How is the international ranking of Eddie?
Aidi watch the main sports watch and children’s watches, product quality function is more outstanding. So in recent years in the market widely acclaimed. So how is the international ranking of Eddie watches?
Shenzhen Mengyao Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2011, in China’s coastal city – Shenzhen grand opening, is committed to research and development, production and sales of fashion watches, electronic watches, led watches of science and technology enterprises. After years of development, the company has always been to “fashion personality style, rich and varied style, ever-changing color, reasonable price, warm and thoughtful service” as the guiding principle, depicting the interpretation of cool personality trend of personality charm and different trendy style. In the increasingly fierce competition in the market, and constantly improve the brand image, improve brand awareness and create a brilliant future. Aidi deliberately portrayed 15-25 years old youth personality, fashion, the trend of temperament.
Self but not publicity, elegant but not boring, avant-garde but not outrageous imitation Cartier love bracelet , is a distinctive fashion leader. In the fashion cycle to regain the charm of the classic, personality, avant-garde, mysterious, to create beyond the traditional wrist feast. Eddie, is a new independent brand, to promote the personality of the brand image, by young students sought after, to create a new fashion watch indicators.
Aidi watch is not an internationally renowned brand watches, so no longer within the world watches rankings!
Haier build children GPS positioning watch
Children are missing so many families almost collapsed, concerned about the safety of children’s intelligence equipment is also more and more recently Haier also launched a focus on children’s safety smart GPS positioning watch. It can locate the location of children in real time can also monitor the situation near the watch at any time.
It is understood that Haier smart GPS positioning watches and the appearance of ordinary electronic watches there is no big difference. The main role is the smart watch can be positioned, it can not only locate the starting point and the end, but also able to locate every 2 minutes, you can make a clear definition of the wearer’s route. Not only that, the Haier smart watch can also call, long press the red button on the watch can store three emergency call number, again press the process, the watch will automatically call the first number, if the number is not connected, then Will call the second, and so on, until someone answered, greatly increasing the child’s safety factor.
In addition, the Haier smart watch can be real-time monitoring, the watch itself can be inserted into the SIM card to communicate, and then use the phone client’s software to dial the watch, you can hear the surrounding environment of the watch, the phone is good, Of the connection, the watch will automatically open the microphone, so that the listener can directly access the situation around the watch, and the data transmission is individual, the wearer does not know the communication is in progress.
Nicole Kidman with Omega dish to attend the Cannes Film Festival
Omega Ladymatic series of excellent spokesperson, Oscar actress Nicole Kidman as one of the eight review, wearing exquisite charming Omega Ladymatic female table attended the 66th Cannes Film Festival jury debut unit.
Omega Ladymatic disc flying series “diamond pearl” female table
Nicole Kidman with Omega dish to attend the Cannes Film Festival
Watch with 34 mm 18K Sedna gold case, the originality of the white ceramic ring is located in the diamond decorative corrugated and titanium inner ring between the main body, the bezel on the “snow inlay” technique laying a large number of gorgeous diamonds, Crown inlaid with “bright Omega cut” diamonds. Sedna ™ is a new type of alloy named after Omega, which is made of gold, copper and palladium, to ensure that the golden color of the rose is lasting.
White FritA dial elegant eye-catching, through the anti-wear sapphire back through, Omega Replica Cartier jewelry coaxial 8521 movement of the perfect operation is clearly visible. Watch the internal Omega unique self-winding coaxial movement, the movement is equipped with three-tier coaxial escapement system and Si14 silicon material gossamer, automatic thallium and balance plate by 18K red gold.
Popular Omega (Omega) disc flying series Ladymatic female table add new, and its new launch of the “Diamond Pearl” ladies watch design stunning, called the luxury jewelry and the top of the perfect blend of mechanical movement model. In addition to the elegant and elegant Omega celebrity ambassador Nicole Kidman, who can the new Ladymatic “Diamond Pearl” female virgin show interpretation so vividly? Recently, the Omega Ladymatic series of excellent spokesperson, Oscar film Nicole base Desman as one of the eight review, wearing exquisite charming Omega Ladymatic female table attended the 66th Cannes Film Festival jury debut unit.
Fashion couple table recommended
Couples watch low-key and pay attention to detail, respected simple design of urban fashion people. In a few days is the traditional Chinese Valentine ‘s Day – Tanabata. In this annual festival, the lovers intend to give any gifts? The following watch for you to recommend several fashion couples table it. This Tanabata will be different!
Fashion couple table recommended
According to the wave (Ernest Borel) legend series III diamond watch
This couple table in the design is completely consistent, only in the Size changes according to wave way watch, the biggest feature is to try non-circular couple table design. Stainless steel is very hot this year, used in the case and strap on the extraordinary texture, in particular, its square is not a complete side, but with a little curved corner design, coupled with the embossing of the disk, the Roman digital scale, a little In the modern sense of integration into the classical temperament.
Fashion couple table recommended
Has always been elegant and simple design capture the hearts of Longines, this time playing the Mix Match game. This pair of couples on the table is not from a series, but the brand will be the most representative of the men’s style of the master’s watch and the most embodied women’s gentle heart moon watch “free group of children”, dedicated to the talented couple. Two watches are the main colors of rose gold, design, men more emphasis on functional, female models are responsible for the interpretation of elegant and charming temperament, although the division of labor is different, but all tell us a reason – Love is timeless.
Fashion couple table recommended
Montblanc (Montblanc) Time Walker on the table
Montblanc Time Walker watch, in addition to elegant, the more a little more luxurious and dynamic. This watch is very large, dial diameter reached 43mm, boys okay, girls absolutely have a strong sense of strength, in the design it presents a beautiful sense of architectural lines, fashionable neat. 3 function circle in the traditional way to set the dial, there is a modern and classical, sports and blend of beauty.
Fashion couple table recommended
Movado (Movado) Si Rui series couple on the table
Once in the side done a small, found that regardless of character or nature of work, Movado watch can easily please the consumer, in the final analysis is its design. This pair of sharp watch is a landmark museum collection of dial with fashion ultra-thin case design, deep black face plate above only 12 points “noon dots”, a symbol of the relationship between the center of the couple, women’s clothing Watch in the case on both sides of the arc is inlaid with 26 diamonds, shiny, and the center dot each other. Chain-style straps interlocking, indicating that the couple can not split between the feelings.