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Tissot is also very close watch people watch whether it is formal wear

Cars, watches, leather goods, pipe, wine, these are men’s daily talk of love to play the topic of love, control of objects, each one contains a great deal of men’s interest, curiosity, and desire to control. Watches and cars seem to have many similarities, but the watch does not have the meaning of the car, the two can not be the same. The price of a small watch often expensive, the case is compact but accommodates countless precision parts, it is hard to refuse the kind of mechanical charm of the attraction. Men who have type should have a watch of their own, below the watch home to bring you three stylish watches, affordable and affordable.

Mido Commander Series M016.430.36.061.02 watch

Watch Comments: Mido, already well-known brands, all the details of the classic design inspired by different buildings. Commander series Eiffel Tower unique and classic connotation, the implication of its design in the process of the great moral and Swiss watchmaking perfect fusion of ideas, ultimately showing a unique imitation Cartier love bracelet charm and quality of the unparalleled masterpiece. This watch numbered M016.430.36.061.02 has a diameter of 40 mm. Through the mirror, the delicate scale between the dial combines the essence of the Eiffel Tower appearance, the atmosphere and beauty, the hour and minute hands with white Super-LumiNova® luminous treatment, even at night, the readings are clear and convenient, calendar and day of the week window At the three o’clock position of the watch. From the side, the watch case has a thickness of 11.2 mm and the crown has a retractable head design, very close to the side of the case, ensuring a water-resistant depth of 50 meters.

From the comfort point of view, the sleek case with leather strap and stainless steel folding clasp, highlighting the taste and style of urban men, comfortable to wear and convenient. Powered, equipped with ETA advanced automatic mechanical movement, with 28800 oscillations per hour, power reserve up to 40 hours. Every now and then for your high efficiency, high-quality life preparation.

Tissot T-SPORT series T014.430.11.057.00 watch

Watch comments: Tissot is also very close watch people watch, whether it is formal wear, leisure or sports, can find the appropriate style. Many of my friends like the classic style of Locke, but I think T-SPORT series more sporty fashion. The design of this watch is very vibrant atmosphere, 39.8 mm black dial with white stripes time scale, six o’clock, nine o’clock and twelve o’clock position for the Arabic numerals show Tuso 1853 signs impressively The twelve o’clock position, day and date display window is at three o’clock. Silver pointer with a white mark, so that the time of reading more convenient and clear. From the side, the crown is thread-trimmed for easier handling with a T mark on the crown.

Round stainless steel case with the same material of the bracelet and Replica Cartier jewelry folding clasp, making the watch naturally fit wrist, in this hot summer do not have to worry about sweat erosion. Back through the bottom of the table to meet the first time to buy the watch movement for the curiosity, in power, the internal equipped with ETA 2836-2 automatic mechanical movement, power reserve 40 hours, with high-quality Rui table performance, its quality Needless to say.

Amy Longman series 08.1168.G39. watch

Watch Comments: Amy Long seems relatively small niche, but the brand is also in their own way to make the public a better understanding of its way and style of attention, its exquisite watch decorative arts, accurate and reliable timing, the table Stand out. The design of this watch is clearly more special, more subtle and more watch quality, 39 mm diameter for most men’s wrist, can afford to afford. Silver white dial dotted with a simple time scale, calendar display window at three o’clock position. Slender pointer in the dial on the free rotation, shoulder pads on both sides of the lugs, so watch the curve more harmonious. The lugs naturally complete the link between the case and the strap, the black strap of a good black belt is worn on the man’s wrist to highlight the gentleman’s character and temperament.

A good watch from every detail is fascinating, back through the movement at a glance, put Tuo engraved Emilion logo. Polished and polished parts, you can clearly see the beauty of the details, for those who love watch, this is a very attractive toxic. The price of this watch is about ¥ 9,300, the price is acceptable.

Summary: If you are buying the first table in life, then the above three are very good recommendations, beautiful style, and the price is relatively close to the people, for most of the still achievable. In reality, people tend to get entangled when they buy the first watch. The requirements for each part are very high. Everything from www.ourlovestore.com the appearance to the movement needs to be exhausted. Actually, this does not have to be the case. Because after the purchase of the table, you will find that the table is lethargic toxicity of the table, with the first table, as time and mood changes, the second paragraph, the third paragraph will make you more and more longing, I do not know Unconsciously, you have become a fan of the table.

Romantic Nuomi Li silverware

Romantic Nuomi Li silverware
The Combination of Classical Romance and Modern Art.

“Connaught Meili” her exquisite craftsmanship, changing style and European classical atmosphere in the artistic charm. Although there is no noble gold, platinum hard, but she was unique in the shape and personality of the design revealed a confident and natural beauty, emitting irresistible temptation.

“Connaught Meili” really is to highlight their own personality, casual and capricious, “Connaught Meili”: highlight the personality, the performance of self!

“Connaught Meili” originated in the silver design and craft dominate Italy, not only embodies the essence of European classical romanticism, but also express the modern art of exquisite and unique, products, including fashion jewelry, decorations, gifts, stationery Such as 925 silverware boutique series.

Silver is the refusal of “jewels”, refused to luxury and show off, refused to drift a personality choice, she belongs to the self, belonging to fashion, belonging to individuality! – and from the Italian tradition of silver hand workshop “Connaught Meili”, for the silver-loving family to provide more ways to express emotions.

Silver is a symbol of culture, and wear silver is the interpretation of their understanding of Replica Cartier jewelry culture, silver itself, the unique texture and color, a little random and sincere, both modern and classical, and “Connaught Meili” is the use of silver this The innate blend of modern and classical, unique design, superb craftsmanship and endless creativity, the ancient and mysterious handicrafts in Europe and the perfect combination of modern art, fully demonstrate the “silver” changing style And the beauty of personality, so as to become the heart of fashionable family shock, publicity personality preferred accessories: a rounded corners of the “Blue Moon” gem silver ring, built in six small geometric surround stones, silver and light blue Cross-hui, revealing the classic graceful and subtle beauty; dressed in a stretch of the wings of the swan brooch, silver-specific soft and rich tension to express the swan floating on the green water above the elegant, the outer wings on a layer A gem of the silver ring bracelets, simple and modern design, a group of three gems, and the remaining two separate, in which the two gemstones, Sub-combination of permutations and combinations may be expressed on the wearer to the emotional subtle understanding and recognition; no matter which a “Connaught Meili” products, emphasize the expression of personality and emotional expression, in all sorts of changes and collocation , Reflects the fashionable women’s life, unique understanding of the United States.

“Connaught Meili” Although the design has always insisted on the classical European atmosphere and the perfect combination of modern art, but in the performance techniques are ever-changing, flexible and diverse, launched a British classic, simple fashion, natural and avant-garde family of four Series to meet the different requirements of the silver personality Favorite:

British classic: the use of Tian Zi and tulips, Tian Zi and the combination of roses to create a strong British style. Inspired by the well-known architect and art master C. R McKenzie’s artistic style, square edges and corners of flowers and produce a unique rounded contrast, grace calm and distribute your elegant self-confidence style.

Avant-garde family: exaggerated, deformed patterns, rough lines, the expression of the young family freedom to pursue unrestricted life style and flying personality.Unionical and wild rock, alternative cold and free and easy will bring a strong visual impact.

Natural Story: Inspired by nature, the designers will change the four seasons, the harmony of the form and rhythm presented in sterling silver, let it free stretch, a slender leaves, the new grass seedlings, lovely flowers in the wilderness. Soft, clever curve, glossy Guanghua often brought back the gentle thoughts.

Simple fashion: the designer of today’s most popular fashion elements, with very few lines outline the http://www.ourlovestore.com changing style. Can be bold and strong expression, but also the interpretation of slender graceful, lively silver in the simple lines in the flow, fashion and style in the wonderful spread inadvertently open to … …

Four series in both the design and the “Connaught Meili” classical and modern style of harmonization, but also because of their different design concepts and expression techniques to meet the elegant women, avant-garde family, advocating natural and the pursuit of simplicity, and so different fashion The pursuit of consumer groups, so that each highlight the personality of the desire can be in the “Connaught Meili” such as the wish to do so.
Italian luxury brand PRADA in the last Milan fashion show debut “Trick” lock series,

And the first to open in Milan, the new PRADA shop for sale, immediately became a hot commodity, popular fashionable men and women customers. “Trick” lock series of high quality leather used PRADA, and with small chic metal straps or metal buttons as embellishment to a wide variety of shapes and patterns, distribute unlimited imagination. “Trick” inspired by many classic style inspired by childhood and technology from the world of innovative ideas, including a symbol of pirates skull logo, toy knives, guns and ladies fine with high heels; also include artillery shells and robots. Patterns, the new series of all-encompassing choices, such as heart-shaped, rose-shaped, bear, and even lipstick-shaped and so on. Locks can be easily attached to the handbag and belt, the open ring design, in addition to being used as a lock, the other can also be split for the unique accessories. It is reported that in May this year, “Trick” lock and robotic pattern handbags series will be available worldwide PRADA store. At the same time, the robot design for the theme of the round neck T-shirt will also be launched.
In addition to PRADA, LV also recently launched three luxury chic jewelry, once again shocked the entire jewelry industry. Panda, wearing a hat cap and onion first three pendants are based on 18K white gold as the base, with sapphires, emeralds and diamonds and other colored stones decorated into a cartoon style, lively and lovely, quite a sense of Cartier love ring replica humor. The Dior recently launched the sweetheart family, including big ears, teddy bears and koalas three lovely shape, particularly pleasing. And D (G2004 spring and summer fashion is simply for the whole world of young school tailor-made, the color here has been the most imaginable, the most daring use, green, orange, pink with Scotland Check, with childlike elegance T-shirt with a tight skirt or tight pants, in order to please the young people jumping thinking, the designer is also timely for their work to insert humorous elements, the dolls decorated in the clothes or simply made necklaces and earrings, bring a naughty Beautiful girl park beauty.

Silver jewelry decorated with colored stones spring scenery

Silver jewelry decorated with colored stones spring scenery
In recent years, Shanghai, Beijing and guangzhou economic act the role ofing is tasted, revealed a boom. Price is not high, style diversity, plain and wen run is exquisite silver was pushed to the front desk, become young people personality fashion accessories to be bestowed favor on newly. Sterling silver jewelry because of its modelling more convenience, the ingredients and was deeply loved by jewelry designer, and beyond the white gold jewellery and beautiful design, and fashion sense, elegance, and class platinum color feeling, make the white-collar gens fondle admiringly, at the same time also become today’s fashion jewelry website one of the highest click rate on the noun.
The 21st century, the world’s largest Chinese online jewelry jewelry), jewelry website (www.21Gem.com) also recently introduced a series of elegant sterling silver jewelry with natural stones, such as pendants, rings, earrings. Not only fashionable style, and the price is very close. “We launched a series of jewelry, all of them are exported to the United States in 2007 sample order of the market, do manual work is very delicate, materials and exquisite, all in accordance with the requirements for platinum jewelry processing technology and processing industry production, is by no means that can be compared cheap. Such a sterling silver jewelry in the United States to sell even more expensive than some K gold Cartier love bracelet replica jewelry. This is the first time in the our country, with a certain tentative, so the price is relatively low, the average is 100 yuan RMB, is almost the price of raw materials, of course, very good value. In addition, we also want to borrow this an opportunity to showcase, change the domestic silver jewelry coarsely and general.” 21st century jewelry network operations director fan diligence said in an interview: “in addition to jewelry online display in the 21st century, on March 15 to 18 in pudong international convention and exhibition center at Shanghai international apparel culture festival, we also will be rolled out and show, then you are welcome to visit, live experience.”
The vogue of 21st century jewelry net silver – ring price 180 yuan only
In Shanghai, big and small silver, silver store counters for thriving. In some large shopping malls, underground shopping mall and characteristic street, there are a lot of silver brand chain shop or store, some shopping malls and a number of different brands of counters. Under the lights shine, full of beautiful things in eyes of silver ornaments glittering, attracted many customers. Some brands also wind up silver, gold and silver jewelry store a change in the past with gold, platinum, diamonds, gems give priority to dozen of the situation. These silver is divided into multiple varieties, such as 925 silver, silver from among ethnic minorities, such as the Tibetan silver) as well as European style silver ornaments and so on.
According to statistics, the European and American countries of silver ornaments in the jewelry consumption rate has risen to 59%. While China has a population of 1.3 billion, hundreds of millions of families, even if each family with 2 people consumption, spend $300 a year on average, China’s silver ornaments market reached 100 billion yuan a year. Market research shows that the current domestic silver brands account for only 10% of the market, far cannot satisfy the demand of the market. In some big cities in China, many young women are turning to design unique European silver, it also makes many merchants have hit Europe jewelry brand concept into the silver market.
European silver consumption boom
Italian silver dell brand gold silver made landfall in 2004, China began a European style silver consumption boom. It is understood that after the designers to improve and to match the gifts, birthday, lovers, jewellery, children of five series of thousands of kinds of gold silver product, dell and traditional compared to gold, platinum, K gold jewelry, not only has the advantages such as low cost, the price is cheap, but also give the wearer a kind of pure natural contracted beauty. According to introducing, unlike the modelling of the quadrature in the Replica Cartier love bracelet compasses in traditional jewelry, European style silver ornament design and modelling is very rich, and constantly into the fashion popular element. Items include necklaces, bracelets, anklets, bracelets, rings, brooches, earrings, waist chain, pendant shape alone has wide variety, including flower, shell, cross, Buddha, Jesus, creeping weed and other shape).
“Silver has a mysterious tension, there may be small, but the supplement in the body, can let a person produce unique temperament, immediately and intriguing. More importantly, silver washs practice but not incontinent light, bright color bright bright spring clothing, the most suitable supplement it absolutely will not cover up the beauty of the dress.” According to the silver clerk Jin Daier, popular element composition of silver in silver on market now gradually reduce, and the synthetic composition is more up, fashionable woman of style rather than more ingredients. Jin Daier silver it has advantage of leader in the design process, the “uniform polishing leave no dead Angle, solder joint lubrication, act the role of flexible body is smooth, buckle is full uniform” is the feature of similar domestic act the role ofing is tasted by the incomparable. And its in mid-priced, generally focus on a few dollars to several dozens yuan between, high-end products also have overland yuan even thousands of yuan, the main consumption is in 200 yuan, under the age of 30, fashionable gens as the main object of consumption.
Low price high quality European silver suffers bestow favor on
The price is not high, diverse styles, is the main reason for the silver popular European style, and silver customers buy more between the ages of 18 and 30. Different plants, animals, such as geometry shape of earring, necklace, bracelet, foot chain, pendant silver became colorful. In addition to women’s silver, men’s wear necklaces, earrings, and other silver is also very popular with young people. The European style silver on market prices range from 20 yuan to or yuan, and a pendant with a platinum necklace and cheap to thousands of yuan.
Jewelry network fashion in the 21st century – the silver pendant it costs 138 dollars only
Miss some brand silver chain shop sales, silver is currently on the market for 925 silver. 925 silver and silver 9.99 the difference between adding about 7.5% of the 925 silver alloy, 9.99 silver soft and hard to avoid the complicated faults of ornaments, make silver gloss, brightness and hardness are improved. Now, many young people wear jewelry is to foil clothes, but the price is too high gold, platinum jewelry often tend to make them difficult to change design, low price of accessories and other material likely to cause allergic, so the Cartier love ring replica economy of silver became the pursuit of personality, fashion of choice for young people to wear jewelry.
Nowadays, almost all has the business vision, market participants said process meisheng silver and platinum jewelry will split. Chain for the expansion of the jewelry market in China is mainly based on features, current in terms of open accessories monopoly, brand and technology still is the key, general store sales market has collapsed, a famous brand shop is still the first target of most people.
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To help consumers identify silver jewellery
Silver jewellery isn’t expensive, but also have really false, although this kind of phenomenon is not common, but operators should help consumers to grasp some of the ways to identify silver jewellery. Here are several general test methods:
Look at jewelry color: the higher the purity, silvery white, jewelry surface looks even shine, polishing. If the lead, jewelry can present a green gray; Such as copper, jewelry surface can be rough, color not moist sense.
Ok jewelry weight: silver density is generally common metal slightly larger, in general, both light, silver, copper, light and not heavy. So ok weight make preliminary judgment on whether it is silver. If act the role ofing is tasted, larger and lighter weight, the preliminary judging the adorn article belong to other metals.
Check: hardness hardness is lower than copper, silver and a lead, tin, available pin cross jewelry inconspicuous place, such as needle sliding, surface hard to leave traces, copper can be judged; Such as lead, tin, texture mark is very obvious; Such as physical volcanism and less obvious, can be initially determined for silver.
Phonology: listen to the sterling silver jewelry ornaments thud, lifeless, sound for “lindsey da lindsey da”. Colour is lower, the lower the sound, and sound the tip of the high and with rhyme; If the copper, the higher and sharp, shortness of rhymes and short; For lead, tin, texture, toss a deep voice, short, and no elasticity.

How to choose a wedding diamond ring

How to choose a wedding diamond ring
A beautiful diamond ring to confirm the sweet love. Since the diamond ring is pledge of choice for the groom to the bride, then send what kind of diamond ring is appropriate?
Tell commonly, choose diamond ring to suit under 50 points, to love and to be accepted by the general income people, three or four very diamond single beautiful diamond ring is usually choose white-collar class. Set some broken glass into a ring, because of its sophisticated design has also been a people like. If economic conditions permit, to choose more than 50 points of diamond is better, because the diamond already have more than 50 points was value maintained and appreciation ability, have certain investment value.
Call your attention to is that you pay attention to the diamond weight at the same time, must pay attention to the color, clarity, cut diamond, namely considering “4 c” standard. Weight, good cut (has a bright light), pure flaw less good, colour and lustre is white diamond is diamond. Buy more than 40 points Cartier love ring replica of diamond jewelry, don’t forget to require companies to produce a certain national testing department appraisal certificate. Additionally, advice when buying a diamond ring, will be able to best and matching earrings, pendants and buy, lest leave regret the bride’s jewelry collocation is improper.
Also, the bride and groom gave a diamond ring as a pledge, is also very appropriate. Generally, with inlaid gems platinum element type diamond circle advisable, concise and easy, both beauty and not make public, properly how good quality of owners. In addition, choose a beautifully crafted piece of diamond watches, gave the husband is also very good, is noble and practical.
Tourmaline, topaz, opal selection method
For common diamond and red, sapphire, pearl, etc., we all know more or less a bit, after screening for many years, the market is relatively specification, coloured, tourmaline, topaz, opal stones are rare, I introduce you to some relevant knowledge here, when you pick it is better to have a heart end.
Scientific name is called “tourmaline”, people think it can be “evil”, so named tourmaline. Tourmaline with a kaleidoscope of colors, of which red tourmaline, tourmaline, double color blue watermelon tourmaline is preferred, such as baby face good red tourmaline crystal jiao, “child”, “double peach” laudatory name. It a birth stone and opal as October.
TOPAZ is November birthday stone, also known as TOPAZ stone (TOPAZ), the meaning is said to be “hard to find. Actually topaz is not necessarily the yellow, the high quality of brown topaz color as “sherry”, also have golden; Light blue topaz is also called “Ceylon sapphires”, is quite valuable; And colorless, topaz, the past was called “slave” diamonds, dispersion and brightness are not so good, limited value; Purple, pink color is very rare, is valuable.
As the gem topaz, color must be gorgeous. Huang Yuyou more fully understand, toughness Cartier nail bracelet replica is poor, so don’t knock or drop it, topaz ring surface generally cannot do, only with package line, most precious topaz have a spot defects, crack, etc., can’t choose topaz with selected diamonds, or as clean as possible, of course, to feel soft and smooth texture, on this basis, the tone of the deeper the more brilliant the more valuable. Experts say, purple, pink Huang Yuyou value of fine, “sherry” also called “monarch topaz”, are the treasures, and then is blue and yellow.
Also called the “macau”, most of the production in Australia, the colour of this gem like flame, andrey is very unique, referred to as the “the fire of ruby, amethyst, light purple, emerald green sea”. Its chemical composition is sio2, but it is not crystal, also contains a lot of water. Gem grade opal, white opal, black opal, fire opal, etc. Several interesting opal is very valuable, such as the peacock opal, appearance change color like the peacock feather; Lewd opal, with a green color; And the cat’s eye star opal, opal and characteristics are obvious.
Evaluate the value of opal general from three aspects: color intensity, color distribution, the number of colors and relative abundance. Change the color is very important, if it is only some texture and patches of white opal.
Talk about diamond cutters
Beautiful cut diamond more bright
Newspapers reported that a Shanghai woman are very picky about shopping and thousands of thousands of selecting, almost all over Shanghai, only selected a diamond weighs 31 points in the diamond ring. In the case of the same size the same clarity, she bought the cheapest diamond. Home after compared with the relatives and friends of the diamond one, find someone else’s diamond radiant, and their own, by contrast, fainter. Then make a phone call to the technical supervision departments complaints, said he bought a piece of glass. In fact, the lady buy is real diamonds, the factory in order to keep weight, cut badly, make the light leakage after into diamonds, which caused the dispute. Cut cut of the diamond grinding level, is mainly refers to whether the style will show its beauty, Angle and proportion relationship is correct and wondered if fine. Discriminant method of the performance of diamond cut: pick up the diamond gaze fixed on the top of the Cartier nail bracelet replica diamond light, Turner exquisite brilliant dazzling diamonds, color 4 excessive, fire will not CLS were wrapped by Mosaic or design is different.
Standard type round diamond cutters
The diamond cut on market are generally of the standard round diamond type. The cut with a total of 58 little face. At the top of the plane are called mesa, diameter of the largest parts of waist circumference, waist circumference above for the crown, below the waist for booth. 1919 Antwerp cut division (Marcel Tolkowsky) through optical computing, draw out a round diamond cut wear style, can well reflect the fire color, luster, this cutting grinding including mesa, waist and lower small face, little star, 58 facets, bottom tip to small drill under 25 points, no sharp bottom, total in 57 facets, which laid the foundation of type standard round diamond cut. But a four point the original stone, according to this rate cut, loss of weight the most. So this only as a reference. : test, cutting rates to the average waist diameter: mesa of 100% : 53.0% crown height: 16.2% 16.2% pavilion height crown Angle: 34 degrees 30 pavilion of Angle: 40 degrees 45 this laid the foundation of ideal cut diamond cutting ratio. The cutting rate is different in different areas. Joe coughlin, cut cut is also called the United States, other are cut cut in Germany and Europe, etc.
Diamond cutting a trilogy
To turn a drill embryo 58 bright cut below the standard round diamond type, go through three steps. The first is processing (blocking). Processing mesa and pavilion and the eight side of crown and make preliminary formed. However, when less than 0.5 carat diamond, the grinding of the eight operating a merger with the second step. Processing is coarse grinding with diamond and diamond grinding, grinding out outline.
The second step of a cross cut or cross cutting grinding working (cross). Work out pavilion and crown of the eight main small face and perfect the mesa. The third step is cut surface grinding (brilliandeering). Work out on the crown of the 16 lumbar facet and 8 star facet and pavilion 16 down and small face. Generally more than 25 points of drill grinding out the bottom tip, then it’s off to 58 surface.

Different color shape: pearl jewelry trends in summer

Different color shape: pearl jewelry trends in summer
In the summer, act the role ofing is tasted pet clear up, in addition to gold and silver ornaments, pearl become an alternative in accessories. Pearl jewelry price range is larger, ranging from a few yuan to thousands of yuan, as a choice for women wanting also have enough space. In addition to the traditional white pearl milk, there are many color rich natural pearl also by everyone’s favor, with gold, silver, pink, purple, black, etc., with the color of pearls to make adorn article highlights the different personality. Different style deductive amorous feelings, collocation is proper, whether in the office or on PARTY will let you send out the most elegant charm — –
Love for jewelry seems to be a woman a natural instinct, diamond although bright is very attractive, but they are beautiful Cartier love ring replica too bossy, too cold, without the warmth of life. Pearl is not the same. Pearl is the oyster’s tears, because the eyewinker clam into bad, so it with tears, with the pain, and as time goes by foreign body was to hide, finally left is the beauty of the tears gathered pearls. Can say, pearl is alive. Perhaps that is why there are so many beauties noble reason want to wear the pearl.
The style of the pearl
Pearl don’t sparkling like diamonds, the luster is soft, show elegant and implicative, so rarely with larger particles gem pearl, with most small particles of diamonds, go out fully in the harmonious beauty.
Although fairly traditional round pearl has been the mainstream, but individual character make public in the fashion world is always changing, water pearl beauty and tooth shape of pearls, and more recently, with different pearls with semi-precious stones jewelry design, such as the combination of crystal, agate, jade is unusually hot, so colorful decorations can adapt to different occasions the colour of the dress.
The color of the pearl
In the lamplight, from different angles to observe pearls, we will find that the pearl can coruscate gives mysterious color, and change as the change of perspective. The pearl itself color, color of the surrounding environment, coupled with the refraction of color, pearl become dream hazy, mysterious and clinking.
Look from the use of the pearl, white and pink has been occupying most of the pearl jewelry market, in the recent period of time, black pearl also gradually regression, and popular with light color pearl staggered arrangement, the black pearl of mystery and added some clever, won’t appear depressing.
Surrounding the pearl
Pearl can make all kinds of accessories, such as necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, etc., however, a hotbed of pearl growth – shells also bring good adornment material. Shells, like pearls, contain rich calcium carbonate. Reporters in the urban jinhua hotel nearby, see a pearl institute with rich colour and lustre of Cartier love ring replica mother-of-pearl comb care is also made of shells in style. Comb pairs of texture and color are the same, but there is only two combs, if again on the comb engrave name, as a gift will be refreshing. And made of shell ornaments, as have the personality of fashion color. This season, with pearls and shell company, will be more comfortable.
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Summer wear pearl matters needing attention
1. The pearl is unfavorable under high temperature and sunlight, it will affect the water of the pearl luster less.
2. Pearl unfavorable contact with cosmetics, not on the cosmetic box, more can’t put in sealed plastic bags, the best in the open air, in this way can we keep the pearl luster.
3. The pearl you ji lampblack, besmirch fat infiltration into pearl layer will become yellow, this is because the main composition of pearl is calcium carbonate, acidic and alkaline liquid contact pearl, will make it darkened.
In the rise of the jewelry industry today, colored gemstones became another focus of attention. In buying such as stones, such as ruby, sapphire, and emerald, is the best way to gem identification by authoritative testing center, and have the related certificate can prove that the gem is a natural, without any processing. Especially when the original rock of gem has quite high value of time must go to identification.
Myanmar rubies, characteristic of the pigeons red blood; Kashmir, sapphire blue velvet, and Colombia emeralds, big star and without any treatment, these are the people dream want to collect gem.
Untreated myanmar red sapphire, gems and Kashmir (more than 5 carat or 10 carat) is more and more difficult to find in the market. Once appear at auction clinchs a deal with the price of abnormally high.
Hand inch change Semi-manipulator ring for a long time how to deal with?
Some women from the wedding to give now, hand ring has not remove. Due date when want to put the ring off well thought has long thick finger, the ring card into the meat, with a lot of methods can hardly pick them.
Some professionals and summarizes some Suggestions, induces has the following kinds:
A, and the method of heat bilges cold shrink
A ring on his hand more than a decade, unconsciously the loops card into the meat, wanted to pick also Cartier love ring replica pick not down. Ice for a while, but if put in the fridge or a lot of ice cold, on wearing a ring on both sides of the fingers, pinch tightly around, be sure to come into contact with the ring of the plane, over almost half an hour, feeling narrowed the finger, then put some lubricating oil, the ring will soon be able to take down, this method is relatively simple.
Second, the broken directly with tools
Looking for a jewelry shop, please use the tool to break the ring master in the store, and then connected again. This is probably the simplest and the most readers suggest methods.
Today, there is no longer taboo in jewelry design materials. As long as it is will enhance the quality and value of a piece of design work, can have good applicability and use methods of materials is a good material, such as plastic, paper, ribbons, this can be seen in the tin such cheap material change.
Traditional materials
If asked what material is most suitable for production of jewelry, most people will answer “expensive” metal – silver, gold and platinum. This is a historical reasons, because traditional jewelry have wealth investment and to show off and make others envy the dual role of the wearer’s economic conditions.
The use of gold and platinum also have practical factors: from the point of view of their pure, not doping alloy, they are inert metal – meaning that they are chemical inert, so no oxidation, also do not react with the body. This feature, combined with the additional value of relatively rare, that makes people want them to use on the jewelry.
Scarcity value, for people who can’t afford to buy gold, and silver, while silver than gold. Although silver oxide, but won’t happen and the human body excessive reaction, most people can wear.
In general, gold, silver is too soft for jewelry making; They are easy to spin, can be extended, it is easy to Cartier nail bracelet replica deformation, so in order to more suitable for manufacture, both formation and other metal alloy (mixed with other metals) in order to enhance its efficacy.
Natural material and symbolic
For centuries, the natural material has been used as a decoration or add color for metal objects. In the ancient culture, the value of some materials from its symbolic connotation — for example, in traditional Chinese culture, it is said that the pearl is the tears of the dragon, and sorrow; Jade is good luck, because it can be warm, thought can bring good luck to the wearer.
Usually, the symbolic significance of a material and the material stiffness or vulnerable degree. Opal, for instance, is thought to represent, unfortunately, is due to the material itself has a high water content, so it is not easy – if at the time of hot Mosaic Mosaic in weak base, it will shrink when the day is cold and fell down from the base. People think that other natural materials such as crystal has its inherent characteristics, may help rehabilitation and stimulate the spiritual. Understanding the symbolic significance of a material, can make your design intent more clear.
The example analysis
Material is often classify, doing so has its advantage has its disadvantage. Such classification for designers use a traditional materials to express ideas is very convenient, expand the material for the traditional sense, active the jewelry design is also very good.
Edges elegant red ribbon for this bracelet with color, texture and movement. Bold base is made of silver
Shown above striking bracelets, ribbons and silver combination, in order to this design in color, texture Cartier nail bracelet replica and form contrast. Because the ribbon is not high, so can a lot of use to make stronger visual impact. Suitable to express design concept of any material can be used in jewelry.
This brooch with gold and diamonds represents the sun, the moon and the stars, but platinum and niobium replaces the traditional silver
Jewelry is seldom used tin plate, be used to make the chain, connect different shade on expensive platinum and gold

Assessment of non-performing assets of jewelry

Assessment of non-performing assets of jewelry
The meaning of a, jewelry of non-performing assets
Jewelry jewelry itself does not mean non-performing assets and of better quality, but the jewelry asset and asset owner after the judgement, a kind of economics from the Angle of the banking financial institutions, such as understanding of related jewelry of creditor’s rights.
Usually in the sense of jewelry is a kind of luxury, has the characteristics of beautiful, rare and durable, more because of its high value and high liquidity, has a certain function of currency. However, do have a lot of jewelry in the abnormal circulation state, can not give the owner or the actual controller with normal profits, and even some jewelry principal recovery is very difficult. Jewelry class physical liquid assets to be the bearer of loan fraud phenomenon is relatively common. These bad assets such as imitation Cartier love bracelet jewelry mainly precipitation in financial institutions, such as banking, asset management companies, trust investment companies, etc. Some for the restructuring of state-owned jewelry jewelry enterprises also have a batch of long-term inventory or slow circulation.
Second, the characteristics of non-performing assets of jewelry
For jewelry the reason of bad assets and analysis of the characteristics of the possession of party belongs to the category of social science, this article discusses. The following will only discussed from the Angle of assets of the objective material.
From the objective entity state of non-performing assets of jewelry, it can simply divided into three categories, both inlaid jewelry, jade and special types. Three kinds of characteristics of each are not identical. Categorizing jade alone because many non-performing assets have jade jade finished products or raw materials.
1. Jewelry: including all kinds of precious metals products and precious metal Mosaic products, such as various k gold products, silver products, k gold or pt/jewelry and so on. Such assets are usually quantity is more, many of the old style, gem quality is generally poor, even there are broken or precious metals become angry phenomenon.
2. Jade categories: including jade raw material and finished and semi-finished products jade carving. Such assets are often poor quality of a material, process, rare high-grade materials and works, but for various reasons, the asset value of the bubble burden by the large amount.
3. Special categories: including arts and crafts, such as large and medium-sized precious metal products, precious metals with precious stones products, large coral, ivory carvings) and special gem raw materials and finished products (such as a large black diamond, diamond embryo, ruby crystal, “pearl”, etc.). Such assets are usually good and bad are intermingled, or due to various reasons, the cognition of the value differences.
According to these three kinds of assets, mainly using the cost method and market comparison method, combined with professional experience for proper adjustment of the evaluation conclusion to the final conclusion. Is important to note that in all kinds of evaluation objects, the second and the third type of asset, jade raw material and special jewelry crafts, art collection evaluation is difficult.
As nonrenewable natural resources, personality characteristics of jadeite raw materials is more obvious, jade raw material condition of the internal quality of great uncertainty, jade raw material is more or less “gambling”. On the one hand, the purchase of raw material cost (can check if there is historical cost) no significant evidence of value Replica Cartier jewelry evaluation, on the other hand, jade raw material to the occupant have certain unpredictability of future economic benefits, so the evaluation personnel’s professional experience is extremely important, professional risk assessment conclusion.
As the fusion of scarce resources and traditional handicraft skills as a special arts and crafts, usually has a uniqueness, such as dimension, and the uniqueness of, such as subject matter, also due to the confidentiality, trade directly using the market comparison method is rather difficult, so according to the principle of caution, as bad assets, the replacement cost method in the value conclusion weights is more obvious.
Three, jewellery evaluation characteristics of non-performing assets
Jewelry non-performing assets evaluation in terms of assessment itself, working procedures and work method and there is no essential difference between the normal evaluation, its property is relatively clear, usually owned by creditors or actual control, its evaluation purpose is very clear: provide reference basis for the disposal of cash. For assessment of non-performing assets of jewelry, therefore, can be more accurately described as is for the purpose of bad assets disposal to evaluate jewelry asset related activities. Appraiser only fully grasp this, can better communicate with the client, to correctly choose the right evaluation value type, to the value of the effective and reasonable conclusions.
In the evaluation work of non-performing assets of jewelry, some issues should always pay attention to, and as far as possible in accordance with the physical features of the evaluation object in the assessment report to give explanation and disclosure.
Choose jewelry gold bug eye how not
Gold and silver jewelry fans no longer eye, jewelry appraisal experts to teach you the trick of choose and buy of all kinds of jewelry.
Diamond: in addition to pay attention to the so-called, cut grinding, colour, clarity of the weight of the “4 c” indicators, more careful pseudo drill. The expert reminds, many alternative diamond come from similar to diamond cubic zirconia CZ. In the case of the same size, CZ is more than 1 times heavier than real diamonds, diamonds imitation cartier love bracelet and CZ on pieces of paper with the words together, the extent of CZ perspective will be slightly better than real diamonds.
Red sapphire: red, sapphire, the choose and buy, colour and lustre is one of important factors. Shades of color, luster, enough will affect the value of high and low. Besides clarity, Turner also wants into consideration factors, should try to choose and buy more than one carat gem, there will be a good protection effect.
Jade: expert introduction, buy jade to first figure out what is A, B, C. A cargo refers to the natural jade, without any artificial processing. B goods refers to using acid soaking after filling in the vacuum reduction of jadeite, B is for the sake of shoddy goods. C goods refers to the dyed jade, C goods often will be the color of the dye products of high-grade jade, as bright green, yellow, purple.
In the jewelry market and inferior commodities is jade. The expert reminds, some businesses will be sold by the artificial processing ACTS as a natural jadeite jade, cause consumer fraud. So buy jade to choose ugly don’t beautiful. Many consumers when buying jade are selected that without blemish, and think that “the more the better the green, the more transparent, the better”. Actually, this kind if jade is not particularly high price, most of them are processed goods C. Suggest to buy jade color should choose the bean sprouts, glossiness need not too high, flawed.
Gold: gold 995 pure gold, and 999 pure gold, and 9.999 million pure gold, according to the relevant provisions of the state, in assaying the fineness of gold, as long as it is in commonly 99.5%, can be called pure gold or 24 k gold; Gold colour is 999 ‰, namely, 999 pure gold; The purity is up to 99.99% of the 9.999 million pure gold. Act the role of gold of choose and buy when, can examine first should be labeled in assaying the necklace of retaining ring, ring, inner ring or on the back of the pendant, in order to avoid Cartier love bracelet replica dispute.
Gold has three tricks of choose and buy, a look, as the saying goes, “7 8 yellow green red 95,” gold content up to seventy percent of the ornament color is cyan, yellow eighty percent content, achieve the ninth into a red; Two phase modulation, to weigh the gold with the hand, true gold weight is heavy. 3 listen, listen to the voice of gold fell, authentic gold jewelry fall backward, and metal sounds boring.

Set the value of diamond color

Set the value of diamond color
Why do you always doubt, naked eye look not too big differences between the two diamond because color grade certificate differ film and the price is good as a mile. From colorless diamond to diamond, the color has been referred to as diamond most nots allow to ignore the value of the factors in the evaluation.
Colorless diamond
As the most authoritative GIA standard as an example, the cape diamond series is divided into colorless, transparent, nearly colorless and light yellow. With the letter D (Diamond), colour and lustre is D, E, F, also known as colorless, precious rare, the differences between them by experts to identify very carefully; A common colour Cartier nail bracelet replica and lustre is G to J, also known as close to colorless. Expert is easy to distinguish, but the average person is difficult to distinguish, if set on the jewelry is more difficult to detect; Colour and lustre is under K, also known as light yellow, the average person may make out, but prices are much cheaper.
Color diamond
Colorful evaluation is in accordance with the color, clarity, cut, and carat weight four conditions, of which color is the most important. International diamond industry to color the color of the diamond grading is very strict and rigorous, diamond color rarity and more degree decide the value of the diamond, color is more rare, grade, the higher, more more and more saturated, the higher the value.
The color of the colorful evaluation three key
Ruby color light body color from the gem, gem body color from the color, concentration and saturation of the gem color three main factors, evaluation of a colored diamonds when body color should be the three main factors to make comprehensive evaluation after your individual analysis, evaluation, will place a colorful color for final accurate evaluation, these three conditions in colorful evaluation is very important, be short of one cannot.
1 red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, what colour is it?
Colour is also known as hue, is refers to the human eye can see visible light waves in various colors, including red, Cartier love ring replica orange, yellow, green, green, blue, purple and other colors. Nature of the formation of a complete colour is almost impossible, colour is more composed of the main color and color. With the change of the amount of color affects the main color, usually with color, the less said the color is pure, colour is better, but some of the main color because contain specific with color and can make the main color rendering.
In hot Pink diamonds on the market over the past few years, for example, many Pink diamond color is Pink, and with other color with color, with Pink with slight purple, Purplish Pink tiny purple Pink the highest value, welcome.
2 from shallow to deep, it is strong, such as the color is light like water?
Also called brightness, lightness refers to the concentration of the ruby color, is a gem, degree of reflection of light, so also known as the gem color density or depth, with human visual observation is to the human eye to light and shade on the surface of the stone feeling, lightness usually grows, the better, but not too deep, otherwise it will become too dark or black. GIA definition colour lightness of the drill is divided into six grades, the use abbreviation, Light and Fancy quantifier description.
3 or bright or dark, it is as the sun is bright or as dark as the night?
Also known as the saturation, chroma is refers to the colour of bright colors in the visible light waves of degree. GIA specification is divided into two categories, the first kind is given priority to with Fancy color level, according to the degree of bright-coloured color is divided into Fancy, Fancy Intense and Vivid. The second category is in Dark color level Fancy Dark central divided into Fancy Dark and Fancy Deep two levels.
1. Interpret grading
GIA according to the color of the canary color grading the canary slants cool color and warm color to move apart. Too slants cool color yellow diamonds will show a slight green company, but too slant warm color yellow diamonds will show a slight red color.
2. The canary yellow is why?
Yellow diamonds because of diamonds in the process of formation, when the nitrogen atoms to replace some replica Cartier love bracelet carbon atom in diamond crystals, began to absorb the light blue, purple, and yellow diamond.
3. What is the main color?
Diamond color, also known as tone, such as: yellow, pink, blue, this is tonal.
4. What is with the color?
With color is also called the revised color, it is to point to in the main color diamond doping of other colors, with fixed diamond color is not pure color, such as blue with green, pink with orange, thus greatly reducing the value of the diamond.
The Orange diamond, fresh color Orange diamond 14.82 carat pear-shaped, $2400000 per carat. Average per carat diamond world auction record. The fresh colour orange diamond world auction record.
1. Interpret grading
When the color of the color diamonds from yellow to red, will appear with red, yellow or orange red with yellow diamond. Ming spend in low diamond brown will be displayed.
2. Orange diamond for our favorite stylemakers?
And the causes of the canary color similar to the impurity nitrogen in the form of pairs of atoms, began to absorb the light blue, purple, when visible light range 477 nm is absorbed, which present orange yellow diamond.
3. The studs are influential to colored diamonds?
Colorful blank is too few and far between, clarity of evaluation criteria can be lower than the colorless Cartier love ring replica diamond 2-3 grade, as long as it is usually not visible flaws can be.
4. Cutting affect color?
Absolutely, pavilion depth ratio and platform width ratio must be compared. The same weight, the larger the diamond will be thinner, but the color will be shallow; Instead of cutting surface is smaller, the diamond is thicker, but the color will be thick.
1. Interpret grading
Pink diamonds have slant orange or purple, purple diamond appears a few cool color, while slant orange appear some slant warm color to move.
2. Why is pink pink diamond?
Shallow purple tones of pink, pink, orange tonal pink diamond, widely considered to be caused by the diamond crystal lattice defects in the process of being formed, has nothing to do with other trace elements.
3. Have fluorescent color diamond prices higher instead?
Not all is bad with strong fluorescence colored diamonds, colored diamonds with fluorescence, depends on the fluorescent color and the relationship between the diamond color, sometimes strong fluorescence points for colored diamonds made color appears to be more perfect. For example, a blue diamond has strong blue Cartier nail bracelet replica fluorescence, fluorescence color of will make more full body color, become a rare treasures.
1. Interpret grading
Diamond to achieve “HopeDiamond” so strong deep blue, blue diamond is too rare today. Most of the blue diamond shows that shallow blue.
2. The blue diamond is why blue?
When in the process of the formation of the diamond with the presence of boron impurity, so diamond can produce blue color.
3. Select the color drilling method
If in 4 c measures, the weight of the evaluation of the order can be 60%, cut and the color fluorescent, clarity, weight, 10% and 10% to 20%, all the conditions for colored diamonds are absolutely the center around the color.

Blood diamond is never red diamonds

The world didn’t don’t love the woman of the colored gems, no matter how you walk through the years, they will not beautiful things, a woman’s dream is not so much like delicate and charming flower, as enduring as color treasure, is worth will not depreciate by the years away. Colorful color gems in bring its owner after lifelong pleasure to enjoy, and is becoming more and more valuable with the passing years.
Gold has rise and fall, the difficulty of the high-end rare colored gems because its exploitation, the color and quality of output and rare rare become high-profile investments in recent years, the high-end color treasure is safe to be called “in a way to save money. Poly auction in Hong Kong, in 2013, a platinum setting with 10.88 carats of untreated Kashmir natural pillow royal light light blue gem ring, Kashmir mining area is located in the elevation 5000 meters, went so far, large carat is extremely rare. Sapphire GIA, GRS, AGL and C.D unaigre escort 4 copy of certificate, appraisal 743600-1128200 dollars. Is the scarce, high-end color treasure but at the time of economic instability is a hot topic everyone to buy.
Choi bao momentum more strength in 2013, ruby, emerald and sapphire high-grade color treasure although scarce resources such as expensive, but never worry about the buyer. Some of the original collection of diamond jewelry investment and collector is turning also to the high-end color gems. Tourmalines are Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica driven by heat collection to the original price is not high of gems from 2009 to 2011 sales of double year by year, the price hikes as high-end color treasure. Unexpected is, when the market downturn, many businesses rather than specifically to buy a lot of colorful treasure, only to save use low sales.
Time can solve all problems, and in the manufacturing all problems. Ordinary color treasure to buy more and more hot, auction price of high-end color treasure, a lot of people think that as long as the collection of any color treasure, wu to sell a few years can make a lot of money. Unless you buy only high quality high-grade real gems, unless you have a store can digest your color treasure, if we just an ordinary consumer, if we are planning to buy a oneself to like, to wear at ordinary times, in a few years can fetch a good price, a color jewelry fact may be not so ideal as what you think.
Ordinary colored gems than high-end color treasure, sell, is difficult.
Why is it diffcult to color treasure to sell up to? On the auction house auction of color treasure is not on? Yes, but if you look from the investment return perspective, pure want to make money, only is a high-end color treasure market, in other words, not every color treasure to cash. What can deliver? Can have a significant return on investment is usually in the high-end color gem of high-quality goods, such as 2013 on the Hong Kong autumn that 7 carat natural pigeon red ruby ring without heat treatment, like all top class gem, this has GIA rubies, SSEF, Gubelin 3 party certificate, appraisal 1153800-1923100 dollars. Some new varieties of colorful treasure although prices are also rising, but the price due to too new become very unstable, and at that time was up, and because most likely to find new mines and instantaneous drop. Can earn high price in the auction, must have: senior high-end gem, large carat of excellent quality, natural, unprocessed, color rich, or famous brand product of this a few main factors.
If you think colored gems in the auction house owner of the “search”, then can let you earn gems “fee” only those who really have the makings color treasure of treasures. If this is not the level of color treasure, standing in the investment point of view, baby start to on sale this paragraph of time have been varying degrees of price increases, but together with the fees of the auction house and the cost of the various appraisal certificate, the actual investment returns were not so significant. Although the major auction houses do create a lot of color imitation cartier love bracelet treasure to the auction of myth, but not every a myth is suitable for your baby. In addition to the auction house, want to sell your colored gems, really there is no other place to visit. Acquisition between friends and sisters could not as a long-term and stable cash way, second-hand shops and pawnshops are interacting, pressure to your heart. Fortunately, buy color treasure mostly because really like, anyway also not willing to sell, otherwise, not enough on the auction house grade gems can be unable to cash the check.
Blood diamond is never red diamonds
Don’t don’t stop “blood diamonds” to refer to “red diamond” in all kinds of entertainment to show off your well-read! Maybe you think “blood diamonds” concise and powerful, and the most appropriate embodies the red diamonds as attractive colour of blood. One instance and informed you, the senior jewelry fans labels, even if does not love leonardo? Dicaprio, even refused to appreciate the anti-war film bloody violence, but you must know that “blood diamonds” has never been a red diamond!
“Blood Diamond, often translated as” Blood diamonds “, “Blood diamonds” and “conflict diamonds”, “Blood diamonds”, specifically to the rebels diamonds used as arms deals. According to the definition of the United Nations, “blood diamonds” is defined as produced in the international generally recognized, with the legitimacy of government opposition from diamond. Due to sell diamonds to get high profits and money will be against the government or armed conflict against the spirit of the security council, so its name.
In 2006, Warner Brothers’ movie “Blood Diamond, directed by famous director Edward Zwick, Hollywood super heartthrob Leonardo Wilelm DiCaprio starred, sparked a heated debate jewelry industry at the moment. Film is set in Africa sierra leone in 1999, tells the story of anti-government armed smuggling diamonds sold arms brings the profound suffering for the African people. May, in fact, as early as 2000, in order to fundamentally prevent “blood diamonds” into the market, experts from the African diamond producing countries gathered in the central South Africa diamond producing kimberly, decided to eventually establish a global diamond certification of origin system, launched the world’s most famous “kimberley process”. Because the kimberley process Cartier love bracelet replica established a diamond on a global scale the registration and certification of origin of raw material, every diamond with a certificate of origin cannot be changed. Only those with certificate of origin, can prove that it is not from Africa fighting rebels control parts of the country’s diamond raw materials, can enter the normal processing and circulation market, otherwise will be deemed to be illegal. By the end of 2004 has 42 countries are involved in this process. The current “blood diamonds” accounted for less than 1% of the world diamond trading volumes.
In all kinds of professional jewelry books, has a name too little, little is known, or even a lot of senior experts who are engaged in jewelry industry life out of me. As early as in April 1987, it was in New York for $920000 per carat clinch a deal the price clinch a deal the price exclusive color diamond carat world record, that’s big jewelry giant’t. And this makes the world sigh for gem, physically but only 0.95 carats! It is in the family of the king of the gem diamond’s rare breed of colored diamonds, red diamonds!
Love through the jewellery, auction, you must not strange of colored diamonds. Yellow, pink, green, blue, 5 carats, 10 carat worse, than a lot to see. But you know what? In hundreds of years history of jewelry, was discovered and can be classified as red diamond’s riches are numbered, even – the diamond industry nearly hundred years of GIA and only five red diamond appraisal certificate issued by. Even more amazing is that so far the world’s largest Red only 5.11 carat diamonds, named “Moussaieff” (the dark Red). Nearly half a century ago found its Brazilian farmers must believe, that has no intention to write the legend in the history of jewelry. Even had polished it craftsman is involuntary admiration: it in his hand polished it, like touching the Mona Lisa on the cheek, fruity and delicate. The 2002 was in the dark Jewellers Ltd company bought the world unique treasures, still can only show up twice. 2003 of the Smithsonian institution in Washington (Smithsonian) and Fake Cartier love bracelet another is in the Natural History Museum in London in 2005 (Natural History Museum). The next time will appear again when in public, really hard to predict.
You must be very curious, what makes a very bright diamonds with hot color of blood? This is nature’s most magical powers. Study, brown, pink and purple diamond related to plastic deformation, because most of the diamonds come from more than 150 km of the upper mantle, the high temperature and high pressure of the upper mantle in the environment or in the process of diamond is captured by the magma upward migration, to different degree of plastic deformation, lattice sliding or dislocation, form the point defect or structural defects, the defects not only raise rate of N accumulation in diamond, diamond still can make a different color. In short, it is a diamond in the process of movement by external make its internal structure deformation happened and make its produce magnificent red!

elegant with Burberry 2016 autumn/winter collection bag

Free self, elegant with Burberry 2016 autumn/winter collection bag
Stems from The old officers marching with portable travel bag, eulogizing The Burberry signature Heritage series, this qiu dong, Burberry at present The new Richard Saddle bags, The simple round design line, composed of neutral low-key color, flip and buckles classic design, perfect fusion hale and elegant temperament, be The best interpretation of modern women inner pursuit of independence
The Richard Bag Saddle bags
The Richard Saddle bag design inspiration comes from The Saddle bag prototype of Burberry collection data made by hand, per packet for modern design will be long and classic Saddle line to deduce.
The Richard Saddle bag appearance is simple, practical buckles on The bag, and circular flap pockets with The knight set each other off becomes an interest, constructs The overall profile of rigid-flexible economic. On the material, saddle bags selected delicate texture of high quality leather. Smooth Fake Cartier love bracelet and anti-scrape calfskin, British dyed suede, is to strengthen the overall package money the important place of the elegant temperament. These materials after rolling mill, will highlight the natural grain texture, brushed and polished to achieve the effect of soft and wear-resisting. In the process, saddle bags the same process. In the Italian production bag, its edge with the method of hand-painted lacquer, and handle through pure manual rolling and sewing, under the appearance of the quiet inside collect carefully crafted, is this year qiu dong deserves to collect the most practical bag. In the aspect of color, 2016 autumn winters Burberry Richard rich color Bag to choose, including purple light orchid, red gold yellow, purple and red, brown, as well as the classic of camel’s hair, navy blue and black, etc., it can be used to easily match any modelling, to attend various occasions, reveal the best representative of urban women self style.
Put all his in saddle bag, no matter where you run to, are the most beautiful scenery.
Color design brand The ultimate guide to choose trench coat
Wear a windbreaker, a woman is pursuit of women – or wearing a quilted jacket with the bulging keep out the cold. However, dust coat would you choose? Selected for a trench coat, 10 years, or even the street still classic but when 20 years later. VOGUE in the ultimate guide of superfine dust coat, from color to design to the brand, from easy to difficult, follow we will wear will take will buy more.
Grade of color decided to choose a classic trench coat color from the beginning
The clothing color is often the most intuitive, the most can reveal grade is an important factor in the first time. The right coat color, you have succeeded half. Can highlight temperament and grade of the color of camel’s hair, the most natural and unrestrained capable of army green and purplish blue, black and white Cartier nail bracelet replica and classic unbeaten run in the — of these three is enough to natural and unrestrained in the autumn. , of course, also don’t forget to reveal personality color trench coat, wardrobe, as in life, every now and then some bright eye color is enough.
The most temperament and grade of the color of camel’s hair
A fashion website abroad has made investigation, and all kinds of clothes in the color of camel’s hair is considered to be the most show temperament show the color of “expensive”. At the same time because of the color of camel’s hair is close to skin, late autumn season can bring a warm “vision”. The color of camel’s hair easy collocation, can in different color between natural excessive; Actually cream-colored, nude, light khaki can be divided into the color of camel’s hair in the categories. Whether it is work, the party or leisure walking street, wear the color of camel’s hair may not be able to immediately become the focus of the crowd, and must be the most able to bear or endure look, the most worth careful appreciation.
Fashion week, they are like to wear the color of camel’s hair coat
The combination of the camel trench coat + little black dress, sexy high-heeled shoes is both elegant and sexy.
Camel trench coat pants of the cultivate one’s morality, knitwear and classic combination is a favorite of the supermodel leisure out street.
This season is the most of in wide-legged pants with sexy stiletto heel with the color of camel’s Cartier love ring replica hair coat, create bright and intellectual woman style.
Natural and unrestrained capable of army green and purplish blue windbreaker
This comes from a military Trench Coat (Trench coats) was born with a hint of neutral spell able, if deserve to go up again handsome army green or purplish blue, wear in the body aura don’t generally. It is important to note that when choosing these two kinds of colour dust coat, on the other color should be simple enough, with black, white, red three color collocation is the best.
For your army green dust coat with a belt, echo the spell able profile of dust coat and graceful girth.
Don’t emphasize straight profile of the type of recreational dust coat want is free of youthful vitality, is a big hot style in young women.
Navy blue can also wear a youthful vitality? The key is to match the clean white.
Blake Lively and Anna Wintour slammed in blue coat is not about to choose and the suede and highlight temperament and modern age.
Never miss the classic black and white
Coco Chanel think “impeccable” black and white and dichromatic beauty, who don’t agree? In addition to the classic joker, black show the dirty, thin white fashionable reduction of age… Choose trench coat when we all around but the two colors. Black and white classical modelling without we say more, enjoy beautiful picture.
Give life to add some color trench coat
If above “classic color” trench coat has fully, then change a color trench coat sample!!!! “Bright eye degree” first-class color trench coat as fashion critic Suzy Menkes says, “you can touch my emotions clothes are always those with the collocation of color and personality.” But simple accessories please, a dot eyeball trench replica Cartier love bracelet coat without too much deserve to act the role of gild the lily.
Colored plaid add style and stripe windbreaker for you
Orange and caramel color most can foil good color, especially suitable for yellow or partial black skin color
Body rich color (such as green or bright pink) animal grain, graffiti, such as printing of heavy and complicated is exaggerated bold patterns suggest that we don’t try the following won’t enjoy it.
Design decision temperament How to choose the shoulder and waist line
Is highlighted because of dust coat and beautify the girth ratio, standing to fashion industry hundreds of years. Different styles of shoulder strap and belt is more and more rich, VOGUE tell you their own benefits.
The charm of waist, beam and beam
1. The waist dust coat
Trench Coat belts are designed to prevent the rain indecent, evolution in order to draw the outline of fine waist now make perfect figure practical adornment. Tie belt in the most slender waist position, the higher proportion of naturally spin down, weight loss, and with the shoulder “gold nabla” formation, can show thin.
2. No waist coat
Don’t be belted trench coat “bound”, also allow yourself to relax from time to time. Don’t waist trench roughly two kinds: straight barrel dust coat for a request is not high, and helpful to the elongated lower half; Lazy oversize dust coat like boyfriend large coat, with a kind of elegant and comfortable casually.
Decide a person’s shoulder line design maneuver “spirit”
1. There are personality has the aura of epaulettes
With epaulettes windbreaker always reminiscent of neat handsome uniforms, fashionable in style of British Trench Cartier love ring replica Coat is originated in the first world war Britain and France sergeant raincoat. Epaulettes is used to tie the telescope and the kettle, now play a let neck more forceful function, plus favors, whole person suddenly spirited, refreshed.
2. Elegant along with the gender of the left shoulder
Left shoulder with trench coat is not trench coat straight type, is loose and comfortable to wear, weakening the shoulder line more outstanding women’s gentle and romantic. The autumn wind blowing, and the elegance of left shoulder dust coat and along with the gender irresistible.
After decades of classic investment you are to the point
Choose dust coat, coat, or handbag this “big” sheet is tasted, more like a clock. Bought the right investment, bought the wrong is a waste! After decades of trench coat still classic fashionable?
Dust coat expert — Burberry
“Regardless of age or gender, everyone should have a coat this world, and it also must have a coat for everyone in the world” – the founder of Burberry Thomas Burberry believes that windbreaker is each person’s essential wardrobe. At the beginning of the 20th century the birth of the Trench Coat in today still glow the vitality, comfortable and durable material, double-breasted “label” and history can be traced back to the 1960 classic “Haymarket” plaid makes Burberry classic Trench Coat has been imitated, but never been surpassed.
Is known for the color of camel’s hair coat MaxMara was launched in 1981, “101801” classic of camel’s hair coat, and 135000 were in the sales miracle. MaxMara design of dust coat also inherit used for coats and a suit of sleeves, a soft shoulder line design and cutting loose, lightweight neat waist line design in casual outline Cartier nail bracelet replica of mature charm of a woman.
Jeanne Lanvin’s founder – Marie started design from 18 bonnet, and is known for elegant falbala and exquisite decoration. No wonder Lanvin each coat collar and cuffs are dimly visible exquisite and unique design and tailoring, all kinds of belt and the wave collision also manifests the French woman on the side of romance of unique personality.
Michael Kors always adhere to in the field of design with the American style of sexual freedom, at the same time not forget to salute to the classic. Dust coat design is a typical American, simple lines, pure color, Michael Kors tries to convey the vibrant cosmopolitan atmosphere in New York. Brand launched every year different compose ACTS the role of design and the material of bold innovation, is suitable for the young people love the pursuit of fashion and classic design.

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