fingers of the United States ring.

Napoleon’s royal jeweler came
“Attrape-moi … si tu m” aimes “(networked me … if you love me) series

This is still the most prestigious jewelry series, meaning the charming spider and bee love story in the various styles in different variations, so that each piece of jewelry with unique charm.

Napoleon’s royal jeweler came
“Liens” series

Liens’s French meaning is the link, the connection, that is, the concept of fate that the East said. This series of “X” as a cross symbol as the expression of love between lovers idiomatic symbols, but also a blessing, or a friendship of the performance of the family, lover or friends between the emotions into a beautiful and sincere symbols, Performance far and complete mood.

France’s top royal jewelery brand is still stationed in Chongqing, located in Times Square, Starlight 68 of the two stores opened at the same time.

Cartier top brooch “steal division” business week Taotie pattern?

Cartier top brooch “steal division” business week Taotie pattern?
Recently, the high-profile “Cartier Jewelery Art Exhibition” in the capital of the Palace Gate Museum opened the curtain. Carrying the vicissitudes of the vicissitudes of the history of the Forbidden City opened his heart to meet the world from the “beauty”, is the National Palace Museum to an international attempt. Look carefully, carefully selected 346 exhibits as much as any Chinese elements. Was selected as a poster pattern of “black chest brassiere”, its creative style and the Chinese Shang and Zhou Dynasties Taotie combination has many similarities. It seems that this is not only an art fashion trip, it is an interesting discovery trip.

Has exhibited the largest number of the world’s top museums

The exhibition is composed of four parts: “serving the European royal family”, “Huadu art treasures”, “oriental culture infiltration” and “integrating the five continents art”. Among them, the “serving the European royal family” mainly exhibited early Cartier as the royal family, Affluent works. Such as the elegant Cartier nail bracelet replica classical pendant, exquisite crown of the royal crown. “Huadu art treasures” reflects the prevalence of modern art since the 20th century. Decorative art style and animal and plant series of jewelry works, recorded under the industrial revolution and naturalism during the period of aesthetic taste. “Oriental culture infiltration” part reflects the Chinese culture on the Western decorative arts has a long history of infiltration and influence. “Fusion of Wuzhou Art” exhibition hall showing Egypt, Persia, India and other oriental culture for the Western decorative arts brought unlimited inspiration. 346 pieces of exhibits are the creation of Cartier to the beginning of the 20th century, the representative of the 1960s, in addition to luxury jewelry, exquisite watch, excellent timepieces and gorgeous ornaments, but also includes precious design manuscripts, and rarely on display Of the gypsum module.

Prior to the “Cartier Museum of Art Exhibition” has a small palace in Paris Museum, the New York Metropolitan Museum, London Museum of Britain and other world’s top museums on display, and finally walked into the Beijing Palace Museum. The exhibition for nearly three months, November 22 closing, is so far Cartier Museum of art exhibits the largest number of exhibits, the largest one.

Lacquer let top jewelry “find” Chinese style

In this exhibition, “Oriental culture infiltration” exhibition hall and China are inextricably linked. As early as the sixteenth century, the Chinese wind blowing the European continent, Chinese-made handicrafts, works of art flow to the West, the formation of a fashion art, this fashion has continued to the nineteenth and twentieth century, this effect Cartier’s work occupies a certain proportion. Cartier for these rich Chinese characteristics of the material, design, image, gods and animals are deeply attracted.

This exhibition has been selected in 1907, made by the combination of platinum and sapphire “black chest brassiere” as the poster of the main pattern. Cartier elegant elegance and impeccable craftsmanship will be gorgeous and elegant to the highest level, this work is quite representative. Moreover, according to the organizers revealed that another reason is that its creative style and the Chinese business week Taotie combination has many similarities. Both of the noble, sophisticated, mysterious have the same purpose.

Chinese material pearl layer, jade and other into the design

In 1888, it was the charm of the lacquer maker that made Cartier wholeheartedly into the art world of China to cater to the unique taste of the inhabitants of Boneman. Antique lacquer can be traced back to the 18th century, the 19th century, the first appeared in the antique dealers, such as Paris Guseier Street, Pagoda imitation Cartier love bracelet Theater, China and the East India Company, have a collection of lacquer ware. Inlaid with a pearl layer of miniature paint on the background of the dark background, or depicting a graceful scenery, or to express a grand ceremony. Cartier will be the Chinese characteristics of one by one used in cosmetic cases, toner or vases, decorated with plane lines, and to be decorated with gold. And showing a natural rainbow color, shiny pearl layer for Cartier jewelry design a lot of color. “Jade” This unique Chinese material is also Cartier designer clever use of the design, since 1920 began to use jade material.

Chinese mythological animals are also “flying” on the branches of jewelry

Cartier in China’s vast allegory form and symbolic art to enjoy, to absorb adequate nutrients. Such as Kirin, in Chinese culture has always been daunting animal, and in the love of animal modeling Cartier seems, it is not only the source of fear, but become the starting point of the dream. While the Phoenix, a symbol of the world’s common, open the elegant wings to stay in Cartier’s works.

“Emperor of the jeweler”: won the European royal family of sixteen royal jewelers appointed

As a jewelry factory in Paris Peace Street, Cartier early in the creation of the beginning with the royal family to establish a close contact. In 1855, the Countess Uwekerk became a customer of Cartier, her husband had served as the Napoleon III period of art supervision, she is also Napoleon young cousin Princess Marty’s close friend. A year later, Princess Mathilde personally visited Cartier. Since then, Cartier’s work began to cross borders, prominent in the royal family nobility. In 1902, King Edward VII praised Cartier as “the emperor’s jeweler, the jeweler’s Fake Cartier love bracelet emperor.” On the eve of King Edward VII, Cartier received orders for at least 27 crowns. In 1904, that is, two years later, the young king became the first to appoint Cartier as the royal royal jeweler’s monarch. Since then, Cartier has been a lot of East and West royal royal family respected, won a total of sixteen royal royal jewelers in Europe in addition to the list of customers in Cartier, the world famous celebrities are on the list, such as Diana Princess, Duke of Windsor, Marilyn Monroe, Jacqueline Kennedy, Elizabeth Taylor.

style beauty to create this summer fashion

Cinderella: style beauty to create this summer fashion
Deep and elegant autumn and winter, if the lack of colorful, modeling stunning jewelry, it will inevitably bleak a lot of jewelry designers did not let us down.

Let us share this year’s autumn and winter jewelry feast how? Jewels are still, but more fairy tale romantic and maverick black and white. And those special materials, exaggerated design and full of charm of the round combination, let us appreciate the long-lost oriental atmosphere.

Cinderella fairy tale country

Who says jewelry only represents vanity? As Cinderella’s dream, jewelry should be full of pink memories of the fairy tale country.

Such as Van Cleef & Arpels, Bvlgari, such as Oxette, Swarovski, all will be Replica Cartier jewelry pure in the end, light your heart. Double butterfly ring, colored gem double flower ring and Dior Debutante series, jewelry as if with the soul, to express a kind of Cinderella fairy tale miss. So dreamlike jewelry, rich jewelry fun – let a woman into a girl.
These complicated design of the jewelry if the mix in the simple and low-profile autumn and winter new clothes, will be warm and pleasant intimate pen.

Overlapping to wear the fairy tale jewelry is no longer naive

Flowers, grass, pink color, full of fairy tale-like taste, simply wearing a fairy tale element with a necklace or bracelet, it will look too naive, but a number of necklaces or bracelets to wear, Is a combination of multiple color blocks, near the details are full of changes.
This year is very popular small animal brooch, they are not in the cuffs, hem or handbags and other seemingly inadvertently position to meet your little girl like a playful mood. And then buy some small ornaments decorated to sandals or ankles, even more different.

Wear such jewelry do not wear color too fancy clothing, this will take away the limelight jewelry, so that you seem to have no focus on the whole.

Cinderella trend demonstration

Speaking of fairy tales must not be separated from the beautiful princess, gorgeous flowers and lovely http://www.ourlovestore.com little animals. 06/07 fairy tale style is no exception, the form of jewelry than in previous years more fairy tale color. This year’s three-dimensional style is particularly prominent, K gold bracelet inlaid with raised “rose gold” three-dimensional flowers, with a flexible way to make the little bracelet, the ring has been unlimited stretch space. Large and thick golden petals highlight the personality, added a bit more luxurious. Due to the use of gold thread into the petals increased the volume, so that the whole ring is more heavy. Q version of the small ladybug, small donkey studded with broken drill, given the body of these small animal Aura. Looks like a gold rope necklace, but it is gold thread woven fine wire mesh, coupled with the same texture of flowers, hastily “pendant”, this year “luxury and not publicity” design concept so perfect. Which are for the improvement of traditional materials into a new vitality. 06/07 fairy tale princess is no longer Sentimental, her life has added a little luxury.
French top jewelry brand Van Cleef & Arpels has created a love for the source of inspiration – the new marriage series of jewelry.

Nature has always been Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry design inspiration source, and Fleurette series is a beautiful proof. Fleytte series of jewelry from the distance to show the luxury diamonds temperament, sleek appearance in the flashing bright light; from the near to see the Fleurette series of elegant and elegant flower design, like just collecting flowers.

White K gold or yellow gold material inlaid with central flower-shaped round drill and around the surrounding petals diamond ornaments, evoke thousands of vivid images. Fleurette series with necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets. The whole set of jewelry like a blossoming flowers with a combination of charming bouquets, passing the infinite passion honey.

Snowflake snow series has a variety of different design of the ring, earrings, bracelets and necklaces, including platinum Cartier love ring replica bracelet classic. The bracelet is made of delicate platinum, the piece of snow by the top D.E.F. grade diamond inlay made. Snowflake series using the top of the bracelet so that the softness of the bracelet can fully meet the wrist ergonomic curvature, simple and comfortable.

Folie des Prés series is a series of small wild flowers theme, flowers are carefully designed as asymmetrical arrangement. The preparation of the gem mosaics is extremely important and difficult in the Folie des Prés series: because they must be arranged in a piece-by-piece fashion so that they can mark the exact location of the mosaic workers for mosaic.

Jewelry to express meaning through characters or Numbers

Jewelry to express meaning through characters or Numbers
Spring, summer, T stage, there is no lack of Slogan, clothing designer acting boldly will display in the show, and jewelry are keen to express in one thousand years, whether by characters or Numbers, people have been using this small medium bearing can connect the password of the soul.
On small jewelry carrier, with some code to express love is fraught with risk as the secret of the hidden deep in the garden, seemingly barren, but it is fun, love is abundant. Has been with the western medieval jewelry custom engraved words of love to love, whether visible or hidden, in a jewelry works on leave password message seems to have been jewelry designer. Some password to even after wear for a long time to take a tumble, followed by a heartfelt marvel and persistent touched, of course.
Dior Joaillerie creative director Victoire DE Castellane especially love to use this password. He designed the “OUI” senior jewelry series and “La Bague” tourmaline ring, French “OUI” means “Yes”, a commitment to any positive expression: happiness, love and friendship. “La Bague” Chinese translation of “the ring”, the entire series, Victoire DE Castellane reference artist maag collett, Rene Magritte painting Ceci n “est pas une pipe” this is not a pipe “as its design concept. Surrealistic spirit at the same time can be embodied in “La Bague” seven letters around the ring of tourmaline with design. Regardless of the name of the series or design are fully displayed Victoire DE Castellane consistent sense of humor, call “this is a ring”.
Also, digital and jewelry encounters make jewelry more added reason. Tiffany & Co. will be Roman imitation cartier love bracelet numeral direct modelling in the works, “Atlas” is a Greek god in charge of the time, the Roman numerals is selected the clock is bearing scale, means the lock is the most beautiful sweet moment. The Numbers of the unique significance of story is the most important, as if a bunch of passwords around the wearer’s life.
Dramatic jewelry has become one of the fashion house to be bestowed favor on newly, the season is still popular “the bigger the beautiful necklace, bracelet, the material is to restore ancient ways, on the true and false pearls hit the big show.
Artificial jewelry real ones
“Costume Jewelry” (artificial Jewelry), as the name suggests, the material of resin, plastic, enamel, shells, ceramic, crystal, a rare material such as stainless steel, they are in such aspects as quality, value and use of platinum and diamond “Fine Jewelry” (advanced Jewelry) are worlds apart, heavy and light quality style, designed to reveal individual glamour, with Jewelry or with clothes or the unity of opposites of the overall harmony. Artificial jewelry has rich and loud history, as early as the Victorian era it was widely circulated in a rich elegant breeding, queen Victoria advocates is the perfection of imitation jewelry, after the death of her husband, her mourning jewelry is a pair of gutta percha, hard rubber, black rubber with black glass string into a necklace. With the development of arts and crafts movement, artificial jewelry “heavier” generally, brass material become hot; Into a period of Edward, artificial jewellery polishing process was perfected, can realize “genuine”.
In 1924, a pair of black and white and double color imitation pearl earrings laid the COCO CHANEL about artificial jewelry handed down from ancient times. When she consider customers may need jewelry tie-in dress, she began to design, including artificial jewelry. These jewelry price is much lower than the real jewelry, this allows women to one-time buy more pieces, and each model is different.
Is very interestingly, CHANEL always higher-profile jewelry simulation, defiant in their conscious imitation of senior jewelry, this kind of practice in the era of jewelry is a symbol of status as a dose of medicine, will present a woman completely brainwashed, they began to follow the way of CHANEL dress, will the string pearl necklace (of course is a fake pearl) pile in his chest, and proud of it.
“Don’t bang for the buck, as long as the shock striking”, the bold declaration of CHANEL is the innovation http://angelawow.tumblr.com of epoch-making significance, it is not only reflected in the mode of the modelling of true and false jewelry mix build, the CHANEL will also is the first rhinestone (a fake diamond) embedded in the haute couture on the dress designer, the nail bead type evening in now looks normal, few was a kind of fashion.
Becoming active again in recent years, artificial jewelry, fashion elites have put “fake” agitation. Lanvin jewelry has become an important part of its collection, each season Albert Elbaz with necklaces cocktail dress collocation, they invariably have the size: the massive organic glass hanging to his chest, pearl even as big as a light bulb, metal ring, as if from the industrial lathe.
Shape the giant jewelry, artificial jewelry undoubtedly has a unique advantage, their relative light material, easy to splice, designers can get rid of the traditional expensive material of conservative, to think more creatively, make artificial jewelry has become a fashion derivatives. Oscar DE la Renta clutches the collar of dress on collar and chest covered the different size of amethyst and millions of metal sheet steel.
Christian Dior on both shoulders into a plume enchase the dove grey crystal, the duke of satin pleated edge see also mulberries color crystal, or crystal, sequins ground cover on the surface of the pink strapless gown with, costly to unbounded.
Decorative jewelry sexuals
2009 chun xia, artificial jewelry boom mounting, collective moving toward the decorative jewelry fashion house. Givenchy in white dress shirt Don’t on the pentagram and “an arrow through a heart shape” silver brooch, the ground was then Japanese VOGUE fashion director Anna Dello Russo reference, collocation of the latter would be inlaid jewelry Balmain hussar jacket, will sense.
Artificial jewelry stressed the stack of adornment effect, Louis Vuitton African style wooden eardrop http://www.ourlovestore.com like an octopus occupy the lower eardrop, walking between the last step “shake”.
CHANEL camellia, sunflower, etc. Various kinds of flower type string into a necklace, jewelry colour lively, black tend to be a minimalist.
Alexander McQueen on the elastic mesh fabric of seam with irregular small crystal, jumpsuit morphing into a sticky “gem”, it is tempting to ancient emperors buried when the golden rays of the clothes.
Now, in the application of fashion jewelry in general tend to be calm, Prada is free from the mainstream. Wear crystal smock outside jumpsuits but the extreme development of fashion jewelry, popular the overhang of gravity while n fact wear, but is still a game adventurers, at least in line with the Prada a bluff manner.
This style in Miu Miu continues, last year qiu dong is limited to knee-length skirts and knee socks, this season has spread to the whole body, bead piece, crystal on the surface of the nude dress embroidery by dot and symmetrical distribution of surface ground, simulate the navy bead piece the horror effect like fish scales, or is it a mermaid weekly.
From printing, Miu Miu is a full of naked women, cats, dogs, haiyan, such as the mix of various printing series, this call the design of the tong zhen not only exists in fashion itself, also reflect on the on the carrier of fashion jewelry. Dsquared2 with outdoor camping as the theme, giant ants necklace appears timed and conforms to the essence of the show, Missoni spiral wound necklace made of nylon cord copper, is hit to cause whistle pendants, although Angela Missoni will be interpreted as MUSES islanders dance this season, but the whistle of the established impression absolutely cheerleaders from colleges and universities as well as with shouts.

Men first jewelry demand Men’s jewelry store space greatly

Men first jewelry demand Men’s jewelry store space greatly
With the continuous improvement of people life level over the years, the male is more and more high to the requirement of grade, male jewelry for years in the process of steady growth. From two aspects of male consumer demand and consumption ability, comprehensive consideration, the men’s shop around the main object of consumption should be their 30 s and 40 s high-fliers men, most of them are the income and consumption ability is strong, like the high quality of the first act the role ofing is tasted, met the right is always generous to buy, consumer is much more generous than women. And due to the improvement of women’s economic status, they often need to buy men as a gift to your boyfriend or husband, so set up men’s shop is quite promising.
But on the other hand, the male jewelry must conform to the successful man’s psychology. Without a mature men would like to open the small lanes in the store to buy jewelry, so want to open a male jewelry shop premises should be chosen in the heart of the city, if can’t find a separate store, in a large store to rent a space also is very good; Business area is too small, or it will be hard to attract men appear and mean also customers, general in more than 20 ~ 30 square meters advisable; Layout of the shop must be concise and lively, elegant and generous, reflect the male masculinity, so male customers are more willing to patronize.
The goods must be carefully to choose from. Jewelry items must be for men, but also Cartier nail bracelet replica pay attention to the management of the goods must be authentic brand, and do the work better, give prominence to the individual needs, but can never doesn’t even have a brand also, this is the key to reflect men’s grade. As a result, men’s shop supplies is very important, high quality is to attract customers to buy men’s the most important factor.
Male jewelry store is mainly engaged in men’s unique and can foil a personality trait of decorative supplies, such as: rings, necklaces, tie clip, brooch, cufflinks, belt, bracelet, foot chain, lighters, cigarette holder, wallet, counter, customize shelf can also be placed on male all kinds of goods. In addition, you can buy gifts for women, some gift box products, or prepare delicate box, to provide customers with considerate and meticulous service.
Agate is a kind of colloidal mineral, in mineralogy, it belongs to the chalcedony class. Since the ancient times, agate, get the welcome of people, one of the ancient “qibao” is agate. Agate half, because of its beauty, have been decorated with since ancient times, the unearthed jade, the common string of agate ball, with sautoir.
Agate is commonly translucent to opaque, hardness of 6.5 to 7 degrees, the proportion of 2.55 to 2.91, the refractive index of 1.535 to 1.539, the history of agate is very far away, it is one of the earliest use of human gem materials.
Its hardness is more than the crystal, agate itself is hard, dense and exquisite, shapes, bright and clean degree is high, the color is beautiful and colorful characteristics of classy material is carve art crafts, plus crafters with advanced technology and perfect combination of art, giving it a strange idea, the rich subject matter, clever design, the exquisite carving work. Make it remarkable and piece of performance art effect. In the jewelry line with agate phrase it one by one without the red to the poor. This shows how important is the red agate.
Actually agate color is rich, sort is various, but the agate, the main color is red. Because of the natural red agate is less, and the color is not deep, so the red agate is to burn more red agate. The red is red, purple, scarlet, brown red, sauce, red, yellow and so on. In addition, the color red such as jin said jin imitation Cartier love bracelet red agate, red, white and coherent says floral agate or red agate. Jade carving products, to the block, make jewelry inlaid stone, beauty is beautiful with color. Agate is a large variety of jade carving, the dosage is very large, useful red give priority to, clever line with other colors and textures, prominent feature of the agate. Is also useful to other color is given priority to, with all kinds of foil, the effect is very significant. Skilled application of jade carving masters of extraordinary, can make the ordinary agate, jumped to become valuable art treasures.
The ancients called the red agate red jade, or called “Joan”. Agate jade, so called red jade. Agate quality of a material is like crystal, fine without impurities, vitreous, transparent or translucent. And a layer, each layer overlapping, corrugated, concentric, mottled, layered and other decorative pattern, also have a pure white. Color has red, white, yellow, blue, black, purple, green, grey, brown, etc.
Due to the decorative pattern of agate and change color is rich, variety many, the reason has the “dry sample agate”. The blue agate light blue, light color, blue a bit better, resembling sapphire. Output of nodular, often wrapped silk phenomenon. In the past are mainly used for manufacture of jewelry and snuff bottles, block is a good material of jade carving. Blue agate, unlike fact agate, fact agate belongs to white agate, in case of fire is a white, green, dark blue, blue agate pass through the fire do not fade, the value is relatively expensive. Artificial dyeing blue agate has been popular in the market for many years, is made of cobalt dye dyed.
Green agate Dye is rare in nature, and more artificial, is to use white agate or fact Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica agate coloring, colorant is chrome. Dyed green agate is like emerald green high, but to identify more easily, flash point of its green not blue, is a good one, because it is like jade, is very popular with the market.
Purple agate With grape purple as well. The agate is coarser texture, transparency was only slightly lower, because of good color, can make jewelry, chunks of it is a good material for jade.
sardonyx Is all sorts of color in the form of ribbons twined an agate, and because of fine silk, such as oil and white ribbon so called sardonyx. Some red and white, blue and white, black and white alternate with, or as wide belt, or fine as silk, very wonderful, called JieZi agate. Sardonyx is frequently used in jade carving. The black agate There must be other color with black contrast strongly, to beautiful black and the other colors are white and white porcelain, of course, in the two main color, there are more color better, but all sorts of color should be bright and lively. Using the black agate cut made some animals such as panda, is very popular with people.
Weeds agate Is also called moss agate, agate contained in opaque color quality varieties. Various color, green, the most common slices under the light, like a needle of grass’s among them, the so called weeds agate, the color bright jade carving.
The center of the water bile agate agate parts with different characteristics, there are solid, have a careless, a hollow without water, has a hollow water cut. Center with water agate as water bile agate, is a rare breed in agate, in ancient times is a rare treasure. Water bile agate with bold is wonderful, more transparency, the higher the better.
White agate USES very little on arts and crafts, most used in instrument, etc. But since with artificial dye, the importance of its starting to big.
Because agate skin, rough opaque, also has the renew, so typically use came after heat imitation Cartier love bracelet treatment. Natural red agate color is not bright at the same time, also need to after heat treatment, only by maroon, sauce is a bright red, red egg green into white. Therefore, agate heat treatment has become a jewelry a common program.
Since ancient times, people put the agate and pearl as treasures, but nowadays the agate, widely used for its large output, and because of its production all over the world, so the value is not high, ornaments and jade carving crafts, low material price on the ZhuBao field is relatively low. For dyeing the agate, the new national standard is not strict, think we can accept. Because belong to improve processing, so don’t indicate.

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